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I’ve honestly had an extremely hard time all day long.

You know, I spoke with my mom about Admin Em, and just how much she has really loved and supported me lately. She tells me every single day that she’s proud of me, and that she loves me. I told my mom “I just love her”, and she asked me how I could love a person I had never met.

You see maybe that’s the problem. Loving someone else is the easiest thing you could ever do. Yet, here we are living in a world that is comfortable in their hate. That is content in taking lives of children, and brothers, mothers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, homeless men, soldiers, carpenters, taxi drivers, INFANTS. We live in a world that is so blind to love and acceptance, and has grown uncomfortably numb to the terror in TERRORISM.

My heart is shattered to think of how many people today had the thought “where did it happen now?” Because these things have grown so common that people are practically immune to the tragedy, and it hurts me so deeply. I can not imagine what my world would be if my daughter was murdered. I can’t imagine what my world would be if someone I became friends with over the net was murdered. 

I can not comprehend how much hate must be in a persons heart to blindly rob innocent beings of their life. 

All my love and my thoughts are in Manchester. I can’t imagine the pain of these families, and this entire country, and yet in a very fucked up way I am blessed to be able to say that, and that is so unfair. Also to those in The Philippines who are terrified, wondering if they’ll go to sleep safely tonight, my heart is with you. I know that love can only go so far, but I love each an every single one of you, and I hope with my entire existence that you are safe, and that no matter what you continue to love.

This world needs love now more than ever.

if sana’s group of ,,,friends,,, literally did NOT pick up how upset and not well she was for a whole ten days… who are they to claim themselves a friend tbh

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starmora + 14.

14. Things you said after you kissed me

Also for @minimooseketeer, @caelarose, and @lyssathefangirl 

He knew it drove her crazy, which was probably why he was doing it – he’d give her a tiny kiss, then pull back. Tiny kiss, pull back. Over and over, even when she tried to deepen it.

“Peter Jason Quill,” she said, leaning back enough to glare at him. “You better stop teasing me.”

“C’mon, Gamora, you know what I want.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Please! Just say it.”

“It’s ridiculous.”

“Just this once!”

“Fine. One time.”


She sighed, rolling her eyes in preparation. “Kiss me, Star-lord.

“Yes!” He fist-pumped in victory. Then he obeyed.

She saw the enemy soldier before Peter did; he was facing away, aiming for another charging soldier without even noticing the target on his back.

“Peter!” She shouted, racing towards him and shoving him down behind a makeshift shelter as shots rained over their heads.

He was on his back, a little out of breath from being tossed to the ground but mercifully free of bullet-holes. Gamora, practically laying on top of him, didn’t waste a moment before pulling his face up and pressing her lips to his. She hated seeing him in the line of fire.

“Thanks for saving me,” Peter said, giving her a little smile.

“Anytime.” She returned it.                          

“Are you morons planning on helping at all? Or are you just gonna have sex right there?”

“Shut up, Rocket.”        

He threw away the wrapper, ejected the trash into space, and he was going to replace it as soon as they landed; he thought he’d covered all his bases.

Gamora crushed that illusion in less than a minute.

She was sitting on the bunk, reading the news on her holo like she always did before bed.

“Hey,” he greeted, leaning down for a kiss. It had been nearly an hour since he’d seen her, which was a long time considering they lived in the same ship.

When she deepened the kiss, he thought she’d just missed him too.

But then she pulled away, eyebrows scrunched in suspicion. “Peter… did you eat my emergency chocolate?”

Dammit. He’d forgotten to brush his teeth.

“Uh… bye!”

“Peter! Get back here!”

He was holding her up against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist, and he was trying to catch his breath. It probably would have been easier if he could make himself stop kissing her. He knew they had to separate eventually, but he never wanted to let her go.  

Finally, he broke away just enough to lean his forehead against hers. “That… was amazing. How did you even – with the legs? Does gravity not affect you?”

Gamora laughed breathlessly; Peter was pleased that she was panting as much as he was. “You know I’m athletic.”

I’m athletic. You’re, like, a superhero.”

“Either way, I’m not done with you yet.”

“Wha –“

She kissed him again, quickly, then slid down and shoved him towards the bed in one motion.

