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The Nature of Sacrifice

For my shamanism discord chat I wrote a post on inducing dreams and visions. As I prepared this post I realized that every technique I am familiar with to induce powerful dreams or visions involves sacrifice. As I wrote the post, I thought to myself, boy, I sure am glad this is on a private server and not Tumblr, simply for the reason that I was so glad people on that server would take me at face value about necessary sacrifice.

Many a time I have seen a good, traditional spell on Tumblr with appropriate levels of sacrifice, only to see someone reblog or reply with comments like, “replace the real money with fake so this spell doesn’t cost!” Or, “if you are a beginner, just try this person’s technique with a quarter of the effort!” I personally do not agree that magic is possible without sacrifice, and I want to explain my thoughts on that.

First I guess we should talk about what sacrifice actually is and why I think it is so necessary.

Sacrifice is dedication, commitment, and payment. Sacrifice can be represented through infinite acts. One example of sacrifice is Lent, a period of time when Catholics and Christians may choose to give up something that separates them from God, or that introduces sin in to their lives (my Anglican parent’s way of Lent; ymmv). Other examples of sacrifice are offerings to spirits, using real money in spells, and intense prayer, meditation, or fasting. When you make these actions with intent and communication with the Spirit World, powerful magic can happen.

In my opinion, however, a sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless it costs. My ancestors are loving and accept the cheapest incense in their honor. If, however, I wanted to ask my ancestors for a special gift – like a dream, vision, or ability – I would have to do better than Nag Champa. Suppose I have infinite money, and I can never spend enough to make any amount of money a true sacrifice – then I must turn to other methods. Intense prayer and meditation on your goals is an example of sacrifice that transcends physical offerings. Consider stories of mystics who stay in intense prayer for hours, days, weeks, or even months to receive visions from God.

So a sacrifice is something that costs, as payment for what you want to receive. Beyond that, it shows your seriousness and the magnitude of how far you are willing to go for what you want. If I light a cheap waxy candle and pray for forty-five seconds, I may expect a flash of intuition or if I’m lucky, a minor vision. Suppose though that I need mountains to move – is that fifty cent candle going to be enough to show the Spirits that I need this done? Or would it be better to offer the best of what I have – the best of my offerings, the best of my mind, the strongest of my intent, for as many hours and days as it takes until I see results?

I have never, ever seen personal results from magic without true sacrifice. Whether this be expending personal energy to charge candles, giving offerings, buying ingredients, petitioning Spirits, praying, treading the mill, meditation, whatever – something has to be paid in order to see results. You cannot get results from nothing. In witchcraft, consider the common admonition that for a job spell to work, you have to submit a resume. Some form of work and sacrifice must occur.

Not only is power generated upon sacrifice, but letting shit go gives room for the magic to manifest in your life. How can magic enter your life if it is full to the brim of things you are holding on to? Show the Spirit World you want change by release so that new things can enter your life. Letting go of your computer time to go submit a job resume, all the while overcoming anxieties and trials, is an example of powerful sacrifice.

I am not telling you to fast until you starve, stay awake until you hallucinate, spend your last dime, or put yourself in danger. I am just expressing my personal opinion that magic cannot occur without sacrifice, and the more magic you want, the more sacrifice needs to occur. Sacrifice can be done in a spiritually safe and personally healthy way. Set boundaries to ensure you stay safe. I do not fast as a spiritual offering because I have an eating disorder. NEVER “sacrifice” things you need such as reasonable amounts of nutrition or medications. Remember that while sacrifice may be painful, it does not need to be bad or damaging. Ending a toxic relationship as part of a love spell is a very powerful sacrifice.

Secrets - Moriarty Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 934

Warnings: None, I think.

A/N: I’m still utterly concerned about my Moriarty buuuuut I hope you guys like this.


Originally posted by imaginingsherlock

“(Y/N)!” Moriarty exclaimed as he stormed into the fancy flat he and his girlfriend, (Y/N), shared.

“What is it, Jim?” She asked as she walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where Jim was.

“I heard something and I really, really, really, really need you to tell me if they are lying or not.” Jim spoke, changing his voice in each word. He was nervous, trembling, trying to contain his fierce anger. “If they are lying, I will kill them. If not…”

“You don’t scare me anymore, Jim.” (Y/N) spoke, “Go on, and tell me.”

Jim took a deep breath. How would he ask her, the one and only, his muse, his enchantress, his whole wide world, the reason why he killed so consciously now, his reason not to explode with his victims if the rumours he had heard were true?

