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our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til nov 2018.

Damian Gone Dambie?!

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Mission out of the country, Jason’s s/o babysits, what could go wrong? *wink wink*

Paring: Jason Todd
Length: 1,093

Bruce, Dick, Jason and Tim had all left for a mission out of the country for a few days. Since you’ve been dating Jason for a while Bruce thought it would be a great idea to leave you in charge of Damian, giving Alfred a well-deserved vacation.  

To everyone’s surprise you and Damian had a special bond so this wasn’t a problem, in fact you were glad you were going to spend a couple of days with him by yourself. 

You were currently saying your goodbyes to the batboys and Batman. You gave Jason a one last kiss before grabbing Damian’s hand. Jason turned to look at you before getting inside the plane and noticed you’re worried look. He left his duffle bag inside and walked up to you once more.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright on your own? Dami can be you know… bit harsh.” Jason whispered into your ear.

You smiled as you nodded, “I’ll be perfectly fine, besides I absolutely enjoy Damian’s company and I’m almost certain he enjoys mine.” You kissed his cheek and turn towards Damian with a sweet smile hoping for a smile back.

It quickly backfired, due to the fact he was too busy looking away from everyone to notice you were smiling down at him.

You gave his little hand a reassuring squeeze in attempt to get his attention back and distract him from his thoughts. You couldn’t help but notice how upset Damian was when he found out he wouldn’t accompany his father and brothers on the mission. Deep down inside, he couldn’t shake the feeling he wasn’t on the mission because he hasn’t fully earned their trust.  

You cleared your throat in hopes to break Damian’s thoughts and looked at him, “Hey kiddo, don’t worry we’ll have a good time.”

You gave a small smile to Jason who was now looking at Damian wondering why he didn’t make eye contact with you.

“Dambie, don’t tell me you’re upset because you’re not coming” Jason said while messing with Damián’s hair. You quickly moved Jason away from Damian before he got any ideas.

“Jason why did you say that? can’t you see he clearly wanted to go? sometimes I wonder if you have a heart.” You said a bit sarcastic as you punched his chest playfully.

“I did but SOMEBODY accidently stole it” he said as he placed a kiss on your lips making Damian cross his arms and turn away mumbling a small “TT”.

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Imagine taking care of Wonwoo while he’s sick.

Fighting with Jai

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You were beyond frustrated with your boyfriend, Jai. It was the third night that week that he had made dinner plans with you, but blew them off without any explanation.

That left you sitting in front of the dinner that you had made that was slowly growing colder with every minute that passed. He was two hours late, and you were seething as you picked at your food. You would call him, but you weren’t sure if he’d even pick up.

The door opened, and you stood up, crossing your arms.

“Hey, babe.” Jai called, walking into your view and stopping in his tracks. “Oh. Shit.”

“There’s no way that you could’ve forgotten this time too, Jai.” You said quietly, tears welling up in your eyes.

“Look, y/n, i’m sorry. it’s not that big of a deal.” He grumbled, tossing his jacket onto the couch.

“It might’ve not been a big deal the first time, but this is the third fucking this week that you’ve blown off plans with me to go out clubbing.” You said, walking towards him, you scowled when you caught the scent of sweat and liquor.

“I just went out and had some fun, it’s not like i got completely shit-faced.” He explained, raising his voice. It was obvious that he was drunker than he thought.

You laughed, clearly upset. “The number of shots of tequila you had isn’t the problem, Jai! You promised me that you’d make it to date night!! Do you even care about our relationship?!”

He was fuming at that point. The expression set in his eyes was one that you had never seen before in all the time that you had been together. There was a deep rage that you could see within his brown irises, one that made your heart pound and made your hands shake, because you were just as upset. 

shouts turned to snide remarks, which turned to biting insults. You could tell that he was just intoxicated enough that he wasn’t thinking about what he was saying, but that didn’t mean that his words didn’t hurt. You’d ended up with your back pressed up against the wall, and him ominously close in front of you. 

