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Okay as soon as I finished reading Batman #39 I came here to see your opinion about it and I’m so happy that you agree with how utterly unexpectedly trashy it was. Like I was expected another deep honest conversation b/t Diana and Bruce like he had with Clark (isn’t this supposed to be Pt 3 to Super Friends?) but instead was met with an OOC Diana making these stupid “reverse sexist” comments. Like there’s a better way to address the Diana/Bruce old romance but did they even have one in Rebirth?

Alright strap in kids, because I’m about to tell you everything that’s wrong with Batman #39 and none of it has to do with batcat.

I’d like to start off by saying that I am not concerned about the status of batcat. Tom King has invested a good portion of his Batman run into building this relationship and he’s promised us at least 50 issues, and I’m mostly confident that he will remain true to his word on that. We also know for a fact that Batman and Catwoman are still together in the next arc. I’ve been reading comics for a very long time and I know a tease when I see one. That is not my problem here and it shouldn’t be yours either.

It was brought to Tom King’s attention this past weekend that Batman #39 bared striking similarities to Action Comics #761 written by Joe Kelly. For those who don’t know, in short Action Comics #761 is about a married Superman being trapped in an alternate dimension with Wonder Woman for a thousand years and overcoming his temptation for and ultimately rebuffing Wonder Woman. Tom King claimed the similarities were coincidental and I believe him. It was on the editors to catch that before it went to print.

It was immediately discouraging to see this type of narrative recreated. It was a sexist narrative that used two iconic female characters as tools for Superman’s machismo and perpetuated a toxic message about the way men and women relate to each other and what marriage entails. The fact that this narrative was incidentally repeated indicates that in the almost twenty years in between, nothing has changed.

There is a commonly accepted notion that men and woman cannot have genuine platonic relationships, therefore a story cannot be written about two people of the opposite sex without some kind of sexual or romantic tension and it doesn’t matter, in this case, if Clark is married, Bruce is engaged, or Diana is living with her partner. This idea persists because the objectification of women is still so prevalent and men see women as mere outlets for their romantic, emotional, and sexual desires. If his wife/girlfriend/fiancee/partner is not there to fulfill that role at all times he will simply find another woman to project that on to. It treats his wife/fiancée, the person he claims to love and wants to devote his life to, as disposable. That’s a toxic message to continue spreading in 2018.

The person who loses the most here is Wonder Woman. Far too often writers view Wonder Woman as some sort of supporting character they can mold and change to be whatever Bruce or Clark’s story needs her to be, even if it’s at the expense of who she is as a character, what she stands for, and what she means to millions of women all over the world. It does her and her fans a huge disservice. Wonder Woman is an symbol of female solidarity and now both Joe Kelly and Tom King have reduced her to “the temptress” who is there just to make them look like manly men who all the ladies want but still get to be the “hero” by doing the absolute bare minimum and remaining faithful to their partners. The time aspect, that they’ve perceptibly been away for a very long time, is irrelevant because it’s barely even mentioned within the text.  

Compare the way Batman’s relationship with Wonder Woman was presented to how his relationship with Superman was presented. Batman #37 was all about Batman and Superman’s friendship. In his own guarded way Bruce was able to talk about his relationship with Selina and how lonely he was and Clark was able to use his own experience with reconciling his personal life and his superhero career to relate and it strengthened their bond.

Now compare that to Diana’s role. She barely did anything at all besides wither around in a waterfall, tell Bruce how good he looked, and remind him that his fiancée wasn’t around, at times simultaneously.

It also pits two of DC’s oldest and most iconic female characters against each other. First it was Lois Lane and Wonder Woman and now it’s Catwoman and Wonder Woman. Right out of the gate Diana undermined Selina by making a kind of snide comment about Selina poking fun at Bruce’s armor which is just just part of their repertoire. This is particularly egregious because Wonder Woman also stands for female solidarity. To make matters worse Batman and Wonder Woman’s interactions are juxtaposed to Catwoman entertaining the Gentle Man. They spend a night on the town together free from any sort of innuendos or flirting, because that’s not what this is about. This is about making Batman look manly according to patriarchal standards of masculinity.