What if the rumours were true? On his way home he had decided to kill her, but now that she was standing in front of him, so beautiful and charming, he couldn’t imagine himself pulling the trigger; and hiring someone to do it would be vulgar. Definitely not the kind of death a goddess like her deserved.

If he wasn’t jealous, or impulsive… He used to think his only weakness was that he was extremely changeable, but then she arrived – and she was a weakness on her own – and showed him a world he hadn’t seen before. She had shown him so many flaws in his persona, but she had also showed him that they could be loved.

He didn’t want to believe the rumours, she was too good; a gift from the gods, as an attempt to make him a better man. She couldn’t be spoiled like that.

“People saw you having tea with Sherlock Holmes.” Moriarty finally spoke.

“Yes, and?” (Y/N) lifted her eyebrow.

“You’re not denying it.” Moriarty mumbled.

“Why would I deny something that is true? Unless of course it will drag you out of jail, there’s no need to lie.” (Y/N) replied.

“Why were you taking coffee with him? He is my archenemy!” Jim exclaimed, (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“You two are real drama queens.” She said, “It was a business coffee.”

“There is no such thing as business coffee!”

“Just like there is no such thing as Consultant Criminal!” She snapped back and Jim’s mouth fell into a big, gasped O.

“HOW DARE YOU?” He was about to cry, “I can’t deal with you right now, not after dishonouring the name of my profession!”

“For God’s sake, Jim!” She exclaimed, dragging him to sit on the nearest couch. “Allow me to explain.”

“Is there really anything to explain?” He inquired dramatically, “You are seeing Sherlock Holmes behind my back… That’s basically cheating!”

“Ugh, shut up and listen for once in your life!” She ordered and Jim obeyed. In spite of being a real anarchist, he would always obey to her because he was too enamoured to try and destroy her wild soul – which was what got him in the first place. “It’s business, just to keep him out of our way for the next nine months.”

“Right, because we have something more important than crime in the next nine months!” Jim fumed, getting up from the couch.

“We do.” She said, pushing him back to sit.

“No we don’t.” Jim argued, getting up again.

“YES, we do.” She insisted, sitting him again.

“NO, we don’t.” Jim continued and got up again.

“Jim, honestly, haven’t you noticed something off about me?” He huffed.

“Except for your adventures with Sherlock, no.” He replied.

“That is exactly why you aren’t a detective.” (Y/N) snapped angrily.

“Right, because you are into detectives now.” Jim rolled his eyes.

“No, because I’m pregnant and your foolish head can’t see it!” Jim’s eyes widened.

“A… You’re…” (Y/N) nodded effusively.

“Yes, I’m pregnant and it’s yours.” She said before Jim could suggest that it was Sherlock’s.

“A criminal baby then!” Jim cheered, “I… I will teach him everything I know!”

“Or her.”

“Better if it’s a her, women tend to be better criminals.” Jim muttered, “Imagine the possibilities!”

“I would love to keep the baby away from jail until he or she can make their own decisions, if you don’t mind.” Jim laughed loudly.

“Yes, anything you want my lovely muse!” Jim left a rough kiss on her lips before carrying her over his shoulders and to the bedroom. “Now rest, my love,” he chanted, “this baby must grow like the super human he or she is.”

“Jim!” She giggled as he set her carefully over the silky sheets.

“I shall be your slave now, my dear,” he continued, “whatever you wish for will be granted.”

“You were already my slave, Jim.” She mentioned, and Jim’s sudden poetic outburst stopped, being replaced by a cheeky, yet shy, grin.

“For you, I would even stop being a criminal… But please, don’t ask for that, you know how much I enjoy it.”

“Wouldn’t dare to.” She winked, and Jim jumped in on the bed, crawling to be right by her side.

Maybe a child of the Napoleon of Crime himself wasn’t a good idea, or maybe it was. Jim would change so much in those nine months, and even more as the kid grew up. Maybe it was for the better. Whatever it was, (Y/N) was happy to see how supportive and excited Jim was about the whole situation. Contrary to the common belief, Jim Moriarty was a lover, and he was ready to give all of his love to (Y/N) and the baby.

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Bad Night - Installment 1

This is an AU with a different timeline. Veronica and Betty are best friends with Veronica dating Archie after Betty was the one to confess she never had feelings for Archie beyond friendship. Jughead just recently reestablished his friendship with Archie and is receiving the full Archie Andrews treatment. Jughead’s dad isn’t in jail because in this universe, Cheryl Blossom’s brother wasn’t murdered but he did run away.

​Authors Note:

​Jughead and Betty’s relationship in Riverdale made me weep with joy and I wanted to experiment with a new situation. This is the first installment and I hope you all like it!

