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I just read proposal yesterday and thought it was so sweet! I was wondering if you have any fics you could recommend? Jimin is my bias but I'm pretty open to any members with the reader. Thanks and keep up the good work! Kep jarng! 😁

Aghh thank you so much, sweetheart! I’m so glad you enjoyed Proposals and I’m really flattered that you’re asking me for recommendations! :D Okay, here’s a list of my fave fics that you should check out if you haven’t already. So you aren’t confused, the stuff in italics is the synopsis/description the writer provided and the indented bit is me being incoherent and lame as always.

Sin City (Jimin x reader) by @btssmutgaloreAfter a run of bad luck, you can go back home and admit defeat or step out of your comfort zone and look for a job at Sin City.  

Hands down the best stripper au I’ve ever read. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this fic because you never know where stripper AUs are going to go, but holy moly am I glad I gave this a chance. You will be addicted to this fic. Jimin’s character has so much depth, but he’s such an enigma at the same time and I’m dying to know what the heck he’s thinking/what his background is. The tension is so drawn out and the sessy scenes are all so different, which is really refreshing to read and you don’t know what’s going to come next. ALSO, I feel like there’s a lot of empowerment and respect in this fic, which makes me so happy. Love love love this fic with my entire being. 

Monster (Jeongguk x reader) by @btssmutgalore: You sleep with an obnoxious fratboy who used to be your friend.

This fic is perfection. It doesn’t have a complicated plot, but it’s still so interesting to read and the smut is A++++. Jeongguk’s character has so many facets and though he has a lot of issues to sort through, I’m rooting for him and the OC so much. 

Purple Jewels (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @jiminniemouse: When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.

GENIE!JIMIN. AKLSDJFKLAASKDJFLK (I really tried not to keyboard smash but fuck I lose my shit because of how much I love this fic). Oh man, where do I even begin with this?? It’s my absolute favourite Jimin x reader fic and one of my absolute fave fics in general because it’s written so well, it’s creative, the characters are interesting, AND THE TENSIONNNN. I come so close to combusting with each part and I’m dying for more. Also Jimin’s character is so sweet and I love him so much (where can I find myself a genie Jimin???). Please please please read this!

Hiraeth (Jeongguk/Taehyung x reader) by @jungkxookA world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home. 

This is the first member x reader fic I ever read and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. EVER. It’s a zombie apocalypse au and it’s so angsty and sometimes it feels like my heart has been punched out of my chest and it’s such a wonderful feeling even though it hurts like hell. The world is constructed so believably and there are so many well thought out details to it, so when you’re reading it feels REAL. All the characters are different and you never know what’s going to happen next. I can’t recommend reading this enough, it is freaking incredible (and the love triangle is fucking me up so bad).

Philophobia (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @minsvgasex has its consequences, always; whether for better or for worse, sex always has its consequences. and the drunken rendezvous you have with your best friend is not an exception.

This is discontinued but it’s still worth reading because it’s so freaking hot and I love the plot and just??? I don’t usually read fuckboy fics because fuckboys are the bane of human existence, but this fic is amazing and the smut is awesome. Also be prepared to not know who you’re rooting for. One second I would want Jimin to win the OC’s heart and the next I wanted Jeongguk to end up with her, so brace yourself for conflicting feelings.

Company (Namjoon x reader) by @fireheart-namjoon​: Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.

OKAY before I scream about the sessy stuff in this fic, I really want to say that I fucking loved Namjoon’s characterization in this and it’s so nice to read an OC who is strong and independent. The writing style is absolutely fantastic and the thigh riding was 100000/10.

Retrograde (Jeongguk x reader) by @remembeofantasy!au

When I read this I feel the way I do on rainy, dark days when I’m reading a book and just slip away into the world on the page. The details and the way this is written are so mesmerizing and I want to know more. You’re so swept away by everything that you completely forget about the reality for a little while.

A Roadtrip (Jeongguk x reader) by @taeinmycupJungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

Road trip fics never get old and neither does the childhood-friends-to-lovers plot either. This was a wonderful fic to indulge in and um the frick frack is pretty damn nice. Just saying.

Sutures and Stitches (Jeongguk x reader) by @hayjeon​: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart.

I recently read this and I am OBSESSED. I refresh the OP’s page daily just to make sure I didn’t miss an update. The writing is so detailed and Jeongguk’s character is so interesting, I just want to know what the heck happens next + how Jeongguk ended up with this kind of life.

Chrysalism (Jimin x reader) by @workofteaguk: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.

THIS IS THE SWEETEST FREAKING THING AND I WISH IT WERE LONGER. It made my entire day when I read it and I was smiling the entire time. Where do I have to go to find a cute boy like this???

It’s All Fun & Games (Jeongguk x reader) by @workofteagukIn which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.

When will fake relationship AUs not be the best thing in existence? The answer to that is never. I don’t care how many times people write this concept, it will always be so fun to read because of the angsty feels. So if you’re as trash for this as I am, then absolutely read this.

Sounds of You (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @vivacioustae​: As a young girl you dreamt of hearing the bells, the ones that signaled you had found your soulmate, the missing piece everyone was so desperate to find. After falling in love with Jimin you abandoned the search, hoping you would come to never hear the bells, preferring to continue your life with him uninterrupted. You’d soon come to learn the harshness of fate, and that it doesn’t care about your hopes, feelings, or you.

Listen, from the very first sentence of this fic, I was completely hooked. From the get go you know that it’s going to mess with your emotions, but it’s worth it. I love this concept so much and my heart is aching reading this. After reading the first part, this fic is all I could think about and my heart ached because I wanted to know what was coming next, but also wasn’t prepared for it. Love love love this.

Teamwork (Taehyung x Seokjin x reader) by @sugajpgPeculiar events occur when the two best volleyball players of your college decide to take competitiveness out of the courts.

Best threesome fic I’ve read so far. I’m just. :’’’’’)) I’m still screaming. Fml this is too good and I feel the flames of hell licking my feet but screw it. Where do I sign up for this?

Like Crazy (Jimin x reader) by @war-of-hormoan: This story is based off the film by the same name.

Because I don’t care about my well-being in any way, I started this fic and I love it so much so far. The film Like Crazy is incredible, but it feels like you’ve been punched in the gut twenty times by the end, and it made me sob… like crazy. So this fic will probably end up doing that too and as nervous as I am for that, it’s so worth it. Everything is written so vividly and the relationship between Jimin and the OC is so sweet to read. I’m really excited to see how this progresses.

Grey Area (Yoongi x reader) by @blushoseoksAnd just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so. And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

THIS IS SO WELL WRITTEN. SO. WELL. WRITTEN. Ohmygod, I’m in love with this writing style and THE CONCEPT IS AMAZING. The ending of part one left me feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut or something and you’re all ???? wtf is going on??? and you’re completely hooked so you binge read the rest. This fic is perfection.

Until Next Time (Jimin x reader) by @taeverieWho would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

OK OK OK UM LET ME GATHER MY THOUGHTS HERE. First off, how can I be the OC?? Second off, HOW CAN I BE THE OC???? I wouldn’t have the balls to actually be this forward in real life but still, this just kept escalating and they didn’t even really do the hanky panky but it was still hot as fuck and 10/10 would recommend.

Not So Honest (Jeongguk x reader) by @wonhopesJungkook has got a pretty big problem, and he desperately asks you for your help. 

Hi hello yes be prepared to explode ok this was TOO good oml. I’m also a slut for sub!jeongguk because that sinful man deserves to be tortured the way he tortures us so this was a glorious find (though the roles do reverse in the end but whatever THIS WAS GREAT).

Obey (Jimin x reader) by @sugasgrowl

sub!jimin. Must I say more? I spontaneously combusted like ten times while reading this and would gladly undergo that again because it’s so nice to read fics where the roles reversed and I would give up a limb to see Jimin in such a debauched state.

All To Myself (Jimin/Yoongi x reader) by @mint-tape: “It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)’

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE FICS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. All the ‘videos’ and the ‘comments’ and just everything about this is absolute perfection. The characters are all diverse and the OC is really likeable. Just. I’m glad I found this fic, it’s so unique and all these extra goodies make the read even more fun.

The Blue Notebooks (Jimin x reader) by @inktae: time travel au

Honestly, I don’t even know what to write about this because I’m still speechless. No words can capture how beautiful the writing is (all her work is beautiful) and how well emotion is captured in this. Everything is so thought out and all these little details come together to form the bigger picture. Do yourself a favour and read this as well as all the rest of the OP’s writing. She is so freaking talented and we are all blessed to be able to read her work.

…Sorry, that got ridiculously long. @_@ For member x reader fics I tend to read Jimin/Jeongguk focused stuff, if it’s not incredibly obvious… Oops. Am I Jimin biased or jiguk biased? Anyway. I hope this list helped and I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond, I just wanted to get through some of the fics I had saved in case I wanted to recommend them. Enjoy!

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Give us your best Cole headcanons

anon do you have any idea what you’ve done. I hope you’re prepared for how many of these there are

