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Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)

Oops……….dick slip. Well I know that this dick slip is Absolutely Positively Completely Intentional buy it’s so hot that I wanted to share it with you guys. Beautiful Perfect Circumcised White Man Penis. Isn’t he sexy and hot guys? I love this guy he’s Fucking Incredibly Hot!!! God Damn It That’s HOT As Satin Fucking Hell Fire!!!

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Smth i hate about straight white men writing marginalised characters it feels to me that its either gross stereotypes or "this is how i feel you SHOULD act" im so sick of settling for badly or grossly written characters because its the only lesbian i can identify with :(

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It is one of the most tiring things in my entire life.

Straight White Men do not know how to write marginalized characters, I’ve seen good attempts and I’ve seen bad attempts. But I’ve never seen a Straight White Man succeed and at this point, I just have no faith in any of them.

Which is why I wholly support more marginalized writers and developers, especially in the gaming industry. It is why I want in the gaming industry, because we need to see more of ourselves there. Not just as characters, but actual developers with direct input.


Princess Elena + Lieutenant Gabriel Nuñez

                                                       “It’s my job to protect you.” 

                                              “And it’s my job to protect everyone.”

A Waltz with the Constellations

Member: Park Jimin (Ft. Jungkook as a friend)

Genre: Fluff, angst, Ballroom Dance Teacher!Jimin

Word Count: 4,470

A/N: why tf am I not doing the ones I said I would and this is long overdue you have every right to hate me I thought of this one day and holy shit I thought it would be so damn beautiful and he would be so graceful and I can’t T~T. I also feel like this one isn’t any good soooo… Hopefully everyone likes it!

      “(Y/N), get your lazy ass up! We have the dance class today!”

      “Okay, one, it isn’t until five in the evening, and two, we can all dance decently. And, you act like I’ll actually dance with anyone? Sure, I know it’s your wedding and all, but I hate dancing.” Shoving the covers back over your head, you deeply exhaled and closed your eyes. “What time is it anyways? We don’t have to do anything until then.”

      Your friend Cora sighed, knowing her attempts to get your curled up figure out of bed would be for nothing. “Hey, I’ll get you food. Just, for fuck’s sake, get ready!”

      You shot straight out of bed at this, throwing the blankets over her head. “Well shit you should’ve just said that first.” Stumbling over to your drawers, you rummaged through everything in attempts to find something that you could easily dance in. Alas, your best friend will soon be lost to a man, but a good one at that. He was so sweet, and they went together like peanut butter and jelly. He was a beautiful man, for a beautiful woman. All of your friends are in relationships - except you. You had never like the feeling of putting all of your trust and love into a bond that could so easily be broken. You were the antisocial pessimist of your group, and you really didn’t care. You didn’t know how you made all of your friends, because you never went out in attempts to talk to anyone in the first place. It’s more like they all found you, liked you, and adopted you. They more or less barged their way into your life, but in the end, you gave up on thinking they were annoying and ended up keeping them close. But, romantic relationships were never something you were good at. Actually, you can’t say that. You’ve never been in one, mostly because you also have never found interest in anyone. You’ve never had sex, never had a boyfriend, hell, you haven’t even kissed anyone! You absolutely despised all of these ideas, so rather, you just sleep with your cats all day. Many times you have been in a situation were you would get set up with someone, but upon seeing it was as a date, you walked out of their life and refused to go back. For some strange reason, all of the boys liked you back in grade school. Which ended up with their hearts broken and a red imprint of your hand on their cheek. You were an asshole - of course you knew it. Everyone thinks that they effect you when they say that, but facts don’t hurt you. Everyone used to say you were lying when you never had a crush, and you were so tired of people’s shit towards you for saying that, that you just blocked yourself out of everyone’s lives. You weren’t a bullshitter, you always told the truth. The strange, sad truth that is you.

      “You know (Y/N), one of these days you’re gonna have to get into a relationship. You can’t take care of yourself forever, things’ll change and you’ll realized how fucked you are when you’re fifty and a virgin.”