The night was crisp and cloudy and smelt of dead leaves. One of Riverdale’s only bars was packed and dirty, reeking of beer and regret. It wasn’t helpful that I was standing in solitude, holding a pitcher, while waiting for Archie to return from the bathroom. As people pushed up against me, I’d shift violently to my right and then to my left, beer spilling out from the top of the container. I didn’t normally drink, in fact, before this night, I’d never been drunk, but endless prodding from an overly excited Archie Andrews convinced me otherwise. I felt it in my head; the sweet sensation of euphoria that was the continuous death of my brain cells as I took another sip of beer from the plastic cup in my other hand. I liked it, and that worried me.

​“See any potential?” I was nudged from the back, a little too forcefully that I had to put a foot forward to stop myself from falling.

​“Ey’, took you long enough! What the hell? Did you jerk off in there too?” I shoved him back, laughing as he stumbled.

​“Awe, shut it.” He laughed and regained his balance. He started to look around. “Seriously. Anything?” His words blended in to one another, making it hard for an alcohol soaked mind to tell when one word ended and another began.

​“I don’t know. Should you be this watchful of other women? What would Veronica think?” I eyed him, trying to gage how far gone he was.

​ “Veronica is out of town with her mother and I am here as YOUR wingman. This isn’t for me, Juggy. Tonight is all about you.” He poked me on the shoulder and I shook my head, grinning. I may have been tipsy but I didn’t have as much courage as Archie was expecting me to. Had I known that reestablishing a friendship meant reestablishing my social life as well, I might have reconsidered.

​ “Here, its your turn to hold this.” I shoved the pitcher into his chest and he grabbed it, some beer trickling down his shirt. He was too drunk to notice and now the pitcher was half empty. He managed to find a cup and transferred the beer to its new container, taking a huge gulp. After watching him for some time, I resolved to only holding my drink for the rest of the night. I was feeling pretty good but messy drunk just wasn’t appealing to me.

​ “Hey, Archie!” I immediately recognized the voice coming from behind me and rolled my eyes, groaning. Shit.

​“Oh! Hey, Reggie!” Archie made double guns with his hands and walked past me towards the voice. I could hear the slapping of a bro hug and I didn’t dare turn around. Then my beanie was yanked off my head.

​ “What’s up, freak?” Reggie’s demanding voice boomed behind me and I sighed, turning around to face him. Great. The whole football team’s here too.

​“Hey, Reg.” I always knew what Reggie was about. I understood his intentions and was more than aware of the status of our relationship. Archie, on the other hand, with a hopeful heart of gold, only saw the best in people, even when it wasn’t there.

​“You know, you should really try life without this stupid hat. Maybe you’d actually get lucky for once.” Reggie held my beanie up in the air, as if he was expecting me to jump for it like a dog.

​ “That’s what I tell him, but he doesn’t listen to me.” Archie, again with the damn heart of gold. He’d understood Reggie’s comment to be a real friendly gift of advice, but I knew better. As oblivious as he was, he’d unintentionally saved me a hassle by grabbing my beanie out of Reggie’s hand and giving it back to me. “But he’s attached, and I couldn’t imagine Jughead without his signature beanie.”

​ “Thanks, Arch.” I took my beanie back and desperately placed it back on my head. It felt weird not having it on.

​“Alright, losers. Well, I’ll catch you later, Archie.” Reggie smacked Archie on the back, some weird male social indication of a friendly goodbye. To be expected, he didn’t even look my way as he left, his pack of steroid goons following him.

​“JUGHEAD.” Archie grabbed my shoulders and started violently shaking me, to which I instantly grew wide-eyed and yelled back at him.

​ “WHAT?!” I’d always loved Archie’s enthusiasm but sometimes when he got a little too excited, he was overbearing.

​“C’mon. You must see SOMEONE interesting.”

​“Look, Arch. My goal here isn’t –“ And that’s when she walked in. Betty Cooper, linked at the arms with Cheryl Blossom. Betty was the type of girl to care for someone who spat in her face, being why I wasn’t all too surprised to see her attending to Cheryl, despite their previous altercations I’d been witness to. Cheryl had been having a tough week, which wasn’t uncommon for her as she was pretty dramatic about every piece of information that came her way.

​“Jughead?” Archie waved a hand in front of my face. I realized I’d frozen mid sentence and probably looked crazy just staring into the distance.

​“Yeah.” I mumbled a response and Archie followed my line of sight to see what I was looking at. I’d never really spoke to Betty, just heard her and Archie in passing conversation, but every time I saw her my heart ached. I wouldn’t know what to call my feelings towards her because I didn’t understand them myself; all I knew was that the heart ache felt good.

