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Weird And Unsettling Kuroshitsuji (Official) Art - Anime Edition

The masterpost you didn’t know you needed

(Disclaimer: It’s possible that one of these pics isn’t actually official art, please tell me if so and I’ll delete it)

10- Ahhh we start with a classic

Tell me something that isn’t wrong about this picture, I DARE you

9- The Ova You Wanted To Forget!

To be honest, everyrhing about this special was disturbing

(If you think this isn’t weird enough, look at Ciel’s leg)

8- “But Paloma! Those pictures are old! You’re being unfair, since the artists were doing their best!” You might think



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I Fucking Want To Die

6- “I hope his legs aren’t the only thing that’s long” -Meyrin, probably

5- Everything about this is wrong and you know perfectly why

4- I don’t even know anymore

Just… Just… They’re kids please

You think Yana is happy with this? I don’t think so

3- I want to believe that i’m accidentally posting some 2008’s fanart and that this isn’t official

Ronald are you ok?

2- This isn’t THAT bad but it makes me really uncomfortable

1- Oh lord mercy

This is the best quality I could find

I’ve actually never seen this one before but Agni’s face makes me laugh really hard

It is also super out of context? That’s why i’m including it

This fandom I swear to god

Keith: *blinks in Lance’s direction*


  • Normal people: the way you talk is wrong
  • Normal people: your accent is wrong
  • Normal people: your tone and inflections are all wrong
  • Normal people: your facial expressions are wrong
  • Normal people: your contributions to discussion are all so terribly wrong
  • Normal people: you're not smiling properly
  • Normal people: your body language is an abomination unto mankind
  • Normal people: what is wrong with you and your hand gestures
  • Normal people: make more hand gestures or everyone's going to think you're a serial killer
  • Normal people: I have never before beheld a horror like that of your natural voice
  • Normal people: don't talk about your interests
  • Normal people: but make sure you do talk
  • Normal people: can't you just watch the normals and copy what they're doing?
  • Normal people: no you weren't supposed to copy that bit
  • Normal people: everything about the way you interact is wrong
  • Normal people: why don't you want to be social??? Why don't you want to TALK to people???? Why are you so quiet and withdrawn???
regarding the Athlead storyline and people calling Pam “selfish”

So imagine you are married and have two very young children. You own a house (that you got a great deal on), you have family nearby (built-in babysitting!), and you both have steady if boring jobs. A job opportunity comes up for you partner. It’s a start-up (i.e. not a sure thing) and it’s two hours away. You discuss it and come to decision that it’s not the right timing for the family. Your partner on a whim decides to take the job anyway.

You don’t love it but you go along with it. You even agree to investing a good chunk of money into the start-up. Then, again on a whim, your partner invests twice as much as you discussed, most of your savings in fact.

You’re really not happy about this but now you’re in it so you’re still going along with it. And your partner is going to telecommute so maybe it’ll work out. But telecommuting turns into them being gone half the week. It’s definitely a challenge but you’re trying your best so your partner has a good chance. (Even if they are baching it up while you’re alone with your two young kids)

You visit the start-up, it’s much bigger than your partner led you to believe and everyone around you is talking about how they can’t wait until you move closer. This is news to you and something that your partner hasn’t really talked about with you.

Your daughter has their first recital and your partner misses it because of this job, you mess up the video and this leads to a big fight that obviously has nothing to do with the video, it’s about this lack of communication that is dogging your relationship. And you’re upset because you never wanted this, you’re feeling left out of all the decision-making for your family, you’re feeling inadequate that this is harder than you ever thought it was going to be. And now this job that your partner took without consulting you, that was suppose to be a small investment of time and money, wants you to move from your family & friends and community you know, wants you to sell your house for something sure to be far more expensive, wants to send your partner on the road for three months.

But you’re the selfish one for wanting some say in yours and your family’s future.

