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gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

I dunno Derek Landy I think a Skulduggery Pleasant musical would have the potential to be fantastic


“You’re a good guy.” You whispered into the darkness. Dean lay on his own bed, just a few feet to your right. Sam’s snoring filled the silence while you waited for Dean to respond.

“You always say that.” He whispered back, his voice was raspy and aching for a good night’s sleep that you knew neither of you would receive tonight.

You pulled the blanket up higher up over your chest. The sheets scratched against your ass; once again you forgot to pack sweat pants.

“I always mean it.”

“Huh.” He muttered in response. You heard him flip sides. Was he facing you? You couldn’t see.

Regardless, you turned from your back onto your side, to face him.

“Dean?” You asked.


“Do you ever…feel lonely?” You asked. After two in the morning, you found that more often than not, your filter seemed to leave.

After a beat of silence he responded, “Most of the time.”

“What about the other times? What helps you get through them?” You hadn’t realized that your grip around the blanket tightened.

His breathing was even. Dean always breathed deeply, you noticed.

“You.” The word slipped out from between his lips so quietly you almost misheard, until he repeated, “You do.”

After hearing that, you weren’t sure if you allowed seconds to tick by, or minutes. Years worth of tension just released itself between these shitty motel walls. You kicked the blanket down to your ankles before quietly stepping out from your bed.

“Move over.” You gripped his shoulder beneath your fingers. He did as he was told and you crawled under his sheets. He didn’t touch you until you pressed your forehead against his chest. His t-shirt smelled like him, and you nuzzled yourself even closer.

“Do you love me?” You asked suddenly, and Dean lifted his leg over your own. In his own way, that was an answer. Laying there intertwined, you allowed yourself to savor the moment of feeling completely whole in his arms until repeating your question.

It felt as if nothing before this moment had ever existed, even though you had never even been this physically close to him.

Hugs, of course.

Kisses on the forehead, always.

But something was different now; suddenly you became more than just his best friend.

“Yes.” He answered, his lips ghosting over your head. “So fucking much.” His voice was shaking as he said it. You raised your hand to plant it firmly on his jaw. You traced circles over his temple and down to his ear.

“Why have you never told me?” You asked.

He gripped your head in his hand. “I never knew what you thought of me.”

“What I think of you?” You said more to yourself than to him, “You’re honest. Strong. Brave. Caring. Hilarious.” You began listing his qualities, “And that smile of yours, it can light up a room.”

He tucked your hair behind your ear as you spoke. When you dragged your fingers to his cheeks, you realized they were wet.

“You’re selfless, Dean.” You added, “And most of all you’re good. The kind of good that makes the best of men yearn to be like you.”

Right there, you realized you had only seen him cry one other time.

“I love you.” He whispered again and tried to pull you closer. There wasn’t any more space but damn did he try.

“Dean?” You whispered his name as if you hadn’t heard him speak just a second ago, “You’re also the guy I love. I don’t know if that fits in with the rest of the list, but I do. So fucking much.”

He was squeezing you so tight now, you nearly began to sweat.

“It’s the only part of the list that matters.” He said as his hands gripped your back.

– – – – 

I haven’t written for this blog in a while. Partly due to exams, and partly to writer’s block. Let me know if you like this/send feedback! I’d love to know how you all feel about this type of imagine. 


 Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen and Cons


((Hey everyone! Sorry for 3 random ooc posts in a row, but I have good news! For those of you who are fans of the Dead & Gay shirt that occasionally makes appearances on the blog, you can now actually buy the shirt!

I recently made a Society6 shop, so if you want a Dead & Gay shirt, head over there!! Or you can get a Dead & Gay hoodie, or mug, whatever floats your boat. Or, if you prefer, there are other Dead & Pride designs, so you can show off your sexuality and mortality at the same time.

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More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

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Sentence 14 bokuaka :)

S14. “I think I broke him.”

Yes bokuaka!! Thank you!

Send me a number and a ship for a drabble!! (2/5)

“Akaashi!” Komi calls as he receives the ball.

