you be the book i'll be the binding

My heart is pounding as you walk towards me, you gently slid your fingers betwe mine, we binded so perfectly together. My heart races out of control as you pressed your lips against mine, so delicately. That was your way of telling me not to worry anymore, you’re real, you’re here and you won’t ever abandon me, I’m safe, I’m home.

Tenari Ioapo // Dear Handsome

Words will never be able to describe the way I felt when I saw you for the first time and how incredibly lucky I feel to call you mine.


It takes guts to be weird.
It’s when you finally accepted
who you are
The real you!
No pretension, no reservation.
Just you,
Doing what you really want,
Not thinking what others think.
It’s when you finally break free,
Free from the chains that bind you.
Unfold your wings,
‘Cause you are meant to fly.

I’m like a cast: there binding you together when you are broken, but the minute you’re healed I am thrown away and you forget I was ever there.
—  not the most poetic of metaphors but still valid
your arm around my shoulders. you oscillate your eyelashes, draw circles on my hand. you’re the only thing binding me together besides the scared skin your salty tears touch. you’re a part of the ocean, current resting in your winding curves. vast space, unkind to strangers and those who do not try. your leg moves involuntarily to the feel of your heart beat, so much of something (no one really knows what) that you can’t contain it. the rhythm you unknowingly play against my leg is the closest to your heart i’ll ever find myself
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #88// anonymous
Rediscovered regret

It was then that I remembered. I remembered what it felt like to eat a story. To devour each page and stick each word to your skin until it can be washed away by the next. To feel trapped somewhere you never want to escape from. It was like falling down the rabbit hole for the first time and tumbling into oblivion with each chapter. Gasping for air in an ocean full of binding. And it was then that I realised. I would never be able to leave.

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Some memories can’t be expressed, they can only be remembered even if forgotten– so you’ve been forgetting how to breathe while I’ve been remembering how to calm, knowing these things make for a better day, but does it truly feel warm…? Does it despair the thought of remembering? The dread of day becoming night, our tears becoming nightmares. These sunrises weren’t designed to wake us up, they were built to ring those bells, we closed some doors and the grave smells of cracked ribs and tobacco, we’ve been smoking as nonsmokers, we’ve been hurting as essence of purity, when exactly does pain start to subside? I’ve been meaning to kill my ties, but if I wear it around my neck, I wonder how long it’ll take before I break– and if it does ever get better, do you think we’ll enjoy it together? Some wishes are like stories we haven’t gotten around to telling, so I’ve been making these shooting stars just for you. Those scars hidden underneath your long sleeves, they’ll breathe once again. We just need a little time. Healed wounds become something to blame your sadness on when the feelings don’t know how to settle into anything else. We are always stuck at point a because b is for the bruises we pressed into the dirt, and my favorite color is how they fade into your name. Sleep doesn’t remember the nights we spent wrestling oxygen or the sentences I prayed would melt along winters final snow. But your voice still rings against the temples of my sins, and my lips always answer without washing their hands. These calloused heart beats have sanded rivers to ease the ebb screams we lose ourselves in. One more blink and we can birth a planet of happy. One more blink and the distance between healing and feeling will be the tear I use to spell beautiful in that last cut. One more blink and I’ll build that sigh into a pair of wings heaven binds jealous. I may always be broken, but I will always do my best to love you more than I could ever feel inside my bones.
—  Write love on her arms forever and ever
// The Ate & The Bunso
Trust me, everything will be fine. Just put your faith up high, we can overcome any struggles in life. Just hold my promises as tight as you could, God will answer our prayers and understood. Keep believing, keep loving me even if life makes our relationship to difficult to oversee. I know, its too hard for us to stay any longer but keep in mind, what we’re experiencing right now will make us stronger. Just hold my hand and we’ll face every challenge; I know, we’ll make it and have a better change. Remember, what they say about us doesn’t matter, we will show them what love bind us together. I love you, just trust me.

“Right now, I can see how you’re deeply in love with her. How she completes you and gives you that kind of smile on your cheeks. Whenever our eyes meet, I remember how foolish I am that day for spilling out my feelings for you. Maybe I should’ve kept it in the first place to avoid this kind of loss and heartache. Maybe I still have you in my life, maybe you’re still here with me, my best friend. I never thought that you’ll mean so much to me, I’ve tried my best to hold back, but I became vulnerable because of your little actions and it caught me off guard. I fell for you, unintentionally. I thought it was just an idea, but it became stronger every single day until I can’t handle it anymore. I’m sorry for loving you, I just can’t control my feelings. I’m sorry for ruining our friendship. I didn’t mean to ruin everything. And now, as you pass by, all I can see is a stranger in your eyes.”

“I’m looking at her and your eyes I can see, your voice I can hear, your touch I can feel, your scent I can smell. Every time I kissed her I wish I’m kissing your lips, that you are the one who answered me back when I says “I Love You”. If only you know how much you mean to me, how I prayed that someday you’ll choose me. I kept this feelings and avoiding it at the same time, cause I don’t want to ruin our friendship that we build way back then. Why you have to tell me all this? When I already accept the fact that only friendship can bind us. I wan to let her go, hold your hands and tell you that I love you too but I can’t just hurt her. When I was lost and head over hill in love with you she’s the one who’s at my side to subside the pain of unrequited love.”

— It’s too late for our story by @baekebyan (girl pov)
and @sophistikated-blogger (guy pov)

do you realize how bad i wanna make a Klaine Book???

like all fanartists come together and draw pictures for the book. Like I would even have different sections for AU’s,  comics, and Gore *U* (there would even be a tab after the gore pages so people can skip it ;D)


it’s a fun thought tho *U*