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I can’t decide what characters I should further develop, so it would be great if you would tell me who you find most interesting/likeable/unique! also it is very pretentious because i am very pretentious thank you very much. a lot of quotes in here aren’t mine though! it’s just a collection of things i perceived as fitting

airports at night, a silver crown, the smell of earth right after rain, fog, a single chess piece, “are you a bad person?” “depends on who you ask”, oversized pullovers, open windows, roman temples, blank slates, shards of glass, vintage vinyls, red roses, a ticking clock, poor impulse control, pins and badges, guides on how to start your own country, “ok, so i lied”, bottling emotions up, not caring about consequences, water on skin, “everything is shattering and its my mistake”

pressed flowers, cathedral art, clear nights, raspberries, crying in the dark, champagne, hidden tattoos, the sounds in a library, typewriters, eclipses, the forest at night, foreign films, “i don’t pay attention to the world ending, it has ended for me many times, and began again in the morning”, whispers, “it’s all a bit tragic, isn’t it?”, subtle perfume, echo, neither lost nor found, sea water touching skin, a roses’ thorns

laughing at your own jokes, the feeling of hard alcohol in your throat, smirks, rain clouds, video games, neon signs, soda pop, kisses, short laughs, “the girl i love left me for a revolution”, proving them wrong, scars, holographic material, telescopes, realising the stranger in front of you has a life as intricate and complex as yours, multiverse theory, thrift shops and dark alleys

“everything you do matters. everything you don’t do also matters”, original family disappointment, glasses, screen glowing in the dark, “i need to feel alive”, crystals, mall at night after closing time, life flashing before one’s eyes, the sound of tapping against glass, “every inch a queen”, veins, exit signs, 00:00, long hair hastily tied together in a bun, shutters, self-acceptance bottled in a can

Harry Hook - “Promise”

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Request: “Could ya do Harry hook x reader. Where they were bffs with mal and co. But when they became good and abandoned you. You become angry and pissed and Harry’s there to comfort you like “we’ll get out of here one day, with or without our parents” something along those lines. Love your work hon”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: This is so short I’m sorry

“I can’t believe she would ever do something like that!” You exclaimed as the words dropped from Mal’s mouth. 

The crew were gathered around the small tv in Ursula’s Fish and Chips as the lady of the court was being interviewed by Snow White. 

“What’s it this time, Y/N?” Harry asked sitting on the side of you. 

“She was asked is there anything you miss in the Isle? Anyone that you perhaps miss while here in Auradon? You know what she said? Absolutely nothing! What am I then? Rotten clams?” You shouted throwing a banana peel at the tv screen angrily. 

“She was my best friend before any of them were, I don’t get why she doesn’t miss me. Even just a little bit.” You breathed as tears began to build up in your E/C eyes. 

Harry noticed the seriousness of your feelings and immediately shut off the television. “Hey!” A voice in the crowd exclaimed. “No one turns this on, or you answer to me!” The Scottish swordsman shouted to the man in the group. 

“You alright?” He whispered once everyone had left, finding some sort of entertainment.

 You shook your head as a tear fell from your eyes. “My room?” He asked already knowing the answer. 

You nodded and left the restaurant, traveling below deck of the ship where everyone’s quarters resided.

 Being two of Uma’s best fighters, you got your own rooms, although most of the time only one or the other was used.

 Once the door to Harry’s room was closed, you broke down. 

Like a crashing wave, tears began to fall freely down your face rapidly. 

Harry sighed and pulled you onto his lap tightly. 

His hands weaved through your slightly tangled hair in an attempt to make you feel better. 

“I just don’t understand. I’m not good enough.” You choked out getting up from your position on the bed and wiped your falling tears. 

“Never say a thing like that. You’re one of the most talented ad beautiful souls on this disgusting island. They would kill to have a gal like you at their stupid school.” Harry running his thumb across your cheek to wipe away a stray tear. 

“I wouldn’t want to go someplace like that, not without you.” You said shaking your head showing a small smile reluctantly. 

