you better start running

RP-Starters: Hate, Rivalries and Irritation

“Oh, great, it’s you.”

“I can beat your ass any day.”

“Just fuck off.”

“I was having a great day. Your ugly mug just ruined it.”

“Yeah, you’re doing awesome. If losing is awesome, anyway.”

“You? Better than me? Right.”

“Oh I’ll beat you.”

“There’s no way I’ll be losing to you.”

“Leave, or I’ll see that you’ll be leaving in a bag.”

“There’s no way you can do it better.”

“Now you’re just being arrogant.”

“Was that a challenge?”

“There are no words to describe how much I hate you.”

“Can you not?”

“I’ve never seen anyone do it that badly.”

“I didn’t even know someone could fail at this.”

“Even a baby could beat you.”

“I’m going to kill you.”

“You better start running.”

“Get the hell out of here, or I swear to god-”

I mean really instead of trying to lose weight, try to gain muscle. Get fucking ripped. Bench press a couch. Pick up fatphobic assholes and throw them across the room.

One of the most important lessons you can learn in life is the difference between giving up and letting go. It’s the difference between running away because you’re scared and walking away for you own good, and the sooner you learn this, the better off you will be. Learn to stop running and start walking.
The frightened and the helpless run… but those who are empowered and in control of their own lives are never afraid to walk away from a hopeless situation.
So learn to walk away. 
Walk away from anything that no longer serves you or enriches you.
Walk away from anything that hurts you, degrades you or causes you harm. Walk away from the things that cause you to hate and most important of all… walk away from anything that causes you to hate yourself. Because life is short… and opportunities are gone in what feels like the blink of an eye – so take control.
Never give up on something that’s worth fighting for. Take life by the reins and steer it in the direction you want it to go… But at the same time learn to recognize when something is a lost cause and let it go.
It’s your life and the greatest lesson you can learn is to walk away from anything that’s wasting it because it’s the most precious gift you’ll ever be given… and you only get one
—  Ranata Suzuki | Learn To Walk Away

:Neurotenic spinosaurus:
A lean and skeletal neuro specimen with an abnormal electromagnetic field radiating from it’s bioluminescent spinel structures. It’s magnetic field operates at a frequency that not only disrupts electronics but also interferes with ones neural connection between the brain and eyes causing optic distortion ranging from ‘visual snow’ to compleat blindness. If you’re vision starts to fail you better run in the right direction and hope you’re either too heavy to be snagged by it’s harpoon-like tongue or too swift to be caught by it’s hook-like tail.

Seventeen Reaction To Their S/O Doing The PPAP Dance

anon requested:  seventeen react to their gf doing kkap dance X’D

(im assuming this is meant to be the ppap dance?)


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*starts doing it with you*


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*just watches*


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*makes it a competition*


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*judging silently in his head*


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“I bet I can do it better than you!”


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“You know me so well~” *joins you*


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*isnt sure if he wants to join or judge you from the sides*


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*judges hardcore internally as well as externally*


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*speechless for once*


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“…I don’t know you*


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Peter Pan Imagine: Tree Pixie


Pairings: Pan x reader

Living in Neverland has it’s perks.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want to, and you won’t be put down or discriminated for it. There is no one to tell you what to do, or how to do it. You are free, never having to depend on anyone, or have anyone depend on you. 

And that, my dear friend, the beauty of it.

Sure, Neverland also had some downsides. You know, like the dreamshade, the mermaid infested lagoons, and some traumatizing creatures. Not to mention the leader of the island, Peter Pan, and his little minions, the lost boys.

You never really talked to them though. Heck, you never talked to ANYBODY; and quite frankly, that’s the way you liked it. 

You liked having no one to take care of; you liked to be alone. You were a free spirit, to say the least, and you couldn’t be bothered with having to care for somebody. You didn’t have time for it, and that’s that.

You didn’t care for Pan that much anyway. He was too full of himself, too bosy, too commanding. You HATED the way he treated the Lost boys, and sometimes, on rare occasions when you actually stop to think about it, you felt bad for them. 

That is why you chose to stay as far from them as you could; up in the trees in the darkest part of the forest. You couldn’t agree more that it was creepy, but up in the trees? Yeah, not so bad a life to live.

That’s also why you treated Pan and his lost boys like obstacles; something that was in your way, something for you to get around and out of the way of. 

Or maybe you thought of them as a challenge? Maybe this was all one big game of hide and seek, and you were the hider. You couldn’t let them find you, or the game was over. If that ever happens, I guess it would mean you would have lost the game. 