      “Cora, I’m not a horny teenager. Never have been, never will be. If no one tries to talk to me, then I will live the life I’ve always wanted. Lonely and quiet.” Cora groans, running a hand through her thick, curly hair.

      “I’m worried for you kid. Where are your good emotions at? I’ve seen them a couple of times, and shit, I’ve heard stories about you and Jungkook. You actually smile with him. Speaking of which, he’s gonna be your partner for dancing.” Jeon Jungkook was your childhood friend, both of you complaining about how much you hated everyone being the thing that brought you together. You two were practically twins, with the occasional thought of you being in a relationship with him. You would both cringe at that.

     Heaving a sigh, you shooed her out and before she could question you, you slammed the door and went to work on your makeup. You were not what society would call beautiful, but you didn’t give one shit about it. You wore all black all the time, tattoos covering your ghastly white skin, and piercings leaving a bright gleam of light on your face covered in bold makeup. You looked very intimidating, and looks couldn’t deceive with you. You had never met but one person who wouldn’t move out of your way - that one person, of course, being Jungkook. You had an icy cold stare, and a chronic case of resting bitch face. Many respected you for your dominate and silent ways of control, just like how many hated it. You had power and you knew it. Growing up and having a hard childhood left you cold and unforgiving, where any sign of appreciation towards someone would be considered a miracle. You didn’t have a good relationship with any member of your family since you were considered the alien of it. You had figured out by age ten that you were a mistake, and no confirmation was needed. The rest of your family was typical for where you grew up in the dull state of Iowa - a mother working for a university, a handy father helping out as a mechanic, a creative older sister, and a surprisingly smart older brother. You, however, had always wanted change. You had started out by dying your hair black, which immediately got comments on how ugly you looked by your parents. They had set up a rule where you couldn’t get any piercings until you could drive, so the second they were asleep the day you got your permit was when you went out and got all of your dream piercings. You got seven on each ear, a septum ring, a tongue stud, and a lip ring. Now, sadly, you didn’t get these all at once, but you spread out your collection over time. Your parents were furious, and almost disowned you. But surprisingly they didn’t. Then, your eighteenth birthday rolled around and you snuck off to get some ink with Jungkook. He was always there with you throughout all of your body modifications, and he was your number one supporter. You both had a couple of matching piercings and tats, picking some of the dumbest ideas to inscribe onto your skin. The second you came home with a trace of ink on your skin, your parents had kicked you out, and you stayed with Jungkook’s family. They were the family you never had, always wishing you your best and helping you through anything. You were deeply saddened when you both had to depart for college in New York. Everyone but your family was disappointed when you two announced your departure. Wishes were given, and off you two went. Your grandparent’s will was given to you, and your eldest sister had managed to steal some of your parents’ money for you. You both bought a tiny apartment near the campus of the university, sharing everything with each other. Now, you’re here - nice home, nice job, nice pets, nice friends. And, a nice relationship. 

      With yourself that is.

      Jogging down the steps, you poured your three Great Danes and two cats some food before running out to Cora’s car. After clicking your seatbelt on, you turned to look at Cora, who was staring right back at you with a mischievous smile. “Oh no. What now…?”

      Her laugh swam around the inside of her car, hands flying to turn the key. After getting to the first stoplight, she rummaged through her purse to grab a hold of her phone. Without saying a word, she shoved the screen into your face, your hands flying up to look at it. “Holy shit, who’s that?”

      “That, is our dance instructor. And I think you should get with him.” She said, speeding through the streets. A scoff came from you, shaking your head and setting the phone back on her lap.

      “He looks to nice. And innocent. Not my type, I don’t wanna scar him.” Looking back out the window, you glanced up at a grand and extravagant building. The outside was pristine gold and white - the marbling on the pillars having black veins crawling to the top. If this was the outside, you couldn’t even begin to fathom what the interior would look like. Sighing, you got out and slung your duffel bag over your shoulder and shuffled in through the enormous double doors behind Cora. If you thought the outside was nice, the inside was breath taking. You had never been in such a place so fancy, you were staring in awe at everything around. Everything was plated in gold, quartz, marble, the works. All topped off with the most beautiful man you had ever seen sitting on a white velvet sofa and talking to the other girls. His hair was a silky grey, brushed perfectly to the side. His shirt was tucked into his black jeans, the silky material matching his hair. With being too caught up in gawking at the man, you didn’t notice the sparkling bright smile directed towards you from him. With a nudge from Cora, you cleared your throat and made your way over to the others.