Harry chuckled, pulling you into his chest in a warm embrace. 

“I’ll make it a priority, Y/N. We’ll get out of here one day. I promise you that.” He sighed kissing your forehead sweetly.

BTS joining army
  • <b> Seokjin:</b> ExCUsE mE, I won't wear these clothes, they're too ugly for me
  • <b> Yoongi:</b> *evil smirk* So, I can kill people here and it won't be considered a crime, right?
  • <b> Hoseok:</b> *running around and screaming in panic at every shooting noise*
  • <b> Namjoon:</b> Okay, I got this *accidentally shoots someone* oh mY GOD I'M SORRY *drops a grenade* HOLY SHIT WHAT AM I DOING
  • <b> Jimin:</b> *asking every person he meets* Did you see Jungkookie?
  • <b> Taehyung:</b> *becomes friends with the enemy lines*
  • <b> Jungkook:</b> You know who I am? I'm the Golden Maknae yOU SHOULD TAKE ORDERS FROM ME
You and Your Words [V x MC]

Here’s a V angst no one asked for and when I told people about it, I got yelled at with “AMS O U C H” :))) 💛 

inspired by Burn from Hamilton ヽ(ヅ)ノ and a thanks to the dialogue in Secret Ending 1

[ Word Count: 1962 ]

Jihyun believed in souls. He also believed in soulmates. Thinking back, he talked about it so much that MC was really convinced they were his soulmate. They were going to be together for the rest of their lives, knowing their souls belonged to each other. MC was confident in that future and they were sure Jihyun was too. The two of them had talks about it almost nightly, generating a fantasy of the future - complete with kids, a dream house, and talk of growing old together. They really did feel like soulmates.

Apparently, they were wrong.

It was during his newest exhibition where Jihyun would experience a beginning and an ending. He was there walking around and chatting with visitors, but someone caught his eye. She had been standing by this one photograph of a pink flower he took in the mountains for almost an hour today alone, and she stopped by yesterday as well - the least he could do was stop by and say hello.

Or, that was the plan, but he caught her just when she was speaking. “..Beautiful.” She whispered. “Do you like it?” He asked, stopping a few feet from her. “Yes, I love it.” The girl looked away from the photo to Jihyun, a polite but obviously confused look on her face. She was beautiful - long, blonde hair, green eyes, a pretty face - but that didn’t matter to Jihyun. He had MC, and besides, this woman was not the first beautiful lady he encountered. Nevertheless, something about her still made him curious. “Excuse me, but who are you?” She asked, bringing his attention back to her. “The one who took this photo.” He answered, a hint of a smile on his face. What? He could afford to be a little smug. Her face lit up a little bit, “You must be V, the photographer!” Jihyun nodded with a small chuckle, “You’ve been standing here for almost an hour, so I came to say hello. And didn’t you come yesterday too?” “Yes…the photo was so beautiful I just had to come for another look.” “I’m glad you like it, please enjoy it.” He smiled and was about to walk away. “Wait! I had something to ask you.” “What is it?” 

“The sun is the mother of all things. This flower wouldn’t have come to life if the sun hadn’t exuded energy. This consistent love and warmth, I feel it from all your pieces! Do you think a world…where our fears are gone and filled with love and warmth, like when I see your photographs, will ever come? Do you believe we all can become the sun one day?” Her words shocked him. He had never thought about that, never thought he could make someone feel that way. Maybe that’s what caught his attention. “No,” He said, “I don’t have such profound thoughts when I take photos. I’m not that great.” “You are great, V. Just by taking photos like this.”