Either way, or maybe both ways, they were something to you. No matter how much you had tried to deny it, you always felt that if they, something to keep you entertained and running, weren’t here, well, you might as well have been lost.

BUT, they were something…

“Woohoo! Yeaahh!” You whooped, flipping and hopping from tree to tree. This was something that you loved to do. 

As cheesy as it may sound, you loved the feeling of the wind rushing past your hair, the feeling of being so high up that you yourself felt high. It made you feel like you could do anything better than anybody. It made you feel unique, and you were, with your only road the thick and thin branchess that stuck out of the tree, and your only shelter the canopy of leaves that swayed gently in the breeze above you. You felt serene here, but at the same time, like you could run a fifty mile marathon on just one drink of water. 

The feeling of the cold, rough bark on the soles of your feet was enough to subside your boredom for a whole day. 

Of course, the forest floor was eerie and dark, it’s paths holding deadly animals and even deadlier plants, but as long as you stayed in your everlasting tree branch path, nothing could get to you except for a butterfly or bird. You had nothing to worry about; and you liked that fact.

You smiled as you finally reached your destination. Just one more jump, and you were there. Your eyes squared on your target; a single branch with a huge ray of sunshine rolling through the leaves and onto it. 

‘That’s just what I need right now, a pretty little piece of sun shining on-’ Your thoughts were cut off by a quiet snapping sound from under you.

You looked down, tuning in your hearing to make sure it wasn’t a wild creature making those noises below. But, oddly, there were no animals below your branch; no growls or sniffs made their way to your ears.

You closed your eyes, straining your pointed ears to hear whatever made the noise sound more vivid. 

You heard the noise again, but this time it was more clear and distinct.

And it was not an animal.

Your eyes snapped open, slowly lowering towards the branch you were standing on.


That noise you were hearing was you. 

Well, more specifically it was your branch. You had left yourself to stand on it too long without jumping to the next one, and this tree was not a healthy one. It was as dead as a tree can be.

You should have probably noticed when you didn’t feel the rough bark under your feet, or the cold pine needles touching your palm as you kept yourself steady with the branch above your head. This tree had squishable bark, and no pine needles, except for a few brown ones here and there. 

You looked around, your head turning as fast as an owl, for any chance of possible escape. 

“One wrong move, and your a goner…” you told yourself, starting to over think the whole situation.

'Okay, so if I try and grab that branch, I risk the chance of potentially breaking this branch in the process, leading me into the exact same position as I’ll be in if I don’t move from this branch. Maybe if I-no that’ll never work. Oh! I could- no, that won’t work either. C'mon, think (Y/N), think!' 

You heard another snap, not even looking down because you knew you would only freak you out more, and then you would-

You screamed loudly as the branch finally decided it couldn’t take the weight, and broke, sending you plummeting towards the ground, the bark ripping through your thin shirt as the splintering wood slithered into the cut on your back.

It all happened so fast. So fast that you couldn’t even think to reach out for the branch above you for support. 

Before you knew it, you were bracing yourself for the ground, deciding that it was better to have a broken ankle than a broken face. You flattened out your feet, tip toes wouldn’t do you any good, and shut your eyes tight, awaiting your broken foot, or possibly feet.

And, boy, did it come.

As soon as your feet hit the ground, your body crumbled to it’s knees. The pain was harsh as fire, and your back felt like someone had repeatedly ripped off skin and then poured lemon juice on it.

You screamed loudly, feeling behind your back to assess the damage. You flinched as soon as you fingeres reached it, biting your lip to keep yourself from being too loud. You moved your bright, naturally blue hair out of the way of the blood.

You pulled you fingers back towards you face as fear took hold of every bone in your body; it was worse than you had thought. Blood coated your fingers in deep red colored liquid and splintering wood stuck out in random places underneath your skin.

You took off your shirt, which was already falling off due to the huge rip that had found itself cutting the whole shirt in half, and tied it tightly around your back to help stop the blood that poured out in waves. It wasn’t much, but it would help a bit.

You then turned towards your legs and feet.

Your left leg seemed to be fine, but your right was slightly contorted to the left in a ghastly manner. You could see the bone slightly poking out of place, but it still wasn’t as bad as your back. You figured there was nothing you could do about it until you, somehow, reached your tree house.

After you checked the rest of yourself, with quite some difficulty due to your other two injuries, for any other existing “booboo"s, you looked around you.

You had fallen near a small path that looked like it was very certainly human made, and right next to it stood a tall, blooming dreamshade bush. 

