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4,8,9, and 10

Omg okay, I am so ready for this! Thank you for sending me these mate, you’re amazing :p

4. How do you want Mon-El to be killed off?

 I’ve already answered this one on another ask, which you can find here.

8. How much longer do you think Supergirl will stay as “The Adventures of Mon-El”? 

 Honestly, now that I’ve seen the new episode (s02e18) and his mum will be staying around, I think he’ll die at her hand (probably sacrificing himself for Kara) until the end of the season, or at least, go back to Daxam with his mother (which is way less likely). 

 That Romeo and Juliet reference didn’t seem to be made at random, especially since they mentioned it twice: once before Mon-el and Kara went to confront his mother, and once after they were back home after fighting with her. So I think that they were pretty much foreshadowing his death, and, at the same time, romanticizing their relationship, in order to make us feel like he’s a martyr when he finally dies. And obviously to get that whole “forbidden love that almost happened Romeo and Juliet vibe”. (Nice try, but I’m still setting fireworks when he dies tbh).

 I mean, it does make sense, nothing happens at random on Tv Shows, the writers are always going for these types of symbolism and I’m guessing that on his “death bed” there will probably be another reference to Romeo and Juliet once again. 

 There was literally no reason for them to bring it back again on the couch and yet they did.

9. Why do you hate Mon-El?

Oh my god, okay this could be subject to a whole new rant, like I could legit write a 100 pages essay on this, so in short:


 Now, (@ everyone who reads this) don’t even start with the whole “oh, but he’s sorry!” bullshit, he was a fucking grown man by the time he left Daxam, and it’s pretty obvious he didn’t once give a shit about any on his slaves and how being idk a FUCKING SLAVE ruined their lives. Like, no compassion at all. 

 Another stupid excuse I see tossed around so much, is the whole “he was socialized like that!” Yeah well, so was M’gann and yet she felt in her heart that slaughtering the green martians was wrong and she tried to do something about it, even though she was at a big risk of dying by the hands of her own people.

 Mon el simply never gave a fuck as long as he got all of his needs satisfied, and don’t try to tell me that he was “at risk” either, because no one would dare to touch the bloody prince of Daxam and y’all know that. 

2. He’s extremely manipulative

 Not only has Mon-el constantly tried to manipulate Kara, throughout the show, which is disgusting enough on its own given she’s supposed to be his girlfriend, he has also tried to manipulate his “friends” along the way, knowing fully well that they could be the ones suffering if things went badly.

 Examples: His “I love you’s” to Kara and when he said that she “made him better” in order to try to guilt trip her into staying with him, even though he lied to her (my next point) and she had every reason to dump his ass.

 When he manipulated Winn into leaving the DEO and going to have some “fun” outside when he knew fully well that Winn had been given orders from his superiors and could have lost his job.

3. He keeps lying to Kara

 Ever since day one, Mon-el concealed from Kara his true identity as the prince of Daxam, and deliberately lied about the way he escaped Daxam trying to paint himself as the hero, when he acted as a complete coward and excuse for a person. All of these lies told with the same goal, of course, to sleep with Kara.

4. The way he escaped Daxam

 I’ve ranted about this before and it can be read here.

 But, in sum, the real way in which he escaped Daxam, not raising one hand at his people, not trying to help ANYONE of HIS people was disgusting. He was the prince of Daxam and yet when the time truly came, he could only bring himself to hide behind his bodyguard and run to save his own skin, when his people were literally begging for his help. 

Once again showing a giant lack of compassion.

And finally…

5. He is an extremely selfish person

 Mon-el isn’t a hero. Being a hero isn’t about having super strength, or being super fast. Being a hero is about wanting to do what’s right, it’s about having honour, it’s about being ready to give yourself for the people you want to protect. And it is about doing all of that without expecting anything in return. That’s the important part. 

 The only reason for Mon-el to be trying this whole “hero” thing out is because he gets to be near Kara, he fucking admitted it, he said, as I quoted on the other ask as well: “I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side”. I’m sorry, but that’s just not what being a hero is about.

 You aren’t a true hero if the only reason you’re helping out is because you want to get laid, things just don’t work like that, it has to come from your heart.

