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Stray kids the type..

Ok but stray kids are the type to take bad photos of the other members and use them as memes and reaction photos in the skidz group chat.

Uhmm.. Hi y’all!! This is my first time writing characters who aren’t mine and I’m going to hope this turns out fine.. But if they end up being really ooc i apologize.. So?? Lets get this started??


@cuteiemonster gave me the idea so credit to them :DD And ty they gave me a lot of help when trying to spell stuff, find new words to use, and just help me with some stuff I didn’t know when i was writing this.. :D

Also ty to a few other people who helped me out with the same stuff :D y’all know who you are!

Also there are probably a lot of errors in here so if you want to tell me them please tell me so i can fix them!!!

Eddsworld and its characters do not belong to me so credit to them!!

Also y’all heres a small note..  This is like… Tord still is in the army.. He is just taking a break and at Pau and Pat’s house while recovering? His arm is still banged up and not yet a robot arm and yeah.. He’s taking a break and contemplating if he wants to continue the army.. 

  Tord laid there on the bed, thinking about everything he has ever done. Sure, he messed up plenty of times before but this? This is just going to be the death of him and the army. At least, that is if he decides to continue it. Tord looks around the room before gently sitting up, hoping that he doesn’t make his headache worse by moving to quickly.

  Pau walked in at almost the exact same time Tord sat up, and Pau froze in the doorway as he scanned his body. Tord turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly at Pau, before he could say something Pau interrupted and said, “Seems like you’re feeling better?” Pau slowly made his way over to the bed where Tord was, and sat down next to him. Tord slowly pulled his legs up to his chest to make sure there was enough room for Pau. He kept his gaze on the blankets below him, worried about what Pau might say to him.

  “So, You’ve been laying in bed a lot.. Like. A lot. And since you’re finally moving? Do you think? You can help me get food from the store?” Tord snapped his head up a growl starting to form in his throat, and he glared at Pau. Pau seemed to just stare at him for a second before turning his head, “Mmm. You’re going to have to get up sometime. Both you and i know this. You can’t hide from everything.” Tord looked back toward the blankets with a sigh. “I’ll go the next time you go get food..” His voice cracked at the end of his sentence, Uncertain if he will actually follow through with his promise.

Pau smiles gently at Tord, and then stands up and walks toward the door. Pau then stopped completely and looked over at him, “You sure you’re ok?” Tord gave a small thumbs up, and watched from the corner of his eye as Pau gave him a uncertain look, but decided to continue out the door.

   Tord stared at the door for a little bit before looking at the papers scattered across the floor and around his desk. He mumbles a few things about how unclean it was and tries to push himself out of bed but instantly felt pain shoot through his arm, and he felt himself gasp in pain and he fell back and onto the bed, wincing. Guess he was going to stay here in bed for a few more hours.


  Tord walked down the hallway of the house, thinking about…. Stuff. He honestly doesn’t know what he is thinking currently, he is just letting his mind wander way to much. He walks over to his room and opens the door rather roughly and ended up almost hitting Pau. They both jump backwards staring wide eyed at each other.

  Pau started to laugh at his reaction and Tord just turned his head slightly to the side obviously a little embarrassed on how he reacted. Pau finished his laughing fit and then looked at Tord and said, “Im going out shopping.. And last week you said you would go with me…” Tord looked at Pau, mumbling curse words under his breath.. He didn’t want to go.. So what was he going to do? He was going to just accept it?

No he wasn’t…

  Pau dragged him out of the house.

  He had to hold Tord’s hand in a tight grip so he wouldn’t get away. Pau walked to the car door and opened it for Tord and shoved him into the passage seat. He quickly reaches across Tord and buckles him, as Tord was on the verge of yelling because he was really angry now. 

 Pau shut the door and walks around to the other side of the car and gets in and turns to look at Tord who now had a pout face and his arm was crossed. (his bad arm is like motionless? Or numb so he can’t move it so its just his one arm)  Pau laughed at him and started the car. He pulls out of the driveway and away they go to shopping center.

  Edd was putting his coat on getting ready to walk out the door, until Matt ran down the hall screaming, Why was he screaming? No one will ever know. Edd turned his head and looked at Matt who stopped in front of him, holding a mirror that had a crack in it. “EDD! Are you going out to the store today??”  Edd looked at him then said, “What does it look like I’m doing..?”