You knew better than to stay out in the open with blood running down your back and an injured ankle, it would make you easy pray for any carnivore that came trotting along down the trail, so you crawled over to a large tree that hid your body well.

“It’s true…you’re actually real…” 

You turned around and screamed, seeing a boy dressed in all green standing by the bush you had just been observing. He had brown hair that was messily swooped to the side, and he wore a smirk that obviously said mischief.

It was Peter Pan.

He carefully approached you as you weighed your options. On one hand, you could try and run away, but you probably wouldn’t make it another night alive out here in the wild. On the other hand, you could choose to stay and probably get killed by Peter Pan for trespassing in Neverland.

You chose option number one; you knew the things he did to people he didn’t like, and you weren’t going to take any chances.

You looked at him with wide eyes, quickly backing up to get away as he reached towards you with big grabby hands.

He quickly squatted down, grabbing a firm hold on your upper thigh. He smirked at you as soon as you looked back at him, giving him the classic puppy dog eyes in hopes of letting you go free.

“Wow.” He admired, “You really are just as beautiful as they say…”

You shot him a confused look, before your eyes snapped down to his hand that was slowly crawling it’s way up to your hair. You hissed at him, drawing back from his hand and giving him a glare. You weren’t one to be touchy feely when it comes to other people.

"And your hair…and ears..and eyes…just like the stories…”

He reached out towards you and you growled lightly, but instead of drawing his hand back like last time, he pushed you further, and grabbed hold of a small section of your hair.

He shoved him back with your foot as he got a little too close for your liking. He stumbled back a little, before standing up. He raised his eyebrows, sending you a surprised, and a little taken aback, look.

You looked at him with a tiny bit of fear, knowing fully what he was capable of. You didn’t know what he was going to do, or say, but you knew based on the look he gave you, it wasn’t good. His eyes wandered down to the foot that had just kicked him away, “Your feet are…tiny, interesting…” 

He looked back up to your eyes, his own filled with wonder and excitement.

"Do you realise how long I’ve been looking for you? I saw you on the beach last year, you were getting some water, but the second you saw me…you ran…” he taunted, “Were you, perhaps, scared of me?”

You scoffed, mostly trying to cover up a flinch from the throbbing pain in your back, “ I know better than to fear you, for I am more graceful, tolerant, and faster than you’ll ever be!”

He smiled sinisterly, baring his teeth as he talked to you.

“Well, baby girl, I think your forgetting something…I mean, you said you were graceful, but I just watch you take that nasty fall from all the way up there!” He mocked, getting closer by the second. You snarled and became terrified, but you wouldn’t show him; you would stand up to him.

He swiftly sat down, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer to him, until you were placed in his lap, nose to nose,” You are no faster than I am, I just did this, now your stuck in my lap…with no way of escape, and,” he paused, pulling his face away from yours to push you off his lap. Your back smacked the ground, hard, and you screamed a blood curdling scream that was sure to scare the forest animals,” you are less tolerant than a baby…”

You began to cry silently, not from shame or embarrassment, but from pain. The way your back hit the ground right on your cut had taken a toll on you. Your whole back felt like it had dry ice ripped off of it. Of course, Pan didn’t know about the cut on your back; he assumed you fell with no harm.

“Now that we know who’s boss, I’ll be taking you with me to my camp.”

Your eyes bugged out of your skull; no way were you going with him after that, you’d rather a wild animal come and eat you alive in the dark of the forest ground.

You whimpered, curling up into a tight ball and wrapping your hands around your head as Pan reached out to touch you, not really sure why you were acting so strange all a sudden. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of making this easy, he was going to have to move you himself if he wanted you to go with him.

He stood up and brushed his pants off, walking around to your back side, seeing nothing but your tightly tied shirt that looked ripped up and scratched.

His brows pulled together in a confused look; what was wrong with your back? He didn’t see anything.

He looked over at your face, seeing your eyes squinted in extreme pain, your fists balled against your forehead as tears flowed heavily down your cheeks.

He figured the problem was behind the shirt, so he squatted down. His hands reached for the knot you had tied on you side, starting to undo it, when you jolted away from him, fear evident on your face.

"No, stay calm…” he muttered, reaching out to grab the knot on your side again.

"No! Get off! Stay off, or I’ll-I’ll slap you!” You cried, bring up your palm to show him you weren’t kidding.

He chuckled,” Was that a threat?”

"Y-yeah, yeah it was!”