“Definitely my favorite superhero,” he muttered as she climbed on top of him.

They were sitting on the floor of the ship, Peter leaning against a wall and Gamora leaning against him. He wrapped his arms loosely around her waist and, because none of the others were around to tease them about it, she laid her arms over his.

“Can I just sleep right here?” He mumbled, resting his chin on her shoulder. He’d come to join her on the night shift because he had trouble sleeping without her.

“Your back will regret it in the morning.”

“Worth it.”

She turned her head, a soft, private smile on her lips – he had to kiss her.

The smile was still there when he pulled away.

“I love you,” she said.

“I know.”

She was quiet for a moment. Then, “… Hand Solo?”

“So close, babe! I’m so proud of you.” He kissed her again. “Also I love you a lot.”

“I know.”


Southside princess (part5)

You got home feeling sad and angry, the way fp looked at you. You couldn’t keep it together anymore. Once you got inside you didn’t know what came over you. Seeing a picture of your dad with fp made you so angry you throw it across the room. Hearing the smash of the glass made you feel good so you grabbed the next thing doing the same feeling better. You didn’t stop until the whole trailer was destroyed feeling great. That was until you slipped on shards of mirror cutting your arms. Quickly leaving the smashed up trailer when you saw the neighbour watching you, wrapping a jacket round your arm with the deepest wound you went to one of your safe places. At the park you sit under the light wincing as you pull out the thin long piece off glass out your arm, with the adrenaline running through your body you didn’t feel the pain or notice the amount of blood you was losing.

FP went to the drive in to find jughead when he hadn’t answered his phone too hoping you was there and told him not to answer his dad. Banging on the door his son came out sleepy from being woken up. “please tell me y/n is here” jughead was more awake when he heard the panic in his father’s voice. “no, why what did you do this time” he asked in an accusing tone and a look to match. Fp sat on the wall with his head in his hands, “y/n left mine pissed off with me, so I went to find her try to say sorry, I walked to her van but she wasn’t there the place was smash up I think she did it herself and the was blood on the floor leading out the trailer, we tried to follow it but it stopped I’ve got the serpents looking I just hoped she was here” fp looked at his son almost crying. Jughead got dressed and took fp to the one place y/n went when she was upset, the play park.

FP saw you sitting on the swing looking at the floor as he got closer he saw your tear stained face starring into the ground. You looked at him when you hear approaching footsteps, standing feeling dizzy (you put it down to the alcohol forgetting about your arm) Jug stop looking at the blood pool under the swing went to shout don’t move but you was already standing on your feet. “What are you doing here fp get away from me” you pushed him hard but he didn’t move “I hate you I fucking hate you Jones” you shouted blinking as white spots filled your eyes. jug watched as you fainted into fps arms. His dad gently lay you down screaming your name begging for you to speak and open your eyes has he cradled you crying before scooping you. Jughead opened the truck as fp carried you in driving to the hospital. The drive was quite fp focused on the road driving fast wiping tears from his face. Jug held the jacket tightly on your arm stopping the bleed. He’d never seen his dad like this before, then it hit him he was wrong the serpent y/n wasn’t into the guy from the drive in but his dad.

At the hospital the father and son sat waiting for news about y/n. Fp hadn’t stopped stirring at the same black mark at the bottom of the wall in front of him. Jughead had texted Archie and the others telling them what had happen that you was okay but needed a blood transfusion and a lot of stitches. He’d also answered his dad’s phone telling the serpents you had been found and his dad was staying with her. “how long,” fp looked at his son puzzled “how long have you loved her” jug finished his question. “a while now but it changed when she moved, it grew. When did you work it out?” fp looked at his son they sheared a small smile.” i worked it out when she wouldn’t look at your photo, I thought something was off but put it down to her not so secret crush but with the way y/n i knew it was more, then I saw you with her tonight it sort of hit me you love her back" jughead told his dad. Fp nodded, he couldn’t lie to his son and he couldn’t lie to himself anymore he was in love with y/n.