Matt just gave Edd a blank stare as Edd just rolled his eyes and muttered, “Yes, Matt.. Im going out shopping..” Matt clapped excitedly and then exclaimed, “Yay!! Can I go with you??!” Edd looked at him and nodded. Matt smiled happily and ran into the hallway yelling that he was going to tell Tom and he was going to get a jacket.

  Edd sighed and smiled to himself as he continued to put his jacket on. Matt ran out of his room and ran over to Tom’s door, about to start banging on the door until the door swung open and a angry Tom stood in the middle of the door way. Matt smiled and opened his mouth to say something until Tom cut him off and said, “I know what you are about to say.. And fine.. I’m up right now so why not.” Matt smiled and jumped up and down then ran down the hallway ..

  Edd pulled out his keys and watched as Matt ran towards him and Tom walked toward him not looking amused by all the yelling happening. Edd laughed and spoke, “Lighten up Tom!” Tom seemed to mutter a few curse words under his breath and followed behind Edd as he walked down the hallway towards the elevator of the apartment building.

  Tord was having a hissy fit in the passenger seat and Pau was getting fed up with his complaining, but he kept his mouth shut.. Why wouldn’t he, He could kill someone with a single glare, even in his current state. So Pau just kept his mouth shut and continued listening to the soft sound of the radio playing. Sadly he couldn’t turn up the radio louder yet because loud noises either scared Tord half to death or just outright made him scream in pain because of the headache he would get.

  It was horrible. Pau just shook his head at the thought of Tord screaming and panicking after hearing loud noises. Pau glanced to the side and looked at Tord who seemed to have stopped complaining and just sat there with a hand clutching his forehead. Pau muttered quietly, “We should be there in 1 or 2 minutes Tord, I’ll see if we have any advil in the backseat when we get out.” Tord glanced at him but didn’t say anything, and groaned in response.

  Pau continued to drive with the music on low, and no more complaints.

   Edd was in his car with a half asleep Tom, and a Matt who was rambling about himself, some flaws he noticed and some perfections. He was pretty tired right now and just wanted to get some cola, bacon, and food. Let Matt get his mirror, and let Tom get whatever he wants, probably nothing or Smirnoff((??)).. But Edd wasn’t going to let him get that, his drinking habit got worse after the whole incident with Tord..

   Tord.. God. That name was honestly forbidden in their place now. Couldn’t say it at all, it caused everyone to just be awkward for most of the day or flat out start yelling at each other, sometimes crying.

   Edd kept his eyes on the road, the radio turned down low and the sound of Matt rambling was enough to keep all of them occupied. 

   Just a few more minutes he told himself. Then they can get what they want and get out of there.

  Tord and Pau walked into the supermarket, greeted by the ding dong bell. Pau looked around while Tord just followed Pau around, making sure he wasn’t really seen or looked at, or seen as suspicious. So Tord just followed Pau into a isle full of stuff he wasn’t really interested in. So while Tord was spacing out Pau was talking to him, saying stuff he didn’t understand because of how unfocused he was.

  But Tord then watched as Pau walked away from him, letting him go pick out whatever food he wanted to have for diner i guess, but the thing was.. He just out right left him to do god knows what. Pau literally just left him in the middle of a grocery isle, to pick out food..Tord just stared at the place where Pau left him, he whispered “Did he just?” He stood in the same place for maybe a minute before he decided. Yep. He left me. Tord rolled his eye(?) and started to walk the other way. He heard the ding dong bell go off, and watched as His curiosity sky rocketed and he turned around to look at the door.

   But thats before he knew who it was. It was his friends.. Or now as he told them, old friends. Tord’s eyes widened and he felt himself making a mad dash for the end of the isle, and turned the corner and hid, panting slightly. He glanced around and noticed a few weird looks being given, but he shut them up with a harsh glare. 

  Tord slowly looked around the corner after calming down slightly, then freaked out slightly after seeing them looking around in the isle he was just in. That made his alarms go off in his head and he dashed away from the area and into a new isle. 

