you better be in love with her josh

happy TOP things
  • tyler’s brother just won a huge basketball championship, and tyler was there to see it
  • josh talks and smiles a lot more in interviews, and generally seems happier
  • ben who used to be on the crew has a wife and an adorable kid
  • tyler is married and living with the love of his life
  • “you guys give us purpose” said tyler
  • josh’s whole family painted their nails together
  • mercy’s favorite thing about jenna is how good she is at painting nails, and her favorite thing about tyler is that he sings them songs every night that he’s home
  • josh plays his “dream drumset”
  • josh’s sister makes the most beautiful poems
  • momma dun is like a mom to tyler too
  • jenna travels with them and makes them food, so they’re eating a lot better now
  • tyler plays screen, a song he wrote in his basement about being insecure, to arenas of people who love him
  • in general, life is beautiful in the little ways for them, and i’m beyond happy
    (feel free to add!!)
Rock.Pt1. Jack Maynard.

‘How are you’ he texted.

'Oh the usual’ she replied.

'What’d you mean the usual?’ he added a laughing emoji, not completely understanding.

'You know. Feeling used and abused again’ she answered the question.

'What’s happened now’ her best friend Jack asked feeling quite upset he kinda got her in this position.

'He did it again’ was all she had to say in answer. He already knew what had happened.

'Explain love’ He also knew he could treat her better.

'He told me he loved me, but I listened as he left at four o'clock this morning. I think he went to hers. I’m so tired’ she needed him at her side, for he was really the one she wanted although she’d never admit it.

'Want me to come over’ he had already began grabbing the essentials though, already got knowing the answer.

'Yes’ simple and cute he thought. She was everything he needed.

Meet Jack and (y/n). Best friends of 20 years. Lovers? Unless you count the kiss they shared when they were 13. Jack watched as she got her heart broken over and over again by the same guy, oh how he wished the purge was a thing so he could kill the man who treated his world like shit.

The situation amused his friends, mainly his brother. They had called it. Everyone had, even their parents.

'Your too close not to fall inlove’ his brother Conor had stated one evening after a few beers.

'Plus she’s hot. If she was my best friend I would’ve banged already’ Caspar had remarked, pissing Jack off as he took it the wrong way.

'You don’t just simply 'bang’ a girl like her. She’s not like the girls we meet at clubs’ Jack spoke loudly, almost defending his best friend.

'Damn right’ Mikey, jacks best friend shouted. 'Have you seen her tits’. The boys knew not to speak badly about the brunette in front of Jack nor his older brother Conor as he saw her as a sister, and they normally wouldn’t. But after a few drinks it was hard for the group of men not to.

'Shut up’ Jack and Conor both grumbled, Jack was willing to fight whoever spoke wrongly about the girl and Conor would not try to stop him.

Y/n POV.

'Thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget to check out mine and Conor’s cover of all we know by the chainsmokers and phoebe ryan on con cons channel’ I spoke loudly into my camera, wrapping my right arm around the brunette haired boy.

'What have I told you about calling me con con’ he pretended to be angry towards me, but everyone knows he never could be.

'Babe’ i side hugged him making us giggle as I had been doing that since we were 12 or so.

We finished up filming and cleaning around six thirty pm, deciding on joining the rest of our friends down stairs. It turned out Mikey, Jack and Josh were filming a series of videos for each of their channels.

'You just messed up my flow’ Mikey grumbled as he messed up his words. I’m guessing some speech jammer video.

'You had no flow’ Jack responds rather quickly to Mikey, being some what more nastier to him than he normally does during videos. It’s normally playground banter, this time not so much.

He seemed really irritated through out the filming, like something was bothering him deeply. But as the end of the video came across, Jack turned sour. He began playing on his ‭phone, singing as mikey tried speaking.

Mikey began getting pissed off at Jack and quickly ended recording, I don’t even think they did an outro. Jack ran off to his room once everything had ended.

'Mike are you okay’ I asked softly as I stood next to the board boy.

'Fine. But that boy needs to get his boxers out of a twist’ he stated getting the saying wrong.

'It’s knickers’ I stated.

'What’ he chuckled not understanding.

'The saying is “got your knickers in a twist”’ Mikey laughed, hugging me before joining Conor and josh in a FIFA match.

I hadn’t bothered to join them, as they can be so completive. Instead I went to go check on Jack.

'J’ I called as I knocked on his door, no reply. Of course. The boy is pissed off at the world. Instead of waiting ten minutes for a reply I just walked in.

