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Your Kirk trying to make a constellation on Spock's neck by giving him hickeys made me laugh and then squeal and Jim's purity :D! And your illustration of the entire crew made me melt! So beautiful!:D You're a talented, brilliant person. Keep on being beautiful and living your life :)

Thanks but also that constellation thing is a terrible idea and should never be made.

pjm; to the stars

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Summary: Jimin doesn’t respond to all of the signs quickly, so he just barely makes it to save you from doing what he calls, unthinkable (Angst/Fluff?)

Warnings: Swearing, situations not suitable for some readers, mentions of depression

“Jimin! Look, I found a lily! I’m allergic to them,” you sneezed. Jimin laughed and grabbed your hand tightly. He held onto it like you were his only hope for surviving, because you were. You, (Name) (Last Name), were the famous Park Jimin’s lifeline. You may not have been the prettiest or the smartest or the nicest, but he would deny your thought and say you were the most beautiful, brilliant, and kindest person in the world. 

“Jagi, you never told me! What about that bouquet I sent you for Valentine’s Day? It had lilies and roses in it,” Jimin chided. His words made you smile, because even though you had trouble keeping the flowers long enough to have Jimin see you happy with them, you loved him anyway.

“It’s okay Jimin! I’m fine now!” ‘No I’m not.’

“My lovely, little (Name). You light up my world, and make me smile,” Jimin said dramatically. You laughed and Jimin looked down at you without you noticing. His eyes glistened with admiration and love. If only you felt that way about yourself too.

When the two of you made it to your shared apartment, it was silent, but a comfortable silence. It didn’t matter to either of you if you talked or not, you knew almost everything about each other. Almost.

“(Name), are you okay?” Jimin asked, worry ghosting his chiseled features, making his edges softer. You nodded and looked him in the eyes with a fake smile you practiced in the mirror every morning. It was enough to fool Jimin, but barely enough to fool you.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m happy, just a bit tired,” you replied. His arms snaked around your waist and tightened slightly. He kissed your cheek, then buried his face into the crook of your neck.

“Let’s go to sleep then, there’s no use in tiring yourself any further,” Jimin smiled and took your hand, leading you into the bedroom. He picked you up and set you gently on the bed. You sunk like a rick and your eyes closed within a minute.

“I love you, Jimin,” you muttered. ‘It’s just hard right now.’

“I love you too, (Name), more than you could ever know.” JImin brushed the hair that ever-so-slightly fell into your face, out of it, and smiled gently down at you, even though you couldn’t see him.

More than you could ever know … 

When Jimin woke up, he was surprised to see it was still night, and to find you gone. He searched around the apartment, until he found a small note, with your handwriting on it.

Jimin, you love me. I know. This is so hard, but I have to say goodbye. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I never told you about the boys at Uni, they were so cruel to me, but I didn’t want you to worry. So, I kept it to myself. it was too much and I’m sorry. I just want to leave, I want to be with the stars. 

                                ~ (Name)

“No, no, no. How could I have missed the signals? I’m so fucking dumb! This is all my fault. Shit!” Around you, Jimin rarely cursed, you always kept him in check, unless you were playing games with Jungkook, then it was the other way around.

After a few wasted minutes, something in Jimin’s brain clicked. Stars. Star lilies. Star lilies are toxic. Jimin’s eyes widened, and couldn’t believe that you would do something like that. You were willing to digest a lily, one of the most toxic lilies, to be exact, just to end it all.

Jimin sprinted down the small street that your apartment was on, to the big field that stood a couple miles away. That was the fastest he’d ever run in his life. He had to see you alive, he had to.

Jimin panted and ran into the field of soft green grass, untouched by the morning’s tears yet, but maybe by someone else’s. 

“(Name)!” Jimin called, “don’t do it! Those boys, they don’t matter. In a few years, they’ll be drunk at a bar, so lost they don’t even remember their own names, but where will you be if you do this?! Nowhere! In a few years, if you haven’t already done the deed, you could be married, to me, or to someone else. As long as you’re happy (Name), I’m happy. And right now, I’m not happy.”

His words rang throughout the field, and he head a small whimper from behind a tree. He ran quickly and knelt beside a figure, he stroked their hair, and whispered words that neither understood, it was just nice to have someone to hold.

“Jimin, I couldn’t do it! I’m a coward! I’m scum! Leave!” You shouted at him. He didn’t flinch, and your words just made him squeeze harder around your body.