  • he’s left handed
  • you think he’d Pump The Iron™ to get relieve stress but he actually goes for a long run
  • he’s always torn between “I consume nothing but protein shakes and chicken salads” and “I just downed a litre of dr pepper and I have a pizza in the oven and I’m going to eat the entire thing myself”
  • Cole says he can’t sing or dance but no one will ever convince me of that. He wouldn’t have been able to get into the Marty Oppenheimer if he couldn’t, so while he may not enjoy it he’s real frickin super talented at it
  • he is actually blind without glasses but won’t wear them so he wears contacts instead.
    • literally he got up to get a snack in the night but in his sleepy haze tripped over a table and almost broke the whole bounty. Lloyd came running through with both katanas and then tripped over the same table. Don’t scare him like that Cole.
    • he’s one of those guys who will literally always sit on his glasses. He can put them down for 0.56 seconds and still sit on them anyway, honestly it’s a talent how does he do it
    • “Cole for the love of all that is good in this world will you just wear your glasses” “I just can’t bear to look at you so get a new face and I’ll consider it”
  • Jay: I can’t believe Cole is dead
    Cole: I’m not dead!!
    Lloyd: Hey Cole can you help me with-
    Cole: I’m sorry Lloyd but unfortunately :// I am dead ://
    • when Cole was a ghost every time he walked into the room Jay would play the spooky scary skeletons song
    • in all seriousness he still has PTSD from being a ghost, he doesn’t entirely trust that water won’t kill him or at least hurt him, especially cause he still has his green scar, so he tries to avoid it as much as he can. He still flinches when something or someone touches him sometimes because he’s not used to it
    • when he figured out how to use his ghost body the first thing he did was visit his dad and hugged him for like 3 hours solid
    • honestly I have so many angsty ghost headcanons but I won’t do that to my boy I love him too much
  • he is everyone’s vent buddy. People go to Zane if they have a problem they need help with, but Cole is always the one they’ll go to if they have stuff they just wanna get off their chest
  • you hear it all the time but Jay is his best friend, he would do anything for him even if he calls him a loser or threatens to Spartan kick him over the side of the bounty.
    • they can communicate using only the word ‘bro’
    • Jay: hey Cole what do you think of this-
      Cole: *slaps him across the face* TAG, YOU’RE IT *runs away*
      Jay: ……….. nO I WAS AT BASE THAT’S NOT FAIR
    • This video: Jay is the one that walks into the lamppost and Cole is the one that’s like “yo that’s my bRO”
    • Jay when he can’t wake up Wu: WU’S BEEN FOUND DEAD IN THE BOUNTY
      Cole: *jumps up* IS HE OK 
  • so Cole has really thick hair and one time it’s just so hot and he gets so mad that mid battle he marches into a hairdressers and shaves his head. He accidentally goes too far and regrets it afterwards when Jay keels over on the floor from laughing and all he can make out is the word “SHINY”
  • “watch me do a backflip” *falls on his face and almost breaks his neck*
  • one time Kai walks in on Cole laying sprawled out on the floor and he’s just like damn it Cole what is it now, and Cole just whispers “I dropped my steak pie” as a single tear rolls down his face
  • “do you think pigeons have feelings”
  • the boyo stress eats:
    • I know he was a ghost but when they were in Kryptarium but he literally ate an entire cake filled with tools that were supposed to break them out. He’s a stress eater. He has no idea what or how much he’s eating just as long as he eats!!! me too babe
  • OK so he loves musicals. He loves them. Les Mis is his fave. He made Zane learn all the songs and he’s not sorry
    • Cole as Zane walks past his room: Valjean, at last, we see each other plain, Monsieur, le mayor, you’ll wear a different chain
    • no but seriously he loves it, the only thing he was happy to do at school involving arts was the Les Mis musical, he played Gavroche.
    • on the way to the dark island to face Garmadon, Cole was stood at the front of the bounty singing ‘Stars‘ and everyone was like Cole pls, but by the end they were all stood with him singing it as loud as they could
    • one time they had a really close call in battle and Cole nearly died, and Zane was holding him so Cole tried to lighten the mood by singing a little fall of rain and Zane was like no stop that stop it right now. When Zane died he couldn’t listen to the song anymore.
    • “Cole you’re on the rota for cleaning the bounty today” *sigh* “… there is a castle on a cloud… I like to go there in my sleep… aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud”
  • He gets himself involved in stupid bets with Kai involving fire or hot things that Kai will obviously win but Kai dared him too and he’ll be damned if he lets Kai think he’s gonna back out of a dare
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to eat that jar of chillies
      Cole: Kai no I’m not doing this again
      Kai: I bet you $50 I can eat more than you
      Cole: …. Goodbye taste buds I’m so sorry
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to put that flame out with your bare hands
      Cole: n-
      Kai: I double triple quadruple dare you nO TAKE BACKSIES
      Cole: DAMN IT KAI
  • Cole gets him back though
  • when they first became a ninja gang Cole seemed quite serious to the rest of them, but he’s basically a walking pun. They way he delivers them make them the best puns ever. Doesn’t matter if Cole and Jay say the exact same thing, Cole’s is funnier. Cole would only make jokes in front of Jay though and it would drive him crazy because no one would believe him.
    • they suss him out when Kai makes a joke about “you wanna know how I got these scars” and Cole dead face goes “maybe he was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” and Jay shrieks because finally his secret is out
  • have I ever mentioned that Cole is gay
    • “Cole I need your help” “I can’t I’m gay” “first you were dead and now you’re gay. The hell Cole, I think I preferred ‘I’m dead’ better” “first of all screw you I was actually dead, and second of all screw you even more I’ve always been gay”
    • he’s the type of guy to say “no homo but I would literally steal all the stars in the sky for you and I dream about waking up next to you for the rest of my life and you make me so happy I can’t even breathe sometimes and every time I think about you I smile and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. No homo though just bros.”
    • “sunrise exercise is homophobic.” “???” “I’m gay and it’s offending me”
    • once he looked his boyfriend in the eyes who he’d been dating for 3 years and went “babe… Uh, I hope this doesn’t change anything but… I’m gay ://” and he’s like “Cole we were literally making out 4 seconds ago why do you do these things”
    • Kai goes to Cole about fashion advice one time. Never again
    •  “Oh typical, ask the gay guy about fashion. Not all gay guys are good at fashion, Kai.” “Jeez dude you told me you knew what you were talking about-” “Oh no I have a fantastic fashion sense. Those shoes are ugly and if you want the green in your eyes to stand out, wear something red. Like you usually do. Honestly I don’t know what you’re doing trying to change it up.”
  • Remember in season one when they all used the anchor of the bounty to drop to the ground where Lloyd and Pythor were at Darkley’s school? And it was like the least stealthy thing ever and Cole said “let’s agree to never do that again”? Well they do it again. Like, all the time. It becomes a competition as to who can get flung down faster. Every time Cole does it, he sings “chandelier”.
  • Jay is trying to teach Zane flirting™ and he’s just like “I don’t see the appeal” so Jay makes Cole come over and use a pick up line on Zane and he short circuits. He swears it was just a coincidence.

honestly I have so many more but this is long enough and I could talk about him for years

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Girl (Seth Rollins x Reader)

Context: All Seth wants and all Seth needs is you to be safe.

**A/N: ** Song choice is “Girl” by The Internet featuring KAYTRANADA.  Seth Rollins feels, that is all. This was supposed to be written a long time ago but the version I previously had wasn’t that good to me. 

**S/B: *** This was overdue, sorry y’all.

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If they don’t know your worth,

Tell ‘em you’re my girl,

And anything you want is yours…

        Seth woke up on the couch to the Netflix documentary still quietly playing in front of him. Looking down to his left was an empty space: one of where your sleeping body usually laid on the weekends, wrapped so comfortably in his arms: safe and relaxed; finally at peace after a long work day. He would wrap a strand of your short brown curls playfully around his finger and could smell the remnants of the conditioner left in your hair from a wash three days prior; very fruity. Maybe it was green apple (his personal favorite) but Seth always made a mental note to ask later.

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Must Love Cats- Chapter Five

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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too-many-goddamn-fandoms  asked:

For the honesty hour thing: So, how did you fall in love with Sakuya, and want attracts you to his character? Im interested in this!

Lol girl did I ever tell you that I love you?

It took me awhile to answer this because I needed to collect my thoughts about it. AHAHA TAKE A SEAT EVERYONE. Okay gosh where to begin….. THIS IS LIKE THE INTERVIEW I WAS WAITING FOR. HA.

Well, as some people know I wasn’t extremely fond of Sakuya when I first started Servamp about….7-8 months ago? I didn’t hate him or anything, just didn’t really care for him at first. (but that kinda goes for quite a bit of characters really, but everyone grows on me at some point. ^^)

I think what really got to me was after learning about his past and how it affected his motives, relationships and current situation in the series.

So many aspects about his characters just make so much sense but I feel like are just kinda looked over……. probably cause his backstory was kinda glazed over real quick, in my opinion at least. (Like why dammit? I have so many questions still, this series can’t do this to me.) It just really kills me inside, especially the more I thought about it and the more I think about his character.

I’m gonna kinda express some of my new random thoughts on his past , cause this intrigues me oddly: (Kinda theory time right now whoooo) AND ALL IS WHAT GIVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS MY GOSH.

Just thinking about the extent of the abuse he must’ve suffered is something that really boggles my mind…… We know it went on for years, those 6 years before his “death” and then probably a few more before that obviously, when his sister was still alive. Who’s knows how long she had to endure it though? She was much older, Sakuya was about 9 at the time, and she appeared to be High School (or maybe Middle School can’t really tell with the uniform.) 

She was also the one covered in bandages after all, and we couldn’t see any visible scars or injuries on Sakuya. So she obviously took all the beatings so he wouldn’t have too most likely but after when she died I’m sure things got worse for poor little Sakuya.

But this is my other biggest thing about the abuse he went through…

How come he never tried running away?

We all know his parents threatened to do the same thing to him as they did to his older sister, but could he really not just try and leave before anything happened? Maybe not until he got a bit older.. but still….

Was his parents that controlling? I doubt his parents even cared enough to hunt him down if he did run away…. So why didn’t he try? Did they really keep him that locked in? Its so hard for me to imagine him being and feeling that hopeless, did he have zero fight inside him?

It’s hard to imagine him not fighting back in the slightest. But he could have been a very different person back when he was human too, of course. Maybe more meek and submissive… again who knows. (To be honest, I am extremely curious about to what most of the vampires characters were like before they were vampires and who and what they did before as well.

But anyway, do you think Sakuya put up with it…

Because it was ALSO a loyalty thing??!? I’m making no jokes here. Hear me out, even if he hated his parents(I’m sure he did obviously, even though he never explicitly said he did, because we had Tsubaki tell his story, and not Sakuya.)

Do you think he never tried running away or whatever, because he just felt like he just couldn’t? Like he was betraying something? Maybe not his parents, just because “They are my parents…. whether I like it or not. I have to listen to them…

But maybe because of his sisters death? Like he felt like he had to endure it like she did for him?? I mean…. he was told:

“You don’t want your sister’s death to be a waste, right?”

YOU GUYS GET WHAT I AM SAYING HERE RIGHT? History can repeat itself….

(This boy is gonna kill me with his conflicted ass)

Maybe there wasn’t actually much physical abuse doing those years… Maybe at least for as long as he did what they said and stayed out of their way and kept their secret. But I kinda already talked about this part in a post about what I think happened to his parents after he became a vampire. (I am very sensitive about this topic alright?)

We know they killed his sister so they could get insurance money(ughh so sickening) but did they really try to kill Sakuya for more money? They would only be two people at that point…… so that’s why a part of me is like, “there’s gotta be a greater reason.” The best conclusion I came up with was “They killed him because maybe he tried to TELL someone.”

Think about it. Sakuya hates lies, he had to lie his whole life basically. He takes it very serious and to heart. WE KNOW THIS.

We know he only kept it a secret because he was threatened and didn’t want his sister’s death to be in vain…. But maybe he eventually cracked under all the pressure… And maybe tried speaking about it or was planning too and then… That was also the day he died…… Damn…. I just stabbed myself in the heart.

So yes, his past is a big factor on why I found him so interesting initially when I was new to this fandom/series, I was really hoping we would see his past elaborated a bit or learn more and see what he does and how on earth Mahiru was gonna “save him.”

I could go on and on about these two as well. Not in a shippy way…. but friendship or romantic, considering his past it makes sense to why he’s attached to Mahiru. Again in another post where I “defended his character” I guess you could say, I talked about how Sakuya’s “screwed up friendship methods” and how he really dug himself into a hole. -__- But I was saying its almost hard to blame him for going about the way he did. BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES SENSE SADLY.

Sakuya is a real lonely and distant kinda guy. After he sister died I’m sure he didn’t have much light in his life then. No one to talk too, no one who understood. No one who loved him. I’m sure growing up during those 6 years he was probably afraid to get close to anyone. What was school like for him then…. did he really have no friends at all for 6 years? It’s crazy to think about right? His childhood was anything but normal…. 

But then he received a “second chance” after Tsubaki found him and I’m sure Mahiru’s kind-hearted nature really drew him in, it’s not wrong for him to really want a friend, yeah he did go the complete wrong way about it, but unfortunately lies and deceit is all he knew how to do. He found some light in his life, and he was willing to do anything to hold on to that for as long as he could. Also HE KILLS ME because he regretted lying to Mahiru so much and did all the awful things he did/said, BECAUSE HE WAS HOPING MAHIRU WOULD HATE HIM and have his Servamp KILL HIM because he felt that was the only way to apologize for everything. and BOIII did that really kill me. AND THEN MAHIRU FORGAVE HIM STILL and now look at where he is with his conflicted loyalty….


-inhales- ALSO ONE THING I NEED TO GET OFF MY CHEST BECAUSE THIS REALLY BOTHERS ME. Before ANYONE says “Mahiru is too forgiving about the whole fake memories thing and shouldn’t have forgiven Sakuya or be his friend.” Cause I HAVE heard someone say this and it makes me angry.


  • Mahiru shouldn’t have forgiven and accepted Kuro for his past and all his sins and regrets, that he never shared with him. Also for attacking Mahiru that one time, lets not forget.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be friends or ever trust Lawless because he’s killed so many eves and killed all of Tsubaki’s subclass and who knows what else he’s done?
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be finding a way to stop Tsubaki without killing him, because he’s not worth it.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be trying to save Tsurugi either because he’s also done bad things.
  • AND SO ON.

SO SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS THAT. Cause you’re basically saying NO CHARACTER deserves happiness. -exhales- Sorry I just feel very strongly about that and I forgot to mention this in my defense post awhile ago. I feel better now~

So about Sakuya’s damn conflicted loyalty between Tsubaki and Mahiru. How are things gonna go from here?.WHICH ROUTE MY GUY? I WANT TO KNOW.