After glaring at him for an intense moment, you realized that there was no way that Jai, this drunk, was going to back down from any arguement. “Whatever, Jai,” You said. Your voice heavy. You decided that tomorrow would be the time to talk to him about it, after a lot of water, black coffee, and advil. However, He saw your intentions to move and slammed his hands into the wall on either side of your head to keep you there.

“You’re not going anywhere,” He said, his voice coming out a low growl from his chest. He’d never used that tone with you, and it was terrifying, making your heart drop through the floor. 

“Let me go. We can talk about this later.” Your voice came out a small whimper. He stilled, his gaze softening. You slowly lifted your hand to cup his flushed cheek gently. 

There was a moment of tense silence between the two of you, which was broken when Jai’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed, his jaw clenched, and he let out a frustrated yell at the same time that he slammed his fist into the wall next to your head. Judging by the crack of drywall, it’d left a dent. 

You recoiled, choking out a sob and forcing your way out of his embrace. His hostile expression faded when he saw how freaked out you were, and he tried to reach out to soothe you, but you flinched away from his touch. 

Get out of here,” you whispered, looking at him with wide eyes. Jai had never acted aggressively toward you, and this side of him was scaring you. 

“Baby,” He pleaded with a soft voice, taking a step toward you.

You took a step back from him and shook your head. “GET OUT.” You said with a much firmer tone, though your voice shook. You watched as his shoulders slumped forward, and he slowly grabbed his keys and his jacket before walking back out the door, slamming it behind him. 

You turned your phone off, still sniffling from the tears that refused to stop flowing. It took a long time for you to fall asleep, as the bed was colder than it had ever been.


You rolled out of bed the next morning and sat on the edge of your mattress as you turned your phone back on. You had 3 missed calls from Jai and 2 texts from Beau. 

You opened up the texts first.

From: Beau: jai called looking for a place to stay, is everything alright?

From: Beau: he’s drunk and won’t stop crying, what happened?

Your heart swelled a little when you read that he had a place to stay and wasn’t passed out on a park bench somewhere. You went to your voicemail next, where you had one from your boyfriend.

“Y/n,” He started with a soft coo of your name. It was slurred, so he was still wasted, and he was crying, like Beau had said. “Y/n, I’m sorry. I’m so so fucking sorry. I love you so much, i don’t know what i was thinking. It’s cold and it’s only been an hour but i miss you,” He paused to sob a little hiccup. “I’m a piece of shit and you deserve better, but please let me come back, baby, i’’m sorry.” He continued to cry, repeating i’m sorry over and over again until Beau’s voice came from the background, saying “leave the poor girl alone,” 

It sounded like there was a struggle for the phone, and then his brother’s voice came on the line. “Sorry, y/n, he’s kind of a mess right now.” Beau said. “I promise i’ll look after him, and i’ll call you in the morning when he sobers up, ok?” He pauses, and Jai’s incoherent babbling could be heard in the background. The call ends there. 

You took a deep breath, running your hands through your hair and thinking about all that happened the previous night. You hesitantly padded into the kitchen, phone in hand, and busied yourself with making coffee, nervously awaiting a call from Beau. 

Your phone rang nearly an hour later, and you picked it up on the first ring. “Hey.” You said, anxiety settling in your fingers.

“Hi, how are you feeling?” He asked you, and you shrugged to yourself. 

“I…” You exhaled heavily. “I don’t know.” He hummed on the other end, encouraging you to go on. You stood up and began to pace. “It’s been a tough night. I miss him.”

“What exactly happened?” He asked, and the closing of a door made it sound like he had gone outside. You told him everything: the plans that he blew off, the him coming home drunk, and him punching a hole in the wall. He let out a low whistle. “Fuck, i didn’t know it was that bad.” 

“Is he alright?” You asked rather abruptly. 

