you baked those yourself. i know

1. Never leave cookies in the oven too long. Even if they’re still really soft, take them out after the recommended time. When they cool they will harden. Trust me, no one likes cookies that taste like rocks.

2. Always take a jacket. Even if you think you’ll be fine. Even if you’ll be inside. Even if there’s a heater. Bring your jacket.

3. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it because everyone needs help sometimes.

4. The best pancake recipe is 1 cup equal parts flour and milk, ½ cup sugar and a pinch of baking powder. Add chocolate chips for extra deliciousness.

5. Go outside every day. Even if you don’t want to. Even if you have to use all your strength to drag yourself out of bed. The sunshine might not cure your problems, but it’ll do you so much good to breathe fresh air.

6. Don’t let your hobbies fade away. Keep reading, keep drawing, keep singing, keep painting, keep running. Keep doing what you love.

7. Carbs are not the enemy. They fuel your brain. So eat those potatoes and that rice and don’t you feel guilty about it for one second.

8. I know it sounds cliché but time really does heal all wounds. Give yourself 6 months and it won’t hurt so much, trust me.

9. Be kind. There is no reason for you to put someone down.

10. Learn to love yourself loudly and unconditionally and never apologise for it.

11. If you ever find yourself involved with someone who treats you like you’re nothing, run for the hills and never look back. They don’t deserve you.

12. Rose hip oil is a miracle worker. Gently rub over your face each night before bed and your skin will feel like silk.

13. Drink. Three. Litres. Of. Water. Every. Day.

14. Take pictures. Document everything. One day you’re gonna want to look back at all of this, make sure you have the photos to look at.

15. Let go of anything that weighs you down. The past is the past and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Every day is a another chance for us to do better, to be better.

16. Spend as much time as you can with the people who make you laugh.

17. Set up goals for yourself and keep yourself motivated in whatever you’re doing. Always have something to work towards.

18. Try to make your bed every morning. Yes it’s a hassle when you’re half asleep but there is no better feeling then coming home to a nice clean freshly made bed, especially if you’ve had a bad day.

19. Treat yourself but also look after yourself. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and move your body then dance all night and have a doughnut as a midnight snack. Life is about balance.

20. Never be afraid to love, even if you’ve been hurt before. Live life with an open heart and you might be vulnerable but you will experience so much joy.

—  words of advice from a 19 year old

A while back @benaya-trash drew this wonderful art for my long!fic: To Build a Home (Of Sorts). I absolutely love it so thank you so much!!!

“You’re back,” he said in more of a question.

“Yeah, I am,” Stiles answered.

“For how long?”

That is when the silence kicked in for real, and Stiles went rigid and nervous, “uh…well, Derek, that depends on you.”

“On me?”

“I’m not doing the map anymore, I sorta ripped it up. Self-righteous I know,” Stiles babbled, “and, I kind of ran out on you and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I never let you explain the whole Skype thing. Then again, I can totally understand if I overstepped, I was only half kidding about Christmas. Anyways…um I just, you have this big house all to yourself and I don’t really feel like going back to Beacon Hills for a while and I just thought….I just figured if–ya know if it was cool with you maybe I could stay?”

Derek opened his mouth, a response half baked in his throat, but Stiles kept on going.  

“Of course I’d help and stuff, this time I promise not to nail my shirt to anything. I mean I assume you’re going to be putting furniture in soon. If it’s from Ikea I can totally help with that, I am the master of those things, Scott assembled his desk the wrong way after two hours but I fixed it in about thirty minutes. Like I said, master of Ikea stuff. Also despite what you may have seen at my dad’s house I promise not to leave a huge mess. Okay…maybe my habit of leaving towels on the floor will take a while to kick, but I’ll try and remember not to do that and–”

“Stiles,” Derek interjected, setting the glass down with a loud thunk, “I leave towels on the floor too.”

That was the last thing Stiles expected him to say. His jaw fell to the ground in shock, eyes nearly bulging out of his head. Stiles let out a small laugh and Derek let himself get lost in it. The laugh went on for a few more seconds before dissipating, the joy replaced with a newfound seriousness.

“Wait–was that a yes?”

Derek looked up from his hands, the easy answer heavy on his tongue.


Stiles let out a long sounding sigh, his shoulders falling and face relaxing from its pinched state. The house would no longer be silent for days on end, Cora would no longer be the only person he talked to, the house would no longer just be a house.

Suddenly, with Stiles here, it had the potential to be a home.

Find this fic on AO3: HERE

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Can I please have Akashi going home on Valentines, surprising his s/o because she thought he has a business meeting somewhere far and was sad because she won't be able to give him her chocolates?? Fluff, fluff, more Valentines Day fluff!

I live for fluff even though I’m now basically dead

Enjoy an affectionate Akashi! Although request says “she” I kept it gender neutral. Cheesy ending line alert, consider yourself warned.

Originally posted by rosiitea

When he told you he was going to New York for an important business meeting with a foreign company, you were okay with it as you usually were. Being in a relationship with someone as powerful as him sort of diminishes the amount of time the two of you spend together, what with his giant responsibilities and all. In the span of your romance, you have learned to accept this as a fact, despite you still being lonely whenever he has to go.

It only hit you a few hours after the announcement that he would be gone for Valentine’s.

On the tenth of February, you dropped him off with his driver at the airport, him wearing suit-and-tie, looking unnecessarily dashing for someone who is only going to board a plane for twelve hours. You said your goodbyes, wishing him all the success he hopes to gain from the soon-to-be agreement with the foreign company. You also told him to come back soon.

“I will,” Akashi said with a peck to your lips, “wait for me.”

After he boarded the plane, you and his driver go back to the now colder and emptier home—the living space somehow dropping slightly in temperature as if his hair color brings warmth. You throw yourself on your shared bed with a sigh. 

It’s a cycle that you’ve been through numerous times now. He goes, you get lonely, you wait, he comes back. 

The only difference this time around is that there will be a change in your plans. You won’t be able to give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day—somewhat ridiculous when you think of the gifts he gives to you on White Day, but Akashi claims to very much enjoy the sweet treats, no matter how simple they may seem.

“I think you have a knack in these sort of things,” you remember his words when you first gave him chocolate three years ago, “they’re delicious. It’s kind of a bad thing because I know I’m going to bother you again next year just so you’ll make this again for me.” You remember the way Akashi’s eyes twinkled mirthfully as he presses half of the chocolate cookie he just bit into against your lips.

Moping over his absence in the house isn’t going to solve anything, you tell yourself after spending thirty minutes lying on your bed doing nothing but stare at the ceiling. Somehow you manage to get yourself up and walk to the kitchen—if he’s not home for Valentine’s, so what? You can always bake those cookies and give them to him when he comes home as a belated gift.

To do so, you will need to go grocery shopping.

The reddish pink of the batter looks beautiful, especially when you look at how the dough is arranged neatly on a tray of baking sheet. You smile absent-mindedly, pleased by how great the cookies are going so far. They’re red velvets, like the cake, and they’re the first cookies you’ve given to him three years ago. 

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and Akashi called several hours ago to say happy Valentine’s and that he’s sorry he can’t be with you as of the moment. You reply just as pleasant, asking questions about how the deal is going, and the two of you continue to chat for about seven minutes until he announces that he needs to go.

“I’ll be home soon,” Akashi tells you. You hum, telling him that you’re going to wait patiently like he asked you to.

When the doorbell to your shared apartment rings, you crinkle your eyebrows in suspicion. You most certainly aren’t expecting anyone, especially not at 9 pm. Thinking it must be some stray pizza delivery boy, you wipe your hands on a small towel before going to open the door.

To say that you are surprised is the most massive understatement in history. You actually let out a gasp when you see Akashi, standing in front of your door with his suitcase in one hand. The man certainly finds amusement in your reaction—thank heavens you aren’t holding anything in your hand, as you are likely to drop it upon seeing him.


“Good to see you too, darling,” he says, leaning forward just enough to capture your lips in his. The kiss is more than just a simple peck—you can feel a hint of desperation and underlying desire through the way his lips sucks slightly, but before you can think more, he pulls away. 

“You’re home early,” you whisper, hands resting on his chest as you bask in the scent of him. He chuckles while he plays with your hair, letting your face hover dangerously close to the skin of his neck. The first two buttons of his shirt are undone, presumably as an effort to try and relax in the flight, and that allows gracious access for you to nudge your nose against his jugular.

“I did say ‘I’ll be home soon’.”

“I didn’t know this is what you meant…”

“Did you miss me?” Akashi asks, knowing very well what the answer is going to be, as if the way you hug him back isn’t obvious enough. You can only nod, not believing that your lover is here in flesh and bone, and your arms bring him closer to compensate for the times you wished you had him like this.

“I smell something good,” he comments with a teasing lilt in his voice. You jerk your head up, suddenly realizing that you’re not done with the cookies. Akashi looks at you, seemingly reading your mind and comprehending the situation without having to ask. “Are those for me?”

