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Have you ever encountered a phoenix in your travels? (This blog makes my day. Thank you so much!! ^.^)

I have, as a matter of fact.  He even travelled with me for a time.  I left him in the care of one of my previous professors however.  They took quite a liking to each other.  

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I like your latest fic! What is this au? Can you tell us more? Are you and amalas are doing a collab? Is there going to be more? This is exciting!

Thank you anon, I’m so glad that you like my fic!

For now we’re calling it the War AU. It’s a historical AU set somewhere in the early-mid 20th century. If you have any specific questions, send in another ask!

Yes this is a collab with @amalasdraws​! We have a whole lot of plot and story planned out and we are so excited to bring this story to life! There is so much yet to come!

For now… how about a small teaser?

Tooru’s so close.

He’s so close that Hajime can feel his warm breaths against his face, his neck. Hajime shifts, Tooru’s arm sliding further down his side, fingertips resting on his lower back, warm and light even through the heavy fabric of his jacket.

Hajime swallows, eyes sweeping across Tooru’s face as they look at each other. Really look.

He’s never really looked at him this closely before… Tooru’s eyes are so dark and captivating, and he has a tiny scar across the bridge of his nose. Hajime wants to ask where it’s from, find out more about him - everything about him that Tooru will tell - but all of his words get lost somewhere in his throat, all mixed-up and jumbled when Tooru brushes their noses together softly.

The war feels far away when it’s just the two of them here, tangled up together, breathless from their laughter, warm and comfortable for the first time in weeks. Hajime moves his hands up to Tooru’s shoulders, holding him close, more relaxed in cuddling him in. Tooru tugs himself a little bit closer, leaning in slightly, and Hajime meets his hesitant gaze.

“Have you… ever kissed a man?” Tooru asks, voice quiet and shy, but he doesn’t look away.

Hajime swallows.

He looks down for a moment, his response coming out quiet and small. “No… I haven’t.” He pauses, shifting a little, nervously. He keeps his thumbs moving in careful circles on Tooru’s arm, the touches calming. Grounding. “Have you?”

Tooru smiles shyly and nods his head. He keeps his eyes on Hajime. “Yes… I have.”

Hajime looks down at Tooru’s lips and wonders what it would feel like to kiss him.

Are his lips soft?

What would he taste like?

He keeps his thumb moving slowly, eyes flicking up and down, conflicted. “What… does it feel like?”

“To kiss a man?” Tooru asks, still smiling. His hands slide up Hajime’s back, leaving goosebumps in their wake until he grips Hajime’s shoulder blades tightly.

Hajime bites his bottom lip, still entranced with Tooru’s lips. He can’t tear his gaze away, and leans in a little bit closer unintentionally. “Yeah…”

Tooru nudges him carefully. He moves a little bit closer, fingers curling in the fabric of Hajime’s shirt.

“You wanna find out?”

So, i’ve been pondering the teaser trailer and while I’m super into most of the interpretations I’ve seen, I had an idea spark into my head about an alternate interpretation. Now, mind you, I’m not 100% sold on this meta, even though I’m the one writing it, but I figured I’d put the idea out there and see if I can convince myself, or maybe anyone else has some other insight into it.

So first off, this hinges on the idea of “balance” that we’ve been screaming about for 40 years of Star Wars. We know, thanks to The Force Awakens novelization, that Snoke prizes Kylo Ren above anyone else because he is the child of balance.

It is where you are from. What you are made of. The dark side—and the light. 

That being said, even with Kylo Ren knowing this, he still swears that he must be Dark Side, that being called to the light is somehow bad. Snoke views him as like, the epitome of the force, but Kylo Ren is resistant to the idea.

So anyway, let’s get into the actual thought I was having. In the trailer, Luke’s voice tells Rey (assumably) to “Reach out. What do you see?” Rey responds “Light. Darkness. A Balance.” 

Most people are interpreting this as Rey reaching out into the force, describing the force as light and dark and balanced. But that seems to over-simplify it. Obviously we as viewers are aware that the force can be dark and light. The balance isn’t a new concept to us, we’ve been talking about it forever. What seems like !!!! GREY JEDI !!!! sort of hint is actually pretty standard fair for what we’ve come to expect from the Star Wars movies, light side, dark side, balance yo.

