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Derek x Reader

Requested Anon

“Derek, are you ok?” You called out as you ran into the penthouse to find the pack dotted around, Derek splayed on his bed.

“I’m fine, I’ll heal in an hour or two.” Derek grunted as you helped him sit up, looking over at the betas for an explanation.

“We were attacked by something fast.” Erica mumbled as she leant against Boyd.

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“I don’t know you, girls, but this guy is trouble he is so causing our baby a heartbreak, I mean, the guy can’t even talk.”

Blinking, Derek growled low. Which apparently proved Wig’s point, because she made a flourished gesture in his direction and pursed her red-glossed lips.

“What the hell are you talking about? What baby doe?” He asked, because really there was only so much nonsense Derek could put up with before snapping.

There was a collective sound of snorts and derisive groans around his living room.

“Stiles, you slow thing! Cutie beanpole, baby doe eyes and most perfect cupid’s bow?” Said purple boa, hitting Derek in the back of the head with her accessory. Derek looked at her incredulously, earning nothing back bot a perfectly designed eyebrow up. “Rings any bells?”

Under his breath, Derek muttered that it rang all the damn bells. It was obvious; he should had seen this one coming. Who else in the damned pack knew a bunch of drag queens that were bold and entitled enough to invade his apartment and talk to him like that? He shouldn’t even be surprised and, to be honest, he wasn’t.

Talk about awkward talks by alis


Summary: So could you do one where the pack (you’re Scott’s or Derek’s neighbor) and they hear you sing? And like you’re v v good. Low Alto (Elvis, Luke Bryan, lower voice artists ex Shawn Mendes) and yeah.

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Stile Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, Scott McCall

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 517

Request: Anon

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Omeg-awd (Derek)

this title has like .5% of anything to do with this fic but i don’t know if i’ll ever have another omega-centric fic and i’m not one to let titles pass me by so here you go bby

Warning: PTSD behaviours, panic attack and 

Request:  what if you were an omega that has come to beacon hills and Derek oddly has a sweet spot for you. Only problem is you’ve been through hell and is very flinchy and scared all the time. (Can be whatever you think fits best) I dont know if this is good, but if I’m not gonna write it might as well ask someone who can

ily requester

“You obviously like her.” Scott sighs, watching as Lydia holds a purple dress up to you.

“I- What? I’ve never liked- I’ve never liked anyone in my life!” Derek scoffs, gaping comically and Peter huffs a soft chuckle.

“I can attest to that.”

You peek over your shoulder at the three of them, a small smile on your lips and Derek feigns a blank mask.

Holding your ground, you pressed your lips together hard and watched the alpha circle you. You couldn’t help quaking just the minutest bit with every step he took.

Bowing your head, you stared hard at his feet, trying to pretend that there weren’t four others in the clearing with you.

“What’s your name?” The alpha demands and you take a slow, steadying breath.

“Y/N.” Your voice doesn’t waver and it fills you with a flimsy confidence. You might by as jumpy as a doe in hunting season, but you’ve always had a steady voice in the worst of circumstances.

“What’re you doing in our territory, Y/N?” The alpha stops circling and instead stands above you like a god. Your skin crawls.

The others around him step up beside him, nearly even with him and while it’s unusual, you’re not about to question this hierarchy.

“I’m an omega, I only do one thing.” You snip, clenching your teeth once the words are past your lips. Bracing for a blow, you try not to quiver as the moment drags.

“That’s fair.” The alpha seems to chuckle and it makes your insides curdle. Exhaling a breath through your teeth, you let your eyes flicker to the men and women around him, but it doesn’t help. “Are you looking for sanctuary or passage?”

One of his people grunts, or snorts, and you shiver at the sound. The brush behind you shakes and you nearly trip in your tiny jump forward.

“Check it out.” The alpha orders and one of them peels away, the girl, and he exhales a sigh. “You’re welcome to remain in our territory for as long as you need, I don’t expect you’ll hang around long.”

“I won’t, I promise.” You gasp, letting your gaze flicker to where his heart rests.

“None of my pack will harm you while you’re here. What’s the word…” He’s telling the truth and you don’t even notice the soft answer from his side and the short jokes between him and whoever answered him.

“Look! A squirrel.” The woman calls, throwing a bloody little mass of fur between you and the alpha and your fingers twitch. You want it. So badly, you’re so bad at catching anything to eat.

“What the f- Dammit, Malia.” The Alpha snaps, taking a few steps back and your hand snatches forward and you hold the squirrel in a tight grip.

“Is this for real?”


“Why is she…? Wait, what?”

“Tell her she can’t have it.”

“Why, she wants it?”

“It’s probably diseased, tell her she can’t have it.” The insistence of the voice worries you. Maybe he wants the squirrel, and you’d have to give it up.

“Drop it.” The Alpha orders and your fingers release the bloody morsel automatically and you hear one of the three relax. Your gaze doesn’t move from the wasted meal. In the dirt, discarded. “We’ll feed you.”

The red-haired girl gazes at you curiously. Malia sits across the room, watching you pityingly. The Alpha consults with the Insistent Voice from earlier and the human.

“What was your name again?” The red-haired girl asks and you stare at her for a second, stock still before you chew fast and swallow hard.

“Y/N.” You answer, ducking your chin and filling your mouth with another forkful of the fried rice.

“Has anyone told you who we are?” She asks and you shake your head once, not looking up. She’s high ranked, with how disregards the Alphas presence. Even Malia, who was in the field at his side, gravitates around him.

“I’m Lydia.” She says, ducking some and forcing you to meet her eyes. “The other girl over there is Malia, and the human over there’s name is Stiles.”

You track the people as she says their names, watching as they individually look up at the sound of their name before avoiding your gaze.

“Beside Malia sits Isaac, and on the couches are Liam, a Beta and Mason, the human.” She continues and you inhale a long breath, your head tilting as you take in the boy beside the human. His cheeks flush and his body tilts toward Mason as if for a shield. “Beside Mason is Cory, a Chameleon.”

A chameleon.

You blink at the rarity owlishly. You’d never met one but your mom had told you legends of them and where they sat on the fence. They might not have danced along it like Banshees, but they sat on it, their legs swinging over the side of the living. The subtle opposite of the Wild Hunt.

You’d loved her legends of the realm of the living dead. Banshees who were queens of an entire hidden world. Hell hounds who ran into a battle like an avenging knight and walked out of a pile of corpses and back to their waiting Banshee.

When she’d spoken of the dead realm, it’d always put chills down your spine but you couldn’t deny the curiosities.

But in all the legends, nothing was clearer than that the Banshees were rulers, above Alphas, the Wild Hunt, the Hellhounds and any other creature that faced against them. Chameleons included.

“Those two girls are Kira and Allison. Allison is another human, from a Hunter family-” You flinch violently before you can brace and Lydias words die on her lips. You want her to continue, but you’ve made it weird and your throat is getting tight.

Setting down your fork, your eyes go to the closest exit.

“And by our Alpha over there is Derek Hale.” She continues hurriedly and your racing heartbeat slows. That’s a name.

A huge name.

Your eyes slide over the dark-haired man, the insistent voice, and he stares right back at you. You remember your mother making jokes about betrothing you to “the little Hale prince”. She made the joke so often, for a while you thought it was a fact, that he was a prince and you’d become a princess.

Instead, your world had come crashing down with a rogue alpha and a pack of hunters that’d been tracking him.

“Scott is our Alpha. A true alpha.” Lydia continues, though your gaze hasn’t broken from Dereks until the words work themselves into your brain. Suffused with amazement, your gaze clashes with the Alphas and the kindness in his eyes drains the blood from your face.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Scott smiles and you drop your gaze. Shovelling in another mouthful of food, you chew fast.

“She needs new clothes, any unperishable food she can carry, new shoes and either a haircut or a hairbrush.” Derek says, drawing Scotts attention, and yours right along with it.

“Sure, sure. What else?”

“I can’t remember, we just need it fast. I remember Mom didn’t meet many omegas, the territory had too much status, but mostly, they were gone before she could help them.” Derek continues, the stench of grief wafting from his pores. You feel your own rise up to meet it and his gaze flickers to you curiously.

“You’ll look so pretty, you just have to wear this.” Lydia fusses about you, throwing the dress in her hands onto the couch and picking the brush back up. Your new haircut had your hair much shorter and there were no knots anymore.

You squeak softly as she roughly tears the brush through a knot. Maybe a few domestic knots, the kind of knots of a pack wolf.

Across the room Derek is scowling at Scott and Peter. His ears are a soft pink and you feel a surge of affection for him.

“Derek.” You say, glad when the three of them look up. Beckoning the wolf to your side, the other two share a look and smile that doesn’t make much sense. “I’m confused about what is happening tonight?”

Lydia pauses in brushing your hair and she shares a look with Derek. They think something wrong, obviously. You’re rescuing him from his family.

