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Baker’s Four - Part Five

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A/N Sorry for the wait and quality. It gets better later on in the chapter.

Pairing: polyam (Prince/Morality/Logic), developing polyam + Anxiety (known as Ann)

Genre: Fluff, AU, Human AU, Baking AU, slight angst

Word Count: 2140

Warnings: none (?)


It turns out Ann has a secret. And he’s not so good at keeping it.

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Counting her Smiles

genre: original work, wlw ballet romance

words: around 5k

summary: Rebbecca Johnson grows up with the shadow of the driven ballerina Celeste, she doesn’t understand her but she does understand they are drawing closer

under the shadow of bleeding en pointe feet and Minnesota winters, it’s a love story

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anonymous asked:

Its impossible for me to believe the palace (KP, CH & BP) would allow her to do an interview like that. The BRF values privacy & I just dont see them allowing her to do something like that when shes never been seen in public w/ any member of the RF not to mention this interview took place in less than a year of dating. Sadly, I think PH knew about it but it just blows my mind WHY he would allow it after all the demands of privacy AND she literally had the journalist on speed dial too in august!

Do you think KP approved of the VF interview? I’m sure H approved but I wonder if any of the grey men at KP did. I’d bet my bottom dollar that CH and BP did not though….

I fully believe Harry ok'ed the interview, but in your personal opinion Jessica, how do you think Charles or even Clarence House might have felt about the interview, considering Harry waited till Charles was out of the country to even release a statement.

Combining three messages!! 

I don’t believe any of the royal households had anything to do with it. They don’t get involved. That’s always been their mantra. I think they let girlfriends do their own thing, come what may. As they haven’t commented on it I can’t be sure what they would think but given they didn’t tell Charles before the November statement and given the fact the Queen hasn’t given an interview in her whole reign, I don’t think they would be particularly pleased about it. But I think even if they had known, they wouldn’t have stopped it. It’s not their job to manage the life of a private individual. It seems from royal reporters that Harry definitely knew which is counter to everything he’s said in his whole life about the media but who knows what is going through his mind?

Study Break - Theo Raeken

Study Break – TW Imagine

Prompt: You were failing in History, hoping no one would find out. But then Raeken found out and decided to help you.

A/N: This is my first Theo Raeken Imagine! It’s a quick one but that’s because I have more to write :)

Pairing:  Theo x Reader

Word Count: 1103

Originally posted by raekens-theo

Your POV

“AN F!? BUT WHY?” You accidently yelled out in class. You were failing in History. Luckily no one from the pack was in your class, or they would’ve made a massive deal about it. I mean, your friends would organize a study group and would all help you. Which was nice, but the last time they did it, Stiles and Lydia didn’t let you leave the library until you finished the whole 2 chapters. You had to hide the grade from your friends, but you still needed some help. The bell rang and off you were heading home. You went to your locker to grab some extra pencils and books, you figured that this would’ve been a long night if you studied by yourself. You saw Liam coming your way, you quickly hid your F in your bag and smiled at him. Liam was by far the worst out of everyone. He would put you on lockdown if you guys ever studied by yourselves. There was a time when he literally called you and made you do a pop quiz at 1 in the morning.

“Hey Y/N! What’s wrong, you look worried.” He gave you a hug and you gave him one back.

“Oh nothing, I’m just in a hurry that’s all.” You zipped your bag halfway and closed your locker.

“Okay well if you need anything, the pack and I were just going to hang out at Derek’s.” You nodded and waved him goodbye.

You let out a big sigh as soon as Liam was out of sight. Then you were surprised by someone.

“Hey, why are you breathing like that?” He put his hand on your shoulder. It just had to be Theo Raeken.

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Yesterday on Star Wars: Rebels
  • Evil Space Dad: I need to be protected from Vader. Dude, he's scary as balls. I heard he killed the Chosen One. And I could barely kill that guy's master.
  • Blackberry small child person: Sounds cool. I'll ask my Space Dad if it's okay.
  • Space Dad: It's really really not okay. I mean really. Don't come crying to me when...
  • Evil Space Dad: Join me and make me your new Space Dad!
  • Blackberry small child person: Curse your sudden but inevitable AND VERY OBVIOUS betrayal!
  • Vader: The sun come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be blood.
  • Space Aunt: You killed *my* Space Dad. Prepare to die.
  • Vader: Um yes. Little Orphan Ani. I totally killed him. And he whined in the most unmanly way when I did. Chosen One my ass.
  • Space Aunt: Oh you are so going to get it.
  • <Later>
  • Blackberry small child person: Take my hand.
  • Space Aunt: I have to save the villain!
  • Blackberry small child person: But he killed Cool Uncle Anakin and shit we can get rid of him forever.
  • Space Aunt: Just go.
  • <Much later>
  • Blackberry small child person: And it was on that day that I realized that evil triumphs... because good is a load of pansy shit.