So what I’m thinking, and like I said, I’m not 100% sold on this idea myself, so I’m really just spitballing here… is that Luke is fully aware of the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. He can tell that they are linked in the force. And so he tests it, he has her test the limit of the connection. He tells her to “Reach out” and she connects with Kylo Ren (perhaps unknowing that it’s him she’s connecting to). Luke can tell, so he asks “what do you see?”

Rey responds: Light.

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And we get a shot of Kylo Ren’s mother. His light. Leia’s voice calls out “You’re my only hope.”

And then Rey says: Darkness.

Originally posted by terapid

And we get a shot of Kylo Ren’s helmet - with eyes that look closer to Vader’s helmet. His mask of the dark side. Vader breathing. Obi-wan saying “He was seduced by the dark side.” 

And then Rey says: A Balance.

And we see a hand touching an ancient page with a Jedi symbol. I’m doubtful that would be Luke, as I believe he has a black glove? And he wasn’t even wearing a glove in TFA so. I’m not feeling it being Rey because with the exception of her on Jakku, she’s not really been a glove kind of gal. For the sake of this speculative meta, I’m going to say that this is the gloved hand of Ben Solo discovering these books on his adventures with Luke - which led to his falling out with Luke. 

SO YEAH. If that’s the case, then Rey’s words, Light, Darkness, A Balance would have all been illustrated in this teaser trailer by something with a direct connection to Ben/Ren. Which would seem to suggest that it’s not just the force she’s reaching out into but, but her connection to Kylo Ren. And what she sees isn’t a growing Sith Lord, but someone who will bring balance to the force with her.

Any thoughts or additions or arguments? This is just stream of consciousness meta-ing here so I’d love to hear other feedback!

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Do you realize how INCREDIBLY western-centric and white your post about how "female oppression doesn't exist" is?? Like the most trifling white nonsense I've seen in months?? Tell that to the girls experiencing FGM, breast ironing, dying in menstruation huts, going thru rape, forced/child marriage, denial of access to education... **because of their biology, not their gender identity*. Shut your privileged ass up and recognize places outside your white western bubble exist

Please refer to the following posts to get a better understanding of the post in question, and then never speak to us again. Thanks.

You’re Mine - Alec Lightwood (Smut)

Requested by: @kiarawilliams127

Summary: In which you are very close with SImon and Alec doesn’t like it so he shows you who you belong to.

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Female Reader

Warnings: sexual content, NSFW


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Tajina decided to write Fritz’s route first instead of Rumpel’s. Now Kooriiko will proceed to writing Waltz’s route. She was stumped by Rod’s route that’s why it took a while for her to finish it. Otherwise, everything’s going very well.

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Thank you all for your support!
A Raven Among Crows: Pt 8

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Seven 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Warning: Mean Names and harsh languages. 

You never really knew Gilly too much, you knew she was a wildling, one of Craster’s wives and she has a son, she named him Sam, little Sam to exact. 

You watched her, Sam and Little Sam ride off to Moles Town, where she would be safe. You encouraged it too, you and her would get weird looks and threats, but the difference was that you knew how to defend yourself, she didn’t. 

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You peeps feel up for a tiny teenie little event in August? Here’s what we had in mind:

Should you decide to take part, we ask that on Sunday, the 20th of August you pop some little teaser-stories into the ask boxes of your fandom friends.

  • Please go on anon to send the stories if you can - the guessing game is part of the thrill!
  • We thought a minimal length of 3 asks - that’s 300 - 350 words (longer is fine)
  • You have 2 weeks to prepare
  • Select your recipient(s) - this is for fun!
  • Consider what your recipient might like
  • The more the better, think a little avalanche of low-flying ficlets
  • All fictional Dean / Aidan pairings are a go
  • Please avoid parts of your own WIPs, we’re looking for new stuff
  • If you get one (or a couple) we ask that you respond to them in public, so others can read it too
  • Use tag #Gathering Secrets
  • Watch your mailbox like a hawk

Do we have a plan, people? Let us know what you think :)


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reader/saeran, either #40 or #5 ;0

…i don’t know how long this has been sitting in my inbox but here it is after a bajillion years. i don’t even know how to write saeran any more. someone’s prolly done something like this already too. oh well. i don’t remember which number this was…

prompt: “wait a minute. are you jealous?”