“Well, he’s crashed on the couch right now, he just drank 2 bottles of water, and i think the alcohol is finally out of his system.” He said. “What do you want me to do?” 

You paused, chewing at your lip. “Bring him home.” You said finally.


When you answered your door fifteen minutes later, Jai was standing there, looking unsure. He was in the same clothes that he was wearing the night before, and it seemed that he had slept in them, and he probably had. His eyes were tired and bloodshot, like he hadn’t slept much, and his gaze was set on you.  

There was a moment of stillness between the two of you. When you finally couldn’t take it anymore, you lunged forward, hugging him tightly around the middle. He hugged you back immediately, as if he were waiting for you to make the first move, so that he knew that things were at least somewhat okay. “I’m so fucking sorry, y/n.” He murmured into your hair.

“It’s ok, It’s ok.” You murmured back, nuzzling your head into his chest. “I forgive you.” You pulled back from the hug. “We just need to talk about some things, ok?” 


“And you’re going to pay for that fucking dent in the wall.”

He laughed. “Okay, of course.” You took him by the hand and pulled him inside. It was amazing how his presence made the place feel like home again.


[a/n: this was almost 1.5k words, oh my god! i’m actually totally in love with this one, and i hope you all liked it!]

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The guys from the OTBS reacting to mc pregnancy

Sorry this is a little late. But I hope you enjoy!!

Minato: “I think you’re using this as an excuse.” Minato mumbles as he swipes another slice of pizza. Not noticing your narrowing eyes and slight frown.

“Pardon me?” Oh no he’s not. He is definitely NOT insinuating what you think he is…

“The baby. We hardly ever have take out anymore. Especially not this frequent in ages, not since when you first moved in.”

“You mean back before I was pregnant.” He finally looks your way, but remains oblivious to your displeasure. The twit.

“Well duh! I mean my men are good, but they aren’t that good. Babying Pommy’s with just a heated glance…” He trailed off finally noticing your intense glaring. “What did I do now?” He rolled his eyes and sighed. Your mood swings were fraying his last nerves. Lately everything he did or said was wrong. Last week you kicked him out of the bedroom for breathing too loud. Breathing!

“I apologize if your child has grown so big I can’t reach the stove any more. If only I had a strong, handsome, skillful man around the house who knew how to cook…” You trailed off, thumbing your finger against your chin as if in thought.

“Well you don’t. Instead you’re stuck with me.” He passes you another slice of pizza, noticing your struggles to sit up and reach. Clearly your stubborn ‘anti-Minato’ attitude at the moment, prevented you from asking for help.

“Thanks.” You grumble. Not giving him an excuse to call you ungrateful later.

“You likely forgot, since you keep putting your purse in the freeze lately. But I did try cooking. You said it was terrible and got mad remember?”

“A father should care more about the health of his unborn child and try again.” You mumble, chewing a oozing piece of cheese.

“I did. You cried that the chicken died.” You flush, not exactly remembering the incident. But knowing your husband was no liar, it must have happened. You stuff another mouthful of pizza in your mouth, hoping he’ll take the hint and change the subject. “You know Pommy, if your belly gets any bigger I may need Shusei’s help rolling you to the hospital.”

He’s. An. Idiot.

Only a few more weeks to go in this pregnancy. Yet your ridiculous husband has still not learned to check his teasing. You abandon the rest of the slice, and make your way to the bedroom. Ignoring his apologetic calls. You double check to lock the door. He can sleep on the couch.

Kaoru: Oh how you missed caffeine. The liquid of the gods. Your ban from caffeine was not helping your monday blues. The day felt twice as long. You checked the time for the umpteenth time. Just after three. Another hour and you might be able to sneak away. You substituted the missing caffeine with naps. After today’s especially long day, your body desperately needed one.

