you aren't a real friend

rboooks replied to your post: I wish you would write a time travel Au. I think…

Same I love me a good old time travel. It is so cool to see the changes man so cool. But hey it’s fine, what ever you feel comfortable with! :) (I would be very interested in those notes though and yes more info on Ace)

i might get around to it eventually. (I’m kinda hoping to see where that spin off manga about Ace goes first just so I don’t have to name a bunch of OCs for Ace’s crew.) 

anonymous asked:

Shelby you are too awesome to be so sad. I can't understand the defence of Robert. It does not compute.

Aw, thank you, lovely anon <3333333

Yeah, I need that completely gone from my sight. There is no defense or justification and any attempt just makes me really angry atm.

WINNER - Body Rolls (feat. Seungyoon’s Unnecessary Lip Bite) during Baby Baby stage on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook