you are worthy of love and belonging

When you’re wearing HP merch and someone tells you “omg I love Harry Potter! I’m a Gryffindor.” and you think to yourself “are you really a Gryffindor or do you say you are because Harry, Ron and Hermione were Gryffindors and therefor you think it’s the only worthy house because you’ve watched the movies once 4 years ago and don’t really know about the true complexity and attributes that belong to each house and are ignorant to the brilliance and potential of the other houses.” or when someone you just met says “I’m a slytherin, obviously.” and you think to yourself “are you an actual Slytherin or do you say you are because you’re ‘totally evil’ and ‘edgy’ since that’s the (wrong) impression the world seems to have about Slytherins and they’re all connected to the villains in the story, even if the villain presents zero Slytherin traits.”

To all the witches who are trying to recover from eating disorders, self harm, addictions or any other kind of struggle, you are so strong and we’re proud of you. We love you and that we’re here if any of you need to talk.

To all the witches who aren’t ready to recover yet, I hope one day you can find it in you to beat what’s going on, you are worthy of recovery. We love you and we’re here if you need to talk.

To all the witches with chronic illnesses or any long-term illness, life sucks when you’re always sick, but we love you and we’re here if you need to talk.

To all the witches with memory problems, who can’t remember their spells or correspondences and feel like they aren’t able to do tarot because they can’t remember the card meanings. You’re a witch regardless of what you can and can’t remember. We love you and we’re here if you need to talk.

To all the witches with any mental illnesses, you aren’t too unstable to practice your craft no matter what anyone says about being in a “calm mindset” or not being emotional. We love you and we’re here if you need to talk.

To all the autistic witches, sometimes doing things is sensory hell or you need to do things in a specific way or you like your spells to be focused around your special interest(s). You’re all great witches. We love you and we’re here if you need to talk.

This is to every witch who doesn’t feel like they belong, who gets told that these things limit their craft or make it impossible for them, who struggle to find the energy to be able to focus on it. We’re all valid witches, we’re all worthy of being here and no one can stop us from practicing our craft. Make it your own, involve all the things people say make it bad or wrong or weird in your craft, screw what other people say.

Use kitchen witchcraft to help you beat an eating disorder. Focus your craft on low energy things in your daily life. Use all your special interests as fuel for your own spells or the deities you work with. Use witchcraft to help you in your life and use it to make yourself as happy as possible.

Your differences can be used in your craft and you are always a witch as long as you say you are!

But now, things are different. I’ll never be the same. Here I am, sitting on my windowsill, thinking. Thinking, that it’s crazy how much shit I let you put me through all because I love you. Knowing, that I’m not nearly as important to you as I had thought. Understanding, that I could never hate you for everything you’ve done to me; I still love you and I always will. Realizing, that you take this love for granted. You’ll never be worthy.
—  i guess this is goodbye
Enrique’s recommended cartoon list

The Amazing World of Gumball

A love letter to animation through and through! Using CGI, traditional animation, flash, stop motion, puppets, clay animation, among others, a show solely created to exploit and push the possibilities this wonderful medium offers, with top-notch tongue-in-cheek humor alongside more slapstick one, that can give you very emotional moments when it sets itself to do so in ways that never feel manipulative, the best from both Europe and America.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Like Gumball, another love letter to animation, but with the added bonus that it’s also a love letter to classic horror films; very surreal, experimental at times, with a writing that can take you anywhere, from scaring the shit out of you, leave you uneasy, leave you uncomfortable, to just downright bittersweet feelings that never once feel forced or hamfisted, the only Cartoon Network show that has ever been nominated to an Oscar. 

Ed, Edd & Eddy

It’s surreal as fuck and it captures the feel of the old, golden era shows from the 30′s and 40′s, plus it has the best ending of a cartoon I’ve ever seen.

Harvey Beaks

It’s cute, it’s uniquely animated, it’s chock full of great characters, and it will constantly remind you of how great it was being a kid; plus, it has the thirstiest, gayest fucking bunny rabbit you’ll ever see, and you will love every second of his appearances. It’s the purest cartoon you’ll ever get to see!

King of the Hill

Relatable characters, relatable storylines, absurd situations that nevertheless always feel real enough, an MC that couldn’t be more different than us, and yet we one way or the other end up identifying with, one fo the very few adult cartoons that don’t have to rely on violence or sex to convey a mature feeling.