Now, V felt like doing something crazy. Well, not that crazy since he had done it before. In fact, he did this when he met MC too. “Thank you…do you want this photograph?” He could see her eyes light up a little bit, but it faded quickly. “I love it, but I don’t have enough money to purchase it.” Jihyun smiled brightly, sure he was totally going to make her day. “I’ll give it to you as a gift. Please let the receptionist know your name, address, and phone number.” The lady blinked, “What? Oh, I can’t accept such an expensive piece!” They went back and forth for a little bit until Jihyun settled it. “How about this? I’ll give you this photograph, and you can buy me coffee after this exhibition. Your thoughts made a big impression on me and I’d like to hear more of how you see life. Oh, can I ask your name?” She paused for a moment, thinking it over. Which gave Jihyun time to do the same. It wasn’t a bad idea, her thoughts really did intrigue him…and that was it anyways. He wanted to hear her thoughts on the world, it might give him a new outlook on how to take his photographs. And he could really use a coffee. MC was working late and they trusted each other. He’ll just send her a text.

“It’s…Rika.” The lady - Rika - answered him. “My name is Rika.” He smiled, “Is that your real name?” She shook her head, “Well, let me tell you mine. People call me V, but my name is Jihyun Kim.”

How coffee turned into this, Jihyun had no idea. It was about 10:30pm and Jihyun was stumbling into he and MC’s house, but with Rika chasing after him, their lips clashing as he pushed her inside. Jihyun had never been this frantic before. Not even because he was worried about MC coming home, but because he was desperate. Desperate for this feeling, for this person who he was leading to his bedroom. The person not being MC. MC being the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. 

MC, his soulmate. Right? Or… “V…” Rika’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and MC was out of his mind again. It was just Rika. Rika. Rika. “Rika.” Jihyun breathed out.

Maybe MC wasn’t his soulmate.

That was a mistake. That whole night was a mistake. But…Jihyun kept going back to Rika. MC had no idea about what had happened, nonetheless that it was still happening. And it wasn’t even just sex, it was practically a full on relationship full of dates, small kisses, cuddling after sex. But Jihyun was hiding it from MC. Hiding this…relationship? From the person he called his soulmate.

He had a system. Two phones - one for MC, one for Rika. He wrote letters to both of them, showed them both the photographs he took, talked to both of them daily. It was eating away at him, but the more he did this, the more disappointed he felt himself becoming when it was MC instead. He wanted more of Rika, felt more of a connection with Rika. MC was losing their grip on his soul.

MC noticed something was wrong when their nightly talks got more and more infrequent. Nightly turned into every other night. Every other night turned into once a week. And now…nothing. Was something wrong with Jihyun? He did seem a bit more depressed lately. And he took a lot more trips than before. Well, he was getting more and more attention, it was probably just to get the perfect shot.

They thought nothing of it. Until the scandal broke out.

‘Famous Photographer V Engaged?! Who Is This Mystery Girl?’ Mystery Girl? MC asked themselves when they first saw it. People knew they were dating - though the gender situation was still unclear to them, but that wasn’t the point - but why did they assume they were engaged? Wait. Who was that?

There was another woman in the photo, one that MC had never seen or heard of before. Her and Jihyun were holding hands, looking like they were running across the street. She was holding a hand up to try and cover her face, but there was…a ring on her finger?

No, it was just a friend of Jihyun’s. Someone he was helping, as always. There was no way- The phone rang and MC glanced at it. It was Yoosung, so she picked up. “Yoosung?” “MC, did you see the news?” Right away, then. “About Jihyun? Yeah, but I didn’t hear anything from him y-” “I know who that is.” MC blinked. But they didn’t say anything, so Yoosung continued. “ She’s my cousin. And she had been talking about a boyfriend for a while now. I never got to meet him, but she mentioned things that match V…I should have told you, but I didn’t think that-” “Yoosung?” MC cut him off. It took a second, but he answered. “Yeah, MC?” “What things matched V that she told you about?” “Uh…he had an unusual hair color, he was a photographer..” “Give me specifics, Yoosung.” “There was something about letters…” MC hung up.