      “Well, since it seems everyone is here, I’m Park Jimin. Your dance teacher.” A bright smile spread over his features, and as all of the other girls were swooning, you mumbled a few things to Jungkook.

      “Oh god, we gotta work with a Ken doll? Put me in a blender and call me Jungsmoothie.” Hearing the words come from your best friend’s mouth, your eyes teared up from the attempts to not laugh. Gripping at the strap of your bag, your eyes went straight to the floor as a silent laugh escaped your lips. The second you were all dismissed to change, you walked off laughing with Jungkook to find the respective changing rooms.

      “Isn’t he hot?”

      “That shouldn’t be a question, that’s a fact. Like, holy shit, did you see his ass?” All this talk about Mr. Ken doll was annoying the shit out of you, and you had to hear it throughout the entire class.

      “Can you guys please stop talking about him for five seconds so I can leave? And, Cora, you don’t have any room to say that! You’re getting fucking married!” With a frustrated sigh, you snatched up your bag and walked out of the room to find Jungkook. There were a few calls from the girls, saying that ‘you know he’s hot!’ and that, ‘you’re just saying that because you like him!’. Rolling your eyes, you pulled Jungkook away from his group by his ear and headed towards the door. “We are leaving.”

      A hiss came from the man’s mouth as he swatted your hands away,  adjusting the strap on his shoulder. “What? Are they all talking about-”

      A call of both of your names from behind you cut him short, both of you turning your heads to find who it came from. Jimin was leaning against the back of the plush creme couch, waving you both over. With a sigh, you heaved yourself around and walked back over to him.

      “Yes?” Jungkook said, an irritable tone in his voice.

      A light chuckle came from the man’s mouth, his warm eyes looking at you both. “I know you two aren’t particularly enthralled with the idea of this class, and I can see why. You are both very talented, and this is just like stepping in a box for you. If it’s any of my concern, we might just have to make separate classes since you’re so ahead of the others. Is that okay?” He looked over to you expectantly, while you pinch Jungkook as he groans.

      “I think that would be okay, yeah. But are we working with each other? Because he keeps stepping on my toes.” A laugh fell from the man’s lips, and he waved it off.

      “I think it would be more reasonable to work with someone who has a greater skill level, but if you’d like to work together you ca-”

      “NO.” Your voices rang in unison, ending in Jungkook laughing.

      Jimin chuckled, and smiled that brilliant smile again. “Well, how does this weekend sound? You can both come on Saturday, and we’ll work out the times. You won’t have to come to these classes anymore, either,”

      As the three of you worked out how you’d like to practice, you caught yourself staring at Jimin’s eyes more than you would find appropriate, and staring at his plump lips too.

      What the fuck are you doing (Y/N)? Keep it together, don’t loose it now.

      “You like him.” The accusation coming from Jungkook earned him a punch to the gut as you stole his keys from him and walked to the driver’s side of his car.

      “Say anything like that again and I’ll slit your throat with high heels.” Turning the ignition over, you sighed and leaned back in the seat. “Ugh, how are we the best of the class? Do you think he’s just saying that? Fuck, I hate dancing…” You drove off to your place, deciding that you and Jungkook would hang out for the night.

      You found yourselves both on your couch, watching whatever was on the TV with a box of pizza on the coffee table. Sprawling out over top of his lap, you curled up and pulled a blanket over the two of you. “I’m sleeping here. Goodnight.” And, without any other words exchanged between the two of you, you fell asleep engulfed with dreams of the mysterious ballroom teacher.

      A knock on your door disrupted you from your much needed sleep, as many nights were spent looking up how to dance. Jungkook’s voice rang from behind the door, a ball of panic hitting you straight in the face.

      It was already Saturday.

