you arent ugly

telling butch lesbians to “be ugly” when rejecting feminine beauty standards is nice but butchness is something that lesbians find beautiful and desirable so maybe instead of telling butches to accept that they are ugly in a het world tell them that they dont have to live in a world where they’re considered ugly. you dont have to accept being ugly bc you arent ugly to us.

alternate title

One foot on land and one foot in the sea: a tapestry of repressed love stories that will clothe your heart in black and make it dance. 

A few reminders for everyone

It is not always your fault.

If people hurt you, you are not to blame.

If you make a mistake, it’s okay; we all make mistakes.

If you hurt someone, it isn’t ‘weak’ to apologise.

Practice helps. Draw, write, dance, run; mastery isn’t instant.

It isn’t bad to cry. Let it out. Everyone cries at some point.

If you don’t cry a lot, that’s okay. If you do cry a lot, that’s okay too.

A meal will not make you “fat”.

Being fat isn’t bad. Fat =/= Ugly.

Being skinny isn’t bad. Skinny=/= Ugly.

You are loved. You will always be loved.

You are important. You’ll always be important.

You are handsome, beautiful, amazing, and a masterpiece who deserves  respect and love.

You. Matter.

anonymous asked:

tfw I'm not likely to get to date any gay girls for yars bcc I'm not gonna get to transisiton for years & im ugly to the point that no girls at all like mee

Tons of girls would and will date you before uojr transition. You arent ugly at all you’re beautiful transition or not and if anyone tells you different I’ll beat their ass

thecamocrusader  asked:


listen pal, i know you think that but it’s all an illusion i’ve been the ugly friend this whole time!!!! it’s been a running theme and that isn’t gonna change now. plus if you saw my friends you’d get it lmao

but i’m okay here, i love myself and where i stand on the food chain of beauty standards


for elenargents

What’s your plan, oh warrior princess?

  • white couple on house hunters: walks into a fully functional kitchen
  • heather: gosh jeremy i do NOT like the way this kitchen looks
  • jeremy: ugh it looks like something from the 90s
  • heather: *whines* the counter tops arent granite! the appliances arent even stainless steel!
  • kitchen: is perfectly fine, everything works properly and nothing is falling apart
  • jeremy: we cant buy house #2 we would HAVE to redo the entire kitchen

people are still using phrases like “the ugly one from 5sos” ???
seriously? i thought we were over belittling people based on physical appearance. you’re allowed to have personal opinions and to dislike people for whatever reasons you choose but to call someone ugly with no justification other than being intentionally ill-mannered and just plain rude is fucking gross i don’t want to ever see it again