you arent smart

what your favorite apocalypse says about you
  • zombie: you think 5 year old memes repurposed by wine moms on facebook are the height of internet comedy
  • nuclear: i know new vegas was better than fallout 4 but will you fucking shut up about it already
  • virus: nothing you say will convince me you aren't a supervillain
  • alien: all of your youtube recommended vids are about reptilians
  • cthulhu: you arent as smart and unique as you think you are
  • biblical: either you were raised in the church or you watched supernatural and want to fuck the four horsemen
  • the inevitable heat death of the universe: tone it down a bit edgelord
  • me a schizophrenic: im schizophrenic
  • some neurotypical: i separate the person from the illness because i cant comprehend someone being multifaceted. we shouldnt use the illness to describe the person. its just wrong and dehumanizing.
  • me a schizophrenic: yeah ok im still schizophrenic. it still effects every aspect of my personality and being. i identify myself as schizophrenic lmao its who i am
  • some neurotypical: i choose not to listen to you because you arent smart enough like me to know whats good for you :)
  • me a schizophrenic: yeah u seem to care so much about us wow. fuck yourself.