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Day6 As Things I've Overheard
  • Jae: "okay but do we all agree that if I was a dog I would be a chihuahua?"
  • Sungjin: "why is customer service being rude to me that's my children's job"
  • Young K: "if I eat this whole pickle in one bite you gotta pay me 50 bucks"
  • Wonpil: "don't touch me I'm a fucking ray of sunshine"
  • Dowoon: "the only reason I hang out with you guys is because I got waitlisted when I applied for better friends"

To our beloved ELF ♥

Salute! it’s Sergeant Lee Hyukjae. Heoheohoe I said Sergeant… I’m a Sergeant. Can everyone believe that? The time when I was cutely wearing onto the private first class badge it seemed like it was yesterday but I’ve now filled all the levels of army service ribbon and when I pose with it, its not a joke. I’ve even have a squad  leader badge on my shoulders because I was the squad commander!!! Heoheo anyway is everyone  doing well? It’s been a looooong time since I wrote a letter. Did you guys wait for a long time? The day has cleared up and the weather has become better so would you even have thought of me while you run around playing outside all the time? I know very well that everyone is going around playing because you are excited. Well it’s okay. I can understand. While you can still play, play to your hearts content now, When the Summer comes, everyone has to regain your senses and work faithfully for you regular job. I’m also slowly preparing to meet our ELF now. I’ve been washing well so I won’t look like someone in my 30s, taking care of my skin and exercising hard so I will have the stamina to run around all night during Sushow and I’ve  also been reading lots of book so that I can become smarter and make high level jokes when we meet guys… I’ll be preparing this and that. The most important thing is the preparation for out comeback album!!! In order not to disappoint our ELF who has waited for a long time, I’ve been worrying again and again so I will gift you guys good music and performance as a present!! No but even if it is not so. I’ve actually really had a lot of worried. What kind of posture and image should we prepare to come out with over what ELF wants, we want and the general public wants… in the end, after worrying an d worrying, I’ve started to feel uneasy and several thoughts became complicated but the conclusion in my heart even just for a little but!!… I will tell you guys next time. I really miss our ELF. Because you guys have worn the the rubber shoes for such a long time, your feet should smell of rubber… but now you guys have to wear the rubber shoes again for Kyuhyunnie…. sigh you guys have had  a hard time. but well what can we do? We have many people.. I will register you guys as rubber cultural assets. Hang on just for a little bit more!! Hang on!! Just in a while more, D&E and D&E Company CEO will be coming back so I hope you will spend everyday enjoyably. Because it’s Summer, don’t eat much cold stuff and be careful not to get food poisoning and a cold. Because you guys are old now, you guys can’t just eat everything like before. Just don’t be sick please!! Also, because it is getting warm, you can take this chance and shave your head bald. I love you our ELF ♥

2017.05.20 Sergeant Lee Hyukjae ©

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To those anxiety-riddled future SDiT owners...

To all of you out there looking for a prospective service dog. This is something I wish I had thought about before getting my own SDiT, and please keep in mind it doesn’t apply to everyone. Again I stress: this is not the case for everyone! It does apply to me personally, so I thought maybe it would help someone else. So here we go:

Consider your dog’s colour. This is a super controversial sentence but bear with me. This is under a certain set of circumstances, and it’s really not something you consider would ever be a problem. But it is. Okay, problem is too big a word. I like complication better. Moving on.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a MC +RFA and Saeran going to the hospital because MC felt really bad that night and she has to stay for a week in the hospital because of her illness? I'm actually in that situation and I wonder how will they react. Thank you and have a nice day!

Oh, poor thing! Hope you’re home and feeling better now, sweetie.

I also hope this brings you some comfort:

RFA + Saeran with MC staying at the hospital


  • He will definitely ditch work to stay with you, be sure of that
  • If it’s something contagious, it will take the whole hospital staff to explain to him why he can’t be with you in the same room
  • But he’ll sleep every day in the waiting room and send worried texts disguised with sweet words.
  • Until you reassure him you’re fine and actually would like him to go back to work, he’s not pleased but will obey, he’ll do anything you ask him in this state.
  • If it’s not something contagious, he’ll stay with you, sing lullabies, read his scripts to entertain you and even impersonate RFA’s members to you.
  • He’s so happy to see you laughing at his Jumin’s impersonation, it’s so relieving to see your smile.
  • When they send you home, he’ll treat you like a porcelain doll. He even gave you a little bell so you can call him whenever you need something.
  • “What I really need is you right now…” his heart flutters, he’ll cuddle with you and stroke your hair until you fall asleep, now he feels like he can finally relax.