I’ve heard some people say “we don’t know what’s going to happen, just wait until the next issue.” It doesn’t matter what happens in the next issue because the damage has already been done and I don’t see how King can turn it around enough to make up for this. There are only three outcomes here and none of them are positive.

Scenario #1: Diana propositions Bruce and he turns her down. This would make Wonder Woman, WONDER WOMAN, the woman who tried to sleep with a man in a relationship and having done something that would’ve harmed another woman for no reason. That is not something Diana would do and goes against everything she stands for. So Bruce gets to look noble for not cheating and saying that his love for Selina goes beyond all space and time and blah blah blah and Diana gets thrown under the bus to make it happen.

Scenario #2: Diana propositions Bruce and he accepts. There’s pretty much no chance of this happening, but in that case Diana would be complicit in doing something that would bring harm to another woman. Again not something she would ever do.

There was enough in the last page of this issue to indicate that Diana was “coming on” to Bruce, but even if the roles were reversed and Bruce propositioned her and she turned him down then the onus would’ve fallen on her to reject him. She took a colleague on a mission who was supposed to have her back and on top of that she’s now burdened with rejecting his unsolicited advances. That situation is far too common in real life.

Scenario #3: Tom King subverts all of this. It’s a huge fake out! No one was flirting! It was a red herring! It’s all good! Everything gets resolved and tied up in a pretty little bow. Then Tom King becomes that guy who used hipster brand “ironic” sexism to peddle his narrative, and ironic sexism is still sexism.

I don’t know what happened to Tom King between writing Batman #37 and writing this but hoo-boy those bi-weekly deadlines must be getting to him. This was a huge waste of a Wonder Woman feature and, to be blunt, this is the worst issue he’s ever written, and that includes that mass murderer fake out. It’s such a huge departure from the rest of his series and how respectfully he’s written female characters up until this point. Using Wonder Woman as a virtual sexy lamp is not at all new, but I expected more from Tom King. To his credit he has publicly acknowledged how the issue has been received and hopefully he takes some of that to heart and does better in the future.

The art was nice though.

Hi everyone!

Would-your-oc here. I have been noticing that in the past few months this account has been slowing down (less engagement, fewer notes, etc.). So I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this account? I am open to any ideas, so don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you in my messages or ask box! Also remember that submissions are always open if you have any prompt ideas. Bye, and have a wonderful day!

The Dark Secrets I know (pt.2)

Words: around 1600

Genre: slight angst

Pairing: avengers x reader

A/N: Okay so finally here’s the second part. I really hope you like it. In this or next part i am also going to ask you to please vote on the pairing. if you like it please reblog, comment… Love you all and I hope you enjoy.

Last part here: x

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You were lead out of the secured room by two security guards. Tony and Nat promised they’d explain everything once you get to the Stark tower. You were sceptical about this. Whatever was going on it must have been big, considering they turned to you for help. you were now out of the secured area, nearing the main hall of the building. Jasmin was already waiting for you with a key for your cuffs.

“Oh please Jasmin, there really is no need for your hands to be shaking like this, I don’t bite.” you said nonchalantly.

“Well, not unless you want me to.” you added in a seemingly dangerous voice and gave here an intense stare.

The nurse took a sharp breath in, trying her best not to shudder in front of you, but knew she was failing. you noticed of course. You notice everything.

“You two are crazy for doing this, you have no idea what she’s capable of and what you’re getting yourself into.” She whispered harshly in Tony’s ear.

Tony just shrugged. was he worried? Damn right he was! But if he had to choose between you and Hydra, his pick was obvious.

He sighed. “Well,let’s hope for the best.”

You walked into the main room, where the team was already  gathered. you quickly scanned the place. 

“Everyone, this is Y/N, Y/N meet the team.” Tony said, gesturing to the Avengers.

Steve was the first to stand up and offer you a hand. “Welcome, I am so glad you’ll be able to help us”. He said with a kind voice. 