He laid face down, his head actually missing under his pillows. I didn’t mistake the noise of soft sobs that flowed from his month. Rolling him over I layed next to him, cuddling the larger boy tightly.

'It’s okay babe’ although I didn’t know why he was crying. I knew he would be alright. As he was my rock and I am his.

I’m so sorry this is so short, there is a part two that I’ll post real soon. Hope you enjoyed.

When people say Maya deserves better...

Wait, what? How is Josh not “better”? We’re talking about a boy who kept his distance, despite clearly liking her, because she was too young. A guy who looks at her when she’s not looking with the cutest little smile and who looks after her despite the distance. A guy who chooses to wait for it to be the right time instead of “using her” six weeks a year every year. A guy who tells her such beautiful things as “you’re the best friend anyone could ever have” or “it gave you the greatest capacity for love I’ve ever seen”. A guy who makes sure to take her home, no matter what he’ll miss by doing so. A guy who cares to ask how she feels. A guy who chooses what’s best for her rather than what’s best for him. How is he not good enough for Maya?


Josh, are you familiar with the marshmallow experiment? It’s this parenting thing. Children were given one marshmallow and told that they could eat it immediately, or they could wait 15 minutes, and get two marshmallows. […]They followed the kids for like 20 years, and they found out that the ones that could delay gratification had better life outcomes. Higher self-reported happiness.


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.

anonymous asked:

Why do you like mosh better than miggie? Personal choice or more to do with the development?

Both actually. I just like their dynamic but beyond  that, I like who Josh was for Maddie. He brought out the goofy fun side in her, I feel like he even made her love herself a little more. With Diggie they were so back and forth, for literally no reason other than his insecurities. He left (twice) and then came back once she was happy with someone else? Extremely uncool, sorry. And the way they tried to make the other person jealous all the time? Yikes. Josh and Maddie were just…good. 

Whatever though Holden is coming back for the next episode and all my hopes and reams lie in him and Liv. 


— my love should wear a warning sign, damn right I remember you     |e.j.| 

Popping The Question. [Jack Maynard, Wedding Series.]

Jack, Conor, Mikey, Josh

Guys, I am freaking out. Help.

What if she actually says no?

And we won’t be able to recover from that and I’ll lose her.


Somebody better fucking answer me.

Jack, it’s nine in the morning. Calm yourself the fuck down.

Seriously Jack, she’s not going to say no.

You don’t know that! 

Jack Maynard, that girl loves you. I wish you could just see that.

Bro, honestly. It’ll be fine.

I’m nervous lads. 

Just calm down. It’s only nine in the morning, you still have hours left yet.

She’s going to wake up soon and realise that I’ve gone, though.

What do you mean gone?

I’m sat on our front door step freaking out. 

Hold on, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.


“What are you doing out here?” Conor asked, approaching your front steps where Jack was sat, his head in his hands. Jack looked up for a second and just shook his head as Conor sat down beside him. “Brother, it’s almost half past nine in the morning and you’re sat out here in the freezing cold. You need to go back inside, she’s going to freak out when you’re not there.” 

“Conor, what if she says no?” He asked, letting out a sigh before looking down at the ground. His foot kicked the dirt beneath him as he then looked up to the other side of the street. “I love her so much, she loves me. I know that but sometimes, I doubt that she’s ready to do this - or that I’m ready to do this. Conor, this is huge. Getting married is huge.”

“Jack Maynard, what would mum say if she heard you saying all of these things? She’d say that you were being stupid. So, you know what I’m going to say? You’re being stupid. She’s going to say yes.” Jack just laughed, rolling his eyes before looking up at Conor. “Now, come on. Buckle up and propose to your girlfriend.” 

“Okay,” Jack laughed again, standing up from where he was sat. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Speak to you later okay? And I’ll see you tomorrow when you come down after you’ve seen Y/N’s parents with the news,” Conor winked and Jack just laughed, nodding. “Go and get her bro.” 

“Thanks Con, I’ll see you on Sunday.” 

Jack turned away from his brother and walked back into your house, motivated. The sound of the shower running and your soft singing came from the bathroom, making him smile to himself. He was going to ask you to marry him. He knocked on the door, the sound of the shower immediately stopping. 


“Yeah, I’m in here!” You shouted through the door before getting out of the tub, wrapping a towel around your waist. “Where did you go this morning?” You asked, making him jump slightly as his back was to you. 

