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Jumin’s route is so disconnected from the main plot, but the implications for it are interesting.

  • V actually comes to the party in this route.
  • He promises to tell Seven everything and looks like he’ll keep his word.
  • The Valentine’s Day DLC shows that he took pictures at Jumin and MC’s wedding, meaning he’s alive.
  • He can also see well enough to take the photographs in the DLC, when in Jumin’s main ending he can barely see out of his left eye.

Jumin being part of the Deep Story never made any sense to me, considering you barely learn anything and don’t unlock a single secret. But while Saeran and Rika are never mentioned and nothing is resolved on-screen, it almost feels like Jumin’s route is an AU where V comes clean and lives and gets the surgery. 

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The Magicians + text posts (3/?)


A few more requests!  Just sketches this time, these character are (In order top to bottom): Queen Cassandra, Empathy, Solareclipse, and Starfall.

Empathy belongs to Crazyanimal2002, Solareclipse and Starfall belong to Glitterrainwing, and I can’t actually remember who Queen Cassandra belongs to but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LET ME KNOW.  

Edit; The glorious queen belongs to Space-dragon1001.

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