you beautiful man

The Beautiful Boy In The Café

Warm brown eyes, and a soft white t-shirt. A smile that fills your heart with love and a heart that was so full of love and admiration. Velvet lips, and two small moles on his cheeks. Brown skin, and beautiful tattoos that decorated his skin. A heart that was too good for this world, and a brain full of the most beautiful thoughts. A notebook that he wrote the most beautiful things in, and a book that he always kept with him. And how did I meet this beautiful man you ask. I met him in a small coffee shop, looking for inspiration and caffeine, and it turns out he was looking for the same thing. I found my inspiration in him, the first thing I did was write about him, about how beautiful he was. About how I perceived his life. Then I drew him for my art project that needed to be turned in the next day. Now what does this have to do with the story? Not much. But it wasn’t til I couldn’t take not knowing what he was casually scribbling down in his note book. I didn’t only want but I needed to know what the thoughts going through his head were. So I packed up my things and moved to the booth in front of me. Walking up to the man and saying “Can I please sit with you? I’m not going to lie you really intrigued me, and inspired me, you’re actually the reason I got my art project done.” I rambled on as he smiled up at me. “The seat is yours pretty girl. Can I see your picture?” He asked showing off his beautiful white teeth. “Yeah, it’s kind of a drawing of you.” I said blushing and handing him my sketch book as he flipped open to the page I was at which was titled ‘The beautiful boy in the café’. I grew nervous waiting for his reaction, but all my nerves melted away as he smiled and said “Wow, it looks just like me! You even got the two moles on my cheek! I see you have a notebook as well. Do you write?” He asked. Sipping his coffee. “Yes! I love writing!” I said lighting up and getting passionate about it. “I think we’ll get along perfectly! Because, I also drew you, but not for an assignment. And I love to write, but especially about you!” He smiled, winking at me. I smiled back, taking a sip of my coffee. “I’d love to get to know you.” I said hoping this wasn’t just a one time thing. “Well, I’m Calum, but you can call me Cal!” He smiled. “I’m Y/n” I said. “What a lovely name for such a lovely girl! How about you let me take you on a date Y/n?” He asked raising an eyebrow. “I’m would really love that!” I answered. “How about we exchange phones so I can call you later?” He asked. “Oh of course!” I said handing him my phone. I knew this would be a great start. And that is how we met, looking for inspiration, and I guess you could say ever since then I didn’t have to look anymore cause I found all the inspiration I’d ever need.   

Boys are Beautiful

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Prompt: #3 When I first saw you I was so distracted by your beauty that I stabbed myself with a pencil.

Words: 670

Warnings: Minor Bleeding

Triggers:Minor stab wound


Working as the head nurse during the war was an interesting and frightful job. Right now everything was slow, so you had to do paperwork, which included writing to congress for nursing supplies and tallying up the dead and wounded for the general.

Currently you were writing one of those long letters asking for nursing supplies. Some of the nurses that worked under you were cleaning and tending to soldiers that needed simple things.

All of the sudden the most beautiful man you had ever seen came bursting into the tent. You looked at him and you were so distracted by his beauty that you didn’t notice that there was now a pencil in your forearm.

One of the nurses gave him whatever he came bursting in here for and he left quickly.

“Who the heck was that?” You asked still not noticing that your pencil was in your arm and you were bleeding.

“That was John Laurens he- Y/N YOUR ARM!” one of your nurses screamed. You looked down at your arm and saw the pencil.

“Wow. I didn’t even feel it,” you said staring.

All of the sudden a lot of the nurses were running around grabbing stuff so they could fix your arm.

You were just sitting there while they were working on you with a dazed look on your face.

The nurses looked at each other with knowing smiles. You had just fallen hard for John Laurens. How to get you two together was a different story.


You two had happened to meet again at the Winter Ball. George and Martha had personally invited you to go along with them as a reward for all the hard work you had done.

John had approached you while you were being a wallflower in the corner of the room.

“Hello I’m John Laurens,” he stated giving your hand a kiss.

You didn’t really know what came over you but you just blurted out, “Oh I know who you are. The first time I saw you I was so distracted by your beauty that I stabbed myself with a pencil.”

You froze for a second wondering what came over you to make you blurt that out like that. You watched as a blush covered his face and he struggled to find something to dance.

He looked like he wanted to say something to you but was just too surprised and flustered to make anything come out of that darling mouth of his.

More words came out of you mouth, without you being able to stop them.

“I’m Y/N by the way. Would you like to dance?” You said. What is going on with you tonight?

“I would love to Miss Y/N,” he told you after taking a deep breath. He escorted you onto the dance floor.

You two danced all night long, taking frequent breaks for food and drink. You meet the rest of the hamilsquad and basically had a great evening.

All things must come to an end, however. John escorted you all the way back to the camp grounds and made sure that you were safe.

Time passed by and whenever he was injured he would come to you and let you fix it. He would try and see you whenever he could and you’d sit up talking, walking, and drawing.

“Y/N I need to ask you something,” He told you one night, fiddling his fingers.

“Go right ahead.” You noticed that he looked extremely nervous.

He took a deep breath. “I have had deep feelings for you. You may not have noticed me before the day you stabbed yourself, but I have definitely noticed you. I want to know if I could court you.”

You couldn’t believe it. He wanted to court you!

“Yes! Of course!” You quickly threw your arms around him and gave him a great big squeeze.

Maybe you should be grateful for that you took to the arm. It got you a cute blushy courter out of it.