Star vs the Forces of Evil

Basically, america taking the magical girls genre from Japan, and just doing it right. The animation goes to shit around mid-season 1, but it recovers in season 2, the writing, however, just improves. One of the very few shows to pull off romance right, and with a constant knack at game-changing events after each season, a true example of how to do overarching plots that actually respect the audience. 

Rick and Morty

Basically everything Futurama ever wanted to be: A love letter to sci fi, with dark yet compelling storylines that are always fun as fuck, fundamentally broken characters that continually evolve without losing their essences, gracious violence, lack of reliance on tired tropes, and surprisingly emotional moments that never feel out of place nor forced. 

Golan the Insatiable.

Uniquely animated, with a very bizarre, borderline ADHD writing that nonetheless always keeps it entertaining, a pity it’s so short.

Samurai Jack

While the current season is the best animated series I’ve ever seen period, the older seasons are just a great, if much more lighthearted and a bit unfocused (mostly due to the old setup of stand-alone episodes), and while it’s true you can watch the new episodes without watching the older ones, as the season has been designed to be enjoyed like that, you can get a much better view of Jack and his current struggles by knowing what he already went through and how he used to tackle his old challenges, which makes the new ones much more striking.

Edit: Having finished season 5, I must say, the first half is still the best animated series I’ve seen period, the second, however, now belongs in the mentions with an *.

Wander Over Yonder

The closest we got to a return of the old slapstick-era cartoons of the golden age, at first a bit superficial, but as the series progresses you learn to love all of its characters, which all go through their own character arcs, alongside a big overarching plot that spans the entire second season, with an excellent ending worthy of its legacy. 

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

An everpresent dark humor that never takes itself too seriously, broken unlikable characters you will learn to love, a constant improvement in the animation as the show moves forward, an expanded secondary cast that help bring a breath of fresh air to the formula, and just plain awesome movies and crossovers. 


A completely slice of life show that just works! Sure, the MC can get annoying, and the first season relies too heavily on gross-out humor, but from the second season the show finds its footing, with characters that are just filled with personality, settings that vary from mundane to just complete bizarre and yet always feel like part of the same universe, and plots that just serve to remind you how it felt to be a kid. Plus, there’s a teacher character that’s completely broken, and yet she always ends up being the most competent character of them all!

And finally, special mentions with a big asterisk:

The Loud House

At its core, it’s a great, unique show with a diverse cast of characters and an interesting animation that while simplistic, has a ton of charm, and when its properly exploited, is fun as hell, but sadly, more often that not it falls into old, tired tropes, making it a frustrating chore to watch, and so far those episodes outnumber the good ones, so it’s still a mixed bag.

Gravity Falls

Everyone and their mom will tell you this is the greatest cartoon ever made, but once you disregard the “muh deepest lore” and “muh mysteries”, it kinda falls apart, mainly due to an overfocus on the first MC, Dipper, heavily distracting from most of the lore in many episodes, the complete flanderization of the second MC, Mabel, originally a great character with tons of charm that eventually devolves into a selfish bastard that never learns from her mistakes or faces consequences for her actions, and finally, a lackluster second half of the final season that kinda throws away all the build-up lore and mysteries. 

Phineas and Ferb

Great songs, great characters, very creative settings, and a fucking Top Gear’s trio cameo! But man if the formula just gets old, some of the songs are just god-awful, and many neat concepts and characters get terribly underused in favor of the same old tropes. Plus the simplistic designs of the main characters tend to clash a lot with the more polished ones found in later seasons. 

my heart carved itself out of my chest
and placed the bloody barely beating broken pieces in your hand
the night the stars first watched us collide

and there’s a rage built inside our souls
a love worthy of burning empires down
screams that follow us all the way home
only to be quieted when I kiss the blood from your lips

I refuse to lose you for without you I would lose my reason
and even when the universe forces us to part
you remain, echoing in this hollow heart that only ever belonged to you

We are the ugly parts of the love story,
But we are the beautiful ones too

—  Unfinished Stories 3x15 by Abby S

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you.
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I’ve been living for.

—  Sleeping At Last (Turning Page)

ArtTrade For my Friend @oraclesaturn2!!
Au : ClockWise That Belongs again to my friend Oracle!
Omg i had soo much fun with this!! Mostly because of Sans outfit, its so diffrent and unique omfg, I adore the backround! Despiste that it looks flat x’D
Sorry about that xDD
There was a big space on the left side so..i had to add the Annoying Dog There ahahaha, if it ever exists in that au, My dear friend, I love doing this for you, i hope it was worthy of your amazing art, Your art is too increidible, i dont think this is enough to repay ; O ;

To all the young trans girls who need to read this message,

Hating your body and wishing you were cis does not make you more or less of a woman.