​ She’d walked up to the bar, Cheryl trailing behind her like a whimpering puppy, probably manipulating Betty into doing her bidding. She ordered them drinks and they chatted, waiting for their beverages to arrive. I wondered what they could be talking about. I couldn’t imagine their conversations to be deep considering they had nothing in common.

​ “It’s Betty!” Archie found what I spied and was about to call her over. My heart started pumping faster to the point of discomfort but it wasn’t because of hers and mines potential conversation. My heart started pumping faster because Betty caught someone else’s eye as well, and that someone else was advancing towards her like a brute hunting prey. Reggie’s body language dripped with mal intent and I clenched my fists, filling with rage.

invertable  asked:

Hi Wayfaring! My sister is graduating from med school on Friday. She matched into a great family medicine residency. I'm super proud. Any thoughts on what would be a good semi-useful graduation gift for the starting intern?

Ooh I like this question! I’m a pretty practical person so most of my suggestions will be practical things, but things people appreciate nonetheless. I’m purposefully not putting any medical stuff here. Her life will be full of medicine. Get her something else. Her residency program will give her an allowance for books and coats and such, so don’t waste your $$ on those. 

K, here goes:

  1. Subscription or intro month to one of those services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh that sends you all the stuff to make a fancy meal once a month or something. Residents don’t cook right most of the time. 
  2. Massaaaaaahhhhge. Or Acupuncture. Whatever your flavor is. She will need a session to relax those tense muscles at some point in her intern year.
  3. Car wash coupons. Sounds lame, I know, but a friend gave them to me for Christmas one year and it was awesome because I NEVER paid to get my car washed before. A clean car makes you feel better about your life. 
  4. Get her car serviced. Oil change, new fluids, belts, whatever. She ain’t gone have time for it once she gets started in residency.
  5. Starbucks gift card. Because @cranquis and I are the only doctors in America who don’t drink coffee. 
  6. Coloring books. For real tho. They’re so relaxing. She’s going to need something to do during those times she’s stressed out and doesn’t want to use her brain.
  7. Birchbox subscription. Bacon of the month (I got that once for like 6 months and it was AMAZEBALLS). Doggy treats of the month. Wine of the month. Dollar shave club. Something of the month. It’s nice to get a fun package every month. And she will forget about it every month and be surprised every time she gets one. 
  8. Pay for a maid to come clean her apartment/house at some point in residency. Probably in January of intern year. January is the worst. 
  9. Houseplants. Everyone needs something alive in their house to brighten it up. Succulents, african violets, and kitchen herbs are easy to grow in a windowsill, easy to keep alive, and are usually pet-friendly too.
  10. A trash magazine subscription. She’s going to have to read a bunch of boring crap. Help her stay up to date on the things that really matter like who Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend is.
  11. A really good quality pillow and a face mask or blackout curtains. Night shifts are the worst. Help her sleep better. 
  12. Aromatherapy. Candles, spray, whatever. In calming scents. One of my friends used to spray her call room to help her de-stress on 30 hour shifts. It sounds weird, but if it makes it smell or seem a little more like home, it helps it suck a little less. 

Hope these ideas help! Medblrs, do y’all have any suggestions to add?


I just wanna say thank you to some of my tumblr mutuals! Y'all are so nice, even if some of us don’t talk very much! Thx for following and being my friend! Love u all!
(Note: these are the mutuals that I don’t talk to in other places, ex: real life or discord, so they’re Tumblr exclusive friends ;3)
The characters/sonas here belong to:
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Sastiel + first anniversary forgotten

(Is this a trope? It’s not one I’m familiar with, but I’ll run with it).

Sam wakes up before dawn, which isn’t entirely unusual.

Except today, he doesn’t pull on gym shorts and sneakers. He does sneak out to the corner of the garage that Cas never goes to, lifts the tarp and picks up the packages there.

Cas wasn’t in bed when he left, but that isn’t a surprise. He’s not anywhere near at hand, either, but Sam’s good at finding his angel.

He’s in the greenhouse, using a spray bottle to spritz the hanging plants. They’re looking pretty good, and Sam’s rather impressed.

“Hey, Cas,” he says.

“Hello, Sam,” Cas says, not turning. Sam tries not to be bothered by that. Cas doesn’t do social interaction like most humans do.

“Can you…come here a minute?”

Cas obediently does, and Sam puts the packages down on an empty surface.

“What’s this?”

Sam tries not to show his expression, tries to stay perfectly neutral. “Anniversary gifts. Oh, shit, did no one explain that to you? It’s, uh, pretty normal to get people gifts for big milestones. Like anniversaries. Actually, we have this whole system for it. The first anniversary is the paper anniversary, so…well, you’ll see.”