      Throwing off the covers, you did your makeup as fast as humanly possible for you. Running out the door and pulling you with him, you were both already an hour late for the time you had set up.


      “IT’S NOT MY FAULT I FORGOT TOO!” With a groan, you ran straight pass his car, knowing that the traffic would slow you down even more. Ignoring his calls, you ran away from your friend and down the sidewalks to the ballroom. Thoughts were running through your head, pounding on the walls of your mind. Finally, you bursted your way through those giant double doors and leaned against the wall in attempts to catch your breath. You already looked like a mess - sweat from the heat of the summer day dripping down your face, your hair a wind styled mess. But, all is well as long as your makeup was good.

      Silently making your way to the changing rooms, you threw on your dance attire and sneaked back out. You could have a simple excuse; you were wandering around the building and lost your way. A laugh from behind you caught your attention, your head whipping around to see Jimin.

      “You’re late.”

      A sigh fell from your lips as you made your way over to him. “Yeah, well at least I came.” There goes the excuse idea. “Where is my partner anyways? Since I’m not working with Jungkook.”

      A smirk grew on his face as he went to play some music over the speakers. “You’re looking at him darling. Now, come, we’ll go over what we learned on Wednesday.” His exterior seemed to change around you, his bubbly self turning into a confident and mysterious one. He held his arms out for you, the smirk still present on his face. 

      With a sigh, your fingers intertwined with his as you rested your right hand on his shoulder. His hand made it’s way to your waist, your body being pulled against his. You both made your ways around the entirety of the ballroom floor, your stiff and protective movements soon flowing with the music like satin. Your frown had disappeared, your features softening with the beautiful sound swallowing the room.

      “Keep your chin high. You don’t want your eyes trained on your feet instead of your partner.” Your eyes slowly made their way up his frame, taking in each detail and storing it in the file cabinets of your brain. Your eyes met his, and suddenly you could see the layers of sadness that had been buried beneath his many facades. His eyes had that single spark of warmth, like a blanket trying to cover how cold he really was. There was loneliness, sadness, you knew those eyes. You knew them like the back of your hand.

      You looked at them every day in the mirror.

      Your furrowed brows softened, a look of recognition flooding through your orbs. Your movements became unfocused, as you stumbled over your own feet and prepared for the feeling of cool marble hitting your bones. But, it never came, as you were instead encased in the warmth of a grasp on your waist. Your eyes opened, only to be met with Jimin hovering over you, holding you in the position of a dip for the end of the song.

      A quiet chuckle left his lips, your ears now identifying how forced all of his cheerful movements really were. “Careful darling. Can’t have any broken bones before the dance, now can we?”

      Instead of fighting, you subtly nodded, hands holding onto his as he swings you back upright. Your eyes lingered on each others’ for a bit too long, before he tears his gaze away to change the song. Coming back to you, he pulled you against him once again, the movements all flowing together perfectly.

      You both danced the day away, only realizing it once you broke gazes and looked to one of the giant windows. The stars were littering the night sky, the sight rare for a polluted city night such as this one. Jimin looked back at you, the smallest of smiles finding its way on his lips. His hand found yours, and he tugged you towards the grand staircase. “Come with me. I have something to show you.” Silently, you followed the man out onto the rooftop. The sky was enthralling up here, the dull sound of car engines fading away as you cast your sight up to the stars. Everything was crisp and clear, the lights in the sky outshining the lamps along the streets and the bright neon billboards on the towering skyscrapers. His quiet voice brought you out of your trance, your head snapping back down to look at him. “So you know.”

      “Know what?” You had a faint idea of what he was pointing at, but just to make sure, you wanted to confirm it.

      He took in a shaking, almost silent breath, a sound so quiet many wouldn’t have noticed. But you were used to these signs. Signs from people that lied when you asked them, ‘Are you okay?’. “That it’s all fake. I saw how you looked at me. You know I’m not the person I play out to be.”

      Looking down over the city, all words were hushed as any sound seemed to drift away with the breeze. Finally, you spoke up. “I’m used to seeing eyes like yours. I see them staring back at me in the mirror.” You had made your way to the edge of the building, casting your gaze over the city below. “What’s your story behind it all?”