 Mon-el only does anything for anyone else if he gets something out of it, that’s just the truth.

10. Why do you hate K*ramel? 

 Another question that I could write a 100 pages essay on omg.

 So let’s dive right into it.

  Their relationship is toxic, unhealthy and built in lies. A healthy relationship must always be built in trust, mutual respect, and love. Karamel just doesn’t meet those requirements; Mon-el keeps trying to manipulate Kara, ex.: the “i love you’s” he said to Kara and the “you make me better” line which were said in order to guilt trip Kara into staying with him when she had every reason in the world to dump his ass for lying to her (as I mentioned above); Mon-el is always ready to start insulting Kara if they disagree, ex.: calling her an attention seeker, when she called him out for using his powers for his own personal benefits, (when he started beating up other aliens for money), etc; Mon-el doesn’t listen to Kara, doesn’t take her opinions seriously, and, most importantly, doesn’t respect her, ex.: When Kara asked for a bit of privacy because they had literally just started their relationship, he says to her face he will grant her that, and literally 1 sec later he proceeds to announce it on her workplace for everyone to hear, which is not only not cute but also disrespectful as fuck.

 I could go on and on but this answer is already pretty long as it.

 Thank you once again for interacting with me, hope you like this :p


Hello to every single one of you and thank you very much for seeing something in my blog that you like to see on your dash!

I want to celebrate this, and I know the fandom is not in a very celebratory mood right now, but here is what I want to do!

You are all getting a drabble as a gift from me! And here is how it’s going to go (the rules so to speak, but I don’t like that word)

  • must be following me (because this is for my followers)
  • send me an ask with your prompt (not on anon)
  • the drabble will not be longer than 500 words, but you can tell me how many words you want precisely
  • you can prompt me any scenario, but know that I am not the best angst writer
  • you can send me basically anything, a sentence, a song, a scenario
  • you can be as precise as you want (characters, mood, setting, outcome)

Tord’s heart leapt into his throat.  “…Oh?”  

“Yeah, and your mask, and the gun and… yeah.”  Edd shoved his hands in his pockets, obviously a little uncomfortable and upset.  

“And, uhm… what are you going to do with that?”  

Edd shook his head, letting out a quiet laugh.  “I can’t believe that’s even a question.  Like if you weren’t trying to be so secretive it wouldn’t even matter.  By the way, does Matt know about whatever you’re up to?”

“No.” His eyes downcast, Tord shrugged.  “No one does, not Paul or Pat either.  It’s been a… private project I guess, for a while now.”

“Then… I guess it’s going to stay that way.”

Tord looked back up at Edd, surprised.  “What?”

“You heard me.  I just… it’s not my secret to tell.”  Edd frowned, maybe trying to justify what he was about to say?  “I think, it would be worse if I let it slip than if you came out yourself and told the truth.  Especially for Tom, and for that matter Paul and Patryck too.”  Tord nodded, relief obvious as he opened his mouth to reply, but Edd cut him off.  “I still think you should just tell everyone, before someone else finds out.”

“I-I know, but… I can’t.  Not yet.”

“And that’s your call,” Edd answered, “Same with explaining what’s going on to me.  I don’t need to understand it, I just want to know it’s nothing too stupid/dangerous?”

“No, nothing compared to what I used to do.  It’s not even technically illegal, most of the time.” Tord let out a small laugh, accepting the hug Edd now offered.  “Thank you Edd.”

“No problem,” Edd mumbled, still slightly more subdued than his usual self.  “You want to join the others?”  

“Yeah, we should.”

Tom, Tord, Edd and Matt are all available for asks once again!

Walk Tall, My Friends ~

Though I am loathe to say it, the day has finally come for our journey here to come to its end. In other words:

I am archiving Ignis’ blog. 

Allow me to clarify - I am doing so not for any dislike of the fandom or for any lack of love toward the muse. Rather, an unexpected opportunity arose in my professional life and, though I’d been considering transitioning this blog to an Ask Blog for a while now to better accommodate my schedule, I have now determined that full archival will prove the best course of action for mysel, that I might devote more time to the things I wish to pursue. 

