you asked for fluffy questions


BEAUTY MARK - You have a cute beauty mark 

LOST - You get lost on the way to the dorm 

FINALS - The guys worry about you during finals 

DRUNKEN CONFESSIONS - The guys confess weird shit when they’re drunk

BLOODY - Mother nature issues that the guys don’t understand

DREAM CHEATER - You cheat on the guys in their dream 

BECOMING A FATHER - The guys worry about becoming a dad 

NOON - You don’t wake up until noon 

HAUNTED HOUSE - You’re scared after a haunted house 

LEG DAY - You break your leg and your boyfriend is worried 

MEETING THE BAND - Your boyfriend is introducing you to the rest of the band

NOT IN THE GROUPCHAT - You accidentally send nudes in the groupchat

BABYSITTERS - The hyung line has the maknae line watch their kids 

BACKRUB - You want a backrub from your boyfriend

COORDINATOR - You’re the coordinator for BTS and your boyfriend wants to sneak away 

HOODIE - You steal your boyfriend’s hoodie 

WEDDING VENUES - Your fiancee is really excited for the wedding 

BOYBANDS - Your boyfriend finds out you like another kpop bands 

SCAVENGER HUNT - You’re stressed so your boyfriend has a surprise scavenger hunt

DREAM CHEATER REVERSED - You have a dream that your boyfriend cheated

TSHIRT - You’re caught wearing your boyfriend’s tshirt 

SPARE KEY - You and your boyfriend talk about spare keys 

ALARM CLOCK - Your boyfriend turns off your alarm 

NOVEMBER 1ST - You get a little Christmas crazy

NOONA [ JIMIN / JIN / JUNGKOOK / HOBI / TAE / NAMJOON / YOONGI ] - The guys confess to their noona that they like her 

FEELING SAD - Groupchat - You’re feeling a bit sad and lonely so the guys cheer you up

ANOTHER GUY - Some other guy hits on you and your boyfriend doesn’t like it 

RANDOM QUESTION [JM . J . JK . V . RM . JH . MY] - You ask your boyfriend a random fluffy question 

TUMBLR FAN - The guys find your Tumblr 

NEW BEGINNINGS - just a fluff about the guys liking you after you break up with your boyfriend; all the guys

GET OUT - The hyung line somehow gets into your apartment 

ONE LAST TIME - Years after BTS splits up, they get back together to say goodbye to the BigHit studio (fic) 

jujubanana  asked:

Hey, I'm the person who runs the blog choicest-for-life and I love this blog so much and I reblog from it all the time and I just wanted to ask, are you ok with me reblogging stuff from you? I can stop if you don't like it, I don't mind, and sorry for asking it's just that I've been wondering about this for some time now sorry ;v;

((Hi!! I’ve seen you around hehe

I’m so happy to hear that, ah! And yeah I’m totally fine with it, no worries at all~! I do appreciate you asking first though, that was so considerate of you! But yes I have no problem with it whatsoever since I myself ship the twins quite a bit and it doesn’t bother me ^^ Thanks for working up the courage to ask too, I really appreciate it!))

tbh-iza  asked:

Fluffy questions!! What's you're favorite color? Kitties or puppers? What do you want to be when you grow up? Who's your fav sailor scout?

M y favorurite colours are the bi flag lmao,,,,, how fitting <3 

Kittens! (even tho i have a soft spot for samoyeds ;;) 

Uhh, I want to go into graphic design / character design <3

Sailor Moon and then Sailor Mars <3 ty for such questions ;; :3 

Finn Thought: Growing Old With Rae

Hi guys, this is the last part, hopefully you won’t hate me too much after this. I just want to say thanks though, for all the comments, likes and reblogs :) xx

oh, and if anyone has any questions or opinions about the ending, go ahead and message/ask, i can understand if you would :)

Part 1 Finn Thought: Moving In Together

Part 2 Finn Thought: Their First Fight

Part 3 Finn Thought: The Wedding

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TW: mentions of suicide

Finn Thought: Growing Old With Rae

Finn thought about growing old with Rae.

Or Finn was going to think about growing old with Rae when he felt them. Those tiny fingers wrapping around his chubby, calloused ones. He hadn’t realised that she had appeared beside him, lost in his own thoughts, lost in his only solace.

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