      You could see his stature stiffen next to you, his head hanging low. “Someone… Special in my life died because of me. It’s all a long story.”

      “We have all the time in the world.” You knew you were prodding the safety line, wandering into treacherous waters, saying something like that.

      He sighed, his head tilting back to look up at the lights stringing together. After a painfully suspenseful silence, he started his story. “Her name was Jordan. I loved her, god, I loved her so fucking much. We were young, and stupid, and restless. She had moved to my school in sixth grade, but she blended in with the whole crowd. It was like no one ever knew she had come here. No one ever noticed her. But one day, I went to her table at lunch, and sat across from her. It was like it was just the two of us, and the entire lunchroom was dead silent. We felt like we were in our own little place, like it was just us two. I brought out the good in her, the different. Time passed and she grew close with me. One night, she came to me, and she made me chop off all her hair with a pocket knife so she looked different. Then, she dyed it all a bright blue. We stopped wearing the school uniforms, and yeah. We started dating. I don’t think she loved me as much as I loved her, shit, I don’t even think that was possible. But one day, we were driving down the interstate together. We were having this stupid fucking argument, and we were yelling at each other and everything. I took my eyes off the road to look at her for a second, but a car in front of us lost control and hit us off the road. We rammed into a tree and I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know she died on impact until a week later…” His voice was broken and torn, the end of his past breaking apart into a hoarse whisper. You knew none of that was his fault, but you also knew that you wouldn’t be able to convince him.

      “I would say I’m sorry, but I know how useless sorries are.” You sighed, looking back up at the sky. “But just know that none of it was your fault.” You felt an unknown twist in your heart, the idea of him with someone had effected you in some way. It shouldn’t have though, right? You had lost a lot of people in your life, you should be used to things like this. Yes, you had lost people, but no one was ever close to you. Hell, you had sometimes wished they were dead from the start. And comforting people was never a trait of yours.

      You checked the time, seeing it was already close to midnight. “You should go.” Glancing over at him, you nodded at his words before turning to go.

      Stopping yourself, you looked over your shoulder. “Take care of yourself, Jimin.” That was the last thing you said to each other that night.

      You found yourself never missing a single class with Jimin, your heart slightly looking forward to being with someone like you. The wedding had crept up on you, so there you were, sitting at a table in a much too flashy dress, in gaudy heels you would never wear, with your hair in a bun so tight, you through you just got a free facelift. Like you said, you stayed seated the whole time, just listening and watching with a glass of wine in your hands. You had to admit, You never were one who enjoyed weddings or the after parties. But, you had to say, Hoseok was absolutely perfect for Cora. You mind drifted back to Jimin’s story, back to his past. You couldn’t get any of the things he said off of your mind since that night, and nothing could take it’s place. A hand was place on your shoulder, pulling you from your thoughts as you looked back to see him.

      “Jimin? W-what are you doing here?”

      His broken smile was taped onto his face, the corners of his mouth moving up robotically. “Cora invited me.” His voice was so soft, almost being drown out in the loud music and voices of others. “You’re the main reason I’m here. I knew you wouldn’t have danced, so it’s my job to make you.” You smiled the smallest smile, but he knew that it was real. That it held so much more than what met his eyes.

      “I would like that.” A slow song swam in the air, the sound suffocating, the chords too big and beautiful to be trapped in a singular room. Jimin’s eyes lit up, some of the sadness fading away. Some. Memories never do leave you.