  This whole time was just Tord trying to come up with something to say incase he accidentally runs into them and running away from them, or speed walking because a man can’t run forever.. So Tord was just standing in a isle disassociating as he just stared at the bread.  Until someone bumped into him making him hit his head on the shelf and he snarled, “FAEN” and heard someone say, “To M?!!” Tord froze up as soon as he heard that voice, He was debating if he should make a run for it but felt a cold hand on his shoulder, and his mind wouldn’t process anything anymore. “Dude you good? It sounded like you hit your head pretty bad..?”

   Tom stared at the dude facing the shelf, their shoulders were extremely tense and thats when he decided he should let go and give the other some space, so he let go and stared at them with slight concern. The person seemed to take a few breaths calming themselves thats when they spoke.

  Tord took a few breaths trying to calm himself, and he felt himself try and cough getting his voice ready to try and mimic another accent considering they would instantly know it was him if he started talking. So he forced a different accent, “H-huh?? Oh! Uhm.. Yes! I am definitely ok!” He said turning to face them slightly, but felt himself loose the courage and start walking away. No more questions, he was finding Pau and dragging him out of here, he didn’t feel safe. For gods sake you would think he would have thought of something to say by now but N O PE.. Nothing.

   Tord was about to walk around the corner but he felt someone grab his shoulder, making him freak out again, and turned around quickly, and grabbed their wrist holding it up high. A look of fear crossed Edd’s face until he stared at him for a few more seconds till Tord let go and was about to turn away again. “What was that for? I just wanted to give you some money that dropped on the ground.” Tord looked shocked for a second then took the money out of his hand and without thinking he said, “Thank you…” But without trying to hide his accent.

   Tord shot his head up in alarm and just stared at the wall eyes wide hoping he wasn’t going to notice. But he did.

   Edd stared at the man in disbelief.. He wasn’t going to believe it. But he had to ask, “T..Tord?” The man seemed to tightly shut his eye and wince visibly, and thats when he instantly knew it was him. His disbelief turned to anger and sadness in a matter of seconds. “How.. HOW COULD YOU?!?” Tord turned and looked at Edd in disbelief, Edd grabbed his hood and yanked it down, just to reveal his signature hair style, but with only one horn now, assuming the other hair was either burnt off during the robot incident, or it was under the bandages hiding half of his face. Edd stared at him, waiting for a answer..

 Tom was a few feet away from them and he looked absolutely livid, looking like he would kill Tord in a matter of seconds. And Matt.. Matt was behind Tom staring at Tord, holding the eye that he punched when they were pressing buttons. Tord felt a pinch of guilt in his gut but then turned his attention to Edd who looked like he wanted to cry. Tord turned away and started walking away again wanting to get out of this situation but none of them were going to let him do that.

   Edd was speed walking so he could keep up with Tord, tears slipping down his face, Tord felt him self go into another isle and he stopped when he felt a punch on the back. He snapped his head around expecting Tom to be there, and he was, but it was Edd who hit him. His fist curled into a ball, shoulders shaking as he stared at him. Tord finally turned around to face him, obviously not thinking he threw his hands up is defeat, “What?! How could I what!? You think I wanted this to happen?!? NO!!” 

   Edd continued glaring at him, “You! Think! I Wanted to? Kill a innocent man?! Take that robot i have been working on for YEARS, and get it destroyed?! JUST, because i made a small mistake?! I was doing that. TO PROTECT YOU ALL” Edd snarled, “YOU WEREN’T DOING SHIT TO HELP US DON’T LIE. IT WAS ONLY DONE FOR YOUR SELF.  ALL YOU DID WAS HURT US. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH!!??NO. HOW MUCH PAIN YOU PUT US THROUGH?!?!”  Tord flinched on the inside, he never heard Edd this angry, ever. He barely hears Edd curse, and this is like next level stuff..

   All this yelling made him feel like he wanted to curl up into a ball and lay down in a ditch and wait for the cold hands of death to grasp him. Tord visibly flinched, it was a small one, but they noticed it right away.

   Edd was furious.. Tord was standing in front of him. Saying stuff he didn’t mean. And the funny thing is? He wasn’t even apologizing! He was willing to accept his apology if he said something ike a sorry, because all humans make mistakes, not as big or as bad as his but STILL, he was ready to accept his apology, at least half of it. But this? This isn’t what he thought he was going to say. 