Benny shouting romantic phrases in Latin is my aesthetic

Arguing with the Mercury/Moon Signs

LOOK AT BOTH MERCURY AND MOON - moon applies more when you’re particularly passionate about the subject, but everyone shows a combination of the two

Aries mercury/moon: lol you’re wrong, I’m right, and if I raise my voice it makes me even more right…bye

Taurus mercury/moon: no

Gemini mercury/moon: actually you could look at that from another angle and you could get a whole new perspective. I read about this once and actually blah blah blah blah *gives all of their knowledge of the subject, even if it’s unnecessary and gets them on a tangent*

Cancer mercury/moon: well from the way I know this and have experienced it I feel like you might be wrong…I remember from when we talked about it before…this subject just gives me bad vibes

Leo mercury/moon: I’m right because I’m the one saying I’m right, duh

Virgo mercury/moon: everything about what you said is wrong in 20837408327 ways *lists all 20837408327 ways in a categorical fashion*

Libra mercury/moon: I don’t know what to think!!!! forget what I said before, you’re right, I’m sorry for the conflict :///

Scorpio mercury/moon: *stares and tries to will the other person to admit they’re wrong*

Sagittarius mercury/moon: I’m right but whatever!!!! it’s fun that you’re wrong because now we can debate it haha

Capricorn mercury/moon: actually you’re wrong because you didn’t think about the practical side and it works out logistically to show that I’m right, see?

Aquarius mercury/moon: no no regardless of who’s wrong think about how this issue will impact society!!!! *rambles about something remotely related instead*

Pisces mercury/moon: if no one’s right it’s okay, it’s good to have different opinions and we can just dream about it together

Dating Jeff Atkins....

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* gif isnt mine*

As requested by @lordashleyy :))

- going to his baseball games, him ALWAYS searching the crowd for you constantly

- him always giving you a smile before going to bat

- post-game ranting to you about everything Bryce did wrong and about how great he swung or some shit wtf even is baseball

- taking you out to a surprise date every week, you never know when or where it’s going to be until he texts you something along the lines of, “you. me. ice cream. movies.”

- you helping him study, forcing him to get off twitter for fucks sake

- Him calling you sexy at the most random moments & you’re always taken by surprise like thanks babe but hate to burst your bubble but we’re in the middle of a final

- good morning texts. every. morning. no. matter. what.

- going to the gym w him!! and after hes sweaty af he pulls you in for a bear hug no matter how many times you beg no

- sing-screaming with you in the car to your favorite songs, holding your hand and laughing


- play fighting!! hes totally one to flick you just for the fun of it

- his varsity jacket? nah. Yours now

- playing you in 8ball and letting you win because hes the best human to have existed on this planet knows you like to win

You have five seconds. Five seconds and then you need to walk out of here and smile and laugh like nothing is wrong. Five seconds alone in this bathroom stall.

Five seconds.

They kissed. Play it over and over again in your head. The edge of the window obscured only what you could fill in anyway. They kissed, and that’s the end of it. No last-ditch attempts, no alternate endings. He is in love with her, and he kissed her, not you. You watched from the sidelines, just like you always do. You thought you were in the game but you’ve been benched all season, playing holograms and recordings and pictographs of memories.
For this second, embrace that rawness. He kissed her and it hurts because she isn’t you.


I know you want to argue, that you’re doing it right now. You’re making excuses and adding in ‘but what ifs.’ After all, you didn’t actually see it. Maybe your eyes played tricks on you. Maybe it wasn’t what you saw.
You want to say, but what about two days ago? What about the things he said, the way he looked at me? At just me.
It doesn’t matter what he says. It doesn’t matter how you think he felt. It doesn’t matter who you think he wants, it matters who he’s with.
And he is with her. Not you.


You were wrong about everything. Admit it. Own up to your dreams that got in the way of reality, acknowledge the danger of overanalysis. He makes you feel like home, but if he’s home, why does it feel like he just scraped out your insides?
And not for the first time. You feel hollow–cling to this. Maybe he is where your heart is, maybe he is your heart. Maybe he is everything to you, but you’re not to him. If you were, he wouldn’t have kissed her.


Remember all those things, one last time. After this, they are gone. They have to be gone. It’s the only way you’re going to survive. Remember the first time you met him and you knew you were going to fall in love with him and you knew it was going to break your heart. You always saw this coming. Deep down, you’ve just been waiting for the blow to fall.