“Who else am I going to give it to?” You retort, walking back into your home with him in tow, following you in a calmer manner. You rush to the kitchen, only to breathe a sigh of relief to find that the timer hasn’t gone off yet. You’re observing the cookies from beyond the oven window when Akashi slides behind you, arms snug around your waist.


“Red velvet,” you correct, turning around to plant a small kiss on his nose. “Are you tired?”

“How can I be when I’m with you?” He smirks when you blush, walking out of his embrace to attend to the cream cheese frosting you’re working on. Akashi tails behind you with a demeanor that is half an excited puppy and half an elegant cat. “Want me to help you?”

“I could use some,” you smile, a giddy feeling bubbling from your gut when you see him take off his suit jacket and roll up his sleeves. “Knowing you, you’re probably going to be good at this in no time.” You put some butter into the bowl and proceed to whip it, Akashi once again hugging you from behind.

“Sei, is this what you mean by ‘helping’? You’re not doing much, you know,” you chuckle, slightly ticklish at the way his hair brushes against your nape. Akashi kisses you there before burying his face in the crook of your neck, humming as his fingers trace your apron.

“Forgive a man for missing his love too much,” Akashi croons, and you can’t help the color returning to your cheeks, making you look amusingly similar to the treats being baked in the oven. 

If you’re a red velvet cookie, he’s your oven, because he never fails to warm up your heart.

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Kara and reader make cupcakes together. Instructing the other by hugging them from behind and guiding there hands, smearing cream in each other's face, kisses, "fighting". A very cheesy couples, cupcake making session in other words.

Originally posted by holandrodens

You’ve recently noticed that you could never say no to Kara. She gets that adorable crinkle on her lower forehead and gives you those super cute puppy eyes when she wants something, and you honestly could not find the power within yourself to resist. So when she asks you if you could spend the day baking, you groan extra loudly, because you know there’s was no way you were getting out of this one.

“I don’t even know how to bake!” you complain as Kara drags you to the kitchen.

“Oh, come on! It’s super easy, you just follow the recipe! Besides, I already bought all the ingredients, so we can’t just not bake anything.” You roll your eyes over dramatically and accept your defeat. You even let Kara put a tacky chef hat and apron on you.

“You look really cute.” Kara smiles widely at you, grabbing your apron and pulling you closer. “You’re amazing.”

She kisses you gently, and suddenly you don’t mind baking, in fact, you’d bake a million cakes if it meant making Kara happy.

Kara pulls away as soon as the kiss starts getting interesting. “These cupcakes aren’t going to bake themselves.”

“Such a tease.” you mutter. Not quite sure where to start, you grab the thing nearest to you, which happens to be a giant wooden spoon. “What do I do?”

You turn around, spoon in hand, and stare at your girlfriend, who already has flour on her nose.

“Loser,” you grin at her, indicating with your finger that she should check her nose.

She heads over to you and wipes her nose all over your shoulder.

“Gross, you probably wiped more than just the flour on my shirt.”

“At least I’m not the clueless idiot who doesn’t even know how to use a spoon.”

You smile suggestively at Kara, and lean back against the counter.

“Maybe you can show me.”

Kara’s eyes slowly begin to move down your body, checking you out. There’s a mischievous twinkle in them now, and you know that whatever happens next is going to be worth wearing this stupid hat.

“Turn around.” You do as your told, the spoon still in hand. You feel Kara’s arms snake around yours as she rests her head on your right shoulder.

She whispers in your ear the entire time she guides you, and not about baking. You were mixing cookie dough with a spoon, there was no actual guidance necessary, but you two were always looking for excuses to touch each other.

There’s a particular remark she makes that makes you spin around to face her and start kissing her. You push her back into the table behind her, knocking over the carton of eggs.

“Dammit Y/N!” She sounds angry, but one look at you and she smiles. “No, stop being all cute…I’m mad.” She fakes pouts and crosses her arms.

“No you aren’t.” You whisper as you lean in for another kiss. Kara blocks you with a face full of flour.

“Oh my god, you are so dead.” Kara runs off, taking the sack of flour with her. She doesn’t get too far though, because you grab her from behind, wrapping your arms around her and lifting her up. She easily slips out of your grasp, throwing more flour at you. You grab some cookie dough from the bowl on the counter and chuck it at her. It hits her right in the face, with a satisfying splat. You go at each other back and forth, until the food battle ends with your girlfriend slipping and taking you down with her.

Kara is literally on top of you, not that you’re complaining, and your faces are covered in flour. The blonde looks at you and laughs, and you join her.

“How did this happen?” You ask, moving your hands up to her waist.

“I don’t know, but you look really sexy all covered in flour.” Kara starts kissing down your neck, her hands doing some exploring as they make their way under your shirt, and all you can think about is how much you love baking.

4am toasty

Hi this is just a little something I’ve had sitting around for a few days, thought i could give the writing scene a try again! 

you didn’t plan on waking up at 4am but the sound of pans clanking and cold sheets to your left let you know that someone else did. 

 pulling the sheets back and slipping into your new fuzzy slippers he got you one day coming home from the shops, (“i thought you’d like them, your feet are always bloody freezing” he gushed as soon as you looked inside the bag), you wrapped the grey woolly blanket you kept at the foot of the bed around your shoulders to try and keep the warmth of being under the covers on you, you shuffled down the hall to the kitchen where you found him making a grilled cheese toasty and if it wasn’t for the little noise your slippers made while making contact with the wood floor he wouldn’t have heard you come up behind him. 

 “what’re yeh up fo’ go back to sleep will yeh baby love, i’ll be there in a tic. got a little peckish s’all.” he half smiled turning back to you. 

 “told you to finish the rest of your dinner, knew you’d get hungry you goose” you said knuckling at your still sleep filled eyes.

 “you goose? that’s a new one ‘innit pet..what’s next,? you’re gonna call me a bloody zebra?” he’s teasing you but only because you’re still half asleep and he knows he can get away with it. 

 furrowing your brows you sigh “you’re lucky i’m tired you dolt, now how ‘bout you make me one of those famous toasties?” you teased back crossing the kitchen to sit on a bar stool, actually feeling keen on a cheese toasty yourself if you’re honest. 

 “Oi! if you remember i used-”

“to be a baker, i know you tell me every chance you get” you cut him off because to be quite frank you didn’t want to hear this story for the umpteenth time, “but you’re not a chef bub and if i remember correctly you didn’t do very well on the great british bake off either” (after dunkirk finished filming he got invited onto the show, now he thinks he’s gordon ramsay

 he turned and walked over to the stool you were sitting on “i’ll have you know that when they say you have an hour they actually mean an hour, how the hell am i supposed to bake 2 dozen cupcakes in one bloody hour?!” 

 a pout at your lips you ran your fingers through the newly growing hair “don’t worry love you’re still the greatest baker/chef i’ve ever known” you wrap your arms around his neck and reach up to peck a kiss on his nose. 

 “You must really want that cheese toasty if you’re kissing the cook” he snickered as he turned back to start on yours 

 “How bout it then chef styles?” you follow behind him wrapping your arms around his torso Moments like these make you reflect on how much you love him and how you can’t see life without him anymore. 4am toasties wouldn’t be as good if you were by yourself. You wouldn’t want anyone else to poke fun of for watching keeping up with the kardashians even though he could easily call one of them up and have lunch at the SoHo house, “they act different in person pet s’not as fun” he would always tell you. 

 You are totally and completely in love with him, you could feel your heart swell with adoration for him, and maybe you’re a little emotional due to lack of sleep but your love for him is constant even when you’re sleeping. 

 “Come back to me would yeh?” he rubs your forearms that are still wrapped around him “Sorry what?” you ask unwrapping him “Thought you fell asleep on me, I said your toasty’s done” he placed your plate in front of the stool you were sat on a few minutes ago. 

 It was a great grilled cheese toasty. 

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I know this might be harder than the mtf or ftm guide thing, but do you have tips for being more androgynous in the same sort of format?

Ren says:

I was waiting for this and to be honest I have no idea but I will try!!! [makes a strong muscle]

  • pick flowers (preferably not from a nature preserve or a neighbor’s yard) and put them in your hair, or beard, or armpit hair, or wherever the heck you want
  • on that note: dye your armpit hair
  • heck. dye any hair you own
  • let the straps or the very edges of a sports bra show (even if you don’t have boops that necessarily require a containment facility, I really like this look and perhaps you might as well!)
  • try new things and don’t be afraid to do them wrongly. dance poorly, sing off-key, bake failed experiments. bask in the experiences that other people see as failures!! (I recommend this to anybody, honestly, but especially to those of us who have to find their own niche of presentation)
  • Pinterest accounts are honestly invaluable for us because it can be really difficult to pin down the presentation that works for you
  • write affirming words all over yourself. I like to do it on my thighs and belly, because when I’m going to the bathroom (silly, I know) I look down and I’m like “hey! I’m valid! That’s cool!”. Plus markers are tickly
  • paint - should’ve included this on the others, too, but painting is a really relaxing thing
  • bubble baths. when not bubble baths?
  • buy wigs that you can practice styling on or wear out and about - whether you have long or short hair, it’s worth it to know how hair works, and fun to be able to play with your hairstyle!
  • take an enormous amount of selfies
  • even if you can’t present all fancy-free in public, do so in private and take selfies and make an album of them to look through whenever you’re feeling a lil down
  • add ideas from the AMAB or AFAB post into your own personal self-care practices, as needed
  • make avatars of your ideal look
  • watch episodes of Too Cute

Making a separate little bit to say: if you are able to do so safely, challenge the notion that masculine = androgynous.

