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My Fake Boyfriend Masterlist

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your best friend and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

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My fake boyfriend Part 1

My fake boyfriend Part 2

My fake boyfriend Part 3

My fake boyfriend Part 4 

My fake boyfriend Part 5

My fake boyfriend Part 6

My fake boyfriend Part 7

My fake boyfriend Part 8

My fake boyfriend Part 9

My fake boyfriend Part 10

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Bts reacts to you being depressed in the tub?

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Jin would go into mom mode, nearly smothering you until he realized he wasn’t helping. Taking you to bed, he’d snuggle up to you, playing with your hair and trying to soothe you. Whatever you needed, Jin would give it to you. The next couple weeks he’d start checking in regularly to see how you were though, and do what he could to help you.

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Suga would sit by the tub and listen to everything you were upset or worried about really quietly. He wouldn’t try to cheer you up or force a smile on your face, he’d just listen and understand. Suga knows pretending to be happy won’t help you and he doesn’t want you to be fake with him. In the future, he’d spend a lot of time watching your emotions and habits, making sure you were still physically healthy and watching for a decline in your mental health.

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J-Hope would fuss and make sure you were okay before taking you out of the tub, finding something to make you feel better even if it was just for a few minutes. He might drag you out to go see a movie or just go window shopping since he knows getting out of the house can help. For a while you’d be getting extra visits and calls to make sure you were getting out of the house enough.

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Rap Monster would join you, pulling your back against his chest while you cried or talked or did whatever you needed to do. He’d really have to hold himself back though, Namjoon would want to kick the ass of whatever was hurting you, even if that wasn’t physical. He’d stay with you until you felt better, never leaving your side for more than a minute. After you started feeling better, he’d take more time out of his schedule to take you to all the places that made him happier.

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Jimin would be losing his shit on the inside but would try to stay calm because he didn’t want you to panic too - he wouldn’t be very good at hiding it. He would sit across from you in the tub while he waited for you to be ready to talk. Once you were he’d listen very intently and taking note of everything that was making you unhappy, and later he’d try and change those things. Eventually you’d have to tell him that he was lovely the way he was, and you didn’t want him to change to make your life easier.

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V would immediately get you out of the bath and into something insanely comfy, take you to the living room order your favorite food, grab some ice cream and only when you were stuffed and snuggled up to him would he ask what was wrong. He’d let you talk for hours if you needed to, interjecting where he thought it was appropriate. After that, he’d take extra time out of his day to makes sure you were healthy; eating right, exercising, leaving the house enough.

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Jungkook would kinda just stand there for a minute, waiting for you to tell him what to do cus he has no idea what you need. Admittedly he’d be pretty freaked out, seeing you this down wasn’t easy for him. The boy has no idea when he’s stressed - he has no idea when you are either. Once you tell him exactly what you need form him - love, affection, just general care - he’s going to be so extra about you’ll have to ask him to tone it down.

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Daya’s “Sit Still, Look Pretty” is a completely awful song for a wide variety of reasons, but one line that has always driven me particularly insane is “Snow White she did right in her life with seven men to do the chores, ‘cause that’s not what a lady’s for.”

Like wow. Let’s ignore the obvious for second and pretend she didn’t just seriously say that ladies aren’t meant to do chores. I don’t care if you’re a lady or a gentleman, if there are chores to be done you are meant to do them. But no, what really bothers me is her choice to specifically use Snow White as an example. It makes me think she’s not at all familiar with the story of Snow White. Snow White did do the chores. In fact, that is an important part of her story and an important example of her autonomy and strength. In the story, Snow is a young girl fleeing from an evil witch who just tried to have her killed. She is forced to find someway to survive alone and abandoned in the woods. She comes across a lodging where there is potential for food, shelter, and some measure of protection from the witch. Upon meeting the owners of this lodging, she decides to think on her feet and negotiate a living arrangement. The dwarves are hard-working coal miners, but their busy schedules and dirty occupation have led to their house being a filthy mess. Snow sees this need and capitalizes on it by offering her services as a homemaker. She has no money but she decides to barter for sustenance and shelter with her skills, which shows bravery, resourcefulness, and exceptional fortitude in the face of daunting circumstances. She is certainly not less of a girl because she did chores.