  • He’s even more scared than you, to be honest
  • He’ll call all your friends, family and co-workers, he’ll say exactly what the doctor told him, but there’s something about his tone that makes it sound a lot worse than it is.
  • But at this point, everybody knows your boyfriend and how he easily freaks out.
  • He’ll want to know everything about your eating habits there. What they serve for your meals, what time, if it’s good, etc.
  • If you’re not on some kind of restrictive diet, he’ll bring you bento boxes, or ask his mother for her miraculous soup that will definitely cure you.
  • He’s so scared because it’s so painful and nerve-wracking to see you like this, but if you ask him just right, he’ll stay by your side every single day.
  • You make him a lot of questions. How was his day, how is college, his family, everything to make him feel comfortable and just act natural.
  • Back home, it feels like the hospital sent a personal nurse just for you (and a very cute one, by the way), because he’s always making sure you have fresh water, comfortable pillows, books or a tablet for your own entertainment… actually, he’s better than those nurses.
  • He doesn’t want to bother you being too clingy, but you keep telling him how much you want his company, so he finally gives in and lays with you in the bed.
  • And it’s almost healing to watch him finally sleeping after all those tiring days…


  • She’s a little scared, but will never show you. No, she needs to remains calm and make sure you’ll have everything you need
  • She respects all the instructions given by the doctor or the nurses, it’s for your own good, after all.
  • Never leaves your side, NE-VER! If you move a little, she’s looking at you and asking if you need something.
  • She’s also very honest. If you have to stay there for a little more time, she’ll tell you right away.
  • People can see as a cold treatment, but you really appreciate her honesty, yeah, you’re not a kid, you deserve to know everything that’s going on.
  • But she’s not a robot, so there are those moments when she waits for you to fall asleep so she can take a deep breath, hold your hand, stroke your hair and whisper softly: “please, get better soon, please…”
  • Sometimes you were just pretending to sleep just so you could hear this.
  • You told her this when you got back home and she’s so flustered. Inside, she’s really happy that you still manage to act like your usual playful self.
  • She follows all the instructions for your recovery process, she’s even more strict than the doctor.
  • Okay, not that much, she’s cuddling with you and telling how happy she is that you’re fine, now she is making sure you’re awake for this. Yeah, no doctor in the world could be that sweet.


  • He won’t show it, but he’s panicking!
  • Will pay anything it takes to get you the best doctors, the best medicines, the most comfortable room.
  • What he would really want to do is turn some of his guest bedrooms into a  small hospital station, but you told him to calm down.
  • Now he’s beating himself up. Hell, he should be the one calming you down, not the other way around!
  • After a very long and detailed conversation with the head physician, he manages to go back to his usual stoic self and focus on what’s best for you.
  • So, like Jaehee, he’ll follow every instruction given.
  • He reads to you, tells you about his day (after a lot of insistence from you about him not missing work) and shows you pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd
  • “See in her eyes how much she misses you and is worried for you? Get better soon for her and for me, my love.” You… don’t really see it, but yes, how can you not go along with him being so sweet?
  • He’ll definitely hire a very good nurse to help you through recovery at home.
  • And he doesn’t hold back a deep sigh when he’s able to dismiss their services because you’re finally better.
  • Now all he wants is to cuddle with you while patting Elizabeth. Actually, it’s adorable how she manages to go to your lap instead of his. Okay, she really missed you, now you’re seeing it.


  • Also panicking, but trying to stay cool
  • He also has his ways with money to get you the best treatment, so don’t you worry!
  • The nurses like him because he’s very nice to them. He brings them flowers and chocolate, but it’s not bribe to make sure you’re being well treated, no, it isn’t!
  • The doctor, on the other hand, doesn’t like him that much, because he’s always questioning the treatments, telling some of them are outdated.
  • Yes, actually he researched everything about this new experimental treatment that’s been proven very successful in Cuba and… oh, the doctor hates him!
  • He makes sure you’re never bored, he brings you books, games, everything. But he can’t help feeling a little guilty, he should be the one entertaining you, not these gimmicks…
  • But he’s so scared, so he doesn’t really know how o comfort you. “Just stop arguing with the doctor and stay here.” Okay, he can do that!
  • So he stays, and he tells all his plans about the space station’s marriage, he tells you other stuff, but you keep asking him to tell about this again.
  • Back home, he’s not ashamed of being clingy. He missed you like this so much, why would he hold back? The doctor said you should be fine… not thanks to his outdated treatments, but still…
  • “Just let it go, Saeyoung.” and he finally does as he finally can sleep by your side again, that’s all that matters.


  • He hates hospitals, obviously
  • And he doesn’t really like being around you. Not because he’s afraid of getting sick (though his immune system can still be a little weak…), it’s just… too much painful to see you like this
  • And he hates how he can do nothing about it! Ugh… so frustrating!
  • Due to his own health issues, yeah, he can’t be too long in the hospital with you, but he managed to install a camera in your room, so he’s always watching you. ALWAYS!
  • Also, he’s constantly calling you, usually you’re the one to talk a lot, it calms you both down. And he listens every single thing you have to say, or even if you’re not saying anything… the sound of your breathing while you sleep is music to his ears.
  • He doesn’t like all the instructions, but he’ll follow them, he can’t risk losing the most precious person of his life.
  • When they send you home, he is still a little reluctant to be around you, what if you’re not completely okay?
  • He believes ice cream solves everything, so I hope you’re excited to taste all the flavors the convenience store have, because he bought them all.
  • He won’t cuddle, but he’ll be close enough. He scolds you: “Take care of yourself from now on, don’t be irresponsible and don’t fool around with your health, you hear me?” and then he whispers when he thinks you’re not listening “I would hate to lose you.” Once a tsundere…
Do you really need a service dog?

This is a post predominantly for the people with invisible illnesses, but I suppose can extend to anyone with unsupportive people in their lives. You encounter a great deal of opposition to your service dog when people can’t see disability from both strangers and people close to you.

Making the decision to get a service dog takes so much time and consideration. We all know the questions we ask ourselves:

  • Can I handle the attention is public?
  • Is it worth packing him up and taking him everywhere?
  • Am I willing to make the sacrifices it takes to have a service dog and adopt a new normal?
  • Will it be a net positive for me
  • What will my friends and family say?