Any other ideas? Hit us up!

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: orange!
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
last song I listened to: stitched by shawn mendez (i think that’s what came on pandora lol)
last movie I watched: something on hallmark movies & mysteries, one of those ‘murder she baked’ ones

top three tv shows:
1) vikings
2) game of thrones
3) izombie

top three characters:
1) bjorn ironside
2) sansa stark
3) bellamy blake

top three ships:
1) bellamy blake/raven reyes
2) ragnar/athelstan/lagertha
3) finn/poe dameron

His Assistant: JuminxMaleMc

Yay! Male Mc AKA Zack Rein. I really love writing male characters. It feels so comfortable for me. 

Rating: Fluff yet I use some Rated M words I think
Game: Mystic Messenger
Character: Jumin Han

List of other stories :)


There was something infuriating about working with a slave driving boss. No it wasn’t because of the mountains of work, no it wasn’t because of the ridiculous amounts of work he had piled onto Zack’s work desk, and no it wasn’t because sometime during the day Zack saw death waving him over pointing at the grave sight that was his cubical. It was because the boss of this cemetery plot was none other than the man Zack had fallen in l-lo-lo…well he liked Jumin a whole lot more than he liked most people. At first it was all fine and well. Zack was doing Jaehee a favor. She was on her second vacation, something that she happily announced every time she was in the chatroom, but unfortunately she had booked her trip to Italy on the week the company was at its busiest.

Ha ha yeah… “unfortunately.”

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AO3 link here!

Kiki’s 200 Follower Celebration Challenge (@deathtonormalcy56)

Prompt: Gabe x Reader, food

Summary: Where are those damn cupcakes?

Wourd count: 704

Characters: Gabriel, Sam and Dean Winchester with Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings/tags: disgusting fluff, it’s unbeta’d so all the mistakes are mine! (I just want to raise my self-esteem a bit by posting unbeta’d stuff)

A/N: So, first time writing something longer with Gabriel, hope I did him justice! 

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post, those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

You were going crazy or all of it was just a stupid joke.

You were baking cupcakes, like always when you knew that boys would be back from a hunt soon, if you were sitting a one out.

It didn’t happen often, but the last hunt had left you with more bruises than you could count and you hadn’t exactly been in shape to head for another one. (Cons of becoming a ghost’s punching bag.)

That’s why Sam and Dean had told you to stay at the bunker, assuring you that they would do just fine without your assist. You had gone crazy with cleaning after they left, organising books in the library the way Sam had taught you and doing research when they had needed you to.

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Oh my gosh please no we so care go submerge yourself in positivity please and watch the pastel edits video or baking or something we love you

dont worry beeb im not gonna do anything im just in one of those moods ya know.. thank you for messaging me though you’re really sweet <33

On the College Essay

Well, first some life updates:

  • I own a chocolate fountain. I got it at my grad party because my dad and I were setting up for it and we found it in our attic. I’ve actually owned it for a while now but I realized I never put it on my blog and I felt like it should be here.
  • Also I’m working on that database at work (and trust me, it’s keeping me pretty busy) and this week I was so mad at the code I anger quacked at it the other day. Then MIT Student Life retweeted it: 
  • So if the combination of my angry quacking and chocolate fountain doesn’t get me a date first semester, I’m going to be disappointed.
  • Also Nate Ruess’s new album is kind of my life right now and I think it’s a work of art and everyone is sick of listening to me talk about it and my boss is also tired of it and my remixes I’ve been making during my lunch breaks and it sounds amazing in my computer and makes me want to film so many things and I should be doing physics and…I’m even listening to it right now. ART!!!

But this entry actually isn’t about my quacking or chocolate fountains! It’s about the college essay!

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Rainy Days

Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1357

Genre: Fluff

“Omo, isn’t the cashier so cute?” You hear girls whisper was you walk into the cafe.

It’s unusual for girls to be at the cafe at this time at night on a Friday. It’s around 7 pm and you would think that high school girls would be busy on a Friday night.

You shake their voices off and get in line. You have a day off from school today, as your one, Friday class’s professor caught a cold and couldn’t come in. When you arrive at the caféhe smell of coffee beans fills your senses and in a few minutes, you decide on a latte.

“Annyeonghaseyo~” The man behind the register says.

You were too concentrated on getting your wallet out to look up, but when you do, you see the cutest boy you’ve ever seen.

“Annyeonghaseyo. I’d like the house famous latte please.” You say. He nods and types your order into the register as you pay for the drink.

“Miss what’s your name, and is this for here or to go?” He asks cocking his head to the side.

“Y/n and to stay.” You say before walking away to find a seat in the cafe. You grab one by the window and place your bag on the seat next to you.

“Here you go Y/n, one house famous latte nice and hot.” The cute boy from the register says while placing the cup in front of you. The cup has your name written on it and a little heart drawn on next to it. You find the courage to ask the man if he’s new. You come to this cafe pretty often and you’ve never seen him here before.

“Excuse me, but are you new here?” You ask looking for his nametag. His name tag had Minghao~ written on it.

“Ah, Minghao’s your name.” You continue.

“Ah yes, I’m pretty new here.” He says shyly.

“Well, she’s a regular, so make sure you treat her well when she comes in,” Mingyu says, popping out from behind Minghao.

You don’t see Mingyu that often since he’s usually in the back baking, but he came out with a little platter of pastries for you to try.

“She’s my taste tester you see,” Mingyu says, sitting in front of you.

“Minghao, nice to meet you and I’ll see you around.” You say, smiling.

He then bows and goes back behind the counter. For the next few minutes, you talk to Mingyu and tell him your thoughts on his new pastries. As he walks away with an empty plate, you sit back and drink your latte.

“I know why those girls were giggling before. Man, he is cute” You think to yourself while taking sips of your drink.

You take out the book you brought with you. It was about taking care of corgis and how to handle them.

“You have a corgi?”  A voice says. Looking up from your book, you see Minghao standing in front of you.

“Yeah, I do. I love dogs a lot.” You explain as his eyes light up.

“I love dogs too; I want one, but because of my job I can’t take care of one. What’s your dog’s name?” He asks.

“His name is Mika.” You say closing your book.

“I’d love to meet him. Too bad dogs aren’t allowed inside.” He says pouting.

“Well, what if I sit outside and you can meet him?” You ask chuckling at his excitement.

“I’d love that.” He says as he bows and walks away to help the customer at the register.

A while later, you pack up your things and wave to Minghao before walking out the door to go home. When you get home, Mika greets you with a few barks.

“Mika, we’re gonna meet a new friend tomorrow.” You say, bending down to speak to your dog. Mika barks and jumps around.

“I knew you’d be excited,” you say while laughing at his action.

The rest of the night, all you can think about is Minghao. He is certainly cute and nice. Honestly, you’re probably more excited than Mika for tomorrow.

The next day, you wake up to the thunder crashing and Mika trying to hop on your bed.

“Mika, I don’t think we can go today since it’s raining out and while I want to bring you inside,I don’t think you’re allowed in.” You explain to your dog as he whines.

“Well we can try, what’s the harm in that.” Your dog jumps around making you laugh.

You spend the day doing some school work before you head to the cafe at the same time as yesterday. It’s still raining but Mika doesn’t mind it at all. He’s definitely eager to get to the destination. You arrive at the cafe and wait outside in the rain under your umbrella. Minghao sees you outside with your dog and waves to you. The cafe is almost empty with only 3 or 4 customers inside. He rushes outside to meet you and your dog.

“Annyeong Y/n. Omo, your dog is so cute!” He exclaims while petting Mika.

“Let’s get inside,” Minghao says opening the door.

“But Minghao, dogs aren’t allowed inside.” You say puzzled.

“Well, the cafe’s empty. And your dog looks harmless.” He says before dragging you inside.

“NO! GET THAT BEAST OUTSIDE.” Wonwoo, the other barista on duty, says as soon as you walk inside.

“Hyung, come on! The dogs harmless; look at it,” Minghao says begging his hyung to let you and the dog stay.

“Yeah but-” Wonwoo starts but Minghao interrupts him, giving him puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but keep it away from the customers,” Wonwoo says as Minghao claps and runs into the back.