“We’re all just going to a club because Malia bullied everyone else into a night of dancing.”

A growl sounds across the room and you feel yourself go still, your gaze boring into Dereks eyes.

The quick movement of his hand has you flinching, even though you don’t feel threatened by him. His eyes cloud over, and you let your gaze drop to the hand that had just flipped over. You stare at the palm before you, watching him slide it toward you.

Lifting your own hand, you hesitantly set it in his and he exhales a relief filled breath.

“You’ll be safe, we’ll all be right there and if you want to leave at any time, I hope you’ll come to me before any of the others. Any reason to cut tonight short.” He grumbles playfully and you nod, letting a smile twitch at your lips.

“I’ll find you.”


“Let’s get you dressed.” Lydia says, pulling your hand from Dereks and snatching up the dress. You don’t look back as you follow her, the muscles in your shoulder tight and ready if someone tries to jump you from behind.

The music is twenty shades of too much, to say the least.

You’d been groped, in turn nearly revealed your supernatural secret, whisked from the dancefloor, plied with bitter alcohol that did nothing for you and all night you’d been ducking left and right from imaginary foes.

You’re safe, you’ve been told, assured and promised that you’re safe but your body just can’t compute and every time someone throws their arms in the air you’re filled with raw fear.

Dereks arm rests over your shoulders and you’re tucked tight into his side.

You feel bad, you’re cramping his style and ruining his fun night but every time you try to move, he gives you half a glare and you sigh and lean back into him.

“We can leave in half an hour.” Derek whispers to you, the words flimsy compared to the thumping beat and you’re glad of your werewolf ears.

Scott shoots him a look from across the table and Derek smirks at the young alpha.

“We don’t have to go, I don’t want to ruin your night.” You whisper back and he laughs, sighing lazily as he presses his forehead to yours. His breath runs over your lips and you force yourself not to tilt your face and bridge the tiny gap that separates your lips.

You’re torn up inside and you can’t let anyone love you until you’re better, it’s just better that way.

“C’mere.” Derek rumbles, his expression lazy and sleepy. He looks warm, rumpled and comfy and you ache to do just as he says.

“I- I can’t, I need to get the- thing.” You say, instead darting around the back of the couch, only to scream as he captures you and pulls you over the back and into his arms. Your heart races a mile a second and you feel your muscles lock up.

It’s Derek, you know it’s Derek, but you can’t physically see him and your brain feels like it’s going to explode.

“Y/N, inhale.” Derek orders softly, adjusting your paired positions so his eyes fill your gaze and you feel yourself hiccup on nothing, panic filling you the more you try to inhale. His warm palm settles over your mouth, stilling you and you blink at him. “I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

His palm leaves your lips and you inhale a short breath, the panic leeching from your skin.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I didn’t think, I’m so sorry.” He says, his worry stark in his expression and you nod. You’re not going to say it was okay, it wasn’t.

“I accept your apology.” You say, the words even and devoid of emotion and a smile twitches his lips.

“Thank you. I’m still sorry.” He agrees, raising his hand slowly enough for you to stop him, before he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear. When he doesn’t make a move to remove his hand, you sigh and he presses his forehead to yours.

Love, want and affection fill the air, spiced with touches of need and regret.

You’re dizzy on the scent and your eyes fall closed to breath in the sweet smell.

“I’m sick.” You say before he can make a move and he nods a little, your head moving with the movement. “I want to get better.”

“You will.”


“I know.” He answers, a smile in his voice and it makes you pause.

“You’re- You know and you’re-”

“I’ve been there and I get it, I’ll be whatever you need when you need it. We all will.” He promises and you feel the wound up feeling in your chest unravel, your body melting against his and the couch back. “You have a home here, you have a home with me.”

excuse my awkward randomized capitalization of the wolf terms (idk, honestly)

also excuse any mistakes and ugly bits that’re in there- soz

Bath - Derek Luh Smut

I sunk deeper in the vanilla and almond scented bath water. I poured some lavender oil earlier, and rose scented candles were lit so the mixture of scents was amazing.

“Princess?” Derek called. “I’m in the bathroom,” I called back.

The door swung open and Derek leaned against the door frame. “Hey,” my fiancé said and gave me a cheeky smile. “Hi Derek,” I said and smiled at him.

Derek walked closer and leaned down to give me a gentle kiss on the lips. “So how is my princess?” He asked. “Decent, what about you?” I asked as I stared at Derek. “Same shit different day,” he said referring to the past couple of weeks he’s spent at the studio.

“Are you taking a shower?” I asked secretly enjoying the idea of my man taking a steamy shower while I was enjoying the bath. “Nah, I had a shower at the studio,” he replied to which I frowned a little. “Anyway, what do you want for dinner?” Derek asked as we are both too exhausted to cook tonight. “Chinese?” I suggested. “Sure,” Derek said as he walked off leaving the bathroom door open.

I couldn’t help myself but imagine Derek getting naked. It’s something that I’ve seen thousands of times so the image is very well imprinted in my memory.

"Derek?” I called out and Derek walked to the door frame and leaned on it. “Do you know what will make me really happy?” I asked. “World domination?” He suggested. “Well, besides that?” I asked and smirked. “Hmm, I don’t know,” Derek said as he leaned his hands against the bath edge now. “Take a bath with me,” I said. “What?” He asked. Derek isn’t exactly a bath person. “Please, daddy,” I said using his favourite nickname. “Ugh, fine,” he said and took a step back.

Derek took his white t-shirt off. His biceps looked hella good. Derek’s abs were so toned and rock hard and holy shit his v-line is so well defined.

Derek’s t-shirt was in the floor and it was soon followed by his jeans and boxers. He looks gorgeous as fuck.

"Babe, where am I supposed to even sit?” Derek asked. “Right here,” I said and opened my legs. “Are you serious?” Derek asked and I nod my head. “So I have to be the small spoon?” He asked and I nod my head again. “It’s gonna take a while until I earn my musculinity back,” Derek sighed and I rolled my eyes.

After Derek finally got in the bath I got some of the lavender oil and spread it across his shoulders and started massaging him. “You are so tense,” I said as I was trying to relax him. “Just been a little stressed lately,” Derek sighed. “Well, now it’s time to relax,” I said.

Lightly, I pulled Derek back so he could lean on me. His back molded with my chest. I wrapped my hands around his torso.

"Take in your surroundings. Look at everything, observe the details,” I whispered in Derek’s ear. My fingers slowly traced over his chest and abs while I was giving Derek small kisses around his neck. Derek started relaxing more and more as he was looking around.

"Do you hear the music? It’s so quiet almost like it’s not there. Try and find it,” I whispered again as I slowly started sucking on different spots around his neck. Slowly, I moved my hands from Derek’s torso to his v-line and started tracing it. “Mmm,” Derek moaned at my motion. His breathing was speeding up.

"Can you smell that? Roses, vanilla, almond, lavender? It’s like they are all mixed. Try and concentrate on each of the scents,” I whispered again and this time I started leaving hickeys on Derek’s neck.

My hand travelled even further down to his shaft and I grabbed it. Derek moaned again. “Control your breathing,” I whispered and Derek started taking deep breaths.

I started pumping slowly as Derek was trying to breathe normally. With my other hand, I used my thumb to trace over his tip. “Shit baby,” he moaned again.

I kept on pumping with one hand and slightly stroking his tip with my other hand for a couple of minutes.

"P-princess. I will c-cum,” Derek stuttered. “Let it go, daddy,” I said using his favourite nickname again. With that Derek’s dick twitched a couple of times and I felt his cum spread around the water.

I traced over Derek’s torso until his breathing went back to normal. “Damn lil mama, that was amazing,” Derek said.

"Now, it’s my turn to make you relaxed,” Derek said got out of the bath. He helped me out and picked me up.

Soon I was dropped at the king size bed in our bedroom. Derek kneeled in front of the bed and pulled me to the edge by my ankles. He spread my legs and started kissing the inside of my thighs gently.

Slowly, Derek started moving up to my heat. He gently blew over it and started slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb making me even more wet.

Derek stuck two fingers in me unexpectedly and started pumping in and out while hitting my g-spot. Moans kept on escaping my mouth as Derek kept on making me feel better.

"And now princess, do you want Daddy to use fingers or tongue?” Derek asked. “Tongue,” I moaned out.

Derek leaned closer and started sucking my clit. He flipped the little ball of nerves with his tongue. I kept on moaning more and more.

After a minute Derek moved down and put his tongue in me going in and out while his thumb was tracing shapes in the form of 8 on my clit.

A familiar knot in the pit of my stomach started forming. “D-daddy,” is all I managed to say before Derek sped up. My orgasm caused my juices to spill and Derek licked me clean.

Derek kissed me all the way from my heat to my mouth and gave me a passionate hot kiss. “Thank you daddy,” I smirked and kissed him. He moaned into the kiss.

