you better burn witch

The supposed owner of The Witches of the Craft, everyone! What a lovely, rational, mature woman!

“I’m a true Witch ™ because look at this stuff I did. I worship The Goddess ™ and believe Wiccan Revisionist History about The Burning Times ™! You’re bad Witches no better than charmed for writing a fun, totally not serious book of spells for fans who are predominantly under the age of 25… And I’m going to threaten to go write a negative review of your book because I’m a pissy little asshole who’s angry that someone told me to take their content down from their site!″. 

Amazing. That burn’s so incredibly painful. Wow.
-rolls eyes into oblivion-

Seriously, this email basically boils down to a snot nosed woman acting like a 2 year old because her company got told to go fuck themselves for posting our content (and others’) without permission. If you can’t read the email in the screencap, though, I’ve provided it under the cut.

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