The nurse came out looking for the Jones boys who had brought you in, “she’s okay gonna have a scar but she’ll be okay, we’ve sedated her so she’s asleep you can go in and see her now but only one of you”. They both smiled and thanked her. Jug looked at his dad “you go in I’ll wait outside for you” fp nodded about to walk away “dad,” he called making fp turn back “I’ve never seen you like this since mum fix it don’t loss it” jug gave his had a smirk and a nod before walking out. Fp walked into your room looking at you sleeping with drips of blood and clear fluids in your arm. He sat down looking at the bandages around your wrists the blood that had soaked though. The sight of you like that made him cry, holding your hand in both of his. He didn’t know how long he’d sat next to you thinking about everything that had happened the last few weeks. He sighed looking at you thinking you couldn’t hear him “jughead is right, he’s a smart kid, much smarter than me. I’ve never felt like this for anyone before y/n, I promise when your up and okay I’ll make you know how much you mean to me if you’ll have me” he said clutching your hands to his lips.

He sat there all night and all day again, talking to you telling you of the dates and places he wanted to take you like the nice restaurant outside of riverdale,or the drive in for a cosy sweet date with blankets and lots of sweets staying until everyone had left so you could sit and stargaze. it was around about 2am more then 24 hours since you arrived fp was sent home telling him he also needed to rest for when you woke up. he got back seen Sam and Jack had already started cleaning up your home. Fp was thankful for it and help them finish. Once your home was clean fp and the others went back to his and opened a bottle of whiskey, when the bottle was gone he passed out on the bed. His dreams became nightmares as replayed the vision of you in his head, how your kisses turned into the sight of you in the truck bleeding over his van how he didn’t save you in time how the last words you said was “I hate you Jones”. Fp Jones tossed and turn for the next few hours haunted in his drunken dreams.

You wake just before sunrise when a cheery nurse came in not long after “and how are we feeling this morning you had a few people worried” her voice was high and happy. You groan blinking the sleepy fog from your eyes. “I’m okay I think” you answered her looking at the neat white bandages around your arms. “do you remember how you got here” she asked taking notes and shining a light in your eyes “Erm no I was in the park” you stopped taking thinking if fp was really in the park or just something your brain had been making it up then you remember jughead in the back of a car telling you to stay awake. “was I brought in by a boy in a crown shaped beanie?” you asked the blonde haired woman.
“yes him and another man, we had to force him to go home he refused to leave you for a whole day and more” she laughed, you smiled thinking poor jughead was with you making a mental note to thank him. After a check over and some food the hospital was happy to let you go home. Giving you a phone to use, you start to dial the first few numbers of fps number before hanging up and redialling jugheads number. After ten minutes Archie and jug was outside waiting for you. Giving both of them a hug you all go to pops, jug gives Archie a look to make him leave. Once he made his excuse he needed to see Veronica jug looked at you making you nervous.

“I know about you and my dad ” he said with a smirk, one that reminded you of fp. You sighed drinking some of your milkshake using the straw to stair it so you didn’t have to look at him. “what ever the was its over I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I kissed your dad” jug frowned at your words but quickly softened his face. “What you mean it’s over now” he asked still not sure exactly what’s happened between you and his father. “jug, he doesn’t want me he’s made it clear I’m just a kid a princess with a silly crush in his eyes so I’m gonna move away from the Southside I have money and forget him” you say trying to convince yourself more then your best friend who could see right through you. “don’t” jug said drinking his milkshake as you look at him waiting for a reason. “he loves you y/n I saw it the other night in the park, he told me about his feelings, he stayed with you for hours at the hospital” your mind races as jug talks ‘he told jug about his feelings the Jones men don’t talk about feelings’ you think. Then a voice hit you the sweet voice of the nurse saying how your visitor had been force to leave, you had ashamed it was jughead “wait it was fp who was in the hospital” you ask unsure Jug nods. “he can be a jerk but he cares about you y/n more than anyone else” jug looked sad. You thought about his relationship with his dad “he cares about you too juggie he always talks about you take your own advice and talk to him” jug nodded finishing his drink.