I flipped Derek and I over. I straddled him slowly and started grinding on him as I was leave hickeys all over his neck and chest.

I slowly pushed Derek and made him lay on his back. He put his hands behind his head and he stared at my body observing every detail. I lowered myself onto him as we both moaned.

After Derek filled me up completely, I started bouncing on his dick causing Derek to moan. He grabbed my hips tight enough to leave marks. I leaned closer and started kissing his neck and chest.

I started moving in the shape 8 while I was moaning loudly. Daddy just grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them.

Derek kept on moaning when he suddenly flipped us around. He slammed in me as hard as possible causing me to moan loudly. Derek leaned down and started sucking on my left nipple. More moans were escaping my mouth. Derek started massaging my other breast as he was fucking me relentlessly.

Soon I felt a knot forming at the bottom of my stomach again. "D-Derek, I w-will,” I stuttered and Derek cut me off. “Me too baby,” Derek said and with a few more thrusts both of us reached our highs.

Derek just laid on top of me while still in me. We started slowly catching our breaths. I wrapped my hands around his neck and I started playing with his hair.

The bell ringing interrupted our relaxing. “I think the Chinese is here,” Derek sighed. “Do you want me to go and get it?” I asked. “Hell to the no. I ain’t letting nobody see you like that,” he said and smirked.

Derek grabbed some basketball shorts from the wardrobe and put them on. He walked to the mirror to fix his hair a little. “Oh shit mama,” Derek said. “Are you okay?” I asked concerned. He turned around slowly with his back facing me.

There are red bloody scratches all over his back. The hickeys on his neck and back were dark purple. My eyes widened. “Holy shit I’m so sorry,” I said as I walked over to him. “It’s okay. At least now all the hoes will know I’m yours,” he said and leaned down to kiss me.

The bell rang again. “Of for fuck’s sake I’m coming,” he shouted. Derek gave me another kiss and left the bedroom.

Under-appreciated Fic rec

I was tagged by the lovely @crossroadswrite​ to rec some of my favorite fics with under 1k kudos.

This features a wide range of stories with some fluff, some smut, and more than some angsty/dark fic because I adore things that hurt my heart. So be sure to check my comments and the tags for potential triggers.

All Sterek, because that’s what I read.

Numbers [T] [11150] standinginanicedress

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

Fun and so cute. This is one of my new favorites and definitely deserves more attention.

Post Tenebras Lux [E] [47755] seraphina_snape

After finally (finally) having his first date with Derek, Stiles goes to sleep with butterflies in his stomach. He doesn’t have to wait long for the rude awakening though: after being plagued by nightmares, he shows up at Derek’s place early only to find a stranger in Derek’s kitchen.

Who is the stranger? Why is he at Derek’s place at eight in the morning making breakfast? And why is Derek suddenly behaving so strangely, giving the minor supernatural problem Stiles is trying to solve the brush off and generally acting like he did when he came back to Beacon Hills the first time?

Stiles’ spidey sense is tingling, but all of his attempts to make the pack see the truth fail. They accept Morgan into the pack like a long lost brother and it doesn’t take more than a few days for Stiles to be excluded from the pack.

On his own for the first time in years and plagued by self-doubts, Stiles has to figure out what it is that Morgan is doing to his pack and how to get them back.

How does this fic not have more kudos?? A rich and fully developed story with an intriguing plot, angst, BAMF Stiles, Stydia brotp, and of course Sterek. Check it out!

Staring shadows in the eye [E] [24810] queerly_it_is

Derek has spent six years travelling the country as a hunter, searching for the demon that used him and murdered his family, relying on the unwanted power he holds as Alpha to keep himself going. When he’s captured by another demon who calls himself Stiles, Derek strikes a devil’s bargain to ensure the revenge that’s become his obsession.

But Stiles has an agenda of his own, and when you make deals with demons, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Demon!Stiles. Dark (dubcon & painplay warnings), angsty, sexy, and surprisingly touching in places. Featuring Supernatural-style blood addiction.

Gotta love the classics [E] [3979] aprettysmalldose

“Or you could just blow me,” He says, casual as all fuck.

Yup. That’s pretty much the fic.

Biker!Derek, mechanic!Stiles, and blowjobs. This fic is hot and I don’t know why you haven’t all read it yet.

A Mask of Skin and Bone [M] [2628] entanglednow

Stiles had christened him ‘The Puppeteer.’ Which had struck him as kind of amusing at the time.

This is dark and painful, and utterly gorgeous just like every one of entanglenow’s works. Elements of non-con due to a villain’s mind control influence, with the fic mainly focused on dealing with the aftermath.

Tchaikovsky’s Nightmare [M] [30089] fshep

After a week of rehearsal, Stiles is convinced that there’s no way this production is going to end in anything other than misery.

Beacon Hills Classical Ballet Academy performs a variation of Swan Lake where all of the swans are males, forcing Stiles to partner up with Derek Hale. Things go about as well as one would expect.

I honestly didn’t expect to love a story about ballet, but I ended up reading this one twice. Really lovely slow build romance.

In Some Way, I’m There With You [M] [11494] TroubleIWant

Scott slows to a jog as he sees Derek upright and moving, but Stiles keeps running hard. He slides to his knees on the dirt and moss next to Derek and grabs at his shirt.

“Der?” he asks, over-loud and panicky. He’s oblivious to the gore around them, even though he’s kneeling in it. His hands flutter over Derek’s shoulder where the bite is already healing, patting his chest and face like touch is the only thing that will assure him Derek’s truly in one piece. “Derek, are you okay? Talk to me, say something, please.”

Derek’s not sure what to do with all this unexpected attention, and fights the urge to brush the probing hands away. He’s taken worse in fights before, which Stiles must know. Though, he supposes, they’re something different to each other now.


After years of assuming Stiles would never want more than his friendship, Derek is pleasantly surprised to be drawn into an intense relationship with him. Being with Stiles is good, great even. But then why, exactly, does it feel like they’re more distant than ever?

I’m not sure what to say about this without giving things away, but this incorporates some of my absolute favorite tropes, got me teary-eyed at one point, and had me grinning excitedly at another. This author always knows how to create an engaging story, with clever twists and plays on tropes that have me coming back and reading her works over again.

We are the greatest pretenders [T] [6437] heyshalina, marshmallowfluff

(How am I gonna get myself back home?)

Derek wishes Scott wasn’t such a failure of an alpha, that he had noticed the aura of darkness around Stiles before Derek had. Maybe then, it would be Scott now, staring into Stiles’ empty eyes, at his twisted smile, faced with the prospect of killing him.

“You know, I never wanted to be anything other than human.”

Beautiful, painful void!Stiles angst. Derek realizes that Stiles isn’t himself, and Void taunts and torments him.

Collide [M] [28543] allyasavedtheday

“There’s a legend among the druids,” Deaton begins, “it tells of two souls, Silvanus and Antheia, bound inextricably across universes. Two souls that are constantly colliding, not completing each other but-“

“Balancing,” Stiles says faintly, thinking back to all those times Morell talked to them about druids maintaining the balance.

“Mhm. Balance is imperative in our world, Stiles. The supernatural is a turbulent and unpredictable thing, without balance it would implode on itself.”

“So these two souls…”

“Were the bonding of the natural world and the supernatural one,” Deaton finishes for him.

Stiles and Derek are soulmates. It would be just Stiles’ luck that his universe is the only one where they don’t end up together.

One of my favorite soulmate fics. This gorgeous story allows us to explore flashes of Stiles and Derek falling in love in alternate lives, while the (semi) canon protagonists angst over the idea that this seems to be the only universe where the answers don’t come easily.

whatever you want (but you’re gonna have to ask me) [M] [1271] clavicular, vociferocity

Stiles takes another step backwards, and now he’s backed up against the wall, and Derek is still moving towards him. There’s purple dust on his jacket, and Stiles is absolutely freaking out right now.

“Wait,” he says. “Derek, wait. Is that the wolfsbane the hunters were using?”

Derek growls.

Don’t take the tags on this one too seriously. This one’s actually surprisingly cute, so give it a chance, guys!

I’m not drowning fast enough [T] [3676] adjourn

Because Derek has always known, on some level. And he doesn’t care at all.

DO take the tags seriously. Psychopath/killer!Stiles, canon divergent in 3A. Dark and angsty, Derek POV fic as he comes to understand what Stiles really is. Painful and wonderfully handled.

You Got My Mind To Follow [M] [3009] plume_bob

The Nogitsune heads to the loft to seek out its next victim, using Stiles’ desires to deliver its intentions with a more personal touch. Afterwards, Stiles and Derek deal with the fallout.

Void!Stiles fics do not get enough love. This one goes slightly divergent from the loft scene in De-Void, with Void planting the rage-bug in Derek in a more hands on (mouth on?) way, and then shows a bit of Stereky healing in the aftermath of the season.