Tbh he’s kinda similar to Tsurugi in a sense (a certain someone kinda opened my eyes about that) that the whole “afraid to start something new because this is all that I’ve ever known and honestly I don’t know how to feel anymore?” kinda sense.

Although Tsurugi is debatablely the saddest character in servamp right now (backstory and current situation and all ARE WAYYY more painful.) 

What? Just cause Sakuya is my fave didn’t mean I’m completely biased about him. He sad. But not the SADDEST. I just thought I would mention this cause the parallels kinda fascinate me.

I WANT SAKUYA TO TAKE SOME ACTION. HE’S FREE NOW RIGHT??? What’s he gonna do now??? What’s he planning to do!?!? STILL WAITING HERE.

. Ughh its probably gonna be awhile until we get anything about Sakuya again. Which is fine. Cause its not his arc right now.


But still I’m extremely curious… To what he might do in the future…. I mean Sakuya and even Lilac are still running around freely unlike the other melancholy members at the moment? So will he somehow be involved with that later??? Will he find Tsubaki??? WHERE ARE YOU MY BOY?

Ughh I’m having Sakuya withdraw lol… I hope he gets to do something exciting or important soon…. Tanaka strike is TEASING ME by putting him in so many recent official arts but then NOT IN THE ACTUAL STORY. WHYYYY. (well we do see Sakuya in a recent bonus chapter so….)

I HOPE THAT MEANS STRIKE PLANS TO INCLUDE HIM AGAIN SOON. I’ll take it as foreshadowing *sobs* Strike obviously hasn’t forgotten about him….so JUST waiting and watching now.

Waiting and watching….

Sorry, that got so angsty above I wanted this post to be positive too.. So here are good/fun things I like about him:

  • Even though he character design absolutely baffles me(yes I mean the hair) I gotta say I really love it~ His hair is really something original that’s for sure. HA. His design also helped immediately catch my attention to him also I may have a bit of a “stripes bias” ahaha I own A LOT of stripe shirts myself lol always have and always will.
  • He owns a lot of pink accessories and wears pink a lot too! LET. BOYS. WEAR. PINK. YES. YOU. GO. MY. BOY.  He rocks it fight me.
  • He’s cool and I’m kinda curious on what his subclass ability is. If there is even one for him. Weapons seem to be his specialty. (F.E knives, chainsaw(which I am still trying to figure out how magically pulled out in AN ELEVATOR!?! And can make a sword outta blood apparently.

Originally posted by sleepynyashnekomancer

 But I don’t really trust the animes canon….) Also his little black strap things have a function??? THEY ARE ALIVE. WHAT

  • Look how happy Mahiru makes him. His smile is precious. He loves his friend so much I cry. I want them to be together and be friends again.

Originally posted by natsv

Originally posted by sleepynyashnekomancer

  • All the Tsubaki and Sakuya shenanigans make me laugh. One minute he’s crying to Mahiru “please don’t kill him” and the next you’re trying to put the guy into a fox trap. What even boi.
  • Has the best “yandere” expressions.
  • HE PRETTY STRONG and has great potential to be truly terrifying and useful. UNLEASH THAT POTENTIAL YOU GREEN EMO CHILD.
  • Another random thought I had was what would have things been like if Mahiru did choose to tell Sakuya about Kuro in the beginning like he originally planned? Might’ve still gone down the same way. But who knows?
  • (I could keep going tbh)


Thank you for asking Aviiiii~ <3

Prince On Every Tour: Sign O’ The Times

Good morning children. 
Jk, it’s not morning. It is very much night, but I’m currently jamming to The Dance Electric as I type this and I love the way he says that. ANYWAY. It has been quite some time since the last POET post. We last visited Parade Prince which was a TIME. It was the culmination of what felt like at least 2 or 3 months of being very much swept up in that era. But now we’re here. To my favorite album. Favorite rehearsal show. Second or third favorite era because he and Parade Prince consistently fight. There is no circulating tour footage outside of clips which is A CRIME AGAINST PRINCE-MANITY, but I have hope that we will get at least one concert from this tour. Just like we’ll get Second Coming. We’re gonna get these things guise. We will. Anyway, while in Detroit, my mom and I watched SOTT so I may throw a bit of that in, but I just finished Valium, which will be the focus. So, without further ado… 


Originally posted by stephaniejuhnay

Welp. It’s happened. That thing that we all knew was gonna happen. That thing that probably hurt a few folks hearts. I know it hurt mine. Prince gave up the signature Parade slickback. Just as we were getting used to it. The 1999 curls that I LIVE for were stolen, and he lulled me into a false sense of security when I finally accepted the short, suave ‘do. But in true Prince fashion, he swapped it out for something JUST as fabulous: another set of wonderful curls with just enough to put into the world’s most unnecessary ponytail and what @the-beautiful-1 refers to as the fishing tackle braid. It’s all very glorious. He’s ditched suits for the most part for crop tops with matching pants and jumpsuits with ridiculous cutouts that would get any normal man sideeyed to death, but gets Prince these draws praise and adoration for the slayage. 

Valium starts with something everyone needs: Prince in a polka dot suit with a pair of glasses (which I would very much like to have for myself) looking like an entire Thanksgiving feast. He talks to the crowd, lets us know this show is basically a rehearsal we’ve been invited to. We don’t care. We know it’s going to be fantastic. Especially because of the getting got that will take place afterwards when you see him in the final number outfit. For my peace of mind, this person I’ve created in this series through which any of us can live gets got and lives the dream forever. Amen. Moving forward. 

We are joked with a bit, introduced to his new friends, some old friends, and my favorite friend: the polka dot suit. He also reminds us that if we don’t know who he is we MUST be on some type of drug. Daddy. 

Where the concert film opens up with a wonderful rendition of the titular song, Valium wastes no time in the edge-snatching and gets right into Housequake. How jarring it must have been for the still screaming crowd to hear “SHUT UP ALREADY, DAMN,” not knowing that it was the beginning of a song that would incite some of the hardest dancing of their life. He probably thought it was hilarious. Daddy.

Originally posted by rainiswetsugarisweet

This setlist is short, but sweet. We get some (then) upcoming SOTT album stuff, but a couple old gems with Girls & Boys and Kiss. The show is just over an hour and it does not let up at all, even when Prince disappears and let’s his band get some shine.

Which brings me to my next point. This band. Now, I love The Revolution just as much as the next opera bloused, curly haired, fake moled 80′s enthusiast with lace gloves on, and am fully aware that much of SOTT was tracked with them. However, I cannot imagine this music being played by them. Not in it’s final form. The SOTT band is a band full of insanely talented musicians, and they executed a sound that was absolutely incredible and sounded a lot more….idk mature? Polished?  I can’t put my finger on it. Not to take anything at all away from The Revolution because they too were insanely talented. The SOTT band just offered an element that the previous band couldn’t. If they could, Prince would’ve kept them around. He was exploring new sounds, therefore needed new inspiration. It’s why we love him.

During the band’s solo’s, there wasn’t a single person that I wasn’t completely in awe of. Levi and his crazy bass solo was funky and in the pocket, Fink sounds the best he’s ever sounded on the keys, Atlanta Bliss and his God-awful ponytail are still puttin’ it down on the horn, my man Sith Leeds (soon to be) is KILLIN’ that sax, and Sheila. Miss. Sheila. What a legend on the drums. Miko is a wonderful guitarist, which we learned on the last tour, and Boni has some PIPES you hear me? And of course, I cannot forget about Cat. Technically the first REAL dancer to join the band, Cat brought an energy to the gang that really rounded out these shows for me. She put her ALL into those dances, and she even forced boyfriend to step up his moves imo. I would argue that this tour is the most he’s danced so far, and it’s absolutely delightful. Honestly, what is better than any dance he does during Hot Thing on the concert film? Precisely. Nothing. Thanks for agreeing. We also get the fantastic dancing during Housequake in both shows, and Beautiful Night on the concert film that warrants mentioning. 

Favorite Number: 
This is the easiest pick of all the tours, however, let’s start with some honorable mentions.

Housequake: It’s a funky groove that you cannot escape. Be prepared to dance to it for the rest of your life no matter how many times you’ve heard it within a 5 day span. You’ll be fine, trust me. This number was a fave of mine in both shows.

Slow Love: First, it’s Slow Love. Second, during both shows it’s one of my top vocal performances. I love it when he sangs ya’ll. Third, shirt rip on the “shut the door, baby” during Valium. He also ripped his shirt a bit after that same line in the concert film. Never change, boyfriend. 


Forever In My Life: The breakdown during both shows is funky as all get out. Another song on which he was SANGIN’, especially on the concert film. The “I gotta tell ya” screech? How do you not throw it back after that? Like….

Favorite of all though: Strange Relationship. Hands. Down. Disappointingly not in the concert film, this 12min funk marathon is rivaled by none, other than the very same song from the rehearsal boot. Maybe. I say maybe only because this version includes the simplest but greatest chord progression before he let’s Boni do her thing (Whatchya sayin’ Boni?!) for a little bit that I rewound a good 35 times when I first saw this show. Idk what it is, but it’s just right in the pocket and it gets me every single time. I love the little stuff like that. We also get the playful fake radio station with DJ Prince shoutout, and the always welcome Squirrel Meat groove. It’s the obvious winner. Even boyfriend knew it was too funky. 

Favorite Outfit:
WELL. SOTT is ripe with wonderful outfits. I’m even okay with the egregiously large-shouldered leather jacket that opened the concert film. I hope he burned it though. Or at least de-shouldered it. 

I’m a huge, HUGE fan of Prince in suits, especially polka dot suits as you will hear PLENTY of in the next POET post. And the Valium polka dot suit is a doozy. As is the crop top in that shade of blue that makes him look absolutely STUNNING in the final number during Valium. Hang it in a museum. Please. It wins as favorite outfit from Valium.

Originally posted by stephaniejuhnay

I also am a huge fan of the tasselled white number he’s in during Beautiful Night in the concert film. And the Orange cutouts he graced us with during I Could Never. And his adorably fine self in the black cutouts with the hat during Forever In My Life/It. However, Hot Thing cut out wins the concert film war. Because….I mean…like….

Still Would Rating: SOTT Prince fights for second place with Parade Prince constantly. It’s a fight I do not mind at all. Swoop me, the both of you. 

Overall Rating: Overall, both of these are absolutely amazing shows. Well, one is an amazing show, one is a concert film made UP of what I am sure are amazing shows (audio) strung together with one heck of a visual performance that sure did fool me for years and years. Could’ve been a tour filmed for all I knew. Valium is a rehearsal that might as well have been an official tour show if you ask me. Even without the full production of the official tour, that show for 1600 people at First Avenue holds up to any of the other previous shows. Whether in a small club or a stadium, boyfriend slayed regardless. Daddy.

PREVIOUSLY, PARADE                                          NEXT UP, LOVESEXY


Okay, so here’s the deal. The Stranger Things 2 trailer featured some shots of Steve with the kids and I just had to write something—anything—about it because it’s now what I am most excited about. That’s what this hot mess is (supposed to be). 

Steve shifted his weight in the lumpy booth, tucking a leg up and underneath himself. His muscles protested at the movement, stiff and still bruised from the previous week. Adventure hardly seemed like the right word for what had happened, but Steve had never been exceedingly good with words—fumbling over apologies, emotions getting stuck on his tongue leading to him having to apologize in the first place.

In the garish yellow light of the diner, he surveyed his companions over a table laden with half-empty plates. Nancy met his uncertain gaze, draining the last sips of pulpy orange juice from her cup. Her expression was calm, neutral, as if the suggestion that had just fallen from her lips was the most natural and inevitable thing in the entire world. How could he have expected anything less from Nancy Wheeler, the girl who had once pointed a gun at him trying to save his life.

