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There isn’t much else that I can say other than thank you, and I appreciate all of you! Every single one of you finds a way to make me smile every day, and it’s just so… wonderful to me! I love to see that you guys enjoy my writing and my blog in general.

I will continue to write more for you guys. I’ll take this as a time to remind you guys that requests are closed, but I do plan to open them at the end of January or early February — around Ray Route’s release. I have about 17 requests left, and I also have exams next week so I’m going to be putting a lot of time into studying. However, request will definitely be open again soon! Thank you to those who are still waiting for your requests to be answered, and for being so patient!

I wish there was something I could do for 1,500 followers, however, I frankly don’t know what to do. I didn’t really have time to think about it or “prepare” anything. When, and if — I feel I should say that — I get 2000 followers, I will do something special. I may post a poll asking what you guys want me to do.

Speaking of polls! In a couple days I will be posting a poll that I would like for people to take, just to kind of help me make my blog and writings more enjoyable for people.

Once again, thank you so much for 1,500 followers! This was a lovely surprise and made me so happy. I love you all so much! 

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I woke up with a headache and feeling not much better than I did last night

But then I opened tumblr and found an inbox full of blanket burritos and love and support and my heart is just so very full right now.

Thank you everyone who reached out to me in some way last night, no matter how big or small the gesture… It means a whole lot.











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Tips for animal crossing pocket camp

Hey this game is coming out this month so as someone who was impatient and got it early here’s a few tips for when you start playing!

First and foremost, SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. They are incredibly precious and I made the huge mistake of spending all of mine early on. The only thing I would recommend buying with them right away is an extra crafting slot.

-Don’t waste them on crafting things that only take 3 minutes. I’m at a point where some of the crafting takes several days, trust me, you can wait a few minutes.

-don’t use them to buy honey or fish nets. They are just absolutely not worth the amount of tickets they cost. If you’re looking for a rare bug or fish you will most likely find it if you just look around for a while. I generally leave an area and come back until I find what I’m looking for.

-don’t use them on the quarry. just don’t. not worth it and you can use the quarry by requesting that friends help you.

-you are probably fine using them on calling cards or request tickets though because these things will help you complete more villager requests which help you level up and gain back tickets anyway.

-save your tickets for things like special furniture (some furniture gives you characters like KK and Tom nook) or special paint for your RV. These things cost a shitton of tickets and you will never save up enough if you spend them on other things.

Next, bells aren’t as important so you can be a lot more lax with them but you should still try to be smart with them.

-remember that you can craft stuff any time you want, but things like specific clothes and furniture from nooklings are only going to be available at certain times. You don’t want to go shopping and find a shirt you love only to find that you’re out of bells. I usually try to have at least 3000 bells on me at all times just in case.

-don’t try to repay your ok motors loans all at once, the expansions don’t really even give you that much more room so it’s better to just hang on to your bells until you have a whole lot to spend.

-if you need to, sell your extra request items as cheaply as possible in your market box. They’ll most likely sell quickly and you’ll still get more money than just instant selling them. don’t try to sell them for more than the cheapest amount or no one will buy them.

-don’t list extremely rare fish or bugs in your market box, they will not sell (way too expensive for something you don’t need often) and you can’t get them back. hold on to them or instant sell them for fast cash.

And here are some misc things…

-do not sell your crafting materials. It is not worth it to sell them and you will be mad and frustrated when you go to make an amenity and don’t have enough materials. Only sell your materials if you don’t have space for them.

-Try to keep your request items stocked up. It makes it much easier to complete requests quickly. I try to keep at least 5 of each fish, bug, etc. on me just in case.

-make as many friends as possible! add people who are hanging out at campsites or look around on tumblr for people who have posted their friend ids! unfortunately you can’t actually play with them but they can help you with the quarry and timed goals and buy stuff in your market box.

-make sure to talk to the animals at your campsite often, they “refresh” (become able to level up friendship and give you items) more often than other campers

and last but not least, very important:

-don’t try to play it like a regular video game. pocket camp is an app and is meant to be checked a few times a day. if you play it expecting to be able to play it constantly like a real video game you will probably give in and end up spending a bunch of real life money just to keep playing.