“I just needed some air, that’s all.” He replied, your favourite gentle smile rising onto his lips. “You’re so breathtakingly beautiful, I hope you know that.” A blush rushed to your cheeks, feeling the heat immediately as you just looked down at the ground. His hand pressed against your cheek softly as you looked back at him. “Why don’t you go and get dressed and then we’ll go and get some breakfast, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” you whispered and smiled at him. You turned around and headed into your bedroom to change for breakfast. The thought of going out to breakfast with Jack took you back to your first proper date when you were sixteen. Well, proper date. It was a proper date at that age and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“How would you feel if I asked you on our first proper date?” Jack asked as he lent against your locker, eyebrow raised, smirk on his face. 

“You interest me Jack Maynard.” 

“Well, I’d like to take you on our first real date tomorrow morning.” 

“Tomorrow morning? I’m intrigued.”

“Breakfast with me tomorrow morning?” 

“I’d love to.” 

“Great, I’ll see you there,” Jack said, placing a kiss on your lips before the bell rang through the halls, sending the two of you to your separate classes. You and everyone else around you had no doubts that Jack had you completely head over heels in love. So, it wasn’t really a surprise when the thought of a first real date completely in fluctuated you. The thought of going on a date with him just made you feel like all of your Christmas’ had come at once.


The bell in the corner of the worn, wooden door rang out through the small, concealed cafe as you walked in through the door into the warmth. A fire was burning upon the logs in the beautiful, feature fireplace on the back wall and the whole place was buzzing with small conversations as the breakfast Saturday rush was in full swing. You scanned the tables for a few seconds before your eyes landed on Jack who had a mug in his hand and his eyes were focused on the book that he was reading. 

“I’ll take a tea and some toast please and the same for him,” you said, walking over to the counter, pointing over at Jack. You waked a £20 note down on the wood before walking over to where Jack was sat, as you got closer you could see that he was revising for the exams that were slowly approaching for the two of you. “Morning,” a warm smile spread across your lips as you sat down opposite Jack, letting your hands rest in your lap. 

“Morning beautiful,” Jack replied, letting the book in front of him slam closed before your breakfast got delivered. “How much do I owe you?”

“Oh, nothing, don’t worry about you!” Grinning, Jack leaned over and pressed his lips to yours softly. 

“You’re amazing, did you know that?” 

“Oh shush you,” you whispered, your cheeks heating up as you laughed awkwardly. Being complimented was still something that you weren’t all that used to but it felt nice - especially coming from Jack. “So, how’s the revision coming along? After all, it’s only March. You’re doing well if you’ve started already,” you laughed, thinking to the pile of books on your desk that you hadn’t even started looking at yet.  

“You know, I just thought I’d get a head start but to be honest, it’s not going great.”

“Well, maybe I can help. Why don’t we have a study date every week or something?” You asked and Jack nodded in agreement, you smiled, it made you happy knowing that you were going to get to spend even more time with Jack even if it was just for revision.

“I love you, Y/N,”

“I love you too Jack.” And the three words just seemed to easy to say because you were, no doubt about it, in love with him.

The memory flashed into your head as you started to do your hair and makeup for the day. Smiling to yourself, you looked up at the picture hanging on the corner of your mirror, it was of you and Jack the day you left high school when you were eighteen. It still made you smile, that you actually managed to make it through high school, that you were with the hottest guy in school, that you had made a great life for yourself despite all of your bullies telling you that you never would. Leaving high school was still the best day of your life, knowing that you and Jack could move on and have a happy life together.

Jack always had a special way of making you feel special. Nobody had ever made you feel special before until he came along, apart from your parents but you always felt like that was just because it was there job. But Jack always made you feel special.



Worth something. 

“Wow, what a view,” Jack said from where he was stood against the doorway, making you jump. You were in the process of getting changed and you were in your jeans and just your bra, making you turn a bright shade of red as you slowly turned around to face your smirking boyfriend. “Awh, don’t blush, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Shut up Jack,” you whined, grabbing your T-shirt and throwing it over your body. “Stop looking at me like that,” you whispered, the smirk on his face only grew as he took steps towards you, wrapping his arms around your hips gently before pressing kisses to your lips. “I’m ready to go,” you breathed against his lips as you pulled away from him and grabbing all of your stuff.

“I guess we should go then.”


The cafe was pretty quiet when you arrived even though it was a Friday morning, the normal hustle and bustle was replaced with the calm and collected work atmosphere. Scattered around the different tables were people with their laptops out, suited up and serious apart from the odd few that were meeting up for a coffee morning with friends before they headed out for their commitments for the day. You and Jack headed over to a quiet corner and sat yourselves down for breakfast, it was the only place that really reminded you of the cafe that you had your first date in and that’s why the two of you had kept coming here, because you had immediately fallen in love with it. 