You went home thinking about all the stuff jug had said. Trying the handle on your door it was locked, why is it locked its never locked you think trying the handle again but just as before the metal didn’t move rattling as you pulled. Patting down your pockets you remember you didn’t have your keys turning round, mumbling a sting of swear words you walk to fps trailer. Inside you saw Jack and Sam asleep on the couches and fps bedroom door shut. You started looking round for your keys, after searching the living room, looking on and under the tables in little pots on the sides trying not to wake the two boys. next you checked the kitchen finding nothing. fed up you leaned against the kitchen counter making a bottle fall making a loud clank. Looking over at the two still sleeping serpent you bent to pick up the bottle.

“hello princess” you jumped hearing fps voice behind you. Looking at his sleepy face as he rubbed his eyes “are you okay” he asked with nothing but concern in his voice. “Sorry didn’t mean to wake you and Yeah I’m okay” you said feeling embarrassed about everything that had happened not just ending up in hospital, but breaking Cheryl’s nose, trashing the trailer. Leaning against the door-frame he looked you up and down like how he used to “how come your here? Why didn’t you call me I would picked you up from the hospital” he asked. You shrugged your shoulders telling him how you thought it was jug who had sat after what the nurse had said “thanks for staying with me by the way” you smile weakly. “I was worried I wanted to be there when you woke up but” you finished his sentence “but the staff kicked you out”. Fp chuckled with a smile.

Fp walked over and hugged you, at first you was unsure about his sudden affection but quickly returned it. He kissed the top of you head making you ease into his chest as he mumbled sorry. You looked at him peering down at you with deep brown eyes, lost in them you felt his lips crash on yours. You kiss fp back with force and eagerness, as he lifted you onto the counter. He stopped moving his head back looking at you, “if you dare say we can’t or you shouldn’t be doing this I swear fp I’m gonna” you stopped your threat when you seen him smiling laughing his grip on your waist tightened. “no I was going to ask if this means you don’t hate me anymore?” you look at him smiling “well that’s still debatable Jones"trying to hold in your laughter. "hmm” he said looking down “I’m sorry for messing you around but I wanna show you how much i care about you and want to see if and what happens with us” he said each word with so much meaning. “Well I said it’s still debatable I’m still pissed at you” he could tell by your smirk and giggle you didn’t mean it but decided he’d play along “would you still be pissed at me if I do this?” He started kissing your neck working slowly up your jawline “or this” he mumbled as his kiss moved to your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck humming into to the more softer, loving kiss. The kitchen door opened with a tied looking Sam walking through. Fp acted the same has had done last time you was both in the kitchen, he backed away so fast like he didn’t want anyone see you to together. Like he was ashamed of you. You exhaled loudly and angrily as Sam spoke.

“your kid is here to see you fp” Sam said in half a yawn with jughead just behind him. “give us a minute I’ll be out now” he said watching you slide off the counter clearly angry. “what’s wrong y/n” he asked “to answer your question earlier yes I do still hate you more so if possible” you scream at him. “what’s wrong what have I done i thought we was okay now?” he asks slightly offended by your sudden change in attitude “I don’t wanna be some secret your ashamed of, to be pushed away like some unwanted groupie whenever someone walks in the room, no more I’m done!” you shout opening the kitchen door seeing jugheads worried/confused look “your right he is a jerk!” you stormed out the front door not looking back. Fp went to run after you but his son grabbed him “dad don’t just leave her, please! you going will only make it worse” fp stopped struggling and agreed Sam now wide awake told the Jones boys he’d find you.

Sam had court up to you quickly “where you going?” He asked “home! Anywhere where fp Jones isn’t!” you snap at him. Sam chuckled “your not going home it took us all night to clean up after your temper tantrum” he grabbed your shoulders “how about we go the bar you can take your frustration out on a few games of pool” you nodded agreeing. Inside you set you the table talking to Sam about everything that had happened with fp. “Well that explains his change in attitude” Sam says casually bending over to take his shot. When he looks you at for you to take your go “what change” you question him still continuing the game. “Well he’s quite a lot or he’s annoyed mainly at silly small things. also Why he looked like he wanted to kill me when we come back from that deal and you hugged me” he said frowning as he couldn’t make his next shot. You both laugh taking about random thing as you played and won the game.