“No, (Name),” Jimin growled, his voice a steely calm, but extremely endearing, “you mean everything to me. You are not a coward, you are brave, and you are not scum, you are beautiful, and sweet, and mine. I wouldn’t give you up for the world.”

“I know, but …”

“No, there are not ‘buts.’ No one would ever deserve this. It makes me sick,” Jimin snarled. You never saw this side of him often, but when you did, it made you shrink into a makeshift shell. 

“I’m sorry,” you murmured, “for worrying you.”

“Damn right,” Jimin said, shaking his head and hugging you even harder. You were taken aback, because you hadn’t heard him cuss in what felt like forever, but his words made you feel safe.

“Jimin, can we go home?” You asked. He lifted you from your position on the ground and turned you to face him. His eyes were cold with a scary seriousness you rarely ever saw on Jimin’s face.

“Only if you promise to never think about this stuff again,” Jimin stated. You looked at your feet and he shook your shoulders.


“I promise,” you replied, knowing it wasn’t going to be that easy.

“And I promise to be with you for every step of that. Now, let’s go.”

“Okay, Jimin.” The two of you walked away from the field, and never went back, leaving the secrets and the sadness behind, and letting the morning dew be the only thing that glistens on the grass.

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You're the best ever. The most real, beautiful, talented, dedicated, passionate, and brilliant person. I love you so much

I’m crying that’s so sweet thank you 😭

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Happy birthday, Tasya!! I'm very lucky to have met you, dude! You are a rad, beautiful and brilliant friend and person overall!! I wish you all the happiness in the world, have an amazing day!!! 💜💜🎉🎉

Omgosh aaaa tysm kevin!!! All Of u guys r so amazing n wonderful, I feel super blessed to met all Of u rad ppl! T_T Also hope u have a wonderful day as well *hugs u*💚💚

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I hope you know how much of a beautiful and brilliant person you are. I hope you know what catharsis and understanding and well-being people get from knowing you and asking your help. I hope most of all you know how deeply loved and appreciated and valued you are. Maybe not in the grand scheme of the universe, but the grandest schemes of our own. If you know didn't before, you do now because all those things are what I feel for you. You are amazing and I'm thankful I can live as a time you do.

okay you’re gonna make me cry, thank you. the feeling is mutual. i appreciate this so much. :-)

I Don’t Feel Like A Princess

Characters: Dean x Reader (eventually), Sam, OC
Words: 1593
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: Dean finds out about the reader’s abusive boyfriend and decides it’s time to tell her how he feels and how she should really be treated.

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        “Where are you going, Y/N?” Ben asked harshly when you began putting you boots back on.

           “I need to get back home,” you said.

           “To be a tramp?” he spat.

           “I’m not a tramp,” you said softly.

           “You live with two men, Y/N. You can’t tell me you don’t give it up for them all the time,” he said.

           “I don’t,” you said simply.

           “You’re a lying bitch,” he said, standing up and walking over to you, “You probably sleep with both of them at the same time.”

           “I’ve never …”

           Ben grabbed your arm and yanked you off the couch, “Tell me the truth. You bang them both like a little …” he reared back and smacked you hard across the face.

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Drunk (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Another request! Here you go! Hope you like it!

Request: 10: “You should’ve told me.”, 19: “Yeah, you’re right. You don’t need me.”, 14: “How can I hate someone that I’m in love with?”, 37: “I care too much about you to just leave you alone like this.”

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             I looked at the picture of me and Barry, on the coffee table. My fingers grazing over the frame and my thoughts running freely through my head. We were both so happy then, hugging and laughing about something probably insignificant. Oh how much has changed since then. Even though that wasn’t that long ago, that wasn’t even a year ago and our friendship was crumbling to the ground at very high velocity. Once it hit the ground, both of us would suffer.

             I felt the tears slowly making their way down my face and I wasn’t going to try and stop them. I was crying because my once friend was distancing himself from me, from the person that was always there whenever he needed her. And for once, for the very first time I needed him more. I needed him to tell me everything was going to be okay, I needed him to hug me to his chest and I needed him to get wasted with me, because that was how I dealt with my problems.

‘You should’ve told me!’ were the first words that left his mouth, once he entered my living room.

             I looked at him, his wonderful face, his messy hair and that worried frown that he wore so often lately. He wore his usual attire, shirt, jeans and converse, which were timeless in my humble opinion. And however happy my heart was, my brain wanted him gone. He didn’t really need to see me suffer.

