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Why did you eat my post, tumblr! Oh well. I finally did that Etsy thing, and threw this wild card up there.

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not gonna lie, rewatching the whole series since I don’t remember anything. just ended season one, I’m much too emotional about this show.
just let this boy live happily with his boyfriend, pls.

Fandom: *hates Dreamer, mostly rooted in shipping bias*


as for escalus, my poor baby king prince son, he’s trying so hard. he just wants to keep his damn city together.

isabella is the head, and even though he’s learning to shield and ignore it, he’s still the heart.

but that’s the point - escalus’ priorities will always be verona. verona is first. 

not rosaline.

and that’s why even if escalus is my son, even though i love him and feel for him, his indecision and constantly changing his mind with rosaline is what leads to him losing her. rosaline shouldn’t forgive him for this. (and if she wishes to, that’s okay too! she’d be a better woman than i though.) it’s not about him having good intentions - he does! it’s about him not putting her first.

because he can’t. he had the chance to multiple times this episode, and he choose verona, over and over again. AND THIS IS OKAY. THIS IS HIS JOB. THIS IS HIS DUTY. but when he brings livia into it, when he calls ros a harlot, that’s him making that final, conscious decision - verona, over her.


anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times


Sparkle Vol.28
Butai Patalliro!

Aoki Tsunenori x Sana Hiroki x Hosogai Kei x Sonde Kanai x Ishida Shun x Yoshimoto Kouki

literally the entire cast of Patalliro without the title character
I especially love how the conversation kept getting to the potential sex scenes between Bancoran and Maraich, like, YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET BY BEING THE NATIONAL OTP FOR 40 YEARS.
And Sana omg he’s such a baby ;A; not only is he the youngest in the cast but he’s SO DEVOTED TO THE ROLE???? Like he literally finished reading the 90+ volumes of the manga and the anime series in their entirety????? He’s so focused on playing Maraich and he really puts his love relationship with Bancoran at the center????? It’s really cute and also so IC????
MEANWHILE Aoki talks about how Bancoran is like “gay James Bond”.

  • malec: Good content™ husbands throwing a party together :) magnus saving the day #blessed
  • saphael: who put The Straights on my screen and what even is raphael doing?? ...ya biting the wrong person?? simon?? one day apart from snipping at one another and y'all are making stupid decisions, i raised you better than this
I’m Yours

Summary:  Post Season 1, everyone is okay, but they come back one by one, or in Lance and Hunk’s case, in a pair. Shiro and Keith get split up and Keith is the last one to make it back and hugs the life out of Lance when he finally makes it back.

Word Count: 3536

Notes: Ok, if you don’t know, the song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And the scene comes from a piece of art by @thesearchingastronaut and seriously, give them a follow, their art is amazing guys! Leave a comment and some kudos and I’ll love you forever, hope all of you enjoyed!

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Honestly, everything could fall apart right now and Lance wouldn’t care. They were all alive and just…everything was okay. Shiro was still with them, Pidge was no longer alone, and he had just spent another month alone with Hunk while they found their way back. And Keith?


Lance found himself grinning ear-to-ear thinking about the hug that Keith crushed him in as soon as he exited his lion. Like, it was a long time ago that Lance came to terms with his feelings for Keith (even with the mullet) and okay, this was a mature decision for him, but he decided to wait for Keith. That month with Hunk turned into some kind of confession, a month long confession.

Hunk wouldn’t leave him alone about how Lance, who challenged Keith to damn near everything, had an irrevocable crush on the guy. Hello? Did anyone see the way Shiro was upset about Allura? Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

But when Keith came running at him nearly squeezed the life out of him, Lance melted. He hugged Keith back with just as much force, Keith had only held on more.

“It’s good to have you back, Keith,” Lance muttered.

“I…I thought I lost you guys forever…” Keith’s hands were clawing at his shirt. Lance and Hunk were the second pair to make it back to the castle, right after Pidge. Both Pidge and Hunk came up with a pretty ingenious way on how to find the castle again, Lance was lucky to be with Hunk, or else he would still be flying around searching.

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the first time cassian smiles in all of ‘rogue one’ is when bodhi remembers that he is the imperial pilot who defected and it’s such a sweet and hopeful smile that comes across his face as he watches bodhi get more excited about remembering who he is

and the first time bodhi smiles in all of ‘rogue one’ is when cassian asks about what bodhi went through at saw gerrera’s base and then changes the subject quickly and jokingly because he can tell bodhi doesn’t want to talk about it (in the novelization; thanks @resistanceposterboy for posting the excerpt!)

Bodhi smiled—just a twitch of his lips—for the first time since Cassian had known him.

basically… bodhi/cassian is the romance we deserved

okay so I don’t follow enough people on here to know exactly what’s going on (other than some middle-school level ship war) but I know a lot of good people got hurt and blogs have been deleted and that’s just not fuckin’ cool so

a lovely flowery Athena to everyone who’s been attacked over it, keep holdin’ on guys, and don’t let a few bad apples ruin your fun<3



Westallen Appreciation Week

↪️Day #6: Favorite emotional/heartbreaking scene

5 7 ships in 2014:

3. Quinn & Carrie (Homeland)

we get out together

Guys, complaining that there is so much Tony hate, but then going on to bash Steve just so you can say that Tony is better than him anyway, doesn’t make YOU any better than all the other haters.

anonymous asked:

Do you enjoy being shipped with Ze? Or is there another ship that you like more? Also I love you and you always make day 100% better ok

I actually love being Shipped with Ze. Hes a really good and close friend. To be honest though. I wish we were just friends and not ‘co workers’. We’d have a stronger friendship, and not have to worry about other things. 

Thats a friendship I really wish I could have in person. It would be so much better. It sucks that we are separated by 2500 miles. 

a guide to avoid ship wars:
  • your ship: *happens something*
  • you: great! yas!
  • other ship: *happens something*
  • you: ok, good for the people who ship them
  • your ship: *something bad happens*
  • you: ok, this doesn't make the other ship better. i still love them. it's my opinion, my point of view.
  • other ship: *something bad happens*
  • you: this doesn't make my ship better. some people still love them. it's their opinion, their point of view.