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my advice to anyone reading this: if you ever feel disconnected from yourself, write down your fears on a piece of paper or in a journal. write down all of them that come to mind, even if they are “stupid” or seem to be redundant. just do it, because you are forcing yourself to face them. it reassures you why you might feel off, and it reassures you that you can face these things and make a change. it makes you connect to yourself again. it gives you perspective. it’s scary to face your fears, but writing them down is a start. once you see them in front of you, something clicks again. you realize you are afraid of a lot of things and how they are impacting small things in your daily life. it makes you aware of them and how that might explain why you don’t want to go to the grocery store, or why you are afraid of affection or why you are truly afraid of love. write them all down and keep them somewhere to look back at. it seems scary, it seems like it would be bad to have them constantly there reminding you of what is holding you back. but as you face them, you can cross them off. you can see your progress, and you can become aware of how to make them disappear. you can’t change anything until you face yourself, and the best way to face yourself is to realize every little fear you have. admitting your fears to yourself is brave, and if you are afraid you’re not, you can check that off your list first thing. you will regain control of yourself again, i promise.


So apparently Balmain x L’Oreal have a collab happening (credit to the anon who told me this but then shat on Liam so got a block).

We know that the 1D lads have been doing some blatant Balmain promo:

And there’s a Balmain army featuring 1D beards Kendall and Gigi.

L’Oreal promo featuring 1D’s newest beard: Cheryl

Here’s Sham, the poster fakelationship for this product collab (Liam wearing Balmain while L’Oreal sponsored this Sham outing) :

Not to leave Zigi out of this, here’s Zaynie papped front row at the March Paris Fashion Week Balmain show.

And Maybelline, which Gigi is a brand sponsor for, its parent company is L’Oreal.

As a nice wrap up, the collab lipstick will be dropping after September’s PFW. Stay tuned for more PR stunting.

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first (successful) ith art

So there have been some complaints lately. First, I want to say if you are unhappy with content here at British Detectives, please contact me and your subscription fee will be returned.

Today the complaint is about gifs. Yes. Complaining about gifs on Tumblr. 

I will tell you a story about the family pool we used to attend when the three little British Detectives were tiny. There was an older woman who would stand in the low end, where the children played. She would read a book. And, when very small children would play and splash nearby, she would be very annoyed when her book got wet. Because it’s perfectly reasonable to attend a family pool, stand in the water where children are playing AND expect to read and stay bone dry. Right?

You know how Kitchen feels?

However, the vast majority of my followers are kind and your comments make me laugh, so:

I can’t believe people are actually talking about how Alexandre Bissonnette felt guilty after the attack as if we should feel some sort of remorse for him.

The man (a terrorist) planned and executed an attack that murdered 6 innocent people and injured many more. It’s not like he pushed someone down the stairs in the middle of an argument then instantly felt guilt for his actions. I don’t give a shit if he was a university student. I don’t give a shit if he felt bad for what he did. I don’t give a shit about him being a normal little white boy. He is a terrorist and he murdered innocent people. The freaking end.

Okay but where are my dad!Harry fics where he adopts a young Eggsy and has to be a super spy while taking care of a seven-year old kid at the same time

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if you don't did Cats have a factor?

((OOC: So I first saw Cats when I was 9. It was the movie version, my grandparents took it out from the library and showed it to me. And I.



Everything about it was exciting and bright. It was all these beautiful people, painted up and swathed in spandex. I already knew I loved theatre, but I had never seen anything quite that theatrical.

I think the whole mini personal sexual revolution came about though mainly because of how in control of their bodies they all were. They were all moving so precisely, so beautifully, and even if it wasn’t all overtly sexual, there was something outrageously sensual about it.))

((And you could just see in every line of their bodies that they all cared so deeply, and were working so hard, and were so HAPPY…. It really got my heart beating.))