"I think I can handle it…”

He grabbed onto the knot, pulling and twisting until it was finally undone. He grabbed it away, throwing it somewhere behind him as you looked at him horrifically. You were now laying in nothing but a bra and shorts, and you were as far away from happy as it gets.

As soon as he looked down again, he felt a harsh sting on his left cheek, followed by a loud,” WHACK!”

You had slapped him.

His face was priceless, as a smug one took over your face.

You DID warn him…

“Did you just SLAP ME?!”

You glared up at him with a smile taking over your face, satisfied withh what you had done. Hopefully, this would get the message across that you didn’t want his help.

"What do you think, pretty boy? Would YOU appreciate a stranger taking off your shirt? ” You snapped under your breath, hoping he didn’t hear you. He was already mad at you, he didn’t need more encouragement to hurt you.

He took a deep breath, using every ounce of control he had in him not to hurt, or kill, you. He had waited this long to find you and he wasn’t going to screw it up.

"Alright,” he let out the breath he had been holding in,” I just want to help you, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll let me. Otherwise, we’ll have to do it my way, and I don’t think EITHER of us want that…”

Your eyes went wide and you quickly shook your head back and forth. Whatever way his way was, you didn’t want to know.

"Good girl,” he smiled, bending down once again.

He tore his eyes from yours, moving them down to your back.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling for you, having someone behind you staring, supposedly, at your back. 

"Bloody hell, how did you manage to get a cut this big? I’ll have to take you back to my camp to get it wrapped up.” He told you as he brought a hand up to hold you steady.

"Pan…” you warned him.

It was too late, though. He brought up his other hand, and his finger just barely brushed it. It was enough to make you cry out and try to lung away from his hand.

He held you still, frowning a bit at your reaction.

"Ow!  Let me go! I can fix it myself!”

"No, no, it’s alright, calm down. I won’t do it again!”

He grabbed at your waist, once again setting you in his lap. His hands moved from your waist down to your thighs, holding you still. Your tiny hands banged on his chest, demanding to be let go.

He stood up, bringing you with him as he started to walk towards the path near where you fell.

You screamed, once again swatting your hands and kicking the leg that wasn’t injured. 

There was no way that he would take you with out a fight. He would have to work for this. He was going to have a better time cooperating with a monkey, and you were going to make sure of it.

You wiggled your hips, bucking and hitting him with anything you could.

"Baby girl, if I were you, I would REALLY consider stopping that, because right now I’m having a very hard time controlling something that you are, so innocently, bouncing on; and if you can’t find a way to control yourself, I might not be able to either…” he told you bluntly, smirking straight ahead as he saw your expreession.

You gaped at him, jaw nearly touching the dirt as your eyes widened.

Sure, you knew Pan wasn’t the most innocent person, but you had never expected him to say anything so dirty; so gross. It surprised you, to say the least.

After processing the whole situation, and how stupid you looked, your mouth snapped shut with an audible clank. You blinked at him, your mind mulling over a million thoughts all at once.

'Is he serious? I’m here trying to get away from him, and all he can think about is how he’s starting to get turned on by my struggling?!’

Your wide eyed stare turned into a harsh glare as you started to kick and hit him once again, the angered look on his face fueling you furthermore.

"That is not what I’m trying to do! You’re sick, Peter Pan! Put me down!”

He gritted his teeth together, grunting as he dropped you on the ground, much harder than you had wanted him to. You crumbled to the ground, your pain becoming worse by the minute.

After backing you up to one of the numerous trees that surrounded you, he crouched down to your eye level as he tried to look into your eyes. You turned your head away from his in a confident manner; not complying to his orders.

He was infuriated, never had he dealt with someone so disobedient in his whole life.

“Look. At. Me.” He commanded, roughly grabbing your chin and turning you to face him.

You were angry too, and decided to be annoying. You looked up, and from side to side, anywhere but his eyes, almost seeming to test his patience. He grabbed onto your shoulders, shaking them lightly to get your attention.

You still didn’t give it to him, your eyes suddenly finding the tree just over his shoulder the most interesting thing on Earth.

He leaned in towards your face, all but pressing his nose to yours as he spoke,” I will not tolerate your ignorance, nobody disobeys me.”

"Well, maybe it’s about time some one should!” You seethed, your lips pulling up into a dangerous sneer.

He looked like he was about to explode as he stood up, backing away from you a few steps. He looked down at his hands and smirked to himself, chuckling darkly as he brought his eyes to look back at your face. He continued staring until you started to feel uncomfortable.

"You, you sure are something, aren’t you?” He finally spoke after a minute or two.