“Hello guys, we haven’t seen you in here for a while,” a waitress exclaimed as she approached your table. “How have you guys been? Would you like your usual order?” She asked and you smiled up at her, it was nice that the people working there always seemed to recognise the two of you as you did used to go in there pretty much everyday. 

“We’re great thank you,” Jack answered, quickly scanning the menu in front of him. “How are you? And yes, we’ll have our usual, thank you.” He flashed her a smile, carrying on the conversation for a few seconds before she headed off to sort out your order and he turned back to you, reaching out to take your hand in his. “I hope you know how happy I truly am right now. I’m in such a great place with YouTube and friends and then there’s you, truly the most amazing person that has ever stepped into my life. I’m so thankful everyday that we’re together, Y/N.”

“Jack, I love you.” You said, reaching over and brushing some hair from his eyes. 

“I have something important to ask you,” Jack whispered, his eyes didn’t leave yours and you could see his eyes pooling with nerves and excitement, causing confusion to arise in yours. The hand that was holding yours was suddenly gone and you pouted at him which made him chuckle a little as he reached into the pocket of his jacket, his breath seemed to hitch in his throat and suddenly you felt like you knew exactly what he was about to do.

“Y/N Y/L/N, marry me?”

“Yes,” you laughed wetly as tears filled up your eyes. “Yes, I’ll marry you Jack!” You shouted and he slipped the ring onto your finger before the two of you jumped up and wrapped your arms around one another. “We’re getting married,” you whispered in his ears as everyone in there seemed to clap for the two of you.

“You said yes,” Jack said as the two of you pulled away, a few tears falling from his own eyes. “You actually said yes, we’re getting married, Y/N, we’re getting married!”

“We’re getting married!” You laughed, pressing a kiss to his lips softly before hugging him again as tightly as possible. “I love you Jack Maynard, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, future Y/N Maynard.”


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Wrong (Josh Diaz x Reader)

request: @amayathatsme asked, “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Josh Diaz imagine wair the reader is part of the chimera pack and she is best friendes with josh but once they come back to life their feelings change you right the rest make it long please. Thanks!”

A/N. Thank you darling for the request, i absolutely loved writing this! The reader is the same chimera as in the dragon series: half dragon, half banshee. Just so everyone knows. Also, her really shitty sword skills are based on my dear friend, @chuchoteh, who can’t twirl a lightsaber to save her life. Love you Mackenzie!  Please note, translations were made using google translate. If you know a better translation, please let me know. its sort of a random phrase though so whatever. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you guys like it! And it’s long, as requested, so enjoy!

You tapped your pen against the table, feeling the constant buzzing under your skin like an itch you couldn’t scratch. You flicked your fingers, letting the flames dance across your palms, and it relieved some of the tension.

“Hey freak.”

The ball of fire in your chest pulsed hot with excitement, and you hid your smile. “Hey ugly.”

Josh flicked the back of your head and sat down beside you, pulling out a textbook from his bag. “My mom’s making quesadillas and wondered how many she should make for you.”


He laughed. “You’re going to eat four whole quesadillas all by yourself?”

“Oh come on!” You protested. “You always eat like half the food on my plate. So it’s only really like two.”

“Yeah okay.” He snorted and shocked your side.

It has the wrong effect, sending a wave of what could only be described as tingling pleasure jolting through you. You jumped to your feet, a heated blush spreading across your face, and you mumbled some stupid excuse before running into the kitchen and sticking your head in the fridge.

You sighed, resting your head against one of the cold shelfs and squeezing your eyes shut. What the hell was the matter with you? He was your friend. That was all. Why were you getting all tingly every time he walked into the room?

The two of you had been friends since you were seven. You had been in the hospital, recovering from your lung transplant, and this obnoxious Brazilian kid had wandered into your room and told you you looked like merda (shit). You told him you most certainly did not and that he looked like a bunda de cavalo (a horse’s butt). Once he learned that you spoke Portuguese too he sat down on your bed and asked where you were from. You talked for an hour after that. He told you about how there was something wrong with his heart. You told him about your procedure, and how it wasn’t really that bad.

When his mother finally found him, cuffing him hard on the back of the head and scolding him in Spanish, he told her that he wanted your help with his surgery, and your parents exchanged contact information. You’d been inseparable ever since. When Josh finally got a match, at age 13, you were sitting beside his mother through the whole surgery, holding her hand and telling her he would be okay.