That last question is a kicker.

When I chose to apply for Earl, my genteel Southern family exploded. The best way I can recount their reactions to hearing the news is through another of my beloved bulleted lists:

  • “Okay…. Well…… What do you want me to say?”
  • “So you’re just giving up on getting better?”
  • “Don’t you want to be normal?”
  • “You’re being selfish. There are people in worse shape than you who need service dogs.”
  • “You’re just exaggerating your seizures so you can take a dog everywhere.”
  • “Just keep trying to get better and get a normal dog.”
  • “Are you still talking about getting a service dog? I thought we talked you out of that months ago.”

The list goes on. They even called the agency after I put in the application with two references and a doctor’s note confirming my disability to tell them I didn’t need a service dog. Just a side note- I’m 24. They’ve grown to love Earl, but still pet him when he’s vested and make comments like, “Oh, you brought your dog again.”

Even my supportive friends didn’t act the same for a while. Until they adjusted, it was a little lonely. Conversation was strained and brief. I became reclusive. Then I got creative. I started using social media and texting for interaction for a while with the people I was closest to. Then would meet them for a meal or coffee because Earl sleeps quietly under the table at restaurants. People forget he’s there. It felt like old times and it helped them realized I am the same person I was before Earl came along. 

*That was long. Sorry about that. Here’s the advice part (another bulleted list): 

  • Your service dog is for YOU. Be okay with and unapologetic about that.
  • Try to help the people you love understand and be prepared for them not to.
  • When trying to reconnect with people who may feel uneasy about your new “buddy,” Try to hang out with them and at all costs try to avoid talking about your illness for a while. They care, but it’s a good reminder that you’re the same person you were before. They probably miss you as much as you miss them.
  • Try to be comfortable in your own skin. Remind yourself that you’re not defined by your illness. You just need a little extra help. You’ll exude that confidence and people will be more at ease around you and your service dog.

It needs to be said: tumblr is very good in calling attention to and normalising depression and anxiety, but its mockery of professional help and recovery is borderline toxic.

I’ve been struggling with a mentality for years that I’m only now being told is classifiable as severe depression. Just three sessions with a therapist (who herself wasn’t always ‘neurotypical’, may I add), and I’m finally realising that my last seven years could’ve been so much better had I sought help - but I’d always just assumed that, because I’d never had the urge to self-harm, I wasn’t “depressed enough”.

Your school, your university or your local community may offer free or cheap access to counselling services, so please check. You’ll find a professional you can click with. Pre-write a list of your worries and read it aloud to them - and even if there’s just one prominent piece of advice they can offer, that’s one piece of knowledge you’ll be equipped with for the rest of your life.

Celebrate the identification of these illnesses, because that’s the first step to overcoming them. It may take time, and there may be bumps, but it all gets better from there. You will be okay.

Puppy Love Pt.8


October 6th. 3 Months Later…

“Hold on.”

I look at my beeping phone and see that Owen has sent me a message.

I need a drop to work today. I also need coffee.

“You can’t just say hold on during sex,” Ryan murmurs as he looks over my shoulder at my phone, “Why is he messaging you at 7 in the morning?”

“It’s Owen,” I say as I confirm his requests, “I have to say hold on for him.”

“You treat him better than you treat me,” he grumbles as he waits for me to finish my conversation with what he calls my soulmate.

“Not true,” I laugh as I set my phone back on the bedside table. I turn to him and cup his cheeks with my small hands, wrapping one leg around his waist. “I give you sex. He doesn’t get that.” I kiss him long and passionately enough that he almost forgets what we’re talking about. I can feel his excitement poking against me and, just when I think we’re about to return to our previous activities, he stops me.

“How do I know you don’t give him that?” he chuckles, rolling over to tower over me.

“I guess you’ll have to trust me,” I shrug, pushing him back to his side so I can get out of bed and get ready, ditching the idea of sex with him this morning.

“Amelia,” he whispers lowly and lovingly as I’m about to go to the bathroom. I turn and look at him, expecting him to ask me something. Instead, he says, “I love you.”

And, of course, I freeze.

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Unprofessional Services: Chapter 2

Read on AO3.
Part 1 here.
Part 3 here.

Summary: Your first meeting with Commander Ren goes just as well as you would have expected. Okay, no, that’s a lie. You expected it to go at least three times better than this.

Words: 2500

Warnings: Kind of angsty maybe?

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Yay! New chapter up! I want to see if I can do a thing where I publish chapters of my fics alternating weeks. One week, Little Bird, the next, Unprofessional Services. We’ll see! I’m feeling a lot better, recently, but I am starting a second job, so… YEAH!

Anyway, that’s my second chapter! Thanks so much for your feedback on the first one. It made me happy! <3 Love y'all.

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Unaccompanied Minor l Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: this turned out being a lot longer than expected, i’m sorry. but i really hope you enjoy it!!! <3 you can find part two here

Originally posted by flyingiseverything

Flying was one of the most fun things in the world. Well, at least that’s what you thought when you decided to become a flight attendant. You were a people person, and the fact of getting to know places, even if it was for a very short period of time made you fall in love with your, now, job. Plus, you were single, and didn’t have children, so every time one of your colleagues had trouble with their schedules, you were the first one to offer to cover for them, not being able to have enough of the feeling of interacting with people and flying. Sure, there were costumers who were just rude, and guys who enjoyed free drinks way too much, but you still loved it. You had just completed your first year working for Air Canada and you were looking forward for many more.