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The ‘Other Daughter’ *Part 3*

Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 923

Requested: Wattpad @chloe-skywalker

Request: Can u do a part 3, please 

Please make a part 3

Originally posted by geekorunique

Klaus had gotten himself into trouble again, something in Beacon Hills had gotten too close to you, so now he was caught and being held somewhere in Beacon Hills and Elijah had no idea where to start. You, on the other hand, had gotten your life back on a relative track you had your grades back up and everything had settled down a little after Theo had shown up that was until Elijah showed up with a problem to add to your list.
“(Y/N)…” You heard and turned in the direction of the door to the boat house.
“Elijah?” You asked.
“I need your help it seems my brother has gotten himself into some trouble,” Elijah explained.
“Why are you standing by the door?” You asked raising an eyebrow.
“I can’t enter until the owner of the house invites me in,” Elijah answered and you looked over at Lydia who looked at Elijah.
“Come in.” She said after a pause. Liam stood near Scott, Lydia was standing behind you and Malia was standing in front of Stiles.
“I’m not here to harm you, unlike the rest of my family I understand that force is unlikely to get me the result I’m looking for,” Elijah explained, he looked at you. “I know there are reasons piled up as to why you shouldn’t help me find my brother but I need your help.”
“Can’t the witches find him?” You asked.
“Actually they can only find a general location and that’s here” Elijah answered.
“So why do you think that I can find him?” You asked.
“Because you and your friends continue to fight when the odds are stacked against you, tales of you have travelled even to New Orleans,” Elijah answered. “You, the lone hybrid and the pack of mismatched supernaturals.”
“Why would Klaus be here?” Lydia asked from behind you.
“He heard of something that was coming and he wanted to warn you,” Elijah explained. Almost everyone in the room raised an eyebrow but you nodded.
“We’ll help… We’ll try.” You nodded almost as if you were convincing yourself rather that the Original vampire standing in front of you.

First, you got Melissa to check the hospital for anyone matching Klaus’ description, there wasn’t anyone and so we checked with the Sheriff to see if there was anyone who matched his description had been reported again there was nothing. You pulling up a blank everywhere that you could think to look, but then it occurred to you that there was one place that you had all neglected to look mostly because none of you wanted to be there. “There’s one place that we haven’t looked.” You sighed leaning over the map of Beacon Hills, they all looked at you as you lazily pointed to the general location of Eichen House.
“You think that he’s there?” Scott asked.
“Well he must have been here because the witches found him here, but the wards and protection there would stop the witches from finding him there, he won’t be able to use any of his supernatural powers there, that’s why he hasn’t broken out yet. The only question is how would they know that he was here?” You asked.
“Actually I might have the answer to that,” Elijah said as he walked back in the room having just gotten off of the phone with Hayley and Rebekah. “There are a group of witches that are currently trying to get rid of the influence that we have in the quarter and that means that they need to stop us from coming back, this place is disguised as a mental institution am I correct?” Elijah asked and you nodded. “Then they can easily phone and tell them that a dangerous individual has entered the town.”
“Well, it seems that we’re getting in there.” You shrugged kicking back in your seat. Stiles shot over to the computer and your eyes followed him “Stiles what are you doing?” You asked.
“We need to get in there,” Stiles responded.
“So walk in the front door.” You mumbled.
“He’s my dad.” You reminded him “He’s his brother.”
“Whatever,” Stiles grumbled crossing his arms.
“I’m sure that you searches are being watched by the CIA at this point.” You smirked.
“Most likely” he muttered.

You were inside of Eichen house with the help of Deaton and now you were walking through the hall of the sub level until you were standing front of the glass of Klaus’ cell when the guard had left you stepped forward and used the same method that Valak had to break out of his cell. The alarms sounded as soon as the glass was broken, you made a break for it after that stopped by a few guards working with the others you managed to get your dad out, you took him back to Scott’s where Melissa had a few blood bags waiting. “You guys have to leave before they find you,” Stiles advised.
“He’s right.” You nodded. Klaus looked ready to say something but you stopped him by pushing yourself forward and hugging him. “I forgive you.” You whispered and this caused him to wrap you up in a tight hug.
“Call me if you need help.” He ordered as you stood back and you nodded, Elijah smiled at the interaction before they both turned.
“I’ll visit soon.” You smiled waving. The pack looked at you and you smiled “If I’m going to live forever I guess it’s best that I have my family forever too.”