While I will not be RPing on tumblr for the time being, I will be taking drabble requests and posting headcanons from my personal account (here), and I am open to smaller rps on Discord (mumsthewcrd#6725), so don’t be afraid to approach me at either place if you’d like to keep in touch.

That being said, I want to thank you - each and every one of the 482 who have stuck with me. I know my time here was brief in the grander scheme of things (my activity even more so), but each and every one of you has made it something to remember and I have treasured and will treasure all that this fandom has been and meant, and all that you bright, beautiful people have contributed to it.

To those listed below - a more personal thank-you. To have been amongst your peers was truly a pleasure; to call you friends, an honor. Know that I have nothing but the utmost fondness for you, and the deepest of admirations.

@rubatosiis, @nxctcaelum, @sventmanifest@gladnis-trash, @rexcrystallis@theplagueofstars, @aperturetrigger, @kingslight, @quicksilversunshine, @arachnexdragoon, @mintfoxmimi, @starofthewilds, @suitedfordark, @dual-daggers, @duciit, @akweh, @pierccr, @ruinosusangelus, @knightxalpha, @photowark​, @iinkpools​, @divinamxultionem​, @xnobilis​,@iris-ami-citia​, @puckishphotog​, @nightfallprince​, @selfiesun​, @floweringeclipse​, @trashkingizunia​, @the-regalia​, @oracleborn​, @sharpdressedchef

And to all of you - those listed, those faceless - may the roads ahead be filled with love, light, and laughter. 

Protomun & Mum - Signing Off.

Can I ask y’all to practice something?

Imagine someone tells you of a death of someone close to them.

Now, practice saying this:

“I am so sorry for your loss.”

Now, practice this:

Kind look on the face and silence to see if the person wants to talk further about it.  

If the silence gets weird (or there is no kind look for people to see because you’re communicating without body language available) say:

“I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.”

Sure, you’re probably a nice person and want to be there for the person. You want to MAKE IT BETTER when someone has had a terrible loss.  But if you babble, it may be you’re putting pressure on someone who is in enough pain that it will be hard for them to be nice.   Saying you’re sorry something awful has happened and offering to listen?

It seems dumb and trite, but I promise that this response is kindness gold. 


“You like her! You care because you like her!”


“Oh right.” Ibis made an effort to speak quietly.  “Look, she’s a werewolf so she probably already knows.” He shrugged.


“Yeah. They can smell that. I’ve always meant to ask what exactly do they smell because my guess is they smell precum- Maybe you can ask her!“

“Ehh…” Kayne hesitated. "No dude, I don’t think so.”

“You know, I think she likes you too because they’re not here to learn any language. Like me, they seem to already know Hawaiian. Though I am here to substitute a club…” Ibis was rambling out loud. “You should ask her out.”

“Nah, it’s ok.” He thought he didn’t stand a chance anyway. The idea that she was here because of him seemed far fetched.

“Well, you should.” Ibis shrugged and went back inside.

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No NO you can't leave it there AAHHHH!!! Miss Fangs what're you doing to me! As usual it was amazing and I can't wait for part three of Open Coffin :D

I had to divide it into two parts since it would have been way too long otherwise^^ But thank you so much, I am really glad you like it, my lovely Miss Bonniebird!
Oh and here is a teaser just for you: there might be a short Kol flashback in the next part. But shhh..don´t tell anyone ;)

Open Coffin Ch 02

Updated Queue

It’s Wednesday folks! So I just want to let you know I have over 100 requests in my inbox right now and I love you all and am working as fast as I can to get these out to you and keep quality up, ok???? So don’t lose faith in me if you’ve requested!!!!

Also I do have a masterlist for those asking! I’ll finish updating it today! I don’t know how to make it for mobile though (so if someone wants to help…) but it can be found here:

Anyway! Here is what I have since 1 am EST (when I queued this):

Today- Ben Hutton- Smut

            Morgan Rielly- stressed out by kids

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@erenbaegerr and @perksofbeingawaifu asked for photos from my trip, so here you go, lovelies.

I’m still in the middle of the vacation and am breathing this city’s air with gratitude. Tokyo is such a great place to visit, full of contrasts and with so many wonderful, small places. It keeps on surprising me wherever I go and the food is heavenly.