You were approaching 16 weeks and had just barely begun to show. Kaoru was secretly pleased when you discovered the teeny baby bump last week. He spent that afternoon nap cuddled up atop it. Though you were safely out of the first trimester. Your fellow Seasonelle members were still uninformed of the news. Kaoru would shrug whenever you would bring up telling the others, nonchalant about it. You were too nervous to tell them on your own. It was like screaming ‘Kaoru and I had sex!’ Nuh uh, no way. You needed Kaoru’s support.

Well his withholding couldn’t last for much longer. Your pants were already beginning to feel tight. In fact you started wearing longer tops, so you could leave your pants’ button undone while you sat. Though no suspicious arose, eventually your wardrobe would cause some questions. Especially your growing belly. Though surely Minato would tease you, calling you fat! That’s it! They had to know before then! Otherwise the next several months would proceed with Minato’s rude jokes. He’d probably doubt there was even a baby. ‘Are you sure that’s not a second burrito?’ He’d insist. Ugh. No! No! No! You couldn’t take it!

“Hello?!” A hand waving before you, awoke you from your wandering thoughts. Looking up you see Shusei smiling above you.

“Oh I’m sorry, Shu. I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

“It’s alright, a case of the monday’s seemed to hit you especially hard this week. I brought you a coffee as a pick me up.” Oh. Oh my. Shusei looked so cheerful standing there with the outstretched can of coffee. He went to so much effort… It would be rude to decline… Just a sip wouldn’t hurt…

“Oh thank you-” You were intercepted as you reached for the coffee. Kaoru stood about you, frowning, his grip tightening around the can.

“No caffeine. The baby.” He spoke it quietly, but Shusei was close enough to overhear.

“Baby?! Oh are you pregnant?” Shusei exclaims, loud enough to capture the entire office’s attention.

Kaoru groans as everyone gathers around asking questions giving their congratulations. You answer them best you could, clutching Kaoru’s hand to keep him by your side. No way was he running off on you now! He caused this in the first place with his speaking before thinking.

“That explains your exhaustion lately.” Akiyoshi gives you a small, knowing smile. You couldn’t get anything past the chief.

“Afternoon naps after work seem to help, but ugh, today felt so long!” You whine, pouting as the chief laughs at you.

“You can go home now if you would like. You are still ahead on all your articles after all.” You thank Akiyoshi and gather up your things. A nap right now felt absolutely perfect. Kaoru tries to sneak out after you, stopping only when the chief growls after him.

“I didn’t mean you too, unless you have some expecting news to share as well.” He teases, grinning at Kaoru’s reddening cheeks.

“But… nap… with baby…” Kaoru sighs, looking after your tired figure longingly.

“Oh all right.” Akiyoshi gives in. “Only if you come in an hour earlier though, you can leave as well.”

“That’s not the same.” Kaoru grumbles, fretting about having to wake up a whole hour earlier from now on.

Akiyoshi: “They feel huge. Do they look huge to you?” You fret, turning from side to side, examining yourself in the mirror. Akiyoshi lounges back on the bed, exhausted from the morning’s numerous outfit changes.

“Babe, stop calling yourself huge, you’re pregnant with twins. Besides you are only six months along.”

“Not the babies Aki!” You frown, lately you felt he wasn’t listening to you. Instead saying what he thinks you want to hear. “My boobs, they look so big!” Your current shirt clung around your chest. It wasn’t as loose as you wished it were. It was tight around your belly too, making it seem extra round. Especially since Aki’s little unhelpful comment, it seemed a tad too big. Hmmm…

“Your boobs look great, can’t tell the difference.” Now you know he was lying! They had gone up a whole cup size, and the blasted things were still growing!

You turn around to face him. Your hands on your widening hips, as you frown at him. He wasn’t even looking! His nose was buried in the latest Seasonelle issue. Ugh, your hubby, the workaholic. Not that you were any better. Since learning babies were coming, they helped you ease back from working so hard. You loved working hard, and all your team members at Seasonelle. But there were more important things coming. Like adorable baby Zaizens. Eventually he noticed your tapping foot, and looked up from the magazine, frowning.