Even though you haven’t completely agreed on helping them, well at least not until you know what this is about, you still managed to give him a kind smile. 

The next was Sam and then Wanda and Vision, who wouldn’t leave her side when you were near. I guess you could see where his fear was coming from, but why nobody ever believed when you said you were innocent. You weren’t the one who plotted the attacks, you merely tried to warn people from it and what you got was years of being imprisoned in the government’s institution.

“So how good is she exactly?” Sam asked.

“Too good” Tony answered downing his shot of whiskey. “She’s able to tell your life story from the perfume you use.” he somehow muttered under his breath. 

“She what?” Rhodey almost spit out his of juice.

“That’s bullshit. No one can be that good. I mean come on! Perfume? Really? And she can what tell your future from the your toothpaste?” Bucky said.

“I agree she isn’t just that good. Nat is what I call good, but her? She’s…” Tony was about to finish his sentence when you suddenly showed up the door.

For a moment everybody went quiet. There were some confused and unsure, even untrusting glances thrown your way.

“ Well, Tony here says you’re some kind of psychic, knowing other’s story from their well… smell? Now I call that bullshit, so how about you explain yourself a little.” Bucky said, with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

“Well… I would never call myself psychic or anything of the sort, merely… very observant.”

“Observant? Just how observant is that? Can you give an example?” Sam teased.

“You want me to read you?” you asked.

“No, not me, or any of us for that matter. Everybody knows us, you could’ve easily pulled the information from the news. I want it to be someone random. A nobody.” he added.

“A nobody? You see people that’s your problem right here, you believe there are people who don’t matter. But guess what, those are the people that can do things that you’re concerned about because they can go under the radar while you’re convinced that they’re a nobody. I tell you now. There’s no one that is a nobody. But yes, I accept the challenge.” you said.

“Tony, turn on the cameras please.” you said.

Tony turned on the cameras around the tower  and suddenly there were hundreds of people on the screen in a conference room.

“Good, now Sam, be my guest and pick one.” you gestured to the people on the screen.

“This one.” he said pointing to the elegant looking man that was sitting ona bench, talking to a pretty girl next to him.

You took a few seconds to zoom in the photo, paying attention to the details, then cleared your throat.

He’s a fisherman and he’s not fishing for a hobby, but for sports. He has a brother somewhere in the US, lots of hobbies, but he’s especially interested in photography. a very talkative man indeed. He prefers a pipe over a cigar or cigarette, he’s good memory and he’s also a great observer and he still knows some poems he learned in school by heart.” you said.

“Oh yes, I can definitely tell that too. I am surprised you don’t know which book he last read. “ Sam joked.

“C?mon Y/N, you gotta give us something to believe what you just told us. You can’t expect us to believe you just like that can you now?” Bucky said, but with a tiny bit of seriousness and curiosity in his voice.

“Fine. Look at his sleeves. The edges are just a bit torn and used, some threads can be seen around the bottom edges, which we often see on sport’s fisherman because that’s they dry their fish hooks by hanging them on their sleeves. When they pull them off, they tear some threads.

His shoes are, due to their color and the way of production different from European models. These kind of shoes ar only worn in south parts of the US, but since he does not have an american accent I assume he came to visit  a relative, assumingly his brother, who’s probably the one who sent him the shoes as the gift.

Small wrinkles around his eyes suggest that he was blinking a lot due to the sun and wind present where he lives, so as far as I can tell by those facts and the slight tan of his skin he probably lives near the Mediterranean  sea.

His nails are slightly damaged. The damage is definitely caused by the acid, but not a strong one, so it’s probably the one they use for photographs. We know for sure he’s a smoker, based on the slightly yellow thumb that he uses to fill the pipe, while if he smoked cigars there would be two yellow fingers, usually the middle and the pointer finger. The wrinkle in the middle of his forehead suggests good memory and the wrinkles above his eyes show that he’s a good observer. 