“So?” The cup clanged as Nancy set it down on the table. Her eyebrows furrowed together in that way that Steve knew was meant as a challenge. “What do you say?”

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Knowing I have both a katsudon son and a Tayaki son is so good

Isn’t katsudon Izuku’s fav food too? :D

Anon said: In your head do any of the characters in Boku No Academia have weird kinks?

Sorry anon, I don’t really ever think about that sorta stuff so I’m definitely lacking in that type of headcanons (try @syblatortue‘s blog for that sorta things!!!! nothing especially weird imho but I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed :D)


I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Honestly I don’t think he used to be generally a sad kid? He seemed pretty fired up and ready to do good, generally!! I loved it t b h !!!!! So I’m, like, pretending there’s no angst for now. Cause I’m a weak baby.

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Accurate Hamilton songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: the hype song. you hear those first few chords and you turn tf up. 10/10 opening to a show.
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: how to deal with fangirls: a guide by aaron burr, BUT ALSO: song named after burr gets hijacked by laurens, lafayette and mulligan: a metaphor for burr's life
  • My Shot: hey this new kid is kinda cool. this is how you make friends. a masterpiece. 10/10.
  • The Story of Tonight: drunk revolutionaries, drunk politics, is this what having friends feels like???
  • The Schuyler Sisters: are we talking empowering women in the revolutionary era? hell yeah we are! WERK!
  • Farmer Refuted: street preacher gets REKT
  • You'll Be Back: the king is terrifying, but like, in a really cute way.
  • Right Hand Man: how to get senpai to notice you: a guide by alexander hamilton. also, fuck burr.
  • A Winter's Ball: burr is salty, but admits alex has game. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
  • Helpless: eliza schuyler is too pure for this world, but also: y'all got married after two weeks????
  • Satisfied: angelica schuyler chooses her sister's happiness over her own #queen
  • The Story of Tonight - Reprise: drunk revolutionaries the sequel.
  • Wait For It: aaron burr has an existential crisis.
  • Stay Alive: I'M A GENERAL WEEEEE!! also a lot of people die. CHICKAPLAOW.
  • Ten Duel Commandments: counting has never been so cool.
  • Meet Me Inside: daddy issues.
  • That Would Be Enough: gdi alexander stay with your wife and unborn child
  • Guns And Ships: MOTHERFUCKING LAFAYETTE! also daveed diggs is a gift to humanity
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: I fucked up, but I won't let it happen to you.
  • Yorktown/The World Turned Upside Down: immigrants, we get the job done. HERCULES MULLIGAN!
  • What Comes Next?: the king is terrifying, but also sassy as hell. AWESOME, WOW.
  • Dear Theodosia: "i had daddy issues, but i promise you won't". breaks my heart 10 times out of 10.
  • Non-Stop: alex is a workaholic and i'm mad (and so is burr)
  • What'd I Miss: jefferson is back after an exchange year in france and he's better than ever (not really, he still holds slaves)
  • Cabinet Battle #1: what all political debates should be like.
  • Take A Break: gdi alexander spend time with your wife and your 9 year old son, which your wife had to remind you is turning 9 TODAY
  • Say No To This: alex didn't have time to go on vacation with wife and child but he had time to cheat on his wife *slow clap*
  • The Room Where It Happens: burr has a serious case of FOMO
  • Schuyler Defeated: "they don't need to know me they don't like you" aka burr finally decides to do something but fucks over alexander in the process (not that burr cares)
  • Cabinet Battle #2: what all political debates should be like, the sequel
  • Washington On Your Side: jefferson, madison, and burr are all salty af because hamilton is washington's fave
  • One Last Time: washington steps down and tells alexander to "deal with it"
  • I Know Him: the king is /still/ terrifying, and he's also a washington fanboy and tells john adams "good luck :):):):):):)"
  • The Adams Administration: the adams administration is a shitshow unlike any other
  • We Know: u done fucked up, alex, and ur enemies know
  • Hurricane: alexander hamilton's gonna prove to everyone that he can write his way out of a crisis. WRITING ISN'T GONNA SOLVE EVERYTHING, ALEX.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: aka hamilton never gon' be prESIDENT NOW *jefferson makes it rain* also poor eliza
  • Burn: eliza won't let anyone know how she reacted to alexander's infidelity #protecteliza2kForever but also damn now those letters are lost in history
  • Blow Us All Away: how to graduate, schedule a threesome, duel someone, and die in one song: a guide by philip hamilton
  • Stay Alive - Reprise: he ded
  • It's Quiet Uptown: fuckin heartbreak goddamn i cry 11/10 times, also eliza forgives alexander and everyone wonders why
  • The Election of 1800: jefferson is tired of the feels and wants to talk politics again, also fuck burr
  • Your Obedient Servant: a sass battle between hamilton and burr. a.ham vs a.burr
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: eliza just wants to sleep
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "I JUST KILLED MY BEST FRIEND" "and your worst enemy" "SAME DIFFERENCE"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza Hamilton is goddamn queen god bless her, all aboard the feels train! YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS AND YOU GET SOME FEELS

               me right now : wtf are you all doing here ?? i mean this blog isn’t even a week old and boom !! i got more than 150 followers. you have made my whole rp experience ( whichever blog it was ) the best. thank you. now, let’s get to the lovin’.


                   first of all i wanna start with jessie  /  @wildhearted. you’re mia to my hue. thank you. so freaking much for letting me play this amazing muse. i have always been fascinated by you, damn i was even a little bit intimidated bu you. for real, you are such a sweet person who deserves all the love tbh. you yourself are such a kind person, and i know we haven’t talked much, but i already see you as one of my few friends !! and you know what ?? i am pretty amazed that i am able to keep two muses at once, but it’s probably the fact that hue is such a important muse for me. i hope our squad’s gonna grow lmao !! 
                then, i wanna say something to my natrito  /  @onyovrleft, @promcss, @tragicfate & @carryburdens. my love, do you like remember these days where we would talk every single day ?? well, i seriously miss them, and i would really wanna do this again, but life is taking over tbh. and even though we don’t talk so much anymore, you’re still an amazing person and you are 4ever in my heart. whenever you are on the dash, i just get so happy and just knowing that ur okay, makes me feel ultimately good.
           amaye  /  @onlymyown. amaye. my heart, my soul, my life. whenever i feel sad, you freaking make me laugh when i don’t even wanna smile. we have had pain on cassie, and i am pretty sure we will have in on here. but, you omg. you are a light to my life. talking to you makes all those bad days become better !! whatever you will do, i will always be with you. you are like one of y few real friends, here and outside tumblr. so, thank you for all this kindness that i really don’t deserve. 
        pls no i did not forget the amazing jesse   /  @tragicloss. screams. you are an amazing flower. and tbh dimi is too i can’t deny that. we haven’t realy talked for a while, but i can’t even keep up with myself ok. nad i am really sorry ok. you have always brightened my dash with you ic and ooc posts. and tbh dimi is one of my fave ocs, it’s unimagnible that i would actually not write something about him. i have always loved those muses that have been so much, but still are so kind. you play him so well, sometimes i forget he’s not canon tbh. well, i really wanna tell you, that you have a special place in my heart xxx
       my vivi  /  @weiirdwitch. i miss talking to you more than ever tbh. but you know i really can’t find the time anymore but when i do, i really try to talk to you as much as i can. you are my sunshine tbh. if you ever think that you are not amazing, then you’re lying to yourself. you are. you’re a bright star that always brights my days. thank you vi. thank you for making me feel loved. thank you for never making me feel that i am annoying. and i hope i am making you feel the same way. 
      trevor   /   @lifefcrdeath , @backinaflcsh. you are an amazing person and a talented writer. pls, repeat it ok. seriously, we do not talk that much anymore. college and your work isn’t helping and those time zones aren’t helping either. but i still keep thinking about you every day. i still keep looking at you blogs and hope you are doing fine and just looking at anything you do makes me so happy ! i wanna thank you for being such an amazing friend. thank you. 
    ma moon  /  @viiduus. your my moon tbh. that pun will never get old. listen, we don’t talk anymore like we used to, but i always freaking scream when i see you on the dash and hope you are doing fine. sometimes i look at the moon, and think : nah, you’re not as bright as my moon. because it’s true, tho. you’re one really kind person and i couldn’t stop following you on every single blog. i heart you bae.
    harley  /  @lunarwclf. how are you my bae ? i hope you are fine. and now i gotta make a stupid thing. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. well, we are probably not far away, but i had to xD. ok but for real, alex is the best. and you bright my day everyday. that’s not it, no. i wish that you would never feel that you are not needed here, because you are. and it’s not just me and i am sure of that. you are amazing and deserve the world !!

           MY LIGHTS. people who i rp with and am to lazy to write up there and love and tbh stalk. 

      @atroversiaamo, @sorcr, @exubiytsa, @searedrebirth@whitespiider, @speediings@araphorostiic, @bibliophiliism, @fatherofmachine@americabrand, @empathyeatings, @agenths, @gunkanjiima, @butscrewmefirst, @brokcnlegacies, @agonyborn, @bronzemaned, @dokkstjarna, @bitchculebra, @fragilcminds, @fortcvolontc, @killchained@shotgunaxecombo, @honeyburnt, @absumpsi@bloodintolerant, @fallencomrade, @culebral, @iinvincible  / @deadllyshot , @redheadarcher, @neverparted, @horrorempathy  / @thedestrcyer, @rizhii, @moonjeweled, @garmrr, @maximofflegacy, @likethcrns, @tcrightnow, @starksprincess, @winterscn, @rougescion, @britishnation, @ircnmama, @firstnayezdnik@enigmatie, @ofbanncr, @humblefarmcr, @shrinemade, @outlawiism, @vxpergreen, @strxnzo, @playsvulgar, @strangledmulan, @starkwithsarcasm, @olivercharlcs, @antagxnized, @notimminent, @shesaidrun, @stupidarrows, @afewmistakes, @astralord / @coldbattle, @loudmiinds, @hclywcrs, @danversiism, @alinamaximoffrogers, @clairebxrton, @futurecrest,  @femmekill, @reclaimedasset, @islanddeath, @amongwclves, @natstxrk, @blackironed, @runebrush, @hcndler, @hydraserpent, @classiqve, @kncwnmisery, @nymphomaniia, @showmaxter, @americanasitgets, @astcriiia, @hasnerve, @xgamora, @awakesforce, @ordinaryswan, @tcthefuture, @iviaw, @foundingavenger, @batgirlbatarangs, @esorbitanza, @topazgaze, @fallcnsoldier, @seiismic, @gammamade, @sunnytoothed, @ledivdova, @bullshitreigned, @punchit@moranument@radiasi, @baywindowed.

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I can see you have a type...

If the type is The Most Knowledgeable And Smart In Their Group But Still A Complete Idiot then yes, definitely, I have a type lmao - seriously tho I dunno if this is specifically about DGM (Lavi and Wisely are pretty similar) or if it’s a general thing, but as far as Wisely goes you might not believe this but over half of the reason why he’s my fave is that he suffers from chronic migraines and I Hard Relate


Thank you!!! Super happy you liked them!!! <3<3

Anon said: You know, apparently in the raws of Chapter 144, Kirishima’s friend calls him “Ei-chan”, not just Ei

!!!!! thanks for the info! I was actually wondering which between the -kun and -chan they had used!!! 

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Hi Lulu, I was wondering if you know why it is a common thing to write about Pisces that they are weak babies who can't do anything? Why do people simplify Pisces to only one (aka "WEAK") trait? Do you think Pisces can be considered strong? What do you think are the "strongest" Pisces aspects? Why only Aries and Scorpio are praised for being badasses? Isn't Pisces a badass too? (In its own way of course)

Oh boy! You are asking the million dollars question. I will try to do the best answering this one.