‘Why would I, Barry?’ I asked, standing up from my couch ‘You are distant, you cancel our plans and you are never there for me anymore! Please. Just leave.’

‘I care too much about you to just leave you alone like this. I am still your friend, Y/N’ he argued. ‘If anything bad happens in your life… I want to be there for you, just like you have been there all those times…’

             I shook my head, taking another sip from my mug. I really wasn’t in the mood to argue with him. I wanted him to leave me alone so I could get drunk and forget about everything just for few hours. Alone.

‘Are you though?’ I asked, feeling the tears appearing in my eyes again ‘Because the last time I checked you were somewhere, doing god only knows what… And I needed you, Barry. I needed my friend… my only friend, to tell me that everything was going to be okay. But I don’t anymore. I don’t.’

‘Yeah, you’re right.’ He said quietly ‘You don’t need me. You are the strongest person I know. You are brilliant and beautiful and the fact is you never needed me. And I am really sorry, I am really sorry that you felt that way and I am here now. I want to fix this, I am here now and I will do everything I can to fix this. I hope you don’t hate me too much…’

             I looked at him, his eyes wet and I knew he was being genuine. He was being honest and my heart squeezed because I really did want him in my life. I wanted him to fix this, I wanted him to fix me. The truth was I loved him with my whole heart and even though he avoided me for the past few weeks, I couldn’t stay mad at him.

‘How can I hate someone I’m in love with?’ I blurted out.

             I knew that it was a risky thing to say, but since our friendship was pretty much ruined there was no point in hiding that anymore. I loved him and that was our big make or break moment. His eyes widened and he stepped closer.

‘What did you say?’ he whispered, his face mere inches from mine.

             Before I could answer, he pressed his lips into mine. He was gentle at the beginning, his hands pulling my body closer to his. I felt his beating heart against mine and I tangled my fingers into his hair. Our tongues danced and I never wanted it to end. It was like nothing I have ever imagined, it was million times better.

             He laid his forehead against mine and sighed quietly.

‘I waited years to do that’

‘I’m still mad at you, Barry’ I said.

             He smiled and brought me close to his chest, resting his chin on top of my head.

‘I know, Y/N and I swear I will do everything I can to make it up to you. I am sorry I haven’t been there for you. I promise from this point on I am all yours.’

             I smiled trying to prolong this moment of sheer bliss. I knew that in few moments all of that would go away and all of my problems would come crushing back.

‘Let’s start with getting drunk then’ I said.

             I poured two shots and took one without waiting for him. My mind was set and I had a clear plan for tonight. Postpone all my worries, by getting ridiculously drunk and hopefully forget about everything else in this world.

‘That is a great way to start.’


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Because Blaine & their daughter probably call Kurt for fashion advice uwu

“Can you see Daddy, Hepburn—?”

Daddy!” Hepburn coos, and her tiny hands stretch out toward Kurt’s face on the laptop’s screen. She wiggles her fingers, and Blaine’s eyes crinkle as he watches Kurt giggle and wave at their daughter. “D-daddy!”

“Hey, sweetheart,” Kurt chuckles, waving.

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Stood Up #4 - MMFD Fanfic

I’m really having a lot of fun writing this one. I like how confident Rae is coming across. Hope you like.                                          


He knew watching her sleep was a bit creepy, but Finn didn’t care. He had been awake at least a half hour and after convincing his morning wood to simmer down, he had scooted closer to the girl who had been the focal point of his dreams for as long as he could remember.

He had imagined waking up to her many times, mostly she was naked because let’s face it, he was a horny eighteen year old male, but some how this scene was so much better than he could have even imagined. She was facing him, fully clothed, one hand beneath the pillow and the thrown carelessly around his waist.

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“Oi! Yes, you! No, no, no, don’t- don’t turn around- this is important! 

I need your help.

Yes, your help. Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re the only person in the whole of time and space I can ask to carry out this very very important and official mission, and missions are cool. I know it sounds all very posh and sophisticated, but it’s definitely something I’m sure you can handle. Now, here’s the plan.