But seriously that song sucks so much. “You get off on a 9-to-5/dream of picket fences and trophy wives”?? Are you dating guys exclusively from Mayberry? Who seriously thinks like this? Why would you release a song like that in 2016?

So someone on serebii posted what Olivia says to Moon when they first meet and it apparently goes something like this:

“Oh, you say you’re not Sun’s friend? What a pure and lovely girl you are! You know, when I was your age I pretended that I wasn’t interested in boys either.”

And in response, Moon pretty much just goes:

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how are you a lesbian? having a corrective rape fantasy doesn't make you a lesbian?

You know what? Fuck you.

In my life I’ve been sexually assaulted and literally raped, and the kicker? Only by cis women. You disgusting terfs are so obsessed with corrective rape and thinking it has any fucking relevance to trans people. Every single woman I’ve been with has been more than willingly participating, and you pretending otherwise is disgusting erasure of actual corrective rape victims.

Literally no one is telling lesbians to have sex with trans women, no one is telling them to have sex with people with penises, no one is telling them that they have to do anything - that is pure projection by you.

What we’re saying is that if you refuse to be with someone because they are trans, it’s transphobic. After all, not all trans women have penises.

Here’s a fact for you: Trans women get raped a lot more than cis women, and very very often for ‘corrective’ reasons a la “oh yeah I can make you into a real man” so just STFU. You don’t get to talk about that, and you don’t get to make actual victims into perpetrators just to further your agenda.

NCT as shit my family says

taeil: can i just pretend to be childless for a few seconds…

johnny: you can’t got to the ball cinderella (whispers) this is the part where you say you love balls

taeyong: why does that family get to cut in line because their babys sleepy? I mean im sleepy too when can i cut this line

yuta: konnichiwa, bitch

doyoung: i wish i can just throw all of you along with this garbage

ten: you cant tell me what song i can and cant split to

jaehyun: i suggest we fight to the death for this pizza slice

mark: what is a chemistry?

haechan: im six years old and IM SICK OF ALL OF YOU

jeno: life would be way easier if we could just have hover boards built into our feet

jaemin: *tearing up* what do you mean the chocolate hills arent made of actual chocolate?

renjun: did you eat my slice of cake on purpose? Or did all of you just forgot i existed… AGAIN

chenle: (in a japanese restaurant) xie xie

jisung: why do i feel like dying so early in the morning

speak your bleeding heart (malec)

alec and magnus talk things out after the last episode (2x08). read on ao3.

“I’m not leaving you in that institute. Not tonight,” Jace snaps. “So you can keep bitchin’ or – ”

Magnus catches Jace’s eye as he and Alec come bickering through the door to the loft, a hand on Jace’s arm and a nod communicating I’ve got him. Jace considers, looks at Alec hunched and fidgeting, uncomfortable, before nodding back.

“I’m gonna go…pretend I have other friends,” Jace says, backing out the door. “I’ll check in with Izzy!” he calls as he disappears down the hall.

“What? Jace – ” Alec starts, but his parabatai is already gone, though the worry he feels through their bond is no less acute.

He turns to Magnus, but doesn’t look at him. “I don’t need to be babysat,” he gripes. “I’m fine.”

Magnus makes a Riiiiiight face which Alec doesn’t catch as he passes by.

“I have tea,” Magnus announces, heading for the kitchen.

“Your place is still a mess,” Alec notices, surprised, when he looks up to watch him. He eyes Magnus narrowly, concerned. “You don’t have the magic left to deal with it, do you?”

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Do you think Sam is aware of the shit storm on sm of the latest pic? How do you think he will answer or react if he is asked if he is single or not at the con? ( I will never ask myself but it will come up) I ask you because you seem to have seen them interact live and because you have balanced opinions. I prefer an objective answer, so that is why turn to you... oh by the way love your blog!