One thing about chronic illnesses that people really don’t seem to understand is that rest doesn’t make it better, at best it can slow down how bad you feel at that time or help it feel a bit more bearable but it’ll get worse if it wants to whether you’re resting or not

Sometimes you’ll be forced to rest because you can’t do anything else, but that doesn’t mean resting makes it better. When you’re chronically ill, you don’t get better, and rest definitely doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy

If your whole body hurts and it’s painful to move then you have to rest but it’s horrible doing that the whole time, I know you’re supposed to rest when you’re sick but actually a lot of spoonies I’ve talked to hate it and would love to be able to be more active but we can’t - the last thing we want to do is spend more time at home in bed on our own

Resting doesn’t make anything better for me, it just helps to stop it being worse - everything can still hurt if I don’t do anything and I’d be happier if I could go out, even if that would hurt much more


Hypothetical Handplates scenario in which Sans realizes he can teach himself Common.

(Ugh, tumblr is making them blurry for some reason so I guess full-view if you want the not-blurry version??)

Convoluted explanation incoming. Handplates is an Undertale fancomic by @zarla-s and if you like Papyrus and Sans, go read it, is good stuff. So I guess this is an AU fancomic of an AU fancomic? I dunno, the idea wouldn’t leave my brain until I did something with it. So. Zarla did a Christmas doodle where Gaster gave the boys a box of ginger cookies that had the word COOKIES on the side in big letters, and because my job gives me way too much time to think about random stuff, I realized something.

In Handplates, Gaster taught the bros to read and write Wingdings but deliberately did not teach them monster Common (ie: English) so they can’t read his nametag or anything. Thing is, Wingdings is a 1:1 substitution cipher for English. Every Wingdings symbol exactly equals an English letter; it’s not a different language, just a different set of pictures. As somebody who has taught herself a fair number of substitution ciphers, there are a few things you look for when you’re trying to translate a code and you don’t have a key in front of you. Most notably, single-letter words (in English they will usually be A or I) or double letters next to each other. Like the OO in “COOKIES”.

Sans is smart. Gaster has fed them junk food before and odds are good Sans knows how to spell “COOKIES”. The word is on the box in huge letters and Gaster just said it out loud, so it is fresh in Sans’ mind. That double-O is a huge tip-off. He would put it together that the word on the front of the box matches what’s inside. Once you figure out a few of the letters, it becomes steadily easier to decode the rest.

I feel like Gaster exposes the boys to enough Common (the nametag, food wrappers, computer monitors, the books Sans sits on) that Sans could pick it up with a proper starting point. Papyrus probably not, because he had a hard enough time with Wingdings, but Sans is eager for any opportunity to undermine Gaster and I’m sure he’d jump at the chance. In this comic he elects not to tell Papyrus, though. He doesn’t know Gaster has cameras in the cell (or even what a camera is) but he’s figured out that Gaster can spy on them somehow, and the last time Gaster caught them learning something he didn’t like, Papyrus got the ever-loving hell beat out of him. So Sans keeps quiet about it for now. And thus starts the long-standing tradition of keeping important secrets from his brother.

On the technical side, it took me a freakin’ week to sketch and outline this whole thing. Coloring and shading only took me like a day. In the meantime Zarla actually kinda addressed the cookie comic, but this was almost done by then so oh well. I’m finding my poses and proportions turn out a LOT better when I’m doodling skeletons, like what, drawing basic anatomy will make you better at anatomy, you don’t say?? A lot of this was a self-challenge to see if I could imitate Zarla’s art style, and I referenced previous Handplates comics a lot for the backgrounds and Sans’ face. Full disclosure: Gaster’s pose up there is basically copied from Zarla’s original comic because I was rushing through to get on to the actual meat of the story. He’s just here for setup. I had fun trying to figure out how to do his Lost Soul head though. Also, I hate Papyrus’ face from the front. Also also, it was tricky trying to convey “mentally translating an unknown alphabet into a known one” when pretty much everyone who sees this comic is already familiar with the “unknown” one and not the “known” one, but I think I pulled it off. 

TL;DR- I imitated somebody else’s style to do an AU of an AU; I am not Zarla; Zarla is the creator of Handplates and also Gaster’s pose in the first panel; I like ciphers too much and also I gave the cookies icing because that is the only kind of ginger cookie I know.

  • you: why do you even still like rwby?
  • me internally: because it was a huge special interest of mine when it came out, practically saved my life at one point if I'm entirely honest like yea I know it has plenty lot of problems like one of the writers can't take any sort of commentary or Jaune being too much of a focus but still I find the characters super endearing and love the designs a whole lot really I just keep hoping that it'll get better and in little ways it has despite the ways it's weak
  • me externally: sniper....scythe....go fast

Thoughts about justice league

-I loved it. I know it got bad reviews and I didn’t like Batman v superman that much, but justice league was much more light hearted and fun.

