you asked for panic! at the disco or ahs

“Wait, that’s actually a good question… Who am I?”

“W H O   A M   I ? ! ? ! ? !”

That’s enough of that, so much senseless panic, where do you think we’re at? a disco?

  Moving along!

Ah. The Perfect Spot.

All comfy cozy.

"Well, there’s a window, three passages, and im sure there are stairs above me, but I don’t see a proper door…” You say to yourself in your little nook under the stairs.

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The moment he hit “post”, Ryan knew he had made a mistake. Sure enough, as comments began to pour in demanding an explanation, he deleted the post and shut his laptop. Worst case scenario, he thought, they’ll think it was Shane. He just hoped screenshots of the post didn’t manage to circulate to the band; he wasn’t sure if he was even going, and if he was he wanted it to be a surprise. Wondering why he thought that post was a good idea, he got off his bed to put the laptop away, the sudden shift in weight disturbing Dottie, who had been napping peacefully beside Ryan. He picked up Dottie and began absentmindedly stroking her, lost in thought. There were still nearly two weeks until Panic!’s next show, which for Ryan meant nearly two weeks to procrastinate making a decision on whether he was going. On one hand, going to the show and reuniting with the boys backstage would be amazing: catch up with his old friends, drive the fan base crazy, maybe play a couple of old songs with them, and reignite his- whatever it was- with Brendon. On the other hand, however, he wasn’t sure he could live up to the amount of commitment it would take to show himself like this. People would be expecting him to be active with the band again, and there could be awkward tension between people he hasn’t seen in years and people who replaced him. He sighed and sat back down on the bed, Dottie still curled in his arms. Ryan knew he’d have to make a decision soon so he could arrange transportation and a place to stay, but he was finding it hard to think with his mind going back and forth so much. Well, he thought, there’s always tomorrow.

A week and a half later Ryan remembered that the show was in three days and he still hadn’t decided whether he was going or not. Every time he thought he reached a decision, a counter argument found its way into his brain and the decision-making cycle began again. So not even Ryan is quite sure how an hour later, he found himself in his car traveling towards Panic!’s next show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At first he was convinced he should turn around and go home, but was too stubborn to actually do so. He continued driving, and eventually began to relax to the Beatles’ White Album. About halfway to the city he remembered to call a hotel to reserve a room that he’d stay in until the day after the show. Hanging up the phone, he realized this was official now. He turned the music up louder.

