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I Hate My Job (Part 1)

Part 1 - My Annoying Coworkers

Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary – You are a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that gets assigned the worst job, in your opinion.

Warnings – CA:CW spoilers and lots of insults!

Word Count – 1,360

Notes – The idea for this fic came to while I was trying to explain what I do with my Tumblr blog to a non-fandom loving friend.  The more I tried to explain, the crazier she thought I was!  I thought it would be fun to explore that perspective in a series.  I don’t know how long it’s going to be, I’m just going to play it by ear.  Please send me feedback and let me know what you think!

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You had the worst job in the world.  You absolutely dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work.  This is not what you had thought you’d be doing when you joined S.H.I.E.L.D. all those years ago.  

You spent every day thinking you were better than this, but your boss disagreed. He had handpicked you for this assignment, mostly because you couldn’t stand the people you worked with.

Life had started out great for you.  You were the middle child of seven, three older brothers and three younger. You dad had so many sons, that he sort of forgot that you were a girl.  Instead of ballet lessons, it was Karate and Tae Kwon Do.  You learned to hunt with both a rifle and a bow, and you were an excellent shot.  In college most girls took gigs as lifeguards or at The Gap, but you spent the summers training to be a rescue diver and EMT.  

There wasn’t much you couldn’t do, so it was no surprise that after college, you put in an application for Quantico.  When men in suits showed up at your door, though, it wasn’t the FBI. Back then he was known as Agent Coulson and he immediately sold you on the idea of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.  

You were happy being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then the Battle of New York happened.  Then came AIM, followed by Ultron, and finally those idiots you work with decided to get their panties in a bunch and turn on one another. That was the last straw for Director Coulson.  He knew what you thought of The Team, so he knew you wouldn’t get all “star struck” and lose focus of your agenda.  You were assigned to basically babysit them and keep them from trying to kill each other again.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but they were the most unruly bunch of misfits you’d ever had the misfortune of encountering.

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My friends and I (@peterpansexval and @jabberwock-jabberwock and a few others) are starting up a game of Deadlands, and I was required by its incredibleness to post DJ’s fanart of my character. The top drawing is mine–Victoria Byron is an English Mad Scientist with some vague victorian coughing disease and no subtlety whatsoever. She got kicked out of an east coast university (Let’s call it… notBrown) for being too crazy and decided to go west. The caption on DJ’s art was “o look it’s a member of the east coast ivy league liberal elite” which I think sums up everything you need to know.

Things I like about the 12th Doctor

1) For some reason, I like the floof. It gives him a vague mad scientist look.

2) that mixture of hoodies and suits he wears is like something I would wear if available

3) He plays the guitar

4)It’s not officially canon that he’s autistic, but it might as well be in my opinion.

5) No desperate “but Missy, you could be the good guy” he knows she’s evil+crazy and can’t do a damn thing about it.

6) He humiliated Rassilon and didn’t just live, he booted the fucker off the planet, became lord president, and broke every rule he could.

7) He dismantled his radio because it played a song that got stuck in his head and then made a mechanical squirrel out of the parts.

8) He fucking saved Davros

9) He created sonic sunglasses. Because he could.

10) his sonic screwdriver is amazing

11) he likes punk rock music

12) He’s funny, fairly sassy, with a pretty good sense of humour but can be very serious when he needs to be.

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Would Mercury opposition or square Uranus cause erratic speach patterns, somebody whose mind is faster than their tongue, so nobody can actually follow what they're saying?

Yes, it’s highly likely. For me, when I think of Mercury-Uranus aspects I think of the “mad genius” or “mad scientist” for some reason lol, and they can be pretty eccentric with their thoughts - their mind is really electric. With those aspects that you mentioned in particular, it’s definitely possible that the individual is hard to follow because they are speaking so fast and probably sound crazy, like even they hardly understand what they’re saying themselves. Maybe they also have a “unique” or different tone of voice, or they incorporate their own lingo into their vocabulary, they could develop sudden bursts of inspiration and then suddenly forget where they were going with their train of thought.

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Couples halloween costumes for the straw hat gang? (sorry ik it’s not even close to halloween yet) hehe

(Modern AU)

Monkey D. Luffy: It was only appropriate for Luffy to want to be the king of something so when you suggested he be Jack Skellington, he was on board! After watching the movie with you over and over, he easily convinced you to be Sally. With the help of Usopp and other friends, the costumes and make up were on point (even though you had to stop Luffy from rubbing his face so that he wouldn’t mess up all the white make up on his skin or the black markings).

