you ask your husband to do one thing

Common Interests

You had been married to James for almost a year now. Everything was going well but you wanted to really know him. Find something you two could do together. This was hard to do as James was always working.
“James” you asked one night at dinner. “Can we do something together tonight? Like maybe a movie” you gave him a suggestion but he waved it off “we don’t need to be wasting our money on silly things like that” he replied. This made you sigh as you wanted to spend time with your husband. “I have a better idea” he spoke softly as you looked at him. His eyes twinkling.

“And what would that be dear” you asked him curiously. Watching his movements as he stood and walked over to you. “I have a hobby dear. A dark hobby that I know you won’t like but maybe you would care to join me with it tonight” he said as he helped you up and led you out of your room and down the halls.

It frightened you a little. Not knowing what was going to happen. But what scared you more was when he showed you what his dark hobby was. In one of the rooms in the hotel was this women. She was tied up and gagged. Making her sobs less noticeable. “I was going to bash her head in” James’s voice said softly and quitely. “But then I thought it would be more fun to put her in the walls alive and let her slowly die that way”

The way he talked. How calm he was. You knew this was what he did almost every night now. “No James” you whispered “I can’t be apart of this” you shook your head and turned away. This was the man you love dearly. You loved a murderer. Oh how he covered up his tracks so well. Of all the years you had known him. “Don’t then” he said, sadness in his voice. “I just only hope you’ll still love me after knowing what my hobby is”.

You left the room. Standing outside it as you heard him beginning to layer up the bricks. You opened the door slightly as watched him. Something about this. Seeing him working so hard. So passionately about it. Made your insides quiver. Like they did when he would take off his shirt at night. Leaving his pants on as he would walk over to you. Knowing you were his.

You wanted to share something with him. And as much as you disliked this, maybe sharing this one night would be a starting point. However you knew it wouldn’t be just one night. It would happen every week or so after. Killing the poor soul and then the messy sex that would follow. This night was the beginning to it.

Creeping in slowly you watched as he worked. Once behind him you placed your hand on his shoulder. Reaching over with the other and taking the gag out. “It’s better to hear their pain” she whispered softly into her husbands ear. Making him smile.

Married life was good when you shared something in common. Even if it wasn’t something other couples shared. This was yours. And you both loved it

“I was pregnant the first time he hit me. I found another woman in his house. And when I asked who she was, he got violent. He told me: ‘You are not my mother. You have no right to ask me about this.’ Then he hit me. And there was nothing I could do. That sort of behavior is accepted in Nigeria. Nobody is going to call it ‘domestic violence.’ If you tell the police, they will tell you to listen to your husband. But things are different in America. So I left my husband six months after we arrived. I entered a domestic violence shelter. I became a single mother. And I was doing fine. I was working as a security guard and my children were not suffering. But then one day my daughter called the police and told them that I hit her. But that is my right. A mother has the right to discipline her children. They were disobeying me. But the government took my children away and now they won’t give them back. They are oppressing me with their power.”

Happy Anniversary

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1468
This is for Kayla’s 10k Follower celebration! My prompt was first anniversary. @one-shots-supernatural @waiting4thedoctor

Warning: Implied smut, Baby announcement (I have baby fever, I’m sorry)

You woke up, expecting Dean to be next to you, but he wasn’t there. You pouted slightly. You wanted to wake up to him and wish him a happy first anniversary first thing in the morning. But that plan didn’t work out.

           You got out of bed and made your way down the hallway to the kitchen where you found your husband at the stove, “What are you doing?” you asked.

           Dean jumped slightly and turned around, “I was trying to make breakfast before you woke up,” he sighed.

           You walked over to him, putting your arms around his waist, “I’m sorry to have spoiled your plan.”

           He kissed you, “It’s our anniversary breakfast. I want it to be special.”

           You smiled up at him, “It is special, Dean. Because it’s our anniversary. And you’re the sweetest husband ever for wanting to cook for me.”

           “I love you,” Dean said.

           “I love you too,” you replied, “Happy anniversary.”

           “Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.”