Pisces is usually seen weak cause they do sadly project this image and don’t try to change it. Not all do this of course but a big number of Pisces simply give in when meeting a hardships, passive, won’t stand up for themselves or say no. Escapes reality in many forms. Doesn’t like confrontation anday lie just to please others or to keep an illusion they crave to exist more instead of being honest. So, they do contribute to the “weak” image themselves and then ofc you have the underdeveloped Pisces who manipulates people or hurt them emotionally. Refuse to Fave reality and take responsibility.

Now since we got that cleared let’s see why others see Pisces as weak. I have said before do not equate aggression, violence and loudness with the idea of being “strong” or “dominant” but sadly people do that a lot cause it’s something that happen planted in their minds. Pisces do not like noise, violence or aggression, and whether people like Pisces or not Pisces is not a violent sign, it really is not. So they usually view the quietness or solitude in Pisces as a weakness. Also people always think that emotional people are weak, period. Which ofc is really fucking annoying. Also since Pisces like peaceful atmosphere or quiet places they will try to keep everything and everyone in agreeable state and some people will see this as being fake or manipulative and in my opinion it really isn’t but whatever. Everyone will think what they want to think.

Also you have to keep in mind that people are subjective not objective, especially when describing water signs, specifically cancer or Pisces. If they have been mistreated by a Pisces before my god they will have to keep mentioning it and writing about, which is good to vent and make others learn but at some point you need to grow and let it go and you have to learn not to generalize but people, especially on here they really and I mean really like generalizing a lot. They lack the ability to be objective whatsoever and yet they expect you to view them as a mature person. A mature person regardless of age, knows when to separate their own experiences and emotions when getting down to business but again people will do what they want to do.

Like literally I can’t make one God damn positive post about Pisces without some whiny or petty person ruinnig the post. We get it Samantha you have been hurt by one before and they were shitty but please you got to learn to move on.

The bottom line is people are subjective and they are really salty when to comes to water signs especially Pisces and I get why they would feel that way but I had bad experiences before from certain signs, do you see me whine about it? No. Cause in the end of the day I do realize that the sign it self doesn’t have to do with why this person did this or that but rather how they were brought up, what they believe in and many other factors that will shape them to either be one of the greatest people or worst. But again since people are subjective they like to blame one thing and ignore other factors that play a huge role in the situation.

Not every Gimini is gonna be petty and gossipy and not every Virgo is gonna be neat and a perfectionist. Depending on the whole chart and how the person was raised or influenced they will have a different outcome from each other.

Like a Pisces who was raised to be confident and strong will be so different from a Pisces that have be raised to be quiet and pleasing to others. You can’t be what you can’t see, also you can’t give what you never had. Someone who lacked warmth in their life will not be able to give you love like you want them to.

Anyways, this was long and I hope in a way I explained why Pisces are seen as weak.

As for what I view as strength in Pisces, it would be that emotionally they really can endure a lot and still keep on going. They always find hope even if you are in the worst situation. They can create the most bizarre and creative ideas and solutions I have ever heard. How accepting and kind they are. How they listen to you and acknowledge your emotions. How they keep pursing what they love which is usually art or music or helping people. How they are open minded and philosophical. They undeniable faith in something bigger and better. How they simply support you without you asking for their support. The way they love tenderly and peacefully.


good-enough-for-me said: What did @checkersandbalances​ do to make you like Stuart even more? ;)


WHAT DIDN’T SHE DO. omg. ahem. I first watched Queer as Folk UK in college and adored it, I’ve shouted “Vince is my favorite” from every hilltop (I’m dramatic that way) but I didn’t feel any need to do deep analysis and hadn’t thought about it too much since then.


And then I SOMEHOW drew checkersandbalances down the rabbit hole with me. We’d met as Sherlock fans, so I knew hard-core obsession (and long-winded meta!) was in our nature. But a funny thing happened: as much as I shouted about Vince, as loudly as I wanted to sympathize with every one of his bad choices, as much as my heart went to him…checkersandbalances felt the same way about Stuart.



Like, I hope you all have the life-changing experience of having a fellow friend/fan love another character in your favorite show as much as you love your fave in that show. Suddenly we started getting into fights about Stuart’s motivations; checkersandbalances was usually right. And suddenly Stuart moments that were mildly humorous to me became outright hilarious. And suddenly, inspired by about a trillion capslock texts, I started writing meta. So here’s a rundown of what I gained, complete with some links to the meta it inspired.


Stuart’s A Good Man:


Okay, so obviously I KNEW Stuart is a good person, or I’d never have shipped him with my baby AKA Vince (and I ship them SO HARD). But. Like. I sent checkersandbalances a LOT of texts early on that implied Stuart is incredibly selfish. Or rather, she’d be like, “Stuart’s got good intentions here” and I’d text back “YOU SURE??? PROVE IT” but probably more subtly because I knew she loved Stuart. Here’s the thing: she was right, every time. Some key moments when I underestimated Stuart:





I saw this through Vince’s eyes the first few viewings. I thought Stuart was saying rude things about Phil because Stuart likes bragging that much. Um. Nope. Wrong. Stuart is trying to distance himself and Vince from Phil as much as possible, to reassure himself that they’ll never die in the way Phil did. Turns out its a valid fear. Vince assumes Stuart’s story means he’d sleep with anyone besides Vince–but Stuart’s trying to show that he sets Vince apart. (Also, that time Stuart calls Vince good-looking? Not a joke.)




In episode 5, Vince goes on his first date with Cameron and comes back mad that Cameron didn’t try to sleep with him on date one. It’s how we get Stuart’s AMAZING line, “Vince, is it so hard to believe that someone fancies you?” (YES, YES IT IS STUART, WHICH IS WHY VINCE PICKS UP NONE OF YOUR SIGNALS IN SEASON TWO EVEN WHEN ONE OF YOUR SIGNALS IS INVITING VINCE TO A THREESOME, omg.) Vince picks up a meaningless (and awful!) shag rather than deal with his self-steem issues, and we see Stuart watching Vince, upset. This moment (and Stuart trying to convince Vince he’s good looking post-funeral last episode) is HUGE because it lays the groundwork for Vince’s bday in e7, where Stuart tries to manipulate Vince to leave him because he believes it will be better for Vince’s self-esteem. I don’t even remember what I thought the first time I watched the e5 scene, because it was so clearly wrong that I don’t even have space in my head for it now that I understand what is actually happening and how important it is.




Unfortunately, I do remember my first impression of this scene. The s1e8 “Good Enough for Me” scene is probably my favorite scene EVER, and I knew that Stuart was demonstrating his love for Vince by naming all the Doctor Who actors. But I thought,for sure, that Stuart believed Vince’s world was too small for Stuart’s goals. He tries to run off to London at the end of the show, after all!  When Vince is like “please get lunch with me again” and Stuart turns him down with that conflicted look, I thought that was a SURE sign Stuart was trying to discourage Vince’s romantic attraction because Stuart couldn’t return it. But, um. NOPE. Please enjoy/feel your heart break at this original script excerpt:



“IF IT GOES ANY FURTHER, HE’LL PULL VINCE TO HIS SIDE,” the script says, and Stuart thinks this BEFORE he tells Vince that Vince doesn’t fit in his world. So OF COURSE Stuart still wants to include Vince–he just thinks that if he doesn’t distance himself from Vince now, Vince will never find his self-esteem and flourish on his own. (As if Stuart would EVER be upset that Vince follows him around, blatantly in love. Stuart doesn’t want Vince to lie to people and say they’re dating (see: s2 wedding episode) but boy does he sure enjoy kissing and slow-dancing with Vince about 5 seconds later in that same scene.)




Like, obviously I spotted Stuart’s breakdown during his fight with Vince (Adian Gillen, way to be the Best Actor Ever, damn) but I had failed to appreciate a whole bunch of moments where Stuart is struggling so much in s2 with his feelings around Vince, and how to stay friends/something more with Vince. There are a lot (here are more) but I’d like to take this particular opportunity to remind you that Stuart hoped Vince would join him on a balcony at a wedding in the evening while a romantic song played in the background. (Also, that the music that plays, encapsulating Stuart’s emotions, is a love song about how madly in love with someone the singer is, even though it’s a difficult feeling. And that right after the song ends Stuart asks Vince to slow-dance with him for the first time ever; WHAT A GREAT SEQUENCE.)




If his utter enchantment with Vince’s Doctor Who obsession isn’t enough (it’s enough! it’s so good!!), please recall in s2 when he welcomes the police into his apartment and goes through his  cabinet of, like, every issue of Attitude and Gay magazine ever published to pull out some magazines for his coffee table. Like, I get that he was performing his sexuality to make him seem more innocent to the police, or whatever. That doesn’t negate the fact that he has a perfectly curated cabinet of every issue of attitude and gay magazine he’s ever received. You know he started that collection the moment they started publishing Gay Times in 1984, right? It’s my headcanon that Stuart is an expert on queer history, he cares about this stuff SO MUCH, and no one can convince me otherwise.



Stuart’s Unintentionally Hilarious


Once you understand that Stuart’s motivations come from a good, flawed, even awkward place (because he’s in an emotional place of rapid growth around his relationship with Vince) the experience of being a Stuart fan becomes a lot of more fun. Because, um, those who don’t yet grasp his emotions kinda think he’s like Satan? (Not my language!) And that’s delightful in part because Stuart would love being seen as all-powerful SO. MUCH.


tl;dr: I loved this show a lot, but @checkersandbalances made me love it 1000x more because now I better understand her fave, Stuart Alan Jones.

[even more QAF UK meta]

A Dream Coming True (a Jared Leto oneshot)

“Did you know that these poor animals weren’t even killed humanely? The standards these animals were living in were and are just as bad as the way they are killed. Billions and billions animals are killed brutally each year just to feed us while we have enough opportunities. If I and million others didn’t die, you won’t either. I’m vegan and healthy more than ever. You like pizza? Eat it without pepperoni. You like burgers? Eat a vegan burger. Don’t give shitty excuses like your health either. Are you really comfortable with these poor animals dying just for our fun?”

“Yes I am! They taste good and they don’t even have emotions. So what?” a man shouted from the crowd.

This was my first time making a speech alone on a street. Why should people be assholes?

“At least they have a brain unlike you!” I was really mad. I couldn’t stand ignorant and idiot people. Was he even real?

“Boo-hoo! I’m going to cry now.”

“I want a soy latte please. For y/n.” I was trying to relax after my stressful speech. Why was it just so hard for people to understand the truth? People were just too selfish to see it.

“It’s 4.70 ma’am.”

As I was reaching for my purse, I heard a voice. It was soft but hot.

“It’s on me.” I looked behind me where the voice was coming. I saw a handsome man. His hair was short and brown with blond tips . He had style… And sunglasses.

“And you are?”

“I’m Jared. I listened to your speech. It was amazing. Oh and and an espresso shot for me.” he said to the cashier after talking to me.

“Thanks. I’m happy that someone really listened to me.”

“That one dude annoyed me really much though. I was almost going to go and slap him personally.”

We giggled. We rushed out after getting our drinks to find somewhere to sit. He asked politely if he could join me.

“Yeah, of course. Thanks for the coffee Jared. It’s really nice seeing people who actually care. I thought there was no hope.”

“It was nice hearing you too.” as he took his sunglasses off, I saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I have ever seen. He continued:

“And your name is?”

“y/n. My name is y/n.”

“It’s a pleasure y/n.” he was a true gentleman. He was conscious, handsome and nice but I didn’t want to be affected too quickly.

“So you are a vegan either Jared?”

“Activist, vegan, singer, Jared Leto… That’s me.”

“Wow so you sing? Is there something you can’t do?”

“I can’t draw?” 

“And that’s my thing I guess.” I chuckled.

“So you can draw… I guess we are completing each other.”

“If you want to impress me, you’ll have to find a better one J.” He smiled and looked down.

