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Brownies had to look up to Lemon. ''All Frisks I meet are so tall...'' LE SIGH '' But how 'tall' are you exactly?'' She was asking about height

     Last I checked, I was around 1,70.

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Which do you think was Red and Kitty's wedding song?

My headcanon is that the song Red and Kitty danced their first dance to as husband and wife at their wedding was:

Always sang by Frank Sinatra.

It’s a song that talks about always being there for the other no matter how unfair a day might be, which I think is something we see Red and Kitty doing in the show; being there for each other always. I’d like to think they kept the message from their first dance throughout the years of their marriage.

It’s also a simple, slow song that’s rather short so Red wouldn’t have to dance too much and Kitty would enjoy being held closely by her new husband, swaying to the music. Having it sung by Frank Sinatra would also be a big plus since I think both Red and Kitty were fans of his music.

Always is also a song that has always played at the reception of each of the kid’s weddings and whenever it did, Red was the one to pull Kitty onto the dance floor and relieve that dance from many years ago.

As I’ve said in this post: Red and Kitty Wedding (Not theirs) HeadCanons.

The song is also an upcoming detail in my fic “If You Ever Did Believe”

Thanks for the question, Nina! *hug*

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can we all agree after the last episode that if they try to "redeem" Katrina and things are "forgiven" there is still no way in hell that frosty bitch is allowed anywhere near Iris's wedding let alone near a bridesmaid dress. Heck I'll take the new blond scientist over Katrine as bridemaid if show is so hard one up women as bridesmaids. No one who tries to murder or helps to murder Iris is allowed at her wedding. I'll hold Katrina's chair out for woman helping to stop the monster not aiding it

I’m saying, she’s doing way too many bad things, I can’t see how anyone, except for maybe Cisco, would be able to forgive her. 

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C H A O L. It's just a fact. I don't make the rules. Check it: Is he the greatest of friends? YES. Is he a beautiful tol brown haired hooman? YES. Is his relations with the fam is complicated? YES. Does he struggle with change? YES. Did he help a blond haired friend to get up when she felt completely beat down? YES. Also Jesper, because his reaction to driving that tank was so you that I laughed out loud.

Originally posted by cutestcorner

CHAOL. MY DEAR SERIOUS SON <3 <3 <3 the highest honour one can possibly be given *weeps aggressively over my child* 

hahahahahaa yes. Jesper and I are united forever in >:D That was such a beautiful moment. 

tell me which character I’m like and why!

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Part-Maori anon from yesterday! I saw on Marisha's twitter she's seen your post, and was really thankful she apologised and clarified! Thanks so much for linking her! Just one last thing for people who are interested: there are a couple of words they can look up, being something being 'mana' and something being 'tapu', in Maori culture. Ta moko are tapu, more than sacred. Stealing one is the equivalent of desecrating a sacred place, which is why it's a sensitive subject. -p1-

Also, ta moko have been stolen before specifically in the case of video games made by Americans where they were bastardised and the Maori who extended a helping hand were disrespected. The defence of moko isn’t coming from no where. Thank you everyone for you’re understanding, and gentle attempts to learn more, and specifically to you, for bringing it up, starting the conversation, and informing Marisha in a peaceful way. Kia kaha, and I’ll have karakia for you in the future, friend. ka kite ano

Oh wow!! That means so much to me thank you so very very much! I’m so glad I was able to help and act as a go-between for you all!

Also to everyone reading this I hope this helps you to see why I was so adamant that using the moko in this way was wrong. Have a wonderful day anon and thank you for your help!

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You should have a little Yorick skull at the end of your posts (it would also be cute if he was occasionally acomparied by accessories occasionally) it would be so awesome . (Also you are awesome, i love all the work you put into answering small little specific questions)

Duly noted! Little Yorick shall henceforth embellish the bottom of my text posts. Thank you for the input!

As for the rest of your very very sweet message…

I’m only too lucky to receive so many interesting questions!

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Hello! Not a prompt or a request, just an ask; what are your thoughts on Jasaphael (Jace/Simon/Raphael)? Personally, I love both Jimon and Saphael, so this OT3 draws me in.

SHIT i’M SO SORRY LOVE THAT I NEVER ANSWERED YOUR FIRST ASK ABOUT THIS. i swear i thought i did but apparently i did not. a n y w a y thank you for asking me about a Very Important Concept that i believe in 100% ( i also love jace/clary/simon but thats for another day)

because the thing is i think with the right balance and the right situation, they could be so good for each other. i mean, i don’t see it in the canon plot as the show’s going right now just because jace and raphael have never clicked and probably never will, but imagine like a new girl nick/jess/reagan situation where simon and jace used to date and broke up and then raphael comes along - maybe he becomes a regular at jace’s cafe, idk - and suddenly. jace talks to raphael once in a while and the dude’s nice - there’s something about him that jace can’t quite place, something intense and lovely - and then. raphael wants to ask out simon??? which is whatever because jace thought that maybe with raphael, he was ready to try dating again, but whatever. but raphael’s a little BAD at everything social so he needs jace’s help and then simon needs jace’s help navigating his relationship with raphael and since they’re “friends” jace helps him while gritting his teeth because he is Still In Love with Simon and oddly invested in Raphael’s happiness as well.

and eventually it gets to the point where jace is running full time interference in simon and raphael’s relationship, and it takes magnus and alec screaming at him ‘YOU AREN’T THEIR THIRD WHEEL, YOU’RE THEIR FUCKING STEERING WHEEL’ for him to understand and he leaves, stunned, going back to the loft where simon and raphael are sitting around doing nothing, waiting for jace to come back so they can all do something fun together and jace. he just. he can’t take it anymore, he’s too far gone for simon’s stupid smile and raphael’s stupid smile so he blurts out “yeah, i’m in love with you guys” and simon says “Hoo Boy” because he’s a dork who can’t say the right thing at the right time and raphael says ‘oh good we were trying to figure out how to ask you to a threesome and then trick you into feelings’ because HE’S a little insensitive and jace can’t stop laughing and they’re all finally h a p p y

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045: does having red hair automatically make you not have a soul? 😂

Definitely, which is the main reason I started dying my hair. 

Originally posted by makeuphall

 I was very tired of having a soul, so I decided I would change my hair color. Totally worked!! The red stole my soul.10/10 would recommend. 

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I really love both the ways you draw!! The lineart is pretty but your 'messy' style is super cute. Take a break, you deserve it (and in this fandom we know what happens to ppl who forget to take a break).

Thank you so much for the feedback and the kind words, I’ll take both of them to heart! You’re very kind and it means a lot.

And don’t worry, I won’t cheat on my wife.

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My coworker got to go to a Chance the Rapper concert and actually got to meet him. He then posted a pic of their meeting and @ Chance and Chance replied. I am so jealous, whenever my coworkers do things without me, things like this happens.

He seems like super cool peeps, so I’m glad your coworker got to meeting him. 


infodumping about the ocean

.,.t.he way she looks at her..😩 i have reached the point where i simply cannot understand PPL WHO STILL DENY THE CHEMİSTRY AND VERY SPECIAL BOND between them look at this tiny cutie you still dont trust !?? LOOK HOW MUCH LOVE AND KINDNESS HER EYES RADIATE. So fuckin geniune

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in your anti kylo ren post you said we ""steal"" finn's personality and give it to kylo as though stealing the personality of a liar and a coward would actually be worth our time :)