You had been the one to hide him in your room when he had gotten just a little too high, and scolded him fiercely, as someone born with lung problems, for putting that shit into his body. He’d told you how he felt like there was something wrong with him, that they’d done something wrong when they’d given him his new heart. He said he was always numb, and the only time he felt anything was when he was high. So you helped him as he experimented, figuring out just how much he could take. You couldn’t count the number of times you’d let him crash at your house to sleep off a hangover or a drug-induced vomiting fit. (It was five. Five times you had to clean up his puke from your bathroom.)

There has never been any romantic feelings towards him. Ever. He was always just Josh, your awkward best friend.

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You and Me [lucaya]

“Happy New Year, everybody!” Cory proposes a toast (with ginger ale, of course; there are children around). “To another year even better than the last one!” Everybody cheers.

“Not bad, Matthews,” Maya raises her eyebrows at him. “Definitely an improvement from last year.” Cory visibly cringes. Last year was bad. Last year is the reason he’s drinking ginger ale.

The five best friends and Uncle Josh sit in a row by the windows. Maya has one arm is hooked through Riley’s and the other around Farkle’s shoulders. Lucas and Zay sit next to him, and Josh sits next to Riley.

Farkle wonders what Riley’s thinking. She said she loves him. But how?

Zay’s wondering if Lucas is going to grow up and kiss Maya. If he’s had any experience observing Lucas’s love life, he’s going to guess no.

Lucas has no idea what’s going on. When does he ever?

But Riley wonders what Lucas is thinking anyway. She stopped trying to convince herself she loves him like a brother a long time ago… But she has no proof it isn’t true.

Next to her, Maya’s oblivious to what Josh is thinking, and if she knew she wouldn’t be as calm as she is. The brown eyed boy is wondering if he’ll even get up the courage to kiss her at midnight. If I were there, I’d tell him to hurry up because he has three minutes and sixteen seconds.

What a mess they are, this group.

Josh sees Cory and Topanga standing next to each other; Shawn pulls Katy closer by the waist; even his parents are looking at each other lovingly and that’s the moment he decides that yes, he’s gonna do it.

Everyone stands up as the clock turns 11:59. Josh turns toward Maya slowly, people count down from 10, and his lips are on hers.

Maya’s in shock at first, but quickly realizes what’s happening. They pull away at the same time. It might have been twenty seconds long, and she’s staring at him.

“That was…” Josh starts.

“Weird,” Maya finishes for him. “Like kissing my uncle,” she says at the same time Josh frowns, “like kissing my niece.” They both laugh.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” Maya groans. “I never even thought it could be like that.”

“Me either,” Josh admits. But he smiles at her and she’s smiling back, then he hugs her and says “Lucas went upstairs” and then he’s gone. She wonders briefly why he thought she should know that before ignoring it completely and spinning around to face her friends. She maybe doesn’t need that right now.

“Happy New Year, honey,” she smiles happily at Riley, squeezing her tightly. Riley smiles back.

“Lucas and I kissed,” she blurts. Maya’s smile fades. “It was, like, three seconds long. And… It was just like kissing Auggie,” she cringes. Maya almost laughs. “And then we saw you! What was that?” Riley questions excitedly. “He kissed you!”

“He’s like my uncle, Riles,” Maya’s laughing and shaking her head and Riley’s eyes widen.

“What is it with us, peaches?” She sighs and lays her head on Maya’s shoulder.

“Happy New Year, baby girl.” Katy’s smiling and Maya thinks this is the happiest she’s ever seen her and she doesn’t want it to stop. She stands up to hug her mother.

“Happy New Year, mom,” she whispers. She’s always thought the phrase was dull, but now it fills her with hope.


“Happy New Year, Farkle,” Riley and Maya say in unison, and Maya senses there’s something more behind Riley’s smile.

“Lucas went upstairs,” Farkle informs Maya, and for the second time in five minutes Maya’s wondering why they think she needs this right now.

“Okay?” Maya says. “Why are you telling me this? Sundance probably just got homesick for Texas or something.”

“Well, he left right after you and Beanie… You know,” Zay chimes in, rather unhelpfully. Maya glares at him.

“Bay window,” Riley suggests to Maya, pushing her lightly toward the stairs. “Work it out, peaches.”

“But do I have to work it out now?” Maya’s reluctant, but Riley points and Farkle nods and Zay just gives her a look and then she’s traveling up the stairs.

