you be sonic


“There’s nothing cooler than being hugged by someone you like”

“But if someone tries to touch your Three Sacred Treasures in a way that makes you uncomfortable, that’s no good!

“It’s your totally awesome bod! No one has the right to corrupt your pure soul with their dirty mortal hands if you don’t want them to.”

“So what do ya do? First, you say no!”

“Then you shoot them in the face with an arrow of light!”

“Most important, you gotta tell someone you trust! Like your Parents, Lady Palutena, or a Police Officer.”

“Consent is everything! And that’s the key to a good touch!”

rontufox  asked:

man the way you draw Sonic characters... it's my favorite style ever. do you start with the eyes, or draw a head shape first or? cuz I love how simple and friendly your shapes look but how expressive and dynamic!

omfg this got buried behind a bunch of messages but thank you so much!! i actually just start with a circle for the head, then do torso/body (so i can gesture how i want the pose to look), and usually dont start drawing the face til ive got the pose figured out

i didnt used to do this bc expressions are typically my favorite part but if you let yourself gesture first you usually end up with WAY less static poses

The buttons I ordered from @e-vay‘s Etsy shop arrived today. The crappy lighting I’m currently stuck with kind of doesn’t show how nice these actually look in real life. I definitely plan on buying more when I can.

If anyone has ever went to an artist’s alley at a convention hoping to find Sonic buttons, or heck you’re just a Sonic fan in general, then I would definitely recommend the buttons made by E-vay. There’s a big variety of them available, and these buttons are also bigger than I expected them to be.

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

Oh, hello!

Sorry, don’t mind me!  Noticed a slight misalignment on some of your quantum stabilization prongs, thought I’d give it a tweak.

Well… I say “slight misalignment.”  I mean that it could’ve blown a hole in the universe the size of Belgium.  Still, I suppose there are worse things.

Lucky thing I happened by, eh?