You didn’t respond, staring up at him with the meanest look you could muster up. Your eyes were narrowed into slits, your nostrils slightly flared, and your teeth grinding together.

"You know, it’s not polite to stare,” You pointed out.

"Who said I was polite.”

He bent down, digging his hands under your legs and pulling you to him. He stood up straight and continued down the path like nothing had happened.

You didn’t protest this time; there was no point. He would get his way in the end, and there was no use in picking a fight you were going to lose. Your nuzzled your face into his shoulder; grumbling quietly to yourself so that Pan wouldn’t hear you. Your arms dangled over and around his shoulders; you might as well get cozy, because if you can’t beat him you might as well just go with it.

You could practically sense his smug little victorious smirk as you wrapped you ankles together behind him.

"Don’t get TOO comfortable, now. We’re almost there.”

“Who’s that, Pan?”

"Bloody Hell! Look at her hair!”

"Woah, do you see her ears?!”

"Pan, did you do that to her back?”

Were some of the various questions you heard as Pan sauntered into his camp, waving you around in his arms like a trophy. You could feel the stares of the lost boys burning holes into the back of your head.

You weren’t used to the multiple stares, you had never been stared at by so many people before. To be honest, the only other time you had EVER been stared at was today with Pan.

You missed the feeling of being free, not having to worry about the lost boys unwavering stares of amazement and awe. You wanted to go back to your trees.

You whimpered, burying your head into Pan’s neck, desperately trying to pull attention away from yourself. You felt him turn around so that you were facing the boys, bringing you fully out of your comfort zone.

"Hey, come on, “ Pan whispered in your ear ,”Open your eyes. The lost boys would love to see them, I’m sure. We won’t hurt you.”

You nodded, hesitantly pulling your head from the crook of his neck to face the lost boys. Slowly, you opened your eyes.

You looked around at the boys, seeing that their ages ranged from about nine to, what looked like, sixteen or seventeen.

“Boys, come take a look at her eyes. Be quiet, and gentle; she took quite the fall from that big tree,” Pan told them.

They all stepped closer, forming an even more cramped space around the two of you. You clutched onto Pan, holding on for dear life as you balled his shirt in your hands. This was not what you had thought you would be doing when you woke up this morning.

One of the boys got closer than the others, looking up to see your unique eye color as he smiled in amazement. You really hadn’t thought much about your hair or eyes until today; it was nothing special to you. 

He slowly reached up to touch the top of your head, only trying to touch your hair, but you took it the wrong way. You flinched away, trying to get out of Pan’s tight hold so that you could scurry away from the boys hand, away from the danger it might hold.

"Oh, just let them do it. They aren’t hurting anything, and plus they’ll just keep bugging you about it until you let them.” Pan muttered, gently pushing your head back towards the boy again.

The boy reached up again, hearing the conversation between you and Pan, and smoothed down the hair at the top of your head. He stroked your hair a couple times, his fingers combing through a few knots, before it trailed down to your ear.

You closed your eyes tightly as he tapped the pointy tip of your ear, still a bit sensitive about the whole human contact thing.

"Wow…” was all he managed to stutter out, “Your eyes are…purple and blue…and you hair and ears they’re-wow.”

Soon enough, there was a whole group of hands coming at you all at once, from above, and a few from below, touching, tugging, and petting. They were all over your head, some brushing through the back and front of your hair, others feeling up your ears.

You felt like some sort of animal at a petting zoo, or perhaps a child surrounded by old people. 

You couldn’t really complain, though. They were all extremely gentle, just as Pan told them to be, and it DID feel nice to have all of them brushing fingers through your silky hair and massaging your ears.

"Alright, boys, I am going to have to take her away for a bit to heal her. Don’t worry, though, you’ll see her again. She’ll be staying with us from now on. Felix, stay here.” Pan told them, earning a chorus of complaints and whines.

"Aww! Do we have to? Her hair’s so soft, it’s like petting a kitten!”

“Damn, she’s adorable! I just want to cuddle her!”

"She’s so hot, but innocent and cute at the same time…”

They all trudged off in different directions; some went to the woods, some went towards the huge bonfire, and others walked to their tree houses. A few turned back to look steal one last glance, before they too walked off. That is, all except one.

A tall boy with messy blonde hair stayed behind, waiting for the crowd of boys to disperse, before he strutted over. To say he was intimidating was an understatement, but his eyes held a certain kindness to them. Something that seemed to point out that he wasn’t too bad of a guy.

