you better be in love with her josh

so, to be blunt, the clique sucks. not all of you, no, but a majority of the clique sucks. a lot of us lack respect, not only for tyler and josh, but for other artists, bands, and their fanbase, such as melanie martinez and the crybabies. (the melanie hate was very very strong on the clique amino app)

i know i’m not being any better than they are now, by ranting about all this, but i NEED to get it off my chest.

let’s start off with the whole fake fan thing. there is no such thing as a ‘fake fan’! only NEW fans! if you meet someone who only knows the radio hits, introduce them to more songs! back when i first got into tøp, i bought a blurryface shirt with lane boy lyrics on it, despite only listening to the song a few times and i hadn’t memorized EVERY word. i wore it to church one night and a clique member ran up to me and busted out rapping the whole song and i got pretty freaked out! i told her that i’d only listened to the song maybe three times and she rolled her eyes, called me a fake fan, and left me alone with my little emo eyeliner and my little emo self. it hurt me, because she was degrading me in the fanbase for not knowing all the words to lane boy.

next let’s talk about faking suicide. that’s OBVIOUSLY not okay. suicide is a very, very serious thing that shouldn’t be joked about. i see it happen within the clique all the time, both real suicides and fake, and both hurt me very badly. but in different ways. do you realize how many people you’re hurting by faking your own death, all for attention? tyler isn’t going to write a song about you, you know, because you “died”.

now the address leaking, ah, the address leaking. that’s tyler and jenna’s personal life and their privacy. they had JUST moved into this new house! they must have felt so unsafe in their own home, which is supposed to be a place of comfort and protection from all you crazy, rabid fans trying to rip his clothes and steal his shoes. how safe would you feel if someone leaked your address online for the whole world to see?

next we have the crashed wedding. that whole thing was so, so disrespectful. that was josh’s friend’s wedding. if you were famous, and went to your friend’s big special day, and a fan decided to break in in the middle of it just to get a picture with you, would you feel annoyed or upset? because in the picture the girls took with him, josh looked pretty pissed. and josh has the right to say “no” to anybody who wants a picture with him. he doesn’t have to do whatever you say, your wish isn’t his command, and that goes for tyler too. ever wonder why they walk fast in public, and why tyler started hearing hoods and baseball caps to cover his face lately? to hide from us.

the crap with the crybabies. it’s nuts. y'all are making nasty comments about melanie’s appearance, and personally, i think mel is a very beautiful young woman. the real ugly people are the ones who made fun of her and her fans, they’re ugly on the inside. it isn’t right. i know that you would all feel awful if someone told you that your tooth gap was the 8th wonder of the world or made rude comments on your eyebrows. mel is a human being, and so are all of her fans, so start treating them with respect. because EVERY human deserves respect.

i understand why the clique is so hated. we’re mostly made up of awful people. i feel bad for tyler and josh because they deserve better fans than us. they deserve respectful, thoughtful people that wait patiently for new music instead of rabid, rude kids who spam their social media accounts, pretty much harassing them and pressuring them into releasing new music, commenting “i love you” constantly on their posts, and invading their personal lives and their privacy.

that’s it. that’s all i have to say. the clique sucks and i’m pretty ashamed that i even called myself a clique member. until you all clean up your act, i’m not one of you. i’m not a part of the clique anymore, i’m simply someone who listens to tøp. i’m just a fan. i refuse to identify as part of this madhouse called the skeleton clique. feel free to rb and rant about it yourself. i’m done

Grammys part three: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Boys’ pants off, Josh turned on, Grammys night part three, let’s goooooooooooo

Part one:
Part two:

Anonymous said:
Omg, please tell me there’s gonna be a part 3 to the grammys???? You can’t leave that kinda cliff hanger!!!! Dosh Josh behave or not, do Tyler and Jenna figure out what’s going on?? Please, please, please tell us!!!???

*continued female reader, smut, last segment to this trilogy

Normally, you two would’ve just gone home and fucked each other senseless. You would’ve teased each other the entire ride home and then gotten in the bedroom and let loose. You would’ve definitely had quite a night. However, it didn’t go quite as anticipated or planned. After dinner, which to your surprise, both of you behaved fairly well, and Jenna and Tyler didn’t quite let the two of you off the hook. “I don’t want this night to end,” Tyler sighed. “I feel like I’m on the top of the world.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you agreed. “You could literally take on anything now.”

“You’ve already tackled so many other challenges, you’re basically unstoppable!” Jenna grinned.

“Hell, who knows. Maybe we’ll win the Olympics next,” Josh joked.

“We’ll start training tomorrow,” Tyler teased. “No but really, I don’t want this night to end. We should go see a movie or walk around town or something. I know it’s late, but I’m still super high on life.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jenna smiled. “What do you guys think?”

Josh and you looked at each other, and you could tell in his eyes he was still yearning for what you had planned later. You were about to make up a lie about how you still didn’t feel too well when Tyler interrupted you. “Hold on, I’m getting a call,” Tyler explained, putting his phone up to his ear.

“Who is it?” Jenna wondered.

“Josh, it’s your mom!” Tyler laughed. “Hold on, Laura, I’m going to put you on speaker.”

“What?” you hissed angrily, jabbing Josh in the arm. “You have the time to sext me in the middle of dinner but you can’t even give your mom a quick phone call?”

“Hi boys!” she greeted happily. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Yeah mom,” Josh chuckled, giving you a look as to drop the subject. “Thanks.”

“We have a little surprise for you!” she explained. “I’m going to send an address to where the party is and I want you all to come. I think you already ate but there’s some snacks and stuff.”

“What are you talking about?” Josh wondered. “You’re all in Los Angeles? Right now?”

“Kelly set it up,” she explained. “I just helped. Tyler’s parents helped and Zack and Jay are here, Jordan too, everyone really. Even Ashley and Abby and Madison. They all headed over after the awards.”

“Mom,” Josh stated. “We’re at dinner right now.”

“I know, I know,” she reassured. “But after you guys are done, just come over here. We rented out a nice little place. Everyone’s waiting for you boys, and your lovely women too.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” you quickly chimed in. “It’s a perfect celebration.”

“She’s right,” Jenna agreed. “Come on, Josh. Let’s drag out the happy all night long.”

“Just a small party,” Tyler shrugged. “Right?”

“Fine,” Josh complied, glancing at you, frustrated. “We’ll head over soon mom.”

“Thank you,” she giggled. “Can’t wait to see you all. Love you.”

“Love you!” you all responded before Josh hung up and handed Tyler the phone.

“You never told me your mom set up a party for us,” Josh laughed.

“I never knew,” Tyler replied. “Evidently she did.”

“You’d think Jordan would tell me,” Josh rolled his eyes.

“I guess not,” Tyler sighed. “Well we better hurry over.”

“Yeah,” Jenna nodded. “Let’s get the bill and head out soon.”

As soon as you and Josh got in the car, he blew up. “I can’t believe my mom would do that!” he groaned aloud, forcefully sticking the keys in the ignition and pulling out of the parking lot. “You think she’d just want me to spend the night with you, but no!”

“Josh calm down,” you put a hand on his shoulder but he jerked it away.

“No! You don’t understand!” he muttered. “I’ve literally been dying all dinner long.”

“Then maybe we can do something quick,” you suggested. “Before we get to the party.”

“I just want to fuck you,” he whispered, glancing at you. “Really, really, really bad.”

“They flew all the way here from Columbus,” you insisted.

“I know but you just look so hot in that dress, baby,” Josh murmured, taking a turn on the road. “And your hair, it looks so good too. You were by far the best one there at the Grammys.”

“You were the one who took off your pants,” you reminded.

“And I’ll do it again,” he gave a sly smile. “How about that?”

“Just for me this time,” you argued, sliding a hand towards his upper thigh as he drove. “All for me, Josh.”

“Fuck baby, don’t do that when I’m driving,” he chuckled darkly, and you withdrew your hand, blushing. “You’re tempting me so bad you know.”

“To do what?” you challenged.

“To pull off the side of the road right now, lock all the doors, take you in the back seat, and fuck you right here, right now,” he explained, eyes fixed on the road, trying to concentrate.

“Naughty boy,” you clicked your tongue.

“Can’t help it when you’re around,” he shook his head. “You do things to me. You don’t even know.”

“Oh I’m sure I do know,” you smirked. “I know how bad you want it.”

“Then stop teasing me and just fake sick at the party so we can go home and just finally fucking do this,” he begged. “Please y/n, I can barely take it anymore.”

“One hour,” you promised. “One hour at the party and then maybe I’ll contemplate it.”

“Contemplate?” he raised his eyebrows, turning into the parking lot of the venue. “No, babe. You have to. Come on, Jenna’s going to vouch for you cause she knows how bad you felt at dinner. It would all work out.”

“We’ll see what happens,” you sighed, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Maybe if you behave then I’ll make up my mind.”

“Goddammit I hate you,” he grumbled.

“You fucking love me,” you grinned, knowing very well you were using his own words against him. He just laughed, both of you deciding to have another kiss before getting out of the car, then heading into the venue, his arm around your waist, looking hella fine in your fancy Grammys outfits.

As soon as you entered everyone cheered loudly, both of you earning a huge applause and a million eyes on you all at once, but the two of you froze. There was no way you were anticipating this many people. You thought maybe the two families and a couple of friends, but this was like an entire wedding reception or something. There was no way you’d be leaving in just an hour. “Want to escape out the door while we still can?” Josh joked but you narrowed your eyes at him, plastering on a smile as soon as his mom Laura approached you.

“Aw look at you two!” she beamed. “You’re so fancy, oh my goodness.”

“I didn’t know so many people were going to be here mom,” Josh murmured, probably nervous.

“I didn’t either but I guess uh, Tyler’s brother Zack tweeted out the address and a couple of people saw it and decided to come,” she shrugged.

“A couple of people?” Josh widened his eyes. “This is like the Grammys itself!”

“Oh gosh,” you stared at your phone and read the tweet aloud. “Twenty One Pilots Grammys after-party!”

“Of course Zach would do something like that,” Josh grumbled. “Okay, well thanks for the party anyways. It’s very nice. I can’t wait to get down and meet some people, dance with y/n hopefully, eat some great food.”

“Absolutely,” Laura smiled, giving both of you a huge hug. “It’s for you and Tyler, so have fun. We’re all so very proud of you. I love you.”

“Love you too mom,” he gave a small smile. “Now come on y/n, let’s shake our booties on that dance floor!”

“Sure,” you rolled your eyes and laughed.

“You guys came!” Jenna squealed happily, tugging Tyler over to meet you guys. “You feeling a little better, y/n?” You looked in her eyes, seeing how genuinely happy she was, how excited and proud, how caring. You couldn’t just leave this party, all these sweet people, everything both of their families sacrificed and set up, just so you could fuck Josh for a night. Josh looked at you, almost with begging eyes, wishing you’d just say you felt miserable, but you couldn’t do that. You just couldn’t.

“I feel great,” you grinned. “This set up is amazing! I’m so glad we came.”

“Yeah,” Josh stated flatly, grip on your waist tightening. “So happy to be here.”

“Come on bro,” Tyler tapped him on the shoulder. “There’s some people I want you to meet.”

“Cool,” Josh took a deep breath. “Uh, I’ll see you around y/n. Keep your phone on you?”

“Oh no, no, no,” you shook your head immediately, knowing exactly what was going on. “My phone is almost dead and I’m not going to play anymore of your little games. You go behave and have fun with Tyler. Got it?” You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Fine,” he mumbled, faking a smile and going off with Ty.

“So what was dinner all about?” Jenna narrowed her eyes when the boys left. “I mean come on, the gasping and moaning? What was that?”

“Josh was being a dick,” you rolled your eyes. “Nothing important.”

“And the phones too,” she added. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “It’s fine.”

“Are you guys…” she left a small pause and you tensed. “Breaking up?”

“What?” your eyes went wide. “No, not at all.”

“Oh okay,” she shrugged. “I don’t know. You just seemed like you were arguing about something and I thought maybe he was kicking your leg underneath the table or jabbing your side. Tyler kind of gets a little agitated when he’s angry with me too and does that kind of stuff. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

“It’s fine,” you reassured. “I just felt a little sick and he wasn’t helping. He’s just playing around.”

“Got it,” she nodded slowly. “Well I’m going to get going. I have some people I have to talk to. Have a great night, y/n. I’ll see you later!”

“Bye Jenna!” you waved. You took a deep breath, then decided to go over to the table of food and grab a small snack. There was a gorgeous cake, topped with a skeleton and alien sugar sculpture, which you thought was probably the works of the sisters. They always had a knack for the cooking, especially around the holiday time. You scooped up a handful of jelly beans, popping one in your mouth when you felt a tap on your shoulder from behind you. You spun around to face Jordan, Josh’s brother.

“Hey y/n,” he smiled.

“Oh hey,” you greeted.

“How was dinner?” he raised an eyebrow.

“It was good,” you nodded.

“Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?” he smirked. You turned bright red.

“W-what?” you tried to hide your blushing but he just chuckled.

“Ah, I got quite an interesting text tonight,” Jordan explained. “I assume it was for you, seeing as Josh said oops and all, and then avoided my seven phone calls.”

“He was just teasing,” you shrugged, trying to dismiss the subject. “You know how he is.”

“Are you sure you guys were at dinner?” he persisted.

“We were,” you narrowed your eyes. “You can ask Tyler and Jenna.”

“Or Josh himself,” Jordan added. “I’m sure he’d tell me quite the story.”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes.

“So do tell me,” he insisted. “Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” you sighed. “Now go on and cause trouble elsewhere.”

“I’m just playing with you,” he laughed. “Hey, have a good night y/n. And make sure Josh behaves.”

“Oh I will,” you reassured. “I always do.”

“Speaking of the devil,” Jordan pointed to Josh coming over. “Hey, you guys have fun tonight. Take it easy.”

“You too,” you waved him goodbye.

“Hey babe,” Josh wrapped his arms around you, pressing a soft kiss to your lips, pulling you closer. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Josh,” you pushed him back slightly, glaring at him. “No.”

“Yes,” he insisted. “Please.”

“Where would we even go?” you narrowed your eyes. “Definitely not home.”

“Fine,” he bit his lower lip. “Car?”

“No,” you shook your head. “No way.”

“Then let’s go find a place,” he mumbled against your neck, pressing light kisses to your skin. “Baby I’m dying without you.”

“I know, I know,” you reassured.

“Come on, I’m sure there’s a place we can go,” Josh argued. “I’ve literally been waiting since before dinner, sweetheart.”

“Me too,” you admitted. “But we’ve got to be polite.”

“If I find somewhere can we go?” he pleaded. “Please? It will be quick, I don’t care, I just need this.”

“Fine,” you complied, pulling him in for an open mouthed kiss, then letting go. “You have half an hour tops. Then we wait until the end of the night.”

“Got it,” he agreed, giving you a kiss on the forehead before running off, searching for who knows what.

“Where’d he head off to?” a voice behind you wondered with a chuckle. You spun around and then almost had a heart attack when you realized who it was.

“Holy shit!” you gasped, putting a hand to your chest. “Hey.”

“Hi,” Halsey laughed. “Did I scare you?”

“A little bit,” you confessed. “Just didn’t see you coming.”

“That’s alright,” she reassured. “Is Josh okay? He looked kind of anxious running off like that. I was going to congratulate him.”

“Oh,” you blushed. “He’s just um, looking for Tyler. Something important I think, he wouldn’t tell me.”

“Got it,” she nodded slowly. “Well- oh! There he is!”

“Hey,” Josh looked nervous when he plastered on a smile, engulfing Halsey in a hug. “Long time, no see.”

“Yeah,” she rolled her eyes. “I wanted to congratulate you boys! That’s awesome!”

“You too,” he nodded. “Two nominations, that’s insane!”

“Thanks,” she nodded. “So-”

“I’m sorry but me and y/n really have to go,” he apologized. “It’s important.”

“Ah, uh, okay,” she frowned slightly. “It’s cool. I’ll talk to you later then?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed hurriedly. “Thanks so much!”

“No problem,” she gave a hesitant smile before Josh dragged you out of the conversation, tugging you by the arm up a flight of steps and down a hallway.

“I cannot fucking believe you!” you hissed. “You just freaking dragged me away from a conversation with Halsey!”

“So what?” he replied. “I’m sure if you really wanted to talk to her so bad, you could find another time later tonight.”

“Josh you’ve been going insane,” you argued, wresting free of his grip on your arm and staring at him. “This is out of control.”

“You’re the reason,” he mumbled, dark eyes boring into yours. “God you look so good tonight. I can’t help myself.”

“Yeah?” you smirked, noticing the way he was biting his lower lip, the beads of sweat on his forehead, the rise and fall of his chest.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“What if I told you you’re not allowed to touch me for the rest of the night, hmm?” you raised an eyebrow, slipping a finger underneath the strap of your dress, dragging it down your shoulder while remaining eye contact with him, watching as his eyes followed your hand in a trance, gaze fixed on every new exposition of skin as you pulled the fabric lower.