   Tord flinched almost at every word, and honestly he would have too. Edd stopped talking. They stood there, the atmosphere extremely tense until Edd broke it. “You have got to be KIDDING ME!!? AFTER I JUST YELLED AT YOU FOR WHAT? 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT YOU DON’T GIVE A CRAP??! WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF ROBOT?! WHAT DID SOME OF THAT POWER GET INTO YOUR HEAD MAKING YOU AS EMOTIONLESS AS THAT ROBOT YOU JUMPED INTO?!!” 


   All around them people were poking their heads into the isle to watch the fight, some people stood their shocked, absorbing the information only for them to have it forgotten in a matter of seconds. Some taking small steps forward and debating if they should step in and stop it, probably not going to. Some just poking their heads in and then leaving, trying to avoid it. It was honestly amazing.

    Edd was inches away from Tord’s face, both of them snarling and growling at each other. Once they were friends. Now enemies all because one decided he was worth more than the others. All because he went power hungry. All because of that god forsaken robot. Edd wanted him out of his life now, well. Deep inside of him, he wanted to take Tord back into their friend group and act like nothing happened. But honestly that was fiction at this point now. He needed to focus on real life.

   Tord wanted to punch something as he was looking at Edd. It was like they were having a staring contest but the opponents needed to come up with the nastiest insults to call each other. As they were yelling at each other Tord let something slip. That something being, “CAN YOU STOP YELLING FOR A SECOND I NEED TO REGROUP, MY HEAD HURTS”. Honestly pathetic for him to say, giving his old friend a weakness. The yelling stopped for a second till Edd smiled and grabbed Tord’s horn and pulled it down to Edd’s mouth and he yelled in his ear, “IS THIS BETTER!??! IM SORRY I CAN’T TELL RIGHT NOW, I THINK IM WHISPERING, LET ME RAISE MY VOICE A LITTLE MORE SO YOU CAN HEAR ME!!” As Edd was saying that sentence his voice got increasingly louder, and it was horrible for Tord. 

   Tord was about to snarl something at Edd but he cut him off and threw his head away from him and said, “You should just get away from us. You do more harm then good if you were telling the truth back there. We don’t want you in our lives anymore.. You didn’t even say sorry.”  Edd looked back at Tord as he walked away, and toward a livid Tom, and a obviously scared Matt. Tord still had the snarl on his lips, and then he let it fall from his face as he realized what he did. “… Look.. I know its now too late. But heres your sorry.. Im sorry for doing that. I honestly don’t know what you want from me anymore. A sorry, for blowing up your house,” Edd stopped glancing over his shoulder, “Sorry for becoming your friend in high school.” Edd’s eyes flashed with sorrow as he probably remember those times, “Sorry for existing..” Edd looked away for 10 seconds then turned back to him..

   “Be sorry for all those things… Maybe not the existing part….. Goodbye… Thanks for the memories…Old friend.” Edd said the last part with venom and turned away again with a shake of his head and turned the corner with Matt and Tom waiting for him. The people watching from the distance all disappear and that’s when Tord was staring, livid, at the place where Edd stood. It was that moment in time when he made that decision.

 Cut his arm off.  Get a robotic one.

Get better. And better. Better than before.

Make that mess of a army great again.

 Tord turned around, with a determined/furious expression plastered onto his face. 

   Before Tord went to find Pau and drag him out and away from this place he turned and looked at the shelves that held noodle boxes. He threw his arm at the noodle boxes, grabbed one, and squished the living crap out of it. You could hear the slow cracking of the noodles inside of the box as he closed his fist around the box. And that’s when Pau stuck his head around the corner, having a worried expression at first, then it turned into fear. Tord’s head shot up, with a glare that could kill millions plastered onto his face. 

   Tord stormed over to Pau and roughly grabbed his hand, walking towards the door of the supermarket. A supermarket employe quickly ran over to him saying that he needed to pay for the box of noodles he still had in his hands because he destroyed super market property but Tord just kept walking.

 When the employe tried stopping him again he just threw the crushed up box of crushed noodles at his face with a force that was like a punch to the gut. 

  The employe fell on the ground holding his face, as Tord just kept walking out of the store with Pau at his side. He felt a rock in the pit of his stomach develop but brushed it off.