Akaashi shifts, only a half a step off the net. The pass was a good one, and it gives him time to glance at his side of the court, to look for his spikers, to decide who to pass to. But Bokuto is ready. He’s always ready. It makes Akaashi’s choice easy.

He sets the ball in a high arc across the net. A huge smirk grows on Bokuto’s face as he begins his approach, just as it always does. Akaashi moves off the net, ready to receive the ball back if it’s blocked. But he has faith in Bokuto as he leaps, his arm pulled back. The spike is almost too fast to see. His hand hits the ball, his wrist twisting into a perfect cut. The ball misses the block, cutting right inside the outstretched arms to slam into the court on the other side of the net.

“Hey hey hey!” Bokuto cries with a pump of his fist. Then he’s spinning on Akaashi. “Nice toss Akaashi!”

“Thank you. Nice kill Bokuto-senpai,” Akaashi returns. It’s not until everyone on his side of the court falls deathly silent that he realizes what he just said.

His eyes snap back to Bokuto, and he’s almost shocked to see him standing there, eyes wide and jaw dropped, his hands lax at his sides. He’s speechless. Bokuto has never been speechless.

“Good going, Akaashi-san,” Sarukui sighs.

“Bokuto-san, the next play is about to start. You need to go serve,” Konoha says.

Bokuto doesn’t budge, still staring at Akaashi slack-jawed.

Akaashi’s hand comes up to rub at his temple. “I think I broke him.”

AU where Percy works at Starbucks and starts to get a crush on a blonde girl who orders the same coffee every saturday

a little gift for zareens from your secret santa! I hope you enjoy this percabeth (with a little bit of pipabeth implied oops)

(This prompt is from thisisthestuffthatilike, and comes in at a whopping 1k: “new human!Cas discovering that he’s attracted to men and then like blatantly bringing it up with the boys and Sammy is all tactful and scientific and Dean probably chokes on whatever he’s eating or drinking.” This isn’t…quite that. But it’s kinda/sorta close. Features ABSURDLY OBLIVIOUS AND JEALOUS!DEAN for your pleasure. This references S10 but presumes human!Cas? IDK, just handwave.) 

Tucked in a rundown bar about a half hour outside of Lebanon, Cas accepts the beer that Dean offers and says, before Dean has even had a chance to reclaim his seat, “I believe I’m attracted to men.”

Sam coughs mid-swallow but nods in a way that could only be construed as encouraging. He visibly struggles to keep his expression neutral, even smiles a little. Dean, however, spews beer all over the table.

“Cas, you don’t just say shit like that,” he grumbles, and quickly looks around them, to see if anyone heard. Thankfully, no heads have turned in their direction. 

Cas scowls at him, cups his hands around his beer, and asks with irritation, “Why not?”

“It’s just…it’s not the sort of thing you say when you’re out with the guys.”

“Would you mind if I talked about women?” he snaps, and for reasons Dean doesn’t want to contemplate, Sam looks smug. He locks his eyes on Dean, tilts his head, and quirks an eyebrow.

“That’s a good question, Cas,” Sam compliments. “Don’t you think that’s a good question, Dean?”

“If I’m not allowed to talk about this with you,” Cas says in a quieter tone, though no less gruff, “then who am I supposed to discuss it with?”

“Dean’s being a jerk,” Sam offers consolingly. “You can talk to us about anything.”

“Fine,” Dean concedes through a sigh. “Alright. What’s got you thinking this way?”

“I don’t want to talk about this with you if you’re only going to make fun of me.”

Dean pinches the bridge of his nose. “Look, man, I swear I won’t make fun of you. And sorry about my reaction, okay? You just caught me off guard.”

“Well,” Cas begins, looking at the table. “I’m experiencing strong physical reactions in the presence of a certain person.”

Dean stares at him between his fingers. “You’re seeing someone?” he accuses. Cas wets his lips.

“No,” he says. “At least, I don’t think so.”

