you are wrong on this

Hey YJ Fandom, you know I love you all but let’s try to keep the discourse at a minimum? We’re all very happy with the Season 3 news! Let’s try to be civil and keep the whole fandom happy!

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Sit like L, mention burning calories with your brain, talk about how you get withdrawal symptoms if you don't have apples, say you'll take a potato chip AND EAT IT

This is on a post-it note and I’m going to stick it to my forehead… Good to know I can count on you guys ;)

Also @ the person who told me to bring a bag of chips, the invitation said to bring food so….

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Hey I don't want to be rude or anything but I saw the post about ur water friend and I just wanna know if he's doing any better, it makes me really worried to not see any updates or anything after seeing that stuff

no youre not being rude! i really appreciate everyone thats so concerned. axolotlapothecary is currently helping me out directly, because i was severely misinformed about the proper care i need to do by the people i bought him from, and all the research id been doing on the internet was also incorrect.

im extremely upset about this as i would never intentionally harm any creature, and i am taking steps to immediately amend his care so that he can be as healthy as possible. again i appreciate everyones concern, it does mean a lot to me, and i love him dearly and i want the best for him. i truly thought that what i was doing was fine, and its good that someone was able to intervene and tell me otherwise.

i am going to purchase him a larger tank and filter and hopefully this will aid him in his development and health.

hi, could we maybe do the thing where u like/reblog this post if i can queue off you? (aka stalk ur archive ey)

preferably majority hp blogs. tysm and i hope you’re all having a good weekend 💞

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I'm sorry, but the fact that you think it's totally possible, normal even, that Louis, as usual, has to do all the worst and hardest work in their closeting, and further alienate his own fans in the process, WHILE LAUNCHING HIS OWN SOLO CAREER, so poor Harry (who had already successfully sold out everything he had to sell) would have it easier and wouldn't have to do any Larry denials when his second single comes out, is really weird? Why is Harry's success/happiness always the most important?

I only use this mess of an ask to specify that I didnt read that post the way apparently was meant to be read so I deleted it cause I must have misunderstood what they wanted to say. Harry’s promo was het, his songs are 90% towards a het public to the point that not even reviewers of his album (who knew how Harry was like during 1D or in general) understood what he was aiming for and came across as not authentic, they gave him a beard for the exact duration of the promo + kendall with the fake hack + taylor swift with every song and that awful RS interview that was supposed to introduce his new image (which was identical to the modest one at the end). He also had to deny Sweet Creature was about Louis on the phone with his own voice and it was the most awkward shitty they could ever do. Louis’ has it way worst for obvious reason and always had, I agree, and I am the first one that constantly ask WHY he seems to pay a higher price every single time. At the end of the day, we don’t know what is going on bts and we don’t know what the future will hold or what their plan, we only know they are both closeted and are playing the industry game because they have to. I don’t even answer your question because it absolutely misses the point AND it’s wrong.


if you participate in cringe culture in any way unfollow me and fuck off. i don’t care if it’s “just watching” compilations or if you’re one of the actual loser fucks making/contributing to them. harassment isn’t okay just because it’s “trendy” or whatever. coming from someone who used to have that mindset years back i realized how much of an ass i used to be and i have absolutely every reason to believe if that’s how you are you’re either insecure as hell or completely vile.

If you ever pick something up at a store then set it back down in the wrong place when you are literally one foot away from where it is supposed to go, we can’t be friends


There’s at least a hundred bodies between me and the front of the line. Melissa Beniost, armed with a golden sharpie and wide smile, marks the front. I decide to kill time by checking recent cast activity on my phone. I see a video link, I click.

Nineteen seconds later, my body is completely numb.

I reach the front of the line.

“Hello!” Melissa greets, glowing. Minutes ago, I feared feeling nauseous for an entirely different reason.

Interpreting my silence as shyness, she references the picture in my hand. “Would you like me to sign it?”

It’s a picture I drew of Supergirl painting a rainbow across the sky with her cape as she flies over the city. Tears begin to sting my eyes.

I tear the picture in two—ripping the rainbow trail from the girl’s back. The image sinks to the ground alongside my heart.

I still remember her face when I whispered five words before leaving.