“Fuck baby, don’t do this in the hallway,” he ran a hand though his bright yellow curls, tugging hard in frustration, biting down harder on his lip. He glanced to the side, making sure nobody was coming. “Come on, there’s a room just a little while away, I promise.”

“Nah,” you shook your head, smirking as you realized he was getting turned on. You shrugged off the other sleeve of your dress and watched as the fabric fell to your waist, revealing your lacy bra. “I’m comfortable here.”

“Goddammit what if someone sees you?” he whispered.

“Why should I care?” you wondered. “I mean, everyone saw you just fine babe.”

“No,” Josh shook his head immediately. “It’s not like that.”

“Oh but I think it is,” you insisted. “Taking your pants off in front of everyone at the Grammys, standing there in your underwear, everyone looking at you… you didn’t seem to care.”

“That was Tyler’s idea,” he muttered. “Look, I wouldn’t have done that if I knew you didn’t want me to.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “Would you care if I was the one standing up there? Stripping down to my underwear like this? Everyone’s eyes fixed on me? Staring at my body? My body that belongs to you?”

“You belong to me,” he insisted.

“Exactly,” you agreed. “So what makes you think the same rules don’t apply to you?”

“I didn’t think you’d care,” he mumbled, looking shy and scared.

“You don’t think I care?” you challenged. “Every night when you take off your shirt at shows? When you’re tugging down your pants on stage? You don’t think I see that, babe?”

“Fuck, please don’t do this here,” he begged, and you glanced down, realizing he had an obvious hard on. “Let’s go to the room.” He reached for your arm but you quickly took a step back, letting the fabric of your dress fall to the floor, and he gasped, eyes transfixed on your body.

“Why should I let you touch me?” you inquired. “I mean, you said it, I don’t care. Do I?”

“Babe that’s not what I meant-” he began, but you shook your head.

“No, I think you did,” you clicked your tongue disapprovingly. There was a pause and then an idea came to mind. “Hmmm you know, maybe I should go back to the party like this. Let everyone see me, let them know how fucking sexy I am, how you’re not the only one who can put on a show.”

“Y/n-” Josh was staring at you, pants growing tighter by the second, straining his voice. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Maybe I would,” you teased. “I’d be the life of the party, wouldn’t I?”

“I can’t let anyone else see you like this baby,” he argued. “You’re all mine.”

“Am I?” you raised an eyebrow, watching his mouth hang open, speechless, as you dipped a hand underneath your underwear.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” he warned.

“Who’s going to stop me?” you chuckled. “You?”

“Y/n you’re killing me,” he argued. “Fuck just let me touch you. Please.”

“How bad do you want this?” you raised an eyebrow, slipping a finger between your folds and letting out a gasp, watching as Josh’s eyes widened and he tightened his jaw as he watched you, and a smile curled on your lips. “You want this to be you, baby?”

“Yes,” he pleaded. “I need this so bad.”

“I don’t know…” you trailed off your voice, then started to pump another finger inside you, and you let out a soft moan, opening your eyes and looking at Josh, who just about looked like he was going to melt right there.

“I’m begging you y/n,” he inhaled a ragged breath. “Just let me get my hands on you.”

“What’s the magic word?” you smirked.

“Please,” he barely was able to respond.

“Okay,” you smiled, and there wasn’t even a split second that passed before he lunged towards you, pinning your body against the wall, hands behind your head, on your back, on your ass, between your legs, down your thighs, everywhere all at once. His lips attacked yours, tongue absorbing greedy kisses, sliding down your neck, his hips grinding against your already soaking core, hands fumbling with the clasp of your bra when he pulled back, eyes staring into yours.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked.

“Let’s get out of the motherfucking hallway,” you agreed. You began to kiss him again, wrapping your legs around his waist as he bent down to pick up the fabric of your dress, carrying you towards the room. After violently jostling the doorknob, it finally gave in, and he kicked the door shut with his foot and placed you on a table, tossing your dress aside and attacking you with kisses. You moaned into his mouth, legs still wrapped around him as he pushed your back into the table, grinding against you, and when he pulled away to catch his breath, you looked around, smirking. “Conference table? Really?”

“Best I could find,” he mumbled, burying his head in your neck and sucking at your skin, leaving you a mess of gasps and moans.

“F-fuck Josh,” you stuttered, him unclasping your bra and sliding it up off of your arms, then exploring your breasts and stomach with his lips, trailing kisses across your body.

“Can you believe just moments ago you were saying no to this?” he laughed quietly, tugging down your panties and tossing them aside. “Shit baby, you’re just as much of a mess as I am.”

“Just for you,” you reminded.

“Of course,” he grinned. “You’re all mine.” He delved his tongue into you and you let out a loud moan, feeling your stomach tighten with each movement, his hands gripping on your hips, your fingers tugging on locks of his hair, his nose pressed against your clit, your legs wrapped around his head.

“Josh I’m going to cum,” you barely whispered.

“Do it baby,” he insisted. “Show me how bad you want me inside you.”

“Fuck,” you gasped, coming undone and feeling your orgasm ripple through your body as you eased into the surface of the table, leaning your head back and gasping for breath as Josh licked and sucked between your legs.

“Mmm you taste so good babygirl,” he mumbled. He stood up and tugged off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, stripping down and sliding off his jeans, then his underwear, climbing on top of you. “And to think you were teasing me all night long, acting like you wouldn’t let me touch you, pretending like you could wait til you got home, trying to act all cool. I could see right through you y/n, I know how bad you want me.”

“Fuck Josh, please,” you begged. “Shit babe, just fuck me already.”

“I don’t know,” he smirked. “Maybe I shouldn’t let you touch me either.”

“Don’t try to pull that right now,” you shook your head, pushing your hips up in attempts to meet his. “I need you so bad.”

“How bad?” he challenged.

“Fuck,” you gasped, frustrated and exhausted, flipping him over so he was the one laying on the conference table, pushing down your hips and sinking his cock into you, pressing your lips against his in a mess of muffled moans.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you’re dominant like this babe,” Josh mumbled against your neck, both of you in sync with thrusts, your hips moving together in perfect rhythm, the two of you both desperate and harsh with each movement.

“Mm they’re going to be looking for us you know,” you sighed, still relentlessly fucking him against the table. “Wondering where we went.”

“And nobody’s going to know about it,” he gave a sly smile. “Nobody but me is going to know how fucking wonderful you are riding my cock like this, baby.”

“Just our little secret,” you promised. “Just the two of us.” You kept going harder and harder until finally the two of you were gasping for air, cumming at the same time, moaning each other’s names loudly and collapsing onto the table, clinging onto each other’s sweaty, exhausted, tired bodies.

“Three of us,” a voice corrected and both you and Josh widened your eyes, scared and surprised.

“Fuck,” you cursed.

“Hey uh, Josh, buddy?” Tyler’s voice came through the crack in the door. Shit, he must’ve found you guys. “Two things I’ve got to tell you. First off, we’re supposed to give a speech soon, so when you’re um, done with that, you should head down. And secondly, always lock the door bro.”

“Yeah,” Josh responded, embarrassed.

“Okay, cool,” Tyler laughed. “Our secret though, it’s fine.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you grumbled. “See you Ty.”

“Hurry up,” he reminded.

“Will do,” Josh reassured, watching as Tyler closed the door with a soft laugh.

“Think we were too loud?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, Tyler’s just being sneaky as fuck,” he shook his head. “God you felt so good though, baby.”

“You always feel good,” you smirked, placing a quick kiss to his lips.

“You going to put your dress back on, babe?” Josh wondered.

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” you teased.

“You better,” he warned.

“Or what?” you challenged.

“Or we might have to come back here later tonight,” he suggested.

“That wouldn’t be a bad thing,” you smiled.

“Come on,” he shook his head, laughing. “Let’s get dressed and then we’ll head down and try to look as composed as possible.”

“Fine,” you decided. “But do know that you look so much better without pants.”

“Thanks,” he blushed. “Now let’s go down there and hope I don’t mess up this stupid speech.”

When you arrived, you were greeted with a loud applause, and you gave Josh a kiss on the cheek before Tyler dragged him out to the middle of the dance floor, the two of them holding a microphone and spilling out a sweet sappy story of how far they’ve come and how thankful they are for today. That’s when Jordan decides to stand beside you, and he stays mostly quiet, except for when Josh comes back and Jordan is a mess of laughter. “Great job, Josh,” you smiled.

“Yeah,” Jordan snickered. “You did amazing. But uh, you might want to lend your little girlfriend over here a sweater or something.”

“How come?” Josh wondered, turning to look at you and then blinking twice.

“What?” you wondered.

“Hickeys,” Jordan smirked. “Looks like you guys had a little fun when you went missing, hmm?”

“Shut up,” Josh narrowed his eyes.

“Just saying,” Jordan shrugged. “I mean, your shirt’s not even buttoned up all the way for Pete’s sake.”

“Goodness gracious,” Josh mumbled, face turning red.

“Whatever,” you laughed. “At least it was a memorable night.”

“Oh believe me, sweetheart,” Josh laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist. “The night’s not even over yet.”

Power Rangers/One day at a Time AU

• Elena goes to the same school as the six friends, but she was never noticed because she is that “annoying” girl (Abuelita’s words) that no one really can bond with;

• Than Josh, who is like, the only one on the school who really knows Elena and how amazing she is, encourages her to come out at the school, and know more LGBTQ+ people there;

• She kinda does it in the wrong way, like, in the middle of the cafeteria, the girl just screams “I’M A LESBIAN” because she felt very brave to do it in that moment, and then everyone is just silent like “WTF”, but Trini feels like she can be supportive and shouts back “GIRL ME TOO”;

• From that day on, Elena and Trini hang out together all the time, sometimes just the two of them, others with their friends, and they share SO MUCH IN COMMON they can’t even believe how they never knew each other before;

• Trini hangs out a lot at Elena’s house:

– Lydia loves her right away because 1) she may not be cuban, but her Spanish is fluent and 2) she watches those cheesy telenovelas (don’t tell Kimberly that, she will make fun of her girlfriend for the rest of her life);

– Penelope first thought that Trini was Elena’s girlfriend, and she never heard from her daughter or Trini that the girl is gay or whatever, but her gaydar is getting better and she FEELS that girl’s vibe. But, one day, Trini brings Kimberly to a movie night with Elena and Josh, and Penelope understands that “yeah, that cool girl is not with my daughter, she is in love with another girl though, KNEW IT.”

– Alex kind of had a crush on Trini and gets pretty upset that the girl is dating someone else and is gay, so he moves on, but “there will be always a room for you in my heart, my love”;

– Schneider always feels intimidated by Trini, and she tries so hard to be very sweet to him, but “she’s got a SCARY resting face, like I said something homofobic or racist or both”;

• They also hang out a lot with Trini’s friends:

– Billy is so exited because he shares his love and care for nature with someone, and he and Elena spend HOURS talking about good ways to protect the planet with simple actions;

– Kimberly loves her because Trini loves her, she would never go against her girlfriend happiness. Also, Elena’s hair is AMAZING and she loves to braid it and play with it;

– Zack at first seconds guess Elena, but then she tells him about how much she loves Buffy and he is like “I LOVE THAT SHOW” and they bond right away. Josh kind of become friends with Zack and Trini and Elena secretly shipp them;

– Jason likes her a lot because she is a hardcore Trimberly shipper, and they share what they know about their relationship (he LOVES to talk about how he got the girls together);

– Tommy at first is very friendly with Elena, but after a while she just can feel the butterflies every time the other girl gets exited about one big project she is being part of, or thinks about how beautiful her smile is, and after MONTHS keeping it to herself, she tells Elena, who responds like “I’m so gay for you, Tommy Oliver” and the next day they are just holding hands and smiling and being so cute (Josh call them Tolena, Zack thinks it’s lame and it should be called Olvarez).


IMAGINE: You and Josh have been friends for a long time and are secretly dating. Josh brings you home for Christmas and has plans to introduce you as his girlfriend, but Maya is all over him. In the end, he announces you as his girlfriend and he makes sure to let everyone know that he only loves you…


     You felt a bit uncomfortable staring at Maya jump all over Josh. You two had been secretly dating for a couple of weeks now and everything was going great. He had invited you to the Christmas celebration his older brother was hosting at his apartment. You agreed to go excited, yet nervous, to meet all of Josh’s relatives. 

     Everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming. Riley and Topanga even prepared a small present for you. That of course you couldn’t open till midnight. You felt a bit bad for only bringing some pastries for everyone instead of a gift, but everyone’s welcoming smile made you feel better. 

     While Maya was occupying all of Josh’s time you had a conversation with Topanga. You wanted to be a lawyer as well, so getting a lot of tips from the famous Topanga was really helpful. You absorbed all the information she gave you while glancing at Josh from time to time. Your heart ached every time you stared at him. You wished he had introduced you in the beginning as his girlfriend, but you understood if he wasn’t ready for that. You were still bothered by the fact that he let Maya all over him, but couldn’t even hold your hand in front of everyone. You were jealous to say the least, but taking a few deep breaths calmed your jealousy down. 

     Throughout the conversation you hadn’t noticed Josh’s eyes on you. He wanted to go over and hold you in his arms. He tried pushing Maya away, but she clung way too tightly. And he didn’t have the heart to upset her. She was just a young girl confused about love. He remembered how it felt to crush on someone and not have them return the feelings. But now he was in love. He didn’t want you to feel alone. It was Christmas. So he invited you over and was ready to introduce you as his girlfriend, but he got nervous and flustered in the end so he chickened out. But he swore that by the end of tonight everyone would know that you were his girlfriend. He wasn’t going to let another day pass without telling everyone.

     You and Topanga had prepared the plates for everyone to sit and enjoy the family dinner. Something you couldn’t do since Maya had stolen your seat next to Josh. You ended up sitting in between Auggie and Riley. Which in the end you didn’t completely mind since Auggie took a liking to you.

     When everyone was done Josh made sure to escape Maya’s embrace to pull you aside. “ Hey, Y/N, you okay?” He asked you. You smiled lightly,” Yeah, I’m fine.” You lied. Josh could tell you were lying. He knew something was bothering you. He had an idea on what that something was and he knew how to fix that frown on your face. He ran over to the couch and prepared himself to share the news. “ Can I have everyone’s attention?!” He yelled out and everyone look towards him as the room became silent. He motioned you over to him and you slowly strolled your way to him. He grabbed your hand and held it in his. Your eyes widened a bit surprised at his actions. Josh chuckled at the tint of pink on your cheeks. “ I just wanted to share with you all that Y/N is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a couple of weeks now and I’m happy to finally share this news with you all.” Josh announced you as his girlfriend and you couldn’t help but smile giddily. You were happy that everyone finally new that you two were together. You couldn’t help but notice Maya’s heartbroken face.

     “ Maya, you’re a great girl and one day you’ll find someone that will fall in love with you. But I’m not that guy. I love Y/N and I’m extremely happy to be with her. I hope you understand that.” Josh explained to Maya and after a few minutes she finally understood. The rest of the night was spent with you and Josh laughing and talking with everyone while snuggling together on the couch. You couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.


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King and Queen- Josh Dun

Request-  Can you do one where Josh and Y/N are 10 years apart? He’s 28 and she’s 18 and a lot of fans are giving them shit but both their families, Tyler and Jenna are super supportive Because Y/N treats Josh like a freaking King and she’s mature for her age

“Y/N I love your senior quote in the yearbook. It’s so poetic. I’m shocked you didn’t pick a quote from a Twenty One Pilots song.” Your friend Maddie told you.

“Yeah, I just really liked this quote better. Also I thought I would be a little weird to quote my bo-” you cut yourself off from saying anymore.

Nobody but your parents,Tyler, Jenna, and his family knew about you and Josh’s relationship and you weren’t planning on telling anyone soon.

“Your what? Fantasy boyfriend Josh?” She teased.

“Yeah. Exactly.” You pushed it off not wanting to let it slip that you have been dating Josh for the past 15 months.

You had met Josh about over a year ago at a club. You were underage and used a fake I.D. to get in. You saw Josh from across the club and his bright pink hair caught your eye. He came over to you and started to talk to you and the both of you instantly had a connection. He didn’t know you were only 17 at the time until he asked if you wanted to head back to his place. That’s when you warned him that you were only 17. He didn’t care, because he wanted to get to know you more than to have sex with you. You were pretty mature for your age and the connection you two had made the age difference seem like nothing.

After hanging out and going on small dates for about 2 months Josh finally asked you out. You didn’t want to tell your parents, fearing they would say it was unacceptable that you were dating someone 10 years older than you. Josh insisted saying it was the right thing to do. They took it fairly well just warning Josh to not mess anything up.

Now 15 months into the relationship you were about to walk across the stage of you high school and be in the real world. You were excited, because that meant you and the yellow haired boy you loved so much can go far away for a bit together.

