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Shoutout to the black boys

Shoutout to the black boys who do ballet.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gymnasts.
Shoutout to the black boys who are acrobats.
Shoutout to the black boys that do yoga.
Shoutout to the black boys who are cheerleaders.
Shoutout to the black boys that play soccer.
Shoutout to the black boys that play volleyball.
Shoutout to the black boys that play tennis.
Shoutout to the black boys who are models.
Shoutout to the black boys who are poets/writers.
Shoutout to the black boys who cook/bake.
Shoutout to the black boys that are opera singers.
Shoutout to the black boys that are fat.
Shoutout to the black boys that are skinny/bony.
Shoutout to the black boys with eating disorders.
Shoutout to the black boys with mental illnesses.
Shoutout to the black boys with disabilities.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gay.
Shoutout to the black boys who are trans.
Shoutout to the black boys who are bisexual.
Shoutout to the black boys who are asexual.
Shoutout to the black boys with crooked teeth.
Shoutout to the black boys with huge/tiny ears.
Shoutout to the black boys with weird belly buttons.
Shoutout to the black boys that are short.
Shoutout to the black boys that can’t grow facial hair.
Shoutout to the black boys that are afraid to be themselves.
Shoutout to the black boys that never feel like they are enough.

You are enough, and we love you. If they don’t, I sure as hell do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t talented or beautiful, or “not black enough” or “man enough” because of the things you enjoy or deal with in live. You are valid. You are loved. You are important. And that’ll never change.

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(1/6) "Well you've caught me, Hunter," the Jinn sneered, not even bothering to stand up. Dean untied the only still-living victim - a recent catch who was able to run, and run he quickly did. Dean checked the ammo in his gun with detached muscle memory. "Well?" the Jinn prompted, annoyed. "On your feat," Dean said. The Jinn smirked. "Ah, want me to stand for my execution." Dean watched him without seeing him; his mind focused on something more important and final. "No, not that," Dean said.

(2/6) The Jinn narrowed his eyes - skeptical. “Then what? Torture?” It was Dean’s turn to smirk, a sad turn of his mouth. “It is worse than death, isn’t it…” he said quietly to himself. Then fixed his gaze once more. “Look, I know Jinn don’t grant wishes,” Dean said. “I know how this ride works because I’ve been on it before. It’s all a lie - a dream - a gilded cage. But–” Dean swallowed and blinked, strengthening what was left of his resolve. “If this is the real world… I’ll take the lie.”

(3/6) Dean’s hand was on the door. He couldn’t remember what he was doing. He just stood there, confused. Then the door opened for him from the other side and a woman greeted him warmly. “There you are,” she said with a smile and a friendly touch. “Come on, we’re doing presents soon.” She pulled Dean into the room. “Mom?” Dean half-choked, blinking at the brightness of it all. There was a Christmas tree with lights and presents, and there was cake and pie and drinks on the all bunker tables.

(4/6) “What is all this?” Dean asked. “Something we should have done a long time ago,” his mother beamed. She caught Sam’s eye and wandered off to stand with him as he introduced her to the girl under his arm - Eileen. “Hey Dean–” said Kevin, before Charlie ambushed him in a hug. “Sorry, tried to warn you,” Kevin shrugged. The two kids went off to get snacks. Dean stared in disbelief. The more he looked the more faces he recognized. His heart ached for it but he felt it growing lighter now.

(5/6) Yet something told him this was all too good to be true. It couldn’t happen like this. But here it was. Why couldn’t he just accept that. Dean closed his eyes and rubbed at his face, taking a slow deep breath. And then he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Hey. Feeling okay?” The voice washed over him like a powerful ocean. And Dean remembered. He was okay. It was Christmas. And everyone was here. He opened his eyes. “It’s you,” he said. “Of course,” Cas smiled. Dean sighed. Everything was–

(6/6) “Dean! Dean, wake up. Come on!” The world was dark. The world was pain and aches and cold. His body was being shaken. The side of his face sting from the hard slap. “Dean!” The voice said as his eyes fluttered open. The blurry shape came into focus. Sam. Bringing him back. On the ground the Jinn was dead. And Dean remembered. Everyone was– Everything was– was– “Dean?” Sam said, gripping his shoulders. “It’s okay now.” Dean closed his eyes again and let out a quiet breath. “–no.”