You sit at the same table as yesterday and luckily, it was as far as you could get from the other customers. Minghao comes back with a bowl of water, a towel to dry Mika off, and a latte for you a few minutes later. You dry off Mika, tie his leash to your chair, and watch Minghao sit on the floor next to Mika. Minhao pets Mika and coos at how cute he is. He takes out treats from his apron pockets and feeds them to Mika. You chat about Mika for a bit, but then he asks you about your life. Moving from the floor to sit across from you at the table,he is genuinely interested in what you have to say and the two of you chat until Minghao notices a sleeping Mika on the floor.

“Aww. Cute~” He says as you smile and nod.

“Just like you.” He adds and to his dismay you hear.

“What Minghao?” You ask.

“Nothing.” He whispers and rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“Did you call me cute?” You chuckle.

“Yeah, I think you’re really cute and funny.” He says as he looks in your eyes.

“Y/n, I know it might be a bit fast because we just met yesterday, but I thought you were cute the moment you walked in and now that I know more about you, I find you very attractive inside and out.” Minghao shamelessly adds blushing a deep shade of pink.

“Wow. Well, Minghao, I think you’re really handsome and cute too.” You say, blushing as Mika’s head pops up.

“I would really like to get to know you better. Do you want to go out with me?” You continue and Minghao’s eyes widen.

“O-of course I’d love too.” He says smiling. You both sit there smiling at each other when Minghao takes your hand.

“I’d really like to learn about you more as well.” He admits as Mika barks.

“Mika, I know I’m excited too,” You say as Mika barks again.

Who knew such good things could come from rainy days.

Admin Jai

Sweet Angel [Yoongi]

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Summary: In which you’re the sweetest trainee at BigHit but for some reason, Yoongi doesn’t like you and one day goes too far with insults.

Word count: 3 443

Type: ANGST/ fluff

Member: Yoongi (Suga) from BTS

A/N: An anon requested this but said you were an assistant but I thought it would be more interesting if you were a trainee, I hope you’re okay with that anon and I hope it turns out good! I love you my baby stars and I hope you’re having a great day today! x

Happy reading! x


You breathed in and out heavily, your lungs desperately trying to catch your breath once again after the brutal exercise they had to endure when your group and you were forced to practice your routine for your debut performance five times perfectly and without any mistakes and because you were all tired and drained from other practices that were just as brutal, you didn’t prove successful very often and had to perform the routine fifteen times and only then after running through the routine five times where you didn’t have mistakes, you were finally able to rest. 

You laid back onto the floor, not even caring if the floor of the practice room had sweats, blood and tears, chest rising rapidly as if you were experiencing those terrifying and over the edge panic attacks. You closed your eyes with a frown, feeling that even your mind was exhausted as well as your body and started to think if becoming a trainee was really worth it if you were suppose to endure all this exhaustion of working non-stop without any breaks and beginning to live a life that didn’t seem human like. But you thought back to when you were smaller, a naive little girl with stars in her eyes and dreams of becoming a part of a famous Kpop group constantly running through your mind. The image of being in a Kpop group only appeared glamorous to you as you watched behind a computer screen all these groups perform these outrageous and stunning performances that would take you months on end to finally get down, watched as they tried to connect more and more with fans all over the world with trying to learn languages all over the world and watch them grow more and more famous as they finally gained the recognization you knew they deserved after working so hard to put on an elaborate show, produce better and better music and be the best they could possibly be, even if that meant getting injured and hurt a few times. 

In that moment, you apologized to all the groups you admired and still admire now because you didn’t understand how much work they had to go through just to produce things just for the fans pleasure and very little for their own until you were in their place, feeling awful that they had to endure this and so much more. You opened your eyes once again, feeling the beat of your heart slowing down to its normal pace and your chest finally move up and down like it regularly would, sitting back up and getting off the floor carefully because you were afraid that your body might ache because of the intense training it was currently going under and alerted your group you were going to get some water before you left the practice room.

You walked down the hallway filled with different kinds of sounds of different artists working in their own spaces, hoping they wouldn’t be going through the same hell your group has been going through and slowly walked up to the vending machine at the end of the hallway. You scanned your options, debating whether you should get something a little more on the unhealthy side because you hadn’t had anything remotely sweet or delicious because of the diet your management team put your whole group on to insecure your appearance was one that people unintentionally favoured. You decided to go with just a cold water bottle because you were scared that somehow your management team would find out what you did and do something drastic to you in return, hearing the sound of footsteps behind you. 

You bent over to get your water bottle out of the vending machine, turning around and accidentally bumping into the person you didn’t think was right behind you, the impact of your bodies colliding sending your weak body to the ground. When you regained some composure, you looked upwards as you squinted your eyes from the almost blinding light above you and saw the famous rapper Yoongi, Suga from one of your idolized groups, BTS. You looked at the boy who normally had an emotionless expression of his face, look down at you with a clearly annoyed facial expression that you immediately felt bad for. You quickly got up on your feet, even if your body was too tired and weak for such fast actions, bowing politely and apologizing sincerely towards Yoongi, who you deeply respected and admired.

“Just watch where you’re going.“ 

You stood straight up from your position that you had when you bowed before him, astounded that words like this would ever slip from his lips and not by accident when you could see on his face how he was really annoyed and upset with your presence currently. You felt tears brimming in your eyes, an immediate feeling of you swallowing a dry pill in your throat and as well as a hollow feeling devouring your system. You quickly apologized again with a bow before you ran off, wanting to get out of that awkward situation as fast as you could before anything worse could happen between the two of you.


The day after your run-in with Yoongi, you went back home and prepared your mom’s famous and rich batch of brownies that always left anyone who tasted them wanting more as an apology to Yoongi who seemed to be really annoyed and upset yesterday, which didn’t help you in any way when you accidentally bumped into him. You walked into the BigHit building the next day, wrapped chocolate brownies in hand and high hopes that they would make things good between Yoongi and you. 

You greeted everyone you walked past with a sweet smile, them returning the greeting and the smile as you walked past each other. When you got onto your floor where your practice room was and where the whole incident happened after you had taken the stairs to your floor, you saw Yoongi standing exactly where he you met him yesterday, same place and same facial expression that he had yesterday. You felt a bit discouraged to go up to him, especially when he still looked annoyed but you were also hopeful that maybe giving him the brownies you made with love and happiness would put him in a better mood, which is why you walked up to him with confidence you forced upon yourself.

Hello Yoongi,” You greeted the boy who looked up from the vending machine and stared at you with an emotionless facial expression, “I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry that I bumped into yesterday and made you upset, I know you’re working hard and what I did yesterday didn’t help so I baked you these brownies my mom use to make as a peace offering.”

You smiled sweetly at Yoongi, handing the boy the tray that had those famous chocolate brownies which were wrapped nicely while you saw him not even smile or anything to show that he appreciated the fact you took time out of the time you could have been practicing to make him delicious treats. He took them in his hands, staring upon them for a moment before he mumbled a quiet, “thank you.” before you watched him walk off towards where you assumed was his practice room with the amount of times you heard BTS songs being played over and over again. You smiled to yourself, hoping doing that made your relationship a least existing in a good way before you walked to your practice room, ready to face new challenges and difficulties of the day.


After the long and exhausting day of non-stop dancing, singing and even studying different languages from different sides of the world, you were finally allowed to rest. Again after practice, you decided to venture to the vending machine while you reminded yourself to get a water bottle so you didn’t have to keep on coming to the vending machine and paying money for water. 

When you approached the vending machine, a shiny sliver platter managing to catch your eye. You looked closely at the platter in the dustbin near the vending machine and felt your heart drop when you discovered it was the platter you’d given Suga with those brownies you spent hours making just so they were perfect for Yoongi, only two of the many brownies you spent your whole night making were eaten while the rest sat in the dustbin, waiting to be taken care of someplace else and not be in the tummy of some Kpop idol. You frowned, feeling tears welling in your eyes once again before you decided you didn’t need any water at the vending machine anymore because you didn’t need to be reminded that your effort to make peace and just to show someone that you were apologetic clearly wasn’t appreciated and left to the nearest bathroom, sitting in the silence as you freely let the tears stream down your face.

After that day, you tried your best to be even more nice to Yoongi so you could get on the boy’s good side and have him not look at you with annoyance or look like he regretted walking in your direction when he saw you, you greeted him every morning and wished him a safe trip home when you happened to catch him leaving the building the same time as you, paying for his drink he got from the vending machine when you were there to get something to drink as well because you still hadn’t bought a water bottle which could easily be because that you enjoyed your run-ins with Yoongi, even if he didn’t talk and didn’t look like he was willing to talk, you still talked to him and made conversation because you wanted to be somebody that he or anyone else liked. 

One day, after the last exhausting practice before you were set to do your debut performance, the same thing happened, you were dead tired, dark circles underneath your eyes and your body so physically tired that it was a miracle that you were carrying yourself around and were also so sickly pale that people in the hallways thought you were a ghost. You promised you would put your everything into this career and now you have, you walked to the vending machine and bought yourself a water and even then, after so many months, you still hadn’t gotten a water bottle. You bent over to take your cold water bottle, turning around and bumping into someone, the impact not enough to send you flying to the ground but since you were so tired and dead from all the practice and training you had to undergo for months on end, your body carelessly fell to the ground.