Burn It Out [T] [6390] Omni

Everything that he was got burned out of him, turned to ash and shadow just like everyone he loved. He was hollowed out and empty, and it hurt like claws across exposed nerves.

Then, it was done.


Or: Derek gets magical amnesia as part of a pact with a dark creature, and Stiles can save him by way of Once Upon a Time rules.

This fic is such an interesting mixture of funny and heartbreakingly angsty. Told mostly from the perspective of an amnesiac Derek who thinks he’s a carefree Floridian working in a surf shop, whose life turns on his head when a stranger named Stiles shows up looking for a missing person.


I’m going to tag: @paintedlandscape @mad-madam-m @matildajones @dontgobrienmyheart @petals42 @literaryoblivion @rocketshipposey to contribute if you like, along with everyone else who can think of fics that deserve some more love and attention.

Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural 5

Previous Part : Part Four


(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(E/C) = Eye Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(N/N) = Nick Name


“(Y/N) I told you we would drive you to his house.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yes, and I don’t feel like you threatening him with a gun in your pants going on about how you’re my big brother and no one should hurt me blah blah.”

“Well, it’s true - ”

“I’m sixteen Dean,” You interrupted, glancing around the parking lot, seeing everyone rush to their cars to leave for the weekend, “And the most powerful one of all time. I think I can handle myself.”

“Yeah and last time you said that I got shot in the ass.” Dean barked, and your voice died in your throat, hearing him sigh, “(Y/N), this is for you and them. If you can’t control yourself around them then
they won’t think twice before attacking you. And then we have to show up and I don’t want to shoot teenagers, supernatural creatures or not. You know you can’t control it when you get angry.”

“Dean, we’re going to watch movies and eat junk food. The only thing I’ll get mad about is my ships not being official.”

“What the hell does that even - ”

“He’s coming. Bye Dean.” You hung up before Dean could finish, putting your phone in your back pocket, smiling back at Stiles who had Scott and Allison following him.

“Was that your brother?” He asked, putting his bag in the jeep and standing next to you.

“Yeah. I talked to his uh…” What did you call Cas? “His boyfriend, and apparently Dean was just upset that he couldn’t meet the guy who I’m hanging out with.”

“Was that because he wanted to or because I was to be inspected and threatened?”

“Some mysteries are best left unsolved 007.” You smirked, smiling at Scott and Allison.

“So you guys following us or are we all piling in his jeep?”

“Oh, we’ll be following.”

“Boyfriend?” You looked at Scott weird.

“Yeah, is there something wrong with that?” Allison elbowed Scott, sending a glare in his direction.

Stiles looked confused, Scott never seemed to have anything against gays, he was fine with Danny. “No, it just…You hesitated, seemed like you were lying.”

“Well,” You glared heavily at him, “I’m not. So can we head Stiles’ place now?” Your voice was icy, trying to cover the panic. You remember reading something in the lore about weres being able to hear
when someone was lying.

Stiles awkwardly cleared his throat, sending a smile at Scott who had the decency to look sheepish. You and him climbed into his jeep, seeing Scott and Allison walk to his car (or maybe hers you had no
idea) talking about something. “Sorry about him, he never seemed to be against that before.”

You smiled at him, “It’s fine. I told you I don’t think they like me much.”


“Hey dad.” Stiles greeted, walking inside, you following behind, his dad looking up from his coffee, eyes widening at the new face.

“Stiles,” He greeted, “And um…?”

You reached out to shake his hand, “(Y/N) (L/N), I’m new, my brothers are staying in town for awhile. Stiles invited me over, we were gonna watch some movies.” He nodded, looking between you two
before setting his gaze on Stiles, “Okay, well I have over night at the station so uh…” He had his keys in hand, heading for the door, “Be…be safe okay?”

Stiles’ face quickly grew red as his jaw dropped a bit, stammering out some words as you felt your cheeks heat up, both understanding the double meaning behind his words. “Mr. Stilinski we weren’t - ”

“Dad - ”

He raised one hand, silencing you two, both slamming your jaws shut as he said goodbye, opening to door to come face to face with Scott and Allison, another car pulling up. A look of realization crossed his
face as he turned back to the two of you, nodding awkwardly. “Scott, Allison.”

“Mr. Stilinski.”

He stepped around them, you and Stiles starting to laugh as he left. “Did he really just say that?”

“Oh God, I am so sorry.”

“What just happened?” Scott asked, and Stiles laughed at the clueless look on his friends’ face, clapping him on the shoulder, “When you’re old enough Scott I’ll give you the talk.” A disgusted look
passed over his face as he playfully punched Stiles, who laughed in return, more people you recognized from school coming in. You smiled, but you knew it was fake. You wanted to enjoy this, you
really did. You had a new friend/crush possibly, and if they liked you his friends and you may get along but you knew with them being what they were and you being what you were it wouldn’t work.

“(Y/N), you okay?” You looked up from the ground, Stiles giving you a concerned look, “Hmm?”

“You zoned out, you looked upset. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He smiled, “Good, tonight’s gonna be awesome.”


“I just don’t feel safe with her being out this late. With them being some sort of creatures and (Y/N) still struggling with herself.” Sam rolled his eyes, putting down his beer bottle. Last night you and the guys
had discussed the strange things you had noticed with Stiles’ friends and Dean did a back check, seeing a lot of supernatural mayhem go on in this town. Sam had an idea on what they were but didn’t
want to say anything to Dean who was blinded by the fact his baby sister was making friends with a boy she may like.

“Dean, she’ll be fine. She’s a big girl. And she can control it enough.” Dean shook his head, sitting on the motel bed, rubbing his eyes.

Sam’s phone went off, and he picked it up, flashing the screen at Dean who sent him a ‘see’ look. “She’s probably asking to spend the night.”

“At a boy’s house? Tell her no. Actually tell her fu - ”


“S-Sam?” He sat up straighter, hearing the waver in your voice.

“(Y/N),” He put you on speaker, Dean coming to sit by him, “What’s wrong?”

“I - I need you to come pick me up.”

“What happened (Y/N)?” Dean asked, already getting his jacket and keys.

“Y - You were right D - Dean. I - I got mad and they saw - oh God they saw. I couldn’t control my anger and - and I just lost it - ”

“Where are you?” They were by the impala now, remembering last time they heard you this broken up.

“I - I don’t know. My hands had - they - the fire and when it died down they were just staring at me and I ran, and I don’t know where I am and it’s dark and - ”

“Hey (Y/N) it’s okay,” Dean pulled the car out of the parking lot, “Look around for anything and we’ll find you.”

“Um,” You paused, “I - I think I’m in the woods by the high school? I can see the sport lights and - and I think those are in the field at the school.”

“Okay we’ll be there in like ten minutes. Five if no cops see us.”

He heard your phone beep, “(Y/N)?”

“My phone’s almost dead. I - I’m gonna sit here. My legs are shaking I’ll just w - wait here.”

“Don’t move from where you are. You had your gun and demon blade right?”

“Y - Yeah.”

“Okay, keep those out and ready.”

He heard your phone beep before the line went dead, signaling your phone had died. He and Sam shared a glance, if those kids knew what she was or suspected it could cause more trouble than this weird
creature get together hunt.



“(Y/N) where are you?”


“Who are you two?” Dean and Sam spun around, both raising their guns in warning.

“Woah woah! Okay put the guns down no shooting!” They both lowered their guns, glaring at the lanky teen, seeing a few others trailing behind him.

“Who the hell are you?” Dean barked, and Sam saw the dude flinch at his tone.

“I’m Stiles. Dude chill on the dead voice we get it you’re terrifying. Jeez you and Derek should get together and be cops.”

“Stiles,” The older one glared at him, causing Sam to be confused. He definitely wasn’t a high school friend. So that meant he was the -

“You’re the little punk who’s befriended (Y/N) huh?” Dean sent a sarcastic smirk at him, “How’s that going for you?”

“Yeah about that - ”

“What is she?”

“Be careful how you word your questions that’s our sister.” Sam put a hand on Dean’s chest to stop him from lunging at the one with the crooked jaw, who stepped back some from the heat of Dean’s
glare but didn’t stop asking questions.

“I saw her eyes flash purple at school. And tonight - her hands they,” He looked at his own, not knowing how to put it into words, “She’s not human.”

“Neither are you.” Dean was tense and Sam was worried he’d go off and shoot them all.

“Who are you?” The older one, Derek, spoke up, and Sam was almost grateful for the change of topics, that might calm Dean down more.

“We’re the Winchesters.” Dean barked, and nope he was not calming down any.

“The Winchesters?” The smaller girl, standing next to the nosy teen questioned, and Sam heard a waver in her voice, indicating she knew who they were. Derek took a fraction of a step back, a surprised
look on his face.

“Who are the Winchesters?”

“The most known about hunters in the world.” She whispered, “They’re able to kill any supernatural creature, they’ve died and come back more than anyone’s been able to count and stopped the biblical
apocalypse. My dad’s both scared and idolizes them.”