Most people didn’t know, but flight attendants are up way long before boarding begins. Today, for instance, your day had started at 4 AM, at the base of the airline to discuss the flight details, then you were driven to the airport with the rest of the crew, you passed security and then you finally were directed to the plane one hour before boarding started, which meant almost two hours before the flight. You were finishing the security check when the flight purser approached you and asked for a word. Unconsciously, you smothered your uniform before giving her your best smile. 

 “(Y/N), we are having an unaccompanied minor on today’s flight, and she’ll be flying on Premium Economy, which is your section for today” she said and you knew what that meant; you had to chaperone the unaccompanied minor. “Her seat is 12E, she’s only 6 years old.” your superior told you and you nodded.

 "Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her” You assured and she smiled before leaving.

 It wasn’t the first time you had an unaccompanied minor on your watch, but you had never had a girl so young, but you couldn’t really complain, since having her on your watch meant you got to seat beside her during take-off, landing, and even in the event of unexpected turbulences, instead of your assigned jumpseat, and that was very nice considering the flight from Toronto to London was kind of long. You didn’t notice when your superior approached you again to tell you it was almost time to start boarding, which meant you had to leave the aircraft and go looking for the little girl who was on the first boarding group. You fixed your skirt and blue scarf before walking to the gate. Some people stared at you in confusion, not really understanding why a flight attendant was outside the plane they were about to board, but it became clear when they saw you kneel in front of the little girl who was first in line. A tall, handsome boy had been silently keeping an eye on her until you arrived. You helped her show her passport and boarding pass to the crew before taking her hand and guiding her towards the plane. You learned her name was Olivia, and she looked anxious about flying, but you tried to keep her head out of it. You quickly found her seat, and as she talked about her dog named Kristoff, you buckled her up and left her ready for take-off. The tall boy you had seen before had his seat right next to Olivia, he gave her a nice smile before stowing his belongings.

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5bluetriangles  asked:

oh my god i would DIE if you drew some service Mortys!!! any one is fine!

Some Struggling Rick… I hope to do better in my future works, though.

For anyone wondering, I’m making a blog specifically for Service Mortys!~ I’m thinking to make Service Morty designs for free for people and just draw Service Mortys in general. This sounds like a really relaxing thing to do.

For this Rick, I thought of how my lovey will hold me when i wake up from nightmares and let me know everything is okay… when I have a bout of psychosis, my lovey and my pups are right there to let me know I’m okay and that has got to be one of the best feelings is knowing that, no matter how scared you are, you have support and you’re safe.

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The Morning after: “ I can’t believe I just did that ” for Mara and Quinn (if you're still doing these prompts)

Everything hurt.

He groaned and forced his eyes open. Blessedly, Mara had the foresight to keep the illumination in their quarters low.

“There you are.”

She spoke barely above a whisper. Cool fingertips danced soothingly over his forehead and into his hair, massaging his scalp. His eyes slid closed and foggy memories of the prior evening began to reassert themselves. He tried to account for the amount of whiskey he’d had at Ovech’s party, but lost count somewhere around five. The details were still muddled, but he was certain he owed his friend a profuse apology.

“What time is it?”

“Nearly noon,” Mara replied, her voice still soft.  

He shifted so he could look up at his wife. Stars, he had not planned on forcing her to nurse him through a hangover before their marriage was even a month old.

“How badly did I humiliate myself last night?”

“By typical standards? Not at all.” She smiled. “You are a very affection drunk, Malavai.”

He frowned, trying to remember.

“How affectionate, precisely?”

“Well within propriety in public, I assure you; even drunk you were able to discern how to act in front of which onlookers. That having been said, I believe Ovech has heard more than he ever needs to about how lovely my hair smells.”

He groaned and struggled into a sitting position.

“I need to apologize to him. Kriff, he shipped out already, didn’t he?”

Mara’s arm slid around his shoulders to support him.

“He said no apologies are necessary, even though he also knows you’ll still holo with one as soon as you are capable of working a communications panel. Here.” She pressed a glass into his hands.

“Water, with an added stimulant that should help your head.”

He took a sip.

“I should have taken one last night.”

“I offered; I believe your exact words were, ‘let me suffer’.”

He winced.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe I did that.”

She shifted to sit next to him on the bed.

“I’ve never seen you like that, Malavai. Do you need to talk?”

He sighed. She knew something was wrong, of course, but as ever allowed him to decide whether to share the particulars with her.

“I am happy for Colonel Ovech,” he began, his friend’s new rank still a novelty. “He deserves to advance, and the Empire is better for his service, but,” he hesitated and looked down at the glass in his hands.

“We graduated the academy together and swore we would advance in tandem.” He smiled, seeing in his mind’s eye two arrogant, idiot lieutenants with dreams of grandeur. “We planned to personally bring the Republic to its knees.”

“It seemed all but certain when we were both assigned to Broysc’s battle group.”

His smile faded. How wrong they’d been.

“It’s hard watching your friend succeed while you have struggled.”

He looked up and met Mara’s gaze, drawn toward her amber eyes as surely as a moth was drawn to flame.

“That was an immature child’s dream,” he said. “However bad Balmorra was, it led me to you, and I would never trade that.”