I don’t know if you’re going to love anyone else. I don’t know if distance will finally solve what proximity cannot touch. I don’t know if you’re ever gonna really forget how much this hurts.
But one day, it will stop hurting. I promise

Look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and smile.
You are beautiful, you are brave. You love without regard for the consequences, and that is one of the best things about you.
You have amazing friends and a whole summer with them ahead of you.
Don’t miss out on that because you’re sad about him.
You are going to live through this, and you’re going to be better.

Walk out of here and don’t let them see those five seconds. Life’s too short to get all weak-kneed over some fuckboy who doesn’t care.

—  “Five Seconds in a Bathroom Stall”
Proving her wrong

the reader and Ivar are childhood friends and she finds out what happened between Ivar and Margarethe and proves to him she was wrong plus puts Sigurd in his place about tormenting Ivar  

warning: smut/fluff it gets explicit and VERY light BDSM and some cussing


Ivar x reader


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Wonder Woman + Blame

Wonder Woman is the story of a demigoddess who wants to save the world coming to terms with why it should be saved. In hero stories, the default is always that these are innocent people and therefore they deserve to live. 

But what if they’re not innocent? What if no one is.

That’s the complicating factor that Wonder Woman presents. It’s a beautiful, tragic/hopeful nod to the complex reality of war and peace. This is a long one but bear with me. I promise it goes someplace interesting.

Diana: Once I find and destroy Ares, the German armies will be freed from his influence, and they will be good men again, and the world will be better.

This is Diana’s mission statement. She believes the stories her mother told her about men’s innocent nature whole-heartedly and will do anything to return them to that state.

Diana: Who took this from your people?
Chief: [Guestures to Steve] His people.

Steve introduces himself to Diana as “one of the good guys.” But, as much as she comes to know his goodness and integrity, she also comes to know him as a liar, a killer, and a smuggler. Now he’s implicated in genocide. He’s the one of the bad guys in someone else’s story.

Luddendorf: Peace is just an armistice in an endless war.

The writers took some artistic license with this so-called quote from Thucydides, but it accomplishes two things. One, it shows that Diana has been well-tutored in ancient philosophies of war. Two, it sets up the idea of an armistice as a negative outcome of war. Since we have the benefit of history, as viewers we know the WWI Armistice is a direct cause of WWII. 

Diana: They don’t deserve our help, Steve!
Steve: It’s not about deserve! Maybe we don’t! But it’s not about that, it’s about what you believe. You don’t think I get it after what I’ve seen out there? You don’t think I wish I could tell you it was one bad guy to blame? It’s not! We’re all to blame.
Diana: I am not.
Steve: But maybe I am. Please. If you believe that this war should stop, if you want to stop it, help me stop it. Right now.

This is Steve Trevor’s mission statement. He understands that people can be evil, but he still doesn’t want thousands more to die. As a soldier, he has done horrible things in this war and others. He has perpetuated the endless fighting — an inch gained in WWI is two inches that have to be reclaimed. And yet. This war has to stop, and Steve will do anything in his limited power to stop it.

Chief: [Looking at the aircraft] What is it?
Steve: The future.

Steve looks at the plane full of explosive chemicals and describes it as, “The future.” The future holds more horrors than even The War to End all Wars imagined. He knows this. But he still believes in sacrificing his life to save today. To save the very people who will use these kinds of weapons in the future. That is goddamn tragic and beautiful and unsettling.

Ares: They start these wars on their own. All I do is orchestrate an armistice that I know they cannot keep in the hopes that they will destroy themselves. But it has never been enough. Until you.

Ares is not responsible for WWI. I don’t understand the confusion around this because the screenwriters say it blatantly. Diana is right that Ares is involved, but he is “not who [she] thought [he] was.” He isn’t to blame. He isn’t a mind-controller; he’s a whisperer. He hasn’t infiltrated human society to become an emperor, only an advisor. Humans are to blame, and humans will be their own undoing. Ares is trying to prove himself right, so, of course, he wouldn’t directly intervene whether or not he could.

Ares: Yes, Diana! Take them all! Finally, you see. Look at this world. Mankind did this. Not me! They are ugly, filled with hatred. Weak! Just like your Captain Trevor, gone and left you nothing. Pathetic He deserved to burn. 