“While we appreciate the fans,” Sam rolled his eyes at Dean, “We’re looking for our sister. The one you scared off to run into the middle of freaking no where.”

“We scared her?” They looked at one from the back, stepping from beside a red head, glaring at the two, “Her hands caught on fire, like actually on fire. We scared her?”

“Her hands caught on fire?” Dean sounded worried, stepping back from being restrained from Sam’s hand, making eye contact with his younger brother. “She hasn’t done that one before has she?”

“No, that’s further than she’s been able to do.” Dean rubbed his face, ignoring the bewildered looks on the others faces.

“Um, hello?” Sam clenched his jaw, man this guy was really annoying, “Are you going to answer any of our questions? Like what the hell is she? How do we stop her? What are you all doing here? When
will you leave?”

“Those are good questions, uh, what’s your name?”


“Jackson yeah…ever talk about (Y/N) like that again and I will unload every single silver wolfs bane bullets we own into your head. Understand me?” He had the decency to step back, trying to cover the
shocked look on his face, “How did you know where she was? She didn’t even know.”

“We followed her scent.”

“Her scent?” God really Dean? You’re just now figuring this out? Sam rolled his eyes, “They’re werewolves Dean.”

“Werewol - Wow…this is great. Djinns, vamps, wraiths and now weres. This is one screwed up town Sammy.” He turned around, “Whatever, you followed her scent. So where the hell is she?”

“We don’t know?”

“You don’t know? What? Wolf nose on the fritz?”

“No, it just…stops. Disappears. Like she just vanished.”

“People don’t just vanished.” Stiles bitched at Jackson.

“She was pretty upset,” Sam whispered to Dean, “She may have done something like that without meaning to.”

“I don’t think so. It only happens when she’s mad. You heard her, she was scared and upset. I don’t think she would have done anything that extreme.” He rolled his eyes, turning back to the bickering teens,
“Alright, shut up!”


“What Sam?” Without saying anything Sam held up his phone, showing Dean the text he just received.

‘Demons. Only demons.’

“It says she texted that…minutes before we got here.”

“Yeah,” Sam breathed out, “So that means - ”

“These murders were planned to throw us off and this son of a bitch has (Y/N).” He put his gun back in the back of his pants, “Stiles, older guy - ”


“Derek, you two are riding with us. We know what’s going on and unfortunately, we may need your help. The rest of you all, follow us.”

“Hold on, what makes you think we’re going to help you after knowing you might just kill us?” Stiles asked, hands up, stopping his friends from walking.

Dean took a few steps forward, face dead. “Because this is dealing with our sister. Your friend.” He studied Stiles for a minute, “After hearing her talk maybe more. So you’re going to help us, maybe not
for us but her.” He looked at the rest of the teens, “As for you, you don’t help you die. You help we leave. Simple as that.”

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Next Part : Part Six

Anchor - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: hello! i was wondering if you could do a derek hale imagine loosely based on season 2 episode 9? where y/n is taken in to dereks pack after he bites her to save her, and when its their first full moon, y/n asks derek how hes so calm and he says that he has his anger as his anchor and later she finds her anchor and when derek asks what it is she says its derek? sorry i kinda rambled, hope that makes sense!

Word Count: 1,645

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Warning: None really. Just some shiftin’ and some kissin’.

Author’s Note: First of all, let me thank you for telling which episode you were watching because that really helped out a lot since I’m not one that can pin point the exact episode when someone mentions something from an episode. If you hadn’t told me, it would have taken me a while to find it, lol. Secondly, I used some of Derek’s lines from the episode on this imagine since it’s kind of what you asked for. Lastly, never apologize for rambling because you made sense. I’m glad you went into full details in what you wanted because it helped to write it.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by teamsciles

Derek and Y/N went to high school together. In fact, that’s how they met and became best friends. They had almost all the same classes all four years and they were inseparable. When Y/N left for college, Derek took it the hardest. He had lost so much while they were in high school, his family, his house, and his girlfriend, Paige, and he hated that he was also losing Y/N. Except, Y/N made sure nothing would change between the two. They called each other every day and sent random text messages whenever they had the chance. They even scheduled weekly video chats.

One night during the holiday break, Y/N got into a terrible car accident just before she was supposed to meet Derek at his loft to celebrate Christmas together and do their usual Christmas traditions. The doctors did everything they could to save her, but they told Derek it was a matter of time before her body would give up. Derek couldn’t accept that and against all his wishes, he bit her. She never knew about Derek’s secret as he kept it from her to protect her. 

When Y/N woke up a couple of days later, she remembered everything and was shocked when her doctor told her it was miracle she came back. She couldn’t understand how she survived until Derek told her the truth. She wasn’t mad at him for hiding his secret from her for years. She understood why he did it. If anything, she was grateful he saved her life. Except tonight she was about to experience her first full moon and Derek had a feeling she wouldn’t be so grateful about being a werewolf knowing the pain she’s about to take on.

Y/N squeezed her eyes shut as her muscles began to tighten. The pain wasn’t unbearable but it wasn’t tolerable either. She had no control of the pain and she knew it was because of the full moon.

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Hope you like it!

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Operation: Bro Parenting

2:15 AM

“Dude, admit it,” Stiles slurs. “We’d be great parents!”

Derek nods empathetically. “We would be!”

Stiles looks at him with wide eyes. “We should totally adopt a baby!”

“We should adopt a baby!”


Earlier that night, 9:35 PM

“Still bummed out about the breakup?” Derek asks, coming up behind Stiles. It’s a chilly night so Derek’s glad he decided to wear the dark purple cable knit sweater Laura got him as an early Christmas present.

Stiles gives an indifferent shrug. “Meh.”


“Pathetic, isn’t it?” Stiles murmurs, sipping his drink. “Goddamn, Allison makes a mean drink.”

Derek huffs, taking a sip of his own coke-infused vodka. He makes a face at the burn in his throat. “She does, and it’s not pathetic.”

Stiles frowns. “What? Of course it’s not. Allison is the best bartender ever. She knows what my heart wants and needs. She’s gifted, not pathetic.”

“I meant about your breakup, dumbass.”


“Yeah, it’s not pathetic.”

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Haha thank you anon your amazing. Alright honey you asked for it. I’m in the mood for some fluff. This is something quick that I threw together hope ya’ll like it. :)

Description: It was Will and JJ’s wedding. You had been working with the B.A.U for a couple years now slowly developing a crush on the one and only Derek Morgan. But despite your flirting he never showed any interest. At least he hadn’t before tonight. But devastation strikes the very heart of the B.A.U making everything stop before it ever really begins.

Warnings: Nothing but fluff, fluff, and more fluff.

Song:Sway by Michael Buble

Before it’s too late 

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“What are you doing you idiot go ask the girl to dance.” Penelope said nudging Derek’s shoulder.

He shook his head and laughed “Baby girl you know I don’t dance.”

Penelope sighed and looked back towards the dance floor where you were now dancing with a man that was tall with dark brown hair that was slicked back and a quality about him that screamed charming. “Well don’t look now lover boy but looks like you just got some competition.

Derek stopped laughing when he heard what Penelope said. He followed her line of sight and immediately scowled. He was hit with a pang of jealousy seeing you laughing and dancing with this guy. 

Derek has liked you almost as long as you have him but he never acted on his feelings before because you worked together. It was hard enough for him to keep his hands to himself whenever you were around. If you started seeing each other it would mess the dynamic of the team wouldn’t it?  But before he could ponder the question he saw the guy you were with take your hand and steer you towards the bar.

Another wave of jealousy hit him while Penelope watched smirking. She knew that there was more between the two of you than mere friendship. “You half to do something and fast. A girl like that won’t be single for very long” She said rubbing her hand over his back urging him on.

But he remained rooted to his spot in the corner of the room. “I can’t do this P what if she says no, or worse what if she laughs?” He asked eyes still locked on you. “The last thing I want to do is ruin what we already have. I can’t lose her Baby girl.”

Penelope shook her head. “Sometimes, Derek Morgan, you can be so dense. Have you not realized that she’s been eyeing you and flirting with you for the past two years?” She asked incredulously.

He looked shocked “Y/n has been flirting with me?” He asked indicating to himself. “Me for two years and I didn’t know.” His eyes were wide with confusion.

Penelope rolled her eyes “Of course she has you idiot now go get her before it’s too late” she said lightly pushing him towards where you were sitting at the bar.

He fell forward a little and turned back “But what if…”

“Go” she said irritated pointing towards the bar.

“He spun on his heels, gathered some courage, and made his move. He walked straight towards you and held out his hand. “Care to dance?”

You saw him coming from a mile away. You prepared yourself, sat up straighter fixed your hair and your soft silky floor length purple dress and then rubbed your finger over your teeth for any stray lipstick. He finally reached you and did the last thing you expected him to do. He stuck his hand out towards you and asked you to dance.