She smiled and touched his cheek gently.

“I am many things, Malavai. But I am not a replacement for what Broysc took from you, nor would I every try to be. It’s okay to feel angry about that injustice even as you’re happy for your friend.”

“And please know if you ever wish to leave my service for a better chance of advancement, I will support you. I love you and I love having you here, but I realize serving on this ship keeps you out of the view of the senior officers who make such decisions.”

“My place is here,” he said quietly. “Ovech outranks me, but even his new command will not have nearly the impact that you do.”

Mara leaned forward and kissed his forehead. His head hurt less, he realized; clearly the stim performing its primary function.

“Finish that,” she said, motioning toward the glass. “I’ll see what I can find in the galley that won’t anger your insides too much.”

He watched her go, silky robes swirling in her wake, and took another gulp of water.

Despite the odd trajectory of his life, he had gotten uncommonly lucky, he decided.

TalesFromYourServer: Do I HAVE to tip?

Yesterday, I was cashiering at one of my jobs when this lady came up to me to pay and asked that. ‘Uhhh, well you don’t HAVE to. Was something wrong with the service?’

'Everything was okay, the eggs were cold.’

'Oh did you tell the server?’



So I fucking called her out. No fucks given. That shit was beyond disrespectful. Of course she didn’t tip still but best believe I informed her that tip is based on service not the food and the server can’t give you better service if you don’t inform her what went wrong!

But WAIT…. It gets BETTER. I told the server what happened and she informed that… Surprise, she was a crazy dumb bitch. Woman and husband come during peak busy time, woman asks for eggs and bacon but on separate plates (that’s all she said). So we were beyond slammed at the time and the kitchen just throw the eggs/bac on one plate touching. Server brings over food and says she can get an extra plate if she asked for separate plates to split and the girl explains its because she’s ALLERGIC to bacon.

Server goes, oh I’m sorry I wish you would have told me about your allergy and dumb bitch gets mad at server because SHE didn’t tell server that she had allergy. I know, I know, she DID ask for it a certain way but if you don’t explain that you could get hurt if it’s not properly prepared how you asked in crowded restaurant, it’s likely not going to end up in your favor.

By: Belle-ET-La-Bete

The Silent One - Part Eighteen

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Chapter Synopsis: You have your first day on the wall and someone guves you a revaluation.

Ships: Negan x Reader (C’mon, if you’ve read this story so far you know this is a slow burn)
Words: 1,687
Warnings: Curses, suggestive talk
Category: Angst

You woke up to excitement flowing through your veins. It was your first day working on the fence. It wasn’t really the idea of working for the enemy, for Negan was still the enemy, but more the fact that you would be leaving the room you had been kept in for however many days you had been in the Sanctuary.

You jumped out of bed and swiftly strode toward a large, white, dresser which you opened and scrutinized for a few seconds before cringing away from the unpractical dresses and short T-shirts and taking out a simple, grey tank top with a black jacket thrown over it. You sat on the bed and began to pull up some dark, denim, jeans with a few rips and tares marring their material.

After you were fully dressed you stretched and stepped in front of the long, ceiling to floor length, mirror. You deemed yourself in a practical attire.

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Word Count: 397
More Avengers Adopt Pets here!

My boyfriend and I just got a cat and we named it T’Challa because we’re the biggest dorks. And then it made me want to write “Avengers adopting pets” stories. This is the second in the set. It’s a reader insert where the reader decides to adopt a dog in hopes of training it to be a service animal for Bruce Banner. Just a bit of fluff because  the world needs more fluff! 

“What is that, and where did you get it?” Bruce Banner pointed at the large pile of fur that was currently sprawled across the entire couch. A couch that he desperately wanted to remind you he had purchased years before moving in with you. It had been his favorite piece of furniture until thirty seconds ago. 

“It’s not a what.” You argued putting your hands on your hips. “She’s a she, and her name is Veronica.” 

“Veronica? Like the…” He covered his face with his hand, trying to hide his smile. You’d been known to pull crazy stunts before, each one as ridiculous as the last, but he honestly hadn’t seen this one coming. It was bad enough there was a massive Saint Bernard in the home you shared. Then you’d gone and named her after Tony Stark’s “Hulkbuster” suit. 

“Okay, why is Veronica on my couch?” He asked trying to hide his slight amusement.

“Because she doesn’t fit in the chair.” You shrugged. He looked back at you, waiting for a better explanation. “Hear me out.” You begged, holding your hands up. “Lots of people with anger issues have service dogs. They help keep them calm, or if they cant get them to calm down they stay with them until the episode is over. Now technically Veronica’s not a registered service dog yet, but we can trainer her if you want. And I just thought maybe…”

“You got a dog…for me?” Bruce peeked through his fingers at you. 

“Yes. And I guess technically we could bring her back,but I really think you should give her a chance! Think of how great it could be if you were Hulked out in the woods somewhere and Veronica could meet you with a nice change of clothes? She can signal you if you’re heart rate is getting too fast. People have even taught their dogs to dial 911 before! She’s really sweet and…”

“You don’t have to try so hard to sell her, [y/n].” Bruce removed his hand from his face and wrapped his arms around your waist. “She can stay.”

“She can stay?” You asked excitedly, wanting to make sure you’d heard correctly. He nodded before tilting your chin upward with two of his fingers. He bent down and kissed you. He was so lucky to have fallen in love with someone as impulsive and caring as you.