Your friends were all fans of Twenty One Pilots and whenever they brought them up you so badly wanted to talk about Josh. When your friend went on about how hot Josh was you got a bit jealous, but she didn’t know you were dating so you couldn’t be mad. When Josh went on tour you facetimed nightly and he made sure to stop by whenever he had a day off to see you. You and all your friends went to the concert that was closest to you and when you went missing after the show you had to come up with an excuse that you got sick and your mom came to pick you up, when really you were hanging out Tyler, Jenna, and Josh then later went to Josh’s hotel room for some “privacy”.

Everyone who knew about you two were super nice about it and often forgot you were still in high school. You talked about mature topics and you got along with everyone. Jenna and you were extremely close too. She always said you were like her long lost twin.

When you turned 18 Josh made sure to see you and spend as much time with you as possible. It was hard since he spent a lot of time on the road, but you didn’t mind, your facetime dates were always some of the best.

It was the night before your graduation and you were on the phone with Josh. It was one of your usual facetime dates. He was at the airport on his way back to you and you laid on your bed taking in the sight of your boyfriend.

“So you excited to graduate babe?” he asked.

“Yup, but I’m more excited to see you.” you said.

“I know. Only 11 hours, 45 minutes and 43 seconds.” Josh said looking down at his watch.

“That’s cute you have a count down.”

“I’m always counting down for you baby.” he said and you laughed.

“I love you, but it’s getting late and I should probably sleep.” you said while yawning.

“Alright. Good night love.” he said blowing you a kiss then hanging up.

You fell asleep and before you knew it the feeling of lips on your forehead woke you up.

“Josh.” you nearly tackled him with a kiss.

“Good morning beautiful.” he said before kissing you again.

“I’m so glad you’re here” you said hugging him close.

“I know and although I would love to hold you all day, it’s almost 10 and you need to get ready.” he said letting you go.

You frowned before walking over to your vanity where you started your makeup. After 2 hours of makeup, hair, and conversation you were finally ready.

“Wow, you look stunning.” Josh said before kissing your lips deeply, then there was a knock on your door and you mom came in.

“Sorry to barge in, but we have to go. Oh Josh It’s good to see you.” she said hugging Josh.

“You too. Now you heard her Y/N, go get our graduate butt in the car.” he said and you rolled your eyes while walking out of your bedroom and downstairs.

Once at the ceremony you had to part ways with Josh early and you left him with your parents. They all got along quite well so you had nothing to worry about. It was better if he wasn’t near you, because you didn’t want anyone knowing you were dating. You hoped nobody recognized him or asked who he was with.

You met up with a few friends and took a seat. After waiting for a while Maddie nudged you.

“Y/N look there is someone with Yellow hair over there.” she said pointing to Josh. “what if it’s Josh Dun.” she laughed.

“Maddie stop, why would Josh Dun be here.” you said then changed the topic again.

It was finally time for your name to be called so you could walk across the stage.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” the speaker said and many cheers were heard.

You knew Josh was cheering and it made you happy knowing he had come.

Once the rest of the ceremony ended you quickly found Josh and your family (thanks to his hair).

“Y/N congratulations.” Josh hugged you tight.

“Thanks, but keep it casual.” you whispered in his ear and he let go of you.

“So let’s get out of here before anyone recognizes Josh. We’ll do pictures back at home.” your dad said.

You and Josh walked back to the car distance between the two of you. It was times like these that it was hard to not be able to hold hands with your boyfriend or simply walk next to him, but it was better this way.

Once you got in the car you pulled out your phone that was buzzing like crazy.

There was a bunch of texts from your friend Maddie telling you to look at Josh’s snapchat story. You immediately opened snapchat and went to Josh’s snapchat story. There was a 10 second video of your name being called while you crossed the stage and him cheering.

“JOSH.” you said while hitting his knee.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Why did you put this on your story?” you asked while playing the video again.

“Oh shit. I meant to send that to Jordan and Ashley. I’ll take it down.”

“Josh I bet a lot of people already saw it. What are we going to do?” you aid franticly.

“I say just leave it. Let people guess who you are. I mean it’s only a matter of time before people catch on.” he said calmly, helping you calm down.

“You’re right. Plus people are just going to think I’m like your younger cousin or something. Which is gonna be weird when they find out we’re dating.” you said and Josh laughed.

“See it’ll all work out. Now let’s go back to your house and party.” he said pumping his fist in the air.

-2 months later-

“Y/N, I’m so glad you and Josh decided to make your relationship public. It’s so exciting being able to go out with the both of you and not have an awkward distance between the two of you.” Jenna told you.

“Yeah it’s great.” you said with a fake smiling.

“What’s wrong?” she asked sitting down next to you.

You sat there and listened to the song playing in the background for a minute before answering.

“Just people say things about us and our relationship and they don’t even know anything about me. People say I pay for Josh to date me and I’m probably a complete nag being 10 years younger than him and all.”

“You can’t listen to them. They all just want to be in your shoes. Josh loves you and you’re not a nag at all. I often forget you’re even younger than us. You’re very mature and I know for a fact that they don’t know the first thing about you. If they saw how much of a king you treat Josh, they would love you. I think once you give it some time, they will warm up to you.” Jenna told you and the music ended.

You saw the two boys running off stage so you stood. Josh opened his arms for a hug and you dodged him, but he still got a hold of you.

“Ew, you’re all sweaty and gross.” you whined trying to squirm out of his grasp.

“Say you love me and I’ll let go.” he told you and you laughed.

“I love you.” you rushed.

“Say it and mean it.” he told you.

“I love you.” you said slower then kissed him.

“That’s better.” he said letting you go.

“So adorable.” Tyler said walking away with Jenna following him.

No it was just you and Josh. well there were other people around, but it just felt like the two of you. It always did.

“I always mean it when I say it.” you said.

“I love you too.” he said kissing you again. “Now you need a shower and so do I. What do you say we save some water and take one shower.” he said with a smirk on his face pulling you along to the shower.

He really was your king and you were his queen. You didn’t care what his fans said. They didn’t understand and they never. They didn’t know you but Josh did and his opinion was the only one that mattered to you.

If you watch the clip, you can see that actually Josh GAVE Tyler the white rose FIRST! - then Tyler got down on his knees and GAVE IT BACK!💜💚 These two will always stop my heart with all the cute things they do for eachother!❤️

Update: For anyone interested in watching the clip, here is the URL-adresse: Update2: Check out brenduh091s blog! She got a much better view of the whole thing and was so kind to post it! Give her love and credit!
things about my "natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812" experience

-before the prologue, the main cast (minus josh, denee, and nicholas) came out and danced around saying hi to people

-THE PROLOGUE, everybody came up and around the aisles (i had an aisle seat). one of the ensemble dudes came up real close and sang right next to me -pierre raises his fist at the end of “pierre”. and when he sings “i’m different from you”, he doesn’t cry it out, and says kinda said it softly 

-during Moscow, denee and brittain were teasing around and making fun if marya’s entrance my bowing around and giggling when they said each other’s name

-during Moscow, Marya literally waves off Sonya’s intro; they also keep in the squeak 

-during “the private and intimate life of the house”, when bolkonski says “powdered wig”, he kinda slaps the wig, and powder flies up around him from it

-also in “tpailofh”, mary is basically crying the entire time. when she sings wondering if she’ll ever be anyone’s wife, she pulls up someone from the stage chair, and kinda shows him off to her father. and when bolkonski is looking for some “young french thing”, he too finds someone from the audience and kisses them all sloppily 

-during “natasha and bolkonskis”, gelsey and denee take stools from the side of the stage and manuever them into a table around people and pretend to be kind to each other 

-during “no one else”, denee didn’t sing as sharp as she does on the soundtrack, she sang it a lot softer and solemn. i cried at the “you and i"s. she’s bathed in blue “moonlight” the entire time. 

-when denee says “and flying away…like this,” she seems to lift herself up and somehow float down to the next step all gracefully 

-after pierre says “no i am enjoying myself at home this evening” in the opera, he fistbumps the air like he did in “pierre” 

-the opera scene is absolutely terrifying. someone in a black cape came down the aisle and scared the shit out of me

-also, after the main opera scene ends, everything is frozen and denee and brittain are up center stage, and denee jaw is open in awe

-when anatole walked in and stopped, he snapped his head with each beat, and then started walking down the stairs. he also kissed a woman’s cheek as he passed. 

-when dolokhov starts saying “drink, drink” he has glasses on a tray and a bottle, and he spins the tray and just pours the drinks and it looks pretty cool 

-during the duel, the fucking strobe lights are so intense, it was hard to see and it was fucking awesome, and a bunch of the ensemble laid down in the aisle. they were all wearing glow sticks and stuff like that 

-when pierre says “i used to love, i used to love, i used to be better”, he walks across the front mezzanine aisle, and i freaked out because josh was so close

-when helene says “he will kill you stupid husband”, she cries it out loudly and its kinda sad and intense 

-dust and ashes is absolutely beautiful 

-during “sunday morning”, when denee talks about how she sees a man in shadow, pierre is directly behind her in shadow 

-anatole sits on the piano during “the ball”. the ensemble dancers go around between the front and rear mezzanines. and girls/girls dance with each other and boys/boys dance together. and most of the ensemble have metallic animal heads on and it looks pretty cool 

-during “letters”, the ensemble passes out letters to some of the audience, and then they just sit down where they are. one of the ensemble members tried to give one to a lady and she didn’t take it so he just gave it to the lady next to her 

-also during letters, natasha and pierre sing “i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone” and they stare at each other the whole time, and i died 

-when anatole says "just say yes…” before the last one, because natasha hasn’t answered yet, he does that impatient and “c'mon” motion with his hands

-the “whoa, whoah, whoah” that anatole does at the end of “balaga” was fantastic (i didn’t see lucas, it was josh canfield, and he was so good)

-the fucking abduction scene, so much better than the tony performance, it was so intense, the whole cast was there, it was awesome

-denee smashed the painting over balaga’s head again, but she was somehow cuter than the tony awards, which i didn’t think was possible

-marya and helene made out

-when anatole tells everyone to sit down, we could hear him whisper “here, here, scooch over” as he sat down next to one of the ladies on the stage

-when josh began his verse in “the abduction”, everyone paused, and he just chuckled before he continued

-when marya caught anatole coming in, the stage turned red, and she came through the big door at the top of the stage

-denee’s “don’t touch me”s were heartwrenching

-during “pierre and anatole”, pierre knocks over the fucking chair in anger, and knocks a bunch of books off his desk as he shakes anatole. then, towards the end, anatole, like a child, swipes all the rest of the papers off his desk. 

-after natasha drinks the poison, she screams in pain several times and runs for sonya, and it’s absolutely gut wrenching.

-during “pierre and natasha”, pierre is sort of following behind natasha as he says “open your heart to someone, not now but when your mind is clear, think of me…” and natasha turns around suddenly, and natasha and pierre are standing face to face really close,  and pierre says “pierre grew confused” pretty softly because it’s WHEN HE REALIZES THAT HE LOVES NATASHA

-denee’s cries were so fucking sad

-during the spoken bit in “pierre and natasha”, his voice broke when he said he wasn’t free, and he just barely whispered that he offered her his love (someone’s phone went off TWICE during this song and i wanted to kill them, i was so angry)

-in the final song, pierre is not fully illuminated under the comet, he is just barely illuminated by the light emitting from the comet. it looks like he’s outside. and he sang so softly.


-when she was getting passionate, denee would have a wide stance and kind lean forward, kinda like wonder woman’s stance minus the arms

-pierre followed denee a lot during her scenes when he was in the orchestra pit

Grammys part two: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Y’all this went from hardcore fluff to hardcore smut reaaaaal fast. Lol jk. No, but really. When the boys lose their pants the fans lose their shit. Anyways, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy.

Anonymous said:
Omg, please do a sequel to grammy??????? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Part one:

*continued female reader, light smut

“Okay, I didn’t know what you meant by taking off your pants, but now I clearly do,” Jenna burst out laughing as you all entered into the restaurant and took a seat. “Goodness gracious you guys.”

“I bet you were staring,” Tyler smirked. “I’m sure you were.”

“Shut up,” she rolled her eyes as you all sat at a table, opening up the menus.

“You’re all dressed awfully fancy tonight. I assume you all just got back from the Grammys. Twenty One Pilots, right?” the waiter smiled.

“That’s us,” Tyler grinned proudly.

“Sweet,” the waiter beamed. “Anything I can get you guys at the moment? Drinks?”

“Yeah that sounds good,” Jenna nodded. You had all decided to go out for a celebratory meal after the awards. You had settled on a nice Mexican restaurant, not too fancy, but not too casual either.

“Hey,” Josh nudged you beside him. “Check your phone.”

“Why?” you stared at him, confused.

“Just do it, baby,” he insisted.

“Fine,” you sighed, picking up your phone but your expression slowly fading away into uncomfortableness as you read the text he had just sent you.

J: Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?
Y/N: Fucking behave. We’re at dinner.

You glared at him and he turned his head away, acting unfazed.

J: Answer the question.
Y/N: You know I always like what I see when I’m staring at you
J: Yeah but how did you feel?
Y/N: Wdym?
J: All those people staring at me, all those fans probably lusting over me, and you there, watching me tug down my pants…

“Hey!” Jenna snapped. “He’s asking you what you want to drink.”

“Huh?” both you and Josh looked up from your phones, turning red, staring at the waiter.

“Anything to drink?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, uh yeah,” you stammered out. Josh just looked at you, pretending as if nothing had happened. The waiter took your drink order and walked away, Tyler striking up a conversation about some of the performances.

“What if you guys performed?” Jenna laughed. “You think you’d bring the hamster ball and giant confetti canon to the Grammy’s?”

“Oh I’m sure we would figure something out,” Tyler nodded. You felt your phone buzz in your lap and you shot Josh a glare before opening it.

J: Stop leaving questions unanswered babe
Y/N: Stop texting me dirty things and actually pay attention to the conversation
J: I am
Y/N: Jenna and Tyler invited us here to celebrate, not to be antisocial
J: Answer the question
Y/N: Fine, sure. I was turned on. Is that what you wanted to hear?

“Don’t you think, y/n?” Jenna wondered and you flickered your eyes up, completely lost in what they were talking about. There was a second of silence before she hinted you on. “We’d get the drum kits and just make the crowd hold them up?”

“Oh definitely,” you gave a fake laugh before glancing down at your phone again, angry and annoyed at Josh’s attempts.

J: How turned on?
Y/N: I might be turned on but I’m about ready to turn my phone off if you keep this shit up
J: I’m not even doing anything
Y/N: Sure…
J: You wouldn’t dare
Y/n: Watch me
J: Don’t

“You guys, okay? You seem pretty distracted,” Tyler finally brought up the obvious.

“Just a lot of people congratulating us,” Josh shrugged. “Sorry, it’s probably not the appropriate time for this.”

“You’re right,” you quickly agreed. “I say we turn our phones off for the rest of the dinner.”

“Smart idea,” Jenna smiled at the proposition, but you caught Josh giving you a death stare beside you. You quickly shut off your phone and put it face down on the table, watching as Josh slowly did the same.

“You’ll be sorry you did that,” Josh murmured under his breath, just enough for you to realize. You swallowed uncomfortably, trying to ignore his comments. What was he so worked up about anyways? Geez.

“Do you think we’ll get invited back?” Tyler joked.

“Most likely,” Jenna nodded. “You guys are so talented. You’re bound to win another.”

“Then we’ve got to take it up a notch,” Tyler decided. “What’s more attention grabbing than standing up there in our underwear?”

“Oh I’m sure you two could think of plenty of things,” Jenna chuckled softly. Your hand was laying in your lap when you felt Josh lay his hand on top of yours underneath the table. You drew in a sharp breath and Tyler gave you an uncertain glance for a second before dismissing it, and you exhaled, trying to ignore it. Maybe he was just trying to hold hands.

“We’ll go streaking next Grammys!” Tyler cried.

“No way,” Jenna shook her head, stifling her laughter. “Not on my watch.”

“I bet y/n would love to see that,” Josh smirked and you narrowed your eyes, apparent you didn’t find his humor amusing. You felt him grab ahold of your wrist underneath the table, lifting your hand off your lap and moving it towards his leg, then down, resting your hand right over his crotch, his hard on becoming extremely obvious. Shit, of course he’d pull something like this. Especially now without the texting. He laid his hand on top of yours again, pressing down and your felt your cheeks turn red, trying to act nonchalant as you were being guided on how to grope him underneath the table.

“You okay, y/n?” Jenna softened her eyes. “You look sort of uh…”

“I’m fine,” you shook your head. “I think I just need to use the restroom and clear my mind for a little bit. I think I’m a little dizzy from the Grammys, all those people and the lights and noise and stuff.”

“Okay, take care of yourself sweetie,” Jenna replied. “We’ll be here when you come back.” You tried to get up but Josh grabbed your arm, grip tight around your wrist. You tugged several times but he wouldn’t let go until finally you swiveled your arm out of his grasp and snatched your phone off the table, marching off to find the bathroom. Of course, when you got in, there were several texts from Josh. So much for the not using the phones thing.