You were shocked. You knew that Derek didn’t dance. Everyone else said the same thing and yet here he was asking you to dance, You looked from his hand to his big beautiful brown eyes to see if he was being serious. What you saw there made your heart beat faster. But before you could identify it it was gone. 

You cleared your mind of his molten brown eyes and the odd emotion you thought you saw and took his hand, the guy that was keeping you company completely forgotten.

He led you to the dance floor and positioned the two of you in the middle of the ballroom placing his hand on your waist. When he touched you little jolts of electricity shot through your body making your breath hitch.

It must have affected him to because his pupils dilated and he shuddered. You opened your mouth to talk but he grabbed your hand and started to move to the music of Michael Buble’s Sway.

Derek was surprisingly a good dancer. At first he moved slowly leading you back and forth across the floor. But as the song progressed his move became more intricate with twist and turns and spins.

You became swept up and momentarily forgot what you were going to say enjoying the feel of his strong arms holding you. He spun you in little circles that caused you to giggle and him to smile. As the song ended and melded into something slower he wasn’t ready to let you go. So he pulled you in close.

 You leaned your head on his shoulder not ready to let go either while his hands wrapped around your waist making you sigh contently.

The music transported you both somewhere else. Somewhere far away were nothing mattered and everything was different. It felt like you were the only two in the entire world.

Morgan forgot why he had to stay away from you. He forgot that you worked together. He forgot about his messed up life. Everything gone. Everything but you.

You lifted your head from his shoulder and gazed into his eyes “Why now. I’ve basically been throwing myself at you since we met. why is tonight suddenly different?” You asked curiously.

He took a deep breathe and lifted one of his hands up to cup your cheek “I had no idea. Call me an idiot or dense or whatever but I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see why a woman like you, so beautiful on the outside and the inside, would ever choose a messed up guy like me” he all but whispered.

You knew what he was talking about. The thing with his mentor, the loss of his father. “You know none of that makes you messed up right you asked?” Begging him to understand “I don’t care about any of it. I care about you.”

He stroked your cheek tenderly while replying “Yeah I know that. I know that you and everyone else on our team feels that way. And I’m working on it. That’s why y/n. That’s why I finally reached out to you. Well that and Penelope playing matchmaker he said grinning.

You laughed with him until the musics spell worked it’s way back and you swayed together holding each other in the most innocent way possible. He moved his hands from your waist and up your back until they tangled  in your hair causing you to pull away slightly and looked at him.

“I half to do this before it’s too late” He said his voice becoming huskier as he stared down at you with so much emotion in his eyes.

You knew what he was talking about and dammit you wanted it to.You closed your eyes and tilted your head up for his lips to find yours. He leaned down and slightly brushed your lips with his until Derek’s phone went off and the enchantment broke.

Breaking away slightly disoriented he fished his phone out of pocket and glared down at the screen. But after a minuet his eye’s flashed to yours with a mixture of fear, regret, and sadness. “It’s Hotch. Someone took Jack.“

                                                                                                        Part 2                   

L$D (d.l.)

▹Short imagine 

A/N: Hey!!! okay I’ve just realized this is my first derek short imagine, which id crazy bc i love him you would think i would have already done a bunch. in this imagine there are some drugs named so don’t read if you aren’t comfortable with it. this is definitely part one.  there will be a part two coming soon.  love u -i


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(warning: drug usage) 

“I love you” he said as he popped a random pill in his mouth 

 "you don’t, that’s the drugs talking" I giggle as I sip on my purple mixture 

“baby, I do love you” he says as he comes closer to me 

 "then show me" I smirked “show me you love me”

 he grabbed my leg and pulled me down on the leather couch, attacking my neck with kisses while rubbing my sides. I moan softly in his ear while gripping the back of his hair. his lips touch mine and he kisses me. I close my eyes as the kiss deepens. 

 my eyes flutter back open. he’s gone. it was all a dream. I sigh softly and look around the dark room. another sleepless night. I look to my side to pick my phone off of the table. it’s 5:34am. I click the off button, place my phone back on the table. then I lay back down on my side. 

 I start to think. think about everything. everything I’ve been threw and the things I’ve been going threw. I wish I could go back to my dreams, maybe even stay there forever. after about an hour my alarm goes off, I roll eyes and turn it off. now off to school, I rather die. I mean will I remember any of this stuff. no. do I need this stuff in life. no. so why do I go? 

 I started to get dressed and do my morning routine. I stand in front of the mirror eyeing my choice of clothing and smile. if there was one thing I had. it was style. 

once I finished getting ready I walk downstairs to my mom who is talking on the phone with who seems to be her boss. I smile at her quickly and she does the same. 

 "bye love you" I say quickly before walking out of the door 

 "love you too" she replies I walk to the bus stop. 

there was a slow breeze that passed by as I stood there with my phone in my hand. I sigh. it was Manhattan in the winter I’m going to regret wearing this little amount of layers. 

 "you good ma?“ a voice asks 

 I look up to a beautiful brunette. it was him. how did he get here. he was in my dream. my face shows a dumbfounded look. I quickly wake up from my little trance. 

 "yea, yes I’m fine thank you” I said 

 "you sure you look a little cold" 

 "y-yea" “here” he says taking off his jacket 

“no you don’t need to really” I said 

 "it’s okay, with a mom like mine I have 3 of these on" I chuckle and grabbed his jacket. 

 "thank you-“ I say but stop 

 "Derek” he helps me 

 "nice to meet you, I’m (y/n)“ I smile 

 "so you just moved here or something” I ask 

“yea, from California” he replies 

 "ohh that’s nice, it’s a big change right?“ 

 "yes, it really is, it’s so cold here" 

 "ha well welcome to New York!” he chuckles the bus arrives. 

I walk on with Derek behind me. I plop onto a seat, he sits beside me. I smile and look ahead. I could feel him staring at me but I never looked over. it would be embarrassing, I would probably blush then melt on this ugly bus seat. 

 we make it to school and I want to throw up. I hated school. everyone slowly exits the bus, slow as ever. the same thing every single day. Derek is in front of me and I examine his back. I notice his tattoos. I didn’t see them before. they’re hot. really hot. once we get off of the bus I pull him by the back pack. 

 "you have tattoos?“ I ask 

 "yea, ma" 

 "those are fire, how many do you have?!?" 

 "enough to ask you on a date so you can look at them all" 

 I blush 

 "then ask me" 

 he gets on one knee and grabs my small hand. 

 "my dearest, (y/n) I know I’ve only known you for an hour but will you please go on a date with me?” he asks 

I hold back my laughter 

 "oh!! Derek, I would love to" I say he gets up from his knee and levels Himself. 

“well, that- that was amazing” I say 

 "thank you" he playfully smiles 

 i part ways with Derek and head to my locker. Jordan runs up to me. 

 "have you seen that kid Derek yet?! he’s a god!“ she swoons 


 "well he might be a god but he’s also a devil" 

 I slightly chuckle. 

"what do you mean?” I ask 

 "he has been caught doing drugs in the bathroom of his old school, he’s mom moved to start over" 

“…how the hell do you knew this” I question 

 "i know people" I roll my eyes playfully, then the bell rings. 

“see you later, jay” I say before making it to my class 


 I cross my leg over the cafeteria bench and swing my other over. I sit at the table and take out my phone. I didn’t have an appetite at all. I haven’t had a real one since freshman year. look at me now a senior who eats nothing. you can call that depression. 

 Derek comes out of no where and sits across from me. I smile at the sight of him. 

 "so I heard you got caught doing drugs at your old school" I say 

 he looks directly at me. 

“wow, bad news travels fast” he says 

 "so, what was it?“ I question "pot, xani, coke?" 

 he chuckles "how about I ask why you aren’t eating” he says 

 "how about I ask you what you were caught doing" 

“LSD, baby" 



"I what?" 

"what do you do?" 

 I chuckle 

 "how do you know I do anything?” I ask 

 "because I can read you" 

 "Xanax and ecstasy really" 

 "ow, that’s hot" i roll my eyes 

 "so why aren’t you eating?“ 

 "because I don’t feel like it duh" 

 "don’t duh me" 

 "I duh who I want to duh, Derek" 

 "how about instead of the last periods we go to my friend’s house and do some stuff”  he asks 

 you would think stuff would be sex. but no. drugs.

 I nod my head, he gets up and grabs my hand to bring me to the parking lot. a car pulls up and he opens the door, I hop in and he follows. I know I shouldn’t be getting into cars with strangers but there was something about him. we arrive to a house, I intertwine my fingers with his and we walk into the house together. 

 "Derek, my man!“ A light skin guy says hugging him 

how does he have friends so fast? he just moved here. 

 "this your girl?!” the guy asks 

 "yea" Derek nods I blush a bit 

“I’m Kevin but call me KDL, baby” he says 

“I’m (y/n)” I reply 

 I follow Derek to the living room and there are three other guys. 