Now i could spend the entire afternoon explaining how wrinkles form on our face depending on what we do in life, but I’m willing to bet I won the challenge.” 

@merwild did it again! This is the fourth time I’ve asked her to portray one of my OCs, and of course she captured them perfectly! I’m in love with this piece, and am so glad to have it along with the rest!

Here is Abigail Westerkamp, one of my newer OCs and one of the focuses of my newest fic, Restore My Soul. Updates on the story or slow, but I’ve been enjoying exploring her character and story, and now I have a wonderful visual to go along with it!

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Do you watch anime? if so what are you recommendations for me. I like psychological thrillers and drama or just silly over the top comedy. And btw you're the only person that popped up when I searched for zagazig here lol. I was surprised to see a fellow creator in zagazig. I don't do animation just yet maybe in the future when I have a decent pc. but rn I'm working on a novel

*le gasp*

ok i am not an anime nerd cause i watched a few but not a lot of anime so i am not the best person to ask for recommendations XD

but yo that’s good to find someone from zagazig nice to meet ya buddy :D

Where I am, for now.

I died.

Somewhere between that look in your eyes

And the words you never said.

I hate how you make me feel like I

Belong with the undead.

I hate even more how your touch, your kiss

Brings me back to life every time,

Against my will. When did I surrender

This power, was it ever mine?


I can only cower and crumble

So many times before this damage

Becomes permanent. So here I am

Asking people to tie me up and beat me down

Because you never would or perhaps

Never could. You’ve left me with a disconnect

That I don’t believe can be healed.


No matter what anybody tells me,

I’ll always feel like I’m not worth

Their attention and time. In moments

Like this pain feels necessary, needed

In ways I can’t quite describe. I don’t

Understand why, more importantly

I don’t care to.


In the end it’s really not that complicated,

I need to feel extremes because I haven’t

Felt anything for so long. Extreme pain

Is so much easier to come by than

Extreme pleasure or love. And I don’t

Blame you if this scares you,

It scares me too, but this is who I am

Right now, I have no choice but to

Follow these feelings.

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Love your blog, as you always seem to have some of the best CC info out there. So, lemme ask: I don't have Sirius XM and couldn't find the whole interview online. What happened with Andy Cohen? I saw the TRL where he trailed off with what sounded like, "I love you, Mia" and am surmising he said something similar on Andy's show. Surely, this was tongue-in-cheek, as I hope his retelling of the nightmare he had and guilt over that. Thanks!

Hello there, here is the link. I have another ask I am about to publish that describes it way better than me, but I did just listen and well let’s say if I were M I would not be impressed. (x)

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Omg omg you are back, im so happy! Is so sad to see everyone move on from glee and cc that i get excited when i see familiar urls appear lol, now im here to bother you by asking are you planning on updating feel again, i love it, its cool if you dont but well yeah i hope you do, anyways i love you bye

hi there anon!  I’m so happy to be back.

It’s funny that you ask because I have been toying with whether I should say anything…? But YES I am planning to update Feel Again (so happy there are still people interested in reading it!) and YES I am currently working towards doing just that! I can’t believe it’s been literally 4 years since I updated because it feels like the story and characters are still right where they’ve always been.

Thank you and everyone else who has stuck around, both for caaron and for crisscolfer (but especially for caaron). xoxox

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Personally, I do not CARE if Art and Al ever do anything beyond snuggling, the fact they care so much about each other, is good enough for me, no matter what gender or parts Art may/not have. What happens happens, if they end up "together" or not, I mean, I am not against it, but I am also happy just seeing them happy. Oh umm.. here is some brain bleach, I know some of yours asks have been kinda.... "unique" -hands Mun and Al brain bleach-

// It’s all you guys. You guys shape the blog. But whatever. I’m just busy and you guys are bored and it’s okay. The next ask will get done tomorrow, so hang tight, okay guys? Sorry again ;;

my 3 cents

so hello, I’ve been looking on in horror/disappointment in the fandom and mark himself. not one person is at fault here, many people are. one one hand people that took it to far to fast, on the other hand mark for not reminding his fans to take a step back when asked. 

am I saying “ NO FUN ALLOWED” no, not at all, by all means have fun, create, talk, make friends. But if someone doesn’t want to join or be involved or finds it unnerving, you have to take a step back and respect that choice. sending threats or hate isn’t the right way to go.