Thanks anon! I’ve never seen them interact live but yes I do think he’s aware of what’s going on. He’s aware of everything (imo of course). I always think back to that conversation we had with him during the summer when he pretended he had no idea what was going on, even though he was the one who had liked that post calling us fruitcakes. I don’t think he’ll respond to any questions about his personal life. Look at the live chat a few weeks ago, he freaked out when he was asked what he did for NYE and said he was with friends. If he’s asked if he’s single then he’ll just deflect and dance around the question. He doesn’t have to tell anyone the status of his relationship if he doesn’t want to but I think it would be easier on him if he just said he has a girlfriend but doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Twice Reaction: They have to kiss their female idol crush at a photo shoot



*pretends like it’s nothing* *talks to you like you’re a friend*

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>What I have to kiss Y/N! Shit, Jeongyeon don’t show that you like her. Don’t smile or anything towards her. JUST IGNORE HER COMPLETELY<

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*laughs every time you try to kiss her*

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>Ok Sana this is your chance do not screw it up<

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All smiles, can’t believe she gets to kiss you.

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“I get to KISS Y/N!?” *whispers “Best day ever!!”*

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*hides for a while trying to calm her nerves*

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“Did I just hear right? I get to kiss the Y/N?”

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UT and UF Sans and US Papy react to their S/O uncomfortably fiddling with the skelly's hoodie string/jacket sleeve and when they ask the S/O what's wrong, they ask the skelly if they love them. When the skelly does tell them, the S/O just says I" love you" back and pretends like nothing happened. Later on, the skelly finds out from maybe Toriel that the S/O has an insecurity that people around them don't like them and just wanted reassurance from hehe skelly.Feel better& good luck with thepiano!

* Heavy breathing.
* You’re asking all my favs
* Thanks for the luck! I’m gonna practise Waterfall again later ugh so hard


He already had a sneaking suspicion this was the case on the day it happened. Finding out from Tori just confirmed it. He’s always been physically affectionate but he understands the need to have vocal confirmation of things. He tells his S/O that he loves them at every opportunity possible, sneaking in a kiss or a hug. He never confronts them about their insecurity, understanding how embarrassing it can be to ask for affection, especially for an unwarranted insecurity. He just ups the affection, hoping he leaves no room for doubt of his love.


When he finds out from Toriel, it’s like a whole new revelation. He’d never have guessed on his own that his S/O was insecure about his affections for them, being caught up in his own insecurities. Then again, he’s not exactly the most straightforward guy when it comes to these things. He gets flustered by touch and sucks with words. He ends up blaming himself for not making it clear enough that he loves his S/O very much. He pulls them to one side, sits them down and tries his best to explain the above. It ends up in a terrible, stuttering mess but his S/O gets the message. He puts in a greater effort to be more casually affectionate and it does help him get over his weirdness with touch, bringing them closer as a couple.


He picks up on it on the night after the incident, when he’s laying in bed and pondering their strange behaviour. He ups the affection immediately, murmuring I love yous into their skin whenever he can, holding them close and kissing them softly. When he hears the confirmation from Toriel, he confronts them about it, telling them that if they ever feel this way, it’s totally okay to tell him so that he can show them how much he loves them.

e/R - Rule 63

I was doodling and this happened.

Headcanon63 Enjolras

- Not specifically trans in this instance, you h/c what you want! just refuses to abide by the tiny pockets and ‘uncomfy’ nature of women’s clothing. This includes bras.

-Masculine haircut, her mother cried when she cut off her long hair.

-Proud tumblr user and SJW. No one is going to shame her into pretending she’s not one of “those girls”

-Still a noodle.

Headcanon63 Grantaire

-It takes a PHD in engineering to create a sports bra (and tbh regular bra) to contain her boobs. She argues with E over the privilege of E’s small boobs and ability to go braless. (Though secretly not at all complaining!)

-Drives E mad wearing miniskirts and low cut tops. “A woman has a right to choose what she wears Enjolras!!” “I know but do you have to wear the tiny skirt when I’m trying to host a meeting!!” “Don’t slut shame me!”

-Will secretly confess most fashion choices are to drive E mad…

-Tbh most life choices are to drive E mad..

Enjolras’s T shirt says “SJW” aka Social Justice Warrior.

R’s says “BEWBS” because she has the mental age of a 14 year old.


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How humans reproduce is evidence of a sex binary. What you enbys always forget is that so is hrt and srs. Like some of us trans people are dysphoric and want to change our bodies as close as possible to the opposite sex. You're so annoying you think you can pretend we don't need medical transitioning access just bc you don't want it. Fuck you pretending binary trans ppl don't exist when you fight terfs.