He was going to do this without any mercy….

Jean Grey Vol.1 #9
written by: Dennis Hopeless | artist: Victor Ibáñez | colors: Jay David Ramos

I want to thank Hopeless for the way he wrote Emma in this series. Every moment between Emma and Jean in issue #9 is perfect. Sadly her current villain status has to be adressed, but we will not speak of that nonsense and this was the best he could do. Despite all the snark it shows that she does care. Not just for self-preservation.

But above all I need these panels on my blog, because I appreciate the fact that I got to see Emma lifting teen!Jean in a fireman’s carry.

anonymous asked:

Just reading your tags and I though CC acts like a man scorned. Maybe Scully is based on someone that rejected him or maaaaybe, he’s been secretly in love with GA and her chemistry with DD bugs the fuck out of him. Because truly, he don’t hold a candle to DD.

Haha, well… I don’t know enough about how the three of them interact to give any kind of judgement on that.  But what I will say for CC is that he certainly has a special affection for Scully that he doesn’t necessarily seem to have for Mulder.  In some ways I wonder if Carter is akin to CSM.  He is the puppet master - he loves the characters but also loves to torture them, and his relationship with Scully is kinda similar to Scully’s relationship with CSM.

CC was set on Mulder and Scully never becoming romantically involved from the very beginning.  I think that was based on feeling the show would become more about the characters and their relationships than the cases they were investigating, which is what he expressly didn’t want.  Unfortunately for him, it happened anyway.

It took him a long time to let this notion go, and he arguably destroyed the ending of the show because he refused to accept that the X-Files had become about Mulder and Scully rather than the cases they investigated since he pushed forward with season 9 thinking Doggett and Reyes could take over.

Even now, CC doesn’t seem to want to let go of what he wanted the show to be, and embrace what it has become.  That’s why people - fans and critics alike - just look utterly bewildered when he keeps saying their love for each other is platonic.  That’s not what GA and DD portray on screen, and it never has been.

I don’t think CC understands that it’s actually possible to have that kind of platonic love along side a romantic attachment.  The fact Mulder is in love with Scully, and Scully in love with Mulder doesn’t take away from their deep platonic love for one another; it doesn’t take away from the respect and devotion they have to each other - in my opinion, it only strengthens it.

What I don’t get about Carter is why he doesn’t understand that.  My only guess is that he’s never had that kind of romantic relationship himself, or he had a platonic relationship with someone that turned romantic and it ended badly, perhaps.  

What’s so sad is that CC has a pair of characters who once had the epitome of a romantic human relationship.  What Mulder and Scully have is so appealing because it’s what we all would want.  To have a partner that is also your best friend as well as your lover.  I mean, ffs, Scully says it herself in The Rain King - that the best relationships are the ones rooted in friendship.

What makes me worry for the future of Mulder and Scully is that I feel almost certain the person who I believe pushed for their relationship to turn romantic in the first place is no longer working on the show - Frank Spotnitz.

With CC guiding the ship alone, I am terrified of where we will end up without someone like Frank keeping his anti-MSR tendencies in check.  Honestly, I don’t think that line about Scully having no one to have children with would have got through if Frank had been there to slap CC with his own continuity.

I really miss you, Frank.

Imagine giving Woozi a manicure because you want to make his pretty hands even prettier.

Ok so, the OP of that post about gun control just blocked me so I guess I’ll have to say this here. If you make a post, about a point of view you have? Expect people to either question it, or ask questions about it. If you can’t handle that, and you can’t be polite and nice about it when people are legit questioning it, then don’t pots it. Yeah you can have your opinions, but you have to be able to handle them. And if you can’t handle them without insulting and treating people who are genuinely curious about something, like they are in fact people, then you shouldn’t be sharing it. Especially when someone is legit curious about your point of view.

Since OP wanted to insult a friend of mine and then refuse to talk it out and block me after telling me to get lost, I guess I’ll have to just post this here. If you’ve seen the post I’m talking about you know what I mean. I reblogged it yesterday.

Just in case tho it’s THIS post. Again, you can’t be civilized when someone asks a question, don’t make posts.

i’m just realizing the 90′s glory of 1999 and all of its ugly cut scenes …

ff games that need a remake: 6, 8, and 9 in no particular order.