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OOC: @bunisbun? I know you’ve been down, so I wanted to do something for you…I know it’s not much and I’m sorry for that, but….I really do hope you feel better soon. ;w;

honestly, not to be controversial, but i fucking hate that people refuse to watch yuri on ice because it’s fatphobic.

i’m not denying that it’s fatphobic because it 100% is but uuuh so is every single fucking piece of media you consume. legit every show you watch, film you view, game you play is fatphobic. when the only body shape you see is skinny, you are consuming grade a fatphobia.

When a content creator’s ideal world is one without fat people, that’s fatphobia. When the one token fat character’s plot revolves around their weight, that’s fatphobia. When the one token fat character can’t talk about their weight at all, that’s fatphobia.

I won’t deny that yuri on ice is a bit more explicit in it’s fatphobia, in that it’s a sports anime where characters need to feel physically fit and like… it explicitly goes into the body image/pressure athletes feel and perpetuate but I fucking promise you every other show you watch is no nicer to fat people.

I totally respect it if you can’t watch the show but I’m also asking people, especially non-fat people, to consider why an otherwise revolutionary show is “cancelled” for fatphobia but you’re chill with every other show that fantasizes about fat people not existing at all.

Signed a fat person, who gives non-fat people permission to reblog and consider this post and their own damn role in fatphobia

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Hey I was doing a sad tonight and I found your blog and it cheered me up thanks for being a cool

Thanks anon! Sorry this was so late but I hope you’re feeling better and will stay feeling good in the future!

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I've always thought that once you owned one of the (sky) Trinistte you retain a trait that can be inherited. The Vongola Rings-Hyper Intuition, the Pacifiers-future thing, and Mare rings-side eye into other worlds. Based on the fact that (tri anon)

oh boy. /rubs hands together.

i have thought about this a bit. okay, maybe a lot. i’ve seen arco!tsuna fics where he doesn’t have the clairvoyance, i THINK there’s a few where he does? but i don’t recall that much. either way, it got me thinking.

if you go purely by canon, this is what the wiki has to say on it specifically…

Each element of the Tri-ni-set has its own individual and unique power, which is represented by their names.

The Vongola Rings’ Miracle is the ability to travel down the Vertical Space-Time Axis, which is represented by the name Vongola, which means Clam.

The Mare Rings’ Miracle is the ability to travel horizontally along the Space-Time Axis, which is represented by the name Mare, which means Sea.

The Arcobaleno Pacifiers’ Miracle is the ability to exist as points in space and time, which is represented by the name Arcobaleno, which means Rainbow

TL;DR VERSION because this got hella muckin’ long. like, 3k words long.

VONGOLA: two-way miracle that stores knowledge and passes it forward both to the descendants and back to the ancestors at the same time, manifesting as Paranoia Pings as a result of the ghosts of christmas past (and future) screaming their secrets and sins and spoilers from the subspace contained within a piece of shiny metal, and that no one but even the wearer can hear only the barest whispers of. alternatively, hyperawareness of thoroughbred racehorse levels with extra demon whispers. rates 3rd for annoying whispering rings.

MARE: miracle manifests the same way bluetooth data sharing and wireless charging works. that’s all i got. that’s really all i got. byakuran’s just crazy. it’s probably shouichi’s fault. oops. he didn’t mean to do it. probably uses that same ring-subspace to gather the flame bits from all current wearers across dimensions, mixes them up, and then plays ‘pick a card, any card. you just learned how to cure measles. oh, you already knew that. well, pick another!’ with them. rates 2nd for annoying sort-of-talking rings.

ARCOBALENO: acts as a transceiver, receiving flames from its wearer and transmitting them somewhere in order to keep the world green and spinning. sky arcobaleno clairvoyance is either thoroughbred racehorse level hyperawareness genetic mutation as a result of a True Earthling having a kid with a human (supposedly, anyway), except less high-strung and less of a tendency to see demons everywhere (well, sees demons. interprets demons. philosophizes with them. and then dies for them,) or another two-way miracle that lets them hear voices from flames past / future, or something. rates 4th for annoying not-talking not-rings.

if you’re interested in my ramblings and how i got to these conclusions, please! read on!!! it’s very long.

quite a bit of flame-related headcanons. any character bashing is entirely humorous only and not intentional, i don’t particularly hate on any characters personally.

all english quotes / transcripts are from mangahere’s versions of the scanlations (mangapanda, among others?).