-adored adored adored Barry Allen and Ezra Miller has so much charm and buoyancy that he made the whole movie ten times better

-gal gadot even though she was once again outshined by her fellows because she spent a lot of time uselsssly hacking at things with her sword was absolutely lovely. Adored her performance and role in the story. Just wish she had some more awesome solo moments.

-Steve Trevor mentions made me emotional. Thank god he wasn’t forgotten.

-Bruce getting pushed back and fucking Barry going like “if she kills you, we’ll cover for her.” Brilliant.

-Aquaman, holy fuck

-all that female fanservice. Why is super man shirtless? Why not?

-Lois Lane is lovely as always.

-goddamn I liked cyborg’s tech.

-Barry trying to get a fist bump.

-Bruce wayne is definitely bleeding.


-“at least someone around here has a date.”

-the demon bugs were…kind of an uninspiring mook type but they were alright

-my eyes sort of glazed over for some of the action sequences but I found them visually appealing so it was ok

-the flash’s super speed was cool. Not quite as cool as quicksilver’s, but fairly cool

-“put the word out in the fish community”

-aquaman giving a dramatic speech only to realize he’s sitting on the lasso of truth.

-my biggest criticism tho is vital…

-where is the invisible jet? Is it in the movie? Did I miss it? Did anyone see it?

you are so much happier without me which makes me think the whole world would be a lot better off if i just disappeared

Mobile Masterlist

Dean x Reader Series

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Hold On, I’m Coming (Firefighter!Dean AU): Masterlist Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 (Conclusion) Sequel: Part 1 - Part 2

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Sleep Without You  

Mistaken Identity

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Enemies to Lovers:

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Jikook Fic Rec!

Okay so this is a long time coming, I’ve been slowly collecting a bunch of Jikook fics so I could share my favorites. This is going to be a long ass post so beware. (There might not be a lot of strictly fluff stuff in here because who are we kidding? I’m a sin.) Also I’m half asleep while typing this so sorry for any mistakes, Sorry if I didn’t explain them well enough, I got tired. 

One Shots

Slitherpuff relationships are the best  : 

okay this is a series of three one shots and can I just say that it melted my heart? I love Harry Potter au so much, and this one is all fluffy and cute. Basically Jimin is a Hufflepuff and he’s Jungkook’s number one fan. Jungkook is the seeker for the Slytherin quiditch team. If you’re a soft this is your kind of fic, if you’re not a soft stan you’ll enjoy it anyway. 

When You Loved Me

I don’t really want to explain this one shot because it’s something that’s a whole lot better when going in blind. I will tell you that it’s angsty as fuck, and if you hate crying DO NOT read this one. But all of that aside I think everyone should at least try to read this because it really is absolute art. To this day, this is one of THE BEST one shots I’ve ever read in my life. 

home :

This is a really short One shot but I thought it was really sweet. It’s a lot of cuddling and some of that semi-in-denial-about-his-love-for-Jimin-Jungkook that we all love. 

You Read Me Like a Book :

Man oh Man I love this one shot. What is better than a short Jimin who is having trouble reaching for his book and a tall handsome Jungkook who is more than happy to help him with it? Nothing I really don’t think there is. This is fluff fluff fluffy so enjoy. 

Expensive Lips :

This is fucking DARLING. I really enjoyed this one. Basically Jungkook is sent to Sephora by his cousin(I think it’s his cousin), Jimin helps a clueless Jungkook out, and Jungkook becomes infatuated. There is also some quality smut at the end for you pervs ;)

Him :

Holy macaroni what a one shot. It features everything I love, photography major Jungkook, dance major Jimin, a fucking thick ass plot. If you haven’t read this first of all, Why? and secondly DO IT NOW. Jungkook is looking for a muse and he just so happens to meet a certain Park Jimin at his friend Hoseok’s dance recital. 

Park Jimin: Achievement of Desire :

I actually forgot about this one till I saw it in my bookmarks. It’s really sweet and the idea is so unique. Jungkook writes a book about how he fell in love with Jimin, there’s fluff and smut at the end because I know that’s what you are here for. 

