you aren't allowed to buy clothes

anonymous asked:

Girl cmon, that Splenda "daddy" isn't going to get you ANYWHERE. Going shopping and receiving new clothes etc. is nice, but only AFTER you've gotten cold hard cash on top of it. Lingerie, bags, jewelry and other material things aren't going to pay your rent or car payment. Don't waste your time on that guy, he's a Grade-A bullshitter and you're playing into his hands. Xo

BAHAHAHA thank you for the laugh! I’m using this splenda guy to buy the clothes, jewelry, etc to invest in myself and my look, so that I get the cold hard cash from the actual daddies. (I don’t want gifts from actual SDs, I want that cash and plastic.) So I don’t have to spend any of my allowance to invest back into my look! I’d be playing into his hands if I slept with him and received nothing. Don’t be ignorant!