[So I’ve been thinking about Sephiroth’s line in AC after Cloud defeats him, where he says, “I will never be a memory.”

Like, even if there’s no possible way for him to resurrect himself like he did through Kadaj or for anyone else to bring him back ever again, that last utterance of his is still going to come true.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the events of Meteorfall and those that surrounded it are going to go down in the history books.  Kids are going to be learning about this silver-haired madman and how he almost killed the Planet for literally hundreds of years.  Scholars sitting around smoking pipes in big, cushy armchairs are going to be casually debating whether or not the Huge Materia rocket would have worked after all if AVALANCHE hadn’t gotten to all four of them first, or whether the Sephiroth who summoned Meteor was, in fact, the real Sephiroth, if the SOLDIER First Class was the same being as the self-proclaimed god or if Jenova reanimated his corpse and turned him into a vessel to do her bidding, and if this differentiation between the two Sephiroths meant that the SOLDIER was excused from blame.

There are also going to be people who support Sephiroth, years down the road when the AVALANCHE members are old and dying, people who dye their hair silver and wear bright green colored contact lenses and call themselves Remnants or Avatars and actively search for a way to bring their idol back from the Lifestream so they can give him the praise and worship he deserves as a god. They are a dangerous group, causing riots and other violent demonstrations in areas of dense population like Edge and Junon with the express purpose of harming or killing people who oppose them, but as years go by, their movement either dies out completely or transcends social boundaries and becomes something of a religion.

And there are going to be people who despise the very idea of Sephiroth, a man born of human experimentation whose alien DNA made him an abomination from the very day he was born, and this group will surely call for the destruction of anything that has his name attached to it.  They will say that those who idolize need to be summarily executed, that they have no right to desire his returning again when the only thing that monster has ever wanted was the destruction of the world and the murder of every living soul who walks upon the ground.  They will advocate for the editing of school textbooks, arguing that teaching children about Sephiroth’s relative innocence before the Nibelheim Incident and his ensuing insanity is morally wrong, that learning how he was once just a normal human being would only serve to confuse them when later taught about the atrocities he committed against humanity.  They will push for the rewriting of history, and eventually, I think, they will get their wish, and the kind, caring Sephiroth we see in the first half of Crisis Core will be forgotten, replaced by a fallacious straw man character meticulously created to make the public feel only hatred for Sephiroth and Shinra and anyone who had any part in the disasters of the world.

I have about a million other headcanons about a post-Compilation of FF7 Gaia, and I’m not going to go into them all here, but the fact of the matter is that, if you think Sephiroth’s desire to live on forever while ruling the world was a foolish, unattainable yearning that died along with him, you are sadly mistaken.  Even in death, even decades after the fact, even when there are no living Meteorfall survivors anymore, Sephiroth will still be present in society, and isn’t that as good as godhood anyway?]

5sos preferences #17: He gets jealous.

Requested: by anonymous

A/N: I’m still here! :) Just wanted you to know hehe. xx

Calum: Moments when Calum told you he had a surprise for you, they were always great. This was no exception. You wanted to visit Egypt for a big part of your life now, and Calum took it by heart, giving you this gift. You were sightseeing with a guide who showed you the old ancient works of art in the desert. Being a pretty, foreign girl, the boy who guided you kept flirting with you, asking you out on a date after every sentence. He knew well enough Calum was your boyfriend, but it seemed the boy didn’t really care. “Hey dude, she’s with me.” Calum would say over and over again until the moment he held you so close to his side, his arm covering up your whole side. When you got back from the trip, Calum was quiet in your hotel room. “What’s up your butt, Hood?” You asked. “Just thinking.” He’d reply, shaking his head, changing in his swimgear. “About..?” You asked, making Calum sigh. “About our planned trip tomorrow. And the fact that I don’t want that guy, or any guy for that matter, guiding us this holiday. Did you know he asked me how much you cost? Sicko.” Calum made a face. You snorted and walked over to him, squishing his face, kissing his lips. “You’re there protecting me anyway, baby. Don’t worry about it.” Calum got a hold of your waist. “You bet your bottom dollar.” He said grinning, kissing you back.