Back at the trailer, fp and jughead had spoken about their relationship, and after promising to change jughead gave his father a second chance. The two of them woke and kicked out jack and started to tidy around fp pouring away the reminding alcohol telling himself he’s quitting for jug. “What did you do wrong this time with y/n” jug asked “she’s such a princess” fp chuckled then told jug what happened in the kitchen though he already knew after hearing you “you heard her she hates me I’ve fucked up big time this time”. Jug shook his head “your an idiot she loves you it’s what got her so upset she thinks you don’t love the the way she loves you that your embarrassed what everyone will think that you think shes a child” jughead explained. “i dont think shes a child i think shes incredible” for the next hour they spoke about y/n. Jughead helping his dad come up with an idea to win you back.

At the Whyte Wyrm you had beaten Sam in 4 out of 6 games of pool when fp walked in. He walked over to you but you grabbed you coat and Sam’s arm heading the bar dragging Sam along with. “your not using me make fp jealous are you?” Sam asked with a smirk but you didn’t return it instead you was thinking of a way to leave. “he’d have to care first to be jealous” you say before telling Sam you wanted to get your keys while fp was in the bar. Outside jug was waiting for you, he held out his arms stopping you from leaving “jug please I want to go home” you told him hoping he would just let you be. “gonna be a bit hard as my dad has your key it’s one of the reasons why where here” he tells you as you groan turning round. You begrudge going back inside, talking and facing fp. You scan the bar and can’t see him, walking towards where the other serpents are you hear y/f/s start to play looking to the jukebox you see jughead now standing. Fp appears at the top of the stairs coming down, he walks over to you with a smile hugging you, you try to push back but he holds you tighter “y/n I’m sorry for earlier and the past few weeks I’ve acted like an idiot” you grunt in agreement “you got that right Jones your defiantly an idiot! just give me my key so I can leave” you tell him keeping your voice strong and mean. 

“y/n please forgive me I love you” you look at him with a softened face but still wary looking over at jug who was full of smiles giving you a thumbs up in a mocking way, fp touches your face grabbing your attention again as he shouts louder so the whole bar can hear him “I love you y/n and I don’t care who knows it anymore I can’t be without you I love you! your my southside princess” he smirked lowering his voice “and I know you love me too” his face pleading for a response, looking at everyone now stirring at you and fp who has his hand out to you. “let me show you your the most important girl no woman in my life y/n” you take his hand slowly hoping this was real as he pulls you into a kiss. The gang and few girls in the bar start whistling and whooping you both. When he pulled away you felt bliss, fp stroked your cheek you sweetly looked you to him “I love you too Forsythe Pendleton Jones” you both go to your normal table  where Sam and jug are sat waiting “finally” jug said “about time Sam said at the same time. you and fp both giggled looking at each other agreeing with the boys, you both finally got the person you wanted for such a long time.

The end

Thank you to everyone who read this I will be making more Riverdale imagines soon also im working on another mini series that should continue from this. if you want to be tagged in any of my riverdale or teen wolf story’s just inbox me thank you all again xoxox 


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remember when ohmtoey were asked if they were dating but toey said that its up for the destiny to decide or something? do you think that maybe they'll end up dating each other irl? it's just that i've never really seen such chemistry on and off screen not to mention the way they look at each other lol c:

hey! first off- thanks for coming by to send me a question!
Yes I totally remember that, and I also remember at this interview - they were asked if they were dating in real life and they both smiled and Toey just said, “let Ohm answer” and of course that was followed by a “yes, we’re dating” but then a quick “no we’re just bros” asdfghjkl;
In my own personal opinion (but actually everyone’s) they have so much chemistry and it really shows, like you said, on screen and off screen, it’s obvious these two have a strong relationship with each other. Like, remember at Ohm’s birthday party where Toey showed up as a surprise and Ohm literally broke down and cried on Toey’s shoulder? (here) Ohm cares about Toey a whole lot to break down like that, that was the first time I saw that bright smile boy cry.
As far as them dating in real life, I don’t think it’s impossible- I mean I know a lot of what they do is “”“fanservice”“” but it’s to such extent that these two even bring it up on their own without someone else bringing it up first okay. There was this video I saw that I won’t be able to find the link to because it was on twitter (crying) but, basically ohmtoey were at the airport and the fans were like “Ohm you’re so cute!” and he smiled and then he looked back at Toey who was farther ahead of him, and by himself, ok, on his own will, said, “P'Toey is really cute too!” and perhaps to some that seems like a small gesture but stuff like that is meaningful because it really shows their close relationship and jhbfgfsjghlsfghliugbksjdf 

