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STAR SIGN:  Capricorn
HEIGHT: 4′11
CURRENT TIME: 8:40am gmt

PRONOUNS: They/them


SEXUALITY: Demisexual

FAV MUSIC ARTIST: Changed constantly
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: Mother Mother - The stand
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Zootopia probably
LAST SHOW WATCHED: Steven Universe

RP EXPERIENCE HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): On any platform? Almost ten years tbh. Not exactly sure how long I’ve been doing it solely on tumblr.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Tumblr, deviantart, twitter, skype, omegle, shamchat and via emails.

BEST EXPERIENCE: Having my future girlfriend approach me so politely for a roleplay with our OCs and now I’m living with her. Can’t really get better than that.

FEMALE OR MALE MUSE: If I’m playing them? Generally male but for other people, I really have no preference. I rp with a muse because they’re interesting, not because of their gender.

MULTI OR SINGLE: I run both and I’ll play with both.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: I’m the sort of person that likes varied plots not based around one single thing. It’s more fun that way.


LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Depends on the thread. Some of the things I have going are HELLA long and some of them are pretty short but I enjoy them both (though the longer ones do take longer to answer because I really need to focus).

BEST TIME TO WRITE: The moment I know I’m not going to have to get up mid-reply to do things. I do everything I need to do, then I can sit down and focus on writing uninterrupted.

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): If we’re talking bucky, yeah I guess? We’re both naturally gentle people that have been through a lot of tough things but want to do the right thing once we’ve come out of the other side? In a lot of aspects we’re not similar, though. 

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: I rebooted this blog on the 1st of May 2016. I can’t recall when I started my older blog.
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: Roleplays, occasional ooc, things pertaining to my character (musings, images, aesthetics,ect.)
OTHER BLOGS: @wetheremnants | @grievingmatriarch 
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Bucky was regarded as the asset and he’s reclaiming his life again.

FAVORITE COLOR: Black, red and purple.
AVG HOURS SLEEP: About eight? But that’s because my wonderful girlfriend makes sure I sleep, otherwise I’m sure it’d be a lot less.
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH: Two at the moment but it goes down to one when everything gets warmer.
DREAM JOB: I guess being an illustrator or just being an artist and having people buy my artwork? Either that or making jewelry.

FOLLOWING: 540 (I’m sure many of those are inactive though, so I’m going to go on another unfollowing spree soon).

RULES. Answer the questions in a new post & tag blogs you would like to get to know better (repost, don’t reblog!)
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NAME. marie.  
STAR SIGN. sagittarius.
HEIGHT. 160cm or 5′29′’ ( i need the 9 for my self confidence ok).  
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.  bastille.
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. nothing at the moment lmAO.
LAST MOVIE WATCHED. burlesque probably. haven’t seen many movies lately.
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG. 20th june 2014. caesar was created september 2012.
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST. sadness, fashion love, roleplays, ship things, more sadness. hopefully soon more modern stuff. 
OTHER BLOGS. a personal that i don’t use any longer.
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. the term ‘showmaster’ is very common here. it was first introduced in this song.
HOGWARTS HOUSE. ravenclaw.  
POKEMON TEAM. no. team eevee. 
AVG HOURS SLEEP.  i try to get idk 6-8.
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH? one because all others are at my mother’s home.
DREAM JOB. writer. 


Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life “Fall”


First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)


That 70′s Show + Instagram || Because they totally had Instagram in the 70′s.


“You are afraid of commitment,

 I’m afraid of love. 

Who is the weaker one here?”

@illustraice ’s hella ML AU!!! I saw the character designs and 👌👌👌👀👀👁👁💅👏👏 Keep designing friend!!!

the seven deadly (weeb) sins
  1. hating female characters for getting in the way of your yaoi ships
  2. making fun of people for watching “kid” anime like naruto and attack on titan unlike you who watches the real stuff like jojo
  3. intentionally spoiling the plot of the anime because “they should have read the manga”
  4. insisting that vocaloid is superior to all other forms of music and that makes you better than everyone else in your generation 
  5. reposting and editing other artist’s fanart and claiming you’re doing them a favor for spreading it (with their watermark cropped out)
  6. acting superior for watching it subbed instead of dubbed
  7. asking an asian person what anime they like because they obviously watch anime because they’re asian

It’s your lucky day, Mr. Castle. The six Dogs of Hell gang members you wiped out in Delaware won’t be an issue, anymore. Delaware doesn’t have the evidence to charge and extradite, so, the death penalty is officially off the table.


Some kind words from (some of) our favorite boys!
I’ve seen some people haven’t been feeling well recently and I wanted to give something for all of you guys who are having a bad day or week or just a bad time in general 💙
For the friends and mutuals I’ve seen specifically not feeling well:
@caceydoesthings @bemusedwayfarer @themythicalumbreon
I hope you all feel better!!
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@shrimpeater69 I like to think that when Dorian rants about something that is bothering him late at night, Cullen is always there to lend him his shoulder…and lips to smooch to make him feel better ;) Hope you like it!