Ashton: Your phone beeped every other second, it vibrating on the table, catching Ashton’s eye. “Babe, someone needs you!” Ashton yelled to where you were. He heard you sigh from the other room. “Delete all of it!” You’d yell back. “Why?” Ashton asked, taking your phone as you allowed him to. It read 13 new messages from your ex-boyfriend’s name, making Ash curious. “Why the fuck is your ex texting you?” He asked, feeling jealous as you came into the room. “Because he’s being a little bitch. I told him to stop a 1000 times but he won’t, I don’t know what to do. You can read them, I’m not lying.” You said, gesturing for Ash to read them. This made him chuckle. “I trust you.” Ashton put your phone up so it was in selfie angle, making his arms and chest big and giving a threatening look. He snapped a picture, sending it to your ex. ‘Stop harassing her or I’ll stop by. You know I’ll figure out where you live. – Ash (Y/N’s boyfriend).’ You snickered as he sent it. “You don’t look that intimidating, babe.” You said, sipping your tea. “Your arms.. yeah but one look at your face and it’s all kindness.” You started laughing. Ashton narrowed his eyes at you when he got a text back. ‘K sry’ was all that it said. Ashton grinned arrogantly showing you your phone. “You’re very welcome.” He said. You rolled your eyes at him but smiled anyway.

Luke: When Luke took you home to meet his family for the first time, it was quite a big deal and you were nervous. You wanted them to like you, and after the amount of time you were dating, Luke felt the need for you to be a part of his family making it extra nerve wrecking. Now it was all normal. You would have fun tea times with his mother and with his brothers you could be the crazy kind, having fun with them. You never noticed how Jack always found a way to touch you or to mess with you when you came or stayed over, until that one time Luke pointed it out. “Could you stop touching my girlfriend please?” He asked his brother as you and Jack were teasing each other. “We’re just playing, Luke.” You’d shush him. You rubbed his nose with your finger because that always seemed to calm him down. “Yeah bro. Just innocent little games.” Luke glared at his hand on your knee, almost burning a hole into him. “Just stop it, man.” He took you by the hand, bringing you to his room. You giggled and tackled him to the bed. “Cutie.” You said, kissing his nose. “Hm?” “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” “I’m not jealous.” He defended. You played along. “Oh yeah of course, my bad.” You giggled, making Luke chuckle.

Michael: Being Michael’s friend was hard on your love life. The boys you were into always thought of you and Michael as a couple and if you explained that wasn’t the truth, they still felt threatened. This one was different though. He was a good friend of Michael so he knew the truth. The spark between the two of you flared up at the yearly camping trip your club of friends held. You weren’t just a couple yet, but anywhere they could find you two having a fierce make out session. As he sneaked you away from your group, he pinned you against the wall with his hands in your back pockets, your arms around his neck and his tongue wrestling yours. Michael witnessed it all, his happy go lucky mood turning into dark clouds. “Can they chill or get a room already.” Michael growled, his arms crossed. “Are you jealous?” One of the girl friends asked him, noticing his behavior change like this a lot lately. “No.” He murmured back. “You know, they’re not official yet.” Michael just shrugged not wanting to talk about it. “She’s waiting for someone like you. She told me that.” “Really?” Michael asked a little too eager. “Hah so you DO like her.” The girl teased. Michael’s cheeks turned light pink. “So what if I do.” He replied, looking at you and his friend in the distance. He sighed defeated. “As if it matters now..” He said again, not able to hide the disappointment. “Don’t worry Mike. I’ll help you.” The girl patted his shoulder and winked. “She’ll be yours in no time.” Michael just grinned at her.

I’m rocking a 115 pounds.

I only mention that because the
last time I lost weight I chose to starve and binge on substances
that aren’t considered food.

So ya know yeah I’m allowed to have
a good day. I never have them.