Fleurmione Fic: By Chance

It was by pure chance he met her; a woman with a platinum blonde hair, a sweet smile and alluring ocean blue eyes. He did not even expect for some good Samaritan to suddenly pop-out of the blue and literally save his life by giving him the Heimlich after choking on a piece of bread and also feeling a soothing feeling on his chest.

After the whole ordeal, he offered to treat her some lunch as payment of saving his life. The woman made a joke about ‘no bread’ and both of them laughed about it.

From then on, he found himself having lunch everyday with the blonde. Along their lunch meet-ups, he learned a few things about the blonde as well as she learned from him. He learned that the blonde’s from France, currently working at a bank. Then how hard she studied to learn English and sadly somehow able to read him like an open book. And he also learned about her divorce about two years ago and a woman who captured her heart. They have been hanging out for so long that they can already tell if one of them is having a problem.

And right now, his mind is preoccupied with a problem that he does not know how to solve.

“So… What’s troubling you monsieur?” the blonde asked curiously, watching him while cradling a cup of tea.

He looked up from his cup of coffee and somberly smiled at her. “It’s… my daughter.” He sighs and looked outside the glass pane. “She’s… sad.” He sighed heavily and slump his head down. After his daughter sent him and his wife away and then retrieved, he never saw her smile brightly again. Even with her return in studying or gifts of new books, his only daughter never smiled like she used to. He showed a bitter smile to the woman with blonde hair. “I can’t do anything. She told me about her breakup with a boy who my wife and I think she does not deserve, and then immersed herself in her work. Then she also told us about an unrequited love over a colleague.”

The blonde raised a brow and placed her teacup down and reached out and held his hand affectionately. She showed him a comforting smile as she rubs his hand. “Monsieur, I do not know your daughter but it would be a great help if you talk to her about it.” She smiled and squeezed his hand gently. “Be a father to her and comfort her. Sometimes women just need a hug from their father.”

He smiled back and held her hand as well. Then a random thought hit him like a brick wall that made him laugh. The blonde asked him what was he laughing about and he slowly eased up, retracting his hand to take a sip of his coffee. After drinking a fair amount, he showed her a toothy smile. “You know, I would be the happiest father in the world if you are to date my daughter.” He told her, making the blonde to laugh.

“Oh monsieur, you are funny.”

“I’m serious doll face. You and my daughter can really bond, ya know? Unlike her ex-boyfriend who wants her to be a housewife.” He shivered. “Oh my daughter will never fit that. Not at all. But you? I can bet you two will be in a battle of wits every time.” He said, beaming a warm smile.

“But I am a divorcee monsie-“

“Heck even if you are divorced triple times!” He said, raising his arms up enthusiastically. His actions just made the blonde giggle. Then his phone let out an alarm, indicating it was already past lunch time. “Oh look at the time. Sorry love, I have to go. Don’t want the wife thinking am cheating with a gorgeous woman.” He said, winking at the blonde. “Well I am having lunch with a gorgeous but cheating? Never in my life.”

The blonde shook her head. “I don’t think you would be swayed by me, monsieur, after encouraging me to date your daughter that is.” She grinned.

“Trust me; you’ll love her if you meet her.” He stated. His phone lit up, showing that he received a message. “Oops! Have to go. Why not come by my clinic some time, I’ll give ya a free service if you do and meet my daughter.” He laughed at his own suggestion.

“You better go before your wife thinks you are cheating already, monsieur Alexandre.” She said, making a shooing gesture to him.

Alexadre merely nodded his head and showed a playful salute. “Think about my offer okay? As you French would say, au revoir mademoiselle.”

A week later, Alexandre was working on a patient at his clinic, a special patient, while being chided by her. He already lost count on the times he was scolded every time he brought the topic up.

“But poppet! Just give this girl a chance. I promise it would be worth your while.” He said, checking on the teeth of his patient. There was a garbled answer and he sighed. “She’s nice you know. Lovely and witty too.” Again another gargled answer that only dentists like him and his wife could understand. “I’m not telling you to marry her immediately. I’m just saying to just go out on a date with her and see how right I am.”

Dorothy, his wife, placed a hand over his shoulder and shook her head. “Alex my dear, don’t force our daughter to love. Besides, she’s already fancying another woman so don’t meddle in her love life.”

Alex sighs and gave his wife a defeated look. “You two are ganging up on me about this woman who our daughter fancies. I still think the woman I met is more suitable to our poppet. I can bet you will love her at first sight!” He pouted.

His daughter gargle some words that he understood as ‘don’t meddle with my life, please’ and his wife chided him about his attempt of interfering with their daughter’s love life. He was about to protest when their secretary informed them of a walk-in patient requesting for an appointment.

He stood up to check on who the new comer is and grinned when he saw the blonde he’s been having lunch with was the walk-in patient. He told his wife to take over and apologized to his daughter, telling them that the new patient was a friend of his. He received a grunt from his daughter which he merely laughed off and attended his friend.

“Ahh! My dear friend! Welcome, welcome!” He said, ushering the blonde to another dental chair with a divider beside it to block the other patient. The blonde beamed a smile and greeted him cheerfully. He made sure that Fleur was seated comfortably on the chair, and looped a bib around her neck. “So, this is a surprise. What can I do for you today?”

“I am merely here for this so-called checkup and would like to take your offer.” The blonde said to him, sounding curious.