The only thing I truly miss over here are the cats back home, my friends (especially @raindrop-rouge), and writing. But there’s still so much to see and I enjoy each moment to the full. Every day life will have me back in it’s claws much sooner than I’d wish to after all. :)

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what is so confuseing about your sexuality, if i may ask.. you dont have to answer, if you feel unconfortable about it, tough

at first I started this with “I don’t wanna go too deep into it” but then the actual reply happened… so yeah here’s a lil rant about what makes me confused, you might get more than you asked for but as it turns out I’ve gotten comfortable talking about it :(

but yeah it’s just the whole thing where I’m not sure what I am and the uncertainty confuses me and makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, which is why I tend not to think about it too much! it’s just, on one hand I’m most likely straight but I can’t shut out the possibility of bisexuality, but then idk if those feelings are more romantic than sexual, but I’m also pretty repulsed by the thought of actually engaging in sexual activities with another person, which might be a lil sign of demisexuality or asexuality, because with my ex I was still very up for it, but that might’ve changed? like… I enjoy solo fun a lot, I enjoy reading/watching/writing NSFW stuff and talking about it and jokingly say “I would xxxxxx” but if I really imagine it happening I get disgusted? I don’t knOW I’m just confused and I don’t have interest in getting into a relationship so I also won’t know for a while

and yes I could just not label myself and be fine with that but it’s precisely that uncertainty that bothers me because I’m so used to being something and I just :( I’m confused but what can you do. perhaps I’ll figure it all out if I ever get into a relationship, whenever it may be.

= it’s probably not that confusing but it’s confusing to me, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later (probably later lmao)

… I have no idea how interested in this you actually were but at least this answers the question and heY here’s some more unnecessary information about me

Admin Scooter

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And just about the time I am sitting here in awe of all of the support he’s getting after months of everyone flipping shit over him doing this to begin with :x  I suppose we will just have to wait & see what the future holds for our blond hero, won’t we?

Originally posted by usualotakugirl

Thank you so much, nonny ♥ Your love & enthusiasm is much appreciated ;)))

A Battle from Within

I hide my pain behind a fake smile,
Pretending to be indifferent as time pass.
For how long I will be able to keep this up?
At night, you are the only one who cross my thoughts.
A presence that cannot be found in any of these days,
It is you despite of the unfortunate events.
As a consequence, two losses surround my mind;
The first one as something I never had,
The last, known as friendship apparently never existed since day one.
If you ask me, these are the things I regret for;
Falling in love after so much efforts,
Giving my all by ignoring my worth,
Caring too much and getting minimal appreciation,
Creating plans to strengthen our connection.
All those things after swallowing my pride,
Sadly, my dignity was left behind.
Yet you called me selfish even after my sacrifice,
What a low-key method to punish a loved one.
Here I am trying to move on, whilst some say “You deserve much more”.
Nonetheless, they are not aware of all the things we shared.
Tell me now, what am I supposed to do then?
I warned you about how I was,
A deep thinker and an empathic gent,
Such a rare combination nowadays.
Now I struggle to not change my true self,
A contradiction to avoid getting hurt,
A trigger to limit tears only for joy.
For the time being I cannot find peace in any of my dreams,
Even there your memories lie within me.
Flashbacks seen as torture,
Wounds that will turn in lessons,
Until today I still wonder, do you regret about your error?

sit yourselves down

never do i ever want to see anon hate thrown at my lovely followers, or those i follow. I legit have no time for someone who is just going to bash someone without caring. i sadly know the damage that bullying can do, because thats what your doing, bullying others. You wanna ruin someones day? You wanna cause emotional harm to another? you have no business in my life, on my blog, in my ask box. So quite kindly FUCK OFF.

My lovelies who have been facing the disgusting misuse of Anon, i am sorry, you are so much more worthy than that. I am here for support or anything. 

To those who still believe it okay to anonymously harass someone, get off this fucking website and evaluate your choices in life.

Pimp me, my friends!

Okay, so I’m one of those people who cringes big time when forced to self-promote in any way. Like, I even hate having people sing “Happy Birthday” to me. But I’m stepping WAY outside my comfort zone here, because I’m going to actually ask you guys to pimp me out.