“Are you ready to go?” He asks, pondering why you hadn’t told him. At this rate the two of you were going to be late for the morning meeting.

“Ugh!” You cry out, throwing your hands up and rolling your eyes.

“What’s wrong?!” Akiyoshi asks confused. Your hormones were driving him crazy through your pregnancy. One moment you were throwing up, the next you were starving. Always for something that wasn’t easily available at home of course. One night you were horny as fuck, the next you had tender, aching boobs. With heartburn. He tried his best, but he couldn’t keep up with your racing emotions. Last weekend you cried harder than he ever had at the animal documentary you both watched.

“Aki! The penguins! Those poor hungry daddies!” You were inconsolable upon learning how the emperor penguin males went months without eating. Instead staying to take care of their egg and newborn, until the mothers returned from sea. Then you proceeded to make him a crazy amount of food. Irrationally insisting he eat it all. The whole time you were teary eyed, declaring you would never let him go hungry. Akiyoshi rubbed his tummy remembering the feeling of his stuffed, aching belly.

“Oh I’m sorry, is someone’s belly a little upset? Gosh if only I knew the feeling.”

Uh oh.

Akiyoshi glanced up to you standing over him. What a time to get lost in thought. He sighed, getting up to hug you. You stepped back, but he was quicker. Wrapping you tight in his arms.

“I’m sorry.” He had learned quickly not to fight, to just swallow his pride instead. There was no winning through your pregnancy, not when he couldn’t rationalize with you. He could argue with logic all day long, would not help the slightest though. “You look nice, your breasts look great.” He grins, winking and bending down to kiss your lips.

“So they are huge!” You cry out, hot tears running down your cheeks.

“No! They are perfect, I swear!” His eyes widen, he reached up to cup one of your large, swelled, breasts in his palm. You pull back wincing.

“Ouch, Aki, careful please.”

“Sorry dear.” The phrase was quickly becoming his mantra. Akiyoshi pulls you back in for another hug. Your large belly pressed tight between the two of you. He growls under his breath. ‘Just four more months…’ He could hold onto his sanity until then. Then feeling kicks from one of the babies, his mouth twitches into a tiny grin. 'Only four months to go little ones.’


***This is going to be a multipart story as well. 💔***

“But I don’t want to go over there. I want to stay here and be waiting for you when you come back.” “I know baby, but it’s better for you to be with them. This run is gonna be a dangerous one, I might not come back from it. You know i’m always honest from you and I never hide anything from you. I’ve got a bad feeling about this one. We’ve made a lot of enemies. I want you as close to my brothers in SAMCRO as possible. I trust them and I know that no one will keep you safer than Happy. Please don’t argue with me on this. You’re going to Charming.” You looked at him pleadingly but nodded your head defeated. “If that’s what you want.” “It is.” “Then I’ll go, but I wont like it.” “I know babe but its for the best. If I don’t make-” “Shut up. You will.” He reached out and grabbed your arm, pulling you up from the bed and into his arms.

“How long do I have to be there?” “Well this run is about a month of going around everywhere in Arizona and Nevada, plus riding time and just figuring shit out. Let’s just say about 2 months.” “I can’t be away from you for that long Koz, you’re my best friend.” He heard your voice crack and closed his eyes. “Please don’t do that babe. Don’t make this harder on me.” You sniffed but nodded, still not pulling away from his chest. “Fine.“ "Thank you.” “Welcome.” “Don’t sound so sad.” “I can’t help it. You know I don’t like being around new people.” “Happy’s not new.” “No, but everyone else is. He’s not going to let me trail around behind him like a puppy. Who am I supposed to have close to me?” “I’m sure there are some Old Ladies that will hang out with you. You’ll make friends.” You shook your head and buried your face into his chest, not wanting him to see you cry. “Whatever. Just come back to me.”