Requests and general question!

  1. Sings show tunes at the top of his lungs in the office (which is supposed to be empty, Karen).
  2. Wake up calls!
  3. That smile. 
  4. Playful flirting. (”You gaze at me lovingly when I’m not looking? What? How should I know, I’m not looking.”)
  5. The way his hair falls in his face.
  6. How he acts in court aka being a bomb ass lawyer. 
  7. Impeccable fashion sense. [Sent in by bravinto]
  8. Narrates people’s actions for Matt (“You know he can’t see that.”, “She just curtsied, it was adorable.” “She shrugged, I say we go for it.”) [Sent in by dystopiceyre]
  9. Sassy love/hate/tolerant relationship with Josie. [Sent in by archivistofnerddom]
  10. Pronounces ‘crayon’ like ‘cran’ [sent in by hand-made-rebel]

[Got one you’d like to share? Submit it here!]

really annoying how so many millennials aren’t on facebook any more. really makes it hard to webstalk my squishes

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I think I'm autistic and also have bpd(borderline) because I have have some traits that each have that aren't in the other but it makes me scared I'll be diagnosed with only one. If it turns out I'm wrong I'm okay but since they are misdiagnosed with each other I'm worried that how they interact will mess with diagnosing(like how autistic kids typically want to play alone I've always wanted to play with people important to me/been clingy)

We’re not quite sure what you’re asking, anon. Could you please send in another ask with a clear question so we can respond?


For the Ask Box:

Hey guys, first of all I just want to say we love that people send us so many asks and we love responding to you guys. But lately there have been requests and things that are just too vague for us to be able to write anything about. We can’t really just sit down and write the same headcanons for similar-but-different asks over and over because we have to repeat ourselves and it starts to look lazy. We’ve been pretty quiet and inactive lately because we just can’t sit down and try to write new things for asks that have been done to death already and take away from the requests we can actually work on. Please if you’re going to send requests in, check the master list to make sure it hasn’t been done before, and if you want something more specific then be more specific with us! We love writing for you guys but some of the asks we’ve been receiving lately are just so dry we can’t really write anything about them. We want to keep writing but we can’t just keep doing “skinny s/o, tall s/o, etc.,” over and over again because that’s already like 90% of our ask box and we’ve done SEVERAL of those before. Anyways, sorry for the long post. Just going forward we want to be able to write fun and engaging stuff so don’t be afraid to get a little creative and try something new! -Mods Toodentz and 2C

What is a scanner? A miserable little pile of secrets.


Hi everyone! 

Since it’s the end of a very good year we wanted to do something special for our followers so we decided on a huge Give-Away!

There will be two winners of this give away and the first one who gets picked gets to choose which one of the prizes they want.


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  • What Makes You Beautiful
  • Live While We’re Young 
  • One Thing
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  • Dare To Dream, Life As One Direction (Book)
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Other Info: 

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Stiles is not on Lydia's intellectual level like wtf the girl is a genius and you compare her to a pretentious mediocre boy

There are a lot of different ways to be intellectual besides having book smarts, which I see as a common misconception when it comes to lydia vs stiles. A lot of people think that stiles’ intuition invalidates lydias which couldn’t be more untrue. Aren’t two people allowed to be smart in different ways? It’s not a competition. Lydia knows the facts, stiles helps her use the facts to figure things out. They’re a team. They feed off of each other and make each other better without dragging each other down. They both have different areas that they’re good at, like jeff says they’re the mulder and scully of the group. Im sorry you don’t see it that way and that’s completely up to you, but that’s how it is to me! :)

Day 5: Protective Marinette

The real protective prompt is finally here. Also this can stand for a bit of In Denial because… just wait and see.


“Chat, what are you doing here?” Marinette asked as the cat walked over to her, his baton slung over his shoulders

“I could ask you the same thing.” He grabbed her hand and placed a small kiss

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