External image

“What’d you need?” He asked Pan as he looked at you, offering you a big smile, which you cautiously returned.

Had these boys really been THAT happy to finally see you?

"I want you to know that she will be sleeping in my tree house, I don’t trust her quite yet, so hold off on making her a something to stay in, alright?”

"Got it, “ he replied, turning to walk to wherever he was going to go.

He started to take another step, before he nervously turned back around to stop Pan, "Wait!” 

Pan stopped walking and turned around to look at Felix, who walked over to where Pan stood. He stepped behind him so that he was facing you. Pan didn’t move, smiling to himself due to the fact that he knew what Felix was about to do. 

You looked at him with nervous eyes, confused as to what he was doing. He had yet to do the things the other lost boys had, and now it was his turn.

"Can I touch your hair, and ears?” He asked, smirking at you.

Your eyes softened and you let a small grin seize your lips, “Go for it.”

He dropped a hand down onto the top of your head, slightly messing up your hair, before he smoothed it down. He repeated this process three times before he took hold of the tip of your ear. Rubbing his thumb across the smooth skin a couple times, he felt he had had his fair share.

With a small nod of appreciation, he walked off.

Peter chuckled lightly,”Wasn’t that just adorable? Usually he’s more tough than that…”

Your tiny smile instantly fell from your face as you turned back around to look at his smug face, following it up with a small pout as you realised that he had just mocked Felix.

"Just because he’s actually nice to me doesn’t mean he’s any less 'tough’.” you stated sassily, scrunching your nose at him in disgust.

He glanced down at you, before the side of his mouth twitched up into a large smile. He once again lifted you higher onto him, situating you so that you were face to face with him. His hand let go of one of your legs, making you slide down a bit before you wiggled up again and held onto him tighter. Bringing the hand up to your face, he gently placed his pointer finger down upon your nose, before he removed it and latched onto your dangling leg again.

“That’s adorable too, but I’d much rather prefer you not give me that face, darling.” he announced after he had booped your nose.

That was a little cute, you had to admit, but you still couldn’t stand the fact that he was now walking towards his tent with you in his arms. He was evil, he had no sense of respectable manners, and he could literally do anything he wanted to do with you and you would have no way of stopping him. Sure, he had shown you some kindness, but he had also shown you his bad side.

The closer you got to the rather large treehouse, the more nervous you got. Once you were in that little prison, there was no more jumping from the trees, no more sunny leaves brushing against your face, no more freedom.

The two of you reached the roughly made ladder that lead to the cabin that was situated between the largest tree branches. The butterflies in your stomach seemed to flip like gymnasts, making you even more terrified to climb the ladder that lead to your certain detainment.

“Pan, please, please,” you begged, “I just want to go back to my camp, I can fix myself, just…please.”

You were desperate now, this was your actual last chance to go home. If the 'sad lost kitten’ act didn’t work, nothing would. You had tried everything else; there was nothing else you could do.

He looked down at you with a are you kidding me look, before replying, ”We already went over this once, love, you can’t even stand, much less take care of yourself. Now, hold on tight and keep your back away from the ladder, we don’t want it any more irritated than it already is.”

You pursed your lips in frustration as a small noise made it’s way from the back of your throat. Your hands reached out and grabbed on to the back if his neck, tugging on the hair in anger; like a child having a tantrum would. You tightened your legs around him and arched your back so that it wouldn’t touch the splintery wood of the ladder. 

You felt him swallow a wad of spit that had formed in his mouth, before he began his journey up the ladder.

You felt the red invade your cheeks as soon as he started to climb up. You could feel every move he made, every flex of his muscle, every breath on the back of your neck, every stretch of his stomach. Everything. 

After a few more minutes of climbing, he finally reached the top. You had expected him to at least be a little bit out of breath, but he seemed perfectly fine physically; he wasn’t even tired. He just continued to walk towards the bed without a slightest bit of exhaustion.

He set you down on your knees on the bed, allowing you, with some difficulty, to situate yourself into a comfortable position. After some struggles, you finally managed to find a position where you laid comfortably on your stomach with your arms on either side of you. 

Even though the bed was like laying on a cloud, you still weren’t comfortable. You were nervous for the pain about to be bestowed upon you by whatever idea Pan had for fixing up your back, sure, but the reason you were uncomfortable was mostly because you were now stuck in the demon’s play house. Trapped is what you were, and that was how it would stay.

“You and I both know that this won’t feel the best, but it’s better than infection…” he trailed off, searching for something on the big shelf that was full of potions, books, and tiny treasures from all over the island.