“I don’t need to try hard.” I looked at him raising my eyebrows. We both laughed. He actually had a point but I wasn’t going to admit that.

It had been around five months since I had met Jared and my life had changed a lot already. There was something going on between us but I was not sure what that was. I felt really good when I was with Jared and when he was away… I was starting to feel weird without him. I was not good at going on with people but he… He was making me happy

He had invited me to his mansion-like house which I had only seen from the outside once. I was actually feeling that something huge was going to happen and the first time in my life, I felt like I had to look good for a man. He was going to take me at 8.00 pm. so it was almost time. I put my nude lipstick on before I sprayed on my fave cruelty-free perfume. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t felt so beautiful in a long time. As I was checking if everything was okay, I heard my door ringing. I had to chill for real. 

A heavenly smell hit me as I opened the door. When I came back to the real world, I saw him. He had casual clothes on but it was so hot. Especially his hat and white shirt. His bracelets, jeans, shoes… Everything was combined so good. His stubble was looking so sexy.

“Damn girl you lookin’ fine.” We both let out a laugh. I felt that my cheeks were warming up. 

“You too Mr. Leto but I prefer keeping it formal.” 

“Oh, sorry ma’am. I meant you look one fine lady. I was wondering if you would mind if I accompanied you to my car.” He leaned down as he put his one arm behind his back and one hand in front of me like a real gentleman wanting me to hold it. This guy… How could I say no? I held his hand as I closed my door with my other hand. 

After a car ride full of laughter, we arrived to his house. It was 8.38 pm so we had a plenty of time. I was actually pretty sure that he was going to insist that I stayed the night so I didn’t really worry about the time. As he opened the door, I saw a fuckhuge living. It was mostly black. So elegant… We heard footsteps when we stepped inside. As I raised my head, I saw another handsome man which was probably Jared’s brother Shannon. Jared was always talking about him. They were caring for each other and that was really cute.

“It’s really nice finally meeting you y/n. Jared just won’t stop talking about you. I’m almost sure he is in love with you.” WTF? I wanted to dance but all I could do was laughing and looking at Jared. His eyes were huge and he was looking at Shannon. I wanted to change the subject.

“So you told me that you were good at singing J. I’d like to hear you sing.”

“Ohh I totally forgot about that. But I need to talk to Shannon first. Suit yourself. It won’t take long.” Shannon looked at him trying to figure out what he was going to tell.

“Mmkay then. I’m here.” 

As soon as they went upstairs and closed the door, I got curious. And curiousity is one of my weak spots. I had to hear what they were talking about. I got upstairs trying my best to be silent. I put my ear on the door they were in.

“-Why would you even say that! I didn’t want her to know that until I made sure that she feels the same for me. Thank you really much Shan!”

“Bro chill. She will just think that I was joking. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even take it seriously. No way she will understand that you like her.”

“I don’t like her…” My world broke down but I kept listening.

“I love her.” My eyes popped. This was even more shocking.

“Love is a strong word brother. Are you sure that it’s love?”

“I mean… I never felt like this before. I feel extremely sad when I don’t see her. My feelings for her gets stronger and stronger everyday.” I had heard enough. I couldn’t risk getting caught so I rushed down as quiet as I can. I sat back at the black sofa where I was already sitting before. I heard the door open. Shannon was the first to get out.

“It was nice meeting you y/n but I need to go.” He winked as he was opening the door.

“It was nice meeting you too Shannon.” I smiled. He smiled back before he closed the door. I’m pretty sure he didn’t need to go but he just wanted to leave us alone.

“So I guess now you want to hear me sing.” 

“I want to talk to you Jared.” He seemed worried now. 

“Yeah, of course.” He sat next to me.

We were so close. We didn’t say anything for about a minute before I broke the silence.

“Jared you know. If you want to tell me something, do it.” He didn’t get what I meant first but then…

“Oh shit. You heard us didn’t you. Look, If you don’t feel the same it’s not impo-” I didn’t let him finish his words and with a reflex, I pressed my lips on his. His eyes popped open before closing them and he started kissing me harder. He was holding my face while I was moving my hands on his muscled back.

“I…Love…You…Too” I was trying to talk between every kiss. Things were getting hot. I slipped my hand into his shirt feeling his abs as he was leaving kisses on my neck. He held my hand as he brought me to the bedroom which was always going to have a place in my mind.

“You make me happy y/n.”

“I feel complete when I’m with you Jared…”

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Taylor Swift songs for LBPQ girls Masterpost

Under the cut is a list of Taylor Swift songs for girls that like girls. It’s divided into three categories: happy songs, sad songs, and songs with he/him/his pronouns that I still read as songs for gay girls. This list does not include unreleased tracks, although I am more than happy to make another list/update this one including them (but it might take some time.)

Before we begin, I’d just like to note that this list has nothing to do with Taylor’s sexuality. I don’t know what it is, and frankly, it’s none of my business. I am not trying to imply anything with this list, such as suggesting she wrote these songs with girls in mind. It’s simply a resource of Taylor Swift songs for WLW like myself.

Finally, this is not the final word on WLW Taylor songs! This is just my personal list, but If you have any suggestions for a song that is not included, drop me a message!

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kougyokku  asked:

since ur clearly the expert on utaites and vocaloid stuff can u rec some songs/covers??? haha i need new stuff to listen to and i suck at finding them ;P oh and for reference mafumafu is my fave utaite and 40mp my fave??synthesizer?? /werp i never know what to call them.,but haha thanks!!

omg i almost didnt recognize you since your icon changed…even though I noticed that you changed your icon last week…orz

40mP would be your favorite producer!! And I’m not that much of an expert haha but 

ok here’s some of my fave utaite apart from the ones on your about page and rec pages 

I mainly like to soft songs like ballads and stuff but throw me a genre you want and I’ll whip something up. I have everything in my collection, including rap and electro.

links will go to utaite wiki bc personally i think the wiki pages are a great place to start and also find new utaite (laughs i’m an admin there of course i have no bias for the wiki haha ahhaahaa nope)

I will lean on the male side of the NND world because you seem to like them more but I’ll also throw in some of my favorite girls.

the following list is gonna be utaite with 1 or two song recs tacked on and if you like the song and wanna find more covers I’d suggest going to the NND page and you can click the tag that has the song name to search that tag and put ?sort=v at the end of the URl to sort by views. that’s how I find a lot of my faves tho it kind of only works in japanese so do ur best. or if the song is famous enough it’ll have a page on the wiki which is always nice since you can browse it in english.

feel free to talk to me if you have any trouble navigating NND or finding the pronunciation of a song name or anything.

a lot of the links are youtube links and to be honest it’s better to go to NND to give them views and stuff but NND is a little bit scary and loads slowly! so just a reminder to visit the nnd pages if possible thanks

rairu - his voice sounds the same age as mafu’s but it’s super super soft and fluffy. like a baby duck. he’s so cute. I like his Aishiteru and Hoshiai

ikasan - she’s like ur age but she has an ikemen voice. I love her so much. Whenever her covers come on shuffle tho I’m always like who’s this hot guy I can’t recognize then I look at the thing and I’m like oh. It’s ikasan. and I’m just so impressed every time. she can do a girl voice too, it’s so cute. I like her shiwa, love is an open door, death should not have taken thee!, and queen of heart

ryo-kun - his voice is probably the closest thing to an ideal boyfriend voice, i’m not kidding. it’s gentle and warm and strong and really fucking nice. he does everything from piano ballad to rock to jazz. go to cris’s blog for the high-quality ryo-kun fangirling. I like his Kokoronashi and Thieve’s Night Trick (which was written for him) and Ai ni Kijutsushi

himawari - love love love her. she has a soft voice and it’s really smooth and gentle and it feels less like a voice and more like latte foam. She does these irresistible voice flips effortlessly like a petal floating in the wind. you think these comparisons are weird you should see the comparisons i have for all the other utaite. I’m not going to write them here, though. please please listen to her Ikanaide and Soitogeta Android he (made me cry for like 5 days straight)

clear - he’s really famous and basically he has the clearest voice (duh) and it’s really nice. I don’t listen to him a lot tho sorry

nero - clear’s friend who has like this nice soothing low voice. he’s not afraid to go into falsetto which is idk really attractive tbh in a musical way. His collab name with Yuuto is called Hat’s because they both are associated with wearing hats, and i think that’s adorable. I like his mr. music arrange and ayano’s theory of happiness.

moose - no wiki page (bitter laughter) ok I’m biased towards him because he’s taiwanese (whoop whoop) but really, seriously, he has a really great voice, it’s really smooth and well-controlled and he does these little flips in his voice that make me swoon. I like his Iroha Uta and 366 nichi.

itou kashitarou - his voice is super strong, super smiley super earnest, and it makes me smile a lot. his voice tastes like hope, not kidding. He’a also super cute singing live, very happy and confident and stuff. I like his Pierrot and Shiwa.

Pokkun - super underappreciated but he’s super good. his voice is really cute in a kind of indescribable way and it’s really medium soft but still manly in a way. like his teddy bear icon. His harmonies are super bright somehow and his vibrato reminds me of buttered and toasted biscuits. (???) I like his Natsu no Hanken, Love Trial, and HEAVEN

akatin - my love for akatin cannot be described with words. his range is really really fuckin wide like he goes higher than i can and thats pretty damn high and it’s really really pretty except for the fact that he’s always goofing off goddammit it’s the most beautiful and charming goofing off  I’ve ever bore witness to and it makes me mad. he likes to hold his notes for like 20 bars and do a perfect vibrato while he’s at it. he also does really nice vocal ornamentation ugh. He usually goes for songs that go really high so he can show off how high he can go, or songs where he’s supposed to goof  also sings soft and normally which is kind of rare but when he does do it, it’s perfect. on nnd the comments on the normal pretty songs are all “who hte fuck is this”. i hate this man. i recommend his Cyber Thunder Cider, Nounai Kakumei Girl, Kisaragi Attention for range and silliness, and drop and bouquet for ~beautiful~

un:c - kind of similar humor to akatin but his weirdness is a little less random and a little more “this has no right to sound this good”. I like his This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee and Outer Science

kijineko - She’s got this lovely deep rich voice and she can also belt really damn high. I like her Outer Science and Echo of a Voice in the Rain

KK - husky, dark voice, on the low side. His voice and vibrato are super super unique and it takes some getting used to but I love it now. I lik his the The Transient Apple Salesgirl, HEAVEN and Jishou Mushoku

Hanatan - You’ve probably heard of her. Really powerful voice, wide range, lovely vibrato, like 7 different styles, probably the picture of perfection. I like her older works www like Time&Space and Jishou Mushoku

Choumiryou - his voice is sexy and he knows it. that being said, aside from being sexy, he also uses cute or majestic voices, depending on his mood. It’s fabulous. I like his World’s Lifespan and the Last Day, Terror, and Adagaeshi Syndrome. Also he does these ridiculous collabs where everyone is singing and serious and stuff but everything is really perverted, even though the song is not perveted. it’s beautiful and yet i want to die. I like their White Day Kiss and Kurumi Ponchio (mature themes) and Matryoshka.

Yuudai - he’s a pro opera singer but that doesn’t stop him from covering weird pop songs on NND. He has a great Outer Science (latin arrange ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ), Nyaruko OP (opera arrange lmao), and Servant of Evil (opera arrange 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 i cried)

Ichikoro - idk much about him but he does lots of angtsy screamy mixy stuff which normally i’m not fond of but he is just that good. I love his screamo and I love the mixes, and he can go super high and it’s beautiful and frightening at the same time. I think he’s actually a dragon, maybe. I like his Yotsuya san ni Yoroshiku and unravel

sonouchinikimeru - sonochan for short. his voice is just asdijf idk he has really perfect technique and really perfect vibrato and hold notes really well and is kind of one of those perfect ikemen singers. I’m sorry that’s all there is to it. Go listen to his Idola no Circus.