‘Cause, see, I’m 12 followers away from 500, and it would be incredibly cool to hit that milestone on my birthday. So I’m going to be a total whore and ask you all to tell your friends about my fics or whatever else you like about my blog today. Tomorrow you can tell them I suck or something, but pimp me out today if you’re willing.

And tomorrow I’ll be totally embarrassed that I asked you guys to do this, but for today I’m going to invoke Birthday Girl privilege and be totally selfish and attention-grabby. :)

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FUCKk shawn literally just says a bunch of places and dates that shouldn't matter but here I am going australia = more shirtless beach pics and singapore and japan aka more cute shawn in japan jfc also his sweater is really cute and his hair is nice and the way he says auckland is adorable and he changes into his workout shirt in one of them and FUCK that boy is so fit and I hate him


Uraraka Ochako - Uravity 
2 of 8 chara || 2 of 4 girls 

Sorry for the delay, got a tad busy past days! URARAKA-KUUUUN is here!!! After Tsuyu-chan! Next one should be… *rolls of drums* KACCHAN! 

Did you enjoy Boku no Hero Acedemia 2nd season episode 0? I know it was a summary one but I still am excited about it! Even if mostly for the OVA 2 trailer! Toshi run as faster you can or disguise yourself! You can do it!!!! 

I admit I really enjoyed reply the various ASK with a sketch the past days, so if you have any further questions about fandom or else, I’ll be glad to reply with a doodle as soon as I can! :) 

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I am a woman on a mission and I will not stop until I have read every one of your fics (except that one that's on hiatus). They are making me very happy. 💙❤ Also, sorry for not leaving all the comments you deserve, I just really can't come up with anything rational by the end (I am leaving kudos at everything though). So you get these squealing asks here instead. Thanks again for the wonderful fics!!! ❤💙

EEEEP OH GOD THE ONE ON HIATUS,,,,, i feel so bad, i uploaded the first chapter in december and haven’t worked on it ever since :’D

i’m glad my fics are making you happy though 💙💙 don’t worry about leaving comments or not, i’m already happy that you read them :D and the squealing asks are just as good, believe me ❤❤

I LOVE THE PIZZA ONE TOO!! :D probably because it’s the first one i’ve written, i have an emotional connection to it. it’s also the only one where i’ve really written them flirting and oblivious keith was extremely fun to write :P 

!!!! have fun with that, i hope you’ll like it!!^^ ❤💙 you don’t have to thank me for writing stuff, i’m more than happy to do that. it’s fun and everyone is always so super nice to me… 

:DD i love you too! and thank you for reading all my stuff!! you are definitely not annoying, i consider us friends now :P

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well, i am very glad to have someone to discuss twd! I don't have any friends who watch the show which kinda sucks when you have some opinions on the episodes! :( what did u think of eugene being ok with Sasha killing herself but couldn't help the girls kill Negan? Eugene is such a marshmallow with his bunny! or whatever it is!

awww sweetie, come here….let’s be friends!!! I live to rant about tv, movies and characters so please feel welcome to talk to me about twd or anything else as much as you want <3

I’ve to admit, I hadn’t thought about that before. I don’t think Eugene is okay with anyone killing themselves but I think he’s very aware of the world his living in and he knows how bad things can get for Sasha. Also, I like to believe that Eugene is the kind of person that would ultimately respect someone’s wish to die even if he didn’t agree with them.

Also, Eugene is not stupid, he knew that if he had helped the wives the blamed would eventually fall on him. He couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t turn on him later and that point Negan was the one calling the shots and keeping him “safe”. With Negan gone who knows what the saviors would’ve done to him. So he played it safe and smart (with is more than we can say about certain characters *cough*) :P

I love Eugene and after everything is said and done I want him to come out on top. He needs to show some of these characters that being smart and patient is important too lol

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messaging anon here: if we're not ur mutual, could we still try to work something out because I really want to have cool friends like u in general

I’m not actively seeking a lot of social interactions, hence closing messages for non-mutuals but honestly a lot of people have back and forth with me via private asks so :\ I am a disappointment and I am not a cool person, if that doesn’t stop you I am not going to do anything to reject either yo