Roronoa Zoro: Zoro didn’t really care for Halloween but once you convinced him to dress up this year, he let you decide everything. You decided that the best thing for his scars and everything was for him to be a zombie while you dressed up as the person that he bit. With some amazing make up skills from your side and an amazing costume design, it worked out, especially with the special effects on the ‘bite mark’ on your shoulder.

Nami: When you suggested for Nami to dress up as Mary Jane because of her beautiful hair, she hopped onto the idea. She spent her time focusing on your outfit since hers was easy to assemble. She was excited to see how you would look as her Spiderman/woman/person. You thought it was cute how happy she was when you tried on the costume and blushed when she teased on trying out the infamous kissing scene from the movie.

Usopp: You teased him about his curly hair and his growing beard and how he should be a werewolf for Halloween. He didn’t think it was such a bad idea so he decided to do that. He wanted you to match with him but you had no idea what to be. You decided to be his ‘mate’ and dressed up as a werewolf as well, making him flustered but also thinking how adorable you were.

Sanji: The two of you were sitting together, discussing your Halloween plans. You brought up the idea of him being a vampire and he actually was on board with the idea! He actually pulled it off very well. With his appearance alone, he gave off the aura of a mysterious vampire yet he was still a gentleman throughout the night. Once you dressed up as a ‘victim’ of his, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. He admired the bite mark that you made with make up and you had to pull him out of his daydreams all day. 

Tony Tony Chopper: He was very excited for Halloween. It was the one day of the year that he could be someone else! So when he told you that he wanted to be a mad scientist, you were willing to help him! After watching several movies with him, you suggested that he be Frankenstein and you could be his creation. You found it so adorable how excited he was and got to work. He had most of the things he needed to be a mad scientist but with some adjustments, he made it look legit. With make up and tears in your clothing, you were the perfect monster for him. (Even though he tried to be crazy, he was still too adorable, making you hug him and ruin the atmosphere he tried so hard to create)

Nico Robin: You often complimented Robin a lot because, to you, it seemed as if she had everything, looks and personality. So, when the two of you were discussing Halloween, she brought up one of the books that she was studying. Greek Mythology. You chimed in that she should be Aphrodite, making her giggle at your suggestion, and she agreed only if you were her Hephaestus. After putting some adjustments on the two costumes, it was a nice fit for the two of you.

Franky: He let you choose the outfit and he was amused when you suggested him being an explorer. He would question you but he decided to go along with it. You complimented him, saying that he looked like Indiana Jones, before going off to put on your costume. You scared the crap out of him when you groaned behind him in your mummy costume. He laughed at how cute you looked. You pouted as you were trying to be scary but he only found it cute. 

Brook: To be honest, the two of you weren’t really prepared for Halloween so the two of you had to do last second costumes. He decided that a simple sheet with holes where the eyes were would be good enough so he called himself a ghost. The two of you laughed at seeing each other when you decided to use make up to look like a skeleton. If anyone asked, he was the ghost of your previous self.

Aries eyes: Sharp, alert, wide-eyed intense/very focused and often almond shaped. Has a heroic staring into the distance eyes. Mars-ruled people will look you straight in the eye, as if they were directly focusing on making eye contact with you.The brows are very pronounced. They hold straight eye contact and seem to have a “bored” look unless they are talking about an interesting subject.

Taurus eyes: These Earthy Venus-ruled people have doe-eyes that exude innocence but beware of the bull staring you down. The eyes are usually darker shades of earthy color, depending on the rising sign. Relaxed eyes, emotionally reserved, but also vulnerable looking. Taurus often have sanpaku eyes, where the white is showing prominently under the iris making it look as if they are always looking up. Think Robert Pattinson and Audrina girl from the Hills but Solar Taurean’s.

Gemini eyes: I know something you don’t know…mischevious glint in their eyes. Gemini eyes dart from here to there always interested in the next thing Inspecting the surroundings curiously. alert, quick-moving eyes are often the easiest way to recognize them. Their eyes are sparkling most of the time. Naughty. The true lolita of the zodiac bright eyed youthful and seemingly innocent.

Cancer eyes: Anime like. Can be big round like the moon but can also be almond shaped. Innocent, kind of sad, sweet, and slightly scared looking. Lunar people’s eyes have a watery effect like they can stare into your soul. Really reflective eyes. This is the sign most associated with photographic memory so be careful they will take a pic. and store it away forever.