It only took three snoozes on his alarm clock to wake Ryan up the day of the show. He had saved his favourite outfit for today: black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, and the old pair of fingerless gloves he dug out of his closet. He also brought the old rose vest, but decided at the last second not to wear it. He styled his hair and even put on a little eyeliner, and as showtime drew nearer, Ryan’s anxiety grew. All the reasoning he had had for not coming was now making itself known. An hour before the show started, when he knew they would be doing soundcheck, he drove to the venue before he could convince himself not to. Sure enough, when he arrived the venue was empty of everyone except the band onstage and a few roadies cleaning up the sound. A security guard stopped Ryan on his way in.
“I’m sorry kid,” the guard said, “but they’re not letting anyone in for another hour.”
Ryan opened his mouth to explain himself, but before he got the chance, a young roadie with long legs and acne called out, “Let him in, John- that’s Ryan Ross!”
The guard- John- clearly didn’t recognize he name, but he trusted the roadie and let Ryan in. The roadie was immediately showering Ryan with questions, most of which he paid no attention to. He brushed off the kid and approached the stage. He recognized the song almost instantly- it was Nine in the Afternoon, the only song from Pretty. Odd. the band was still performing live. Brendon was singing passionately, eyes closed, and Ryan felt a flutter in his stomach he hadn’t felt in years. The song ended, and the band seemed surprised to hear applause coming from Ryan. When Brendon opened his eyes and saw him, he nearly fell off the stage. Brendon called for a break and slowly climbed offstage. For a moment he and Ryan just looked at each other. Then without warning Ryan found himself being crushed into Brendon’s arms so fiercely, his feet nearly left the ground.
“Hey Ry, I missed you,” is all he said before grabbing Ryan’s arm and dragging him backstage. They spent the rest of the soundcheck hour talking easily, like they had spent no time apart. Eventually the hour was spent, and Kenny came to bring Brendon onstage. Ryan watched the boys play their set from the side curtain; they absolutely killed it, and toward the end Ryan’s throat began to burn from all the cheering he did. The set ended, and he congratulated the band backstage. Suddenly Brendon’s eyes lit up, and he whispered something to Dan, whose eyes widened as he told Kenny and Dallon whatever Brendon had told him.
Brendon took Ryan’s arm and said, all business, “You still remember how to play When The Day Met The Night, right?” Ryan, who played every song from that album regularly as warm-up songs, nodded.
“Great.” Brendon wasted no time in outlining which parts of the chorus Ryan would sing, and before he knew it, a guitar was pushed into Ryan’s arms and he was herded to the stairs as the rest of the band went back onstage. Eventually Ryan was the only one still behind the curtain. Brendon introduced a “special” encore into the mic, and an anonymous pair of rough hands shoved Ryan the last few feet onto the stage. The crowd exploded into what is possibly the loudest screaming Ryan had ever heard, and between the noise and the bright stage lights, it was all he could do to stay standing upright. Dan counted off the song, and Ryan closed his eyes and began to play. Brendon’s voice instantly silenced the entire venue, and even Ryan was taken aback by how much emotion he put in the lyrics. Ryan sang his part of the chorus, and Brendon graciously shared the mic, pressing their foreheads together. Ryan tried to ignore the fluttery feeling and focus on the song. When they finished the song, Brendon had his forehead pressed to Ryan’s, and Ryan could barely hear the standing ovation over the blood pounding in his ears. Brendon stayed with their foreheads together for longer than was probably socially acceptable. The flutter in Ryan’s stomach spread to his chest and limbs, and he didn’t pull away either. He wasn’t sure when he decided to move his chin, but suddenly his lips were pressed against Brendon’s, and the fluttery feeling erupted as intensely as the crowd did. When they finally pulled away, bowed, and headed backstage, Ryan could see that Brendon was breathing hard. Ryan took a moment to put down his guitar and shake hands again with the rest of the band, but the moment the post-show adrenaline wore off, he found himself walking back over to Brendon.
“That was amazing,” Ryan said breathlessly.
Brendon looked hesitant and wouldn’t meet Ryan’s eyes for a moment. Then he looked up and held Ryan’s gaze as he asked, “So… do you wanna… stay in the band?”
This is exactly what Ryan had feared, but after playing with the band, he no longer saw it as pressure but as fun. He remembered how much he enjoyed being in Panic!, and decided he wanted that again. Besides, Brendon was giving him those puppy-dog eyes Ryan could never refuse. He nodded with absolute certainty.
“Yes,” he breathed, and the word was barely out before Brendon’s lips were on his again.

Imagine afycso Brendon following you on tumblr and you’re his favorite blog, but he’s too shy so he just sends you cute messages on anon everyday. But one day he accidentally sends a message and it’s not on anon. “Seriously, you’re the best” it reads, and you reply privately “ah hah! I caught you!” Brendon gets super embarrassed, but you reassure him and start talking. He becomes your internet best friend and you decide to skype him. You realize he’s really cute, and lives near you, so you guys plan to meet up at a coffee shop downtown and when you do, he asks you to be his girlfriend.

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Nebula: put your itunes on shuffle, give me the first 5 songs that pop up

1) Hamilton - Meet Me Inside

2) Alicia Keys - Where Do We Begin Now

3) Panic! At The Disco: There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet 

4) Jon Bellion - Morning In America

5) Troye Sivan - Heaven (ft. Betty Who)

Internet Friend

I’ve always wanted to have an internet friend. And I thought a good way to find one would be to ask on here.

So if you:

~Like bands such as 5sos, One Direction, All Time Low, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, etc. [I have a very wide music taste so I most likely like any kind of band]

~Watch Netflix. I watch shows such as AHS, Supernatural, Sherlock, Criminal Minds

~Will talk more than once. Like texting, skyping, etc.

~ages between 13-15 

Contact me! I would love to be friends with anyone interested. 

kik me at gracie.young

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my sister and mom thought ahs was a band lmao

sister: *sees a picture of evan peters on my phone*
sister: who’s that?
me: he’s from american horror story
sister: wait is that a tv show or a band?
me: obviously a tv show …?
mom: well you never know with the bands you listen to
me: *rolls eyes and flips hair* ugh … peasants *walks away*