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NHL Bitty, Part II - Bitty v. Jack: Chirping

They live apart three-quarters of the year, their physical sex life is basically nonexistent, so Jack and Bitty have a lot of pent up energy and bring all of their problems to the ice because where else are they going to hash things out? It’s a good thing they don’t play each other often, because every Falconers v. Schooners game is a nightmare of awkward chirps, agressive hugging and sexual innuendo. It’s like the worst form of couples therapy imaginable. ESPN stops putting mics on them because they can’t edit enough out to make it appropriate.


Bitty skates by, obviously furious at the call, but instead of turning on the linesman he hones in on Jack, snarling, “Seriously, a Ferrari? Trying to score some 80s side-action? I thought your whole thing was proving you aren’t your father.”

Bitty gets right up against him, pressing in tight but not moving to drop his gloves or grab at Jack’s jersey. They both know exactly what this is, and Jack pushes down the reflexive spike of want, grinning around his mouth guard.

“That’s rich coming from you – could you have purchased larger truck? Compensating for something, Itty Bitty?”

Bitty spits out his mouth guard. “After we kick your fucking ass, I’m going to take you home and remind you how ‘itty bitty’ I am.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time–”

“Enough. Save foreplay for bedroom.” Tater groans, yanking Jack away from his husband. 

Jack yells, “Are we still fighting?”

“Yes!” Bitty shouts, skating backwards to his own bench. “I hate your new publicist and fuck you for approving that photo where it looks like I have two chins.”

“Fight or fuck. You do neither and ruin both.” Tater mutters over the roar of the crowd. “How you married I do not understand.”

“We only play each other a few times a year. If we get all the tough shit out when we play, we can leave it on the ice.”

From across the ice, Bitty mouths ‘love you’ and Jack blows a kiss in return. Tater gags loudly. 

“That is not what ‘leave it on the ice’ supposed to mean, Zimmboni.”


Liam Dunbar getting upset when your father told him to stop seeing you.

“Liam, I demand that you stop seeing Y/N. You aren’t right for them, and you put them in danger.” Your father crossed his arms, staring down at your boyfriend. 

“How do you know I’m not right for them, Mr. Y/L/N? (your last name) Even if I do put them in danger, I have a whole pack that can protect them. I love Y/N.” Liam glared at your father, waiting for an answer.

“You’re in high school. How do you know what love is?” Liam thought about this question before firing back his answer.

“I know love. Love is when I go to school and see your child, and they immediately brighten my day. Love is me dropping anything that I’m doing just to go comfort them. Love is talking to Y/N all night because both of us don’t want to hang up and lay in silence without the other. Love is disobeying their father’s wishes because I know that without Y/N, I’d be miserable.“ You opened the door that you were hiding behind, red but grinning.

“I love Liam, dad. Don’t you dare try to separate us. I know the dangers in dating him, but I don’t care.” Liam smiled, walking up to hug you while your father sighed.

“If anything happens to them, Mr. Dunbar, you will have to pray that I don’t find you.” Liam gulped then nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

author’s note: Also, I don’t actually know what romantic love actually feels like… so if the little paragraph that Liam says is incorrect… whoops.

gif credit: not mine. 

gif came from: google images

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*me, in 2001, when we moved into the house that the old woman died in* (The real estate lady insisted it wasn’t a big deal.)  *Sister* “She died in your bedroom. Aren’t you scared?” *Me* “I’m more scared of our alcoholic, abusive father.”

*sister* “But ghosts are really, really terrifying.”

*Me* “At least with ghosts you don’t have to pick up the beer cans and put up with constant verbal abuse.”

For the record, I always slept soundly in the bedroom.

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Anyway, I'm quite glad Liam's in LA. I feel like he won't return to England in a really long time, he's rumored to perform in some festivals in June and July, so… maybe he'll come back to the motherland when Ruth is most likely to gave birth, so September or even later. Truly #DaddyGoals, isn't it? I'm finding it funny to read some comments on his latest IG pics, like: “Aren't you a father now??? Why are you acting like you're 18???” Like, bitch: you just have to open your fucking eyes.