You were a woman all along, and you still will be, regardless of your relationship with your skin.

Please be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Please be patient, because every problem has a solution, even if at this very moment it is out of reach.

Remember most of all that the cruelty of the world around you does not belong to you. It is they who are wrong, and not you.

And most of all, remember this:

You are worthy of love.

Waterside Jealousy

“Hiiii can you write someone where Shawn and his girlfriend are at the beach? Just kissing swimming laying around some guys watch her and Shawn realizes getting jealous watching the sunset just a little bit of everything 😩🔥😊”

A/N: finally an actual request yay. I tried to stay as close to what was requested, but i lowkey got carried away oOPs. thanks to the person who requested this u da real mvp, also thanks for 300+ notes on keep quiet???? that makes me feel more confident oh my god????
Rating: whatever is the opposite of PG bc this some fluff y'all
Requested? yeah

Word Count: 1K+

Summer was coming too close to an end and I don’t think my heart was taking it well. Although I favored autumn more, I was still enjoying soaking up the sunlight and sand between my toes every time I walked the beach. It was the reason I found myself sprawled out over a mandala wall mural that doubled as a beach blanket.

We’d been here since 11 AM, when the sun was high as ever, shining its happiness over every passerby on the land. It was 4:30PM now. I’d swam, basking in the salty waters, almost all damn day. I’d look like a raisin had I swam any longer. Shawn on the other hand, was having the time of his life. Him, Brian, and Ian were a few yards down, tossing a frisbee around and screaming like, well, exactly what they were, a bunch of boys. It was nice to watch him relax and just spend a little time to enjoy. Taking the time to observe him, I felt comfortable, at peace.

“You came to the beach…to read?” Shawn drawls, laying himself on the other half of my towel, resting his head on his hand. He turns on his side to meet my shielded eyes and raised eyebrows.

“What happened to somethin’ about never judging my decisions?” I barely paid him mind as I flipped over to the next chapter of my book.

Shawn chuckles, drawing delicate lines and shapes across my lower back. “Not judging, just…observing.”

“Well, yes I did. Now stop observing me, it’s weird.” I hum, pressing my bookmark in between the pages and shutting it.
“It’s not weird, it should be a compliment. Isn’t that the type of thing girls usually like? Guys noticing the little things?”
“Yes, but that’s-Oh my god, Shawn-That’s not what we mean.” I laughed, leaving a quick kiss on his lips, feeling the curve of a smile make a short appearance.

“Come enjoy the water, eat some ice cream, hug a dolphin; Do something entertaining,Y/N..” I flick a bit sand towards him, watching him nearly fall onto his back attempting to avoid it. I try and stifle a laugh but fail drastically.

“I love you.” He sighs contently, pressing a kiss to my forehead as I scoot into his side. His arms hangs over my shoulders like the sun in sky, giving me a sense of warmth and contentment. “I love you more.” Moments like these were the important ones.
There’s 24 hours in a day. 24 hours to take the long way home, beat world records, get a new dog, learn a new recipe. The possibilities given to us in just a single day, is amazing. It’s a time to go on adventures and live every moment like it’s the last, or spend it the way you like best, no matter how simple that is.

Sitting here, in Shawn’s arms, listening to the waves crash into the shoreline, hearing the joyful laughter of kids running along the beach, a random song on the radio blasting all over the form of nature was one of my favorite ways to spend it. The location didn’t matter as much as who I was with. As long as he was at my side, I could have a good time no matter what.

I glance up, finding Shawn’s gaze solid as rock and set on something behind me. His jaw locked tight, chest heaving, fists clenched, told me that his anger was anything but tameable as of now. “What’s going on, babe?” A voice whistles behind me and I have to hold back the vomit I feel resting in my throat.
“Nothing with you, clearly.” I snap, pulling my sunglasses up into my hair.
“Wow, you’re even hotter without glasses on.” He snickered, crouching down to be eye level with me.God, this guy was sickening.
“It’s apparent that regardless of whether you wore them or not, you’d still be unappealing.”
“Ooh, fiesty.”
“Judging by your lack of respect, you must get turned down often, huh?” Shawn sneers beside me. I press my hand into his chest, knowing he’ll crack and break this guy’s skull at any given moment if he keeps pushing.
“Don’t talk about yourself like that, Lover Boy.”
“Says the guy who can’t ever get a girl. I’m sure you on the ones who’re evidently taken and far too out of your league.”
“It’s kind of obvious, he doesn’t have to go searching for women ‘cause he has the best one, isn’t it?” A slight smile rested itself on my lips. I think I loved when Shawn got sassy more than any other part. It was an amusing occurrence. It became even better when we did it together.

