you arent ugly

if yall are looking for the reason why i dont want you coming into my inbox bashing a persons looks…. its a little disrespectful calling a celebrity ugly and bashing their physical appearance like sorry pal i dont want that

anonymous asked:

I need advice on how to be confidant and happy when I'm straight up ugly no matter what I do

Well first off what you say to other people about yourself is how you will feel about yourself. Start saying positive things about yourself out loud and to other people. talk about things you like about yourself because that energy will reflect. Even if you dont believe it say it “Fake it till you make it”. You arent ugly you have this idea in your head of what and how someone is supposed to act and look but at the end of the day we are all unique we all vary…. your beauty, which you DO have, is different and you need to give it a chance. How to be confident has nothing to do with looks. If I worked on my looks rather than my actual soul I would be good looking rather than actually happy and this is a horrible place to be in…. You need to work from the inside out. Find out what makes u happy, what makes you smile, send out good vibrations you will attract people of your same energy. Get to know yourself go on dates with yourself save up money buy things that make u happy. U need to work from the inside and as soon as you do that you will naturally exude that same beauty from the inside to your physical being

its okay to not think someone is attractive, nothing is wrong with that people have different tastes.

but dont go and tell someone they are ugly, because they dont deserve it.