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You might belong in Gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart, their nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart

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I'll request it once more for you :) I'm Lucy! Obviously hehe. I'm currently in the United States for a foreign exchange program. I was thinking that Newt and I had met whilst I was doing a foreign exchange thing to Hogwarts. I'm from France if that helps a bit. I was also thinking of maybe writing a letter back once you've finished that one 😶 also thank you. Don't stop writing. I almost forgot how amazing the wizarding world was. With you I know exactly where my childhood belongs

Well, hiya Lucy!

My beautiful, Lucy

Forgive me for taking my time to respond to your last letter. I’ve been tracking the whereabouts of a demiguise, as you can imagine it’s been greatly difficult. Though I suspect I’m close. Word is, he’s been the subject of experiments, and I cannot possibly leave the east until I find him. I’m sure you understand, my love.

Ah, that reminds me. Do you remember that time we found a stray demiguise at Hogwarts? I know that was quite some time ago, but I’ve been thinking of it as of late. Perhaps even more now, because I can’t believe that years later…you’d be mine. I can’t explain how happy I am to have met you then, it’s only my luck that you should have come from France to study at Hogwarts. How I gained your attention is another mystery…you on the other hand…you’ve always been lovely.

Please, write back soon. Because I’m unsure if I can wait to hear from you until we see each other again.

Always yours,


Nalu Week- Transformation

Day 3 of Nalu week. Sorry for the delay on chapters I got super busy! Will be posting three chapters today! Enjoy!

Day 3 (July 3rd) Transformation

All of that had to have been lies.
I looked to my right, noticing the pale faced blonde by my side. Her eyes wide with fear and confusion much like the rest of our team.
Erza, Happy, Gray, Wendy, Carla, and Luce…all of them looked to me like I had any idea about what was going on. I was just as confused, furious even…but, it could be true. I looked to Zeref, peeling my eyes away from the brown orbs belonging to Lucy and focused on him alone. “You’re lying. Enough of this bullshit let’s fight!”
Zeref smiled sadly, placing his hand onto the book of E.N.D and rose from his chair. “I’m afraid it isn’t a lie Natsu. You are my brother, born over 400 years ago. I was young, and obsessed with life and death so much that I angered the Gods. They cursed me, but in return the immortal life that was given to me helped me accomplish my task.”
He took a step down looking to me with a sad kindness I felt like I remembered. “You Natsu. I couldn’t understand why you had to die. So, I finally found a way to bring you back. Stronger, faster, and Igneel was a part of my plan too. I left you with the dragon in hopes that he would take you under his wing. That you would grow even stronger with the power of a dragon slayer. Then, when the time was right, I would awaken you as E.N.D so that you could defeat me.”
“Lies!” I hollered.
“It’s the truth…and soon you will remember Natsu.”
Zeref used his magic to barricade the others away from me, containing me into my old solitary cell. I grabbed the cage, recoiling quickly at the intense electrical surge that blasted me backwards. I fell onto the hard floor with a grunt of discomfort and slight pain but, not once did I remove my eyes from Zeref.

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