      You found yourself wrapped in his arms, your bodies hidden away on the corner of the dance floor. People couldn’t help but stare, their eyes being drawn to the mysterious couple dancing away. Neither of you noticed, your eyes solely being locked onto each other’s. The hall was silent, save for the music. Others had stopped dancing, leaving just you two out in the open. your head was resting on his shoulder, eyes closed now and breath slowing. You could feel all of the eyes staring at you, burning holes into your figure. Once the song stopped, claps were caging the two of you in the room, a wink from Cora was making a smile spread onto your face. You were pulled out from the room, the atmosphere changing immediately. You walked beside Jimin, eyes trained on the floor in front of you both. Carpet changed to concrete, and you found yourselves dancing on the rooftop. The sky was littered with the stars, looking identical to the night you shared your secrets. There was no music, but none was needed. You were both standing there, dancing in each other’s arms. Your mind was throwing a tantrum, screaming that this was wrong, that you’d only get hurt once again. You saw no love in his eyes, and you knew he wasn’t over Jordan. He had no feelings for you, only for a dead girl. A dead girl of which he loved so dearly, and he lost so quickly. There was sadness in his eyes, and there always would be. Who were you to think that you could ever make anyone feel better? That you had any say in his past?

      And so you danced.

      You danced away your feelings for him, you danced away your sadness, you danced away that little sliver of hope you had, that maybe, just maybe, someone would love you.

      Only the stars knew.

Daniel Sharman | White Dress

Count of words: 882 

Warnings: none 

A/N: I thought of putting my own twist in this and using the song White dress from Reuben Gray as inspiration along with this request♥

Requested?: Yes

teenwolffan27 asked:

Can you please make an imagine of Daniel where the he asks his girlfriend of 4 years to marry him and then the smut happens then they have kids please make the kids a longer part. Thanks

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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It had been four years, four long years of you and Daniel constantly showing your love to each other. You started dating back when Daniel was still working on Teen Wolf, and stayed together afterwards. He was this very tall and sweet man, while you were this beautiful girl, wearing that white sundress almost everyday. You seemed to fit perfectly. It was quite the love you got there, if you were being honest. People admired it deeply, some times little children (nieces and nephews of yours) kept on saying how they wanted to be like you two when they grow up. You always laughed at it but you found it sweet that even they saw it. It was an absolute bliss and Daniel was ready for the next step. He was thinking about it for months, always questioning himself if he was ready and if he actually wanted to do this. Well, the later went without saying; he loved you beyond limits so he obviously wanted to marry you, but he wanted to make sure he proposed on the right time. It was currently your four year anniversary and Daniel had arranged a beautiful cundle lit dinner by your back yard. He had planned for the two of you to eat and then dance, and when the right song came on the little playlist he had created, he would be popping the question.  Everything went as planned and now that the song had come up; it was ‘White Dress’ by Reuben Gray, he slowly danced with you until the time was perfect for the proposal.  ‘How about a new white dress? Now you might actually need it. How about a nice fancy ring? ’ sung the teenage boy and so did Daniel, kneeling if front of you as the last word was said. With a swift move he revealed a black velvet box, that when opened revealed a beautiful engagement ring. “Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve shown you nothing but pure love the past four years, and you did the same. You were there to help me rehearse my lines for everything I have being working on while we were together, you took care of me every time I was sick or sad, you stayed with me when I was angry for no reason and when my rage took the best of me. Quoting the show a little bit, you are my anchor, my one true love, everything that I need. And I’m asking you dear, will you make me the happiest over sized puppy and marry me?“ He asked, the tears evident in both of your eyes as you vigorously nodded yes. The night turned out to be eventful. Daniel and you engaged in a passionate kiss, and while making your way to your bedroom your clothes seemed to be a burden the two of you got rid of with out even realising. You both were so happy that you were finally engaged that you didn’t notice you forgot to get protection, as it now was the first time you made unprotected love to each other, something that would lead to a little bundle of joy to enter your life in around nine months. Time passed. You and Daniel were now married, currently raising three healthy and happy children. “Isabelle, love, we don’t put those in our mouth,” schooled Daniel, pointing at the little toy car your one daughter was trying to shove in her tiny mouth. “Daddy, daddy, look!” Exclaimed your eight year old son, showing his father his new choreography for the upcoming recital of his dancing class, as Daniel admired his son’s skills with pride. “Good job buddy. Now, go call your brother for dinner. Mummy and I made pizza,” he informed as the young boy run to his older, by a year, brother. “Alec, momma and daddy made pizza! Comer here I want food,” he called at your oldest son, Alexander, recalling the rule you made that you had to be sitting on the table all together to start eating. “Jonathan, don’t run like that around the rocks. You might get hurt. Be careful,” he said looking at your eight year old son run to his brother, following the little stony path of your back yard. “Coming,” the boy informed, carefully making his way to you. It was moments like that, that you cherished and some more that were to come. Like, that time when Daniel and your four year old daughter were watching ‘Moana’ and her oldest brother allowed her to braid his fairly long hair, while her other brother was resting on his father’s lap. It was a beautiful moment that you couldn’t forget. Then, there was father’s day, that same year. Isabelle hadn’t turned four yet, but insisted on helping for her daddy’s present. The three kids, with your help, made a card for Daniel, drawing little things, expressing their creativity and then making Alec write, what they wanted to write, down since he was the only one that could write almost perfectly. You on the other hand cooked him breakfast and bought a present for the little ones to give him. When you finally gave him that he was in tears, making you cry as well, smiling at the thought if this beautiful family you two had created.