Purr :

I love this with all my heart, seriously so so good. Jungkook thinks Jimin makes kitten sounds during sex so he gives him a cute little nickname. Except it’s not all fun and games when he accidentally slips up in public. READ THIS.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re my Teeny Weeny Meenie) :

Okay so this one is hazy, I can’t exactly remember if I liked it or not. BUT! It did seem interesting enough when I skimmed through. It’s social media au. Jimin is a workout channel on YouTube and Jungkook makes dance videos. 

Starstruck :

Yeah so this is complete and utter filth. Jungkook is an idol, Jimin is on his staff, he ends up in Jungkook’s hotel room and they fuck. Plot wise it’s not the best but you know porn, it’s all about the sex… 

Phase One :

Filth once again. Jungkook is a dog hybrid and Jimin is his owner/boyfriend. You know the drill, Jungkook has a rut and they fuck a lot. I honestly hate myself for enjoying these kinds of stories. 

teeth over skin :

I don’t have an excuse for this one… Jungkook was Jimin’s “imaginary” best friend. Jungkook comes back years later to claim what’s his. This one is real kinky so you might not want to read it if shit like that bothers you. They have sex multiple times, the other members are involved a few times in a dream Jimin has… yeah it’s filth so enjoy. 

Like The Tide :

THIS ONE SHOT. It’s not all the way there in writing skill, but it is raw and super enjoyable. The shit head Jungkook AND Jimin is real, the fluff is real, the smut is pretty good. There is also side Yoonjoon or Namgi? Wth is Yoongi and Nomjoon’s ship name? 

Hook :

MY GOD. This is a series of eight one shots. I adore this to death, it’s so well written. The fluff is real, domestic Jikook is real, the sex is hot. Please read this that’s all I have to say. 

baby i like your style :

THIS IS SMUT!!! Camboy au, Jimin is a camboy… he meets Jungkook. They fuck. yeah… read the actual description because I’m not explaining this well. 

Stop Playing “Hard” to Get :

This is actually hilarious. A soulmate au in which everyone has something unique happen to them when they are near their soulmate. Jimin finds out that when he gets close to his mysterious soul mate he gets a boner. You can already guess that there is smut, but there is also a nice plot and some fluff too. 

your things next to mine :

This is a series of two one shots. Jikook are living together and this is basically just their domestic sex lives. It’s sexy and fluffy and I love it. 

Body Heat :

At this point there are so many of these I don’t know what to write anymore. Jungkook is a warrior who is freezing in the mountains. Jimin is a fire mage who takes him in. I don’t remember what happens but there is smut. 

What If? :

This shit got me in the feels. It takes place after they record WDTA and I just… Read it. Also there is smut so there’s that. Well it’s cute smut 

Damn okay that’s the end of the one shots, I really wasn’t expecting for there to be that many. Now time for the good shit, the chaptered fics. 

Chaptered fics: 

Riptide :

This is an 18 chapter fic. Jungkook is a trainee in Seoul where he meets Jimin. This is so fucking soft I can’t. There is angst but not so much that it’s unbearable. If you are a fanfic enthusiast I’m sure you’ve read this one before. 

Just Breath :

What is it with me and fics where Jungkook is a photography major and Jimin is a dance major or vise versa? I don’t know but I live for this shit. Jungkook see’s Jimin dancing one day and becomes infatuated. He needs to photograph based on a theme. That just so happens to be Jimin’s beauty. (14 chapters)

The Park Sibling :

OH MY, I’ve read this one twice if that tells you anything about it. Jungkook is new to school and he befriends Park JiHyun. They end up hanging out at Jihyun’s house a lot, and maybe it’s because Jungkook has developed a little bit of a crush on his brother Jimin. This shit is good, there’s smut, and fluff, and angst, and GOD I just love it. (9 chapters)

Butterfly :

FUCK, this fic is SO GOOD. I really can’t describe this because it’s something that you just have to read but damn if it doesn’t get me in the feels just by looking at the title. I do want to say that there are heavy mentions of past sexual abuse and past sex slavery. The angst in this is also pretty heavy. This is so fucking good though so please don’t pass on it. (35 chapters)

Sugar Daddy :

Don’t judge me for this one. It is really good though. Basically Jungkook loves shopping but he’s broke and he jokingly goes on a sugar daddy website. Long story short his super hot, way too young, professor happens to be looking for a sugar baby. There is smut in this, and it’s really good. (12 chapters)

Surviving Jeon Jungkook :

This is so fucking cute. Jimin is a sweet little angel who gets sat next to Jeon Jungkook, someone everyone is afraid of. Despite his reputation, Jimin finds it hard not to fall for Jungkook. (2 chapters) 