You looked up from beyond your eyelids that were so heavy that you barely manage to keep your eyes open, your tired and red eyes landing on Yoongi, who stared at you just the same as the day you two had bumped into each other. You smiled faintly at the thought of that day, remembering how many times you had tried to get on Yoongi’s side after that incident before you quickly frowned when you heard Yoongi lose his cool.

Ugh, god! You again?! Like seriously! Even after that day I told you to watch where you were going, you still don’t listen and do it again! Are you retarded or something? Seriously. You’re probably one of the most retarded trainees I’ve ever come across. You’re always bumping into people at the worst times and just being annoying! Like don’t you get it that you should just stop trying with me. I don’t like you and that’s never gonna change.”

 He brought you to tears when you heard all these hateful things said to you, having no idea that your attempts to get closer to Yoongi and get on his good side only made the boy dislike you even more. His words hurt, more than any words had ever hurt you because the sad thing was you always had a crush on him and would only admit to him when you knew he actually didn’t dislike you and when things would actually work out for the both of you, but ultimately after what he just told you, you knew there was no chance you’d ever get together and there’s no chance of you ever being around Yoongi without being reminded of what he said to you. 

Yoongi looked down at you just for a short moment, feeling just the smallest bit of sympathy for you because he knew his words were harsh and not at all honest which Yoongi wasn’t usually like. He turned his head away from you, walking away from your weak figure that cried right by the vending machine, hurrying back to practice room before someone could hear your cries and saw him before they connected the dots and quickly would shout at him for making such a sweet girl cry, especially on the day before her debut.


Your debut with your group was the best of the year, winning your group many awards and many fans that you adored and more than wanted to show your appreciation to. After your debut, things changed and you weren’t always as tired as you were before but even more tired than before, sleeping every chance you got when you weren’t at fan signing event or performing one of your hit songs that played all over the world. During these days known as your group’s glory days, you completed ignored Yoongi. You kept your distance from the boy in fear of him screaming at you once again and leaving you to cry. You never greeted him in the morning, never said to him that he should have a safe trip back home or never paid for him when he went to the vending machine, which made his trips to the vending machine become less and less frequent.

In all honesty, Yoongi hadn’t hated you like you assumed but liked you in the way no other human being could, he loved how you were often clumsy and always apologized cutely, how you’d greet everyone with a sweet smile in the morning, how loving you were to everyone around you and how you were just this girl who was this source of sunshine, always bringing light upon someone who was dark or just had dark days. The only reason why he was so cold and cruel to you was because you always managed to catch the boy at the wrong time, at times when he was annoyed and angry with the world and your bright happiness and sweet personality would annoy the boy who demanded his world to be sad and dark at the time. He hadn’t meant to make you feel sad and bring you to tears, but he did and he felt awful for that and wanted to apologize for all his wrongs but it was clear that you didn’t want his apology and didn’t even want him around you which left you two sad lovers avoiding each other and trying to push away the feelings you couldn’t overcome. 

One day, you dared to go to the vending machine and get yourself something to drink, glancing in every direction to see if Yoongi was anywhere in the hallway before you heard the sounds of BTS’ new song they were planning on putting out to the public in a few weeks which made you feel relieved because he was inside their practice room and not anywhere you would go. You left your practice room, slowly running your fingers through your hair as you sighed out in exhaustion, hoping that all the hard work and hours you were putting in would pay off soon before you approached the vending machine, almost jumpimg out of your skin when you saw Yoongi sitting there at the small table and two chairs near the vending machine. 

You cleared your throat after the shock of your life, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes as you stared at your options in the vending machine, feeling Yoongi’s eyes burning imaginary holes into you and making your skin crawl with how much unwanted attention you were receiving.

“Could you please stop staring?” You asked the boy who lazily sat at the table nearby staring at you, going back to staring at the options in the vending machine.

You heard the sound of the chair being scraped against the floor, making a loud hissing sound that you cringed at before you suddenly felt Yoongi’s presence next to you, breathing in his intoxicating scent that you would only make you dream of how you’d spend hours in each other’s arms and breathing in the love you had for one another but that dream quickly died a few months back when you thought Yoongi confessed his true feelings about you. 

You turned your head, your soft eyes immediately staring into Yoongi’s, your eyes instantly making Yoongi’s hands feel clammy and make his heart start to beat at a speed unknown. You two just stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, losing yourself in one another’s eyes before reality seemed to shove itself in when your eyes witnessed Yoongi lean in. As much as you use to wish for his lips just to give yours the slightest brush, just to know how it felt to have his pink and soft lips against yours, you were upset as to how he thought he could kiss you after all he’s done to you and before you even knew what was going on, your hand flew to his cheek and slapped the surface of it harder than anything, leaving a bright red mark that you were sure was going to bruise later on if he didn’t put any ice on it soon.

He turned to face you after his cheek was slapped, his hand touching the place where you’d slapped him, looking at you before you found yourself saying to the boy with a little frown on your face, “I’m sorry.”

“You shouldn’t be sorry, I should be,” Yoongi explained to you, his sentence instantly catching your attention and forcing you to listen, “I was such a dick to you and all you were to me was your sweet and kind self and I’m so sorry. It’s just that you approached me at times when I was mad and annoyed and I really didn’t mean to treat you like I did. You’re a precious girl filled with sunshine and love and I’m sorry I rained on your parade. Would you forgive-”

Your hand instantly gripped the front of his shirt, bringing the boy closer to you roughly as your lips softly pressed against his. His eyes widened by your surprising actions that he never thought would ever happen between the two of you but soon his pale cheeks flushed a obvious color of light red when his brain finally registered that he was being kissed by you, a true angel from the heavens above. He unintentionally smiled because of this during the kiss, going ahead and kissing your lips with all the love and passion he had for you and kept locked away from you for all these months. You smiled too because you could really even feel how happy and how much love Yoongi had for you, giggling a bit which made the boy giggle too before your lips kissed once more and you two pulled away, your lips wanting more.

“You talk too much.” You joked with a fond smile, bringing him in closer once again just to peck his lips because your lips already missed the feeling of his lips on yours.

“Only because of my angel, of course,” Yoongi joked with a cute smile that you mentally took of picture of because of how precious and beautiful it looked. He playfully winked at you, causing you to blush as well as giggle before your lips kissed each other’s once more. He pulled away, smiling as he said, “I got you a present.”

Yoongi walked to the table, grabbing a water bottle off the table and handing it over to you, chuckling a bit afterwards before he said to you with a smile, “Now you don’t have to spend so much money at the vending machine.”

“Thank you, Yoongi.” You chuckled as you took the water bottle from his hands, smiling fondly because things seemed to just work themselves out with you and Yoongi.

“You’re welcome, angel.“ 


I really like writing Yoongi scenarios…I’m pretty sure now that he is my bias wrecker like seriously, he’s just too beautiful and damn perfect. Anyways, I hope you all really enjoyed this and I want to remind you guys that our ask box is always open, so feel free to send in any requests for texts, reactions, scenarios and ships! x

I would like to wish you, on the behalf of Admin Kookiend I a happy new year! I really hope that this year you are all happy and healthy and remain your beautiful and precious selves. I also hope that this blog grows and grows and our little family we have here keeps growing and I hope that Admin Kook & I write the best stories and produce the best of everything for you baby stars. I love you all and I hope that this year will be a good year, thank you x

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anonymous asked:

May I have a scenario of GOM and Himuro where their s/o gives them a bouquet of her favourite flowers? (If you require extra details mine are tulip, rose, sunflower, cherry blossom, bluebell. Otherwise just ignore this part haha)

Hello! I tried utilizing the your flower suggestions and added some more (I hope you don’t mind). More characters under the cut! (references: x x x x x x x)

Akashi: “Thank you, (f/n),” Akashi smiled as he accepted the bouquet you personally arranged for him. “But why red tulips?” Curiosity was written all over his face and you couldn’t help but smile at his cuteness.

“Red because it reminds me of you, of course…okay, I wasn’t exactly serious regarding that part,” you giggled before placing a kiss on his cheek. “Tulips symbolize perfect love. Red tulips specifically symbolizes true love. And that, I guess, is what we have now, Sei. I’m thankful, really. You’re perfect despite your wounds from the past. This is the Sei that I have fallen in love with and that will never change.”


“Hush now. So, what about tofu soup for dinner?”

He just smiled and nodded, silently thanking God that He gave him you. You’re everything that he could ask for, really.

Aomine: “Flowers? Why?” he asked as he took them from you. He’s in a state of confusion. Your anniversary? His birthday? Did he, by any chance, get a perfect score in the Math test yesterday? He couldn’t pinpoint the reason why you were giving him flowers.

“They’re not just flowers, stupid. They’re bluebells.”

“…oh. But why, babe?” He put his arms around you and pulled you towards him, making you inhale his musky scent. “I’m the one who should be giving you flowers, you know?”