LOL nonnie. Don’t get ahead of yourself. It seems Liam will be performing at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, as solo Zaynie did and solo Nialler as well, and collective 1D before that. So that will be this summer in the UK. It is an interesting thing to note that Liam has “left Cheryl/the baby” to go back to L.A. to record.

Of note, and confirmed by @madat-55, is that Liam looks hella sunburnt for a new dad in the UK. All the new dads I know, and I know many, are in the house with their partner and new baby, looking tired and pale, unlike Liam.

The last time I played “Several Shades of Sadism”, I got the normal end in Chiaki’s route. So I’ve been playing his route again to get his happy end and I finally got it :)

Well, the story is the same, of course. You are Chiaki’s personal concierge and pretend to be his girlfriend. At some point his father tries to separate you two and because you don’t want to cause trouble for Chiaki, you leave. But Chiaki stops you and opposes his father.
So after this I had the normal end the first time I played. You stay as Chiaki’s concierge and got closer to him after the whole thing with his father, but you aren’t his lover. And one day you go to the zoo with him and his cute little brother, Mutsuki. That’s where I got the CG that I posted in one of my previous posts 😉

This time I got the happy end and there were more parts to read than in the normal end. Just like in the other end you stay as Chiaki’s concierge but before you work again, you go with Chiaki to London. Well, it’s some time for the both of you to rest or something like that ^^
The relationship between the both of you got deeper cause you are constantly holding hands with Chiaki and he also kisses you a lot. However, none of you had said that you love the other yet, so it’s still a bit confusing. But then in the evening in your suite after your tour in London ended, Chiaki says that he loves you. And you also tell him your feelings, so from then on you become officially a couple 💕

I was really happy about this end; it was just soooooo sweet. And I’m also glad that Chiaki was my first choice. It’s not that I don’t like his brothers, I do think that some of them are also really cool and sweet. But after playing his route and one of his event routes, I think that he’s just the best from all of the Kira brothers 😊
Next I will play Toma’s route. Actually I wasn’t sure about choosing his route or Minami’s cause both of them are very cool. But in the end I chose Toma so I’m excited to see how it will turn out.

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(Same anon from the parents e/d confession) Today I got another lecture about my being fat and quoted one of my mothers favorite pastors and told them "I'm fat for Jesus" and my father said what essentially equates to you aren't going to make it to heaven being fat and straight up said "Jesus doesn't want fat people." They are super religious and that just mystified me, like you could say that while the guy I quoted is fat well I guess I'll see you in hell pastor since we aren't wanted.

I’m sorry dear. I personally hate religions so it doesn’t surprise me that, once again, they used religion to justify their bigotry and personal bias. 

But then non-theistic people will do the same without any religion-based excuse so… Yeah. Fatphobia will find it’s way one way or another -_-

- Mod Guillermo

                                        “WHAT ARE you doing?”

                                                           “Just practicing…” 

Bonnie murmured, her green eyes fixed on the feathers levitating steadily in front of her. She didn’t need to see the person who’d rapped on her door and stepped inside. She knew that voice. She’d known it all her life. Carefully, the Bennett witch lowered the stuffing onto the open grimoire in front of her. It was a freshly bound one, not too worn like her grandmother’s was. Unlike Sheila’s brown leather book, this one was wrapped in snakeskin and was a faded crimson color. Bonnie brushed the feathers off the pages, and shut it closed, before turning her gaze onto the man by the door. A smile erupted from her lips. 

“You aren’t freaked, are you?”

Her father chuckled and shut the door behind him. “No.” he assured, as he walked over to her. “When I look at you doing all this stuff…” he began, still searching for the right words before looking up at her and shooting her a smirk. “You look exactly like your mother.” Bonnie’s chest swelled three times it’s size. As he sat down in front of her, she felt an overwhelming sense of security. It was radiating off him in waves, and perhaps it was that euphoric sense of peace that summoned her affinity for the clairvoyant, and made it stand upright. 

“I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”

She asked, her tone calm the way the ocean was at the fading of a storm. 