“So you want me to keep an eye on her?” “Yeah man, if you don’t mind. I trust you more than anyone else Hap. I know that you’ll keep her safe and protect her. This run is serious shit. If I don’t make it back from this, I need to know that you’ll be-” “You’ll be fine.” “But if I’m not, I need you to be there for her. She doesn’t like new people and she doesn’t like being alone. She knows you and she’s comfortable with you but the others are strangers. Just…just promise me you’ll take care of her, protect her.” Happy nodded and pulled Kozik in for a hug. “With my life.”


“Ok baby, I think that’s everything. Rent’s paid for the month, fridge and pantry are full and all the electricity is hooked up. Your last box should get delivered tomorrow, then everything will be here. Happy will come by later and pick you up, take you to their clubhouse.” You nodded but said nothing, knowing that he would be leaving soon. You walked closer to him and wrapped your arms around his middle, pressing your cheek against his chest. “Do you have to go?” “We’ve been over this babygirl. Yes, I have to go. The club needs me.” “I need you.” He hugged you tighter and rested his chin on the top of your head. “I know but, I just need to do this.” “Yeah. Club comes first.” You angrily pushed away from him and turned your back, walking to the kitchen on your new apartment. He followed you.

“Don’t be like that. You knew what this was when you got involved with me.” “Yeah but you said that you went on random runs for a couple days, maybe a week and then you would come home. You never said anything about abandoning me for 2 fucking months.” “I’m not abandoning you. I don’t like this anymore than you do alright? You think I want to have to leave you with someone else because I won’t be around to protect you? I can’t believe-” Kozik stopped speaking and closed his eyes as he took a deep breath.

“Look, I don’t want to fight with you on my last day. I have to go and I’m going. That’s it. I’ll be back before you know it.” He walked right up to you, grabbing the sides of your face in his large hands and making you look at him. “I want to remember you happy, not sad and pissed off at me. Let’s go watch a movie and cuddle until I have to leave.“ You lowered your eyes and nodded lazily. "Okay.”


You were drifting off when you heard the sound of a motorcycle. Your eyes snapped open as you thought that maybe it was Kozik leaving but you saw him sitting beside you asleep as well. You shook him awake and he looked down at you with a tired smile before looking to the door as he heard the bike. “It’s Hap.” He pulled his arm from around you and stood up. He went to he door and opened it, smiling as he saw his brother coming up the steps. “Thanks man. I really appreciate this.” Happy clapped his hand on Kozik’s back with a nod. “No problem.”

They both came into the apartment and saw that you were fully awake now, the sad and worried expression returning to your face. “I’m gonna head out babe. Happy will wait here while you get ready, then he’ll take you to the clubhouse. They’re having a little party tonight so you can get to know everyone, have a couple drinks and let loose. You’re too stressed lately.” You nodded silently and walked over to him wrapping your arms around his neck. You hugged him tightly and he pressed a passionate kiss to your lips, Happy looking down at the floor, not wanting to be in your business.

Kozik pulled away first, much to your dismay and patted your butt lightly. “Go. Get dressed and have fun. I love you.” “I love you too." He waited until you closed the door of the bedroom to speak. "Hap brother, she’s probably gonna be more to herself tonight, not wanting to intrude or anything. I ain’t saying to babysit her all night but just…you know, try to get her to talk to someone, even if it’s just Gemma. She gets kinda down easily, I don’t want her to hole herself up in that apartment for 2 months withering away.” Happy nodded. “I will. I already talked to some of the Croweaters, Lyla, Tara. They said they’ll hang out with her.” Kozik nodded and walked to the door, grabbing his bag and leaving.


You’d been in Charming for about 3 days now and were slowly starting to get used to it. You missed Kozik like crazy and were wondering how you were supposed to be without him for a whole 2 months but you stayed strong an busy, finding things to do to get your mind off of it. You were hanging up a couple pictures on the walls when your cell rang. You picked it up and saw it was Skin, a brother of Kozik’s from Tacoma.