“Offer in what? The free treatment or the meeting?” Alexandre laughed. He notice that the blonde was looking everywhere with a curious look on her eyes. Like it was the first time she went to the dentist.  

Then there was a garbled sound from the other end of the divider.

“I know dear, but if you don’t act on it, you can never have it. And yes you father will continue to bug you until you do what he wants” Dorothy, said. There was another garbled sound. “Yes dear. You father won’t be mad even if that person is one of those pixie or fairies in your world.”

Alexandre found his friend’s brows to quirk up when they heard his wife. He excused himself and peeked at his wife, giving her a sign that someone was there. His wife showed an apologetic look and whispered something to the patient. With that secured, he returned to his patient and awkwardly laughed.

“Sorry about that. The anesthesia can really make one a bit loopy and hallucinate on things.” He put on his latex gloves, face mask and readied his materials. “Open your mouth please. So… what made you decide to take my offer?” he asked as he checked on the teeth of his patient.

The blonde let out a few gargling things which he could translate as ‘out of curiosity.’

“I see. Wow not a speck of cavity or anything.” He said in awe. He gestured for the blonde to close her mouth since there was nothing else he could do for it and removed his mask. “Curious huh? Let me tell you, my daughter will really like you once you two meet.” He said, smirking at the blonde.

Then there was a loud gargling sound -sounding like an angry gurgle- at the other end and the divider was suddenly pulled aside. From the other side, his wife was glaring at him and his daughter too, crossed arms with a matching glare and a suction tube hanging by the side of her mouth.

“Really Alex? How many times do I have to tell you to leave her love life alone?” Dorothy chided her husband.

“But dear! I’m just worried about Hermione-“ he looked at his daughter who now has an incredulous look on her face. He noticed that her mouth is hanging wide open and right hand rose up, pointer finger directed behind him. As if she saw a ghost.

“’ermione… Granger…”

Alexandre turned to his friend who has the same surprised look on her face as her daughter, minus the wide open jaw. His friend spoke out his daughter’s name as if she has waited a lifetime to say it and her voice sounding more of French than English. He heard his daughter say some garbled words and then removed the tube from her mouth.

“Fleur… Delacour… How…” Hermione shook her head. “Wait, wait, wait the bloody hell… You’re the one father’s been bugging me about?” Hermione said, unable to believe what’s happening before her.

“Ah… Oui? I mean… I think so? I didn’t know you are monsieur Alexandre’s daughter.” Fleur replied, slinking away from the chair and approaching Hermione. She reached out and wiped the trail of saliva from the corner of Hermione’s lips and wiped it over the bib the brunette wore. “And somehow… I am glad he laid out the offer.”

“Wow… Your English did improve.” Hermione said, unable to believe that the blonde beauty was in front of her.. She was blushing now after feeling the cold fingers of the blonde over her jaw.

“You two know each other? Fleur? Hermione?” Alexandre asked, watching her daughter and new friend acted like they have known each other for years.

His wife looked at him in shock.

“Did you just say Fleur?” Alexandre nodded. “As in Fleur Isabelle Delacour?” Another nod. Dorothy grinned widely and stood up and pulled her husband out of the room. “Why don’t we talk outside for a while dear?”


“Now!” Dorothy said firmly, dragging Alexandre out of the room. But before they left, they heard Fleur’s voice.

“It has been a long time, ma chérie.”

“Far too long…”

“You mean to tell me that the woman that our daughter-“

“Yes dear. If you have been listening all this time, you would’ve learned her name from the start.” Dorothy slapped his husband’s arm. “She was telling us all about Fleur last night dear. How she deeply adores the woman but scared to be rejected.”

Alexandre rubbed his now sore arm. “Well I don’t think she’ll be scared now. Fleur did stop by here to take up my offer in dating Hermione.”

“You mean to say… That the woman you have been forcing our daughter to meet is the same one our daughter’s been sulking about?”

Alexandre nodded in disbelief. “Small world? Or by chance?”

Dorothy and Alex peeked inside their workspace and saw how Fleur and Hermione are smiling at each other. Both of them can’t believe how the two could smile at each other. They have never seen the two smiles so affectionately.

Grinning, Alex stepped inside his workspace and placed a hand on his daughter’s and Fleur’s shoulders. “So… Anyone here wants to thank this old man?” He said proudly. His wife merely shook her head while Hermione and Fleur both laughed and hugged him.

“Thank you dad.”

“Merci monsieur Granger.”


“I literally cannot believe you right now!”

Louis’ annoying high-pitched shriek reaches his ears right after the door to his bedroom bangs open. Zayn lifts his head from where he’s been lounging on his bed, lazily doodling on his sketchbook. He looks back at his PA slash best friend, wondering what he did now to put Louis’ knickers in a twist.

“What did I do now?” he inquires. Better to finish this argument early than risking hearing impairment from Louis’ nagging, Zayn thinks.

“Oh, I don’t know, Malik? Maybe it’s the twenty third bodyguard that resigned from your service because you cannot fucking contain yourself?” Zayn is pretty sure Louis’ voice has reached a note only audible to bats.

The younger boy smirks.

“Okay, first of all, it’s not my fault I’m irresistible. Second of all, are you seriously asking me to contain all…this?” He gestures to all of himself. “No can do, good sir. There will be consequences.”