He finally found what he was looking for, and slid it out from underneath the pile of books that had managed to find themselves place on top of the box.

He blew some of the thick layers of dust off of the object, and placed it next to your feet on the edge of the bed. On the top of the metal box in bold, blood red letters, was the name labeled 'First Aid Kit’. Grabbing onto the handles of the thing, he yanked it open, sending a few bottles and boxes to fling through the air and land on the bed next to you.

"Uhhhh,” you questioned wearily, “These look a little, umm, old…”

Your hand was shaking up a small bottle of something, once liquid, that was used to heal up cuts or burns, creating a tiny chatter as the dehydrated crust from inside jumbled and quivered about.

Your eyes darted from the bottle to him, eyebrows furrowing in uncertainty as your lips pulled tight against your cheeks in a bitter manner. He took the glass from your hands, examining it closely as he gave it a shake. His face hinted that he was deep in thought as he glared at the tiny object clasped tightly in his hands.

"Yeah, it does seem like it could be restocked…but, umm, I guess we’ll have to use a different method of healing, then.” He stated.

He picked up the other few stray bottles that had flown from the first aid kit, packing them tightly where they were before, and stuffing the box back into it’s hiding place among the various books and treasures of his shelf.

He turned around, bringing his hands up from his sides and creating a thunderous clap. He rubbed his hands together as if it were cold, bringing them up to his plump lips to blow on them, all the while staring at you like he did the first time he had seen you.

"I still can’t believe I even found you, after searching all those years…”

He looked at you with amazement and joy in his bright green eyes. To you he looked like an excitable young boy on Christmas, though you doubted he actually knew what that was. His face, to an untrained eye, would have been put in the same category as bored or angry. But, to you, his eyes strained to let out happy emotions emit through his facial structure. They were widened a bit more than when he was mad earlier, and on his face, carved into the foundation of it, was the smallest hint of a smile. Twinkling eyes that were slightly squeezed together at the end told you a different story than what his bland, almost unreadable face shouted. His eyes almost resembled the forest, actually, and maybe that was what made you so…distracted by them.

“Anyway! This is gonna be very…interesting. I haven’t used my powers to heal people in a very long while. Let’s try it, shall we, love?”



Having been hanging around town for a couple of days, Mason had been around enough to know who the Salvatore brothers were hanging around. It was more than OBVIOUS that both males were head over heels for the brunette, so maybe the key to having them D E A D, would be by somehow managing to turn her against them. Seeing as he was a complete stranger and new to town, he was sure he’d go unnoticed, something he’d hoped for.

It’s as he entered the grill, in which he spotted her near the bar, but this time and for once she’s alone, no vampires around and of course it makes him approach her. Walking up to the brunette he’s ordering the both of them a drink. “Hey!” He said, the corners of his lips tugging up into a smile. “I’m Mason.” Perhaps it was rather weird for him to approach a stranger all of  a sudden, yet he knew that this was DIFFERENT. “Are you from around here?”

Status: Alive!AU


  • sam cries when he holds his daughter for the first time
  • aelin teases him about it, of course, but she can’t stop smiling when he holds her
  • after much debate the new princess’ name is raina - “happiness” or “queen”
  • she has sam’s dark hair but the ashryver eyes
  • her ears are a little pointed and her teeth a bit sharp but that’s as far as it gets
  • one night they’re watching her sleep and sam goes:
  • “you remember that night all those years ago? when you told me everything?”
  • aelin just hums a yes and strokes the dark fuzz that’s begun to grow on raina’s head
  • “well i remember distinctly you said children of a queen not child”
  • raina almost wakes up as her bedside table starts smoking. almost

ps do not under any circumstances imagine aelin reserving the honor to crown sam do not imagine their wedding do not imagine sam with a crown do not imagine their people chanting “long live queen aelin! long live king sam!” 

