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30 Days Shipping Challenge

Day 7: “The most heartbreaking scene.”

Komugi: “Right now, I’m very happy. I may not be worthy, but please allow me to join you.”
Meruem: (“I see…I…”)
Komugi: “I believe that I was born to be here today.”
Meruem: (“…was born for this moment.”)

Meruem/Komugi - HunterxHunter (Episode 135)


Captain Swan AU:

After a fight with her parents, Princess Emma decides to do exactly what her parents don’t want her to do and, for once in her life, goes out to have some fun. In a tavern near the docks she meets the famous and very handsome pirate Captain Hook and flirts with him publicly, just to disgruntle her parents. They spent the night together flirting, kissing and talking and in the morning, Hook insists to bring her back to the palace (good form and all). On their way, they run into the Dark One, who has a grudge against both of them and offers them an opportunity to clear their debt by obtaining a special magical object for him. Searching for the object, they go through a lot - good and bad - and grow closer together every day. Over the weeks, Emma finds herself falling for the pirate, with whom she, initially, only wanted to provoke her parents. Killian falls even faster for the beautiful, blonde Princess and is soon willing to give up everything for her. After they payed off their debt with Rumplestiltskin, Emma invites him to one of her parents’ royal balls and introduces him to her parents, who don’t really approve of their daughter’s man choice, but soon realize that they’ll have to like it or lump it that her True Love happens to be a pirate captain.



Hi there lil babies, so, as you might know (↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑) i just hit 6k followers and, yes, i’m peRFECTLY CALM WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???! SO! Movin’ on.. I decided to make a Follow Forever -again, yes- to celebrate,

Lizzie’s lil note: Thank you all so -so so- much for being with me everyday, i love you with all my heart, i’ll hug every single one of you if i could, you guys are making me so freaking happy, in a few months i made plenty of amazing friends on this website, met a lot of great persons and most of all, i’ve talk about my problems -god knows i’ve got a lot of those thangs- without being afraid of being judged and it’s an amazing feeling, thank’s for being here for me even though i’m a fuck up.

You deserve lots of love, cookies and warm hugs; emotionalshawtyurl // atlantafive // corlgrimes // zuzzolek // nrmanreeds // grumpyrick // ofcoltsandcrossbows // ricksmichonne // reedusgif // ricky-grimes // rickgrimespls // stuff-and-thangs // ofwalkingdead // quodls // iheartnorman // sassy-but-fab // warriorcarols // gleggie // carolsmcbride // queen-peletier // rositaas // cserratos // warriorbeth // markiplier // nosafezone // normyreedus // jjoelmiller // beardedgrimes // the-walking-dead-art // thebaldsunshine // the-walking-dead-art // letsgetonwithit // kendaspntwd // glennrheely // gleggiegreenes // dixonings // pasdecendres // ohbernthal // uss-caryl // reedusnorman // empressmcbride

Voilà! All done. This one is really short but I just but my very favs in it, i do not forget about the rest but i wanted to do something a lil different this time. Anyway, if you’re not on my list, you’re here sweetheart, take care of yourself, you matter, you mean the world, you’re fucking perfect, love your haters -they need some love, clearly- and fuck the world, do want you wanna do and do it for yourself because, fuck, that shit feels good, i love you.

@littlebodybigheart: After two intense months, the first crybaby tour is officially done. A big thank you to the beautiful bbies who attended each show. I really love you guys and I’m so thankful for your support and luv

Thank you @handsomestghost for opening this tour. I had so much fun hanging with you guys and getting to know each of you. Thank you for blessing our ears with your sweet music every night. Thank you to my talented angel baby @itsstellarose for working your ass off to make these outfits. I love you and your brain and I’m so excited for all the sick shit were gonna do together. The biggest thank you to my tour family

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Thank you boys for putting up with my shit and for killing it every single night. It’s been a hard two months, but it definitely has made us a stronger family. We all had our moments and I definitely had more than usual… Bur I can’t imagine doing what we just did with anyone else.  I love you boys with all my heart and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys. Huge thankyou as well to @michaelkeenan @maddiecarina & @aliencandies For coming on the road and making me feel so filled with love. It was definitely really rough at times for me. I’m really thankful for all of your laughs and your hugs when I was feeling alone, and when I spent those nights crying hysterically in the bathroom. It feels really good to have people in your life who you’d do anything for and you know would do the same for you. When things got dark you guys were my night light. Thank you so much.