Diana suffers loss, and she strikes out — a vengeful god. Ares is gleeful. He has to undermine what Steve means to her so that she will complete her transformation into Destroyer God, Hater of Humans. That, of course, pisses her off. So he tries another tact. Nevermind Steve, what about the worse possible vision of humanity? 

Ares: Look at her [Maru] and tell me I’m wrong! She is the perfect example of these humans and unworthy of your sympathy in every way. You know that she deserves it. They all do. Do it! 

A woman who kills in horrific ways for pleasure. Someone who poisoned herself, mind, body, and soul. She does deserve to die. She’s a psychopath with no redeeming qualities (props to the actress, though, for her epic villain laugh). And yet Diana chooses not to destroy her. 

Now, Diana does kill. It’s part of her character. But she does not kill when she doesn’t have to. If she were in a dire situation where Maru has to be killed to save others, you betcha she’s going down. But Ares is asking Diana to be judge, jury, and executioner. The thing is, she can be. She is not to blame. But she won’t. Because Steve, her representative of humanity, loves her and believes she can save the world. It’s a promise between them. And a promise is unbreakable.

Diana: You’re wrong about them. They’re everything you say but so much more. 
Ares: Lies! They do not deserve your protection!
Diana: It’s not about deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. This screenplay has taken Greek mythology and twisted it into a Christian parable. Turn the other cheek. Love thine enemy. All that jazz. But separate from that, Diana’s choice to love is the right one because of what it represents about our own history.

At the end of WWI, the Allies win. They believe with everything they have that the people of the Central powers deserve to pay for the carnage and destruction. Despite people like Vera Britton advocating for both sides to realize that war itself is the evil and an armistice at such a steep cost cannot possibly lead to lasting peace, the Allies take their pound of flesh. And so the German people let a genocidal maniac take over their country. That’s a bit of simplification, but do some Googling and the gist is there.

Now, what happened after WWII? The Allies rebuilt East/West Germany. The Allies rebuilt Japan. WWII was objectively more horrible and deadly than WWII, but, afterward, there was no armistice. (There wasn’t peace, either. The deconstruction of colonialism in the midst of the Cold War saw to that.) But WWIII hasn’t happened yet. Nuclear weapons haven’t been used again. Chemical weapons use is treated as a horrific act, not an everyday incident. That’s huge

War is perpetual as long as we perpetuate it. Everyone has a justification. And, yes, no justice, no peace. Sometimes you have to go to war to make things right. But at some point, the passing along of blame has to stop or there will never be peace. The hardest thing in the world is to love your enemy if they have wronged you. The hardest thing on this earth is convincing people to love each other enough to share their wealth, their privilege, their protection, their lives. It seems impossible to teach people who hate to love. But, in the end, that’s only thing that will save us.

Ares represents hate. He hates humans for reasons even Diana acknowledges as valid. But Diana can know and understand that hatred without giving into it. She has a complex view of human nature that allows her to retain her idealism. Hate doesn’t have the power here. Love does. That’s why she can destroy Ares. That’s why the German soldiers can breathe fresh air and hug strangers from the other side. In that moment and for a time after, love wins. 

As for the rest of this “century of horrors”? That’s “a different story altogether.”

Diana: I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed a darkness that lives within their light, and learned that within every one of them there will always be both. A choice each much make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know that only love can truly save the world.

The thesis of this film is that war makes everyone complicit. Everyone is to blame. There are no innocents for a divine hero like Diana to save. But she does what she can because she believes in us and our better angels. Yeah, this is just a superhero movie. But that is an important message, and, sadly, an all-too-rare one.

Hamilton Characters as Be More Chill Lyrics

Hamilton: ‘cause freaking out is my okay GOOD MORNING TIME TO START THE DAY

Eliza: I wrote [Alex] a letter telling him how I feel

Peggy: that’s progress!!

Eliza: I tore it up and flushed it

Burr:  I already know what it’s like to be the loser…I should find out what it’s like to…not be the loser…(should I shoot my best friend?)

Angelica: when you love somebody, you take a chance just for them

Laurens: then something changes, and he changes from a guy that you’d never be into, into a guy that you’d kind of be into

Lafayette: iiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIT’S FROM JAPAAAAAAAAN [more like france]


Washington: he’s gotta learn to handle his high

King George: whoooaaa, everything about you is so terrible

Madison: what’s wrong with my shirt???

