you beautiful ginger


— as if I could give you anything other than the Captain, the Ginger Inferno, the Carrot Man, the Pumpkin King himself. I hope your day shines as bright as his beard

My reactions every time I see anything to do with Cameron.

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Yeah.. I need help.

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Ahh if your still taking the jealous dialogue thingy how about 25 for Shouto??

nooooo I tooootally did use my cat as the cat in this scenario nooooope noope

“Babe. You’re drunk. I’m not cheating on you with the cat.”

Ever since you had moved into your dorm at UA, Todoroki had realized that, despite him very clearly being your boyfriend, he had a lot of competition to deal with in the form of a certain someone you had brought with you. Soft ginger hair, beautiful pale green eyes, and not to mention very high attack power. This new male in your life had managed to best him in every way possible. he had even stolen the mantle of best cuddler. All these thoughts raced though his mind as he saw you on the floor spooning with his new enemy. You peppered your cat’s head with kisses as you continue to coo and pet his fur.

Starting to feel jealous, he mumbled, “Why don’t you kiss me like that?” thinking that you didn’t hear him.

You looked up from your position, all the while still scratching your fluffy friend’s chin. “Because you’re not a cat Shouto.”

“But I’m you’re boyfriend.” He replied as he sat down next to you. “And it seems like you spend more time with him than you do with me.”

You stared at him, wondering it he was being serious. After a few seconds where the mood of the room did not change in the slightest, you blinked a couple times, taking a deep breath, “Babe… You’re drunk. I have no idea where you got the alcohol, but you are definitely drunk. I’m not cheating on you with the cat.”

He glared in your cat’s direction. “I’m not drunk. You absolutely spend more time with him.”

“Shouto, he also shares the same living space with me. He eats in the same place I do. He sleeps in the same place I do. We breathe the same air.” You countered, “It would be pretty weird if I didn’t spend more time with him.”

Todoroki sat in silence for a few seconds before getting up. “Fine.” He walked out of your dorm and closed the door a bit harder than usual.

Your eyes widened in shock. Had he… Just broken up with you over your cat? You huffed as you laid down in bed and stared at the ceiling. Your cat, Cheeto, jumped up and curled up on your stomach. Yoou stared at him, then said, “Don’t ever become an idiot like him.” Despite your brain still whirring over what exactly had just happened, you managed to fall asleep with Cheeto curled up on your stomach.

At some point in the middle of the night, you woke up to the sounds of a knock and Cheeto clawing at the door. Groggily, you sat up, rubbing your eyes and stumbled through the darkness to turn on your lights. 3 knocks on the door sounded again. “Shut up, I’m coming.“ You groaned as you trudged to the door, eyes narrowed from the bright lights.

You opened the door and did a double take. Todoroki stood in front of you holding a mini fridge and way too many grocery bags. “Shouto… Why…”

He looked towards the grocery bags. “Tomorrows breakfast. Can I come in now? The fridge is heavy.”

Still not awake enough for whatever tomfoolery was going on, you stepped aside in a daze. “Is this even allowed?”

“Probably not.” He said nonchalantly as he placed his stuff down.

“Again… Why?” You asked as he started to unpack all the groceries.

“I’m not losing to him.” He replied, seemingly still completely serious

“My cat.” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” He glared in your cat’s direction once again, seeing him curled up on your bed. “We should sleep now. It’s late.” You grabbed his hand as he began to head towards your bed.

“Shouto… This is definitely not allowed.” You chided.

He pulled you hard enough to have you fall onto your bed, successfully scaring your cat away. “I don’t care right now.”

“All of this,” You said as you gestured at him and everything he brought, “Is all because you’re jealous of my cat…”

“Maybe.” He replied slowly.

“Ok.” You stared at him for a second. “Well… since you’re here, turn off the lights at least.“

I’ve always been really pale, with blonde eyebrows, eyelashes and almost a transparent skin, so whenever I don’t wear make up I’m quite pale. To some that’s how a sick person look, so I’ve often been asked if I’m okay. Haha

When I was younger I hated the fact that I was so pale all year around, but it’s something I’ve grown to accept and deal with.
I’m a pale freckled ginger that get sunburned after just 30 minutes in the sun, but that’s me.

We all have something we struggle with that can make us feel insecure. (This is just one of mine)

I thought it was about time for me to post a new #nomakeup photo, because it’s important to show you that I’m not perfect. I use make up to give my face some color, to mark where my eyebrows are and to give my face some contrast.

We need to do our best to embrace our individual beauty, because imagine if we all looked the same? How boring would that be?

I’m so blessed like, I have a cat for 24 hours now and she loves sleeping in my bed!!!!!!!!!!! So pure