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 30/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 29

Dammit all if Tony wasn’t right; only three hours into yours and Steve’s going away party, and Clint was dancing on the bar in one sock and no pants. Again.  You had been sitting with his wife for the better part of an hour, observing the show from afar with plenty of video options taken for public shaming later; the two of you had decided that there was no reason for you to be the only ones suffering through this.

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Summary: On the last night of your honeymoon, Yugyeom decides he wants to try something new.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1730

Requested here.

Yugyeom couldn’t believe it was already the last night of your honeymoon. The week away from the rest of the world had been so nice. Neither of you had to worry about work or friends or life. You could simply lay in bed all day or go out and have an adventure together, celebrating that fact that you were now officially husband and wife. He just wasn’t quite satisfied yet. There was one more thing he wanted to do with you before you left tomorrow and went back to the real world.

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anonymous asked:

Do you believe it's possible to fall in love on the internet? Are you straight, bi, gay or pansexual? What's your opinion on open relationships?

Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love on the internet? 

I know it is - because that’s how I ended up with my husband!

We met on a Sonic forum many years ago and then started chatting on AIM (when that was a thing lol) and found that we got along really well.  He actually asked me to be his Valentine one year on the forum, I said yes (not really expecting anything to come of it, as I’d never been in a relationship before)… and the rest is history.  We both felt like we’d actually fallen in love, but there was only one way to find out for sure.  He came over to visit me from the States a couple of years later, and we were “officially” in a relationship literally within days of meeting in-person :’)

Are you straight, bi, gay or pansexual?

I’m bi.

What’s your opinion on open relationships?

If people want to engage in that kind of thing, then that’s absolutely fine!  It’s not something that I personally would consider, though - I’m perfectly happy with my marriage as it is :)

anonymous asked:

Your husband should already be doing all those things for you. And why have you been getting a regular period if you're breastfeeding. .?

Disregarding the first statement in this anonymous ask because my husband is always fantastic and is a huge help with the baby.

To answer your other question, I have NO idea why I’ve had a regular period while exclusively breastfeeding. I was looking forward to not having a period for awhile, but apparently I’m not one of those lucky people. 😭

sensimsoscim-blog  asked:

10, 18, 40

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?

I started shipping laurel and barry before they met, although technically that’s not true because I ship them in the comics too, and they had met there…

18. Talk about a moment which made you question an entire ship.

whenever oliver opened his mouth. okay but something I still care about… maybe in american gothic when alison told her husband about her and naomi and they had sex :/

40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

apart from them being canon?

laurel and michaela (htgawm): they would have never had the whole not friends/enemies bullshit

julia and kady (the magicians): kady would have been in the first 3 episodes of season 2 (I miss her) (this is not a bad thing about the ship but whatever)

patterson and tasha (blindspot): TASHA WOULD BE OUT OF THE CLOSET

alex and lucy (supergirl): lucy would be around…. and alex, like tasha, would have known she was a lesbian for years

lexa would be alive, eve would have never left (although I’m happy about her but it hurts), megan would have told julia she loved her, ali and carlotta would have actually had a conversation, delphine wouldn’t be demonized every three seconds

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girl groups as craigslist personals

exid: Feminism is a socialist movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism

orange caramel:  Do you like dancing to techno music in your Hello Kitty pajamas?

apink: Even holding hands would be nice

mamamoo: God Made Girls and I’m so very glad!

dal shabet:  If I wasn’t so shy (or so committing a crime) I would have asked for your name.

sistar:  my tears were only flowing into my cleavage, not onto my iPhone

nine muses: Tall….Sexy ….. and Drama Free

aoa:  What are your goals? Mine is to look amazing in spandex and be the best person I can be

2ne1: too busy party rocking

When I talk in schools about my process, I share the real-life inspiration behind the ideas in my books and I talk about honesty and clarity in storytelling. Yet I always kept this one thing walled off. …

And then, shortly after same-sex marriage became legal around the country and my boyfriend became my husband, I was at an elementary school in New Jersey. The question came up:

“Are you married?”

I was wearing my wedding ring. I’d been married for a month. I was really excited about it. So I said, “Yes, I am.”

“What does your wife do for a job?” the girl asked.

“Well, I have a husband, not a wife, and he’s a teacher.”

One or two of the boys looked at each other puzzled and then not puzzled. A girl giggled and another girl elbowed her in the side.
And that was it. …

After the talk, I signed books. Everyone was really excited to get a book signed by a “real author.” Kids wanted to know what breed my dog was and which football team I liked. Some of the boys told me I should be ashamed of myself…for liking the New York Jets. They weren’t wrong. …

In many cases, I was the first “out” adult these kids had ever met. In Norman, Oklahoma, a little boy waited until after the presentation to talk to me. With nervous glances at the other kids still standing around us, he told me that he was gay and that he was happy to see how confident I was, how it made him feel like he could be confident. “Like I could have a good future too,” he said.

After a school talk in Connecticut, I got a note from a seventh-grade girl who told me she’d come out a few weeks before my visit, and kids who hadn’t spoken to her since then were talking to her again. “It wasn’t that you inspired me,” she explained. “It was that you inspired my straight friends to see me as more than just a queer kid.”

In Charleston, South Carolina, a sixth-grade boy got two books signed, one for himself and one for his friend who’d just told him he was gay. He thought his friend would think it was cool that he’d gotten his book signed by a famous author, who was just like him.

“Except for being a Jets fan,” he added.

Every one of these kids was braver than I had been when I was their age and their revelations did not come without risk within their communities, within their own families. While I was never chased from a school after “coming out” during a Q&A, I have gotten letters from parents and seen book reviews online, enraged that I would foist “my agenda” into children’s books, angered that I would presume to introduce children to such a “controversial” subject.

But I don’t think the existence of that boy in Norman, Oklahoma, or Charleston, South Carolina, or the girl in Connecticut is controversial at all.

I don’t think my existence is controversial.

Storybook Characters

“Do you ever look at something and think that it might be the last beautiful thing you will ever see in your life?” Castiel asked one night as he was hunched over his computer screen, the glow from the empty Word Document bringing shadows across his weary features. It was one in the morning around their small loft and the only sounds were those of cars humming by from below their open window.

Dean twisted in the sheets of their bed to get a look at his husband. Sometimes when Castiel would write he would speak aloud with his thoughts. Dean treasured those words as if they were a path leading him around Cas’ mind. Most of the time the words were jumbled and filled with doubt but others the meaning in them brought goosebumps to Dean’s skin.

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— one year later – 

Gemma pulled at the tight fabric at her stomach. It was frustratingly flush against her body, even after she had repeatedly made clear to the seamstresses that she needed the waist expanded. For some reason, none of the people in the north were as capable as at home. The cooks were hardly as good, the seamstresses messy, the peasants more aggressive, her husband incompetent. “Your majesty,” a servant greeted her. “Can I do anything for you? Some water? You need an escort to your room at such a time. The baby could arrive any day, now. We’ve had special instructions to watch out for you –” God, did this one ever stop talking? She didn’t care for rambling servants…with one exception, of course. “Where is Ella?” She asked. Another thing she hated about being pregnant: the awkward waddle of a walk that she was forced to do. It made her feel less than regal. She’d blame the king, as she always did. Blame him for getting her fat, moody, and blame him for taking her here. At least it meant he wouldn’t touch her anymore, at least for a while. “Nevermind. I’ll find her myself.”

She could see the king walking from a mile away. “How is everything?” He asked kindly, putting his hands on Gemma’s skin, uninvited. He tried, Gemma would give him that. In between his horrific temper, he was a genuinely nice, albeit utterly boring twenty year old king who tried his hardest. But it wasn’t enough. Gemma pulled away immediately, mumbling an excuse about feeling ill, and ran toward her – their – bedroom where she knew Ella would be waiting behind the doors. If only the king knew what Gemma did in their room while he was off waging wars and drinking brandy. “Ella?” She asked, practically bursting into the room – as much as a pregnant girl can burst.