“So if you don’t mind, my girlfriend and I have something to do. Why don’t you go find your fucking mom and let her teach you how to approach a woman, yeah?”
“She’s not even all that anyways.” He huffs, standing back on his feet.
“But you were just trying to get me. Don’t be an emasculate asshole.” I didn’t bother resisting my urge to laugh as the guy stomped off bruised ego and all. His foot was completely emerged in sand with every step he took. He nearly slipped twice and it made it even funnier watching him faceplant the ground after the third time.
“I could’ve punched his goddamn face in.” He mumbles, his fingertips dancing along my backside. I press my finger against his cheek, taking his gaze off the douchebag that now walked out of view. His lips meet my own and a hum of appreciation from Shawn is swallowed between my lips.
“He’s not worth it, babe. Don’t even waste the time being upset. He’s not you so I don’t care.” In seconds, that breathtaking smile of his was plastered right back where it belongs.“Did I tell you how much I love you?”
“You may have mentioned it once or twice?” I grin, laying my head across his lap.
“Alright, clearly I’m doing a bad job at something.”

anonymous asked:

Hi hi ^-^ can I request A gif scenario of rfa and Saeeraaan being really yandere/possessive of MC? Thank you *-*

Lol I actually enjoyed writing this (ahaha ^-^”) ~~ mod stranger


- he has a really bad temper so he’s the ‘i will kill you if you touch her’ type of yandere

- when he sees another guy talking to you in public he’ll immediately cut in

- at first he’ll play nice and polite (he’s good at it since he’s an actor after all) in public but inside he’s a boiling volcano of rage

- he always makes you go out in jeans and a sweater or anything that covers you almost completely because he doesn’t want anyone staring at you. the sight of you is for him and his eyes only

- once he caught a cameraman staring at you when you came to visit him during a shooting and boy was he pissed

- he’ll wait for when there are less people around and secretly threaten that cameraman. and since he’s super scary when he’s pissed the cameraman listens and doesn’t so much as tries to notice your presence

- sometimes when the person he’s threatening is being uncooperative he’ll add in a black eye or a broken rib

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- he’s the ‘zero to ten’ kind of yandere. at first he’s calm and chill but before you know it he’s punching another guy in the face

- after what he’s been through with the whole Rika and V thing, he can’t bear losing you to another man so he wants to ~eliminate~ the competition (in a non-murderous way i hope)

- when he sees somebody hitting on you he’ll actually hit them for real. sometimes you’ll even have to hold him back so he doesn’t completely lose control

- he’s also super clingy around you. he’ll even check your calls and text messages in case you were flirting with someone else

- he’ll constantly ask you if you love him and if he’s the only one you love. he needs constant reassurance so this happens a lot

- it’s kind of scary how cheerful he can seem when he’s interrogating you on how your day went (more importantly who you talked to)

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- she’s the ‘calmer, more passive aggressive’ type of yandere

- she doesn’t express her possessive side as violently as the others do but she will death glare anyone who comes near you

- she interrogates you a lot actually. once you get home it’s all questions about where you came from and who you were with and what did you do

- she gets the names of all your friends and co-workers and looks up their profiles and social media accounts online

- she makes an exact schedule for you to follow so you don’t spend as much time around other people and instead spend it with her

- she can tell when you’re lying too so you have no choice but to tell her the truth

- when someone tries to make a pass at you she doesn’t cut in herself but she’ll watch how you react, making you know that there will be consequences if you choose the wrong action

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- y’all know what he’s going to do

- he’ll never let you leave the house without him. if you so much as try he’s going to lock you up in the cage (jumin NOOOO)

- when you two attend social gatherings he always has a hand or an arm on some part of your body just to show everybody else that you’re his

- if anyone tries to make a pass at you he’ll call his security to take care of them. it’s scary what else he’s going to do with the power that he has

- he always wants to keep track of you even when you’re at home so he has security cameras everywhere around the house and direct access to the footage on his phone

- at the same time he’ll also try to please you in any way he can. he’s always buying you gifts that are more extravagant than the last just so you wouldn’t even think about leaving

- he’ll constantly remind you that you’re his. when he asks you who you belong to you better give the right answer

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- he always has his eye on you somehow. even when you’re not in the same room as him he’ll keep watch of you around the house through his security cameras inside