Unfaithful : Part Eighteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Warnings : language - masturbation -


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You heavily sighed as you checked the dresser table drawers in your room so you won’t leave anything behind. You already started packing, your heart clenched at the thought of leaving your aunt’s house, you didn’t want to leave her behind but staying under the same roof with Negan was draining the life out of you.
You sincerely loved him, you fell for him, and hypnotized by his charm . You knew you can’t move on with your life unless you chose another path, even if that path is leading you to doom, it was much better than being the selfish bitch who destroyed her aunt’s life . It wasn’t too late for repentance, you knew you could fix this, you wanted this burden off your shoulders , Negan will stay with his dying wife, you be with the one who loves you the most and has been always there for you, it’s a win win situation… ish!!
You could see in your mind how different things would be if you didn’t excite him the day he had a fight with Lucille, you technically took advantage of that and seduced him.
You closed your eyes and bit hard on your lip as a wave of what ifs flooded your mind, you imagined yourself being only good friends with Negan, playing ping pong and making jokes, at the end of your holiday he takes you to the airport, friendly hugs you and tell you to come for another visit . you’d do anything to take back what you have done!
You didn’t see Negan since the hot goodbye quicky in his car last night. You rewind in your mind how he froze in his spot speechless when you told him that your affair is over and that you’re marrying Jack.

“Can’t believe you’re leaving! ” Lucille’s weak voice snapped out of your thoughts, she leaned on the doorframe giving you a faint smile, the door to your room was already open.
“Lucille! ” you gasped as you grabbed a chair and motioned her to sit “you should be resting! ” you added .
“It’s ok I’m fine, I didn’t puke this morning! ” she lowly chuckled as she sat down .
You turned to the bags on your bed and continued packing what’s left of some cosmetics , shoes and other stuff.
“Lucille I’ll be visiting you , plus. … you have Negan!” You swallowed the lump that formed in your throat, it was so hard to even say his name.
“Negan! ” Lucille scoffed as she looked down at her trembling hands.
“Negan isn’t with me, I mean his body is here but his mind is somewhere else! I’m not sure if he can handle this, me , cancer…. her!” She sighed in agony, her eyes didn’t meet yours.

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On behalf of Sally hemings….it is with my honor i say happy birthday, thomas jefferson. May you burn in hell for enslaving hundreds of innocent men and woman. For the raping, beating and so much more, of a young girl named sally hemings, and so many more.

People have erased her, and her children who survived from history, but just know none of us 200+ years later will let her be erased. She like many suffered the harsh Injustice of the 17, 18 and well into the 19 hundreds.

Mr. Jefferson, it should be known, you have gained more notice now…thanks to a beautiful musical. But you have been played by a beautiful half black, half white, jewish man, and he played you to the full beauty a cocky asshole deserves.

But mr. Jefferson…remember this…on behalf of sally and so many others..

Happy birthday…fuck you…

*the photos framing sally are to say fuck you to jefferson….*


I’m not good at future planning. I don’t plan at all. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow. I don’t have a day planner and I don’t have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future.

Happy Birthday Heath, wherever you are