And as soon as they did, V walked through the door. “MC-” “V. What is this all about?” “It was a mistake. I was only-” The TV in the background cut him off again. “This just in! Photographer V released a statement! There’s…letters? A bunch of letters, apparently back and forth between this new girl?! Should we read some of them? Oh, this one-” V turned off the TV. “MC…” “You should go, V.” “…MC…”

MC didn’t speak again, they just walked off into their room. They knew V was behind them, but they didn’t care. MC wouldn’t speak a word to him again, but this was going to show him. They went straight to their shared nightstand, opening a drawer and throwing out all the clothes. “MC-” V tried, but MC pulled out a box at the bottom of it. They opened it, taking out pieces of paper. No, letters. They stared at them for a second before taking a deep breath. “I saved every one of these you wrote me. From the moment I read them, I knew you were mine. You said you were mine….I thought you were mine.”

V looked at MC helplessly, looking like he was about to speak, but MC beat him to it. “You and your words flooded my senses, left me defenseless. You built me palaces out of paragraphs, built cathedrals.” They looked back down at the letters, smiling in fond remembrance, but could also feel the tears filling their eyes. “The world seemed to burn..” Their voice hiccuped at the last word, hands holding the papers tighter. “You published the letters she wrote you. Told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed.” The tears were spilling over now, and MC turned around, glaring at him. “You and your words, obsessed with your legacy. How they perceive you! You, you, you….!”

There was a pause after that, but MC held up their glare. V took a step back from them, tears building up for him as well. But that didn’t make MC back down. It only fueled them. “You have torn it all apart.” They stomped past him, pushing him out of the way to their built-in fireplace. Luckily, it was electronic, so MC turned it on and it started up quickly. “The world has no right to my heart! The world has no place in our bed. They don’t get to know what I said. I’m burning the memories, the letters that might have redeemed you.”

“MC!-” V ran over, trying to grab the letters, or at least one of them, from MC, but they were quicker. They pushed him away with both hands, pointing a finger at him and raising their voice. “Jihyun Kim, you forfeit all rights to my heart! You forfeit the place in our bed! You’ll sleep in her apartment instead! With only the memories of when you were mine…!” MC broke out into a full sob at their ‘mine’.

The next moment felt like forever, but MC was standing there, sobbing while V looked at them. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as well, but he knew it was over. There was no way he could fix this.

MC opened their eyes, glaring at V one more time. “I hope that you burn.” They said before turning around and throwing the letters into the fireplace. “MC!” V yelled, watching the letters he wrote them turning into ashes.

“So much for soulmates.” And MC walked past him, towards the door.


Hinoe tells the story of how she first met Reiko and she continues to be relateable.

I mean we all know the classic story: a hot girl approaches you in the woods asking for directions, you’re like “hey, great opportunity for PRANKS, if this was a man (gross) I’d push him in the swamp and maybe watch him flail around with satisfaction, but she’s a cute girl so I’ll scale it back and just ditch her and enjoy her terror from afar”

Then the girl is like “yeah so I ran in here because I beat up three dudes at once lol” and you’re like “WELL THAT’S NOT FAIR NOW I’M SUPER TURNED ON”

I mean, all wlw have been there, AM I RIGHT, LADIES?

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92 😊

I don’t know if I remember right, but you did want Robron and Bob, right? Anyway, here you go.

This is also for @dasoni and @aarondingel and everybody else who loves Aaron’s love for toast.

 “You make me happy.”

“It’s not my fault,” Robert said for what felt like the hundredth time.

“You were the last one to use it,” Aaron argued.

“And it worked fine when I used it,” Robert said.

“So, you’re saying it’s my fault?” Aaron asked, eyebrows raised.

“I know it’s a hard concept, but yeah, maybe it is actually your fault,” Robert said and couldn’t help but smirk.

“Never in my life have I ever broken a toaster and this wasn’t me either,” Aaron said and opened the door to the café for Robert.

“I promise I will buy a new one after work and I will pay for this breakfast,” Robert sighed. “And if it makes you feel better I will take the blame for this.”

“Thank you,” Aaron said and turned to Bob on the counter.