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  • <p> <b>John in 1971:</b> I fucking hate Paul McCartney! He's such a stupid git! It was only his pretty face that got him so far and without me and the Beatles he's so busted!<p/><b>Reporter:</b> I totally agree with you! His latest album was so-<p/><b>John in 1971:</b> HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?! Don't you ever speak about him like this again or I swear I'm going to kill you! Paul is such an talented and beautiful man, you have no idea!!!<p/></p>

That’s because Jack is talented, funny, charismatic, beautiful Irish man. I love you. I’m happy that you’re my friend.

Me and Felix are very good friends and I’m very, very happy about that.

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JB: married life with Jaebum in my opinion would be very domestic. Dinner together every night, or as many nights as he can. Breakfast together at the dining table, date nights on the weekends, buying furniture and going grocery shopping together JB strikes me as someone who would kill for all those marriage life he sees on TV. He strikes me as someone who wants the normal stuff and enjoys it. Cooking together and sleeping in each other’s arms every night, he would want it all.

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Mark: married life with mark, my lord I can picture it already (*cough* not my bias or anything *cough *) married life with mark would be serene and peaceful. He would want to pamper and take care of his lovely wife, little surprises here and there, cooking for her, drawing her a bath. But also it would be water gun fights in the house and pushing her in the pool. Dragging her out to a different adventure every time. Raising coco together and maybe get another dog.

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Jinyoung: married life with Jinyoung would be very romantic and domestic, kind of like JB. He seems very traditional and it feels like his married life would be the same. Date night, romantic dinner in candlelight, cheesy romantic gestures, rose petals on the bed with candles all around when he forgot an anniversary or a date. Drawing you a bubble bath and joining you to give you a massage when you tell him you had a long day. Overall romantic and traditional.

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Jackson: this man was made to be a husband (*cough * right Lisa @jisawang *cough *) he would be the protective kind. Always making sure his wife was okay and healthy and would pamper her every chance he got, which would end up being every other day. He would try to rope her into his workout sessions, which all depending on his S/O would be either very easy or very hard. He would want to have romantic nights making sure you know how much he loves you *wink wink * and other times he would come home frustrated and just pin you to the wall. Married life with Jackson will be praises and adoration from him and from you, reminding him of what a beautiful talented man he is whenever he starts doubting.

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Youngjae: oh my sweet sweet child, my little sunshine. Married life would be just that; sunshine. Everyday would be so bright and joyful he would make sure you are always happy and smiling. (Which would be hard not to cause that angels smile would be contagious.) He would be so caring and attentive to you. He would want to sing you to sleep to you every night or really every chance he got. Cooking in the kitchen; sing, cleaning the house; sing, taking a shower; sing. You would be blessed with that boys vocals everyday. He would probably get a dog in the first few months of your married life, if you didn’t have one already. He would be very playful, going out to the park, the beach, the pool, amusement park you name it, if you can play and have maximum fun, you bet your ass you are doing it. I just love that boy so much, CHERISH HIM!

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Bambam: okay dabdab. Dear lord I hope you like memes. That boy would want you guys to always be trendy. Follow every new Internet trend, fashion trend, food trend; you name it, if its top 10 you are making your life about it. He is a fashionista so life with him would always be fashionable. He will probably drag you shopping every week, so if you don’t like shopping like myself, brace yourselves, and learn to love it cause its gonna be a big part of your life. He would be very playful, cracking jokes, playing pranks, teasing. Your house life wouldn’t be domestic per say but it will never be boring.  You would be in bed getting ready to sleep and end up both laughing so hard you have tears running down your face. Bambam would always make sure you were happy, and would find a way to make it up to you if you had a fight or forgot a date. Married life with Bambam would be silly jokes and all the trends he can find and a lot of laughs, there will never be a dull moment.