“this is my girl, (y/n), baby this is Nate, swazz and Tyler” he says 

I melt at his words but I have to keep my shit together. I smile and wave. 

“so what do you like ma?” Nate asks me 

 I give him a confused look. 

 "pot? or you poppin’ pills?“ 

 "oh I like both" 

 "you like lean?” Tyler asks 

 "I’ve never had it" 

 they all looked at me like I was ghost. 

 "what? oh my gosh Derek your girl hasn’t had lean?! oh baby you gone have some fun" Nate smirks 

 "damn, I had some lean on me when I was like twelve" Tyler said making everyone laugh 

 KDL hands Tyler a bottle of pineapple Fanta. Tyler pours a purple liquid from a bottle that see threw red. KDL handed me the styrofoam cup. I take a big gulp and stare at the pretty purple drink. Derek places his hand on my thigh as I talk a big gulp of the liquid. 

I can feel it rushing threw my body. all of the guys watch me but soon go back to smoking and talking. but Derek he looks at me. I smile sloppily. he tucks a strained of my hair behind my ear. 

 "you’re so hot" he says near my ear i giggle and go back to my drink. i take a few big gulps and I’m met with nothing but ice. 

“I don’t think you were suppose to drink it that fast” Derek says 

“me either” I giggle I move closer to his face. 

 my lips close to his, almost touching them. he grabs my bottom lips with his teeth and begins to suck on my bottom lip. I hum as we kiss in sync. he releases from the kiss and looks at me. 

 "your lips taste good" he says 

“I taste better” I wink as I bite my bottom lip 

“well, I would have to try for myself”

hours passed. I pull out my phone I read, 8:44pm.  

“shittttt” I say aloud catching Derek’s attention  

“you good?”  

“no, I need to get home”

 He nods and grabs car keys.

my mom was going to kill me. I didn’t even text her or anything. 

“here” Derek says handing me a small plastic bag “a gift” 

I look, there were three small colorful tablets with smiles on them. they looked like kids vitamins. but I knew they weren’t. it was LSD.  

he looks down at me and smiles. I smile back, then stuff the small plastic baggie in the pocket of my jacket.  

we get into the car and head to my house.

“well thank you, Derek”

“no thank you, baby” 

I quickly peak his lips but he pulls me back in for another kiss. his fingers go to my neck and he pulls, deepening the kiss. his tongue finds away into my mouth. my hands lay on his chest as we kiss. 

I release for breath but began to kiss him again. I cross over him so I’m sitting on his lap. he kisses my neck as I grind against him. 

his hand goes up to my shirt and he grips onto my right breast. I slow down the kiss, my hands roam down to his buckle. I fiddle with his buckle with frustration and he chuckles on my swollen lips.

he moves my hands and unbuckles his belt. I break the kiss to tear my top off. I start to leave wet kisses on his neck. he leans his back and groans. my tongue swivels of his skin.

I put my hand on the side of the seat and pull down his seat so he is leaning back. I unbuckle me bra. he admiringly watches me do so. I go down his abdomen and begin to kiss upward. i reach his collarbone. I kiss him slowly until I reach his lips. his large travel to my ass and he grips it tightly causing my to whimper in his mouth. 

he flips us over so he’s on top. He starts to slid off my jeans but stops when there is a knock on the window.  its Jordan.  

I scatter around to find my clothes and put that back on, Derek does the same. Jordan does not seem pleased.  but wasn’t it my life? and cant i do what i want with it?

“Thanks again” I say to Derek before exiting the car 

He nods 

I close the door and walk up to Jordan. I could hear him drive off.  

“Were you about to have sex in the front of your house, in a car?” She asks 

Before I could talk she cuts me off.  

“What if your mom caught you and it wasn’t me”

“Jordan, you cant tell me what to do and how to live, it’s simple as that” 

“And you smell like weed, are you high?” 

“No I’m not high, Jay, chill and stop trying to be my mom! Why are you being like this? You are usually the one doing these things so I wouldn-” I say but was cut off by Jay hugging me 

She begins to cry but they it is muffled by my jacket.  Correction, Derek’s jacket.  Man, I forgot to give it back!

“Jay baby, what’s wrong?”


Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
 ↳ broken

Alex Band - Only One

Words cannot describe the feeling that washes over Derek when the door of the garage bursts open and he spots Laura standing in the doorway, phone in her hand. They won’t do it justice.

“Derek,” she says, voice unsteady, but he already knows what it’s about.

It feels like he’s falling, the ground disappearing beneath his feet. He rises from where he’s been crouching next to the bike he’d been working on seconds ago, nearly losing his balance. A wrench slips from his hand, almost landing on his right foot, but he barely even registers the clattering sound as it makes contact with the concrete floor.

“Stiles was in an accident,” Laura continues, actually confirming Derek’s worst nightmare coming true. “I don’t know what happened. I just— The hospital—” She waves weakly with her phone.

He can feel something sharp grip around his heart, tugging, ripping him open.

Stiles. Oh god, Stiles.

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In the Practise Rooms

Originally posted by jilybelly

Warnings: Daddy! Kink, Smut (Obviously)

Everything around you was dark - you could barely see in front of you - the only thing that lit you way was the flash light that you held under your gun. You checked all of the rooms in the hallway and found them empty. Feeling confident, you moved forward, keeping your gun held up, you knew he was in here somewhere. There was a sudden bang behind you and your turned, only to feel a sharp pain in your chest. The pressure sent you backwards and onto the floor, you groaned a reached for your chest, feeling the familiar sticky-ness. You vision was blinded when the lights suddenly came on all around you. When you did open your eyes again, Derek Morgan stood above you, smirking.
“Don’t even say it.” You grumbled, looking down at the green splatter across your bullet-proof vest.
“You suck.” he mocked, holding out his hand to help you up. You got back onto you week and wiped the green paint off your fingers onto the vest.
“This is why I need to train.” you and Derek where in the training rooms, after hours, to train your skills, “I would rather get shot in here then out in the field.” Derek chuckled at your comment. “Once more.” you asked, Derek nodded and you both went back to your original positions.

After a few more hours of training you were successfully covered in green splotches and your chest ached. Although you had managed to get a few shots on Derek.
“You know if you wanted me all to yourself all you had to do was ask. You didn’t have to get your ass kicked so badly.”  he chuckled as he stripped off the bullet-proof vest,
“As I recall, I did get a few shots.” you smiled, gesturing to the few purple splotches that littered his chest.
“I let you get those shots.” he smirked,
“I think you cheat.” you chuckled. Derek stopped suddenly, staring at you, a smirk crossing his fingers.
“You think I cheat?” he spoke, his voice dangerously low, you opened you mouth to speak but no words came. Your crush on Derek Morgan was part of the reason you asked him and no one else, and right now, he voice was sending shivers down your spine and to your core.
“Maybe we should try something else?” Derek pondered, stepping closer to you. You took a step back and hit one of the walls,
“W-Wha-” you stuttered, unable to finish the sentence as Derek leaned down to your height and smashed his lips against yours. He grabbed his hips and pulled you into his chest. You wrapped your arms around his chest and held onto him tightly.

You both pulled away, gasping for air.
“You should’ve.…Suggested this… Earlier…” You panted, Derek smirked down at you, grinding his hips into yours, effectively trapping you between him and the wall.
“Baby girl, you are treading in dangerous waters.” he warned you, you chuckled at the nickname, an idea popping into your head.
“You started this, Daddy.” you replied, purring out the last word and Derek growled in response. He spun you around and pushed pressed you against the wall,
“You’re in trouble now, baby girl.” He left rough kisses on your neck as his palmed your breasts through your blouse. You moaned in approval as Derek’s hand slipped down your stomach and under your shirt. Both his hands left you suddenly and started to slowly unbutton your shirt. Too slowly.
“Daddy, please…” you whined, feeling the wetness in your panties as you pushed your ass back into his crotch. Derek growled behind you, feeling his own arousal against your ass. His fingers leaving you shirt buttons and grabbing the sides of your shirt, ripping it apart, buttons flying everywhere and stripping it from your shoulders.

His hands where instantly back on your breasts, feeling your nipples harden through your bra. One of his hands left your breast and skimmed down your stomach, stopping at the waist band of your trousers.
“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Y/N. All this you time you’ve been teasing with your little outfits, you knew I could see your bras through those shirts, everyone else could.” you moaned in response, the last few months you had been flirting with him constantly, tight shirt to show off your lacy bras,
“You do you know what I’m going to do to you?” he hand slipped under the waist line of your trousers and into your panties, lightly tapping your clit, pulling a gasp from you.
“Please” you begged, you weren’t even sure what you where begging for anymore, you just wanted something. Derek chuckled from behind you,
“Strip for me, Baby girl.” he whispered, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear. You quickly obliged, with your shirt already gone you unbuckled you trousers, facing the wall, you pulled your trousers down and slipped them off with your shoes and socks, making sure to wiggle your ass to Derek.  Throwing them to the side, you moved to undo your bra.
“Leave them on, baby girl.” he ordered, you placed his hands on your hips and you looked over your shoulder at him, only now realised that he had taken off his shirt. You took a moment to admire his sculpted form before you hear his next order.
“Hands on the wall,” he commanded, you placed your palms flat against the wall and felt Derek pulled your hips backwards, sticking your ass out to him.