“Stop quoting How to Train Your Dragon to me, you overgrown child,” Louis glares. “You know you can’t change bodyguards as often as some people wash their jeans, right?”

Zayn makes a disgusted face at that. “Some people wash their jeans every few weeks? Gross…”

“Not all people get free Ksubi or True Religion sent to their mailboxes every week, you twat. Seriously, Zee. This has to stop before you get your thirsty arse blacklisted from the bodyguard association or something.”

“But I can’t help it, Lou,” Zayn is aware that he’s whining. But he really really can’t help himself. “Is it my fault that I like older men? Is it my fault that I like older men with muscles? Whenever I see them my tongue just…gets loose. Also, is it my fault that they took the harmless flirting seriously? They have wives and children. It’s not my fucking responsibility to keep their fidelity in line.”

“I don’t fucking care, Malik,” Louis glares at him. “I’m gonna hire another one soon and you’re NOT gonna make inappropriate comments at him. If you mess this one too you can kiss my fine arse goodbye. You’ll find yourself a goddamn bodyguard or learn how to fight and how to drive and I won’t lift a finger to help you.”

“Ugh, fine…” Zayn concedes, rolling his eyes.


Zayn hates Louis.

Louis is his best friend and a damn good PA and he manages to find Zayn another bodyguard in just three days but Zayn hates him so much right now.

Why? Because when Zayn enters his apartment in the city there’s Louis with a Very Smug Smile (which never bodes well to Zayn’s health, as proved by previous experiences) and there’s an adonis. 

The adonis stands with his side to Zayn at first. From where he’s standing Zayn can see tight white henley stretching around bulging biceps and strong back, low slung jeans, and dirty combat boots. He is unfairly gorgeous, with his hair in curly mohawk style, thick eyebrows frowning seriously at the contract papers in his big hands, round nose, plump red lips, and bearded jawline that Zayn wants to lick at until it scrapes off all of his taste buds. This man is better looking than all of his previous twenty three bodyguards combined. Zayn is so fucked.

“Ah, there he is, our esteemed employer, Zayn Malik,” Louis announced, still smiling very smugly. Zayn wants to punch him in the face. “Zayn, this is Liam Payne. He’s a former boxer and, as of today, your new bodyguard.”

Liam turns his whole body toward Zayn with a crinkly grin so blindingly bright it makes Zayn’s eyes twitch. The grin transforms his whole face, turning him from a guard dog to a happy puppy. Zayn’s eyes unwillingly travels down to Liam’s unbuttoned henley and-

“…chest hair,” Zayn croaks faintly, feeling lightheaded.

“What was that, Zaynie?” Louis slithers to Zayn’s side like the venomous snake that he is and chirps annoyingly. “I didn’t quite catch what you said.”

“Nothing,” he doesn’t snarl at Louis but it is quite close. He turns his attention back to Liam, pastes one of his best smile on and offers his hand. “Hello, Liam. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The hand that wraps around his own is slightly rough but warm. Zayn can’t help but imagine how it would feel around his-NO. No messing around with his bodyguard now. He really doesn’t want to learn how to drive.

“The pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Malik,” Liam grins boyishly. “I thought I wouldn’t get this job, seeing that I don’t have that much experience in this field. But really, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Just Zayn, please,” Zayn feels really charmed. This is new and not good at all. He’s usually the one doing the charming thing after all. “I believe Louis has explained everything that this job entails?”

“Oh, yes, of course, I was just about to finish with the contract.”

“Well, then don’t let me delay you. I just…need to talk with Louis here for a second,” Zayn grins back at him before turning to Louis with a glare and starts to drag the older boy to the kitchen by the wrist.

“What the fuck, Lou!” Zayn whisper-shrieks. “What terrible thing have I ever done to you to make you do this to me?”

Louis raises an eyebrow at that, “You want me to make a list of that, bro?”

“Fuck you.”

“You make my job difficult and I figure I need to return the favor one of this days, Zee.”

“How can you expect me not flirt with that, Lou?” Zayn hisses. “Ten minutes of being in a same room with him and I’m ready to climb onto that lap and make a fucking nest there.”

“Ew, don’t be gross.”

“Fuck you,” he says again, with all the feeling he can muster.

“Do you want to hear to hear an interesting trivia, Zaynie?” Louis asks, non-sequitur, with a horrible smirk.

“Oh God, whatever it is, please, no.”

“When Liam was still a boxer, do you know what his nickname was?”

“I will literally pay you to shut up right now.”

“They call him Daddy Payne.”

Zayn has total control. Zayn will not think about riding Liam’s dick and calling him Daddy. Zayn will not think about being spanked by Liam while screaming for Daddy. Zayn will not think about asking ‘am I your good boy, Daddy?’ to Liam while sucking his dick. Zayn will not think about spreading his legs and opening his hole with his fingers and getting himself ready for Daddy. Zayn will not-

“…I hate you so much.”

“I know, babe.”


(tl;dr) Zayn is a bratty heir to a British-Pakistani fortune, a socialite, and an occasional model. Louis is his PA, his fellow socialite, and his best friend. When Zayn’s uncontrollable flirting costs him his twenty-third bodyguard, Louis hires Liam, a former boxer and newbie bodyguard and basically slaps a ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ sign on him. Zayn regrets the day he made Louis his best friend.

For @iwanttowriteyouafic‘s daddy!Liam-loving ass, because she’s experiencing a writer’s block and we can’t have that.