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ten thousand stars – a raven cycle one-shot

     “What is it, Jane?”
     Blue considered for a moment. “I think, Gansey, that is love and magic.”
     Gansey grinned at her in his passenger seat and then at Henry in the rearview mirror. They both grinned back.
     Love and magic. Must’ve been.

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hi, im gene and im a 20 yr old male. im really passionate abt acting and actually got a lead role in a movie thats coming out next friday, im really happy. but that aside, im kind of small compared to the rest of my peers and have weirdly yellowish tinted skin. im not very muscular, but i think thats okay.

hi gene that’s so exciting and i’m so happy for u !!! i’m bi as heck so i love all girls but i also love all boys i promise your height/build does not matter to me i bet you are an all around lovely person :’’’) but u did not describe what kind of date u would take me on so unfortunately there can be no verdict in whether or not i would date u

describe yourself on anon and i’ll say if i’d date you!

Camren talking about IKWYDLS pt.3
  • lauren: camila?
  • camila: yeah, what is it?
  • lauren: what's the name of your new single with shawn?
  • camila: i know what you did last summer
  • lauren: well that's stupid
  • camila: why?
  • lauren: because of course you know what i did last summer
  • camila: what-
  • lauren: -i did you

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my url if you want?? *holds out cookies*

  • Do I Follow Them?:  u fuckIN BET
  • Why Did I Follow Them?:  i saw their interactions w @monstricidal and i was shook bc i fuckin love jessica ok
  • Do We Role Play?:  lowkey  aka i am trash at replying to threads oops
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: f u c k   y e s
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: listen .. not really au but THIS
  • A Song For Our Muses: ( x ) listen this song gives me Major Jess Vibes idk
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: listen if it’s a f/f ship w diana i probably ship it
  • What I Think About The Mun: wowie what !!! a !  good !!!
  • Overall Opinion: amazing. incredible. unique. perfect.
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DracoxReader: Caught

Warnings: mild smut

“I don’t get why we need to learn all this bloody nonsense.” I said, plopping down on the couch in the Slytherin common room.

“Its Snape. He’ll let us off easy if its not all done.” Draco said sitting next to me, setting his bag down on the table

“Ugh. I don’t care. If my mum and dad found out I didn’t do all of his work, they’d make me do the house elves work.” I said, throwing my head back.

“Relax. Your so stressed out over rubbish.” He said, turning to face me.

“Says snapes favorite Slytherin.” I scoffed.

“You need to relax. And I have just the perfect thing.” He smirked

“And what will that be Malfoy?” I asked, returning the smirk. He didn’t answer but he smashed his lips against mine and I tangled my hands in his hair and his traveled to my waist and pulled me to sit on his lap. I slipped his robe off his shoulders and he did the same to me. I loosened his tie and slipped it off his head, only breaking the kiss for that and he did the same to mine. I reattached our lips together and started unbuttoning his shirt and he moved his lips to my neck and found my sweet spot right away. I let out a quiet moan and I felt him smirk against my neck and I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and he stood up off the couch and I wrapped my arms around his waist and he walked us up to the boys dorms and dropped me on the bed and crawled on top of me and smashed our lips together. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he started grinding his hips against mine. I flipped us over so that I was on top and I pinned his hands by his head.

“Feisty are we?” He smirked.

“Shut it.” I said and attached my lips to his neck. His neck wasn’t a foreign area to me. I sucked on one area until I thought I left a pretty decent size love bite. He flipped us over and pinned my hips down with his own and started grinding his hips against mine and I trailed my hands down to his belt and unbuckled it. He trailed his hands down my thigh and it went under my skirt and rubbed his thumb over the outline of my panties and that’s when we heard laughing behind us.

“You’ve got to be joking.” Blaise said

“Oh my god. You owe me 20 galleons.” Theodore laughed

“What for?” Draco said, sitting up

“That we would catch you to snogging.” Blaise laughed

“What did u bet on?” I asked him

“That we would catch you guys doing it.” He chuckled

“If we were doing it, I would have locked the door.” Draco said, standing up and grabbing a new shirt.

“If you’ll excuse me boys, I have studying to do.” I said and walked out.

“Cockblocks.” Draco mumbled

  • Harry: Perrie! If you gave me 10$ I'll tell u what the neighbor from 3rd floor said Zayn recently.
  • Perrie: *gives money* tell me!
  • H: Good morning
  • Zayn: You won *gives him 10$*
  • P: what did u bet about?
  • H: oh, that you'll be jealous of Zayn
  • P: ...
  • H: Zayn's idea!
  • P: Pff.
  • Liam: you won Harry *gives him 10$*
  • Niall: What was the bet?
  • H: that Perrie will be mad
  • Z: *kicks Harry's ankle* you had to?!
  • Lou: *gives H 10$*
  • Z: the bet?
  • H: that u will kick me after Perrie got mad. And Niall, u pay
  • N: *gives him 10$* we assumed that he won't get 10$ bc of Perrie.