Derek ran his hands across your backside before pulling away and delivering a harsh smack. Making you jump and dress you breast against the wall, Derek pressed his chest against you back, his hands smoothing your over your ass. He repeated the action again and you moaned in response. Derek’s fingers slipped over your front and down between your wet folds. Rubbing slightly before slipping two fingers into your pussy, pumping them in and out slowly, the heel of his palm against your clit. Your moans grew louder as you felt your orgasm approaching fast.
“That’s it, cum all over my hand, baby girl.” he whispered, your walls clamped down around his fingers, screaming as your orgasm over took you. Derek eased his fingers out of you and brought them up to his lips, sucking them clean.
“You taste fine, baby girl.” with one arm still around your waist, he used his other to unbuckle his belt and push down his trousers. His pumped his cock into your hand a few times and ran the tip along your folds.
“You want this baby girl?” he purred into your ear.
“Yes, Yes, Please daddy!” You partially screamed and pushed you ass back, trying to feel more.

Derek moved you panties aside and slowly pushed into you, groaning as you squeezed him. He only stilled for a second before setting and fast and harsh pace. Pushing you into wall your breasts into the wall, your hands slipped from the wall and moved to Derek’s arm around your waist, but he quickly slapped your thigh,
“Hands on the wall, baby girl, or I’ll stop.” he ordered, slowing down his pace, you were quick to put your hands back onto the wall and Derek sped up again. With this angle you Derek was hitting you in all the right places, making you scream out in pleasure. Derek groaned behind you, his pace faltering as he felt his own end nearing. The arm around your waist moved down to rub rough circles on you clit. You whimpered as you felt your second orgasm coming.
“Come on, baby girl, I know you got one more in there!” he ordered, “I want to feel you cum all over my cock.” and with his fingers on your clit. You did just that.

You walls squeezed him tightly as orgasm hit you. You cried out as you calm, Derek groaning behind you and emptied himself into you. You leaned against the wall, trying to catch your breath. Derek leaned against, sandwiching you between him and the wall. Derek gently kissed your shoulder and you hummed in content.
“Your just perfect, baby girl.” he mumbled, Derek moved you both so that you where sat on the floor, in Derek’s lap. You lay you head on his shoulder as Derek rubbed soft circled on your thigh.
“Get some rest. We’ll go back to my place soon.” he whispered and you nodded in response, “I am nowhere near finished with you yet.”

Some time ago i learnt that firefighters actually have to be clean shaven at work for safety reasons (like proper use of breathing equipment etc.) so i’ve been thinking… about them sterek firefighters aus… and… I guess that’s it? sterek au with firefighter!Derek, whole 2.5k of it. But also not something you probably expect. // I don’t write fanfiction so anything you find under this is going to be clumsy and awkward af.

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ask // masterlist  (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word count: 694 words

Warnings: smut scene at the start, rest is fluffy

a/n: based on the song Givin’ Up by Jason Derulo. You don’t have to listen to the song for this to make sense, I just got inspiration from it, also this isn’t my favourite but i wanted to post something bc i have training later tonight.

Derek’s bruising grip on your hips was sure to leave marks. You rolled your hips, eliciting a moan from him. He thrusted his hips up, meeting yours.

“(Y/N),” your name is shaky coming from him. He has his eyes on your naked form, trying not to lose his self-control. He ran his hands up and down your sides, leaving your hips and moving up to your breasts. You used his chest to steady yourself.

“Together,” you breathed out, and Derek moaned in acknowledgment.  His thrusts became messier and you bouncing up and down became sloppy. The moans from the pair of you were loud, but you didn’t care.

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anonymous asked:

i was wondering i i could have a ship for criminal minds? my name is kalie, and i have brown hair and blue eyes and wear these cute purple glasses, i love them! I'm fairly shy, but when i get comfortable around someone I'm more outgoing. I'm lazy as heck, i rather prefer to be reading or writing. i love rainy days and the stars, and my favorite season is autumn. I'm insecure and have anxiety, but I'm trying my best to work through it. and i think that's pretty much it? please and thank you!

We sound so much alike omg, also I got your ask for a male and female bebz!

Who I ship you with (male):

Derek is outgoing, so he would even out the relationship for sure, introducing you to people and getting you to try new things.  Your favorite pass time to do together would be something simple but fun like a walk through chinatown, just something random where you both could try a bunch of new foods or something it’d be so cute!

Your best friend:

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Super cute Kalie/Derek moments:

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You laid down in the bed of the truck, the cool summer’s night air dancing on your skin.  Derek finished adjusting his own pillow and laid down next to you, instantly cuddling you in his arms.

“They’re so beautiful,” you mumbled, looking up at the stars, snuggling further into his chiseled arms.

“Not as beautiful as you, though,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your temple.  You snorted and grinned up at you.

“Alright cheesy Morgan,” you teased before pressing a kiss to his lips.

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swanofstorie  asked:

For the prompt ask would you do either #92 or #95?

I already did #95, and you can find it here. So I did the other for you. Here’s #92: “You’re so clingy, I love it.”

“Derek I’m fine, ‘s just a few scrapes and bruises,” Stiles shrugged, removing the bloody tissue from his nose.

The mirror in the bathroom finally showed him the extent of the injuries given to him by the hunters. There was a gash in his eyebrow, his nose was probably broken from how painful and bloody it was, his cheek was practically purple.

He didn’t even want to see what other injuries were lurking under his clothes. Then again he’s having a hard time taking full breaths so maybe a look is worth it. He doesn’t have time to think about it because Derek is putting a cotton ball with something on it against the cut on his eyebrow–

“–ow! Derek!” He winced, flinching away only to have his ribs protest.

Derek’s hand was on his arm a flash, black veins trailing up his skin only to vanish seconds later. Stiles felt himself get a little loopy with the pain drain, his knees giving out. Then arms were around him and sitting him up on the counter. He leaned against the wall behind him, groaning at the way his body protested.

“You’re not fine, and that’s not okay,” Derek said, and it’s been the first thing he’s said since he found Stiles collapsed on the side of the street.

Stiles frowned, letting his eyes slip shut as Derek continuously drained his pain and cleaned his wounds. He didn’t know how many minutes passed but eventually he was all patched up. A part of his brain wondered why Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, had so many medical supplies?

He didn’t know if it was because his adrenaline was not as concentrated in his system or because Derek is being so kind to him, but his eyes sprung to life with tears and he’s suddenly crying. Two years ago he was a sophomore trying to get better at lacrosse and keep his 4.0. Now he has to be careful with whom he speaks with incase they abduct or murder him to death.

Fuck he just wants his life back.

“Let it out,” Derek whispered to him, pulling him in close which…was new but Stiles didn’t let it get to him. With sore heavy arms he held Derek close, hiding his face in the shoulder of his henley. Ugly snot and tears ran down his face as he let the past two years flow out of him like a dam breaking.

Eventually he calmed enough to feel like he’s overstayed his welcome in Derek’s embrace and moved to pull back. Derek held him tighter, and for whatever reason it got him to laugh.

“You’re so clingy, I love it.”

“Shut up and don’t ruin the moment Stiles.” 


anonymous asked:

Sorry if you are not taking prompts, but I got a essay back with a shitty grade any chance you could write me some sterek fluff? Your fics never fail to cheer me up :)

She wears more plaid than Derek could ever hope to own, talks herself into frantic rambles, eats disgusting combinations of food, and her name is Rollas, short for something she refuses to share. 

She’s basically Stiles’ soulmate. 

Derek can’t even meet her eye. 

Rollas is busy chatting to Stiles and Lydia about why they should be producing wolfsbane pepper sprays and selling them online, and Derek’s staring into space, wondering how Stiles will break up with him. It might be in the next thirty seconds. Stiles might turn to him in a moment, touch his arm and say, “Sorry, dude, you’re just not it for me. I was only waiting for her. She’s perfect. It’s like she’s literally made for me. You’re obnoxious, and you snore, and you never pick up your socks when I ask you to. I can’t believe I stayed this long. Bye.” And, then he’ll leave with Rollas, on a cloud made up of those god damn Buffy comics Stiles leaves all over the apartment, and Derek will die alone in their bed with the stupid bright pink comforter Stiles insisted upon.

He shouldn’t have bitched about it. He should have admitted how warm it was. He should have let Stiles get the cushions that went with it, too! Why did he fight for green?

Stiles touches his hand, and Derek jerks away in horror. 

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