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he/him lesbians are lying because you can't use "l e s b i a n" if you aren't connected to womanhood besides sexual/romantic attraction, you must id as a woman or woman aligned to use "lesbian" otherwise just go use they/them he/him and be a nb/male aligned or just a male. lesbian is for females/female aligned ppl only. they should use smth like "gynesexual" otherwise it's not proper

hi first off fuck you, go fuck yourself second off who the FUCK are you.

lesbians are allowed to use whatever pronouns we feel comfortable with AND still ID as women/women aligned people. 

if youre so bothered by that that you felt the need to send a whole fucking paragraph to us then you need to work out whatever has you so, so unbelievably pressed. 

stop over analyzing OTHER PEOPLES’ identities and learn to mind your own fucking business thanks

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saying you don't like trans headcanons because you aren't trans and "can't connect" with them was kind of troubling to read as a trans person

I don’t dislike them at all, of course I don’t, they’re just not my headcanons, so when people come to me and are like “consider this: trans steve rogers” i don’t really have anything to contribute to that. It’s not my headcanon for Steve, it’s not the way that I relate to Steve, so I’ll do my best to direct you to accounts that do have something to add and have strong feelings on the subject, because all I have to say on it is “cool, not my hc for him but if that’s how you relate, then awesome” and clearly you want to discuss this hc. Like if i went to someone that thought of Sam Wilson as Straight and was like “consider this: pansexual Sam Wilson” bc that’s how i connect with him, I’d probably not really get anything back from them because that’s not how they interpret the character. Characters are entirely subjective. If you want to hc every character close to your heart as trans, or a couple of them as trans, or one of them as trans, then you go right ahead and don’t let anyone stop you. Those characters are whatever you want them to be, they’re there for you to relate to and connect with however you do that. And in the same way, the characters i connect with and identity with and project upon, aren’t headcanon’d as trans for me, because that’s not how i relate to them. I have 0 problems with anyone else relating to them that way, I have 0 problems with anyone relating to a character in any way at all, it’s your interpretation, it’s your headcanon. But that doesn’t mean it also has to be mine 🤷🏽‍♀️


The world of Sense8: where it’s completely normal to react to a stranger suddenly appearing next to you out of nowhere by baring your souls and smoking up.

@againstallreasons You bet I do my friend. xD
I love me some suffer and drama in my romances.

@vip-cheekybird I’m sure that after the break-up the MC will get some time to find clues in the first chapter of the new book and actually helps Julian, hopefully with his help in the second chap.

why is kyoukai no kanata so easily forgotten im so sad

literally i have never connected with a story so much as i have with that one, and i’ve never connected with a character so much as i have akihito kanbara, and the theme of LOVE throughout the whole damn thing is so good. the theme of aloneness and finding belonging and being yourself and JSUT LOVE. FAMILIAL LOVE. ROMANTIC LOVE, SELF LOVE.


Kiss & cry, Worlds 2009 

Oh, I wish you could meet my wife. My wife who lives in England. She couldn’t be sweeter, I wish you could meet her! My wife who lives in England! Her name is Martha, she lives in London. She cooks like my mother and sucks like a hoover! Haha! I write her every single day just to make sure that everything’s okay! It’s a pity she lives so far away in England! Last week she was here, but she had the flu. Too bad ‘cause I wanted to introduce her to you. It’s so sad but there wasn’t a thing that she could do but stay in bed- with her legs up over her head! Oh! I wish you could meet my wife, but you can’t ‘cause she is in England! I love her, I miss her, I can’t wait to kiss her, so soon I’ll be off to Martha! (pause) I mean London! Shit… Her name is Martha, she lives in Lond – She’s my wife! My wonderful wife! Yes, I have a wife who lives in England! And I can’t wait to eat her pussy again!
—  John Laurens
Slow and Steady

“Hey Baek!”


“Why do you always look in a hurry when we’re together?” Chanyeol trying to catch up with Baekhyun with his speed walk.

“What do you mean? You’re just saying that cuz you’re slow” Baekhyun trying to find a solution to get away from this situation as soon as possible. It’s like he’s being interrogated with his feelings. Which he, himself doesn’t even know what’s happening either.

“I have longer legs than you are.” Chanyeol retorts.

“ I suggest you walk faster.” Baekhyun stammered. Despite that he’s the one walking even faster than before.

“Are you avoiding me?” The giant was able to catch up in time with his oh-so-daddy-long-legs. He asked worriedly thinking he did something wrong to Baekhyun that made him act this way.

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know maybe because you’re starting to like me.” Chanyeol joked. Out of curiosity of how Baekhyun will react and this whole awkward ambiance would just end.

“Love actually.” Apparently not what Chanyeol had in mind. Baekhyun hoping that he’s too tall to even hear him mumbling.

“What?!” Well he forgot that he has elf ears for nothing. “Did you just say–”

“I didn’t! Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” Rubbing his nose which means its a sign that his lying and a shocking looking giant can’t believe what he had just heard.

“Hey Baek! Wait up!” Chanyeol smiled. Flustered Baekhyun has always been Chanyeol’s favorite.


And they lived happily ever after made tapas…