Reol - she’s got the type of voice where you’re just like “daaang i didnt know..humans could do that”. It’s bouncy and strong and high in a ‘i know i’m cute but if you say i’m cute you are probably gonna die” kind of tough way. I love her anyway, especially Hibikase and DOGS

kain - super super cute baby child. like a soft baby cotton ball, even babyer than rairu. he just turned 20 lmao. His Kokuhaku Rival Sengen is too perfect for words and his from y to y is heartbreaking

soraru - if you haven’t heard of soraru where the heck have u been. anyway his voice is fluffy and strong. Actually, just like him. He’s got really fluffy hair and he’s super skinny but he can punch a watermelon to pieces and is actually probs the strongest utaite except for ryo-kun and kogeinu?? the three of them could probably destroy everything. back to singing um. he does super cute collabs with lon a lot. I don’t listen to him tho, sorry

there’s an extreme dearth of girls i’m so sorry. I also forgot at least 10 people but this list is already long enough. other girls include sana (high and cute), himeringo (medium and cute with strong presence), Rui (her jazz is just so good. so vibrant and sassy), Sakuya (bright and clear voice! also taiwanese), and yumeko (rich full voice that just tells the story perfectly. also voice acting). 

whoops i accidentally just gave you like a decade of music

also a lot of the time I just go to the daily rankings and click 連続再生 which will play through the whole rankings and see what I like.

i was gonna answer this privately but hey this might be useful to people and also i might want to add on to it so i went and published it.

anonymous asked:

as a fellow jaytim shipper, do you have any fic recs? thanks!!


OKAY THESE ARE JUST OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (& AO3 ONLY) AND THERE ARE MANY MANY MORE I DEF FORGOT BUT HERE GOES!! this is prob gonna be a long post cus idk how to do the read more thing I’M SORRY


strange fear i ain’t felt for years by Sister

Summary: Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.

[deep breath] THIS FIC. has such a special place in my heart holy shit I’ve read it like 90 times and it has never ever failed to make me smile. when I am dead and gone I want the eulogist at my funeral to read it passionately over my cold corpse with feeling because if they fail to properly express how much I worship it I WILL BREATHE LIFE INTO MY MOLDING HUSK WITH SHEER OTHERWORLDLY WILLPOWER AND READ IT MYSELF


these lines of lightning by smilebackwards

Summary: “Sometimes when Bruce is being an asshole, the best response is to be an asshole right back,” Jason says, dropping down next to Tim and propping his boots on the milk crates he uses for a coffee table. “I used to go hang out with all the bad kids so I guess you’re already on the right track.”

if i’ve got strange fear lined up to be read at my funeral I want this fic to be painstakingly chiseled onto my headstone with everyone singing ‘accidentally in love’ as i’m lowered into the ground–like pls don’t even throw flowers as the gaping abyss swallows my coffin PRINT THIS FIC AND THROW IT DOWN INSTEAD I LOVE IT SO MUCH  


After the Storm by ariadne83 & somehowunbroken

Summary: Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he’d have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation ’s representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine “best” in order for that to work out. 

oh god I think this one might have been Responsible. the one that may have started my slip slide screaming descent into jaytim hell. I shipped it casually (ha) until this fic came in and knifed me at terminal velocity in the soft spot I didn’t even know I had for kidfic LMFAO SCREAMS INTO HANDS WHY THIS!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!! I AM A GOOD PERSON (NO)


you are bright and i am blind by CallMeBombshell

Summary: “So it was either one of several ill-advised not-quite dates,” Jason sums up after a moment, “your big brother, or me. More or less.”

“More or less,” Tim agrees, leaning back again and humming slightly around the rim of his glass. 

Jason shakes his head slightly. “Well, sorry you got stuck with me, then,” he says, self-deprecating little grin spreading across his face.

“I’m not,” Tim says, smiling that same damned unreadable Cheshire Cat smile that he’s been wearing all night. “After all, you were my first choice.”

part 4 of an ongoing series and pre-relationship but ONE OF MY FAVES oh god it’s so visceral and GORGEOUS I just live for mutual pining is2g nothing better than slow burn that melts your heart like a lovingly seasoned and tenderly roasted lamb kebob and you just can’t wait for the moment it’s done cooking and you can sink your teeth into it with relish god jesus fuck WHAT I’M SAYING IS THAT THIS FIC IS DELICIOUS IN EVERY WAY and im hungry


Hell Connection by Ladelle

Summary:  With one touch, Detective Timothy Drake can see the past—of people, of objects—anything. When a case leads him to the sewers of Gotham, he wakes an evil he never knew existed; one that wants vengeance on the family that sealed him away.

steeples fingers and takes a deep breath g O D I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO COHERENTLY DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE AND ADORE THIS FIC the thought that went into this iS INSANE and it is ridiculously immersive and beautifully paced with burn so mouthwateringly slow you could put me in my mother’s rice cooker for two weeks and I still wouldn’t come out nearly as wonderfully exquisitely delicious as this fic GOD I’ve read it like a million times and each time I lose sleep over it WITHOUT FAIL cus it’s SO SO SO GOOD.


it takes a house, a village by defcontwo

Summary:  “If you shower my couch with love and affection, I might actually kill you.” Or: how Tim Drake buys a house, rebuilds his life, and accidentally falls in love.

[WHISTLE TONE SCREAMING] GOD I have romantic feelings for this one like I would wine and dine straight up get down on one knee for this fic and treat it right for the rest of my mortal existence have i mentioned how much i love slow burn I LOVE SLOW BURN ROAST ME A L I V E


Soft as the Starlight in the Sky verse by Tabithian

Summary: Jason Todd’s adventures as a magical girl.

No, really.

(What the hell is up with all the damn bows, anyway?)

I WAS EXPECTING CRACK AND GOT SUCKER PUNCHED WITH FEELS (IN THE BEST WAY LMAO I wear the bruises with pride) like this is a super adorable premise in the first place and I am always weak for magical girl AUs… ALSO JASON’S FAMILIAR(?) ANIMAL SIDEKICK(??) MR. MEOWFACE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST I WANT 20


give until you bleed (out) by somehowunbroken

Summary: Tim wakes up in the Cave. He’s in the med bay, which isn’t surprising; all of the monitoring machines are off, which is. He shrugs and sits up carefully, wincing preemptively for the pull of stitches that doesn’t come. [Warning; Major Character Death]

if you are here for the bittersweet angst HAVE I GOT THE FIC FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! this one, omfg, it hits like a mack truck. It’s gen, hinted a bit at pre-relationship, and hurts like open heart surgery without anesthetic LMAO I made the Mistake of reading it late at night and was catatonic in the shower thinking about that ending…it was a good thing I took that shower tho because if I hadn’t I would have pickled like a wrinkly radish in the salty ocean of my own tears


chasing after time verse by ohmcgee

Summary:  The lazarus pit made Jason immortal. Tim’s not dealing with that very well.

speaking of bittersweet here is the fic equivalent of 80% velvety dark chocolate with a big whopping heaping of heartache tbh I usually stay very far away from this trope cus my weak potato heart can’t take it but this was just so beautiful and poignant and heartwrenching BASICALLY A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE [PRAYING EMOJI]


uhh crap this is getting rly long LMAO I ACTUALLY HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO REC LAUGHS NERVOUSLY I’LL MAKE A PART TWO IF YOU WANT and i rly need to eat something i’m so hungry i’d kill a man maybe two for some lamb kebobs


Maud girl, I love you, but you’ll hate me for this ramble😅

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I’ll go with all of them. For OTP, my biggest are EdWin and Royai (from FMA), Karmanami from Assassination Classroom and NaLu from FT.
Friendships… I love GrayLu platonically and RoyxMaes is the best brotp😍 and of course I freaking loooove all friendships from Haikyuu and Akatsuki no Yona… And I love Zen and Mitsuhide’s relationship in Akagami no shirayuki-hime and Al and Ed are best bros and the freaking platinocial relationship between Handa and Naru gets me everytime and I should probably gp to the next ask before I ramble more than necessary.

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Asano x Nakamura… I never even imagined them as a couple… Until I read a perfect fanfiction… And now I ship⛵️⛵️

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

I’ll be hated…. But EdxRoy (just no, okay?! Mustang’s like a dad to Ed!!) and Shirayuki x Obi because Zen😍😍 (I love their friendship tho)

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

Yamaguchi x Yachi because I wnat Yams to be happy… But HinaYachi is love, HinaYachi is life!!

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not yet, but I joined FMABigBang so I’ll add Ed being an overprotective drama queen (or rather, king) dad, so stay tuned!

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?

Hmm… Almost a year in the FT fanfom!!! Happy birthday, I guess?

G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

I live for my OTPs! (Which just proved why I’m still single… I have my whole life aheeeaaaad~~) I think one of my first conscious OTPs (in that I knew what that was) was Harry x Hermione and it was shattered to pieces… Damn you, JK Rowling! (I still love you).

H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?

Hmm… Anime. Because it’s lively and you can actually picture the characters miving when reading a fanfic! I agree with manga too… And sometimes books. Movies feel just too real to be placed in cartoons, though.

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?

No, but the haters were closed to it. Tho I did stop liking the small Usagi Drop fandom because of the manga spoilers that ruined my experience… To those who want to watch it, take my friendly advice, PLEASE don’t read the manga. The anime is the fluffiest thing, so please just watch that.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)

Bnha, which is why I started reading it. And Voltron…. I’ll watch that soon, too.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

Uhm… Well that’s a hard one. I absolutely love the subtle and endearing development in Oreki (hyouka) and Haruhi in Ouran, but my favourite has to go to Tsukki for how well-built it was!! Furudate-sensei, I bow im front of you. Also, honrable mention to Karma in Assassination Clasroom.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)

I don’t especially love oikawa. I admire him a tone, and I have a lot of his quotes forever saved in my phone, and I think he’s the best setter of them all (I’m sorry, he has more experience and tehnique than Kags or Asaaahi, tho I agree that they’ll become better than him in one year’s time). So there: I aknowledge his amazingness altough he isn’t my fave.

M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

Edward. I want to spend a full day with him and learn how alchemy works (and we’d complain together about how short we are).
Also, Haruhi: I feel like she’d give the best advice when I’d need it.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

My faveourite fandom is FMA: everyone gets love and attention, and there’s little to no hate. What I’d like for it is to make it alive again! I mean, there are events and the such, but the manga finished almost 10 years ago, guys! I hope the new live action will bring us back alive.

O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?

Hmm… Well On my Own by Ashes Remain was the first one that popped into my head and it kind of reminds me pf Natsu. He’s that character that would always smile, but he’s always surpressing his feeling (‘I’ve been stuck in a cage with my doubt/I tried forever getting out on my own’)

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Random AU…? Honestly, I’m not the biggest AU fan, but if I had to, I’d choose 'we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and we’re bored, let’s play cards; hey wait Gray, you’re cheeting; no way I’m not!; mira, doing cutesy things won’t help you win… Laxus don’t give in!!; if Laxus is allied with Mira so is the thunder legion! Then I’m starting one on my own! Erza, I’ll join… Great, now we have Wendy on Erza’s side… All dragon slayers together! And exceeds! Wait lucy, starting a female club isn’t gonna help ya!
…guys? That’s not how you play pocker!’ AU. Okay, I may like this one in particular. Maybe I’ll write it:)

Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

I’ve abandoned the HP fandom. I still like the books, but I kinda grew out of it…? (And into anime😇)

R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

Uhm… In which one? If I’m going with FT, my favourite friendship is GrayLu. In FMA, it’s a tie… I love Roy/Hughes brotp and Al/Ed brotp. In Haikyuu… Damn they’re too many to choose! But I’d say the Karasuno third years: they have such a tight-knit bond!! And in AssClass it would be Karma/Okuda (it’s canon in my mind but friendship in the manga). I just love how easygoing they are. Also, I love Karma/Nagisa in the second half.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Hmm… There are many. My fetish is seeing people sleep: I think you can tell alot about their inner selfes from the position they use when sleeping and from their habits, because they can’t control or put up a façade when it comes to that.
So my headcanon is that despite being loud and obnoxious, Natsu actually occupies less space than Lucy when sleeping: he takes a baby-posture, while she lashes all over the bed, sometimes punching him im sleep unintentionately. Natsu learnt to deal with it: he actually likes holding Lucy close to make sure she’s safe while sleeping. She doesn’t mind, especially not during winter.
Oh and they also cuddle with a cup of hot coffee in their hands during the morning. Just an after-thought~~

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

I do! I don’t care if you agree or not, but Karma can be sweet, okay? Like he can actually be a good boyfriend (tho maybe a bit possessive). He’s the best at telling what’s on Okuda’s mind and he always buys her toffee when she’s feeling down.
Oh and also, Riza is a very good mother, always putting her family first. Just letting you know.