- he keeps a GPS chip on your clothes to track where you’re going. also constantly calls you throughout the day when you’re not at home

- he has hidden cameras on you too in places where you wouldn’t even think of looking. he never wants you to remain out of his sights

- he will research on all your friends and co-workers to find out every detail about them and determine which ones will try making a pass at you

- he won’t completely destroy their life, at least not yet. if he learns that one of them flirted with you at least once then *poof* God Seven has ruined their life

- he has no self-control as to how clingy and possessive he can be. if you try to tell him off about it he brushes it off by saying he’s just ‘protective’ of you

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- he’s a photographer so you can probably guess that he’ll take a million pictures of you

- he never gets tired of taking pictures of you, especially candid photos when he can focus on photographing his favorite parts of you

- one of his favorite things to do is take pictures of you while you’re still asleep in the morning

- he has an entire room just filled with pictures of you pasted on the walls. he prefers going there most of the time over sleeping (unless you call him to bed of course)

- he won’t ever show those pictures to anyone, even though most of them are gallery-worthy because he wants the sight of you all to himself

-  he also loves making you wear his clothes and taking pictures of you in them too

Originally posted by thecameralover


- this boy is violent af when it comes to other people making a pass at you

- he doesn’t care if you’re in a public place, he will literally beat up anyone trying to flirt with you

- he’ll put an arm around your shoulder at all times when you go out just to show other people that you’re his

- sometimes he’ll grip you tightly on the shoulder and wrist and growl that you belong to him and him only

- he’ll threaten not only other people but you as well if you so much as think about leaving him

- he’ll leave marks on your skin and make you wear sleeveless shirts to show them off just so other people know that you’re taken

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A Valentine’s Proposal ... After the Fact

Happy Valentine’s Day @sailorkillian!!! I’m your somewhat absent CS Secret Valentine! When you told me about your favorite CS moments I picked up that you are a big fan of the fluffy ones so here is a little Valentine’s proposal fic that doesn’t take place on Valentine’s Day and isn’t really a proposal .. read on to find out what that means!

Emma turned the key in the ignition and the yellow bug’s engine went silent. Killian’s eyes were closed as his head rested back on the seat. It had been another long adventure..

“So, I guess we can cross Narnia off the lists of realms to visit for our next vacation, huh?”

“Next vacation?” Killian replied, not opening his eyes. “We’d have to have one first, love.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” she agreed.

Killian finally opened his eyes and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “Shall we go inside and try to get some rest before your son decides to explore another wardrobe?”

“Yes, please,” Emma said. After slamming her door shut she looked back at Killian over the roof of the car. “And I saw Leroy walking out of Granny’s so we should probably double check the locks on the front door.”

“And barricade the windows.”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking about that,” Emma laughed as she fell into step with him. He slipped an arm around her waist and they slowly walked up the stairs to their front door.

“Keeping everyone out for a few days of solitude with you is no joking matter,” he said, turning her in his arms and pulling her into a kiss.

When they pulled apart Emma’s eyes stayed closed as the smile spread across her face. “We made it home.”

“Aye, love.” He kissed her forehead and put the key into the lock.

He turned the key and pushed open their front door. Emma took a step inside and heard a crunch beneath her feet as though she had stepped onto fallen leaves.

“Killian …  what is all this?”

“Bloody hell, I had forgotten.”

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We've all read MC catching the RFA cheating scenarios.. but can you do a RFA + V & Saeran catch MC cheating on them scenario?


- He couldn’t breathe.

- The two of you weren’t supposed to hang out today, you said you were hanging out with a friend, but. Friends didn’t hold hands like that, with the arms tangled together, sharing a few fleeting kisses and giggles

- He wanted to puke.

- The last time he had managed to kiss you was about a week ago, just one single chaste kiss, and he had respected you since you didn’t want more. He just thought you didn’t want to be touched, again, that day.

- But this other guy was getting all your attention? Hugs, kisses- Oh my god, he was slipping his hand into your back pocket.

- Nope. He forced his shaking legs to move before they gave out. Move from the busy street, move away from the shop he was going to visit, move away from buying that gift he was saving up money for you.

- Coffee dropped, chest constricted- It’s a wonder how he managed to get home, especially without sobbing, but thankfully he managed to not lose it completely until he hit the steps for his small dorm room. 

- Then he just sobbed. Sobbed on the steps- First propping himself up with his hands, falling halfway up the stairs, and it took a good five minutes until he could continue up them, stumbling into his room, crumbling against the door and wailing

- He doesn’t want to admit it, what had happened, at first, but when he calls Zen crying about it, Zen wisely tells him he needs to not follow you like a puppy anymore- That it’s obvious you don’t care about him.