J: Get your ass out here right now.
Y/N: I don’t know what the fuck is up with you tonight
J: You know exactly what’s up with me, stop playing stupid
Y/N: I don’t know if it’s just cause you won a Grammy so you think you can be cocky and all, but you’re acting like a total dick, Josh
J: I just want you baby
Y/N: You’re the one who said yes to dinner!
J: You’re the one who said no to texting
Y/N: And look where that led us
J: We can always ditch
Y/N: Shut up, that’d be so rude. Jenna and Tyler have been nothing but nice tonight
J: I just really want to fuck you, I saw you in that dress when we walked in the restaurant and maybe it’s the lighting or just the adrenaline rush from being on the stage or me taking my pants off earlier, but I really need this right now baby
Y/N: I know I want it too
J: Then please
Y/N: After dinner
J: During dinner
Y/N: No
J: Fine. Either way come out right now. Jenna’s getting worried and she’s gonna check up on you if you don’t show soon.
Y/N: If I come out, will you behave?
J: Sure
Y/N: See you soon
J: Love youuu
Y/N: Love you too, dimwit

You took a deep breath and collected yourself before heading back to the table and sliding in the seat beside Josh, plastering a smile on your face. “You feeling better, honey?” Jenna wondered.

“Yeah I’m doing just fi-” you couldn’t help but stop midsentence as Josh put a hand on your upper thigh, resting it there above the fabric of your dress. “Fine. I’m doing fine.”

“Okay…” Jenna shrugged.

“Did you feel sick?” Tyler frowned, looking worried and concerned. “I think Jenna has some painkillers in her purse if you need it.”

“I’m fine, r-EALLY,” your voice wavered as Josh tugged up the fabric of your dress to your waist, both your legs bare and exposed underneath the table. Fuck.

“You sure?” Tyler insisted, sensing something was off.

“Yeah, honessssssssssst,” you reassured, ignoring the way your voice dragged out at the end when Josh’s thumb dipped underneath the waistband of your underwear and slid the fabric down your legs to above your knees.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” Josh reassured, sly smile on his face only you could detect. Hell, and to think Tyler and Jenna thought he was being sweet. You bit down on your lower lip hard when you felt Josh’s fingers brush past your clit and rest against your folds.

“Who’s ready for some appetizers?” the waiter wondered, smile on his face as he approached.

As soon as you were about to answer Josh’s fingers pushed into you and you let out a moan, everyone at the table turning their attention towards you. “Ohhhh those sound delicious,” you tried to recover. “Mmm god, appetizers? That just sounds so, oh fuck-” Josh began to pump his fingers in and out of you, staring at you above the table as if nothing was even going on. “I’m so hungry. Appetizers, hell yeah.” You were doing such a shitty job at covering up your act but it was the best alternative you could think of at the moment. Your legs were starting to shake and you could barely speak.

“Someone’s um, particularly hype for appetizers,” Tyler commented.

“I love me some good fooooood,” you moaned the last part as Josh curled his fingers inside of you, hitting your g-spot. “Shit, food is so great. Damn.”

“Someone really likes food,” the waiter chuckled, looking confused and uncomfortable, almost everyone unable to understand what your problem was.

“Come on baby,” Josh prodded. “Why don’t you order something?”

“Sure,” you glanced at him, noticing the way he was trying so hard to suppress a smirk, then flickered your eyes back to the menu. You attempted to cross your legs in hopes of Josh quitting it but he only rammed his fingers deeper inside of you and you gasped in your seat, Tyler and Jenna whipping their heads towards you.

“Okay, spill it,” Jenna demanded. “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s wrong?” the waiter softened his expression. “Uh, is there anything I can do to help?”

“I just think I need to get some fresh air,” you shook your head. “Josh, um, why don’t you come out with me for a little bit?”

“Sure,” Josh agreed slowly. “Whatever you say, babe.” He slowly drew his fingers out from inside you and you took the opportunity to slide up your panties and tug down your dress, then grabbed Josh’s hand with a tight grip and basically dragged him out the door.

“You’re fucking dead,” you hissed, tugging him outside and to the back of the restaurant.

“What do you mean?” he raised his eyebrows, acting innocent. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Shut the fuck up,” you demanded, tugging him to a place without windows or cars or pedestrians and quickly surveying the area before crashing your lips on his, pushing him back into the wall of the restaurant, slamming his body against yours and grinding yourself down on him. Your sloppy, messy, desperate kisses became more heated and you finally pulled away, staring into his eyes. “Don’t pull that shit during dinner ever again. I hate you.”

“You fucking love me,” he rolled his eyes. “You know you were just as turned on as I was, baby.”

“I still am,” you murmured, tilting your head back as he sucked on your neck, his lips trailing down your skin.

“Dammit you look so good in this dress,” he sighed. He traced the outlines of your body with his palms, sliding them down your figure, resting at your hips when you took a step away. “Where you going baby?”

“To dinner,” you snapped. “To behave.”

“You’re going to leave me like this?” he frowned, disappointed. “Come on, I’m dying here and I’ve already tried everything.”

“Listen up, Joshua,” you sighed, walking closer and poking a finger in his chest, glaring up at him. You leaned in close, remaining eye contact, lowering your voice to a whisper. “When we get home, you are going to get in that bedroom with me, and you’re going to receive another big award with yours pants off. But that’s never going to happen unless you behave, understand?”

“I like the sound of that,” he smirked.

“Good,” you decided. “Now come with me and let’s order some fucking appetizers.”

In My Feelings (G.D) SMUT

A/N: I don’t condone in taking drugs or drinking alcohol, neither does Grayson, this is all just for fictional purposes. Plus I worked my ass off on this after I got home so you better appreciate it :)

Request: “Hey I love your ‘flesh’ smut!! I was wondering if you could do a Grayson smut to Lana Del Reys song ‘feelings’ off of her latest album??

Word count: Over 4200

Warnings: Mentions of drug use and alcohol, smut, fingering, and yeah cussing of course ;)

Originally posted by too-cool-to-know-ya

“Want one?” Josh extended an arm, his lips forming an “O” shape so the repulsing fumes gushed onto your face. The lit up cigarette in between his index and middle finger as he cocked an eyebrow. You gagged and shoved his hand away, “I would like to keep my lungs in tact, if that’s okay with you.” You replied and looked away. He scoffed and leaned back against the wall, “Whatever you want babe.” He said as he brought the cigar back up to his lips. You refrained from rolling your eyes as you stretched your neck back to look behind you two. “Shouldn’t Gray be back by now?” You muttered under your breath as you wrapped your arms around your torso in an attempt to warm yourself up.
“Don’t know, don’t care.” You heard Josh mumble. You furrowed your eyebrows and punched him in the arm. “Don’t be such an ass.” You hissed and crossed your arms. “I don’t even know why I’m dating such a loser like you.” You laughed harshly and leaned forward to snatch a newly open cigarette from his hands, lighting it up and bringing it up to your lips.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’ on my treadmill
But I’m comin’ up roses
Could it be that I fell for another loser?

Suddenly two fingers came forward and plucked them out of your own, you cracked open an eye and raised your eyebrows, Grayson coyly smiled down at you as he carelessly tossed the unused cigarette onto the ground. “Don’t smoke kids.” He gave you a certain kind of glare and you felt your cheeks redden. “I’m not a kid.” You huffed and crossed your arms against your chest as you leaned up against the cool brick wall. “Mm, last time I checked your not a legal adult yet my darling, twenty-one’s the age and your not there yet.” Grayson gave you a smug grin and you gently pushed him. “Oh shut up I’m 17, Im old enough, Mr. Adult.” You looked around to make sure no one was watching and turned back to Grayson and Josh. “What do you think about heading back to my place? I’m not a fan of the cold weather.” You smiled at Grayson and turned to Josh. “Really? We’ve never been to your place.” Josh’s eyes lit up a certain way you’ve never seen and you felt weirded out but decided to not ponder on it anymore. “Yeah sure, it’s not very far.” You shrugged as if you didn’t care but deep down you did. Living alone in LA as a teen took a toll on you, you were corrupted by society and social anxiety, trying so hard to fit in with the rest, but trying to fit in only made you even more of an outcast. You didn’t belong there and everyone knew it. It sent you on the wrong path. A path down drugs and alcohol, an endless string of loser ex-boyfriends who only wanted you for your body and nothing else. The only one who was honest to you was Grayson, he couldn’t stand seeing you like this so he felt the need to tell you. Tell you to leave and pursue your dreams.

“Get out of here.” He had said one night. “What?” You inquired and turned to gaze at him. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but you don’t belong here. LA’s not your place, and to be honest it’s not mines either.” Grayson admitted and stared down at his hands. Your head fell onto his shoulder as a small sigh escaped your lips, “I know. But I can’t exactly go back. My mom hates me for running away.”
“Why’d you run?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”

Grayson never understood what happened that night, he didn’t understand your way of reasoning. However he understood you as a person, perfectly. Better than you did to be honest. Better than your past ex-boyfriends and so called “Best friends.”
He was your right hand, even if he was 4 years older than you were.
And you couldn’t lie, there were even times you found yourself fantasizing about him. How could you not? Especially with how he looked, He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. He must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by a long gaze and weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was so modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more. Despite all the opportunity that came his way he was a one-woman-man who found genuineness and thoughtful conversations more attractive over lipstick and designer fashion. He was handsome alright, but on the inside he was beautiful.
His rich chocolate hair that had always looked as if he had just woken up, you found it adorable. He had strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, it could be illegal. And then his eyes they were deep and catastrophic, a bright hazel that sometimes, softly melted into a glossy, olive-green. He also had distinct cheekbones and sharp jaw, his sun-kissed skin made him look devilishly handsome and you could never look away.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
Makin’ love while I’m makin’ good money
Sobbin’ in my cup of coffee
‘Cause I fell for another loser

He’s wasn’t usually the kind of guy you went for either. For starters, he was a brunette and you’ve always had a certain fondness towards blondes. You lusted after blue eyed men, just take a trip down memory lane and look back at all your exes. Blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. They were your go-to..until you met Grayson.

Grayson waved a limp hand in your direction and promised to meet you both there soon. You nodded and led Josh towards your apartment. Stuffing the key inside, you twisted the door knob and kicked it open. “Looks like a nice place to crash.” Josh said as he walked in, toeing off his shoes with ease. “Excuse me?” You scoffed as you tugged off your leather jacket. “What? I’m your boyfriend, so I can stay here whenever I want” Josh said as he plopped down onto your couch, pulling a cigarette out of his coat pocket. He cupped his hand around it and used his lighter to set the cigar aflame. You stood directly in front of him and snatched it from his hands. “Don’t want my house smelling like smoke, and I want you out.” You said as you tossed the cigar into the trash can. Josh gave you a boisterous laugh before giving you a cheeky smile. “No you don’t, you love me.” He smirked and your eyes immediately widened. “When in god’s name have I EVER said that?” You replied and placed your hands on your hips. Josh’s eyes glossed up and down your body as he gnawed on his lower lip mischievously. “You don’t need to say it babe.” He winked at you and you cringed before running your hands through your hair. “God. Why did I even start dating you, you’re so full of yourself and such a damn idiot.” You muttered as you pressed your index finger, middle finger and thumb to the temple of your forehead in an attempt to calm yourself. You heard Josh’s soft chuckle from the couch and you sighed. “Leave, before I have to make you leave.”

“What’re you gonna do? Huh? Little 17 year old girl. You’re such a dirty slut, you like fucking older guys don’t you?” He growled and stood up. “You and I have NEVER, EVER had any intimacy other than kissing, alright?” You jabbed a finger hard, into his chest and he fell back against the cushions. “Calm down!” He hissed and stood up once more. “Don’t tell me to calm down. You damn prick, get the hell out of my apartment. It took me this long to realize how much of a disappointment you are. You’re disrespectful to me, and not only me but any other women you’ve come across. Im done. Im so done. Get out before I’ll have to call Grayson to come put your ass in check.”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time
While you’re takin’ what’s mine with the things that you’re doin

“Yeah, cause you’ve been fucking him on the low right? Like the dirty whore you are?”

Your eyes narrowed as the man continued to taunt you with his vicious, disgusting words. He was tall and handsome, but a pretty face wasn’t going to get him out of this.
“What did you say?” You asked in a whisper.
A cruel sneer formed on his smooth face and he leaned forward, eyes bearing straight into yours. “I said, you’ve been fucking Grayson. Like the dirty whore you are and always will be. Going from guy to guy every week.” He snickered as you inhaled a sharp breath.
Your hands twitched and you could feel a vein pulsing on your forehead. “You know what? You’re right, I have been fucking Gray. And he fucks me a hell lot better than you would.”

Josh’s eyebrows furrowed and he stepped forward. “Go ahead. Hit me.”

“Sorry kid, but I don’t fight children. Especially-”
“But you’ll date one?”
“You’re no better than the rest of the guys I’ve dated. All sore losers.” You closed in the distance between the man and you, your voice lowered, almost to a whisper. “Get the hell out. Or do I have to beat your ass myself?”

Josh scoffed before pulling out a cigarette, “I only stood with you for the sex but apparently your not as easy as the rumors say.”
“Yeah, well rumors are rumors for a reason aren’t they? They’re undetermined, but you’ve gotten your answer..haven’t you?”
The man gave you a scowl before opening your door and leaving. The damn nerve. You didn’t know what just happened, what made you snap at him but then one glance outside you’re window told you everything.

Talk that talk, well now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

You watched him cross the crowded road, he didn’t see you yet so you gazed freely. He wasn’t particularly special looking, but to you he stood out from the others, all of them dodging the puddles together. There was something about Grayson, a slight confidence and inflated ego, that had you muddling your words and blushing uncontrollably whenever he was around. He caught you through the window and smiled, making his way to the door. Even under the angry clouds and drizzle he looked like sunshine. 

He opened the door and you immediately engulfed him into a hug. “Uh, where’s Josh?” He asked you and you didn’t even bother to pull away to give him a direct answer, you just mumbled a soft, “Dumped him.”

“It was about time. He was beginning to get on my nerves,” You heard Grayson say and let out a soft laugh against his neck. You felt as he stepped forward, your arms still draped around his torso as he kicked the door shut. “I need to stop dating such losers.” You sighed and pulled away. “Date a man Y/N.” Grayson murmured softy as he stared blankly ahead of you. “I only have one man in my life..” You whispered and looked up at him. The bright light peeking through the window glossed over half of Grayson’s face, casting a glow to his skin as he looked down at you. “I know.”

“It’s wrong.”

“That didn’t stop you from dating Josh, now did it baby?”

The word made you melt into his arms, but you grasped his biceps to hold yourself up as you both stared at eachother with intent.
Your gaze slid to the side. Unexpectedly, he pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably in his arms. You weren’t used to being so intimately handled, the closest you’ve gotten to intimacy is when Josh gave you sloppy kisses but that was it. You felt his lips softly graze your neck and your face immediately heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His hazel eyes twinkled. He knew. He knew of your attraction for him and he was trying to make you feel like that.

‘Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feeling so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered so you could feel his warm breath in your ear. You wrinkled your nose in protest and softly giggled.

“Shut up and kiss me.” You whispered back.

His lips gently brushed yours and you smelt his minty breath as your bodies press together.
His hand reached for yours and they interlocked as you kissed tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly. He pulled the loose fitted, silky white tank-top up, over your head and you felt the little sparks of static dancing over your skin from his fingers that gently skimmed your skin. It was a magical feeling and made you shiver in pleasure.

His lips pressed against yours with passion, love, and affection as his warm hands roamed all over your naked body leaving a trail of sparks in their wake.
“You act as if I’ve never seen you naked before.” He muttered against you with mocking amusement, referring to the drunken night you two had shared a year ago. You pulled away and lifted a hand to caress the stubble growing on his chin ever so softly. “Because you haven’t. I’m in my feelings right now baby.”

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

You watched as a smile began to etch upon his face and he leaned forward. “Thank you. For revealing your vulnerabilities to me, I promise I’m not like them, I’ll treat you how you deserve to be treated my love.” His words made your heart flutter, and you found your hands unzipping his leather jacket and pealing it off his arms quickly. Grayson wasted no time in lifting you up by your thighs. You crashed your lips against his once more as he began to walk forward. “Mm, bedroom?” He questioned and you pulled away to leave soft, delicate kisses along his jaw and neck. “Straight ahead, make a right. White door.” You whispered against his neck. You nipped gently at the skin there as Grayson stumbled into the wall. You snorted out a laugh as he stood up again and began to walk into your bedroom. He kicked the door shut and laid you down onto the bed, you moved your hair away from the right side of your neck and waited for Grayson to make a move. You had been longing for his touch for many months, and he was here, ready to fulfil not only your sexual desires but many more. Your insides craved his touch. You craved his touch, ever since that night you two shared ages ago, the dirty memories remained at the back of your mind, and you still couldn’t believe you had done that.
You watched as his hands found the hem of his t-shirt, getting rid of it in one swift movement leaving you in awe of his toned and fit body.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’
This town and you better believe it honey
I’m laughin’ as I’m taking no prisoners
And taking down names

As soon as his soft, plump lips imprinted on your neck, You lost your train of thought, the only thing consuming your mind was the fact that he could make your breath hitch from a single touch. It had your head spinning.
He slowly massaged your breasts as he sucked and licked a mark onto your skin, making you arch your back and moan his name softly. You rolled your head to the side, your chest rising and falling dramatically under his influence. He smiled against your neck as your fingers tugged at his short hair and your other hand scratched at his back. You trailed your hand down towards his belt and fiddled with the buckle for a few moments before finally removing it. “Hmm, eager are we?” Grayson teased as he kissed the valley of your breasts, “Very.” You breathed and tugged down the zipper of his well-fitted jeans. Grayson smugly grinned as you and sat up, twisting his body to the side and angling his hips up so he could finally pull off his jeans and boxers. He length sprang right up and hit his lower abs and you held back your gasp. “I don’t remember it being THAT big..” You muttered as Grayson lifted up your thighs and place them by his sides. “It won’t hurt, I promise. Just relax, beautiful.” Grayson leaned forward and gave you a sweet tender kiss before undoing the button of your jeans. You nodded and grasped the bedsheets as he got rid of your undergarments.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
In the smoke they can hear me comin’
If you were me, and I was you
I’d get out of my way

You watched as he licked his lips hungrily at the sight of you, he hovered over you and pressed a kiss to your jaw as his finger drew small circles over you clit. You drew in a ragged breath and he sped up his movements. “God, don’t stop.” You moaned and sunk your nails into his biceps as your back arched off the mattress. “Wasn’t planning to, baby girl.” He hummed in satisfaction that he could make your body shudder by only doing this and slid a finger into you. You moaned loudly but Grayson muffled it by attaching his lips to yours. “Quiet now, you don’t want your neighbors to hear do you?”

You sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and nodded as he added another finger, making you whimper. “Shhh..I’m just getting you ready.” He whispered and moved to kiss your breasts. He enclosed his lips around one of your nipples, sucking, licking and slightly biting sending shivers of pleasure down your spine as you grinded your hips against him in search of more. “What do you want? Huh? What do you want me to do to you?”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time while you’re takin’ what’s mine
Well, you know what you’re doin’
Talk that talk, well, now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

“Fuck. I want your mouth on me Gray, please.”

Without warning, Grayson slid down your body and spread your legs apart, blowing cool air onto your exposed clit sending jolts throughout your entire body. He leaned forward and flicked your throbbing clit with his tongue making you arch your back. He used his other hand to play with your nipples as his tongue drew figure eights onto your sweet spot. “Grayson please!” You moaned out in pleasure. “Please what?” The vibrations coming from his mouth intensified the pleasure coursing throughout your body and you rolled your hips against his tongue, “Please, make me come.”

Grayson suddenly inserted two fingers into you and pumped at a fast pace, he curled them up unexpectedly and hit your g-spot making you come hard. You clenched around his fingers and Grayson’s name left your mouth followed by a bunch of other profanities as you caught your breath. “Jesus..” You sighed and felt Grayson smirk against you. He readied himself by your entrance and you halted him.

“It’s been a while since you took my virginity. gentle.” You whispered and Grayson looked at you with admiration and sympathy, crawling over your body to give you, yet another kiss. “I’ll go as slow as possible, even if it physically hurts me from how amazing you’ll feel wrapped around me.” He whispered into your ear and you felt your cheeks redden. He bit down on your earlobe gently and gave the skin under there a swift kiss before he entered you slowly.

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

Your grip on the sheets tightened till your knuckles turned white but you willed yourself to remain calm so it wouldn’t hurt any more than it needed to. “Doing okay?” Grayson looked up at you through lust-filled eyes and you nodded quickly as if to tell him it was okay to continue. He thrusted into you slowly and your body jolted up as your walls expanded to fit his length. “K-keep going.” You whispered and Grayson pulled out once more. He thrusted in a bit faster and harder and you already felt the pain fading away. With a newfound surge of energy and confidence, you slapped a palm onto Grayson’s lower back, you drew him closer by draping your arm around his neck and you gave him a passionate and lustful kiss. “Faster.” Was all you said. Grayson gave you a look, a look that asked if you were sure, because if he started he was going to keep it up till you both came. Hard.
You almost immediately nodded and smiled. “Fuck me Gray. Do it better than any guy ever could. Fuck me like the man you are.”
Those words edged Grayson on, and he sped up his thrusts, so fast to the point your body was bouncing up against the bed in time with his rhythmic movements. “Oh fuck!” You exclaimed and clung onto Grayson’s back desperately. He pounded you into the mattress, the only sounds being heard were your moans and the constant squeaking of your bed. You were sure it would break with how hard Grayson was going but you didn’t want it to end.

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

Damn, that was the last thing you wanted, but as Grayson quickly found your g-spot you knew it would be over soon. Suddenly he slowed down his quick movements and stood still so his tip was pressed against your g-spot. “Moan my name, Y/N..” Grayson began as he rocked his hips against yours, the head of his cock rubbing circles around it as your jaw fell slack. The fact that he knew exactly where it was and how to angle himself into you to directly hit it amazed you. You involuntarily moaned out Grayson as he thrusted into you slowly but rough. “Let it out baby girl, moan my name so you know how a real man should make you feel.” He smirked and brought a hand down to rub at your clit viciously. “Oh! Gray! Im gonna-” He cut you off by slamming his mouth onto yours, enveloping you into a hungry kiss as you released all you had onto him, he came shortly after and fell limp against you.

Got me up in this place right now
Makin’ no sense at all
Got me up in this place right now, against the wall
Got me feelin’ so blue
Makin’ no sense at all
Gotta leave right now

He propped himself up onto his elbows and hovered over you. You looked past him solemnly and bit your lip. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Grayson rolled besides you and wrapped you comfortably in his arms. “Before you got here..and I dumped Josh. We got into a heated argument and he accused me of sleeping with you and called me a dirty whore for doing it. Now I’m just realizing how right he is..” You muttered and broke eye contact with Grayson to look away. “That’s not true.”

“Stop it.”
“Stop what? It’s the truth, I go from guy to guy, I’m a slut-”
“There’s a difference Y/N.” Grayson cut in and you stretched your neck back to look at him as he spooned you under the covers. You felt as he softly caressed your thighs and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “And what’s that?”
“Sleeping around is different from trying to find love..” He murmured and nuzzled his head into the cranny of your neck. You felt your breath hitch and your body stiffen under Grayson’s.
Was that what you were looking for? Was that the emptiness you felt that only Grayson could fill?
Did this mean you loved him?

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)
Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s free-er than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings


anonymous asked:

hey! can you write a josh fic or imagine where the reader sees him flirt with an interviewer and she gets super insecure about herself and their relationship, but josh shows her how much she means to him? :) thank you so much tay, i love your blog and you so much


Normally you’d be fine with it, you were so used to them by now. But today was different and it was nagging in your brain. Nagging you and making you feel vulnerable and insecure. Two things you never were. But there it was, lingering in your head much like an itch you just couldn’t scratch. Your old insecurities and abandonment issues came to the forefront of your mind, rearing themselves bright and shiny so you could do nothing but look. And sulk.

Tyler and Josh were being interviewed cause that’s what they do more often than not, talking about upcoming music and the new tour and basically everything and anything band related. The same boring questions with a few surprising ones in there, sometimes they were lucky enough to get someone who wouldn’t fall back on questions long since answered and today they got just that.

The girl-you’d normally say woman, but she was younger than you-and adorably sweet, a bit too sweet.  She giggled in appropriate places and reached out to playfully slap Josh’s arm more than once so far.  You cringed at Josh’s terrible joke (even though you did love them) but the girl, he thinks her name was Alexa, laughed and it was just way too forced.

And that’s what made that incessant feeling of inadequacy come to light.  No one could resist his charms and you were well aware of it. You were also well aware of how this girl was leaning forward closer and closer into Josh.

“I heard that this is your first time in the city,” She leaned in and raised an eyebrow, a perfectly sharp eyebrow.  Josh nods.  “Do you know all the hot spots you have to visit?”

You knew that these types of questions always arose but what you didn’t expect was for Josh’s response, “Well how about we get your number and you can show us all these spots?”

Your mouth practically fell open at the overtly forward action your boyfriend just pulled, never before had Josh said something like that towards… well anyone. Not a stranger and certainly not a girl interviewing them. That’s what made your mind race.

She doesn’t draw it out though.  After a few minutes, her attention shifts to Tyler, making you exhale.

“So Tyler, tell us a little about the song writing process?”

You were grateful to the shift, so you could sulk with the feeling that you weren’t good enough. Shouldn’t someone so desperately in love with you, Josh’s words not yours, not do something like that in front of the person they love? Hell, even if you weren’t there you’d never expect Josh to say something like that. You crossed your arms tightly around your chest, a defense mechanism you always used when you started to feel insecure or inadequate.  

When you looked back up, brown eyes bored into yours. You avoided Josh’s piercing gaze to pretend to pay attention to what Tyler was going on about but you felt Josh’s eyes remain on you the last ten minutes of the interview.  As soon as it concluded, and you watched Josh talking to Alexa even after the interview was finished, you spun on your feet, leaving the studio as quickly as possible.

“Unbelievable,” you mumbled under your breath because yeah you were feeling less than loved at the moment but you were also a little angry too. You had every right. It all stemmed from your constant fear that one day, your one and only, Josh would leave you. He had more than enough opportunities and probably more than enough reasons to do so. You just didn’t like to be reminded that he could.

You quickly climbed into the crew’s bus, hoping you’d be left alone on the way back to your hotel. You didn’t really even want to be near Josh at this point, you were too gone in your own head, letting every last anxiety, hesitation and fear play in your mind on repeat, like a broken record you imagined the day you’d come home to find Josh in bed with someone else. Or the inevitable fight where he’d walk out the door and never turn back.

You bit your lip and stayed silent, something you’re not really known for when Tyler slid onto the couch next to you, “Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Huh?” You didn’t even know Tyler was on the bus.

“You look kind of out of it today. What’ s going on?” He asked sincerely adjusting his hoodie and lifting up a leg.

You shrugged, “Just tired. Long day.”

Tyler could see through your bullshit and even though you were a relatively competent liar, you weren’t fooling anyone, “Uh huh, so Josh’s little flirting spree earlier has nothing to do with why you look as if he just broke up with you.” He state it more than he questioned it because he knew he was right. Tyler was good at being intuitive about this kind of stuff.

You huffed and let your body deflate, head thudding on the back of the seat, “He’s such an ass.”

“Your ass though.” Tyler reminded you getting you to smirk slightly.

“Like, why does he have to do that? Like I get it he’s the charming one but that-“

“Excuse you,” Tyler interjected.

“You’re the handsome one, relax.”

“Okay, better.  Go on.”

“Just you know how I am— I’m terrified that one day he won’t be there when I come home. Like he could leave at a moment’s notice and not bat an eye.” You felt the sting in your eyes because saying it out loud made it feel as if it were one step closer to becoming true.

“Y/N, that boy is in love with you. Like it’s kinda disgusting actually. He’s not going anywhere.”

You nodded slowly. But it wasn’t enough. Letting Tyler’s voice into your ears only temporarily dulled the voice in your head saying you weren’t good enough, that Josh was only around cause it was convenient right now and the moment he could, he’d bolt.

You holed yourself up in the bathroom of your hotel suite that you had to, now unfortunately, share with your boyfriend.  Doubt had come to skip and plant seeds of disproval and abhorrence amongst the folds and creases of your brain.

Finally away from everyone else you did let yourself cry, not a full on bawling spree but splashes of terrified uncertainty did fall from your eyes, they became glassy and wet as your cheeks reddened and your bottom lip grew sore from biting it.

You were blowing your nose for a third time when you heard the door to the suite open then close, a muffled call of your name. You hoped that Josh didn’t hear you and would just leave so you could cry a bit more in peace but it seemed that fate wasn’t on your side. Soon enough there was a few knocks to the door, “Babe? You in there?”

Your voice cracked slightly, “Y-yeah.”

As soon as you felt you voice betray you, you knew Josh would grow concerned.

“You alright? Can I come in?” His voice was low and he moved the handle trying to open the door but found it locked.

“Y/N? Why’s the door locked love?” His voice rose slightly in confusion and slight terror. You never locked yourself away unless you were getting sick.

“Cause I-I….” But you couldn’t get it out. Couldn’t lie fast enough right now because Josh was on the other side of that door, being his usual devoted self and you could hear the panic in your own voice. You broke down into a muffled sobbing mess with your back against the wall, the heavy echoes of your crying bouncing around the room.

“Y/N! What’s wrong!? Are you hurt?! Open the door!” The handle shook violently but the door didn’t budge. Josh standing on the other side hearing you, a blubbering mess. You rarely cried so he was on high alert.

You took a deep breath and sniffed hard, your nose officially stuffed now as your voice wavered, “Why do you love me?”

The door handle stopped moving as Josh pressed his ear closer to the door, you were only making small noises but he definitely heard you say something, “What was that?”

“Why do-“ you let out a long breath trying to calm yourself down, it was working for the moment, “Josh, why do you love me?”

Silence. Stunned silence. You waited for an answer that you figured wouldn’t come. Josh was shocked at where this was coming from, why was he being asked that of all things? “I, I-“

He couldn’t think of an answer. Well he could of course but his head was fuzzy with why you were crying in a locked bathroom asking him why he loved you. Didn’t make sense and it made a deep line form between his eyebrows. Then he heard you mumble, “I knew it, I knew this would happen.”

“What happened? Y/N, what’s going on?”

“You’re gonna leave me.” You hiccuped out because now your brain was telling you that yes, Josh would leave.

“Y/N, never. I’m never gonna leave you. Please baby, open the door?” Josh scrambled and scratched at the wood that was barring him from saving someone he couldn’t lose. Wherever you were going, Josh would bring you back.

“Why do you lo-love me Josh? Why do you stay with me?” Your voice went a bit higher as some more cries exited your mouth, covering it with your hand, you tried to breathe through your nose-as difficult as that was- as more tears fell over your knuckles. Saying it out loud hurt more than thinking it.

“Because I love you. That’s why I stay with you. I need you, you know that.” He sternly admitted.

“Josh…”  You sobbed, clasping your hand back over your mouth to try and contain the sadness gushing out.

“Is this-is this about earlier? The interview girl?” Josh’s voice rumbled through the wood and could be heard clearer as he sat down on the floor and his voice could travel under the door better. You made another choked sound at that and squeezed your eyes shut, more salty pain running over your blotchy cheeks.

“Babe, you know I was just messing with her. Please don’t think I meant a single word of that. It’s only you babe, only ever been you. I’m not going anywhere I promise. Please? Open the door?”

You shook your head even though Josh couldn’t see you, leaning your head back against the door and continuing to squeeze your eyes shut. You bit down on your fingernails, a habit you tended to revert back to whenever emotionally distressed.  

“Stop biting your nails, you know I can’t stand that.” Came a command through the door. You pulled your hand from your mouth, fucking Josh Dun.

You blew your nose one more time and gulped down the lump in your throat as Josh sighed and spoke to you, soft and intimate, “Y/N, I’m in love with you. I always have been, even since the beginning. I know I flirted tonight and all that, and I’m sorry, but it was harmless, I promise.”

You raised a shoulder and nodded because you did know.

“Please love, know that I’m not going anywhere—“

You wiped your eyes with your long sleeves much more like paws over your small hands and let out deep whoosh of air from his lungs.

“Now you gonna open the door or what? I’ve been dying to kiss you, like, all day you know.” Josh said as he stood, the small pops in his knees sounding through the door. There was a shuffling on the other side of the door and the metal of the lock clicked and it slowly creaked open. There you sat with eyes pink and glassy, cheeks blotchy and swollen, lips red and shiny.

You wiped under your eyes again with a sniff. “I’m just- I’m scared Josh.”

Josh moved towards you quickly, a look of sympathy on his face, he brushed his long fingers through your hair, “Scared of what babe?”

“That you’ll go. You could anytime.” You shrugged. It was emotional but it was truth.

“I could but…” Josh rubbed his thumb across your cheek.


“But I don’t want to. It’s you babe, it’ll always be you. There are billions of people out there but none of them compare to you when it comes to my heart and who owns it. You own it.” He smirked tiredly.

“I do?” you asked sheepishly.

“You always have. Now come here.” Josh didn’t wait for a movement as he pulled you into an all encompassing hug, his arms wrapping tightly around you as you laid your head against his chest.  Josh’s familiar smell and the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your back brought immediate comfort into the depths of you, allowing your mind to finally stop racing.  Josh plants kisses on the top of your head, whispering, “No one compares to you.”

When you finally pull back, Josh takes your face in his hand hands, looking over your tired features, “Beautiful.” He sighed out with a gentle smile.

“Shut up, I look like shit,” you chuckle softly.  

“You look beautiful. Now kiss me, it’s too long since you have.”

He leaned down as you leaned up, your toes extending to reach up and bring their mouths together, slow kisses shared between you as your hands gripped Josh’s broad shoulders and felt the tongue that had mapped your entire body slip into your mouth. You sighed softly into the kiss as Josh’s body pressed against yours more firmly, the wide expanses of it dwarfing your own body, making you feel small and fragile.

Josh bent his knees slightly and proceeded to lift you off the ground, both legs automatically wrapping around his waist and arms to go around his neck, “Gonna show you baby. Gonna show you how much I love you.”

Secret Girlfriend || Josh

Josh masterpost found here

Word count - 1,252

Summary - The one with the month-long secret girlfriend.

You and Josh hadn’t been dating for very long- a month at the most. So far, no one knew you even existed, and vice versa. You both kept your relationship from your family and friends and he worked extra hard to keep you from his fans. It wasn’t like you were hiding each other per say. It was just nice to have your relationship be just that: yours. 

You often spent the night with Josh. Even before your first time with him, you liked to go there just to lay in bed with him and feel his body close to yours. That was one thing you loved about being with Josh; not every intimate moment had to be sexual.

Not that you had anything against the sexual ones. They were pretty damn great too.

You and Josh were laying in bed, fingers intertwined and your head on his chest. “Are we still going out tomorrow night?” you asked, letting your fingers trail up and down his arm.

“Yeah,” he said. “I just gotta tell the guys. They want to go clubbing.”

“What are you gonna tell them?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged. “I’ll tell them I have a date.”

“Right, like that’s gonna go over well.”

“What you don’t think that’s believable?”

“I just think they’re gonna absolutely love grilling you until you cave.”

Josh laughed, “I love your faith in me.” You rolled your eyes and he gave you a small kiss on the head. “I can handle this.”

When you woke up the next morning, you immediately rolled over and snuggled closer to Josh. “Mmm, good morning to you too,” he smiled, putting his arms around you and holding you closer to him.

“Can we go get breakfast?” you asked.

“You want to go out?”

“I really want some pancakes.”

“Alright,” he said. “But I want to lay here for just a little bit longer.”

“Fine by me,” you smiled.

You climbed on top of Josh and pressed your lips to his. He smiled and rolled you both over so that he was on top of you. The kiss was slow but you had your fingers tangled in his hair, tugging it and bringing his head closer to yours. He grinned and let out a soft groan, lowering his hips down to yours so that he was grinding against you. Just when you started to wrap your legs around his waist, you heard a knock at the door.

Josh let out a sigh and pulled away from you. “No,” you whined, grabbing onto his neck and lowering his lips to yours again. Josh chuckled and went back to kissing you. His hands went down to your waist, slowly pushing your shirt up your body until it was off your body and thrown on the floor. Before anything more could happen, the knock at the door was heard again.

“I gotta get it, babe,” he said as he pulled away from you again. “It’s probably just a package or something. I’ll be right back.” You sighed and let him go, watching as he pulled on some sweats and went to answer the door. You laid back down on the bed with a huff and grabbed your phone, scrolling through Instagram to occupy yourself.

About ten minutes had gone by and Josh still hadn’t come back in the bedroom yet. You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself out of bed, wondering what could be taking him this long. You grabbed the t shirt Josh had thrown on the ground and pulled it back over your head, then threw your hair up in a ponytail. “Josh?” you called, walking out of your room. “What’s keeping you, babe?”

You froze in your tracks when you saw who had really been at the door: Caspar, Jack, and Joe. “S-Sorry,” you stuttered. “Uh, I’ll just-” Josh smiled and grabbed your arm, keeping you from leaving the room.

“(Y/N), this is Caspar, Jack, and Joe,” Josh said, pointing at each of his friends respectively. “Guys, this is (Y/N). My girlfriend.”

You blushed and let Josh put his arm around you and hold you close to his side. “Wait really?” Caspar said, his eyes lighting up.

“You’ve been hiding a secret girlfriend?” Jack laughed.

“Only for a little while,” Josh said.

“How long’s a little while?” Joe asked.

“A month or so,” Josh shrugged.

“A month!” Jack shouted, faking extreme exasperation. “How could you! You know, I could see myself doing that but you? It’s despicable! I’m ashamed!”

“Yeah, this is Jack’s level of petty, but I expected more from you Josh!” Joe agreed.

“Oi, this is not petty!” Josh said defensively. “What did you expect, me to tell you about her after our first date? You tend to scare people off.”

“We do not!” Jack said.

“Babe, how’re you feeling right now?” Josh asked, looking down at you.

“A little overwhelmed and pretty uncomfortable considering I’m just wearing a t shirt right now.”

“You see?” Josh said. “You made her- oh, wait, sorry (Y/N).” Josh grinned a little bit as he looked down at your outfit. “You want to go change?”

“Yes please,” you blushed. Josh placed a little kiss to your forehead right before you left the room. At this point, you could still hear the conversation Josh was having with the boys. As you changed, you stayed by the door so you could not-so-discreetly eavesdrop.

“She’s fit!” Jack said.

“I’m aware,” Josh laughed back.

“You like her?” Caspar asked.

“A lot,” Josh said. “It’s only been a month but you can learn a lot about someone in a month. I really like her. Yeah. A lot.” He paused, then added, “You’re not really mad we kept it from you, right?”

“No,” Caspar said immediately. “It makes sense. You never want to introduce a girl to your mates if you don’t think she’s going to stick around.”

“Yeah, he’s right,” Joe added. “It’s better to wait until you’re more serious.”

“Are you more serious?” Jack asked.

“I think so,” Josh said. “Like I said, I really really like her. I haven’t felt this way about a girl in ages. I feel, I don’t know, I feel good. I love being with her.”

“I’m proud of you, buddy,” Caspar said. “Don’t fuck this up. I want to get to know her before you ruin everything.”

“I’m not going to ruin anything!”

“Alright not that I don’t love spending time talking about Josh’s love life,” Joe teased, “but are we going out tonight or not?”

“Can’t,” Josh said. “We’ve got a date.”

“You have a girlfriend for a month and you’re already ditching us for her!” Jack laughed.

“Shove off,” Josh said as the other boys laughed. “Alright was that it? Is that really why the three of you came over and ruined my morning?”

“Ruined your morning?” Joe asked. “Did we walk in before morning sex?”

“Okay bye!” Josh said. Despite protests from the boys, you heard the front door close only a few seconds later. You had finished changing so you peaked your head out and gave Josh a little smile.

“Morning sex?” you asked. Josh grinned and quickly walked back over to you, pushing you up against the wall and kissing you forcefully. You grinned and kissed him back, knotting your fingers in his hair. He picked you up and held you close to him, walking with you back into the bedroom where you would spend a lot of time for the rest of the morning.

Euphoric (Josh Dun x reader)

I just wanted some good old fashion Josh fluff. Hope you do too.

Feel free to request an imagine.

Josh always made impromptu visits to your dorm room. But this one felt different. Instead of acting normal like he always did, he was quiet, reserved, and…nervous?

Like you said, Josh always randomly visited. You decided to go to college so you wouldn’t disappoint your parents. Meanwhile, Josh worked in the drum department of the local music store and tried to get by playing drums on the side. You and Josh always supported each other and were there for each other. I mean, you had been best friends since third grade. Since you two were small children, you were practically attached to the god damn hip. His mom treated you like one of her own and you’d always escape to Josh’s whenever you needed a break. Josh was your escape. He was the one for you when your anxiety got bad. Or when the stress from your parents got to be too much. Or when you felt the world conspired against you. And you always had his back when he was going through a bad time. But he was acting odd today. You had just been studying when he randomly showed up at your dorm room door, insisting he just needed to be with you. You assumed his anxiety had gotten bad but it hadn’t. He just sat on your bed, staring down at his hand, while you sat at your desk, pretending to focus on your work.

“So, what are you studying?” Josh timidly asked, the first thing he said since he first entered your dorm.

“Chemistry. My professor gave me an essay to do.” You whined, putting your pencil down and turning your chair to face him. “So, what’s up? You are acting odd.”

“Oh. Me? Odd?” Josh let out a nervous chuckle and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Josh, I’ve known you for years. What’s going on?” You asked, concerned about your friend.

“Why are you single?” Josh spit out causing you to go wide eye.

You knew why you were single. But Josh didn’t. Which was reasonable since the whole reason you were single was because you were pining for your best friend of years. But he didn’t know that so you just pretended it wasn’t true. “Um, I don’t know.” You muttered quietly, turning away from Josh to face your desk again.

“It doesn’t make sense. I mean you are beautiful. Like really pretty. And nice. And really cool.” Josh said, a blush creeping his cheeks.

You felt your cheeks turn a violent shade of red as you turned to look at your best friend. “Thanks, Josh. Can I ask why?”

“Why what?”

“Why you are asking about my relationship status?” You asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I was curious.” Josh said with a quirky grin that causes your whole body to go all giggly.

“Well, then, why are you single?” You asked confidently.

“Well, I mean, I guess I kind of like someone.” Josh said, his cheeks turning pink.

“Oh.” Your heart instantly dropped to your gut. Of course he liked someone. And they probably liked him back. He was attractive and sweet and the kindest person you’ve ever met. “Who is she?”

“Just a friend of mine. I’ve known her for a while but I am always too scared to tell her.” He said with an odd expression.

You sighed. You may love him, but he was your best friend and all you wished for him was happiness. So, of course you were gonna help him. Even if it broke your heart into a million pieces. “Well, maybe you should tell her. It might be worth it.”

“But, what is she doesn’t feel the same? What if I loose her?” Josh barely whispered, staring at you with such intensity that you started to feel uncomfortable but glued to the spot.

“If she is truly your friend, she shouldn’t ditch you because she doesn’t feel the same. But, she might. It’s always worth the shot.” You said with a shrug and small smile.

“Yeah, but she deserves so much better than what I can offer her.” He said and your heart broke on spot.

“Josh, you are an incredible, amazing guy who deserves the best. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy as wonderful and kind as you.” You said, giving his hand a light squeeze and earnest smile. Josh smiled back at you, grabbing your hand and intertwining his fingers with your own. You felt your breath hitch and you felt like screaming.

“(Y/N), have you ever loved someone?” Josh whispered as he pulled you closer and grabbed your other hand.

“Um, yeah. Actually. I do.” You said quietly, looking at your hands instead of his eyes.

“Who?” He asked, and you felt his eyes stare at you, causing your breathes to come out shaky.

Your mind twisted and turn, wondering what to do. You played back to the advice you had just given Josh and thought if it was true. He was your best friend. He wouldn’t leave you over some stupid feelings, right? Although, you were about to tell your best friend of years that you loved him. “Josh…” You sighed.

“I’m your best friend. Just tell me.” He looked at you with his caring eyes.

“Josh, it’s you.” You started pulling away slowly, scared of the response you would receive when Josh pulled you even closer, until you were inches away from each other, your spinning chair up against the bed. You could barely breathe as Josh clutched onto your hands even tighter and he leaned his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes as Josh detached one of his hands, trailing in up you arm until he gently stroked your face.

“(Y/N), I love you.” He whispered and you felt your heart race as soon as the words left his mouth. He was so close and you felt dizzy. His hands fit yours perfectly and his calloused fingers stroked yours. He filled all your senses as his face pushed closer to yours. You felt his soft lips press against yours and you felt euphoric. One hand clutched onto yours even tighter than before, as if afraid to lose you and the moment. His other hand led down to your hip, gripping it, and you felt him smile against the kiss, causing you to respond likewise. You slowly lifted up from the chair, putting your legs on each side of his lap, straddling him as he continued to kiss you, your lips dancing together as one. You brought your hands up around his neck, holding onto him as the unimaginable happened. I mean, you imagined it before, but never did you imagine it would actually happen.

Josh clutched to your hips even tighter, bringing his lips to your neck, a small gasp leaving your lips as you smiled. “Josh…”

Josh detached from you, looking at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on him. His eyes sparkled as he stared into your eyes, causing you to become more flustered than you already were. “God, I should have done that years ago.” He said with a small laugh as he pulled you closer to him.

“Yeah. You should have.” You said boldly as you leaned down, kissing him softly.

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Okay, so: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I feel a lot of things??

So let’s talk about them.

-Rebecca automatically assuming her friends hate her and alienating them first because she doesn’t want them to leave or treat her like she’s “crazy” or needs to be removed from general society. Very real. Very, very, UNCOMFORTABLY real.

-Thank God they dismantled the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing with Nathaniel saying Rebecca is “zany but in a cute way,” followed by Paula being like, “Dude, catch the fuck up.”

-I honestly thought Josh might die? I’m so glad he didn’t. I love him. He needs  admit he has issues, but, you know, so does literally everyone on the show? Let Josh be happy (just not with Rebecca).

-Heather and…Hector?? I’m shocked by how much this makes sense. I could dig it.

-Please tell me Jarl is coming back.

-“I know she’s technically the ‘villain’ and a ‘murderer’ but…” honestly, me.


-Also, Valencia enjoys weed? I kind of love that?


-Also, I’m so glad?? Greg is doing okay???!! All I wanted when he left the show was for him to be happy, and now he’s sober and thriving and I just want to cry.


-“I thought you thought I was, like, mean and crazy.” “Aren’t we all?” Awww, that’s sweet-OH SHIT NO NONONONONONONO

-I…get why her sleeping with Greg’s dad was written, though?

-Because a) like Jarl said, it’s not a typical movie device. The point is that Rebecca thinks she’s in a movie when she isn’t. This is a way of proving to her and to the audience that, no, tropes don’t apply here, and that she is very much not your standard protagonist with standard Life Things™ happening, b) the point of the show is that Rebecca needs to love herself and get help in order to truly be happy. She needs to learn how to not tie her happiness to a romantic relationship in order to lead a fulfilling life. And that means that, in order for everyone (herself included) to stop trying to make this show a standard romantic narrative, Greg has to leave the picture. And the only way to do that is to have her do something that makes it impossible for them to ever get back together, and c) this was pretty low-really low-and in this moment, I despised her. When her first major action in the story was moving across the country to stalk an ex-boyfriend, and her other typical life choices include using tracking devices, trying to break up relationships, singing about wanting to wear someone’s skin like a dress, kissing her boss while engaged, creating a smear campaign against a non-malicious guy, and blowing off her best friend in favor of indulging her selfishness/making her feel inferior for her own personal gain, what else could they really do to show that Rebecca has truly hit rock bottom?

-The whole show has been building up to the, “You can’t live life like a movie” realization, and Josh Groban singing a power ballad about it was so cathartic and just felt so good. Because the entire point of the show is finally out in the open. There’s no pretending this show isn’t a satire or deconstruction anymore. And, honestly, finally seeing a song that doesn’t romanticize life and relationships and is completely up-front about how confusing and messy everything is (albeit with an abundance of tongue-and-cheek humor), was just so…oddly affirming. To the point where I legitimately started crying. Because people are complicated and screwed up, and to finally see that reflected on-screen made me feel so much better about my life.


Joshua Scenario (a little smutty)

REQUEST: Hi ! Glad to see you’re back ;) Would you be okay doing a scenario, reaction or bulletpoint thingy (feel free to choose) about Joshua when you’re both his friend and crush and he gradually starts fantasizing about you in a nsfw way lol Like, how would it happen, how he would react, etc, Thank you !

im doing a scenario on this, if y'all want me to do a bulletpoint too, I will



I was meeting up with Y/N, my childhood friend, today. She came to visit me in Korea. I got really excited. I’ve had a crush on her for the longest time. Maybe it was her hair or how she carried herself so gracefully, but something about her made me happy and feel at home. I arrived at the airport, she was standing there in a long coat rubbing her hands together since the weather was a bit chilly. I chuckled and got out. After exchanging hugs and hellos I put her bags in the car, she has a lot of bags for someone who’s only staying two weeks, and then we drove off once more. “I have something really exciting to tell you Josh..” she said softly with a smile

“Hm what is it?” I giggled at her ecstatic expression. “ see.. I have a lot of bags even though I’m only staying a few weeks apparently..” She was confusing me. “Josh.. IM MOVING HERE IN KOREA!!! I GOT A JOB AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER” I fanboyed so hard. I was beyond happy at this point. The girl I’ve loved forever is moving here. She said she already got an apartment and everything. “Good luck with being an English teacher, you know I’d be the better English teacher” I teased.

“Yeah, the Hot Teacher” she said quietly. “w-w-..did you say something?” I asked shakily. She looked over in confusion, “Hm, me? Nope~” she stated it so innocently. 


“So this is the place, huh? nice” I stated looking over at Y/N. “Yup!” she said with a happy tone, “The bed and other basic things are already here, I just need to get some decor and things, yea?” I smiled and nodded. She walked ahead and took off her coat, revealing her outfit. It was a low cut top that hugged her body nicely. She was wearing jeans that made her butt look amaz- what am I thinking about? I can’t think of her like that, its not respectful…

“Hey Josh,do you think you could help me put my clothes away?” She asked with such a sweet voice. “Of course.” How could I think of such in innocent girl in that way? theres something wrong with me…

We were in her room and started to hang her clothes in the closet, she didn’t bring much, so I offered to take her shopping one of these days. “Great! looks amazing! Now I just need to put my other clothes away.” I looked at her confused, “You have more shirts?” She giggled, “No, silly. I mean my bras and underwear” My cheeks grew a decent shade of red. Don’t test me princess


I couldn’t stop thinking about her. In more non innocent ways then anything.. I just couldn’t help myself, the way her tits bounced perfectly as she walked, How perfectly the pants she owned fit around her a**, The way she acted so innocent yet wasn’t, everything about her made me go crazy. I slightly touched myself and hitched my breath. ~He then proceeds to take care of himself ;))))))~

As I pumped myself whispering Y/N’s name, I heard a ring on the doorbell. F*ck, I thought. What a convent time for someone to come here. I pulled my pants up and walked to the door, “What do you want- Oh! Y/n..” She smiled at me but her eyes traveled downward, I soon realized she was staring at my erection. She cleared her throat,”You said to meet up with you for shopping, but its raining outside, so I thought I’d come over anyway and we can hang out!” I smiled at her softly, “Of course” 

We were watching a movie but I couldn’t focus, She looked so gorgeous right now, Hair pulled up, No makeup on, A loose top, And really short shorts.. I couldn’t handle myself anymore, I touched her thigh and started rubbing it softly. She relaxed her head on the sofa and took a deep breath in. She moaned softly and thats all I needed. I cupped her cheek with my other hand and kissed her slightly rough. “Mm Josh..” She moaned in my mouth. I then groped her tits and started to kiss her neck.

 “Joshua, stop” I stopped immediately. “Im so sorry Y/N I-” she then cut me off, “Josh I’ve liked you for a really long time, you mean so much to me.. I don’t want to be your one night stand.. I wanna be your girlfriend” Tears started forming. “No no, don’t cry” I positioned her on my lap and pet her hair, “Ive liked you for a really really long time, I just..tonight I couldn’t control myself…and I’m so sorry.. If you can forgive me, I want you to be my girlfriend” She smiled up at me, “Of course I forgive you Josh… I love you” 

“I love you too” I replied. We started to kiss again and this time her hands took off my shirt. She palmed me through my pants and I groaned. Both my dreams are becoming a reality tonight. “Babe” I moaned. She took off her shorts and underwear and started to ride my clothed thigh. My breath hitched as I flexed my thigh, causing a moan from her. I held her hips with one hand and touched myself with the other. Soon, I hit my high as she did too. I ruined my favorite pair of gray sweatpants tonight, but it was all worth it.

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Shitty ending I know lol


Look After You

Here’s something else I found. This one is when they are all adults. Awkward Christmas party

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Maya tapped her fingers against her thigh, her burgundy sweater dress rippling with each tap. The thick fabric fell around her and would be scraping the floor if it wasn’t for her chunky brown boots. Her free hand continuously rubbed at her protruding belly—never tiring of the unexplainable feeling of being so close to her baby boy. 

She stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror as she sat down her volume boosting mascara as Riley stepped into the room.

“It feels longer than five years since I moved out of here.” 

Riley plopped onto her old bed, now fitted with more sophisticated fitted sheets—a dark purple color that matched nicely with her gray walls. Though they were grown adults, both married and one with a child on the way, they both still found comfort in the room. Maya told Riley she was pregnant in the bay window even. It felt like coming home and when they both struggled, Riley’s room is where they both went.

Riley looked around with a sigh.

“My grandparents are here.”

Maya held in an agitated sigh. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the older Matthews couple. She loved them—she did. They are the people who raised not only Cory, but also her own stepfather in a way. Shawn wouldn’t be the man he is today if it wasn’t for them, but ever since she got married four and a half years earlier, they always found a way to slip in their judgmental gazes her way.

Her husband wasn’t what they would have chosen for her. She got married too young effectively ruining her life. They once thought the same of Topanga and Cory—she isn’t sure why she was surprised by their frosty response the first time she showed up with a ring on her finger.

Because she broke their son’s heart and for that, they might always hate her a little bit for. 

It didn’t matter if it was over six years ago.
It didn’t matter that she was obviously happy.
All that mattered to them was she was married right out of high school and it wasn’t to their son.

“You know they love you.” Riley twisted her diamond around her finger with her thumb—a nervous twitch that she had picked ever since the ring settled around her left hand three years previously.

“I think they would love me more if I had the last name Matthews,” Maya kept a small hand on her belly as she slowly settled beside her best friend.

“Well, my presents have decreased since I switched.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Speaking of, where is that insanely handsome husband of yours?”

“Off making me angry. You know I am thinking of divorcing him?”

Maya threw her head back at Riley’s expression, snorting at the ridiculous thought. “We both know he is your favorite person on this whole planet. Maybe in the universe.”

“He’s supposed to be here already.” Riley pouted, her arms crossed tight over her chest. 

“And he will be. My hubby isn’t here yet either. Mostly because he promised to pick yours up.”

“See! You should be mad at him too.”

“You and I both know the second he walks through that door, he’s going to give you that lovey-dovey smile and you’re going to give him that Riley grin you have been giving him since seventh grade—

“It has not been since seventh grade.”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I’m sorry, eighth?”

“Whatever. You make me sound like putty in his hands. I could stay mad at him if I wanted to.”

“You could, honey. You just don’t want to.” Maya pulled herself up, lending a hand to her overdramatic best friend.

“Now let’s go. Just keep me occupied until our husbands show up. You know I am emotional.”

They started down the stairs, Maya tensing at the laugh that came from none other than her ex-boyfriend.

She hadn’t seen him since she had gotten married and she was never thinking the way he would see her next is when she was six months pregnant. She was sure he knew that she was permanently off the market—that was why he didn’t come around as often.

She stepped down from the last step and once again, her left hand settled on her swollen belly. It had become her safety net that she never knew she needed. 

His eyes didn’t leave her belly, shock dawning his features.

The Christmas party continued to roll on, no one noticing the sick look on Josh’s face. Maya clawed into Riley’s arm making sure she didn’t skip away to greet the guests. 

It wasn’t like their break-up was awful. They didn’t even date that long. Something she thought she wanted for so long fizzled so quickly, she sometimes had a hard time remembering exactly how long they even dated. The long game quickly became the short game and waiting around for someday turned out to be a waste of time. 

Her heart didn’t shatter when they decided to split. If anything, she was greatly relieved. She no longer questioned if they would be together. She got her answer and was free to move on.

Josh stepped forward giving Riley a tight hug before awkwardly turning to Maya. “Hey, Maya.”

She gave a sweet grin, reminding herself that it he is allowed to be shocked, though she had an itch her throat to tell him to stop staring at her stomach.
“Uncle Josh, how have you been?”

“I must say, I felt a lot better five minutes ago.”

It shouldn’t annoy her. It really shouldn’t. If he was trying to guilt her for loving someone that isn’t him, she shouldn’t be angry. Sure, they only dated a few months, but there was always a promise before that of something amazing. She was nailing the coffin shut by being married, but it wasn’t like this was a new development. He had not spoken to her since she was in high school. 

“I thought that whole marriage thing was a joke.”

Maya felt anger. She wasn’t sure if it came from being pregnant or maybe the fact she was tired of that comment. Because Maya Hunter settling down at the ripe old age of nineteen just didn’t make sense. She got asked if she was pregnant more times than she could count the first year of her marriage. 

Love wasn’t the first go to in a young marriage.

There had to an underlying reason.
But there wasn’t one. 

“It is as real as his child in me.” 

She felt her blood start to rise in temperature and she started to think of all the different ways to tell him off. She might be a married woman with a baby on the way but she was still Katy Hunter’s daughter and she wasn’t in the mood for someone like Josh Matthews.

She was used to his parents. Their thinly veiled insults towards her husband. What his profession was, any trouble he might have seen in his younger years. He coughed in a way they thought wasn’t polite and she would hear about it.

Her mouth opened—ready to take fire with more riling comments when she heard a calming voice.


Maya glanced over her ex’s shoulder who was still waiting for her response—probably didn’t even realize the rudeness of it.

“Dad.” She hadn’t seen Shawn in a few weeks because of a job he had down in one of the Carolinas—she couldn’t remember which one—and she wasn’t expecting to see him for another week. 

Josh was left unattended, Maya no longer caring, to reach out to her father. He felt safe and warm when his arms wrapped around her, her belly kicking at being enveloped. She was sure the baby boy knew his grandfather was in close proximity or maybe even now he knew that Shawn Hunter was one of Maya’s favorite people and he had been keeping her calm ever since even before he married her mom.

“How’s my favorite grandson doing?” Shawn kissed the top of her head, knowing she was trying her hardest to keep her temper in check.

“Much better once his dad gets here.”

Maya released Shawn from her grasps, he keeping an arm around her shoulder as they turned back to Josh and Riley. 

Shawn began a discussion with Josh about the joys of photography and Maya felt her previous anger began to slip away. Josh seemed to have forgotten about her diamond captured finger and her swollen belly and for that Maya was relieved.

Maya slipped away suddenly craving her mom’s sugar cookies that she knew she had brought with her to the party. Riley followed over to snack table instantly.

“I knew he was going to say something not needed.”

“It’s alright, Riles. I am used to it.”

“You shouldn’t have to be. So we are young and fresh out of college. Why does that mean we should feel bad for starting families?”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “We?”

Riley became flustered. Her face becoming the slightest shade of pink. “You know what I mean.”

“Oh, I do?”

Riley turned to respond, but her eye caught someone at the door. “Smackle!”
Smackle hung her jacket up before rushing over to greet her two best friends.

They had not been able to see each other in the few weeks leading up to Christmas with all of their jobs and lives being so hectic. Smackle herself was in graduate school and took almost all of her time.

“Let me see the ring!” Riley squealed snatching up Smackle’s left hand and the modest rose gold ring sparkled.  The rose quarts diamond was oval in shape and fit on Smackle’s thin finger like it was cut specifically for her.

Her engagement was no surprise to the friends and they had even begun to take bets on to when the question would be popped to their quirky friend.

“Where is—” Maya’s words died in her throat the site of her husband walking through the door. 

Riley sighed next to her and Maya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. 

“You’re right. I’m putty.”

Riley’s smile lit up the whole room as Lucas and Farkle made their way over to the trio, Zay not far behind.

“Hey, Huckleberry.”

Lucas grinned at Maya as though his mouth didn’t even know he was doing it.

“Hey,” Riley’s voice came out breathy and almost in awe when Farkle stepped in front of her, he now towering over her unlike back when they were kids.

“You still mad at me?” Farkle asked giving a quick kiss to the top of her forehead.  

“No, but only because you delivered my best friend her husband.”

Farkle shook his head wrapping his arms around her waist as they turned to the rest of the group.

Maya felt all of her panic and worry fall away at the seams once Lucas came to stand beside her, slightly behind her so her back was against the righter part of his chest. His left hand played with hers, their rings clinking together.

“How does it feel to have a fiancé, Zay?” Lucas grinned at his oldest friend.

“I figured you two are married and your wives are happy, so how hard can it be?”

Maya rolled her eyes at him, and she, Riley, and Smackle shared a look. Smackle had filled them in on how their friend had proposed. He had dug through her memory box (after asking Maya and Riley for the okay, of course), and found the etiquette book that he had given to her so long ago when she was still dating Farkle and the triangle was still fresh and wrong. Zay was the only one outside of the drama and in a way, it made him understand the group and without knowing it then, understand his future wife in a way the others didn’t comprehend. 

He rewrote in the margins all the way he still loved her and found her beautiful, but this time in ways she would make an amazing wife and mother. On the last page, he taped the ring beside the etiquette of how to accept a proposal (not marriage of course) and in the margin, wrote: Just say yes. 

Maya cried for a good thirty minutes after Smackle told her and that was how Lucas found her when he came home from a long day of at the animal hospital—she was sitting in front of a canvas with paint smeared across her cheek and tears falling from her eyes.

Even now she was wiping at her made up eyes to make sure she didn’t make a scene in the middle of the party. 

The rest of the group began to discuss wedding plans which Maya and Lucas had no way of giving input for her. Neither had wanted a wedding and wanted to be married before they moved for school, so they ended up married in a restaurant where they had their first date.  Another reason for the Matthews to not agree with their marriage because of how abnormal they went about it.

They never cared the looks they got from people when they told them about their wedding day because honestly, neither cared. They were both happy and never felt slighted from their decisions. 

“I missed you today.” She mumbled turning around to look up at him.

“I have been right here.”  

Maya rolled her eyes not understanding why she would have expected another response. He always gave the same response when she told him she missed him.

“Josh is here.”

“I saw.” He muttered, never liking Riley’s uncle. Of course, when he was younger he tried to find reasons for why he didn’t like her, but soon he came to terms it was because of how Maya smiled at him and forgot anyone else in the room even existed. 

“Don’t do anything stupid, Huckleberry.”

He laughed at her command and grabbed the finger pointing at him pulling it up to his lips to kiss it. 

“I am not fifteen anymore, Maya. Besides, you’re my wife. Why would I be bothered by an ex-boyfriend?”

“Good answer.” She sighed standing on her tip toes to give him a peck, his left hand instantly going to rest on the right side of her belly—stroking it lovingly.

Throughout the rest of the night, Maya caught Josh multiple times staring at her and Lucas. She felt herself shrink into her husband under the other man’s glare and Lucas’ hand was tighten on her waist when Josh found reasons to come by into the kitchen. It wasn’t that Josh was this terrible guy that she needed protecting from—it was just that Lucas and Josh hated each other.

By the end of the night, after everyone else had left, Maya was curled up in one of the big comfy chairs in the living room with Lucas’ arms tight around her. He was discussing baseball with Zay and his voice alone lulled her to sleep.

When she came, she heard soft voices and decided to pretend she was asleep for a little bit longer. 

“I don’t think I ever said congratulations.”

Josh’s voice put Maya on edge and she was nervous about how the conversation was going to go.

“Thanks. It was pretty quick so not many people knew. My dad wasn’t even there for it. He was on a business trip.” Lucas laughed as he continued to stroke Maya’s arm.

“I was angry with you for a long time, but I get it was always going to be you two. I just needed to get out of the way.”

“Well, I won’t disagree with you.” 

Maya mentally rolled her eyes at her husband.  

“You treat her well Lucas. I’m sorry my parents refuse to see that.”

“I could treat her better. I know she deserves a lot more than what I have given her. She has given a lot up for me and I just want to be able to repay the favor.”

Maya doesn’t hear Josh respond, but the silence wasn’t awkward she assumed her nodded or something nonverbal. 

“Well, I better get going. Tell her I am sorry for earlier.” 

Maya could fell Lucas shift her around to give Josh a handshake and before she knew it, it was just them two again. She then allowed herself to pretend to wake up. “You heard all of that didn’t you?”

Maya knew she was caught but feigned innocence, “Ranger Rick, I was asleep.”

“I know you Shortstack. Your body tensed the second you woke up.”

She pouted at him, “Well maybe you shouldn’t know me so well.”

“Yeah, I will get right on that.”

She tried to fight a smile, but it was useless when it came to him. “I love you. You know that right?”

“I love you too.” 

“Don’t ever feel like you have to repay me for following you to Texas. I did it gladly.”

He nodded at her and she couldn’t resist leaning up to push her lips against his. “I love you forever.”


She growled at his response and he let out a bark of laughter. It was common response when she told him she would love him forever and she wasn’t positive if it was because they got married on a Tuesday, hence when they made the vow to love each other forever or if it was because he was giving her a heads up that he was leaving her on a Tuesday.

“You are so mean to me.”

“Oh, I know.” 

She giggled pulling herself up before holding a hand out to him, “Come on Mr. Friar. Time to go home.”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Friar.”    


Tyler Joseph X Reader

Request: could you do one where a creepy guy starts hitting on y/n and being really pervy and you get really scared and then Tyler or Josh sWOOPS IN AND SAVES THE DAY cause that would be amazing. thanks (I love your writing so much !!)

A/N: SO THIS CAN BE A BIT TRIGGERING SO BE WARNED. THIS IS NOT A SMUT. IT DOES HAVE SOME SEXUAL CONTENT HOWEVER. I’ll list the warnings down below!!! I apologize for the lack of content recently, I’ve been very discouraged about writing and I just haven’t really had much time to write either. I hope you guys enjoy this one, however. I promise I’ll try to be more consistent with my writing, but please bear with me if I’m not. You guys are the absolute best! Thank you for sticking with me.

WARNINGS: sexual harassment, language, some mild violence, uncomfortable situations

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Not Worth the Tears // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1064


Hey!! Can I request an imagine? Can you do a Jack Maynard imagine where he and the reader go to a YouTube party and Jack’s ex is there and makes the readers night hell. Jack is also drunk as this is happening and the reader feels like they wanna give up on the relationship due to the one night?? Thanks xx

A/N- for anyone who doesn’t know Maddie is Caspar’s gf.