Wish You Were Here :

Have I ever said that there should be more online relationship AUs? Because there should be. Jungkook and Jimin meet on a dating app (booty call app) when Jimin is visiting America. Unfortunately Jimin has to go back to Korea before they can meet in person. This doesn’t stop them from developing a relationship over text. This has smut and fluff and basically everything I love. (7 chapters)

The Bet :

Okay if you haven’t read this where have you been?? But in all seriousness this fic is a classic. Jungkook and Taehyung make a bet that Jungkook would/wouldn’t be able to get into Jimin’s pants (who is notoriously single) by the end of the semester. There is slight angst and lots of fluff, also pinning. Jeonlous makes an appearance as well. READ IT. (11 Chapters)

Relax, Don’t Do It :

It’s been so long since I read this, but it’s still really good. Basically Jungkook loves to party and one day he goes too far and decides he will quit sex and partying, but then he meets Jimin. There is smut in this, there is some fluff. An overall great read. (4 chapters) 

More Than Your Body :

Yes I know, yet another fic where Jungkook is a film/photography major and wants to shoot Jimin for his project I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. No but seriously this is so sweet and cute and just ugh. Read it, appreciate my weird fixation with this AU thank you  (5 chapters) 

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile For Me :

Fuck Ragi for being such a great writer seriously. Okay this is one of my favorites. Jimin is broken and his life sucks, but he finds hope in Jeon Jungkook’s music, it’s the only thing that keeps him alive. There are mentions of child abuse in this as well as mental trauma. The angst real and I kinda love it. READ THIS NOW! (27 chapters) 

Run Into Sin :

This is defiantly a high recommendation. Jungkook and Jimin are roommates though they aren’t that close. They are struggling with rent big time, until Jungkook finds an ad for a homemade porn contest that pays quite a bit of money. If you couldn’t tell already there is some juicy as fuck smut in this one. There is also fluff and angst. It’s really good, really fucking good. (6 Chapters) 

Thirst :

Okay this is a vampire AU and hot damn! It takes place in canon, except for the obvious fact that Jungkook is a vampire. The only one who knows about his secret is management and their leader Namjoon. Jungkook is good at taking care of himself and functions normally, but there is something about Jimin’s scent that absolutely drives him insane. This shit is so good. (3 Chapters) 

After Hours :

There isn’t much to say about this except that it’s a fluffy af coffee shop au. Jimin is a barista and his best friend Tae always visits to see Jimin’s boss Yoongi. Jungkook tags along one day and meets Jimin, things ensue. I don’t remember much about this one, but I did enjoy it. (17 chapters)

See Through (If You Will) :

Okay hear me out for this one. I absolutely hate Mpreg fics, like with a passion. But, I read this and I actually really enjoyed it. If you ever saw the movie Juno it gives off that kind of vibe. Basically Jungkook and Jimin get frisky while hanging out (as friends) and then Jungkook gets pregnant. There is a very small amount of angst. Trust me I was reluctant too, but I was happily surprised by what I read so I guess don’t knock it till you try it. (2 chapters)

Dream Maker :

Oh boy here we go. If you know Jikook fan fiction you know this fic right here. This has got to be my all time favorite. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD. I have seriously read this three times which is a lot for a fan fiction. This is seriously one of the best fics I’ve ever read and I can’t begin to describe how I feel about it. It focuses on Jimin and Jungkook living in a shit apartment, but getting through it with just the pure love they have for each other. God it’s so pretty and fluffy and there is this amazing dynamic between the two. There is also super domestic smut in here which I live for. READ THIS! (12 chapters)

Rubies for a King :

Okay YES. I didn’t even know that dragon AUs where a thing?? But I read this and it’s my new favorite thing. Lot’s of fluff and cuteness. There is smut too of course. (2 chapters) 

Picture (Not) Perfect :

Should I even describe this one? I’m now realising the extent of my issues. Jungkook is (guess what) a photography major and he’s shooting who for a project?! you guessed it DANCER JIMIN! I have serious issues. This one is a little different though, because Jungkook actually hates Jimin! wow angst! anyway this is actually good so you should read it. And I should find help for my problem. (12 chapters) 

Perfect Square :

YES YES YES! Domestic jikook for the fucking win. This is seriously just a bunch of domestic stories about Jikook living together. it’s so cute I want to cry. READ THIS (3 chapters) 

Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin :

Well Jimin presents as an omega which he really did not want. He didn’t have any omegas to give him advice so he has to go through this journey with no instruction. Honestly Jimin is super salty in this fic but it’s still good. Jungkook is an Alpha. ABO dynamics. (6 chapters) 

I got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows :

I’m actually ashamed that this had made the list, and that I actually read this. Basically Jungkook discovers his pain kink… I’ll leave this here, moving on. (3 chapters) 

The Light Between Oceans :

DUDE, read this right now. basically Jimin is a fisherman who catches the eye of pirate captain Yoongi. When he is kidnapped and forced onto their crew, Jungkook is the only one that is nice to him. They form an attachment to each other. THIS IS GOOD. angst and fluff and smut. (7 chapters) 

Officially yours :

Okay I really don’t remember reading this but it was on my list so… the description sounds good so go check it out! Office au. (16 chapters) 

Pink Lemonades, Tattoos, and I love yous :

All I have to say is READ THIS. Good God please read this. There is lots of angst at some points but it’s so satisfying. Jimin is visiting his grandmother for the summer and her friends grandson is a complete asshole (nice going Jeon). Jimin hangs out with him anyway though becuase he doesn’t have any other friends. The character development in this is top notch. (25 chapters) 

Switch It :

My God this is such a good fic. It’s not finished though! I know I know I hate uncompleted fics but this is too good to pass up. I love fuck buddy AU so much. This is sexy and domestic and angsty and literally everything a good fic should be. all I have to say is READ THIS! (13/? chapters) 

On Patrol :

I think you all knew this would be on here. Once again fuck Ragi for being such a good writer. Do I really need to explain this one? Amazing Police officer AU. So many ships! So really it’s not only Jikook. Taehyung is Namjoon’s kid which is fucking adorable. There is angst and fluff and beauty everywhere. READ IT! (22 chapters) 

When God Blinks :

I honestly don’t remember much about this fic other than I liked it a lot. So go explore, see for yourself if you think it’s good. (12 chapters) 

I know I Can’t Have Him (But I Want Him Anyways) :

This is literary porn. Jimin is a sex addict, he fucks Taehyung in his car sometimes. He gets Jungkook to tutor him and he gets turned on so easily by everything Jungkook does. But Jungkook is a little virgin baby bean so Jimin has to real himself in. (4 chapters) 

Hold on to me, please :

Jungkook is a cute as fuck bunny hybrid that is shy and shorter than Jimin. Jimin finds him alone and scared and takes him in. Honestly the angst in this frustrated me a bit, but it’s still such a good fic. Also I’ve never read cuter smut than this so… (25 chapters) 

Be My First, Be My Last :

This fic right here has a special place in my heart. This was the first jikook fan fiction I ever read. I couldn’t leave it off this list. Jikook are neighbors, Jimin is a kindergarten teacher and his ex boyfriend Yoongi broke up with him right after Jimin had proposed. READ IT. I also just realized it’s a oneshot!? Anyway, it’s still good. (One chapter) 

Alright well that’s it for this jikook fic rec. Hopefully some of these appeal to you, and I’ve introduced good fics to people who have never read them :)

My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 1)

Originally posted by rayna-tw

Summary: When the reader moves up to Vancouver for her new writing job, she never realized who her neighbor would end up being…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language, sibling issues

A/N: Not sure where this really came from (I’d love a big brother like Jared irl) but I was feeling the flangst today…

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Something To Prove

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Fandom: MCU ; Spiderman (2017)
Warnings: /

Summary: When Happy isn’t available, you have to pick up Peter from school for a mission. Your dad’s orders.

A/N: I told you, didn’t I? Just a fluffly little thing. (also, I love the idea of a reader, who is tony’s daughter and dating peter. my kink, tbh haha) (added Peter to my fandoms page)


A school’s gym. A place that stinks of sweat and stinky socks and one, where boys always had to cover up their erections when they saw their hot classmates in shorts that barely covered their asses. 

Not your favorite place in the world.

But thankfully enough, this would only be a short visit.

Being the daughter of Tony Stark had always been beneficial. For one, private teachers. And no gym classes. For that, you had enough Avengers who decided to be your personal trainer. Which wasn’t fun either, but better than this.

No, you were here today, because you had to pick up Peter from school for a mission.