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If you do headcanons, what would it be like to be the Weasley twins' shy Gryffindor best friend?

  • They’re very protective.
  • One of them would be your Yule Ball date most likely. Whichever one asks you would ask you in a private setting so as to make you more comfortable. 
  • George would be slightly more considerate of your feelings than Fred (not because Fred doesn’t care but just because he gets so caught up in his own plans and such that he doesn’t always consider how you’ll feel). 
  • Lots of playful teasing. 
  • You’d roll your eyes at all their pranks but would happily assist (in private) if needed. 
  • You’re their biggest fan during quidditch matches. 
  • I’ve always liked the idea of one of them falling for a quieter person…so perhaps that would happen ;) (pick your poison).
  • Lazy Sundays spent in the common room together.
  • Growing closer than ever before as the war looms nearer. 
  • Honestly, I’m not sure you could ask for two more loyal and fun friends!

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Fully grown

Marking ceremonies are supposed to be just that: ceremonies. And in other parts of the world they are. Stiles has seen the pictures of little girls in white dresses, boys in their first ever suit and tie and the occasional other way round. He’s seen the video of the – actually pretty creepy – mass marking ceremonies with 500 children lining up to discover the name of their intended.

There are also more free-spirited ‘communing with nature’ ceremonies where you run in a circle and piss against a tree. Or possibly the other way round, Stiles had been distracted by the pictures of very naked bodies when he looked those up.

The latter is obviously belonging to the bunch of ceremonies catered towards adults, but most people get marked as children. The traditional age to perform the ceremony is five years, with an optional repeat every five years if no name appears. That might happen because your soulmate simply hasn’t been born yet – which is generally the case, but it might also be because you actually don’t have a soulmate. The system isn’t foolproof.

Scott’s mom is the perfect example for that. She didn’t get a full mark, just a last name – McCall. When she met Agent McCall – not that he was an agent yet then, patching him up in the ER, it all seemed to make sense. Well, Agent McCall, or, as Stiles likes to call him, Agent Dick, is no longer in the picture and Mrs McCall’s mark definitely wasn’t for him. Whenever talk turns towards soulmate marks, she always presses a kiss into Scott’s hair and says that he was the McCall her soul was waiting for the whole time. Scott always blushes but never fails to hug her back anyways. Though she seems to have made her peace with her mark, Melissa never took Scott to have his mark revealed. When he asked her about it one, she said that she wanted him to be free, in mind, heart, and body.

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i still feel there are not enough vmin shippers though? you guys are still scarce on here and twitter..

oh yeah well…that just seems like it? i feel like everyone likes vmin in general but not really their first ship. im already too deep with vmin to even care for their other ships so i dont mind my otp having a small fandom. it’s chill.

Imagine having feelings for Steve Rogers but not having the guts to tell him. After you hear about he and Sharon your heart breaks and you shut everyone out for weeks.

(Gif credits to owner)

You had finally decided to tell Steve how you felt, but since things were tense within the group because of the Sokovia Accords, you decided to wait a while longer to tell him.

Natasha was the only one you told about your feelings for Steve. She urged Steve to ask you out but he dismissed it since the two of you were good friends.

“So, Steve finally kissed Sharon,” Sam told you once the two of you were alone.

Your heart sank, but you forced a smile. Now wasn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself.

“Finally,” you chuckled sadly.

Your silence made Sam realize something was wrong, but he decided to wait until things calmed down before asking you more about the situation. The two of you didn’t get a chance to speak until you were in Wakanda. You insisted nothing was wrong, but you were always a terrible liar. So, Sam decided to tell Steve, who has had feelings for you since he was defrosted.