I need you, and you specifically, to tell someone you know- it could be anyone really- tell them… that they’re beautiful. Tell them that they’re important, tell them that the world, hell, the universe and all of creation relies on the existence of all their atoms to be acting in the precise way they are, and that nothing, nothing, should ever make them feel otherwise. It’s your mission to convince them of just that. You can pick one person, you can pick a group of people, you could even pick every single person, animal, plant, creature, or species you ever meet, and make showing them just how profoundly special and wonderful they are your goal. If you see someone feeling low, or someone getting bullied or teased, take a stand. This is your shining moment! Today, everything changes! You can make a change! 

I know, I know, you here this kind of garb every day, but this mission, issued by me, UNIT, and Torchwood of this universe and every universe, is now in effect. This is official stuff, guys, and way more important than any alien junk they’re trying to sort out. This is about every single living being in the entire galaxy. I’ll give you the first step if you’re feeling a bit lost or daunted by this whole thing.

The first, and most important step… is you. You need t'know that you are a beautiful, kind, brilliant, important, magnificent person. Everything you do is so so special and meaningful to everyone around you. Please do me one favor while your undertaking this job. Love yourself. Love yourself for everything you are now, everything you were, and everything you will be. Never ever regret something you’ve done. We all make mistakes, we’re not perfect. That’s what makes everyone unique. You are the only one like you. Pretty crazy when you think about it. Out of an infinite amount of people and species, you are the only you. Look around- the whole universe has never seen anyone like you. Don’t waste this. Don’t waste this moment, don’t waste your life, don't ever for even one second, think you’re not good enough. And good enough for what? Everyone’s different, everyone’s unique. You’re already the best you can possibly be just by being yourself.

Never be ashamed of being yourself, because you are unique and magnificent, and you are brave and strong just through living every day with people telling you you’re not.

That’s why this mission is so important- so people stop telling each other those very not nice things, and so you stop telling yourself those very not nice things. Not nice this most certainly aren’t cool.

Now, step one being said, here’s your step two if you’re still not quite sure how t'go on from here. Pass this on. Help your friends, strangers, family, everyone- to understand just how amazing they are. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re on your own and you have t'realize for yourself. Everyone needs a little help. Be that help. 

Only once you love yourself and everyone around you love themselves and you and everyone know how incredibly and indescribably brilliant they are, only then is the mission complete.

I love you, and I think you’re the most gorgeous and courageous person I’ve ever met in my whole life.

Good luck.


"Love yourself."

This is one of the things that you know you can do but sometimes, it gets hard that you hurt yourself unintentionally with the things you do. Loving yourself affects a lot in your life, actually, it does affect your whole life and your whole being. Loving yourself takes a lot of courage when the whole world doesn’t seem like to do it. But you gotta love yourself, friend. If you don’t get this whole “I will love myself” thingy, here’s for you…

Loving yourself takes a lot of truth, acceptance and hurting. This is when I have to tell you that you are not perfect and you will never be no matter how hard you try. You will see flaws in you that people might point out at times. You will have downfalls and mistakes and you will regret a lot of things. These are all parts of you, whether you think it’s ugly. That’s the truth. Acceptance takes place when you realize that yes, there are ugly parts of you but then, the beautiful parts of you will always dominate. You are one brilliant, loved, beautiful person. The universe is working itself to let your survive. You are made of love and courage. You accept that. You also have to accept the ones you cannot change. Hurting is everywhere, my friend. It will hurt when you see your flaws and it will hurt when you try to accept the things you never really knew before. It will hurt but it’s temporary. Love will get you through.

Loving yourself will also be about knowing what you deserve. This is not just about the material things you can get in life but this is also about how people treat you and how you let them treat you. You don’t seem to get it? Remember the famous quotation “We accept the love we think we deserve.” by Stephen Chbosky? It’s actually about self-worth. If you think you don’t really deserve much, you will settle for people who will continue to hurt you because you think that will be it. It’s the end of you already but it’s not. You love yourself much because a person will come along to love you in the same degree, and not just settle for the ones who will just use you. It will be hard finding this people but love will get you through.

Loving yourself takes a lot of courage. I’m sure you’re pretty much oriented with how the world rolls right now. Not every person will like you and love you. There will be some who don’t think you’re not good enough. This is when you gotta love yourself more so you won’t let people destroy you as what I’ve said before. You stand up for what you think is right for you even if you’re scared. Fight for what you deserve and have the courage because you know it’s for you. It might make you enemies but just flee from them, love will get you through.