- Then its Zen and Seven over at his dorm, trying to console him, trying to let him drink just a tad to let him get rid of some of these horrible feelings

- He’s not the one to send you the “Don’t contact me again,” text, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t wish he never had to send it in the first place.

- He rarely felt jealous. He could count the times he had, and all but two could be connected to you.

- Jealous with how you would give the others more attention than him, jealous at how some other men looked at you, jealous whenever you laughed at another party-goer’s jokes. But  at the end of the day, he knew the two of you belonged to each other.

- His love would never stray from you, and you had promised the same in your vows. Why would he ever doubt you? You had proven yourself worthy of trust over and over again, and he knew better than to follow in his father’s footsteps.

- Apparently, you did not.

- After one RFA party, the crowd slowly dispersing, he couldn’t locate you. There were still a few guests here and there, but most were leaving. Were you trying to convince a guest to come again to the next party?

- In the ‘back’, a hallway that guests weren’t supposed to really go to, seemed empty, until he heard a few breathy groans.

- Ready to put a few guests on a ‘Do Not Invite’ list, he opened the closet the noises were coming from, taken aback by seeing you tangled up with a guest.

- The man darted past Jumin as he stared you down, a frighteningly cold look in his eyes.

- “What- No. Why?” He couldn’t find the right words, anger and betrayal mixing together, confusing him.

- “He… He’s not so empty like you are.”

- He slammed the door shut, anger finally winning him over.

- He didn’t tell the other members, just a harsh remark that someone else needed to handle the guest list for next year, before he up and left.

- In the car, however, when Driver Kim asked where you were, the rest of his emotions finally got to him. He threw up the divider, trying to focus on anything other than the pain in his chest.

- Empty. Had Zen been right all along? Granted the man had stopped saying such things a while ago, once the marriage took place, but…

- Perhaps he had been right. Because he certainly felt empty now.

- Home, he locked himself up in his study, trying to come up with all the reasons why this happened. He had bought you gifts, bought you clothes, cars, anything you wanted.

- And with slow horror, he realized he had let himself be played, just as his father always had been.

- Empty… He could certainly become that, if it meant preventing such agonizing feelings from appearing again.

- She had her doubts with the relationship at times.

- I mean, she’s never dated a woman, she’s never really felt this way in a relationship before. While she’s had relationship experience, but… This was completely new.

- She wasn’t used to being too scared in public at times. Granted, the place the two of you lived wasn’t too against this kind of relationship. The most they got was confused looks, or being mistaken as close friends.

- But in bigger places? Or around the workplace? She kept it as quiet as she could- Too scared of what might be said. She’s seen how some couples get treated, and she never wants to risk that with you.

- Of course, it kept her worried at times. Waiting for coffee to brew, for pastries to bake- Those quiet moments where she was forced to do nothing but wait, entertain herself, those thoughts creeped in.

- Was she good enough for you? You said you were happy, but were you? The two of you couldn’t kiss in many public places, couldn’t go hand in hand everywhere. Such simple happinesses were taken away, so easily.

- But your actions always quieted those thoughts, made her forget them.

-  Except for now, as she saw you walking down the street with a man who’s arm you were entangled with.

- Her breath stopped as your eyes met, and the man, oblivious, asked who she was.

- “Friend of yours, honey?”

- It didn’t leave much to question. She could be wrong, assuming too quickly, but your reaction and unable to speak confirmed it all.

- “No,” She said, putting her sunglasses back on. “Sorry, I thought you were someone I used to know.” And she left it at that.

- When she got home she put everything you had left in a box. Numbly, coldly, just folding your clothes and wrapping your cups in paper. When a single box was filled, her house void of your things, she drove to your house and left it on your front steps.

- Back at her house, she just leaned against her closed door. 

- All those thoughts, those worries…They had a reason for existing, didn’t they?

- He’s the perfect man, how could you even consider doing such a thing to him?

- That’s usually how he quelled any worries. Attempts at an inflated ego, showering you with as much love, doing everything romantic in the book.

- That’s why, as he watched your hands slip into the back of another man’s pants to give a firm squeeze, he couldn’t understand where he had went wrong.

- His coworkers liked going out for drinks. Usually he didn’t go, but when he did, he always tried to get you to come along. He enjoyed spending time with you, even at shitty bars. 

- He didn’t think that you might fancy one of his coworkers, and that’s why you agreed. Didn’t think when he excused himself to the restroom, that you might have exchanged numbers with one. Or two.