“What anniversary?” Cas asks. “I am aware you remember anniversaries of birth, but it is not yours and I don’t have one.”

Sam feels it like a slap to the face, but carefully doesn’t show it. “Our…anniversary,” he says. “As a couple.”

Cas just stares at him. “You celebrate this…every year?”

“Well…as long as the couple is together,” Sam says.

“The earth revolving around the sun is a meaningless amount of time to express your love.”

That one sentence makes Sam feel almost better. Cultural differences. He should have expected them. “If you think it’s stupid…”

Cas grabs his gifts. “I did not say that,” he protests. “In fact, you’ll show me every way to celebrate an anniversary. And I will find you gifts.”

“You don’t have to,” Sam says, softly.

“I’d like to.”

“My first gift could be…a kiss?” Sam tries.

Cas obliges. “That counts as a real gift?” He checks, pulling away.

“Absolutely,” Sam promises, before leaning in again.

Something New

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Seungri x Reader

Synopsis: You finally give in to Seungri’s suggestion of trying something new…

Warnings: Smut. Very, very NSFW and 18+. If you don’t want to read (or shouldn’t be reading) explicit content, please do not read this!. Also, there is ass play… lots and lots of it. You’ve been warned!

Author’s Note: I did this as a gift for @everybodykpops. Apparently she knows me better than I thought. lol She correctly guessed a quote of mine, posted by @chanyeolspout & I gifted her this “drabble” as a reward for guessing correctly. I hope you like it, dear! <3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


Seungri cleared his throat. “So, have you given any more thought to my… suggestion?”

You drew your brows together, even though you knew perfectly well what he was talking about. “What suggestion?”

He brushed his thumb along your cheek. “Come on, you know…”

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First of first: @pale-silver-comb HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

And please, let me to connect your birthday to new year, because I just had time one drawing.

So, I’d like to wish All My Tumblr Friends again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

For me this year was a real trainwreck, but I’ve to say You, my fellow Sterekers make it better to me. I’m glad you accept me, and I’m glad I had the chance to see behind some of your accounts, and saw those amazing people who you are. You’re amazing, guys, so this is a special thanks to you too.

So this is my gift to you, specially, Emma, and to all of you.

@nosetothewind94 @benaya-trash @scruffysterek @sterektrashbag @eternalsterek-broughttolife @sterekohtp @ivoriholmes @remushroozley @ryvetted4


Because finding an otp tag name or one-liner character quotes can be tricky, I’ve decided to collect a few badass ones for you to use. Under the cut you will find a list of #165+ lyrics from JOJO’s incredible album, MAD LOVE. that can be used for muse quotes, ship inspo, verse/otp names, etc. Enjoy and please like or reblog if you find this useful !!

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anyone else have really spiritual family members who tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you and that all of your hallucinations are real and they’re spirits and you’re “gifted” and like they’re probably trying to make you feel better but ????????? they’re making it so much worse ?????? because literally I depend on my personal labels/dx’s to feel safe and real and not crazy ?????? and it’s scary to hear that the things I’ve learned to believe a little bit aren’t true ???? does this make sense

anonymous asked:

Would you ever do a commission for drawing a real person? I thought it'd be cool to have an artist to draw a pic of me and my sister to give as a gift, is that something you would do? Love your comic btw, the way u draw people is the freaking cutest thing ever!!! Ty ❤️❤️❤️

Aw well thank you very much!

If you’d like to take a gander of my artwork outside of Peach Fuzz , please refer to me instagram, which is 

(Which is definitely more appropriate for a better variety of commission work)

And, as always, DM me with commission inquiries!

anonymous asked:

About Bnha last chapter, do you think that in the series universe may exist institutions and doctors (paid by the governement) that help persons with quirks that are harming to themselves or get in the way of them having a normal life. Like Shigaraki and Tabe (scarecrow look alike), both seem to have been born with quirks that are more like a curse than a gift (destroying everything you touch and having a never ending hunger) Something like the help that people with a disability receive.

My initial thought about them having services to help people with damaging quirks was “Well they better.” And I’m sure they have some of this, but if they do I feel like it’s woefully inadequate. In the real world, disability services are already absolutely inadequate. Do they exist? Yeah, but holy crap are they inadequate. Recently some of my coworkers were talking about disability aid for some reason and I brought up about how it was my understanding that people can’t posses more than a pathetic 2000 dollars in order to be eligible for aid (something I read here on tumblr). One of my coworkers had a hard time believing it because of how unreasonable and extremely restricting that is. And yet, looking it up right now it’s there right on the social security administration’s website: “Generally, resources cannot exceed $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple” (x). 