Loving yourself means trying to stay away from the thing that aren’t good for you. Unhealthy obsessions, shitty relationships, bad habits, etc; these are all the things you need to stay way from no matter how hard to do so. You can try everyday to forget all of them. You just have to think that it will be better that way instead of feeling sorry in the end. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the courage to face them, it’s just that prevention is better than cure. Not all experiences will give you wisdom. Sometimes, just knowing it’s not good for you is already enough. It will be hard but love will get you through.

Loving yourself is also loving others. Love is what makes your heart shine and soul radiate so when you love yourself and make yourself happy, you will want to love others too and it will all seem beautiful. Loving yourself can be like that, too. You don’t just grow loving yourself like a flower, you will also bloom for the people around you. How you treat yourself can be the reflection of how you treat others so love them, too. Not just yourself. It will be difficult to love other people but love will get you through.

Now, this is what I want to remind you: loving yourself isn’t about bitching about the things you have or you can do. It’s not always fighting and standing up for yourself even if you know you’re wrong. It’s also about being humble with what you have. Because most of all, loving takes a lot of self-respect and you need that. You really do.

Elsanna Student/Teacher AU Hurt/Comfort


The bell trilled and signaled the end of class. Anna resisted the urge to roll her eyes as her last class of the day packed up and nearly sprinted for the door. “Don’t forget to read through the second act of Macbeth by tomorrow. I expect an engaging discussion.” She was greeted by grumbles of acknowledgement and figured it was the best she would get.

As her gaze swept the room, she noticed one student packing up slower than the others. Deliberately slower, as if she were specifically delaying herself.

It confirmed all of Anna’s suspicions. She cleared her throat as the last few students trickled out the door, leaving her alone with the quiet blonde student. “Elsa, please stay a moment after class with me.”

The most brilliant student in her class looked up at her, ice-blue eyes ringed with shadows that betrayed a lack of sleep. “Certainly, Ms. Anderson.” Even obviously exhausted, Elsa’s tone was unwaveringly polite. “What do you need to discuss with me?”

Anna walked over to the door and shut it. “Do you mind?”

To her surprise, Elsa blushed slightly, and her eyes lit up, as if she were suddenly aware and more invested in her surroundings. “O-of course not, Ms. Anderson.”

Electing to file this reaction away for future pondering, she moved over and sat in a desk beside Elsa. “Thanks. And you can call me Anna after class.” This elicited another blush, but she chose to ignore it. “Do you have anywhere to be after school?”

Elsa shrugged. “The bus, I guess.”

“I can make this quick, or give you a ride home afterward.”

Another blush. “E-either is fine, Ms. An- I mean Anna.”

“Okay. I’ll try, but I’ll give you a ride if it doesn’t work.” She frowned. Elsa was only a few years younger than her, and she wanted to approach her like a friend, but also wanted to communicate the protection she could offer, based on her position. “I’ve noticed you seem more and more unfocused these past few weeks. Are you under a lot of stress?”

Blue eyes widened in terror. “Am I doing badly? Am I disappointing you? I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t realize my work was slipping and I-“

“Hush.” Anna put her hand over Elsa’s and squeezed gently. “You’re my top student, even on your off days. And you have never disappointed me. I doubt you ever will.” She smiled gently. “But you seem stressed and I’m worried about you. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

Elsa beamed for a moment, almost preening under the praise. The light vanished afterward, as she shrugged and ducked her head, playing with her braid. “I’m fine, really. But I really appreciate your concern, M-Anna.”

Since the girl seemed reluctant to tell her, Anna decided to just voice her guess. “Who is bullying you, Elsa?”

One blue eye twitched. Jackpot. Elsa’s smooth voice tried to dissuade her otherwise, but it wavered slightly. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, Anna.”

“Whatever they’re telling you, they’re wrong.” She chose to ignore Elsa’s response. “I’m going to guess that they probably don’t hit you. They probably don’t touch you much at all, just back you into corners or push you lightly. It’s their words that cut you. But I’m telling you that they’re wrong.”

Elsa’s eyes had begun to well with tears. She’d started clinging to Anna’s hand, but said nothing.

“They’re all wrong, whatever they’re saying. You’re brilliant, kind, beautiful, and a wonderful person. You are so much better than them. They’re cruel because they’re trying to validate themselves.” She took a deep breath. “Trust me. The same kind of thing happened to me.”

Fat tears rolled down Elsa’s cheeks which were, Anna noticed now that she was sitting closer, lightly freckled. “But you’re amazing,” she whispered.

Anna just smiled lopsidedly. “So are you.”


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