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I just want to say this: I too am a Christian. Whether or not we are the same kind is uncertain. What I do know, is that I was losing my faith. I honestly was faced with so many bad issues crashing unto my consciousness that I felt hopeless. But seeing you, being a blessing to the world as best as you can, made my faith stronger. I don't know why, but I thought I would share this with you. May God bless you.

~Thank you Friend, Let’s talk about…Hope ^ω^~

I am glad to be here and to help… my hope is to animate one day, make something good, wholesome, beautiful, a series where not only can you have an intense story, characters that will never leave you the same, but most importantly with a God filled message. I want to make something to inspire people. 

More importantly, I want to give God’s message, of Peace, Love, Kindness, RIghteousness, Care, and Selflessness. To a world that is not so kind… not so loving… 

I almost lost hope here and there, but… I have hope, for my dearest friends, for my broken companions, for the farthest stranger… I trust, If I stay true to God’s Word. Then He can reach anyone through me… even the one’s it looks impossible to touch… maybe even people that give up on themselves.

I won’t give up on you, ANY OF YOU. 


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Would you ever ask Grimmjow to marry you?

      What? The question was so weird that Nnoitra wasn’t sure if he’d heard it right. Would he ever ask Grimmjow to MARRY him? First of all, he was fairly sure there was no such thing as ‘ marriage ‘ between Hollow. Second, even if such a thing existed, they were both MEN, which meant that they obviously couldn’t get married. Of course I wouldn’t. Two men can’t marry. There weren’t many things Nnoitra was certain about, but THAT was one of the things. The two of them shouldn’t even be together, or love each other. From a religious standpoint, it was a sin. Nnoitra had been keeping that thought at bay for ages, but he couldn’t say that it didn’t bother him every now and then. That was just a minor problem though, and it was always overshadowed by how HAPPY he was with Grimmjow.

     What was the point of marriage anyway? It was a mystery to Nnoitra. He didn’t need some stupid ceremony or a ring to know that he wanted to be with Grimmjow forever. Grimmjow didn’t need to prove himself to Nnoitra, since he trusted him one hundred percent. Sure, they hadn’t been together long. A year and a half was nothing, considering the fact that they were both over 800 years old. However, for someone like Nnoitra, it was AGES. Simply because he never imagined himself being able to be intimate with someone. He never thought he’d harbour such strong affections for someone, and he definitely had never thought that he would ever feel like this towards Grimmjow.

     When two people married, they vowed to stay together for the rest of their life. Nnoitra had already decided that his remaining days would be spent with Grimmjow, and he was fairly sure that the other was aware of his standpoint. Of course, if Grimmjow wanted some kind of stupid ceremony or whatever, then Nnoitra wasn’t going to say no, but it could never be a marriage. At least not a ‘ valid ‘ one. GOD would never accept the two of them together. That had been proven twice, when fate tried to rip them apart. It was probably best not to CHALLENGE the heavens.

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Too many drama, so I'm gonna ask a light-hearted question. Do you miss Touka's fluffy hair in the beginning of re? I kinda am

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I really miss her fluffy hair!! I also miss her long hair when she had it in pig tails more though!

Finn Thought: Growing Old With Rae

Hi guys, this is the last part, hopefully you won’t hate me too much after this. I just want to say thanks though, for all the comments, likes and reblogs :) xx

oh, and if anyone has any questions or opinions about the ending, go ahead and message/ask, i can understand if you would :)

Part 1 Finn Thought: Moving In Together

Part 2 Finn Thought: Their First Fight

Part 3 Finn Thought: The Wedding

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special thanks to wandering-soul-7 and kneekeyta for the lovely advice and confidence boost you guys gave me, no way would this have been out if you both hadn’t been so nice, thanks :) xxx

TW: mentions of suicide

Finn Thought: Growing Old With Rae

Finn thought about growing old with Rae.

Or Finn was going to think about growing old with Rae when he felt them. Those tiny fingers wrapping around his chubby, calloused ones. He hadn’t realised that she had appeared beside him, lost in his own thoughts, lost in his only solace.

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15, 20, 45, 49 :•)c

15 favorite sea creature?

gosh i love SO many uhhh…dolphins are you, dolphins are me, dolphins are everyone that includes you and me

20 aesthetic song


45 what is love to you?

YOU ASKED ONE OF THE DEEPEST QUESTIONS GHGBHGBGHGHH ok…love feels like a fluffy warm blanket around me, a gentle hug, a cup of soup…it feels warm, it feels comforting, it feels safe and it feels secure

49 cuddles or kisses?


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to keep it clear,,, RFD!jjk & OC only have a sexual relationship, right? cause the whole "jungkook has a question to ask you thing" makes my fluffy heart skip but... this is labeled as a smut story for a reasons soo........

The question could be about having a threesome and the question could be about Jungkook wanting to move countries.

You’ll simply need to wait and see, boo. ;)