U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

1)Karma-assassination classroom. He’s that one character that believes he’s the best, only to get proven that he can be wrong. What’s evenbegter is how he has room to develop and grow to be a better person… Plus, it seems I have a thing for evil goofballs.
2)This is a hard one, but Ed/Roy-Fullmetal Alchemist. I abso-freaking-lutely love all the characters in FMA, but these two attracted my attention. Ed because of how he thinks, how he wants to do good deeds in spite of his thorny exterior and how he miserably fails. I love the way he admits his failures and the way he deals with them can be childish (he’s 14, for God’s sake!) but he learns from them. Also, Roy because even though he went through Ishval, he still dreams of making the world a better place. I can respect a man who doesn’t step over the ethics just to achieve that dream and who always bends and avoides hurting others, while never giving up. Maybe it’s a dream, but I very much resonate with it.
3) Lucy from FT. She’s the one character in Fairy Tail that has enough of a backstory and is weak enough to evolve. Moreover, she’s not your typical girl: yes, she cares about how she looks, because she IS an woman, but she also cares about what’s on the inside. She cares about her friends more than anything and even without being the strongest mage, still puts herself in danger for them. I love her resolve and her cute side, too.

V - Which character do you relate to most?

Hmm… Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi is the type to do things on her own and she repells the help of others to do her thing, which I also tend to do. Also, she shoulders a lot of her worries by herself. Plus, she never judges people on appearance and doesn’t care about her own (being a girl, that’s rare and helps me relate all the more). I just love her😍 (and sometimes am compared to her by my friends).

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

Whiny female protagonist. I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’ve had enough of that! Yes, we all want a prince charming, but we can carry ourselves, thank you very much.

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

Someone pursuing their dreams. Also, I love genre deconstructions (browny points if it’s comedic).

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Voltron and Yuri on Ice (I feel like I’ve watched this shows even though I haven’t).

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Don’t tempt me, I will! ( I kinda have this whole post tho)
Okay so I’ll rant about FMA because I feel it doesn’t get all he love it deserves!!! (And because I refrained from fangirling on it up to now) And since we’re talking FMA, let’s talk Roy Mustang (you knew this would come).
Roy is just one of those very strong people that are actually just goofballs on the interior and need love. Seriously, let’s take a look at what this guy went through, ok? He’s an orphan, but he never complains and learnt to love his cousins (sisters) and aunt (mom). He was taught by a pretty crazy (very talented, but Hawkeye did have a screw loose for inscripting a tatoo on Riza’s back and you can’t convince me otherwise) alchemist, and yet he managed to become the next flame alchemy. Despite being told not to, he joined the military with a childish dream and even after learning of the harsh reality in the Ishval war, he still went on believing that he can make the country a better place.
Yet he’s not perfect: he can lose his temper when it comes to those he loves (Mustang being killed) and he doesn’t want any more people to die. He cheerisbes his team and wants to keep them all safe. He can be a cheapskate and also a bit of an annoying guy with Ed, and he can be obnoxious, yet funny as hell (tiny miniskirts!!!)
Above all, Mustang feels HUMAN! Yes, he puts up a great act, but it’s an *act*. He has a more sensitive side and you better not mess with it, or he’ll burn you to ashes.
This concludes the short version of my Roy Mustang appeciation post. Also, I have some headcanons about him being best dad (and his child being a daddy’s girl/boy because of it) and of being a pretty intimidating Führer.

This concludes my post. @bookstvseriesandanimes and @paperrabbit13 know what I’m talking about😅
And I tag @bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 @shoujoinsights @candyforever123 @funnyshoujomoments and whoever else feels up to it:)

Anyone Can Be A Dad

Originally posted by beallamy

daddy!luke makes me feel so many emotions like he’d be soooo adorable with kids so i just had to write this i hope you enjoy x

Though Luke would disagree, I swear I’m the lucky one. I’ve had my fair share of awful exes, including Jessie, the father of my daughter Ali. After the first few months, he never really treated me right, but when I told him I was pregnant he couldn’t handle it. He threw away the two years we shared, all because he “wasn’t ready to be a dad”. So I had to raise Ali on my own. But a year later, I went on a blind date with Luke because my friend Lindsay and her boyfriend Michael said Luke and I would hit it off as soon as we met. And going on a date with a complete stranger ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. He was super sweet, we got along really well, and best of all he loved the fact that I had Ali, because he really wanted kids of his own.

Fast forward about four years, we were now as close as ever. Ali loves Luke and even though she still has visitation with her actual dad, she has called Luke Dad since she was two. And still to this day, every time she calls him that he gets the biggest grin on his face. And he can’t wait until our three-month-old Mason can talk so he can call him Dad too. Luke knows how to give Ali enough attention so that she’s not jealous of her brother, and when I’m breastfeeding or Mason and I need some rest, he’s quick to suggest Ali play dress up or tea party with him. He even wears a tiara and tutu because when they play, he’s Princess Luke and she’s Queen Ali. He tried to call her Princess Ali once and she sassily corrected him. They spend a lot of time together, so you could definitely say she’s a Daddy’s girl.

We were sat on the couch, Ali in between Luke and I and Mason starting to dose off on my chest as I patted his back. We were watching Bubble Guppies because Ali adores that show, and the episode that was on was one we had seen at least a hundred times. Luke and Ali would sing along to the songs when they came on, which was honestly too cute. Though he won’t ever admit it, I know he likes the show almost as much as she does. I looked down and Mason and saw that he had finally fallen asleep, so I gently got up from the couch, careful not to wake him.

“I’m going to go lay him down,” I told Luke. He nodded, too engrossed by the tv to give me a proper reply. I shook my head.

Shortly after laying Mason down and going back to the living room the show had ended.

“Ooh, Daddy can we go play on the swings? You said we could later and I think it’s later now.” Ali asked.

Luke pretended to check his watch. “Hmm, actually we have about ten more minutes until later.”

“But Daaaddy, I wanna go nowww.” Ali whined, holding Luke’s wrist and trying to pull him up off the couch.

“Now Ali, you know whining’s not allowed.” He lightly scolded.

Ali sighed, “Can we please go swing now?” She gave him puppy dog eyes, which always worked on him and she knew that well.

“Okay, we’ll go swing.” He smiled.

“Yay!” Ali said, running towards the back door and pulling Luke behind her.

I got up to get a drink, when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number. Curious to know who it was, I answered.


“(Y/n), it’s Allen, Jessie’s friend.”

“Um, okay? What do you want?” I asked, confused as to why he was calling me. Jessie and I rarely spoke, and if we did it was strictly about Ali. Much less one of his friends I barely even knew.

“You need to tell your douche of a boyfriend to get his shit together.” Allen said.

“Excuse me?” I raised my voice. “First of all, he’s my fiancé and second why the hell would you say that?”

I heard the back door slide open and I turned to see Luke entering the house. He saw the pissed off look on my fave and knew something was up.

“He needs to stop acting like he’s Ali’s father when he isn’t. Why would you let her call him Dad? That’s not right, (Y/n) and you know it.” Allen spoke up.

I scoffed, “Please. Like I’m going to tell Ali to stop calling Luke Dad. She was the one that wanted to call him that, we didn’t force her to do it! Plus, she sees Luke everyday, and only sees Jessie a few days a month. So technically, Luke is her father.”

“Who is that?” Luke whispered.

“Jessie’s friend, Allen.” I rolled my eyes.

Luke held out his hand and I gave him the phone. He put it on speaker as I walked towards the back door to keep an eye on Ali.

“Hey, mate, mind telling me why you’re disrespecting my fiancé?” Luke said.

“Because I knew it would get back to you.” Allen laughed.

“Well listen here, I don’t know why you and Jessie have nothing better to do than sit around and talk shit about me, but you need to get a hobby because it needs to stop.” He demanded.

Allen laughed more. “Ooh, Mister Hollywood thinks he can treat people however he pleases just because he’s in some shitty band. You listen here, you don’t want to mess with me, pal.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “This isn’t about you or me, this is about Ali. I may not be her biological father, but I’m still a better father than Jessie will ever be. Anyone can be a dad, but not everyone can be a father. Hell, he proves that statement true everyday. I’ve sacrificed tons and do whatever it takes to be the best father I can be, things he’s never done for her. So I don’t deserve either of you guys’ shit. I might not have been there since the very beginning, but neither has he. But I’ll damn sure be the one to help raise her until she’s an adult. Now, go tell your mate that he needs to stop being a coward and fight his own battles, not make his punk ass friends do his bidding.”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds before Allen spoke again. “Whatever man, you have no idea who you’re dealing with. Jessie will be pissed when he hears about this.”

“I hope he is,” Luke chuckled. “That would mean he knows I’m right. Goodbye, Allen.”

He hung up my phone and gave it back to me. I looked at him in amazement, which caused a confused look to appear on his face.

“What’s up?” He asked me as I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re the best,” I told him.

“Well, thanks. I was just doing my job.” He shrugged.

I smiled up at him. “And you do it well. I’m so lucky I have you. You’re an amazing father to our kids. I couldn’t ask any more of you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.”

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me.” He cooed as he hugged me. “I love you guys more than anything. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you. You gave me two beautiful children and I am so thankful for the three of you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re going to make me cry.” I admitted, pulling away enough to look at him.

“Don’t do that, then I’ll cry. And then Ali will be super confused and think we’re insane.” He joked.

I laughed at him. “She probably already does.”

Luke placed his hand on my cheek. “I love you so much, (Y/n).”

“I love you too, Luke.” I said and he leaned down and kissed me.

“Ew, gross!” We heard Ali say, turning towards her to see her sticking her tongue out at us in disgust.

“Ali, sweetie, it’s not gross.” Luke told her. “It means your Mum and I love each other a lot.”

Ali shook her head. “Nope, it means you’re both icky.”

We both started laughing, then heard a familiar cry coming from down the hall.

“I guess Mason’s up.” I announced.

“Let me get him,” Luke offered. “ I need some father-son time.”

I obliged and he headed down the hall. I sat on the couch, Ali sliding the back door shut and joining me.

“Mommy, why do you love Daddy enough to kiss him?” Ali asked curiously.

I smiled at her. “Because he loves us very much and would do anything for us.”

Her eyes got wide with excitement. “Like fight monsters?”

“Yep, he’d fight all the monsters in world for us. He actually just fought one while you were outside.” I explained.

Just then, Luke came back into the living room, carrying a very “talkative” Mason.

“Daddy, Mommy said you fought a monster when I was outside. Is that true?” Ali asked.

Luke looked at me, giving me a look as if to say he appreciated my joke.

“I did actually,” Luke played along, sitting on the couch. “He thought he could take me, but he was no match for King Luke.”

“Princess Luke!” Ali corrected, earning a loud laugh from me.

Luke looked at me sheepishly, then said, “Right, I meant Princess Luke.”

thanks for reading i hope you liked it! i might turn this into a series but i’m not sure, if you want me to then make sure to request it as well as any other ideas you might have requests are always open x