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is that resources and services for people in need generally are going to exist in some form, but “are they actually enough” is the real question. And getting back to BNHA, I would say that it seems like the answer is no. The main reason I actually say that is because of characters like Bakugou and Shinso, the guy from Class B who can control people. Shinso has a quirk that is viewed as inherently villainous, and Bakugou has an incredibly violent and dangerous quirk and grew up as a complete bully. Both of them are people who probably should have received a lot of counseling and guidance from an early age in order to best ensure that they didn’t misuse their quirks as children and grew up to be responsible adults. And it hasn’t been indicated that that happened for either of them. Bakugou especially seemed to have been allowed to just do whatever the fuck he wanted all the time. The only reason he even decided to become a hero at all was because the ONLY thing in the entire world that Bakugou respected as a child was power. And thankfully, All Might was the strongest of all, so Bakugou was inspired to try to become the strongest hero like All Might. Bakugou didn’t respect All Might because he was just or kind. He only respected him for the fact that he always won. Bakugou was an extremely messed up kid, and it’s taken a long time in the current story for him to become an actually even semi-decent human being. And yet even at UA he never received formal counseling or anything. 

This is something that’s a little different from what you were asking about, but in my opinion it still points to there being a general shortcoming in the society of BNHA to be able to provide services and resources to those who need them either for the sake of themselves or others. And that’s supported by the existence of people like Tabe, the scarecrow mask guy, who was described as such 

Japan does has public healthcare, so it’s reasonable to assume that they still have it in the Japan of BNHA. However, popping in for getting your inflamed appendix removed is very different from things like lifelong disability services and mental health treatment. 

And given how common it is in BNHA for villains to talk about how rotten and corrupt society is, and how it rejected and abandoned them, it’s safe to say that there are clearly more things that their society could be doing in general to provide help to people. Again, I’m sure there are plenty of services that help a variety of different people in different ways. But are they sufficient to help everyone who needs help, and enough to enable those individuals to live decent lives? Probably not. 

And getting back to Shigaraki. Remember how his whole backstory is that at one point in his life he was simply left dying on the street while people passed him by? That’s definitely a clear indication of social shortcomings right there. 

From what we can tell, something happened to Shigaraki as a child, and yet no one helped him. There weren’t any heroes around to do it, and all the regular citizens just passed him by, saying “Oh, just wait and a hero will help him.” Apparently no one went “Oh we should call child services” or “We should call the police” or “let me take you to a shelter” or anything else. Hell, they didn’t even go “Hey I’m going to CALL A HERO here to help you out.” At the very least it’s an indication that their society has become very dependent on “heroes” to actually take care of the issues around them, rather than having sufficient mechanisms in place to help people whether there is a hero right there or not. 

How to find people who are cool with the glitter.

Q: How do you meet so many people who are so open about the “glitter?” I know I’m not alone and I’ve done my research, but I feel like I go to such a small college and come from a small town that 20-21 year olds won’t be understanding. I feel like I won’t find someone who is accepting of it. I don’t want to have to go on a dating site for it. I want casual sex and relationships but I feel like if I tell one person everyone will know. The only people who know are a few family members..

A: Hm.. I can see where that would be tough.

For me it’s all about being open and presenting my glitter as if its not a big deal. People in general really just want to be spoon fed information: Which is why the media plays such a major role in American society. The media says herpes is scary so people are scared. I present in a way that it’s not a big deal, I am physical proof that it hasn’t destroyed my life or hindered my level of attractiveness. People accept that and move on.

Some people freak out. And when they do, I just look at them like they’re stupid and move on.

Either way it doesn’t bother me.

Socializing is scary when you’re young. You want validation from your friends because your still insecure about yourself. Which is healthy and normal but it can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. You think you’re a cool fun person to be around but when your friends reinforce those thoughts it makes you feel AWESOME. But even if just one person thinks you suck it can throw your whole ego into a tizzy.

Glitter is the same thing.

YOU know that herpes isn’t a big deal.

And when you explain to friends and lovers and they understand it makes you feel AWESOME. But if one person freaks out, you start to doubt yourself and everything falls apart.

You cant let that shit get to you. The confidence of knowing you’re a fun person and the confidence that glitter isn’t a deal breaker both have to come solely from you. No one else.  That way your confidence cant be shaken.

The reason I find so many people who are cool with the glitter is because EVERYONE KNOWS.

It’s ballsy but effective.

Yeah some people will freak out. Yeah some people know me as the girl with herpes. But you know what? Those people would have judged me anyway… if not for herpes than for something else.