I don’t want to say I’m insecure
but as a “trans* man” I suffer

from huge body dysphoria
and it’s not even my vagina
or chest. It’s my hips
they don’t lie. So I mean
I’ve went as far wearing a waist band
to bind them down.
To not needing too.
So I’m feeling easy breeeeezy beautiful

Cover Boy.

Ugh too gay.

hi, tumblr.

I remember when I first came out I ran back in the closet because of how “feminine” my physical traits where and still are. it took a lot for me to be where I am today. I used to think there was one of being transgender. And I’m almost happy I waited as long as I did because although people still do assume I’m gay I’m less annoyed by it. I’m not sure if being a flamboyant trans* man is common I’m not saying it should be but I’m proud of it. Yes I still cross my legs and drop it like its hot and you bet your bottom dollar if bitches weren’t calling me a girl already your boy would be in a dress and a pair of 9 inch heels that would make a dick cry okay. I love me.

Now that I’ve seen that post where Domhnall is talking about a “smiley, happy Hux” I can’t help but imagine what that would have been like in the movie
Like instead of sassing Kylo back, Hux just smiles like a chick-fil-a employee and tells him to cheer up
Or when Snoke is all “omg you lost the droid” Hux just stands there grinning like an idiot and says,
“You bet your rootin’ tootin’ bottom dollar we did!”
Like what a different movie that could have been honestly


CIF-SS Finals, 11/22/14 [race recap]
Better late than never, right? Two weeks ago, our girls varsity team was one-third of the three-way tie at our Pacific League Championship (for the first time since who knows when). One week ago, we headed down to Mt. SAC for CIF-SS Prelims with butterflies in our stomachs and aspiration in our hearts. We had something to prove to everyone but more importantly, we had something to prove to ourselves. We can’t and we will not be underestimated anymore. After a 27-year streak of seasons coming to an end at prelims, we put our big girl panties on and claimed our spot to finals. In my opinion at that point, anything beyond that was icing on the cake. Although we did not get the opportunity to move past finals (to the State Championship) as a team, I am so incredibly proud of what we set out to (and did) accomplish this season. We might be a little crazy and different than most teams, we may have a team cheer that’s cute-in-a-corny-kind-of-way, and we may get overly-excited about post-race team photos, but that’s what makes us us. And “us” is going to put the tiger in the cat next year.

I will be moving on to the State Championship this Saturday, as I did qualify as an individual :) I am going there with a purpose and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will leave everything on that field.

anonymous asked:

I can see why some fans would think Louis is upset with the gay rumors because of the whole "bullshit" tweet and such. But as far as I know Harry has never really said or done anything that indicate that he doesn't like people thinking he's gay. It's pretty obvious that he supports equal rights and he doesn't really seem bothered with what people say. I think that's why some people think Harry is much more comfortable in his sexuality than Louis is.

See, that’s the thing for me … I’ve come to interpret the bullshit tweet much different than pretty much everyone else. To me, Larry Stylinson, as defined by this fandom, really is one of the most epic loads of bullshit I have ever encountered!

It started off as a cute little portmanteau that somehow became it’s own living, breathing entity. It’s the fandom’s version of the SCOTUS “CItizens United” decision - ships are people too! Every day I see people talk about Larry as if Larry is an actual person, someone being terribly afflicted by the evils of Louis’ actions and Harry’s indifference. I read statement asking “How can they do this to Larry?” and why aren’t the boys “sticking up for Larry?” and on, and on.

Larry Stylinson is NOT real. Harry and Louis are real. And they do not live in a happy world of rainbows and unicorns where all love is equal. They live in a rather nasty corporate world where they are a commodity to be bought and sold, and brand to be imaged and an image to be enforced under the harsh penalty of law. Theirs is not an easy job at the best of times, made worse by abusive fans with no sense of boundaries or personal space. And then we dehumanize them further by boiling down their relationship to a cute name, stripping away their own involvement, and giving the ship name all of the power and respect. Fans have, in essence, set Harry and Louis against their own relationship.

I believe they are both very comfortable with their sexuality. I believe they were less comfortable with the political and business facets of their relationship, but have learned to adapt to the reality of their situation. And I believe they recognise and appreciate the support they have in the fandom, as people. But personally, if someone tried to dehumanize Jerry and I, to strip our personalities from our relationship and judge us because we did not act in the manner that some stranger on the internet felt we should be acting, you bet your bottom dollar that I would lash out with hell’s own fury!