Jefferson:  my job’s to color your aesthetic, and make you seem much less pathetic, just step and fetch, don’t ask me why

Maria: that is SO awesomeIMEANSLUTTY

Philip: oh man, I shouldn’t say…but it’s a good thing I rock at pool ;)

sweetjesuswhatanatheist  asked:

Hey Joan, I know social media allows you to portray yourself the way you want to and intend to - to a big extend. So even when I am aware that there is a chance of the portrayed state being a clever pretense, I will ask the following question, since the way you and your friend talyn for example come off as authentic. You portray yourself/ are very compassionate for your friends and have a close and deep relationship with them. Do you have good tips on forming better friendships?

I appreciate your effort to call a spade a spade with social media, but I think that what you’re saying applies across the board. Anyone in any social situation can choose to share and withhold information in an effort to present the version of theirself that they want you to see.

Regarding your question about finding friends: I can’t tell you how to get a friend quite like Talyn (bc we’re closer than most friends *WINK WINK*), but my personal rule of thumb when trying to make new friends is to lay my cards on the table. You can potentially befriend anyone if you’re charming and dishonest enough, but I believe that the most rewarding relationships can be found by showing others your true colors. Presenting yourself honestly weeds out the people with whom you’re incompatible, and leaves only the people that will appreciate you as you are.

This is my personal belief. I may be wrong about everything that I think I know. Have a good day! BYYYYYEEEE!

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Let’s talk about Brienne and Tormund for a second or two. So, for her whole life, Brienne was never a beautiful lady. She was tall, strong, and not significantly good looking (though 10/10 Gwendoline). She was teased and mocked for not being ideal looking her whole life, eventually using that as a form of armor against the world. The only person she ever felt affection for was Renly, because he was kind, but he was just that. Kind. He wasn’t attracted to her. Later, during her time with Jaime, even he is only at most kind to her. Both of them were kind because they needed her strength. Renly in his King’s Guard, Jaime for protection when he could no longer fight. They needed to use her. But still saw her as this large, masculine women. 

Brienne was completely used to being stared at, and so she rolls her eyes and keeps moving when Tormund first lays eyes on her. Her armor is still up. But in every scene that they are together, her reaction to him changes. At first, she is annoyed, somewhat repulsed by him. But as seen in 7x01, he startles her. He distracts her. This is because Tormund is unlike any other man she has ever interacted with. As seen when he speaks to the Hound North of the Wall, he finds her strength and power extremely attractive. Unlike Jaime and Renly who needed her power but still found her unattractive, her power is what draws Tormund in. 

Which confuses the shit out of her. She doesn’t know how to accept love. Her mother died when she was young, she didn’t have siblings, her father tried to marrying her off but eventually gave in and taught her to fight, but not because he wanted to. Many characters have become fond of her, but Tormund is seemingly the first character who actually loves her for who she is. She doesn’t know whether or not to lower her armor and accept it or not. For so long she was told “No, everything about you is wrong and bad” that for someone to feel that everything about her is good and right literally doesn’t not compute in her head. She doesn’t know how to accept love, because she has never thought she deserved it.

Closet (M)

Description : When Jimin innocently goes on a search for his laptop in his roommate’s closet, he finds much more than he bargained for

Pairing : Yoonmin x Reader

Word count : 3k

Genre : 101% smut

Warning : voyeurism, cum play, guy on guy action, dom!yoongi

a/n : This is filth, idk what to do with myself

“Alright where’d you hide it?” Jimin scoffed at the fake startled expression that danced on his roommates’ face after he’d asked the question.

“Me? Hide what?” Yoongi smiled widely at his success in annoying Jimin and continued to eat his dinner while Jimin stood before him and scowled.

“Yoongi I need my laptop!! I’ve got important stuff on it!” Jimin whined endlessly while slamming soft fists against the small coffee table they shared in the living room.

“Aww, like what? Your porn?” They both had images of the other day flash before them simultaneously accompanied by the uneasy feeling it came with when it happened.

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Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>