You had been at the Gleam party for a total of 5 minutes before everything went to hell. You were sat at a table with the boys and Maddie. Caspar, Conor and Josh headed straight for the dance floor; Jack, Mikey and Joe decided the bar was the better option.

So there you were, sitting with Maddie talking about future vacations when you saw her. You weren’t surprised seeing as she was a YouTuber. But you couldn’t help but feel lesser around her.

She was the one who dumped Jack, meaning it took him forever to get over her. Part of you still felt like he hadn’t fully gotten over her.

But you pushed those thoughts down. You knew Jack loved you, you two had just celebrated your one year.

You had manage to go a whole 3 minutes before she noticed you. You knew she hated you, who wouldn’t hate their ex’s new partner. But most people didn’t go out of their way to make their exes new partner’s night hell, sadly, she did.

“Y/n?” Maddie put a hand on yours, concern written across her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you broke eye contact with her and gave Maddie a smile.

“Don’t do that. Don’t lie to me,” she had shut her phone off, attention fully on you.

“It’s just…” you sighed. “She’s here.”

“Who?” she asked.

“Jack’s ex.” You were looking at the ground. “She hates me.”

“Oh,” she gave you a soft smile. “Well, she needs to get over the fact that Jack chose you. Let’s go show her who she’s messing with.” With that, she stood and held out a hand.

You smiled, grabbing her hand. She led you two to the dance floor. Maddie quickly found Caspar and you danced with Joe and Josh. But you really wanted to dance with your boyfriend.

You began to look for him. You weaved your way through the dancing people towards the bar. But then she stopped in front of you.

“Hey Y/n! It’s so good to see you!” she smiled and lightly touched your arm, you jerked back knowing it was fueled by hate.

“Hi.” You said quietly, trying to get around her.

“Who ya looking for?” she asked, turning her head. “Cuz if you’re looking for Jack, I saw him a  few minutes ago… when he kissed me.” And with that she sauntered away like nothing happened.

You stomped over to your boyfriend and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey babyyyy.” He slurred, obviously drunk.

“Really?” you asked, taking the beer from his hand.

“Hey! That’s mine!” he reached for it but you handed it to Mikey, who quickly chugged it.

“You kissed her?” hurt evident in your voice, you wanted nothing more than to slap him right now.

“What?” he gave you a confused look? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Now you’re lying?” you scoffed. “Tell me why or I’m leaving. Without you.”

He put his hands up defensively, “Seriously calm down. You’re kind of being a bitch right now. Stop accusing me of shit I didn’t do.”

“Wow. I guess that’s how you truly feel. Goodbye Jack.” You turned around and left. You wanted so badly to go back and kiss him, but he clearly didn’t want to be with you. You sent a text to Josh saying you were going to spend the night at his house, and ordered an Uber.

Maybe Jack Maynard wasn’t worth your tears.


It had been 2 days since you and Jack had fought. You made Josh promise to not tell Jack you were staying with him. He had nonstop texted, called, snapchatted you.

But you two needed a break, to think about what this relationship was really about.

Did he truly love you? Did you truly love him?

Yes. A thousand times yes. You loved him more than words could explain. But you weren’t going to give 100% if he wasn’t. You weren’t going to go in head first if he was only sticking a foot it. That’s not how relationships worked.

You were currently sitting in behind the camera as Josh filmed a Q&A. You would occasionally add a snarky comment or help explain a funny story.

Josh asked you to help, so there you were explaining the meaning behind an ugly picture of you on his phone, when the door bursts open.

Jack had looked rather upset, but when he noticed you he fell onto his knees.

“Y/n…” he said, tears falling down his cheeks.

You stood up and walked toward him while Josh stopped the camera then left the room.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, any of it. I love you so much.” He cried, grabbing onto your waist. “Please forgive me.”

You put your hands in his hair as he sobbed into your shirt, “Jack.”

“Yeah?” he looked up at you, eyes full of hope.

“Why did you kiss her?” you had tears welling in your eyes.

“I didn’t! I swear I didn’t! She lied to you, I promise you. Just never listen to her, she’s not worth listening to. I would never hurt you,” he stood up, cupping your face.

“I’m sorry,” you said, eyes locked onto his.

“Don’t be, love.” He smiled, and brought his lips to yours. The kiss was perfect. Any kiss with Jack was, but this one was pure love. He dropped his hands to your waist, pulling you closer.

“I love you, Y/n.” he whispered against your lips.

“I love you too Jack.” You smiled, capturing his lips once again.

“Well now that that’s done, can we finish our video?” Josh asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“Sure,” you laughed, going back to the couch you were previously sat at.

“Thanks mate,” Jack said, clapping his hand Josh on his shoulder.

“Anytime bro. But seriously, leave. We’re busy.” Josh said, shoving jack towards the door.

Once Jack left and Josh sat back down you slapped him, “You told him?!?”

“Sorry, love, but he’s one of my best mates. Couldn’t not tell him where his girl was.” He shrugged, unlocking his phone.

“Thank you,” you hugged him.

He chuckled, “Anytime.”

You two finished your video and then you rushed home. You spent the rest of the night tangled in the sheets of your and Jacks shared bed, showing each other just how much you loved each other.


yOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET YOU ALMOST MADE HER CRY WITH ALL YOUR KIND WORDS AND WELL WISHES AND  i AM TAKING CARE OF HER PROMISE she asked me for one bag of doritos and I bought her 3 and made her yakisoba (cos she wanted noodles) and put on drake and josh cos there’s nothing better than drake and josh when you don’t feel good. B) aND NOW SHE IS COMFORTABLE AND i’m drawing hehehe 

Not As Good As Her Part 3

Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3

Hey everyone! Here is the last part of the Josh Dun cheating fic. There are two endings, you can choose whether you’d forgive him or not. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

If you don’t like angst, you can read my other fic here.

WARNINGS: language, violence, cheating

The car stopped outside of a nice club. People were surrounding the door, and it looked like the party had already started. Tyler and Jenna got out first. Jenna opened your door for you and helped you out. “Hey, Y/N, look at me. You can do this, okay?” she said, holding your shoulders. You nod at her, and she pulls you in for a hug. “I believe in you, plus you look so hot. He is gonna die.” You smile at her comment, and she leads you inside. 

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Don’t go- Josh Dun


He hadn’t answered his phone in over 5 hours. This wasn’t like him. He always answered your calls and texts almost immediately.

Did he meet someone else? He probably didn’t care about you anymore, he won’t even be here for our 3rd anniversary. He could get anyone in the world, so why did he settle for you? You we’re a piece of crap. You we’re far from perfect, you had an ugly smile, and your laugh was so annoying.

Those thoughts had been haunting you for the past 3 months but when Josh didn’t answer your calls for the last 5 hours, that was enough for you to believe all of them. You just wanted to push all the voices out. There was only one way though.

You walked to the bathroom sobbing, knowing that both you and Josh would be free again. You from your misery and Josh from you. That’s what he wanted wasn’t it?

You opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills. You heard a knock on the door as you took a big swig of water swallowing the pills then your phone rang out from the counter. It was Josh.

That’s when you fell to the ground and everything went black. You wanted to go back but it was too late.

Josh P.O.V.

I met her just over 3 years ago. Her smile pulled me in. The way she laughed made my heart skip a beat. She was freaking beautiful and she was so talented. From the first time I met her I felt a special connection to her.

Fast forward 3 years and we’ve been dating for 2 years, 11 months, and 29 days. Yes I kept a count because she meant so much to me. She always knows exactly the right things to say and do. I couldn’t help but think she ended up in my life for a reason. She was perfect.

Tyler and I just got off the plane from finishing our tour. Y/N doesn’t know we’re back yet. She thinks I’ll be home late tomorrow night, but I wanted to surprise her for our anniversary tomorrow.

I had a lot planned for us and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction when I proposed to her.

Once Jenna and Tyler dropped me off at Y/N and I’s apartment I started towards the door.  Was so excited to see her again. It has been 2 months since I got to see her in person.

I knocked on the door and waited for it to open. There was no answer. I decided to call her and I got a little nervous when she didn’t answer. I went to the neighbors to get the key they had of our. I could help but fear the worse. Y/N has battled with depression and when I went away she wasn’t in the best state of mind.

When the door finally opened I called out her name. That’s when I came across the bathroom to find the love of my life on the ground with an empty bottle of pills next to her.

I called 911 while trying to find a pulse. I was a little hopeful when I felt it but it was weak.

“Stay with me baby. I love you Y/N, don’t go. We were gonna get married. Baby I need you.” I just kept talking in hopes she could hear me.

The ambulance showed up about 7 minutes later. I had to call Tyler to meet me at the hospital because I couldn’t do this alone.

“Hey Tyler. Meet me at the hospital right now. I just found Y/N on the ground,she took some pills and I’m scared.” I could barely breath, my chest felt heavy with worry.

“We’re on our way now Josh stay strong, she’ll be okay.” Tyler’s voice was filled with fear and concern but he was trying to hide it.

She was taken away right away once arriving at the hospital. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Tyler. My tears just feel and I collapsed to the ground.

“I knew I should have told her I was coming home. I knew I should have never left her in the beginning.”

“Hey Josh She’ll be fine. She’s a fighter, she loves you and if she did hear you before then she’s gonna get herself better.” Tyler and Jenna stayed with me until the doctor came out.

“You must be Josh Dun, correct?”

“Yes. How’s Y/N? Can I see her.”

The doctor let out a sigh the started to talk. “She’s doing great. She overdosed on sleeping pills. Once we got her back there her heart stopped but we have her stabilized now. We have hopes that she will be awake tomorrow. Thank god you found her when you did. She wouldn’t have made it if you had waited all of 3 more minutes. You can go see her now.” With that the doctor lead all of us to where Y/N was.

She must have not eaten in a few weeks. She was at least 25 pounds lighter and her arms were covered in scars.

“Oh my god. Josh how long has she been this bad?” Tyler asked kneeling next to me as I held her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“I-I don’t really know. I got so wrapped up in the album and tour I guess I didn’t even notice. Fuck this is all my fault. I love her so much and I didn’t even realize that she was hurting herself. I don’t deserve her.”

“Don’t blame yourself for this Josh. Just be there for her.”

Tyler and Jenna left about 3 hours later after they knew I was okay. They offered to bring me home but I wasn’t leaving Y/N’s side.

I pulled a chair up next to her bedside and just held her hand. I drummed a little beat with my thumbs on her hand and I must and fallen asleep. I was awoken by yelling and a loud beeping noise. The nurses removed me from the room quickly as I tried to fight my way back to Y/N.

“Sir we need to make sure she’s fully stabilized before you can go back in.” The nurse explained to me as I asked to go back in after sitting in the waiting room for 20  minutes.

It was about an hour later when I could go back in. She looked like she did before except this time her eyes were open. She was just staring down at her wrist crying.

I placed a hand on her leg. She jumped “Are you a nurse?”

I looked at her with a quizzical face. Before I could reply the doctor came in and asked to speak to me.

He explained how she had some sort of seizure when she woke up. He then explained how she will have some memory loss for the next few hours but she should be okay by tonight. He had full faith in her which made me feel good.

“Hey Y/N, do you remember me?” I entered the room again.

“Umm… Yeah don’t you play in a band or something? Like the drums?” I thought it would be best to go along with whatever she said for now.

“Yeah. Are you a fan?”

She smiled and it made my heart skip a beat like always.

“I think so. Can I hear a song?”

“Of course.” I said pulling out my phone playing her favorite song.

As We Don’t Believe What’s On TV played I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was so beautiful, how could she ever how doubts about herself?

When the song ended she asked to hear more. We listen to the whole Blurryface album and I gently drummed my fingers on the bedside again. She watched me the whole time.

“You must be really talented. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I do actually.” I smiled and then it faded when I realized what she had asked me.

“Wow she must be very lucky to have you.”

“No I’m lucky one.”

“Josh, will you tell me about her?”

“Well for starters she’s beautiful, talented, and her smile. Her smile makes me the happiest man alive. I could go on for hours about everything I love about her. She’s perfect for me.”

She smiled down at me.

“I feel like I know who you are. Are we friends?”

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

Y/N P.O.V.

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

I sat and thought for a moment. My thoughts and memories were all cloudy and I wasn’t sure what was real or not.

“Well I remember that there is Tyler he’s the one who sings those songs.A blonde girl. Gianna, possibly. I think we’re all friends right?”

“Close, her name is Jenna. Tyler and I play in the band twenty one pilots and Jenna is one of your best friends.” Josh said reassuring me.

With that a man and a woman walked in. they looked to Josh as if they didn’t know what to say.

“Hey guys. Y/N woke up a while ago and she’s getting some memories back.” Josh told them what I remembered. After talking a bit about our friendship Jenna asked if Josh wanted to take a walk with her. I wondered why he said yes, I thought we were getting along so well. I wanted to know more about his girlfriend,he sounded so madly in love with her. Something I only dreamed a guy would do about me.

Once they left the room Tyler sat in the chair next to the bed that Josh just left.

“Hey Y/N. How do you feel?”

“Good I guess. Tyler can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Is Josh happy with Jenna? I mean he deserves the best and I think she would be great for him I guess.”

He chuckled and looked at the ground. “Well I hope they don’t get to close. After all she’s my wife.”

“Oh whoops, I thought they were dating. Sorry. So who is he dating?” You felt sort of embarrassed but you felt comfortable around Tyler like you did with Josh.

“Well she’s this funny girl who I introduced him to over 3 years ago. Today is their 3 year anniversary actually and he was gonna surprise her, but something came up. She’s my wife’s best friend and she was her maid of honor in our wedding. We all missed her being on tour with us, but she had work so she could join us the past 3 months.” You sat and listened to Tyler go on about this girl for a while.

Josh P.O.V.

“Thanks for getting me out of there Jenna.”

“No problem. I saw the tears in your eyes and knew you probably needed a minute to breathe.”

“Yeah. It’s just so hard not being able to wish her a happy anniversary or kiss her. I mean she doesn’t even know we’re dating. I had all these plans to propose today and I just feel so bad for her.” I wanted to cry but just held the emotions in. I wanted to stay as strong as possible.

“The doctor said we could show her picture and videos and things like that to jog her memory but I don’t want to mess with anything, you know?”

“I get it, but i think she’s getting a lot of the memories back she just needs a little more push to get the rest.” Jenna said pulling out her phone. She showed em a few pictures she had taken of Y/N and I when we were on tour together.

“Show these to her and maybe it will help her.” She said handing me the phone as we walked back into Y/N’s room.

Y/N P.O.V.

Josh and Jenna walked in and Josh sat next to me again. He handed me the phone and scrolled through a few pictures of him and me. It was when he got to the 5th or 6th picture that it clicked. I was his girlfriend. Tears filled my eyes and Josh looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?” Josh said wiping away a stray tear that must have fallen from my eye.

“Happy anniversary babe.”

The room went silent. Everyone’s jaws fell open. Then Josh stood up and put his lips to my forehead.

“I love you Y/N. Happy anniversary baby.”

Josh handed Jenna her phone back. Then they left leaving only Josh and I in the room. I moved over on the bed so Josh could sit next to me.

Not that he felt like a stranger but I still didn’t have full memory back so I still didn’t feel like I’ve known him for 3 years.

Josh’s P.O.V.

It had been a few hours since she remembered who I was. I know there were pieces still missing from her memory but the next morning she would have it all back says the doctor.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and saw her sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to leave but I hadn’t taken a shower in over 3 days now.

Once I returned 3 hours later she was awake.

She greeted me with the biggest smile.

“Hey Josh.”

I was so happy to hear her voice again with a happy tone.

“Hey babe. How did you sleep?” I asked as I sat down on the bed with her again.

“Great.” There was a moment of silence as the cuddles close into my side. “Josh I’m so sorry. I-”  I cut her off before she could say anything more.

“Y/N there’s nothing to be apologizing about. Just please promise me you’ll come to me about this if there’s a next time.”

She nodded her head and I kissed her on the top of her head.

“You missed.” She said as she came up to met her lips with mine. We were interrupted by Tyler walking in.

“Woah didn’t know I was getting a show with visiting my best friend.” Y/N pulled away and chucked. I just stared down at her. I can’t believe I almost lost the love of my life to her stupid demons.

6 weeks later

Y/N and I just left having a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. We were walking along the river path when I stopped and dropped to my knee. Y/N didn’t notice for a few seconds and when she turned around to see me pulling out the small velvet box she started to cry. This was it. The moment I’ve been anticipating since our first few dates.

I planned a whole speech but I couldn’t get the words to form so I simply just said “Y/N make me the happiest man to ever live and marry me.”

She stepped closer to me and shook her head yes. I slipped the ring in her finger and then pulled her into a hug.

She was finally mine. I was never letting her go again and something told me she was thinking the same about herself and I.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Josh.”