“Hello?” “Hey kid. It’s Skin.” “Hey, what’s up.” There was a deafening silence. “We went out to handle some shit today and it didn’t go as planned. There were way more guys than we thought. We got ambushed and we tried to take out as many as we could. One of them was aiming at Lee. Koz jumped in front. I’m sorry sweetheart. He didn’t make it.”

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Seth x You 

The phone wouldn’t stop ringing for weeks. Seth has been calling you non stop, it hurt too much to hear his voice, to hear him laugh, to see him smile, to see him at work. He was there, always. 

He broke your heart by telling you that the championship was much more important that you. He said, “ You’re a distraction. I can’t have any.” 

Seth was such an ass, you didn’t want anything to do with him. 

Plopping on the bed, you were tired from the day you had. Things weren’t going for you that good. Taking your phone out of your pocket 31 missed calls from Seth and 70 text messages from him and 5 voice mails. 

When will he ever stop? Why did he want to keep trying? 

It rang once again, his name lit up on your phone. You had it before set to Teddybear but now it was just Seth. His picture lit up, the smile that he always does showing the gap between his front teeth. 

Sliding the green button, you finally answered. 

“ Hello?” 

Hey.. I can’t believe you actually answered” 

“ What do you want Seth?” 

“ I miss you..” He said making your heart break into two. You missed him too but he told you he was better off without you.

“ Come back to me baby” 

Request "do you then" skate

“Do you then have a good life” skate

Nate’s just gone off on another tour with Derek and their crew, and though there were a few bad things that had happened in the past, I was excited for him. He’d worked really hard for this and I was so proud of what he was doing with the music and the way he treated his fans. He’d invited me out to the third show and id dressed up and nice and classy for it.

He wasn’t able to pick me up from the airport but I knew that was only cause he was busy, quickly I’d made my way to the show hall. Id made it just in time to wish him luck at the beginning of his set. He’d given me a big hug and kiss before going out on stage and jumping around like the crazy talented man he was.

Derek went out with him and they joked around while singing to random fans in the crowd, I don’t mind, although I did see a bit of red when a girl would rubs up on his abs, that was my job after all.

After the show we’d gone out to the bus with a few groupies allowed on as well. I sat on Nate’s lap as he plopped down, wrapping an arm around my waist while resting his head against my shoulder.

“Damn y/n I missed you” he whispers kissing me softly against the neck.

“I missed you too Nate” he continues to hold me as the girls try to get the rest of the boys attention.

The party is starting to get heated when I don’t feel too hot, and decide to go back to the hotel. Nate accompanies although i try to persuade him not to he does, cuddling and taking care of me the rest of the night. However the next morning he’s off after going to get breakfast with his boys.

“Nate what’s wrong?”

“Nothing y/n” he says but doesn’t look at me.

“come on Nate tell me.”

“Look, Derek was talking to me lastnight and was telling me about the rest of the things that happened last night, and what I missed out on, and I don’t know I’m pretty bummed.”
He says scratching the back of his head.

I notice he used the word ‘i’ instead of ‘we’.

“What? of getting shit faced drunk and watching drunk girls dancing on you and taking off their clothes because they’re desperate for you’re attention?”

“Well yeah but I missed out on hanging with my boys.”

I laugh sarcastically before pulling out my phone and pulling up swazz’s snapchat story the one that has him biting some girls ass and drinking and having some girl give him a lap dance. And then I pull up the rest of their stories showing them all to Nate.

“This is what you want?” I ask

“Well I mean it’s better than holding back you’re hair and babying you! I mean come on y/n I’m on tour! I should be out basking in this awesomeness not halled up in a hotel taking care of you!” He yells exasperated.

And even when he sees the tears filling my eyes he doesn’t take it back.

“Fine do you then skate, have a good life without me.” I yell

Throwing my few things in a bag and running out of the hotel and to the closest cab, all the while my heart breaks into a million pieces.

Lol if y'all want a part 2 tell me 💕