Leo eyes: Playfully seductive look in their eyes, like “look at me, aren’t I charming?” I always think of Megan Fox’s expression (leo rising) They have those heavy eyelids that make them to appear lion-like, and they usually have a tendency to blink slowly, just like a lion. When you look at them they seem vibrant and commanding. Some Leo risings have honey suckle eyes or a golden color. Like sun rays shooting out at you they are usually very capable of winning people over just by a warm glance. When they are mad??? wait for it……RAAAAAAAAWWWR!!! Their eyes turn dark and intense with a fearless glare when pushed to a temperamental point.

Virgo eyes: Mercurial qualities give an Intense and shining glimmer in the eyes of Virgo. Virgo sun sign peeps seem to have big round eyes while Virgo rising’s seem to have deep set beady little eyes. Depth in their eyes, Serious stares, focused eyes that always have a coherent look with reason and sobriety. Usually smirking shyly and intensely like they’re strongly focused on a thought. Long freakish eyelashes. Many Virgo’s have clear green eyes but not always some are brown.They see EVERYTHING. Those small details you think no one notices, think again because Virgo already has.

Libra eyes: Venusian qualities gives them Symmetrical eyes. Extremley sparkly eyes. Romantic gaze. Charming and Cunning. Flirty eyes, They look like they are trying to charm the pants off you. Love to look at themselves in the mirror. just watch a Libra flirt with themselves next time you hang out with one. Happy eyes. Peaceful content with the universe, basically, is the best way I can put it. Passive and sweet.

Scorpio eyes: Have a piercing quality. Magnetic and penetrating. Hypnotic. Mysterious. Be aware, of their hypnotizing ability, they can literally put you in a trance with just one look. Glistening when contented and flaming when disgruntled. Like a laser Scorpio will use their eyes to scan everything. They can talk with their eyes, without even saying a word they can just shoot you a look and you know. A serious and deep “I know” look with some kind of sexual undertone.

Sagittarius eyes: Bright and honest eyes. Usually seem to have a glint in their eyes like children being playful. Devious eyes like Gemini but can look ditzy (Sag. rising especially) This is because they are usually off in their mind planning their next adventure or trip to foriegn lands. Almost always all Sag’s have close set eyes. I think of a very ambitious and self-centered look in the eyes (though sags aren’t really self centered…) but they are the most judgmental of the zodiac and have a strong 6th sense so watch out.

Capricorn eyes: Usually have deep eyes, that look like they are working some sort of magic you don’t know about. Calm, composed and Serious look to the eyes. Narrow their eyes when displeased. Prone to dark eye circles, eye bags, wrinkles under eyes. For the girls…a bitchy look, like they don’t like you all that much. Awkward and shy looking, sorry cap girls. The guys don’t look awkward, but confident.

Aquarius eyes: It’s like they are here but somewhere else mentally, a very spaced out aloof look. They can look cold and have perfected the art of the icy gaze. Think of Medusa ( Aquarius sun), just one look could turn you into stone. Gorgeous, obviously, but slightly spacie looking. All the Aquarians I know have amazing eyes but they can space right out with them. Like replicants. Crazy mad scientist eyes. I think of Eminem (aqua moon)

Pisces eyes: This sign has the most beautiful eyes in the zodiac! Usually clear blue but not always. Dreamy, Enigmatic, crystal clear eyes. Severe light water eyes and can even look drugged out. Khamelion eyes, sometimes the pupils can dialate much bigger than normal. Pisces women have that “staring off in the distance” look with eyes that are wide set. sad, very compassionate, “I feel the world’s suffering” look in the eyes. vulnerability and definitely “fish-like” features.

You can see some of these qualities of the different signs in people who don’t have that zodiac sign because of the planetary placements in their birth chart’s . For example, You are a Pisces but have the Venusian qualities of flirting with yourself in the mirror. You might take a look at your birth chart and find that your venus is very prominent. Maybe sun conjunct Venus for example.

I’ve seen the new Ghostbusters, and I liked it. The cast was great, they really bounced off each other and really sold them as four friends hanging out and busting ghosts. Kate McKinnon stole my heart as crazy mad-scientist Holtzmann, and I fell in love with Leslie Jones’ Patty. 

Some of the jokes didn’t land that well, and there were some gags I didn’t care for, but there were also a lot more jokes that I laughed at and thought were great. It might not be a perfect comedy, but it’s still a pretty good one.

There’s also little references and gags to the old movies, but they feel like cute easter eggs rather than the movie just being a big reference fest (looking at you Terminator Genisys). Oh and watch through the credits, there’s some extra scenes, some cool unused visuals, and an after credits scene. 

Overall I’d give it a 7/10. Not without it’s problems, but still really enjoyable to watch.

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