“Having a little domestic, aren’t we?” Bob asked.

“He broke our toaster,” Aaron said and Robert just shook his head.

“So, lots of toast and two Americanos?” Bob guessed.

“You make me happy, Bob” Aaron said. “Do you wanna switch places with Rob?”

“Wow,” Robert said. “You just sold me off to live with Brenda for some toast?”

“Oi,” Bob said. “You could do a lot worse.”

“Doubt it,” Robert muttered. “I’ll find us a table while you sell me off,” he added to Aaron who just grinned at him.

Robert sat down at a table by the door and Bob grinned at Aaron.

“You two like winding each other up then?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Aaron said. “But this is dead serious. No one messes with my toaster and gets away with it. Let me know when Brenda is available for a blind date.”

Bob laughed and handed him the two coffees.

“Will do,” he said. “Go ahead, I’ll bring you a big piles of toasts right over.”

Here is a WIP for that Anon who sent me the Villain!Saitama ask a while back(sorry I dunno how long it was in my inbox. I rarely get asks so I was surprised!)
I was finally able to start it but I will be at my sister’s for most of this week, and then I start my new job next week (❁°͈▵°͈)

But I am working on it!



“I wish I knew more specific tales of the man who was my great, great, so-many-times-over great grandfather. Everything about him is quite mythical, which is hard at times for me to believe because he is Master Yi. Though brothers and a father surrounded him, it was he that first took a teaching roll, and first headed the school. He created… Wuju.

 He made the sword form. He named it, and he fathered it on into the future. He was the Rain of the West. The Calm in the Storm, for when Lightening struck from the East, and the Wind roared in from the North… the Rain of the West still fell with the softest patter. He was undisturbed and undeterred… yet in all this bluster of poetic verse no one thought to remember his name.

 Just Xī. In this tongue as I have said, he is known as West. The bane of his brothers East and North, who similarly have had their names lost to history. The title comes from the direction he traveled when his father, a man known simply as the Yi Zongshi, told him to travel the world in order to further his understanding in the philosophy that was Wuju at the time. So he went to Navori from Shon-Xan. To Zhyun, and Kashuld, and beyond. It is somewhere in the Ionian Mainlands that he honed Wuju into what it is today, and it is in such a place and time that one of the few stories of him without his brothers is told.

 West was hungry. Starving, in fact, in the wilderness. So very far from civilization. Even the Vastaya seemed to not tread in these lands… and for good reason. In his weakened state he was stalked by a terrible foe. A demon the likes of which would have terrified other men. Six arms were upon its person, and two heads stared him down. It towered over the Wuju Master of five and three immensely, but West was not ready to succumb to such a beast. He said something to it like… ‘I do believe I would first die of the rumble in my stomach than to the slobbering teeth of something as ugly as you.’ or something similar. Needless to say he would not fall without fighting first, and so it began.

 Now West was never the most optimal fighter. You might think he was a genius with the blade if he was the father of modern Wuju, but it was not necessarily so. He won his fights with his mind and his awareness of his surroundings, so as the beast assaulted him he was thinking in a rush. He noticed in his hungry stupor that whenever he tried to take one arm of the best, another two would instantly set upon him. He had no opening to truly attack with his jade carved blade. He was not fast enough.

  Instead of thinking of some grand plan or some sort of trap, the man’s first thought was ‘Well, I must make myself faster then. I must become more fleet of foot if I am to live.’ That is not exactly how I would have handled the situation, but it is how he did. Perhaps it was because of being in such a moment, and the blood pumping furiously through his heart, but he was able to push through his hunger and attack and dodge again and again. Most of his efforts were futile with no damage done, but as the sweat fell into his eyes, and he though it might be his last swing…

… His body said back to him, ‘Okay. You may swing faster now.’