- God, was it just this guy? More?

- Zen was supposed to be rehearsing right now, with another member, but he forgot his script, only to find you fiercely making out with another man. Who didn’t even compare to Zen

-…Did he?

- “Mc?”

- The two of you froze, you looking dumbstruck as the guy untangled himself from you and left as quickly as he could. In the past, Zen would have grabbed the man and threatened to beat him within an inch of his life, but now that he was older, calmer, he knew to try to push that need as far away as he could.

- He knew that you were to blame, not the other man.

- “Why?” That’s all he could manage out. His throat was aching, his eyes stinging in such a ridiculous way. He knew he probably sounded pathetic, but he deserved some answer, some kind of fucking answer.

- But, at first, you didn’t respond. You tried to just shake your head and walk off, but instinctively he grabbed your wrist.

- “Mc–”

- “You really think you’re the greatest man ever, don’t you?”

- What?

- “Do you want another rumor against you?”

- His heart stopped. FInally pulling his hand back, he watched you grab your purse and leave.

- Was…Was he really that bad?

- The rest of practice was done for. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t keep his emotions straight, and kept missing his queues. By the time he had gotten home, his numbness shattered.

- Finding comfort in alcohol was something he never wanted to do, but it was the only thing that felt right.

- He didn’t feel secure in the relationship. He wanted to be, god he wanted to be, but the self depreciating thoughts always came back.

- You were so much better than him. So much kinder, so patient. Hell, you were putting up with him and his brother, and even then he couldn’t deal with him at times.

- Sometimes, rarely, he slipped into his shell again, wanting to push you away, push you away so you could live your live and be happy somewhere else. You deserved more than him, you deserved so much better than all of this stress you were constantly engulfed in.

- So, when he found your online dating profile, he almost agreed that this was probably for the best. Granted, he shouldn’t be snooping around anyway, but you were always latched to your phone now. Not in the RFA messenger, not chatting with potential guests (they never made your face light up like he had witnessed). He needed to know who was making you so happy, who was doing what he had failed to do so many times.

- And, of course, it was a funny guy. He scanned the messages, his heart sinking further and further as he read them. He was like 707, not Saeyoung. Silly. Goofy, weirdly sweet.

- Not how he was. Not how he really was.

- He looked up every bit of info about the man without thinking twice, just studying up on him, soaking up every little detail

- And he couldn’t find. One. Damn. Thing. Wrong.

- He was perfect. No history of any mental illness, no complicated background. A normal, funny, guy. Normal job, even had his own place and a car. 

- Normal.

- Something you needed.

- He didn’t even bother to get angry. In fact, he almost offered to let you just take one of his cars and go meet the man, go rid yourself of these bastard twins and go.

- Instead, when it was obvious that he knew, he resorted into numbly going back into his shell, pushing you away so you never thought about coming back.

- It’s what you needed. So why did it hurt so damn much?

- In the back of his mind, he knew that this was revenge for betraying Rika.

- Though, everyone would argue that he never betrayed her, or that she deserved it, he couldn’t bring it within himself to agree with them. He loved her. He loved her so much, and in the end he gave up.

- He stopped trying, and let her go.

- He watched as he saw you with another man at a cafe. Laughing, holding hands, leaning in as much as you could without being awkward. He knew how you flirted, and it was obvious you were doing so.

- And when the other man kissed you, he just chuckled to himself.

- Of course. Why would anyone love him? 

- He had too many flaws. Too, too, many. He held things back from people, kept secrets, god knows all of Yoosung’s anger was completely justified. 

- He just… Didn’t think this would happen so quickly. He thought he would get a few more happy moments with you, before things fell through.

- Wanting to avoid you seeing him, he continued down the street, stopping somewhere to throw away the gift he had just bought for you. You probably wouldn’t want to be near anything that reminded you of him, right?

- He didn’t deserve you. He didn’t deserve anything, just hardly his name.

- It takes him a bit to get home. He keeps losing himself in his negative thoughts, just walking and walking until he snaps out of his thoughts and realizes he was supposed to turn a few blocks back. But when he does get home, he just stands and stares at the ceiling for a bit. It takes a lot, so much more willpower than it should, to finally pull out his phone and end things.

- Ending a relationship through texts is so horrible, so cold-hearted, but obviously he must be like that for you to do this, right?

- It hurts, so much, but he knows he deserves it.

- You were so sweet, so beautiful. His personal angel, someone who had helped him see how good the world could be.