T̙͉̩̰ͬ͂ͭͣ ̮̺͔ͭ̿̇ͧ̋ͤA͈̬̠̬̞̥̰͕̓͆̓̚ ̪̘̣̝͂ͫ̿ͬͨ̽̒R̤̬ͦͤ̄̿̅ ̘̮͚̹̥̘̮̬̩͛̅̌̇G̹̖͖̻ͯ̍ ̖͈͉̜̜͍̦ͮ̏̿E͚̻̤̝̱̹͑̊͒̄̄̏ ̻ͨ̉ͬ̒ͪ̚ͅT̙̠̙̟̤̟͇̦̩̈͌̄ ͉͕̏͑̋̚ ̻̟͎͙̙̔ͬA̳̪͇̜̫̥̺͆͒͋͛ͨ͐̆̆ ̙̹̞̗̞̈́̓̓̾̆ͩ̚Q̜̋ͨ̀̓ͯͭ ̹̗̯̪̒ͨ͂ͯ͆͑̌͂U̫̺̬͐̑ͬ̒͌ ͈̰͉̰̆ͧ̾̀͌̚I̗̬̰̖̩̦ͤ̐͐ ̦̭͙̝̯͈̯̖̓͌̐̚R̯̬̺̹̭͛ͩ͐́͆̇̌ ̪̅́E͎͙̜͙͓̭̥̝͋̂͒̅ ̺̘̜͓̬͆̄̉͋̉̑̅D͉̯̼̤̜̋̃

Being Sick at band Camp

Me: *is sick with a fever*

Section Leader: Go. you are not fit to march.

Me: *is weak in the shade and is eating and drinking* Sigh…Why…why am I so weak…

Medical assistance: Stay in the shade keep cool and you will be okay.

*Band starts playing*

Me: *Springs up* IM BETTER. *runs toward band*


Me: I MUST STAY LOYAL TO THE BAND! *inhuman screaming*

Walking in the kitchen to see George slowly sipping his coffee and obviously embarrassing Ginny and Harry. You wake up to your boyfriend and notice he has placed a toothbrush into where his ear used to be.

“Georgie dear, do i have to tell Ginny some embarrassing things about you now?”
“I was only playing dearest, Ginny loves me anyway!”
“You better hope i do George..”
“Now you two better run along before Molly see’s you and starts to plan another wedding!”

The duo left the room and you turned to George,

“Honey, may i ask why there’s a toothbrush in your ear socket?”
“Its all in the name of sibling embarrassment my dear y/n”
“I think catching them kissing was just enough”
“It’ll never be enough darling, by the way you better go help Fleur. Seems she’s used the shampoo we set up for hermione by accident”
“George…what did you and Fred do?”

Just before George could reply, Fred came running down the stairs with a lavender haired veela beating a pillow at him. George took off after him and you looked at the very upset bride…

Well…Lavender suits you very well Fleur…”

Look at the sneaky protags trying to go through each other’s door

Pretend Boyfriend

Summary: There’s a girl in school who is obsessed with Dan and is always flirting with him and trying to get with him. Dan finally has enough and asks his best friend, Phil, to be his fake boyfriend. Phil agrees, their friendship blossoms into something more than just a fake relationship.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 2,009
Warnings: Quite a bit of swearing but that’s nothing new
Beta: the lovely danteasers ofc! <3

A/N: There’s not enough fake relationship aus in the phandom tbh.

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FF XV React: Seeing you again after thinking you were dead

Suggested by: montalbinowitch

All aboard the feels train!! Q^Q

Noctis: B-But I saw, *slowly walks up to you, on the verge of tears* I saw your light…I saw it and, and *carefully touches your face, and sharply takes in a breath as he realizes that you’re real. He procedes to embrace you tightly* Please Etro! Please dont mess with me! Dont decieve my eyes! *sniffles loudly* Please, dont leave me again…

Gladiolus: You-I better not be dreaming…I dont think I could deal with reality if I was…*places a hand on your head to confirm for himself that you are real. He smiles and embraces you quietly* Dont scare me like thaf again y'hear! *starts to laugh* You better promise me!

Prompto: *runs and tackle hugs you to the ground, refusing to let go* YOU’RE REAL RIGHT!!? I-I’M NOT DEAD AND NEITHER ARE YOU RIGHT?! *begins to sob loudly* I-I SAW YOU! ALL THAT BLOOD AND-E-EVERYTHING!! I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE ALIVE!

Ignis: *silently and tightly embraces you* I-I dont care how…I just care that you are here and now with me…That’s all that matters! That’s the only thing that matters is that I can see you again! That I can hear your voice again, and hold you!

Cor: *very roughly ruffles your hair downwards so you dont see the tears in his eyes on the verge of falling* You damn bratty pup!! Dont you dare go off and commit another miracle like this ever again!! An old man like me, I dont think my heart could take it! *without warning he has you in a tight embrace* Good to have you back pup…

Regis: *takes in a sharp breathe* Will wonders never cease? *walks up to you as calmly as possible, but his ever changing eye color betrays him. Once in front of you he gently hugs you* I thought I lost a member of my family, I’m so glad I was wrong. Welcome home.