Anyways though, yes the way they look at each other makes my heart smile, they look at each other as if the whole world is in front of them they genuinely care for each other so much. It was in Toey’s birthday video to Ohm that I realized just how much Toey cares for Ohm, he is always going to be there for him. I will link it here, Toey wants to watch him grow into the amazing person he knows Ohm will be, I’m actually weeping.

Whether or not they begin to really really date, these two have really developed a lifelong friendship/relationship that they will carry and just that makes me happy!

On another note, whether or not they really are dating I don’t think we’ll ever know (unfortunately), considering the place in which they live is still all “weird-ed out” by such things despite having all these shows and stuff lol, they would never just come out to the public so forwardly like that I think, which reminds me of when they’re on shows and the MC’s are always forwardly asking the cast if any of them are gay LIKE, THESE PEOPLE STILL HAVE AN OUTSIDE LIFE WHERE THEY ATTEND SCHOOL AND OTHER THINGS, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO COME OUT ON TV AND NOT EXPECT BACKLASH BACK AT SCHOOL OF COURSE THEY’RE NOT GOING TO COME OUT ON TELEVISION I’M WHEEZING. on the bright side, the mc’s always look all weirded out by it whenever they ask that question but the whole cast is really chill, so that’s really cool!


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Adventures in Robot Parenting

This really wanted to go in a much more somber direction, but it was about four times longer than the 100 word limit, and it didn’t really fit the title at that point. This one does, though.

“Hold still.” Dumpy’s scream turns plaintive as Rhys adjusts an inside panel. “And stop whining, you’ll feel better in a minute.”

Vaughn settles next to them. “Listen to your dad.” Dumpy beeps and Rhys scowls.

“He’s not a child.”

“Maybe not, but you’re definitely his dad.”

“What does that make you, then?”

Vaughn considers. “The cool dad, obviously.”

Dumpy beeps again. Rhys huffs, but his fingers are careful as they re-affix Dumpy’s casing.

“You’ve turned our children against me,” he says as Dumpy rises, a little more steady than before.

“Child, singular.” Rhys cocks an eyebrow. “Right?”

Rhys just smiles.

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Ok I'm playing my first actually-good good character in a party that has 2 people that are teetering between evil and neutral and one person that's just neutral and so far I've had some success keeping them from being total bastards just by fast talking them but I'm afraid that won't always be the case any advice on dealing with a questionably genocidal robot who's most likely to come out ahead in a fight and a half vampire serial killer who also has better than even odds

Uh. Well, stop being afraid of them. If you’re afraid to take action because you’d think they’d win in a fight, they’ll smell that and push you aside. How do you stop being afraid? You get better than both of them, or you become indispensable, by making your absence a wound in their lives, either because they care or because you’re so useful that your veto is enough to cool their heels.

If you must work with wolves, give them no fear to smell, no flesh to expose, until you leave the pack or it becomes yours. 


Twisted sister- you can’t stop rock ‘n roll (official video)

This is a earlier song from Twisted Sister and much better than Leader.. - You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll from 1983 👍🤘

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What an amazing, awesome, cool, extraordinary, incredible, wonderful person you are. Your art is soooooo what I just said about you before plus it's beautiful and perfect and wow. Simply wow. Never stop drawing pls, I would die if you stop T-T

woah anon i think you’re thinking waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too highly of me ;o; I’m extremely ordinary and mediocre at best :’D And my art is really… basic? Like it doesn’t stand out and it’s easily forgotten pfppfffft but thank youuuuuuu ajdsl;kdas <3333 And you better keep living bc I’m not gonna stop :^)))))))))


Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡


cockles panel at jibcon

“Um, so, my kids know very little about Supernatural. They– hold on just, um. We have these little figurines. We have big dolls…”