They say never make the same mistake twice, clearly a lot of us don’t head that. this has happend in the past, and I hope it will not in the future but I think that’s a fools wish. because unless you mark, yes you whether you like it or not, you tell the people to be mindful of others and stop when told to. why you ? because you are the one your young fans look up to. yes you can argue that other fans should call a stop aswel, and they have tried only to receive hate and threats. 

I know you like to mess with the fans once in a while, but I urge you to be weary of the consequences. yes you didn’t mean for it to happen I’m sure that is completely out if your control, but acknowledging it did happen will help. 

and to the people that took it to far but saw their mistake and apologised, good thank you for doing that.  those who didn’t, what is stopping you ? pride, fear, something else. I request you think about it. if you hurt someone intended or not only you can make it better.  

be mindful of the feelings of others.

and a final note I think we all need to have one more look at a few video’s 

In which Liliana and Julian repeatedly tease each other until the former has enough. Not too proud of this one but ehhhhhhh. It’s 1.30 am. I can’t be bothered fixing it.

“No.” Julian said, his face betraying him as it slowly turned pink.


“No, Liliana, not here. There’s a seat there.”

“That’s Portia’s.”


“There are literally no other seats here Julian.” She said. “Would you rather I kicked someone off theirs and started a fight? Cause I’m not in the mood to knock someone out so I can sit.”

“And my lap is the best option?” He asked, voice hushed, as if anyone in the Rowdy Raven was actually paying attention to what the magician and doctor were saying. Liliana shrugged.

“I can’t exactly sit on your face now, can I?” She teased. Making innuendos to make Julian flush was always fun for her, and she laughed as his face turned a brilliant red. Taking advantage of his distraction, she sat down on his lap. Her legs faced the bar, so that she didn’t cause Julian anymore flustered nonsense. It took him a moment, before he sighed and placed a hand on the small of her back to stop her from falling should he move. He shook his head, chuckling.

“Pasha is going to have so many questions…” he mumbled.

“I think they’ve been answered already.” Came her voice, carrying both her and Julian’s Stein’s, and a bottle of whiskey and some glasses. “She’s letting me have an actual seat and so she’s using you as one.”

Julian opened his mouth to reply, onto to fall short. Liliana smiled as she sat with them, watching the two siblings talk and occasionally adding input into the conversation. She laughed as both took a sip of their glasses of whiskey, and winced at the ensuing bitterness, while she didn’t react. At some point, she felt Julian start playing with her hair, and smiled at him.

Being with the Devorak siblings was always a calming place for her, even if they were in a loud pub. Portia didn’t seem worried about Julian’s safety, and Julian just seemed happy, and carefree. Both were a nice change to how they usually reacted. At some point, Portia announced that she needed to head back to the palace, so Liliana and Julian bid her goodnight, both giving her a hug as she left.

“You can move now, Lili.” Julian said.

“And lose my seat? I don’t think so.” She replied, grey eyes giving off a cheeky glint. Julian sighed, leaning into her shoulder, breathing in the scent of her. No matter what, Liliana always managed to smell like watermelon and lemonade, which always confused him, as he’d never seen her use perfume for it.

What mattered to the doctor more at that moment though, was payback. She couldn’t expect to fluster him and not see consequences for that, especially in public. The amount of times she had adjusted her hips right against him while he spoke to Portia was ridiculous, especially as she hugged his sister goodbye, as if she was trying to embarrass him. She acted as if she wasn’t noticing, and if she was, she paid no mind to him and his… Issue. And the off-shoulder shirt she wore didn’t help his case either. What he wouldn’t do to see her out of it…

Liliana perked up as she felt a pair of lips on her shoulder, eyes wide. She looked down at Julian, who wore a smirk as he trailed his lips along her shoulder. Her back arched as she felt his fingers start tracing against the small of it. He was teasing her right back.