“I just happened to pass by a store and I once read what bluebells symbolize,” you started off. “They stand for everlasting love and constancy. Remember when you were still courting me? When I said that I didn’t want to date you because you’re just some nasty pervert who wants to get inside my pants, like what you do to every other girl out there? Boy, was I wrong. And I just want to thank you for that, Daiki. Thank you for proving me wrong and thank you for loving me in return.” You were already in the brink of tears as you explained to him your reason why you gave him the flowers.

“Hey babe, you know that I love you, right?” You just nodded in response. “And I know that you love me, too. So let’s just forget about your old assumptions. Thank you for the bouquet, by the way. I’ll buy you one as well. Love you babe.”

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The Clouds Above Loom Closer (Looking So Dissatisfied)

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 3-3; ‘free choice’. 

The bar is empty when Alaude walks in that night. Tsuna stands behind the counter, cleaning bar glasses, looking for the most part like a simple barman looking after his establishment. Only Alaude knows that Tsuna doesn’t know a thing about keeping a bar running, and has been winging his job since the moment he arrived in this time period. 

“Can’t sleep?” Tsuna asks, wordlessly putting the glass he’s cleaning down and picking up a clean one, going to the small ice chest nearby and putting some crushed bits of ice in it before filling the glass with root beer, a drink nobody except Tsuna knows he favors. 

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5SOS Preference #111: He's your neighbor

// masterlist //


Having a drummer as your next door neighbor would seem pretty cool, you could invite yourself over to his house and jam along with him. Maybe even drink a coke while watching him bang his drums, with beads of sweat running down his forehead as he continued to rehearse. That’s what most people assume would happen if you ever happened to be neighbors with a drummer such as Ashton Irwin, but that stuff would only happen in cliche stories - this was reality, and none of that shit happened. In fact, you actually hated that you had him as your neighbor. Ashton would practice drumming the entire day, he would for a few minutes to take a little break and would continue right after, it was hard to concentrate on anything with him constantly banging those drums of his. And today was another one of those days, you had a huge quiz tomorrow in Biology and you knew nothing about science shit, so you had to study really hard tonight. You have been trying to study for these past two hours (key note: trying) but you simply couldn’t, as Ashton was banging away on his drums again, disrupting the peace around the neighborhood as he did. You were literally pulling your hair out of frustration, he just kept drumming and he was getting to your nerves now. You groaned, deciding to give him a piece of your mind and stormed off in the direction of his house, knocking on the door and asking for entrance. His mum let you in without question, and you proceeded to make your way to his room, where he keeps his drum kit and at the same time, where he practices day and night. “You little-” You burst into his room, which made him drop his drumsticks in surprise. He was staring at you wide-eyed, and you couldn’t help but stare at his sweaty figure and his biceps that seemed larger than most guys’. He was wearing that dumb red bandana that keeps his curls in place, and that grey ACDC singlet (which was also your favorite shir ton him) and you can’t help but squeal, all your courage diminishing as he stood up from his seat, walking over to where you stood frozen. He leaned in towards you, smirking as he did so, “Hey love, what did you come here for?” You swallowed, you could feel his hot breath against your skin and you let out a gasp when his lips grazed your earlobe. “I-I just wanted to tell you that your drumming is great, yeah,” You quickly blurted out, heartbeat racing as he pulled away slightly so his eyes could meet your own. “Thanks,” he replied, his gaze falling to your lips. “Oh, fuck this.” His lips were on yours soon after, and it didn’t take much for you to start kissing him back.


“Sup,” Michael greeted you, a usual smirk plastered on his pale face as he high fived you. Michael was your next door neighbor, he has been for the past three years and since he moved in, you two have become really great friends. You sat down beside the lilac haired boy, poking his cheek as he continued to strum a few chords on his acoustic guitar. “So, what did you call me here for?” Michael called you a little while ago, he sounded really excited and told you he wanted to show you something. He wouldn’t tell you whatever it was, he said that it was gonna be a surprise and that you had to come over to see for yourself. And in the end, you did come over out of curiosity - you really wanted to know what Michael had to show you, he sounded like he really wanted you to see his surprise. Michael stopped strumming, and the smirk disappeared from his face. His green eyes bore into you, as he took a rather deep breath before expelling it slowly, blinking twice before looking at you tenderly. “I’ve been writing a little something, I just want you to listen to it and tell me what you think,” he says, and you nodded in understanding. Michael began to strum on his guitar, humming a little bit before finally singing the words. “Not just a neighbor, oh hey there, I’ll ring your bell,” His eyes met yours, making heat rise to your cheeks as he continued staring at you with such intensity and concentration. “Open your door, pucker up and I’ll kiss you well,” You have heard Michael sing before, but somehow, this felt a little different. He used to only sing to you, but this feels like he’s actually singing about you. “My lips are sealed, there’s nobody that I would tell,” he stopped playing, and his eyes were trained on your lips. You could feel your heart pounding against your chest as he set his guitar to the side, leaning in slowly. “Your secret’s mine… close your eyes, and I’ll make you melt,” he sang softly, his hot breath on your upper lip by this time. You did as he said, or rather sang, and closed your eyes. His soft lips were on yours, his hands cupping either side of your face as you allowed him to make you melt, just as he said. You’ve never really had thoughts of kissing your best friend, but if you knew that kissing Michael would feel this good, you would have kissed him ages ago. His lips were extremely soft and the way they moved against yours made your knees weak. You pulled away from him slowly, blinking as your mind hasn’t registered what just happened. You just kissed your best friend, and you liked it - he seemed to like it as well, he was just smiling there as if he won the lottery or something. “Um, the song was great,” You giggled, punching him lightly on the arm. “The kiss was better though.”


Calum Hood. Calum was the new kid in your school, he was a really tall and lanky guy who came from New Zealand. You didn’t really seem to mind him, he was in a few of your classes and he seemed pretty nice. He kinda seemed like a shy guy though, he only made one friend so far and it’s Michael Clifford, one of the emo kids on the block. He didn’t seem emo though, he just has a really long fringe (which makes him kinda emo) and listens to a lot of punk rock, which is why everyone assumes he’s emo. Well, anyways, you found out that this kid was your new next door neighbor, after the old couple who used to live next door moved to another state with their daughter. The Hoods were finally settled in, you actually watched them lug in their boxes and furniture yesterday. You didn’t regret it one bit, because you got to see sweaty Calum and it turned you on, you weren’t gonna lie. He was actually really cute in a way, and once he finished helping his family bring the boxes and furniture in, he just played football in his backyard. And later that night, when you were about to go to bed, you could hear the faint strumming of a guitar and a masculine voice singing the words to Ed Sheeran’s The A Team. You have never felt so attracted to anyone in your life, sure, he was lanky and he didn’t look like much but he loved Ed Sheeran. And you were a sucker for guys who liked Ed Sheeran. “Hurry now,” Your mother snapped you out of your train of thoughts, and you shook your head, frowning. “Fine,” You muttered, raising your fist to knock on their front door. Your mother brought you with her, along with some cake, to welcome the Hoods into the neighborhood. You didn’t really understand why your mum wanted you to come along, she would have dealt with this better without you, you weren’t really talkative and you’d probably end up in a corner as your mum chatted up Mrs. Hood. The front door opened, and a sweaty looking Calum appeared from behind the wooden door. To top it off though, he was shirtless and his sweaty glory was right there in front of you… it took so much in you not to reach out and touch his slightly built body. “He-hey,” Calum smiled, his brown eyes peering at you from behind those long lashes. “Hi,” Mum answered for you, making you roll your eyes. “We’re just here to welcome you to the neighborhood,” Mum continued, holding out the chocolate cake that you two baked for them. Calum thanked your mum politely, and with that, your mum bolted away to leave you two alone. The dark haired boy chuckled, his eyes fixed on you this time and you chuckled nervously. “I’m Y/N,” You introduced yourself. “I know who you are,” he shot you a cheeky smile, before winking. “Thanks for the cake. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”


When word got out that Luke Hemmings moved in the house right next to yours, you started freaking out. Luke Hemmings was the Luke Hemmings, he was one of the school’s most popular students. He was the definition of perfection and he had every single thing given to him on a silver platter - he was attractive, a straight A student, a boxer, as well as the lead singer of his band, charismatic and to top it all off - he was a really kindhearted guy. He was literally the perfect guy. Any girl would fall head over heels for him, he was just so attractive and so nice and so friendly - every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him. You were one of these girls, unfortunately, you were immune to his charm and somehow fell for him despite being in the lower part of the school’s social system. He has been your neighbor for a month now, and you have had eye contact with him a few times since he moved in, but you never really talk. You usually run off before he could say anything when you see him outside his house, you were just too shy. And it wasn’t like he knew you or anything, he was way out of your limit and he shouldn’t know your name as you didn’t stand out in school at all. “I’m going now,” You called out to no one in particular, shutting the front door close behind you. You ran your fingers through your hair, heaving out a sigh as you were gonna attempt walking to school and at the same time, avoiding a certain blonde haired boy. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to walk with him, you really wanted to but you were just too awkward and you were afraid of shitting yourself as you tried to talk to him casually. He intimidated you because he was the epitome of perfect, and you were, well, you. You crossed your fingers, hoping that you wouldn’t bump into Luke on the way to school. You looked up once you passed his house, and you managed out a relieved sigh because it didn’t look like he was home anymore. I should stop worrying about this, you thought, as you continued your steady pace in walking to school. “Hey there,” a deep voice greeted from behind you, which made you freeze in place. Luke appeared, a huge smile on his face as his blue eyes looked straight into your own. “Good morning, Y/N. Wanna walk to school together?” Hearing your name roll of his tongue was enough to make your cheeks burn, and the realization that Luke Hemmings knew your name made you bite your tongue. “Y-yeah,” You nodded rapidly, brushing shoulders with Luke as you picked up your pace. Luke’s laugh was heard from behind you, and his fingers pinched your cheek, “You’re adorable.” You were already on cloud nine at that point, it took every single fiber in you not to faint on the spot because your cheeks felt like they were gonna fall off any time from all the smiling. Luke knew your name, he knew you and you were so happy about that. You smiled, hoping that this could somehow be the start of something new between you.