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Yugyeom: okay this little bunny, this sinful bunny am I right ladies no? Okay lets just get right to it. Married life with this bun would be giggly, let me explain. This boy is pretty much shy no matter what he lets on, on stage. So even though you guys would be married it would be whole new experience for him. Even if you have been living together prior, for him it will feel like the first time all over again. He is gonna be excited for everything with you. Late nights of him showing you a new choreography, boasting to his hyungs when you make him lunch, eating breakfast together and supper would be the things he will be very serious about. Spending as much time as possible with each other and making sure you are eating. He would be a flirt, now when I say flirt I mean just with you. He would flirt just like the very first day he met you. He would feel excited about getting into the domestic life and would be extra on all those ordinary things married couples do. Married life with Yugyeom will be somewhat innocent and pure but also exciting and safe. You will never feel insecure or unstable cause he will make sure of it. *whispers * protect him*      

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Dear Freddie...

…you are one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had in this life. You make me happy every day, make me feel safe when I am scared and you never make me feel alone. You are such a talented man with a beautiful soul. How often I think about you; how often I wish I could just tell you how much I adore you.

 You are perfect in every way possible - you have the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen, the most adorable smile, a flawless appearance, a fabulous humour, a magnificent personality and a breathtaking voice. 

Even though your body may not be on this earth anymore, your spirit carries on through every word you’ve written, every tone you’ve played and every song you’ve performed. I just know you are here for everyone who needs you, every single person you’ve inspired. 

All I really want to say is thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. For every time you’ve helped me out of my sadness. For every time you gave me motivation and courage through your songs. For every time you made me feel secure and loved. For every time you made me feel beautiful and brave. I cannot thank you enough.

Anyway, darling. I just want you to know how much I love you and how much of an influence you have on my life. There’s not a single day I don’t think about you and I am so very proud to be your fan. I love you.

Happy 71st birthday, my angel…


Crosswalk the Musical - Hair (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Today, July 9th, is the lovely, beautiful, strong. talented, caring @inktae‘s birthday. so first of all let’s go all send her a lot of love cos she deserves every little single drop of it :’)

And secondly, of course I have a lil message just for you under the cut, Mari <3

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Why I love Wanna One: Minhyun edition

I could write an essay about Minhyun but I’m gonna try and keep it as short as possible

  • His talent. For anyone following NU’EST since the beginning, Minhyun’s talent is a given. His beautiful singing voice is giving me chills and he can turn any song into a beautiful masterpiece
  • Despite his talent, his unreal looks (seriously how is he real I don’t understand) and Nu’est’s popularity after their debut, Pledis🐍 somehow failed to promote them properly resulting in their fanbase shrinking and Pledis eventually pretty much giving up on them.
  • Which I’ll never understand either, since they have consistently been giving us bops (buy Canvas on iTunes)
  • Which brings us to Produce 101: Despite having debuted in 2012 and being in the industry for years, participating in a survival show with trainees was seen as their last chance to save NU’EST. 
  • Starting again from the beginning as a trainee and with the high expectations everyone had for an already debuted idol, the pressure was insane for Minhyun.
  • Mnet’s🐍🐍 shitty editing didn’t help at first either, when they decided to portray the ranking situation as worse than it actually was, thus forming a not so favorable public opinion. 
  • But Minhyun pulled through despite the pressure, proving everyone wrong, making NU’EST fans proud and making everyone fall in love with him. 
  • He worked so hard, proved his talent and his noble character (the Emperor Hwang nickname was created for a reason) and made it to the final 11
  • CEO Hwang/ Hwang Sajang: The iconic forming of the Sorry Sorry team 2 aka the Justice League. Minhyun obviously has an eye for talent and a good team dynamic, thus forming the most legendary team of Produce 101 Season 2. 
  • He seems like a cold guy but is an actual soft that silently takes care of everyone. Younger and older contestants saw him as a reliable member and a leading figure, often seeking for advice
  • He’s a meme, but a low-key one that will pleasantly surprise you once you dig deeper. Don’t let his image fool you.
  • He worked so hard to make it and ended up being separated from his fellow Nu’est members, but he is still doing his best, working hard for the fans and for Wanna One’s success.

For these and many more reasons I love Hwang Minhyun and you should too because he’s a beautiful, talented, charismatic man who never gives up who doesn’t hesitate to start over for the sake of his team and his dream.

(4/11) - WannaOne appreciation