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Filipina-British-American Immigrant

Hey everyone! I’ve been following this tumblr for a while and I love it. Not only has it addressed problematic representations of Asian people in the past, I have also learned a lot on portraying other non-Asian people of colour. I’m currently working on an alternate universe-dystopian novel where the Cold War turned “hot” but with people of colour as the main characters. I have come across novels that portray this, but it’s often from a white person’s perspective.

While I am fully Filipina by blood, I identify as a Fil-Brit-Am: born in the Philippines, lived in England for 12 years and currently live in America. Below is what I have experienced and/or observed.

Beauty Standards

Just like what some people have said on here, whiter = more attractive. In the Philippines, walk into any beauty store and you’ll instantly see tons of skin-whitening products. With women, pale skin was a beauty staple; with men, being handsome meant being “tall and dark”, but not “too dark”. In England, it was such a double standard. I went to a mainly white secondary/high school where for white girls, it was attractive to have tanned skin (the more tan = more attractive) while girls of colour were seen as the opposite. In America, you were “exotic” (my situation) or shamed.

Daily Struggles/Culture

Oh man. Balancing conservative Filipino values with those of the less conservative English was a struggle, especially going through puberty. While it was normal for my friends to hang out in the park after school everyday, date who they wanted and just get home before it was dark, my parents gave me a strict curfew (always way earlier than when my friends would go home) and pressured me to not date until finishing college. Back then, I resented my parents for what I saw as my lack of freedom. Looking back now, I understand why. We lived in a neighbourhood where crime was relatively high and during the time, it was also where a surge of immigrants from East Asia flowed into the UK. As you can imagine, our presence wasn’t welcomed. My parents were simply trying to protect me.

Dating and Relationships

For a lot of immigrants, education was THE way to progress to a more secure future. During my teenage years, my parents emphasized this with the whole “no dating until you finish college and have at least some form of a stable job”. They mellowed out after some time. In some talks with my mother, she said that my dad and her would prefer me to marry a Filipino because they would have a better understanding of our culture. However, if he is a good man, loving etc, the race wouldn’t matter. 


In England, I discovered staples such as the “English breakfast”, cake with custard, scones, fish and chips, Indian curry while keeping to Filipino dishes at home (adobo, pancit anyone?). Even though I had the option to bring lunch to school, I decided to have meals from the cafeteria. Whether that was from a moment of other children thinking my lunch food was weird or I feared of being seen as different, I can’t remember. In America (with more diverse communities anyway), they’re more open to food of other cultures.

History Repeating in the Workplace

Philippines - you’ve guessed it: colonialism. From beauty standards to power, whiteness is seen as the best. Just like another poster has said, it makes me sad that Filipino culture has been eradicated through the ages and that I never got to experience it.

England and America - Having benefited from colonialism, there is a lot of colonial mentality (though subtle). From stories I’ve been told from my parents and their generation, this is common in workplaces. White people are fine working with people of colour until they hear that a person of colour is applying to be their manager. Then they suddenly have a problem (with the whole mentality of “people of colour can’t be leaders” crap). 

Identity Issues

With three cultures part of my identity, I never really knew what my identity was or even how to identify myself. I always had the feeling of “belonging everywhere and nowhere” at the same time. it was only until last year that I discovered a term for it: third culture kid (or fourth for me I guess). Third culture kids are people who have developed multiple cultures from having lived in multiple places: one from their parents’ culture, one they grew up in and the third being a combination of the two. It has helped me with my depression, as it stemmed from the fact that I had no label to call myself while everybody else seemed to. If you are like me, I would suggest the book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by Ruth E. Van Reken and David C. Pollock. It helped me a lot.


In England, discrimination was more towards the Asian community (in particular, the Muslim community despite living there for a long time). In secondary school (high school), I had the typical comments of “chink” and talking to me in a mocking Chinese accent. I remember one time when a guy asked me where I was from - I answered “Philippines” and he immediately said, “so basically Japan?” *rolls eyes* 

As I was raised Catholic, the family went to church every Sunday. After some time, due to some pressure from my mother, I became an altar server. We became pretty close to the church community. What I didn’t remember is when we first attended mass, (as my parents told me later) they had openly looked at us with disgust. This shocked me as I couldn’t imagine the church goers being so mean. Talk about “loving your neighbour”. Makes me wonder what would have happened if I didn’t become an altar server…

Things I’d like to see less of

- Asian women being portrayed as submissive, shy, petite or as the Dragon Lady

- Asian women only being seen as scientists (with the whole smart, nerdy Asian trope). What about writers? Mechanics? Musicians? Leaders even?! One of my characters is an Asian woman who is an investigative journalist.