- Your laugh helped him, your lips brushing against his had him feeling as though nothing could ever harm him again. Nothing.

- Except for you.

- It wasn’t a good habit to spy. He shouldn’t be. Saeyoung did it at times as well, and sometimes they both joined in when you had been gone for much longer than promised- Their worry eating them up to ignore morals for a few moments of relief.

- This time, instead of finding random security footage of you buying groceries, or walking down the street, the found you hand in hand with another man, getting ready to walk into a restaurant.

- Saeyoung tried a flimsy excuse. Maybe it was an old friend? Was Saeran sure she didn’t text him? Maybe she mentioned this guy before? But everything fell short as Saeran stalked the security cameras more, watching as you held the man’s hand on the table, how the two of you shared a kiss that was definitely not friendly.

- He lost it. Anger hit him first.

- How could he have trusted you? Of course you were going to be like all the other women in his life- Abusing him in all different forms, using him just for your benefit. Of course his therapist was lying to him, about how you seemed like a sweet girl, and how you were helping him. Was this really help?

- He threw everything of yours outside. Everything. Saeyoung eventually gave up trying to stop him- Because why should he? He just silently watched, his heart aching for his brother

- The twins locked you out, and Saeran couldn’t help himself from trying to destroy your phone remotely, as much as he could.

- A few days later, no calls or texts from you, he ended up finding a shirt of yours that he missed

- He couldn’t bring himself to toss it. Instead he curled up around it, trying his best not to directly sob into it. 

- You were his angel. Why did you have to hurt him so bad?


Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1221

A/N: 5-minute fluffy drabble request by @eurusholmmes - “Cas? And scar kisses, but the READER gives him scar kisses?” Confession: It took me longer than 5 minutes to write because I LOVED this concept. So, now you have a short one-shot. Some mild angst consistent with Castiel’s canon skewed self-view. Ultimately fluffy.

Until you met Castiel, you didn’t believe in the notion of being loved, inside and out, without reservations, with divine patience, and with immeasurable depth of understanding. From the first innocent inklings of your friendship and tumble into the intense intimacy of a full-blown romantic affair, Castiel nurtured an unyielding desire and curiosity to understand and acknowledge every intricacy of your existence – the polished mask painted with often false confidence and cushioning sarcasm that you display for the world, the fettered margins of your soul where you lodge regret and anxiety, your silly secret hopes and dreams, the nuanced history of your human experience since your creation day, and the map of every scar, blemish, and sun-kissed freckle writ upon your physical form. You opened up your heart and mind to the angel in ways you never imagined possible, and in doing so discovered the joyful serenity of experiencing another’s wholly loving acceptance of you.

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RED FLAG: To my single sisters talking to a brother for marriage - if you are already having fights, disagreements, and problems NOW I want you to consider what things will be like when you are married and living together. If this man is telling you NOW that you argue too much, need to change, aren’t behaving obediently, reminds you of your past, brings up your past, wants you to make a drastic change that would mean you basically being cut off from friends and family, or anything else of this nature - PLEASE SEE THE RED FLAG OF DANGER WAVING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

I know many people are afraid to give their opinion like I am on such little information - but I refuse to stay silent when I believe someone is walking into an emotionally manipulative and potentially abusive marriage.

I know you think you love him, I know he isn’t “all bad,” and I am sure he can be nice too, and I know he said he loves you and wants to marry you… I know he apologizes (sometimes) and makes du'a for you, and says he will be your teacher in the Deen….I know that he said you are beautiful, and I know that he promises a lifestyle of love and happiness….

But all that “love” simply isn’t enough my dear sisters. This love will fail you, it’s going to smash and darken your heat, it’s going to control you, twist you, and bend you until you no longer break, you just melt beneath his feet.

You belong to Allah - as such - you deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, respect, patience, and generosity. Never let anyone make you believe you are “lucky” for them to choose you.

You choose you first, then YOU get to choose - not just be chosen - you have to choose too, and make a decision you are indeed worthy of making. Talk to your friends, show someone you really really trust with your heart, your Iman, your akhirah, and your precious life - and tell them what is going on, and listen to what they say before you say yes.

Just ….slow….down….and….breathe.

—  Megan Wyatt
As You Are

Summary: You’re not the girl for Jung Hoseok. Him - who was sunshine and daisies and fireworks. You - who were back-alley darkness and used needles and burnt cigarettes. But he doesn’t care. And you fucking hate yourself for it.

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm, suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence and drug abuse

Music: Good Girls by LANY

Words: 7,861

Originally posted by parkjmzl

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