I thought of a little funny scenario with these two children


I just wanted to write some silliness.

Pairing: Gajevy

The day had been harrowing.

It was just one of those missions, the kind that chewed you up and spat you back out in disgust. Sure they’d gotten the job done but it took way more out of them than either would care to admit.

The door slammed shut behind Gajeel and he kicked off his boots, thrusting them into the corner. He was hunched over, barely able to stand straight without tipping slightly and with eyes darkened from weariness.

Not to mention that he was completely soaked. 

Water from his clothes streamed off -making a nice wet spot on the carpet, which then transformed into sizable puddle when he wrung out the rest from his hair.

The same went for his partner.

She too was dripping from head to toe, her clothes miserably clinging to her as she stifled a rather large yawn. Their bags joined the shoes in the corner to be dealt with at a later date.


They needed to get to bed, desperately so.

They could shower in the morning. The delectable softness that only a bed could offer was needed far more than cleanliness.

Gajeel, in his great wisdom, understood this clearly and decided to take the initiative early. Instead of dragging his feet to slowly get there, he chose to simply slump over Levy.

She buckled in surprise under him, struggling to stay on her feet with the addition of this dead weight.

“What are you doing Gajeel?!” she hissed. She almost tipped over completely when he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

“Carry me.” he moaned. “I’m tired.”

“I’m tired too but you don’t see me dropping on you!” She tried to throw him off but somehow he managed to sink into her even further. He groaned loudly.

“Shrimp don’t be mean.”

I’m not being mean!” She stomped on his foot hoping that maybe he’d fly up off her but all she got was a surprised yelp.

“What was that for?!”

“Get off me Gajeel!”

“C’mon the bedroom is like right there!” He pleaded. “I don’t care how I get there. Hell, you can drag me if you want to. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll bake your favourite cake, help organize your books i’ll even buy you those fancy reading glasses you’ve been killing yourself about. Just get me to bed.

She made another fruitless attempt and huffed in frustration. “You’re being unreasonable.”

“I’m being perfectly reasonable!” He snapped. “I’ll have you know I was thrown off a ship today!”

“And I took a dive not long after you,” Levy replied, rather dry. “Find something else to prove your point.”

She glared at him from the corner of her eyes and met his desperate gaze. He was even begging with those too. Almost any other time she’d cave under such a rare sight but fatigue was a hell of a thing, it could stop even the kindest of hearts from swaying.

“I’m not going to do it.”

Gajeel let out an angry huff, the desperation in his eyes receded slightly with annoyance taking its place.

”You weren’t complaining this much when you tried to carry Laxus.” He muttered angrily.

“Are you seriously going to bring that up?!” Levey snapped, “ Gajeel, he was dying.”

“I’m dying!”

“And i’ve had enough of this!” 

Annoyance was apparently a strong emotion. So strong in fact, it made Levy to summon up the last bit of magic that hadn’t been used up in the mission to fight back. She quickly waved her hand with a growled ‘solid script: sticky mode’, bringing the word ‘float’ to shimmering life.

It flew and slapped itself across his forehead.  Gajeel let out a startled shriek as he was lifted off Levy, powerless against her magic. He was left flailing uncontrollably as he bounced around the ceiling.

“Levy put me down!”

“If I do you’re just gonna flop on me again!”

He hit his head on the light, a multitude of curses came tumbling out.

“If you weren’t being mean to me before you are now!”

“Oh, I’m not being mean Gajeel,” Levy deadpanned, “I’m being perfectly reasonably.”

“Don’t pull that on me! You’re being perfectly unreasonable. Now get me down from here!”

She lowered him until he hovered mere inches from the carpet. “Do you promise not to drop your heavy body on me? Because if you do that again i will hurt you.”

“Fine, fine.” he grunted

Satisfied, Levy set him down gently where he stayed face down, motionless on the carpet. She rubbed her eye when another large yawn escaped. That little stunt made her even more tired, if it was possible.

“So are you going to finally come to bed?” 

He moaned.

“Is that a yes or no?”

“Too tired to moved.” Gajeel said, muffled. “I’ll just stay here and sleep. I thought I could count on you Levy but you let me down. Go on without me.”

He let out another moan, louder this time, that ended in what sounded like a cross between a whimper and a tortured sigh. 

For a wizard known for his ferocity he could be so dramatic.

Now while she was absolutely content to leave him there and get the sleep she deserved, she felt the tiny tugs of guilt in her chest that always made her turn back.

Levy hated when this happened, it usually made her revenge pranks fall short.

She bent down and grabbed one of his legs, disappointed in herself for doing this.

“Lily my saviour,” he asked blearily, “Is that you?”

“Shush you know it’s me.” With a hefty pull he slid a few feet forward. “ You said I could drag you so that’s what i’m doing. Now roll over unless you want your face rubbed off.”

He complied, allowing Levy to drop his leg so he could flip over on his back. She grabbed him once more.

“I knew you’d come back.” He grinned. “ ‘cause you can’t resist me.”

“I’ll leave you here.” She threatened

He said nothing more as she tugged him across the floor. Only the occasional encouraging comment (and one pained cry from hitting his head against the wall) interrupted Levy’s grunts on their journey.

It couldn’t have been longer a couple of minutes but it felt like she’d been dragging him for a lifetime when the bed came into sight.

“Journey’s over.” she said with relief, throwing herself onto the mattress and burrowing into the pillows.

“Already? I was having so much fun too.”

He stumbled to his feet and took a few tottering steps before collapsing beside Levy. With a hum on his lips he curled himself around her frame, playfully nibbling her shoulder.

“Thanks for the ride shrimp. We should do it again sometime.” 

“Pull that type of stunt again and I won’t take pity like this time.” She murmured, wriggling back into him.

“I bet you’d still come back for me.” he teased. “You’d never leave me behind, would you?”

“In a fight,no, but when you’re being ridiculous,” Levy tilted her head slightly to look back at him. A tired smirk crept to her lips. “ It just might happen.”

“So Gajeel, about those glasses you mentioned……”

“The deal was to get me on the bed. If I remember you just left me on the floor.”


“Fine. Tomorrow then.”