“You’ve let us down, Supergirl.”



this is the best thing I have ever created 

original video link 

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Could you give me a quick summary of what the sg cast has been saying that's disrespectful and homophobic? I'm mad about what I've heard but I haven't gotten a chance to learn everything they've said. And I know you share that irritation

Jeremy Jordan sang a recap of s2 and he legit started yelling that Kara and Lena are just friends and they would never be anything more than that and it was honestly so unnecessary and ugly 

i’m almost entirely done processing Feelings About C, i think—although of course i’ve probably said that before and will perhaps say it again; these things come in waves, it isn’t a linear process, &c—but i keep getting stuck on, like, how do you reconcile (1) having someone assert [in that last conversation, even, so it’s not as if the data was out of date] that your relationship has been good and valuable to them, with (2) their seeming total disinterest in maintaining said relationship? i mean, more and more i think, well, probably i just don’t get a reconciliation; we humans contain multitudes and not everything we do is logically explicable or even in accordance with our own nominal values, and we lie to each other and even to ourselves, sometimes without even realizing it, because we need to preserve our own egos or are trying to preserve those of others, and ultimately i have to accept that we can’t wholly possess other people, even in understanding; sometimes to exist in this world is to have mysterious wounds visited on us without warning or justification, and the only thing to be done is to learn to bear that wounding with grace…

but still and all, a tiny wailing abandoned part of me can’t help wishing i understood!

starts reorganizing chrome bookmarks

why am i reorganizing my bookmarks right now?

I should tweet about how I got here

opens to compose this tweet

hm. too long to tweet, guess I’ll post to tumblr

this is hard to follow and not as funny in reverse order

reverses order of bullet points

I still don’t know how I got to reorganizing chrome bookmarks. I told myself I need to update my bullet journal at noon, it’s now 1:25 PM. whatever… I’ve already committed to writing this post with no foreseeable end or long term value aside from the possibility of others relating to my struggle, might as well keep going

realizes the format looks weird in

considers opening tumblr to finish this post out on the web app

heart rate momentarily spikes over the idea of tumblr eating this stupid post after I’ve already put time into

continues typing in

okay. now. why the fuck did I end up reorganizing my goddamn chrome bookmarks?

scans open tabs in the window visible behind

eyes stop on the shortened tab that reads ‘ADHD and–‘


the irony is not lost on me

googles “irony”

just making sure I was using the phrase correctly, okay?

returns to, feeling judged

right. okay. so. why did I wanted to bookmark this article?

opens article tab

sees section called “How to Stop Hyperfocusing on the Wrong Task”

how am i not surprised?

considers posting this drawn out story to r/adhd

jesus, it’s 2:00 PM already? whatever. I might be hyperfocusing on the wrong task, but at this point I gotta see it through.

back to

bookmarks. get it together, self. oh, oh, okay. I was reorganizing my bookmarks because I wanted to bookmark this article, but it need to be somewhere I would actual reference, instead of getting buried in the depths of chrome. cool. not mad about it… but… how did I get to this article?

opens proceeding tab

right. a different article about ADHD that came from a mailing list, which came from my email. BOOM. GOT IT.

clicks the open email tab

ah. I had started unsubscribing from email lists, and opened this email when I didn’t recognize the author.

why was I in my email in the first place?

clicks back to email inbox

scans recently opened mail

a ha. it’s all coming back to me.

“it’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me nooooww

brain, I’d really appreciate if you could save the celine dion sing-a-long for another time. thanks.

eyes narrow on the “Finish creating your account on Medium”

ah yes. I created an account on Medium, because I want to use the platform to post about the case studies I’m going to create for the Daily UI challenge

clock reads 2:23 PM


minimizes chrome window

two more windows with 17 tabs each come into view


open tab is a google doc titled “Daily UI Challenge” with links, notes, and references

stomach grumbles

i’m too hungry to finish this right now.

that’s not true.

i’m just grumpy for wasting time. but it’s not really wasting… I’m enjoying this…

remembers the title of the article trying to bookmark in the first place





scans open tabs

Ohhhhhh. Oh. Oh okay. I had gotten so excited about the Daily UI challenge, I forgot why I was doing it– which was to have process and case study work that could add to my UX portfolio since so much of my current work is under NDA.


that was anti climactic.

clock reads 2:44 PM


thanks brain.



opens tumblr