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ladybubblegum  asked:

ahhhhhhhh omg are you reading the vibe comics for the first time??? how do you like them? :D

i love them. I’ve actually been meaning to read for months, and i know what happens because i’ve read about them cause i love reading up on the character histories and all that but it’s never like the real thing. I’m enjoying them a lot. 

anonymous asked:

cisco and iris take show shopping seriously and bond over their love for shoes. when iris saw his vibe shoes she was the first to high fave him and compliment him. wally was a close second but sometimes he can't deal with those two. they would die for their shoes and kill who ever messed their shoes up.

YEEEES. I really liked @kineticallyanywhere‘s tags which basically imply that Iris was there when he bought the shoes–which, she TOTALLY was there. It was late and they were drinking in the cortex and I agree, they bond over fashion, so they were online shopping together on their respective laptops. Iris looks over because Cisco makes a pained noise and she’s like 

“are you alright” 

and he turns his laptop around and there’s The Shoes. And he’s like “I’ve literally never needed anything more in my entire life” 

and she’s like “They’re $1000″

“Right, true.” *turns laptop back around*

*20 minutes later* he groans again


“They’re so gorgeous. They need me just as much as I need them! Nobody will appreciate them like-”

“A whole ass grand Cisco?”

Cisco: [whines] 

And they have a rule where they don’t make serious purchases when they’re drunk and they hold each other to it very strictly. But Cisco’s still, like I said, downs the rest of his drink, says “FUCK IT, IMMA BALL OUT-”

“Cisco no–”


And there’s like a silence in the room for a good ten seconds before he’s just like, softly, “no regrets.” 

anonymous asked:

You don't have to answer this but I'm low-key love the idea of cyncowestallen and was wondering if you liked it. Could I have some HCs of what that dynamic might be?

My friend, are you kidding me? Are you asking me if I’ve thought of my two fave canon ships as one big poly are you asking me this rn? Are you here on this Monday morning asking me, Bea Bi Double-U, if I’ve thought of cyncowestallen???

 Listen, the answer is yes:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any HCs about cw!Cynthia's past. Like who the ex Kadabra killed or like who the collectors are. I lean towards the 80s JL of detroit lineup (minus cisco and aquaman) so her ex was probably Nate and they all probably died in some really tragic way so she is the only the only one left.

Oh this is a good ask, let’s see. These hcs are kind of rough works in progress so be gentle:

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anonymous asked:

you don't give off a bitch vibe. you actually seem like a warm person but it's subtle. i think it's why people on here tend to be pretty drawn to you and you make a lot of friends. you're a little closed off and i don't think it would be easy to let anyone in but that's not necessarily a bad thing cuz it doesn't stop you from being kind and funny. overall, you give off great vibes. you're a really cool girl.

wow you really just told me my entire life

anonymous asked:

can i ask where you found out when jessica auditioned the said she was called cynthia?

She doesn’t say Cynthia, she says Reynolds x:

I don’t think that I knew her name was G*psy. I didn’t really have too much information about her. I knew that her name was Reynolds.

The only point I was making was that it was odd they told her the actual name of the character but never once use it in the show. There was another one I saw where she said “Cindy Reynolds” but can’t remember where I was at when I read it. 

anonymous asked:

How do you think captain cold will help save iris?

That’s a good question. I’m still wondering how they’re going to get him back, but I feel like Barry’s ass might just go back in time and get him and ask him for like, tactical advice or something. If it’s for the use of the coldgun, that’s kind of ridiculous, because it’s not really something super unique, and Cisco could definitely just whip another one up. So yeah, for the most part I think it’s going to be for advice. Leonard was a meticulous planner/mastermind, and because of that he was able to evade capture for a long ass time. I think the most likely option is Barry coming to him for a gameplay. 

bazcruz  asked:

3, 9, 14, & 23

  • 3, Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?: Yes. It’s happened more than once but I think the only one I can remember is unfollowing one of the ship and let ship people. 
  • 9, Most disliked character(s)? Why?: 
    • HR Wells- racist, useless, annoying, waste of screentime 
    • F3licity Smo*k-annoying, hypocrite, abusive, manipulative, propped up at the expense of characters of color, i could go on
  • 14, Unpopular opinion about your fandom?: Priorities are not their strongsuit 
  • 23, Unpopular character you love?: I don’t love him by any means but I don’t mind Julian. Besides Barry he’s probably the most tolerable yt we’ve had on the show as a regular. 

nyeisha95  asked:

You know it's never goin to end. K/V, SB, people will always find some strange reason still ship her with men who she has proven time and time again to not give a fuck about. She needs to stay as far away from everybody in SL as possible, she has hurt them too many times. I actually saw someone say Cisco realized his feelings for her last ep, and he will tell her in finale.

lsdjfalsdjf that’s not gonna happen lmao his feelings about Caitlin have always been 100% on the surface. She’s his best friend and he’d do anything for her, it’s never been anything romantic. There was literally no realization moments he was literally just having a hard time hurting someone so close to him it’s not that deep. Also…Cindy’s in the finale like l m a o. 

speedforcedesi  asked:

🔥🔥 + flash?

you know what’s funny is I never fucking read the ask prompts all the way through or I skip over a word so I thought you were gonna send me unpopular opinions and I’d say what I thought about it but whatever! I’ll do this too. 

Unpopular opinion: I…don’t care if Harry or Jesse come back….I mean if Jesse came back I’d be like “cool another girl that’s dope let’s keep her” but I wouldn’t be broken up if she didn’t.