you arent ugly

telling butch lesbians to “be ugly” when rejecting feminine beauty standards is nice but butchness is something that lesbians find beautiful and desirable so maybe instead of telling butches to accept that they are ugly in a het world tell them that they dont have to live in a world where they’re considered ugly. you dont have to accept being ugly bc you arent ugly to us.

A few reminders for everyone

It is not always your fault.

If people hurt you, you are not to blame.

If you make a mistake, it’s okay; we all make mistakes.

If you hurt someone, it isn’t ‘weak’ to apologise.

Practice helps. Draw, write, dance, run; mastery isn’t instant.

It isn’t bad to cry. Let it out. Everyone cries at some point.

If you don’t cry a lot, that’s okay. If you do cry a lot, that’s okay too.

A meal will not make you “fat”.

Being fat isn’t bad. Fat =/= Ugly.

Being skinny isn’t bad. Skinny=/= Ugly.

You are loved. You will always be loved.

You are important. You’ll always be important.

You are handsome, beautiful, amazing, and a masterpiece who deserves  respect and love.

You. Matter.

its okay to not think someone is attractive, nothing is wrong with that people have different tastes.

but dont go and tell someone they are ugly, because they dont deserve it. 

If we date

I dont care what you look like. You can think you’re “overweight” or “too fat” or think that you’re “ugly”. You can try to convince me in thinking any of those but let me fucking tell you something, you wont convince me into believing any of that. Idc if i have to repeat myself 1000 times a day telling you you arent “fat” and that you arent “ugly” ill just keep reminding you that God made you beautiful and that your personality and the way you treat me and show your affection towards me is what really truly matters

anonymous asked:

I am really scared because i never dated anyone and i am so ugly.. I'm afraid i'll be alone forever! What should I do?

first, you arent ugly. maybe youre just used to yourself or you feel ugly but again, you are not ugly. whenever i feel ugly, i’ll go out for a new look! i always have my hair and nails done then i go shopping or just hang out with my friends. change is good! while youre out, visit your fave coffee/tea/smoothie shop and buy a drink! pamper yourself! you are not ugly. you are beautiful. we are all beautiful in a way :)

second, dont rush! enjoy being single. hang out with friends, play with your siblings, spend time with family. theres always the right timing for everything! :)