Things I have learned in the first year of medical school
  1. You will learn to spend enormous amounts of time studying. You will learn how to do it, because if you don’t, you won’t make it. My normal method is to do the break thing, except it’s more an average of an hourly break. I start off with an hour and a half straight of focused studying followed by a 20 minute break, and as my resolve wanes, I do shorter study periods (50/10, 40/10, 30/10) until I can do no more and need to take a longer break. Sometimes I just power through, because I don’t feel the need to take a break when the timer goes off, but most of the time it’s the opposite.
  2. You will figure out how to study effectively. Assessing where your method worked and where it didn’t are incredibly important to this process. Even now with a year of school under my belt, I know I’m not done doing this. I know there were methods that were entirely ineffective. I know there were methods that just needed a little bit of modification.
  3. A lot of it can be covered by rote memorization, but not all of it. If you want to pass, memorize. If you want to do well, truly learn it. Figure out how it applies to things. Learn the pathways and how they interconnect. Figure out how to connect the information you have learned to the real world.
  4. Sacrifice/prioritize. You can’t learn it all. You have to figure out what you need to do to make it through. You have to figure out whether it is worth extra studying or getting some sleep. (For me, the answer is generally sleep. I may wake up earlier the next morning, but I never got less than 5-6 hours of sleep, because sleep is something I know I don’t do well without.) You’ve got to figure out what you NEED to study, and then try to get the other stuff in there that you can, but you can’t study 24/7.
  5. You need something outside of school. For me that was my reading, piano practice, cooking, baking, and working out. I needed my 15 minutes to an hour a day of non medical stuff to survive with my mind intact.
  6. Learn to multi-task. When I took walking breaks, that is when I most often called my family. When I did stationary bike, I put my notes in front of me to study as I worked out. When I lifted, I was studying anatomy. (It’s actually a really great way to review/apply the information you’re learning.) 
  7. Learn some time management. If you aren’t good at managing time and suddenly realize it’s 2 AM and you haven’t finished whatever you needed to finish, it’s not going to be good. You’ve got to figure out how to do things without wasting time, because you have no time to waste.
  8. I am a huge fan of making lists of what I need to accomplish each day. I like crossing things off. I like working backwards from test days and planning out what I need to get done in a more general sense, and then trying to figure out how to fit it all in. I feel like when I have an actual idea of what I NEED to get done, I am more likely to accomplish it.
  9. Work through the things in your life, but the good/bad thing about med school is that you don’t have time to dwell. You need to quickly deal with the emotions that come from whatever is happening, and get back to work. You 100% do not have time to waste. If you don’t deal with things as they come, you will end up falling behind. It may be hard, but you’ll have to quickly pull yourself out of any rut you find yourself falling into. For me it was good to just let myself feel the feelings and then focus. Having something else to focus on allowed me to come out of my shell and feel better, because I could distract myself from feeling sorry for myself.
  10. I find reviewing with a group to be more helpful than studying with a group. Once you’ve got the information to the point where you can start asking questions, that’s when you know it. On top of that, there will be times they will ask a question that you don’t know the answer to.
  11. I suggest going to at least the first lecture for every professor, because some professors tell you exactly what is important. However, most professors do not, and you should never feel bad for skipping non-mandatory lectures if you feel you would get more out of studying elsewhere/something else. I know I can hard core study a lecture or two in the time it takes me to go to a regular lecture, but some lecturers tell you what to focus on/give key information that makes their notes make sense in lecture.
  12. Giant chalkboards/whiteboards and sketchbooks are the best. 
  13. Keep on top of stuff as best you can. If you fall behind, you have to make up for it, and then you don’t have as much slack to catch you if you screw up.
  14. Avoid the gunners.
  15. Don’t talk about your grades with people unless it’s in a learning style. I’d still suggest not bring actual scores into the picture, but asking someone “Hey, I’m not doing well with this stuff. What are your methods?” is perfectly acceptable.
  16. Anatomy is not the end of the world. It takes a lot of time, but if you give it the time, you will survive and do well.
  17. Physio can be really hard. That was my biggest challenge this year. I’m making a post on that specifically soon.
  18. Set up reminders in your phone for things like appointments and non-medical things. If you have an SO who can keep track of things for you, I’m jealous.
  19. Don’t be “question guy.” There is an individual in my class who asks questions every lecture that are entirely unnecessary to ask. I do not know his name, but whenever anyone says “the guy who asks questions,” I immediately know who they are talking about. Unless it is something that you feel was completely unclear and is necessary to understand the lecture, ask it after class.
  20. Loans suck. Try to minimize them without stressing yourself too much. If you need an extra 1000/year, because you are absolutely miserable and worried financially, take it out. If you need an extra 1000/year because you want to drink your weight in alcohol, reconsider. (I know I didn’t take out loans, but talking with my friends who did, I wouldn’t want to be in the boats of those who took out the full amount.) Budgeting is key. Give yourself some fun money, because school will be miserable without it, but everything in moderation is key.
  21. Treat yourself. Seriously. Take some time for yourself. Take the time to bake those delicious cookies you’ve been craving. 
  22. If you can get yourself to do it, definitely pack your bags the night before. Whenever I forgot something, it was because I hadn’t packed my gym bag/back pack before going to bed.
  23. Make friends in your class. They are the only people who understand exactly what is going on in your life right at that moment.
  24. Make friends with upperclassmen. They understand both where you are AND where you will be.
  25. That said, you will not like everyone in your class/med school. Do your best to avoid the ones you can’t stand, and do your best to include those you like.
  26. Make time for those who mean the most to you. If that is your mom, dad, sibling, best friend, or significant other, do it. Those relationships are the ones that are worth cultivating. 
  27. The number of times you see/feel something and think “That’s not normal,” but have no idea what it is can be overwhelming. Trust the process. 
  28. Take care of yourself. Work out when you can. Eat as healthy as you can. Go see the doctor if you need to. 
  29. SLEEP. You will not survive without sleep
  30. You will realize there is nowhere else you’d rather be. This is the one career you could ever see yourself content in.
  31. Regardless, there will come a point at which you question whether or not you should be here. It could be when you fail a test, when you just have no idea what something could be when an attending asks you a question, or even when you just have a brief moment of panic. You will remember all of the other applicants you met and think “Why me and not them?” You were chosen out of many. You worked hard to be here. The school saw something in you that it didn’t see in the others. You should be there. If you put in the work, you will stay there. You can do it.
  32. You will make it through this.

I know I learned much more than that, but I can’t think of it. Maybe there will be a part two in the future.

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ALRIGHT My Neigha Jordan If you were on a dating show and had to sell yourself (no racial ) ;D as a good pick to a woman how would you go about doing that?

“No Racial”
Bahhahaha Okay Mike I have no idea how to sell myself so I have to think


Okay its been a few hours so Imma give this the old college try haha Lets Do it

Hi My name Jordan/Jax

I LOVE Working out matter of fact I am a certified personal trainer just finishing up college and long walks on the beach…bahhaha actually just the beach and the pool I love swimming. A black guy who can swim how bout that ;D

I can find what makes you laugh and crack you up anytime….mostly

But I’m a HUUUUUGE Nerd/Geek with Anime 


, Quality Cartoons,

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 Comic Books

and most anything you can think of lol (though I don’t do creepy stuff with it)

If you ever wanted a Ripped Buff cuddle buddy to watch Disney Films with, I’m your guy ;D

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Would you prefer a Goodie two shoes nice guy or Ripped up Bad Boy. Lucky You I can play both for when ya need attention or when you want your self esteem put in track because a few hot female friends of mine Say im TOOO NICE so you just have to plug in the bad boy. It make take a few hours ;)

I also know how to cook and IMMA Beast at baking brownies for those times you just wanna pig out on chocolate. I can also cook tasty healthy meals so you can eat and not feel guilty 

Another thing! I’ve been doing martial arts for a while now so I can defend and protect ya if I need to, or teach you moves so you can defend yourself and be independent

I love chilling with my buddies and living each day to the FULLEST!

And all of this can be yours For 8 payments of Free Meals from whatever restaurant I want. 

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Hows that bruh riothiei

Am I sexy yet ?

Joe Sugg Imagine
Joe Sugg Imagine

I know this is a One Direction blog, but I really had the Joe feels today and wrote an imagine, please leave feedback in my ask box. thanks, anyway bye and hope you like it-

“So which one do you want to watch?” he asks you with a questioning look on his face. 

“The Notebook” you say the title of your favorite movie confidently. He quickly slipped the dvd in the player and rushed over to you. As you tried to reach the remote on the coffee table he slipped under the warm fuzzy blanket with you wrapping his strong, defined arms protectively around your body. You pressed play on the remote and watched as the movie started playing on the screen.  About 5 minutes into the movie Joes fingers found their way to your hair. He twirled his long fingers around you hair admiring its softness. “Y/n?” he said, “Yeah?” you turned toward him.

“I love you” he said quietly and pecked your nose softly. “I love you too” you whispered back smiling and kissing him quickly on the lips. He slightly chuckled to himself and blushed as he did so.  You returned to the movie watching the scene where Noah and Allie break up. You could feel a small tear running down your face. “Aww babe,  no need to cry, it’s just a movie” Joe said smiling while patting your back as a sigh of comfort.                   

“But it’s so sad”, you sniffled. He looked at you with and quietly said “You know, I’d never break up with you, I want to be with you forever”. He was about 2 inches away from your face; he lingered there for a moment and then brought his lips to yours.

You’ve been together for about 6 months now, but every single time he kisses you it was like the first, full of butterflies and happiness.

 You looked at the movie screen again trying to hide your smile, as you kept watching for the next 20 minutes you could hear Joe yawn every now and then. “You tired?” you say facing him. “Well I thought you’d never ask” he says in a ridiculous accent making you laugh.

 “Ok, well go to sleep then” you sighed, sad that he was going to miss your favorite part, the famous kiss in the rain. After a few minutes you could feel heavy breathing tingling the back of your neck, a sign that he was asleep. You slightly smiled to yourself thinking of all those memories you had with him, about how magical every kiss felt with him, or how you two  decided to bake a cake together not knowing whatsoever about baking and  it all ended up in a food fight, and how tightly he would hug you if you ever feel down, also you thought how protective he was of you but most of  the time you two were the silliest people on earth. You loved everything about him, even every single one of his flaws. You looked back at him smiling realizing how lucky you were to call him yours. You kissed his forehead, your lips barely touching his skin, “goodnight love” you whispered snuggling closer to him, wanting this moment to last forever.