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Rose Fuckig Strider. U are gunna get your ass in bed this instant. You have gone 2 danm long w/o sleep. -(it-dadlal)

TT: First, you aren’t my father. Second, I still have work to do. Third, five words in that sentence were shortened, spelt wrong, or an acronym was used in place of the full word. Are you sure that you don’t need sleep more than I do?

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Why are you crying? Hurting your child more after scaring him? I know you aren't a good father, but I didn't know you're this terrible. -- Thunder

*he cannot speak through his sobs but he agrees, he agrees wholeheartedly-*

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"but i am your father, aren’t i ? you can talk to me if you want to."

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               A pair of big, hazel coloured, eyes looked up to the man she considered to be her father. He had never been mysterious or secretive about the fact that he was not really her father        but to her, it certainly felt as if he was. The title of father had slipped in over time, and by now, the two hardly knew any different. 

               Rey had been biting her lip, trying to buy time without realising she was doing so. When her father encouraged her to share what was on her mind, she carefully nodded thrice        as if to confirm the decision to share whatever it was that had been bothering her.

               ❝                    IT’S THE NIGHTMARES ,     ❞          she began, looking down at how her fingers were fiddling with themselves out of restlessness.

               ❝      they have started again ,     ❞          her lower lip started to tremble; eyes starting to water as her mind remembered her of the horrid nightmares. What she was shown…   it was  BRUTAL.

@jadistic-necromancer from X

“You aren’t like the fathers that I see in the city!” Agria blurted. “You don’t hold my hand. You don’t comfort me. You don’t do anything of the sorts! And…. and-” She turned to look at him. Brows furrowed and a frown painted on her face. “You’re called the necromancer, right? So, why haven’t you brought back my mommy yet?!

“Sawyer you were really fucking upset when Crosby speared a guy why aren’t you upset at your father for doing the same thing?” 

i’ve been thinking about this today and why i haven’t felt the need to talk about this but it’s because i’m not super upset with the spearing its self. like yeah you don’t accidentally spear someone it’s dirty hockey don’t do it and you ought to fight a guy to his face. but I was upset that it didn’t get called and that nothing has happened. 

I understand not every thing can get called but look at this 

Originally posted by michiganbabe22

I can’t find a gif of Marchand’s but look at where it is at 

Neither of these happened behind the play. the reffs are watching this happen the difference is one player gets called the other doesn’t one player is going to be fined for this the other, unless i’ve missed something huge, will not be. 

Play was stopped BEFORE Brad did the stick poke in the face thing. which yeah he should be fined for that to its defiantly not part of the rules that you can do that. but it happed AFTER Brad was going to be called for spearing. 

if you wanna convince me that the NHL isn’t up crosby’s ass explain to me 
1. how an official doesn’t see that when it’s where the official should be looking 
2. how no one in the NHL has seen the tape of it 
2 a. if they have seen the tape of it explain to me why no disciplinary action should be taken. 


“You can’t date.” 

Was Yoongi hearing this correctly? Their manager had found out almost right before they’d been called into a separate room to speak to him. He was doing it mostly for the Korean image seeing as it wasn’t as widely accepted there, but it still hurt hearing that. 

“That’s stupid, you can’t just tell us who to date, you aren’t our father!” Yoongi replied with distaste in his tone. 

“I can tell you who to date, and I will. Now, I think you two need some time away from each other. I’ve set up an acting job and seeing as Yoongi can’t act to save his life, Hoseok will be taking it. It’ll be for two months, and you leave tonight, but once that’s over, you may come back. Once you do, I don’t want to see any touchy-feely, even off camera.” He finished speaking and quickly exited the room. 

Yoongi could feel his heart drop and nearly shatter, looking at Hoseok with eyes that could only be described as him feeling utterly lost. He and Hoseok had spent every day together, or at least most days together even before they were dating. 

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he breathed out, feeling a little bit of his happiness start to slip away already. 

  • me: mum u know cheryl like Cheryl cole?
  • Mum: not really
  • Me: the singer
  • Mum: sorta.
  • Me: she had a baby
  • Mum: oh really?
  • Me: aren't you going to ask who the father is?
  • Mum: no
  • Me: a guy from one direction
  • Mum: which one? I know! It's Harry!!
  • Me: ...