“Lucas? Where’d you go?” She pokes her head into Riley’s room and Ranger Rick himself sits at the bay window. “Oh, there you are.” She sits next to him. “What’s up?”

He doesn’t answer right away. He doesn’t say anything at all. But when he does speak, it’s “so, you and Josh, then” and it’s so bitter and so unlike Lucas that Maya bursts out laughing and shakes her head at him. “But you kissed,” he noted casually.

“He’s like my uncle,” she smiles contentedly. “I guess I’m even more a part of the family than I thought.”

“Oh. So, not you and Josh, then?” He tries (and fails) to hide his smile. If I were there, I would tell him to stop looking so hopeful.

“No,” she says carefully. “Why?” She’s curious as to where he’s going with this and hates that she hopes she knows. He glances at her from the corner of his eye.

“How about you and me?”


(requested by anonymous)

Okay so I could be making this up but in SL2 when Riley and Maya are sitting in the bay window at the end of the episode Riley asks Maya about Josh and she says something like, “So you and Josh?” correct me if I’m wrong but this the first time Riley has referred to him as Josh and not my uncle Josh or something along those lines.

What I’m saying is Riley basically distanced herself from Josh by saying that, it’s like she gave up any claim on him because she wanted Maya to have her own moment. (I don’t mean to make it sound like she has rights to him but I can’t think of better wording)

It could have been a slip or it could have been scripted but I don’t get how people can say Riley isn’t growing as a character. She’s gone from “You’re not going to be my aunt!” To distancing herself so it’s Maya’s moment with Josh completely. 

I think it’s a lovely moment for both girls - scripted or not - I take it as Riley growing as a character but also validating that what Josh and Maya have is real. 


Can we just discuss how wrong it is of diggie to come back for Maddie though? Don’t get me wrong I loved them at the time but mosh is so much better. For him to come back and just be like ‘I saw you with another guy and I didn’t like it now I want you back’ I’m sorry but if you loved her that much you wouldn’t have bloody left her in the first place. And basically being like 'see I saw you happy so wanted to come throw a spanner in the works’ is just a rude thing to do. If he really loved her he would leave her be, he’d want her to be happy with Josh. UGH!!!!

Although there’s a high chance I just relate too much to this situation and that’s why I’m so annoyed

You had been with Josh for a little over three years now and on your third anniversary he proposed to you on the top of the Empire State Building at night over looking the lights of New York City. It was five months since the engagement and two months till the wedding. The closer the wedding came the more nervous you got, you loved Josh more than anything in the world but you thought he deserved better, that you weren’t good enough for him.

While you were at your dress fitting your emotions got the best of you. “Y/n, is everything okay? Does the dress fit?” Jenna asked through the curtain. You looked at yourself in the mirror, trying to hold back tears, you opened the curtain and looked at the girls in front of her. Jenna and Josh’s sister, Ashley, stood up rushing to you, “What is wrong? Do you not like the dress?!” Ashley asked trying to figure out what was wrong. You shook your head and took a deep breath, “I don’t think I can do this. Josh deserves so much better,” you wiped your tears but they just kept coming. The girls moved you to sit down and they sat down next to you, “Oh honey, Josh loves you so much.  He can’t shut up about you,” Ashley said while Jenna grabbed tissues for you. “Josh is crazy for you, y/n. I know it’s scary getting married but there isn’t anything to worry about with marrying Josh. He loves you and you love him.” Jenna rubbed her back in a calming manner. You finally calmed down and stopped crying, “I think you could do so much better. I’m nothing special,” You wiped away your last few tears with the tissue. “You are incredible, y/n. There is no one better for Josh than you. You are so special and so beautiful.” Ashley held your hand. “In two months you will be walking down the aisle to be Mrs. Joshua Dun and we are going to be right there next to you.” Jenna smiled at the thought which made you smile. You nodded while sniffling, “You’re right. I am going to get married to the man of my dreams,” You smile and stand up straightening out your wedding dress.

After your dress fitting you and the girls headed back to the Dun house where everyone was hanging out and having game night. When you walked in the door you immediately found Josh and wrapped your arms around his waist, “Hey babe.” You smile, feeling at home in his arms. “Hey, how was your dress fitting,” he asked you kissing the top of your head. “She started getting cold feet about the wedding,” Ashley spilled your secret but with a smile on her face. “Ashley!” You squealed and looked up at Josh who had worry written all over his face. “Cold feet? Why?” He asked. “I just think you deserve better but Jenna and your sister helped me.” You spoke softly worried about what Josh would say. “y/n, I love you and there is no one else in this world that I would want to marry. I am marrying you because you are the love of my life,” he smiled down at you, “There is nothing for you to be worried or scared about. I love you beautiful.” Josh leaned down and kissed you softly making everyone in the room ‘awwww’.  “You’re adorable when you’re concerned,” you told Josh with a small giggle escaping your lips. .


So, @huckleberrysclutterbucket​ made a post listing reasons why she / he can’t see Joshaya’s potential to become a couple, and asked for some explaining. So I’m giving it to you, I hope this helps! :)

WARNING: Long post. And grammatical errors. 

❝ Josh lives in Phily, Maya lives in NY. I don’t think they have seen eachother that often or talk to eachother that much as to say they “know eachother” or “fell in love” ❞

Josh is moving to New York soon for college, so they will have plenty of times to get to know each other better. Their story is just beginning. 

 Maya does think he’s hot, and he does think she grew up gorgeous. But other than that, I’ve never seen Josh express any afection or atraction towards Maya.

Actually, you can see it clearly if you pay more attention! But I’ll break it down for you:

  • The way he looks at her. It always give his feelings away. Here’s some example:
  • He actually shows his attraction / affection for her, although somehow subtle. Here’s some lines:
    • “Is it just me or is there a new maturity in Maya that I haven’t seen before? I find it intriguing.”  - Josh. GM Tell-Tale-Tot. 
      This is him, starting to see her in a new light and feeling attracted to her. 
    • “Yep no! No, because I sat down the first time, and I feel like if I sit down this time it won’t reflect well on me.” - Josh, GM Tell Tale Tot.
      This one is my favorite, why? Because all this time, he’s been trying to see Maya as a little girl who had this crazy crush on him. But after Maya confessed her feelings, he realized it was not just a crush. It was real. She actually paid attention to him and know the little things about him. And let’s be real, there’s already some attraction going on between them. 
      This is the moment when Josh realized his feelings for her. He said it won’t reflect well on him if he sits down again, because then he wouldn’t be able to deny his feelings for Maya. And he’s aware of their age difference, he knows that they can’t be together right now. 
    • “It was. You’re not so little anymore, Maya. I guess I have to stop looking at you like that.” - Josh, GM Tell Tale Tot. 
      Well, this just confirms my last explanation. Here he admits that he no longer sees Maya as the little girl who has a crazy crush on him.  

Maya says she loves Josh because of the kind of guy he is. Because He would walk HIS NIECE and her friend home instead of staying at a party. But I mean, is his niece, the daughter of his brother. A girl he loves because they are blood related. I don’t think that’s special at all. Is something you just do. Out of responsability and love for a relative. Is not because he loves Maya. 

Maya doesn’t like him just because he walks them home. It’s because of his personality, it’s him as a person. She likes how Josh is really close with his family and put them first. She likes how wonderful he is with kids. Walking them home just proves that Josh is indeed a good person and a gentleman. Plus, for a teenage boy to leave a party just so he could walk his niece and her best friend home? This shows Maya just how mature he is. And that inspired her. Later in the episode, Maya made a mature decision and I think that was because of Josh. 

And of course, who’s talking about love here? Love is a big word. It takes a long time for people to actually fall in love with each other. At this point, Josh was just realizing his feelings for her, like I explained before. And remember, their story is just beginning.

I don’t see how Maya and Josh would know eachother trully. They just see eachother around hollidays and that’s assuming Maya attends all Hollidays with the Matthews and not her own family.”

Answered in the first statement / explanation. 

“ the age difference is appealing when you are Maya’s age. Is “cool” to date an older guy. But for him is not. Is like babysitting. And yes, she’s very mature for her age, but boys of Josh’s age seek for things in a relationship that Maya is not mature enough for.

I don’t know where did you get this ideas from, but Josh never see it as a babysitting. And boys Josh’s age seek for things in a relationship that Maya is not mature enough for? Like what, intimate course? This is a fallacy. I’m a senior in high school right now and most of the boys in my grade doesn’t only think about sex. Shocker, right?

Plus, Joshua Matthews is not attracted to Maya Hart in a sexual way and he will never do something like that when she’s still so young. He wouldn’t even admit his feelings for her, let alone have sex with her. He would never do something to Maya that will count as an assault. Can’t you see? in away, he’s trying to protect her too. Pass it on. 

Maya and Josh remind me of the “best friend’s brother” song. Is like having a crush on your best friend’s big brother, or big cousin, or in this case uncle.  