“Not now Julian…” She muttered.

“Hmm? I can’t hear you.” He said, pressing his lips closer to her neck. Liliana shot him a glare, but as he watched her dark skin adopt a reddish tinge, he only smiled wider.

“Julian, I swear to the Maker.” She hissed at him. “We’re surrounded by people.”

“That didn’t stop you from grinding against me multiple times.”

“Yes well, the difference here is that you know that I can and will destroy you when we get to bed if this keeps going.”

“Oh I’m counting on it.” He said, pulling his face away from her shoulder. Rolling her eyes, Liliana downed the last of her glass and stood up. Julian’s eyes widened as she did, and he watched her flatten her skirts before glancing over to him. He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Come on then.” She said, gesturing for him to move. “I can’t keep you waiting all night.” She said, as if she wasn’t referring to bedding him.

Damn it. He thought. She’s going through with that.

Here is something no one asked for…

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Relationship status: married for 6 months :)

Favourite colour: depends on the day honestly

Lipstick or chapstick: Also depends on where I’m going and what I am wearing

Last song listened to:  Snuff by Slipknot

Last movie watched: The Greatest Showman (It was amazing)

Top 3 tv shows: Friends, Rick and Morty, LA To Vegas (I work in the airline industry so I get a lot more of the humor)

Top 3 characters: Cullen Rutherford, Rachel Green, Lorelai Gilmore

Top 3 Bands: Falling in Reverse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall Out Boy (Pre-Mania Honestly)

Books I’m reading: The Calling ( I havent touched it in a long time), You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

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I was re-reading Home and a Half for the nth time and I got to the part in chapter 5 where Niresh is falling asleep an realized I'd been reading "his white hair" as 'her' white hair. It's not super important but as a very visual thinker I figured I'd shoot you an ask- does Keith have white hair? I absolutely love HaaH to pieces, and I hope you stay warm this January! ^-^

Hi! I’m so excited to hear that people like the story enough to re-read it! O(≧∇≦)O

And yes, in Home and a Half, Keith does have white hair in his Galra form, although when he looks human, it’s still the same old normal black. His shapeshifting is very magical-girl-esque, complete with palette swap!

It’s been vaguely implied in a few of Keith’s flashbacks that he inherited this white hair from his mother:

“In the moonlight, the soft cloud of her hair, where he hides his face from the frost, looks white as snow.”

Which might have contributed to your mistaking it for “her white hair” as well!

rhapsodyinblueyellowgreen  asked:

I live in California too so I feel you (about the time zone thing)!! Like when I come online at 1, everyone is reblogging the shit out of everything and I am like I don't have time for this and then at night when I am ready to reblog the shit out of everything I am like WHERE IS EVERYONE

OH MY GOD YES I KNOW THAT STRUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S LIKE EVERYONE I FOLLOW IS ON THE EAST COAST???? I’M ALWAYS ON TUMBLR LATE AT NIGHT AND IT’S DEAD!!!!! And like an hour ago, I was gonna go for a run before it got dark but SUDDENLY EVERYONE WAS ON TUMBLR so here I am being a lazy bum and answering asks instead!!!

I’m glad you feel my pain though. *fist bump* 

blackwolf190  asked:

Ooh tempest I got something for you ta--da!!! A new pet great white shark but the strange thing is it has no teeth in it gum so Yay

What, may I ask, am I supposed to do with this? I don’t have anywhere for it to live-


We… we are?

“Well, of cooouuuuurse we are, you silly filly! Don’t worry your spiky head - Pinkie Pie is on the case.”

“Um… I could maybe help, too… if you want.”

“AND FLUTTERSHY WILL HELP, TOO! This is already the best plan EVER!”

Wait. What plan?!

“To find your squishy fishy a new home, of course.’

I… think I’ll leave this to the two of you.

“You got it, Fizzlepop Berrytwist!!!”

Please don’t make me regret telling you that.