Thing’s I’d like to see more of 

- Asian people being friends with or at least, being respectful towards non-Asian people of colour (in particular, black people). It’s my hope that my generation and the ones after ours will bridge that gap.

- That writers of colour get more representation. 

I look forward to learning more from y'all!!

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Georgia Gal

Pairing: Bones x (Southern!)Reader

Word Count: 1914

Warnings: Some swearing, general bar creeps

A/N: Not my first fic ever but my first Bones fic! Very loosely inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” (maybe if you squint?). Let me know what you guys think!! 

You weren’t quite sure how you kept ending up in this situation - settled in alone a noisy bar with your friends long gone and tongue deep in strangers by now.

“I need to find better friends,” you muttered to yourself as you knocked back what was left of your drink.

“Well, then it’s lucky I’m here” came a cocky voice from your right.

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Last Christmas

Summary: Tom and Y/N haven’t seen or talked to each other since last Christmas and no one knows why.

AN: i’ve been lagging on my fics too so i decided to stop the christmas celebration schedule and just post what i can when i can hope you guys understand :) 

Italics = flashbacks

Tom Holland x Reader 

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by tomshollandss

“Harrison, I don’t know…”

“Please, Y/N? Please come to the party. We’ve been doing this for years you can’t back out now.” Harrison pleaded.

“But…” I hesitated.

“I know. He’s going to be there but you don’t even have to talk to him.”

“It’s just going to hard to see him, okay? Y-you don’t get it.” My voice faltered.

“Look, I don’t know what went down between you and Tom last Christmas and I won’t ask, that’s between the two of you. But you are my best friend just as much as he is and I want you there. We haven’t seen each other in months and this is the only time we can all see each other.” My best friend lectured me.

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7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Jimin Version

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Pro tip: when going to hide inside of a closet, make sure to bring a comfy blanket or sheet to lay on, because god damn the floor is so hard and rough. You weren’t just sitting inside your best friend, Jimin’s, closet for fun. Just a few minutes ago, you were in his living room, battling him out in the tie-breaker round of Mario Kart. Your character, Daisy, was currently beating his Luigi racer. Of course you had to keep your focus, because even though you had an immense lead over him he could easily acquire a blue shell and pass you up, taking 1st place for himself. You tried striking up conversation with Jimin, trying to distract him from his racing so you could get a farther lead ahead of him.

“Jimin, how come Luigi and Daisy don’t have an in-depth love story like Mario and Peach do? Don’t you think they deserve to have the same recognition for their love too?”

“Stop it Y/N. I know what you’re trying to do, but its not gonna work this time.” Jimin teased, nudging his shoulder against yours as he stuck his tongue out in concentration.

“I’m dead serious, Jiminie. They deserve just as much as Mario and Peach do!” you protested, nudging him back while your Daisy threw a banana peal behind her. Jimin this time gently kicked your thigh with his foot, jamming buttons on his controller as he fought to catch up.

“I don’t. If you and I were together, for example, I wouldn’t want the whole world to know every single thing about our love life like Mario and Peach. Its better to have a relationship like Daisy and Luigi, quieter, but still acknowledged and accepted.” he explained, activating his Bullet Bill and gaining a small lead over you. You cursed softly and kicked your feet in frustration.

“I’d want the world to know you’re mine, so that no one would try to take you from me. Because I really do like you Jimin, like a lot, and I’d want the world to know that.” you said quickly, so quickly that Jimin barely caught any of it. But he did. And his button smashing ceased as he looked down at your still playing figure.

“Y/N?” he asked in a soft voice. You paused the screen and looked up at his wide eyes. Your eyes mimicked his as the dawning realization of what you just said rained down on you, quickly throwing the controller at Jimin to distract him as you ran into his room and dived into his closet.

Now here you were, sitting with your knees close to your chest as embarrassment bubbled in your stomach and dreed filled your heart. You really blew it this time, didn’t you? What if your friendship is ruined now because of your accidental confession. You sighed, just as the door to the closet opened, looking up to see Jimin standing above you. He knelt down onto his knees, avoiding your gaze.

“Y/N… do you really like me?” he asked, his eyes soft and voice sweet. You couldn’t find the heart to speak, so you just nodded your head and hid your face in your knees, awaiting the rejection you knew was to come. But the words never came. Instead you felt Jimin grab your hand, and felt the soft brush of lips caressing your knuckles.

“Good, because I like you a lot too.”