But I am free. I don’t have to keep secrets. If i’m having a shitty outbreak I can complain to my friends about it. I’ve even get tons of adorable holistic herpes healing gifts like essential oil potions and fancy soap from my holistic friends. For every person who is a dick there are 10 people who just fucking have so much love and support to give… cause I gave them faith and opportunity to be awesome by being real and honest.

I promise you nothing feels better than that.

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Name: Kasumi (I don’t feel comfortable disclosing my real name)

Nickname: Kas, Chou, Chu, Chuchu

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius and Capricorn. I’m on a cusp, so depending on the year, depends which one I am

Height: Not 100%. Somewhere about 5’10-5’11

Orientation: Bisexual but recently found out that I may be gray-asexual 

Nationality: Australian

Fave Fruit: Mangoes 

Fave Season: I don’t really have one

Fave Book: THERE IS WAY TOO MANY. Just to name a few:

  • The Gift by Alison Croggon
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Interview with A Vampire by Anne Rice

Fave Flower: Flowers that are pretty?

Fave Food: So, so, so many options 😭 Bread is good though. All the types of bread.

Fave Scent: Fresh bread is the only one I can think of atm

Fave Colour: Purple

Fave Animal: Canidae 😉 😉 😉

Coffee, Tea or Hot Choc: Coffee, though I do prefer a chai latte when I am out and about.

Dog or Cat: Both. I have four dogs and two cats.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Seven, I get cold easily.

Dream Trip: Japan

Blog Created: July 2012

Number of Followers: 664 somehow, I don’t know why you all follow me but thank you

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Some fella saying that Sam Wilson is hot as hell. See no lies here, pal

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #1 (2015)

Turd Bucket - Derek Hale

anonymous asked:

Can you do #61

61. “A wedding?”

not specified with who so I’ll say Derek

anon asked: Derek imagine where reader is Scott’s older sister?




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and the last write-up for Red Dragon Con! Sorry for it being… so… long?

Mads Mikkelsen

I had already bought my ticket before Mads was announced (because science bros) so that was… well, I don’t know what that was. Me and my girl had joked around about either Mads or Hugh attending, saying that they wouldn’t anyway, and then whoop, there he was. It was nuts. So I went to the con a little nervous and a lot excited and just dead curious as to what he was going to be like.

But let me tell you about Mads fucking Mikkelsen.

Mads fucking Mikkelsen is a CUPCAKE OF LOVE. I am not kidding. He is the friendliest, sweetest, nicest man. He’s super gentle. He’s constantly smiling. He couldn’t be any less like any of the characters he’s played. He’s a FLUFFY DANISH KITTEN. Over the course of three days I watched him console people who had panic attacks, greet everyone, everyone, with a friendly smile and a handshake, watched every autograph session he did run incredibly late because he insisted on giving everyone there a moment of personal attention, and watched him make sure that everyone knew they would have a chance to speak with him and ask the questions they wanted to ask. In short, I watched a man who knew exactly what this event would mean to people, and watched him treat this with the most kindness and respect possible. He’s fantastic, he really is. He actually remembered people’s names, for fuck’s sake.

I cuddled him for the photo op (when I say ‘cuddled’ I mean ‘fondled his abs because my hand just kind of ended up there and eh I went with it’), and he shook my hand and we talked briefly as I got my autograph. He signed the picture we’d taken, which had both me and my girl in it, and she told him it was kind of like an early wedding gift to ourselves. That made him smile and he wrote ‘I’d love to have you both for dinner’ on the picture (I died).

(also because I know people will want to know - he is actually even better looking in real life, and he smells nice, just kind of clean with a hint of cigarettes. He smokes seriously a lot :P also he has a really soft, gentle handshake? It’s so cute. And he has reading glasses he keeps pushed up in his hair oh gosh) 

So, his panels!