 Suddenly, when he thought he had only struck once, two of the beast’s mighty arms fell clean from its body. But he was not permitted to stop by his seizing hands near bloody about his blade. He struck a few more grazing strikes, and once again another two mighty ones came from deep in his soul. More arms fell, and with but two arms left of the creature he felt it was his time to advance. One, two, and three strikes hit just barely, but when he leapt into the air and swung his sword with all his power… two heads fell for the strike of one. The demon, now decapitated twice over, nearly fell on the exhausted man as it let go of its terrible life.

And, for West’s efforts, he got to be one of the few men who would dare to dine upon demon flesh. Raw flesh even. With his hunger quenched by meat, and his thirst somewhat quenched by blood, he took a moment to reflect on the anomaly of swordplay that had taken place. He went on to get into better circumstances, practice the technique to the point it was second nature, and he called it the Double Strike. Though he was a thinking man, he was not      belong naming his techniques practically.

… I used to like this play – the story is a play as well – when I was other a place and time to perform Wuju history. It is one of the few plays where the demon got more than just a prop sword. Naturally pretending to be a six armed, two headed demon is a lot of work to dance around in, but I did not mind. I think my Master had quite the negative association with the play, however. We only ever performed it twice.

 But that is at least one story of many, and one Master of many. Truly if you wish to hear more, you need only ask me.”

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20 gimme ur salt


20. If you’re feeling salty right now, this ask gives you a free reign to pour out your frustration.

INB4 i get hanged for this one i’m crying like

drags hands down face: a preface is needed for this – I am homosexual & agender. Now, then.

i’m going 2 be v honest here, i get……… so…………. SO………… uncomfortable whenever i see posts that are like……… d.own with or all h.eteros need to die or anything ALONG those lines it makes me feel???? so gross. and it seems like it’s become such a common thing now, even throughout the rpc and i’ve straight up started soft blocking people who post things like that bc i just

ya’ll out on the tumblrsphere are your own people and you can do/say whatever you’re gonna do/say, but i’m also allowed to unfollow if i don’t like it. it makes me feel squicked out seeing those kinds of things in my own communities and it makes me feel even MORE squicked out that saying as much is probably going to make people fire @ me??? like i’m scared to share opinions as it is on tumblr, but 🤷

idk man as a gay, agender individual i look at all the straight, cis people in my life who are literally the reason i’m alive & the people who have helped me through all of the bullshit i’ve been through and i just can’t imagine ever even jokingly (or generalizing) saying things like that, hence why i feel personally uncomfortable it’s become such an accepted thing and i’m starting to… separate myself from those ppl by soft blocking.

straying from this topic and talking about the atmosphere of tumblr in general bc i don’t have a smoother transition i just wish i could come on this website and actually feel comfortable here tbh it’s so hostile here that i’m more uncomfortable on tumblr than i am in my actual real life now-a-days and that’s so sad lmao

2017 Romans Study

Alright, y’all. Here’s my list of everyone participating in the Romans study so far:


(For those who don’t know, I got an ask this morning saying, “Why can’t we study the Bible all together?” So. That’s what we’re doing!  I’m just starting Romans today (Monday, July 24) so, honestly, whoever wants in for that one, feel free to join! I’m doing the She Reads Truth 6 week study (and am meeting with friends in person once a week). I believe you can do it either through the app or the workbook. Or, if you just want to read along, I can post the readings and discussion questions from the book once a week or so on here.)

I’m using the tag 2017 Romans Study, so feel free to tag anything related to this with that so we can all find posts a little easier. :)

Comment on/reblog this post and/or message me and let me know if you want to be added to this list!

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I just found your blog!!!!! I'm a person who was born with a visual impairment. I have congenital glaucoma, and while I'm not blind yet I very well could become blind in the future. I don't find blogs specifically about blindness and visual impairments, so I'm really happy I found this blog!

Ahhhh hello!!! I’m so glad you’re glad to have found something. There aren’t many of us around and I don’t currently know of any other blogs specifically about blindness. Though I know of some tumblrs who are blind and occasionally post aobut it and am making a list of them, I don’t know of any actual blindness-specific blogs.