Maya’s feelings for Josh is not a crush. Crush doesn’t last long, while Maya’s feelings does. Come on, she haven’t seen him or heard anything about him in months yet she still have feelings for him. Proof: When Maya ate the card in GM New Years. 

 Maya wants to be part of Riley’s family. For her, Josh is her ticket in. Her opportunity to become a real Matthews.

This is low. I’m sorry, but it is. 

Maya had her closure with her biological father (Kermit), her relationship with Katy is getting better, and she has a father figure now, Shawn. It might not be picture perfect, but that’s all she ever wanted, isn’t it? She would never take that for granted or abandon it just so she could be a Matthews. 

And Maya is apart of the Matthews family. In Girl Meets Game Night, Cory refers to Topanga, Auggie, Josh, and Maya as Riley’s family. While Farkle and Lucas are her friends. Plus Maya’s feelings for Josh are genuine, she would never date Josh just so she could be a part of the Matthews family. She doesn’t need Josh for that. 

I think Maya really believes she’s in love with Josh. At least the Josh she thinks he is. The thing is, she doesn’t know him outside of the young uncle concept. She doesn’t know how he is around his friends or in school or in any other environment where family isn’t involved.

I believe once Josh and Maya start a relationship she’ll realize he’s not just Riley’s hot uncle, he’s a different person with a whole other side that she might not be readdy to tangle with.    

I will say this again, their story is just beginning. We’ll see how their story evolves in Ski Lodge. But for now, I don’t think that’s a reason why their relationship couldn’t work. The same thing happened to Riley and Lucas back in season 1, when she found out about his past in Texas. There’s more to Lucas than just the “perfect prince”, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, isn’t it? And Riley’s feelings stayed the same until now. 

Every relationship will go through this phase. Josh and Maya just haven’t gotten to that stage yet.

it seems very unlikely that Josh would have romantic feelings for Maya. He’s supposedly known her as his little niece’s best friend. If he has feelings for her I think they would be similar to the way he feels about Riley. Not authentic Romantic Feelings like “I really feel atracted to her” “I can’t stop thinking about her” “I have to ask her out” “I love her eyes and how he looks at me”. All we get is “Get off me you little Ferret!” As a big brother would call his sister or niece when is being a pain in the ass. Not as a romantic moment.

Re-read this post from the start. Because I have explained that Josh and Maya’s relationship is anything but brother / sister. Attraction? Check. And how do you know Josh doesn’t think about her? For romantic moments, I’ll give you some out of many:

Josh: Um It’s it’s been awhile.
Maya: Sure has.
Josh: Well Boy, you grew up gorgeous.
Riley: You are not going to be my aunt. 
Maya: I can’t hear you, badabadada! 

Josh: Maya?
Maya: She pulled that three-years-older thing on you, huh?
Josh: Yeah yeah. I really put myself out there.
Maya: Oh, I’m sure I couldn’t possibly identify with your pain.Cavemen? Footprints? Hold hands?
Josh: Hurts, doesn’t it?
Maya: A little bit, yeah.
Josh: How do you deal with it?
Maya: Well, me, I’ve got this dungeon of sadness.
Josh: Oh yeah? You got me in there?
Maya: Oh yeah. You and a whole flock of ballerinas.

Josh: Is it just me or is there a new maturity in Maya that I haven’t seen before? I find it intriguing.

If you need more reasons / explanations just ask! I’d be more than glad to answer :)

I can’t actually understand how and why some people think that it’s okay to judge who Tyler loves or not. Like, he loves who he loves and you can’t change that. It’s not your (our) business.

 Like, people judge Jenna and say awful things about her but… Why? What did she do to deserve this? The only thing that I see Jenna doing is encouraging the boys, being happy for them, being always there for Tyler and making him smile (and being a cutie patootie). Even Josh said that Jenna makes Tyler a better person. So why do you hate her? Because she makes him happy? That doesn’t make any sense, guys.

Tyler is happy with her. She never did anything wrong. She is always amazing with the clique and takes care of Tyler, Josh, Mark, the whole crew and us. So why do you guys hate her? Why do guys keep posting awful things about someone that Tyler loves so much? Explain to me how that makes sense because I can’t see any.

And yeah, I’ll always fight for Jenna until she gives me a reason to change my mind about her. But do you know what? I don’t believe she ever will. Because she is amazing and I love her for making Tyler happy. I truly respect Jenna and I think you guys should all do this. You don’t need to love her, but respect is everything.

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