  • let’s just start with the one I know everyone is going to want to hear about anyway - the fanfic. Yes, it came up. Yes, someone asked, which isn’t something you ought to really do (there’s a line between actors and fans and that’s kind of crossing it) but the question was asked and his answer to it was actually shockingly respectful and deeply hilarious. Yes, he’s read fanfic. Not a lot, but some. He laughed and said “it’s pretty sexual? But apparently I’m very good” and he just GRINNED THIS MASSIVE GRIN. And then the real kicker - yes, he did actually say that Hugh Dancy is the one who sends it to him. Which is disturbing on many levels and I was shrieking with laughter and I don’t even know how I survived that panel is what I’m saying.
  • his favourite outfit from the show is the plastic murder suit, because it looks so cool. He does think it’s a really stupid thing for Hannibal to wear, because it’s REALLY HOT, he’d get drenched with sweat, and it’s SUPER NOISY.
  • he doesn’t think Hannibal and Bedelia had sex. I quote: “They really liked brushing each other’s hair, you know.”
  • Mads likes giving hugs, but does think they should be special, so he doesn’t just hug anyone.
  • someone asked him if Hannibal would let Will keep the dogs. He says he thinks Hannibal would, as every relationship requires that kind of compromise - you get to keep those ugly curtains if I can keep keep this ugly carpet, etc etc. He was then asked what Hannibal would name one of the dogs. His answer was… Encephalitis.
  • my girl asked him what Janice Poon’s food tasted like. He said she always made two versions of every dish - an actual meat one, and a pasta version for the vegetarians. He says him and Laurence Fishburne would always go for the meat ones, and they’d be amazing? For one particular dish (sadly he didn’t mention which) they even purposefully screwed up a take so they’d get to eat more of it.
  • he confirmed that Hannibal did genuinely turn himself in because Will said he wanted to forget him and he was worried Will actually would. Will wouldn’t have chased after him, and it would have been easier for Will to let him go if he didn’t know where he was. So he made sure Will would know where he was, knowing Will wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would, eventually, come see him.
  • he hasn’t seen season 3. Like, at all. He didn’t even know what the final scene looked like all finished.
  • Carrying Will bridal-style was impractical. He mentioned that if you have to carry someone you really ought to do that fireman-style, but you know, that’s hardly ~*cinematic*~ so they went for the bridal-style thing… except Hugh Dancy is not actually as tiny as he looks and is pretty heavy, and Mads had thrown his back out the day before, and the whole thing was really difficult.
  • Someone asked if he felt Will and Hannibal were really in love. He gave a really insightful answer on how being ‘in love’ would be too simple for Hannibal, too banal. What he feels for Will goes beyond this. He really feels they’re soulmates, and (his words, not mine!) that Will is the light of Hannibal’s life. He also feels that Hannibal would feel this was obvious, that Hannibal honestly assumed Will knew Hannibal felt this way about him. This was why he was so hurt when Will turned on him at the end of season 2. Not only did Will break his heart, he also suddenly realised Will never understood just how deeply he felt for him. He killed Abigail because he knew it would break Will’s heart as badly as Will had broken his.
  • he doesn’t know if Will and Hannibal survived the fall, but supposed they might have landed on ‘some soft rocks’. If they did survive, he thinks they’d probably go into hiding for a few years, maybe hang out with Hannibal’s uncle, listen to some music, just chill.
  • even though Hannibal kind of planted that seed, he hadn’t expected Margot to actually go and get herself pregnant by Will. If the baby had been born, he would’ve probably been pretty jealous.
  • Hannibal saying to Alanna that her life, her wife’s life, and her son belonged to him meant that, yes, he would kill Alanna, would maaaaybe kill Margot, but he would NOT kill the boy. He’d probably just kind of take him and raise him. When he said her son belonged to him, he meant that literally.
  • Will is rude. Hannibal usually hates rude people. He doesn’t mind Will’s rudeness, however, because (again, his words, not mine!) love makes blind. Also Will isn’t necessarily rude on purpose., he’s just… socially inept.
  • on Hannibal being able to take out more than one person at once in a fight - Hannibal isn’t necessarily a top-notch fighter. He’s just very clever and always one step ahead of people, so he just sort of blindsides them. On taking the two police officers at Chilton’s door - Hannibal would have the element of surprise there, as they wouldn’t be expecting a dude in a plastic suit opening the door. He’d just swing it open and “spank spank!”. Yes. His actual choice of words was ‘spank spank’. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • he compared Hannibal to a cult leader in regards to his treatment of Abigail - he could see where her weaknesses were, and knew how to exploit them to his benefit.
  • he didn’t think Hannibal would have actually eaten Will’s brain. It was a spur of the moment thing. He would have probably regretted it, too.
  • he brought a huge pint of beer to the first panel. I love it. Everybody else had, like… Starbucks, and he just comes on all happy with a pint.
  • he asked us where the hell the flowercrown thing came from. Someone explained it was a meme in other fandoms too but that Hannibal stuck with it, and Kacey Rohl mentioned Supernatural and Sherlock. Mads then asked the room if those fandoms were big, and if we might be able to take them in a fight (which the room confirmed that, yeah, we could)
  • at the closing ceremony he thanked everyone for coming, for supporting them and the show, and he said he felt grateful for all of us. And then he got a little emotional. Just a little. Teeny bit. Teeny Danish emotions.