Anyways lol welcome!! Feel free to say hi or ask questions or anything like that. I’m always here! I might take a week or so to respond… but I’m always here lol.

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Would you be able to redraw that KageHina pose you reblogged, but instead with Mahiru being held up by Kuro? OwO

Uhh, no. I don’t wanna do that cause then I would feel like I would be copying that person’s work. So no thank you. ^^;; I will draw them on my own time maybe. 

But here have something similar, this is a quick warm-doodle I did awhile ago. 

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given your track record, "I'm not answering discourse asks" sounds a lot like "I'm not answering anything I don't like" which makes me very nervous about the prospects of anyone who has a genuine complaint re: your behavior

“you said X thing, which is really problematic” is different from “you guys answer goofy asks so you fucking suck” dude.

were you like

not here for what happened

i absolutely will step forward for my behavior, i am STILL apologizing for what I said. if i say something harmful (for example, i used to say transmen and transwomen as one word, which is incorrect), i am willing to correct it. I dont want a fight, buddy. im willing to attest to my behavior but the ask was literally calling me out for A. answering goofy asks, B. nonspecific “harmful behavior”, and C. writing undeducated replies to things i dont understand. A is bullshit, B wasnt specific, C is a valid complaint and I will do more research and talk to my husband more before I post asks, or just flat out have him answer.

i know u really really wanna call me out dude but im trying my best to do better

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I saw someone asking you for an advice and loved your answer, so here I am asking for one myself. Lately I've been gaining a lot of weight and I hate that. I can't even look at myself anymore without crying and getting all depressed. What can I do to lose it beside exercise (I already exercise a lot)? Thanks for your answer xx

what is the reason you are gaining a lot of weight? sad-eating? hormones (pms-eating)? i myself am trying to lose a little weight myself, and i find portion control is really hard to do! these couple of weeks i have tried eating less carbs (only once a day, during lunch), and more protein and fruits and vegetables. i’ve lost 6lbs so far. i also don’t drink my calories anymore (i gained a lot of weight because i had too much boba, starbucks drinks, etc) - these drinks are high calories yet they don’t fill you up, therefore dangerous!

good luck losing weight, but please always remember to prioritize your health! 


So this is the thing I was planning on doing while I am away for moving
So I will be opening five slots for one full colour, full body sketch of your RWBY oc, kind of like the examples above, though not in a reference sheet format (and not as terrible looking as the one on the right)
Here’s what to do to get a slot:
- send an ask with a link to the RWBY oc you want drawn (or a submission cause I still have no idea how this place works despite being here for a while)

And… that’s it. I will be leaving this open for three days, and will post who got the slots before I leave on the plane, and the sketches will be posted about a month later, or whenever I get my internet back

Of course with anything, there are some rules:
- one oc per person, so no full teams. I might do something with that in the future but right now, just one character
- the character must at least have an appearance description with a minimum of hair colour, hair style, skin colour, clothing style, and body type
- no anon asks or submissions please
- this is not first come first serve, picking the oc will be based on:
~ the appearance description
~ wether the character already has art or not
~ overall quality of the character (if you’ve gotten a tldr rank of 5 from a critique then you’re pretty much good to go on here)
- keep in mind that if you decide to send an oc for critiquing and includes this sketch I will not be reviewing the appearance section for them. Cause there would be a lot of bias, and I would like to keep that to a minimum

There we go
The current asks and submissions in the inbox will be answered within the next few days as long as it doesn’t get any more ridiculous than it already is around here

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Hey I sent this same ask to @aspecsafespace and they said to come to you. So I'm sort of touch starved AND touch averse?? Not sure what to do about it T-T it's kinda annoying. (I checked out your guidelines and I think I want advice?? Idk)

Hey honey, this answer may have to be tweaked to your life and history since I am a trauma blog and you’re coming here from an asexuality blog, so not necessarily something in my wheelhouse but I shall try my best!

For advice you kinda have to understand both touch starvation and aversion. Studies have shown that physical affection (not necessarily sexual) are very important for human growth, and babies need it to survive. But, there are also many reasons why someone may be uncomfortable with touch; sensory processing disorders, trauma, other disorders, or personal preference are all factors.

So, when you deal with both (like I do actually, and you do, too. Kinda wanna start singing we’re all in this together, anyways…) it’s very difficult to find a fix of affection while still being comfortable.
If you want my advice? Find ways to get physical contact and attention without going outside your comfort zone.
Preassure, warmth, and a calm environment can sort of mimic irl physical touch, and socializing can help with the humany part of it. Finding people/friends that feel the same way as you can help, and it makes it easier to be around people who respect your boundaries.

The contact doesn’t have to be skin-to-skin or anything, like sitting on the couch with your best friend with a couple blankets between you two, weighted blankets help me a lot, finding forms of contact that you can handle- resting my feet on someone’s lap or having my friend use my lap as a pillow are something I can handle- simply hanging out with friends and talking to them can calm you down and make you feel better, hugging pillows, using fabric to create a barrier when cuddling, pressure stimming, petting and holding pets- this really helps when you have a large dog that likes to spoon lmao- going to medium sized parties where there’s a lot of people but you aren’t crowded enough that people are accidentally touching you can help but sometimes it leads to sensory overload but the large group of people can help the physical affection without actually being touched, for me at least-
but yeah, those are all some ways you can combat a mix of touch starvation and aversion.

I’m really hoping that any of this helped, there’s not as much research and articles on this as I would’ve hoped, but I really tried to give you ideas on how to help. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of exposure therapy, personally, so I really wouldn’t try to force yourself into situations you don’t want to be in just to try and fix the touch starvation. Be safe, care for yourself, and I’m wishing you the best- lemme know if this helped 💖💖💖
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Shipping CALL

SO I asked if Y’all wanted one and you all fucking jumped on the wagon. So here you go.

I’M willing to ship with anyone.
I am a ship whore
Just ask for the kind of ship you want and we can try and work our way to that. I sadly cant force my muse. SO if it doenst happen I’m sorry.

What are the possibilities. OH SO MANY

Friends with benefits
Romantic relationship
Other stuffs please let me know what you have in mind.

Just leave a comment or something. kay thanks

This nice old guy who works at the gym I go to started talking to me last week about my life and my running, and he was like “you have to talk to one of our other employees!” because he ran in college and coaches at the university where I am going to law school. He tracked me down like two weeks later and gave me this guys’ phone number.

I see the older guy like every day I go to the gym so I feel obligated to text this random number because he asks me about it whenever he sees me lololol here goes nothing

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Mun here… Holy crap you guys got me bawling like a baby here. I never could have dreamed I’d get this much support, even from those of you who don’t really know me much! Thank you so much all of you for your kind words and asks that you have sent so far. <3 I’ve decided to keep going with this; I’m definitely feeling more inspired again and hope to get to posting again sometime tomorrow.  

Unfortunately, I am way out of practice drawing everyone, and getting beat up real bad by my work schedule (just got off of a 7-day streak of 8-hour shifts, hours ranging from early morning to late night—not fun). Additionally I have been trying to pull myself out of a serious slump.  It may take me a bit to pick up speed with art again, as I am hoping to keep up some quality, improve my art, as well as give some kinda entertaining answers while working through my rust. 

Nonetheless, thanks again you guys, it really means a lot to me. <3

n-e-v-e-r-l--a--n--d  asked:

Hi! With all the hatred out there I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I am very grateful for all the work you put to it. Your blog is literally the only reason I still have tumblr, because I only use to come here. With all this said, I just want to add that I wish all good things to you that work hard on this page. May life bring you what you girls deserve (only good things of course) 😊😚

It’s been a super long SDCC week + weekend that I’m spending today recovering from lol. Thank you so much for this kind message!

Shoutout to Amalia/ @onceland for managing 2 blogs during this week though. SBM wouldn’t have made it w/o her.