Hey, you truscum asshole, I’m a binary trans girl who advocates for trans access to medical transition. You know what though? Not every who’s trans wants to medically transition. And that doesn’t affect you at all. That doesn’t limit your access to medically transitioning. Trust me, if it did I’d be one of the first to call it out. Also, are you seriously just straight up ignoring people who can’t reproduce? Cause if reproduction is evidence for a sex binary then there are still people who don’t fit it.

-Mod Ash

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Blind, dead, or mute girlfriend for kisum, heize, and dean?

Heize (blind gf): Super caring and soft around you. Holds your hand in crowded places or even if you’re just maneuvering around the house. Pretends she’s trying to help but really just likes holding hands. Fights anyone that looks at you funny tho.

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Kisum (deaf gf): would never let it be an issue. Once you start becoming serious, she’ll dedicate every spare moment to learning sign language to communicate. But before she really masters it, she would communicate to you through gestures and actions. She’s very lighthearted about your hearing disability, not really seeing it as a problem. Doesn’t waste time wondering “What if you could hear?” and instead aims to make every day with you fun and happy.

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Dean (mute gf): Would write a song in your honour, about a girl who wanted to speak her mind but couldn’t. It becomes a hit, making many emotional and selling at record speed. While accepting an award for the song, he explains its backstory.

“This is a bit embarrassing to say in front of so many people, but my girlfriend is mute. She’s the reason I wrote that song and I hope that everyone out there, judging someone for not speaking without thinking that maybe they can’t, would think twice now before judging them. Thank you.”

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Elena: “Ah, he’s so modest, Luca. He’s pretty much the star of the team and he won’t admit it.”

Asher: “I am not, Elena.”

Elena: “See?”

Asher: “You both need to stop or you’ll make me get a big head. It’s no big deal, I play a game for a living. I’m not out saving lives or anything.”

Luca: “You work hard at what you do, Asher. That is admirable and worthy of respect and praise. Take it while you can, son.”

Asher: “Alright, then. Thank you, both, but let’s move on to another subject. How have you two been doing in school?”

Chloe: “Good! Of course. We’re the smartest in our class.”

Ethan: “And the best at games!”

Luca: “I think you mean pranks, children. I got another call from your teacher saying you two were causing trouble.”

Asher: *laughs* “Why am I not surprised?”

The group continued to discuss what had been going on lately in each of their lives. Work, school, friends and household projects took up most of their time. So it was nice to get together and just enjoy each other’s company. ♥ 


i miss you so much. i think you’d be proud of me for keeping it together as much as i have. but some days i just want everything to stop. i want to lie down with your jacket and pretend i don’t have to face the world without you anymore.

it’s not fair. it’s not right. i’ll never not be angry.

i’m trying. i’m really trying. but i don’t know what to do some days other than cry and miss you.

so today i’ll just cry and miss you.

love you.

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Fluff + Chanyeol

For the past few days, all she was able to see was a white, thick blanket offered by mother nature, sprayed gracefully over everything. It was getting colder and colder, and even institutions got closed because of the massive snow. No one in their right mind would go out on such a freezing day.


No one except Park Chanyeol for sure.

Worried, she opened the door, eyes gazing at the tall cutie who just walked it, carrying a few bags. He covered around 95% of his body and it was difficult to see anything else except his eyes and nose.

“What the damn hell are you doing out on this weather?” she argued him down.

“I brought you some snacks and movies, what do you think?”

“You could catch a cold, you idiot!”

Chanyeol pretended he didn’t hear that so instead he offered a short peck on her lips before taking off his large jacket and the rest of his winter equipment.

“I thought we could have a movie marathon or something” he smiled, nose red from the cold.

“You’re unbelievable”.

“I sure am”.

She giggled, staring at how plain adorable he looked with his cute ears and nose reddened. His eyes were big and shiny, hiding many thoughts and feelings. She led him into the living room, watching him as he unpacked the snacks and the movies. 

He was downright crazy sometimes, but it only made her happier to have him in her life.

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listen, you shouldn't pay attention to seminarianleo i knew them when they were in the hetalia fandom and you have no idea how manipulative they are. i get you're trying to be nice to them and they pretend to be some angel but it's all fake. it's best to leave their whiny, "i'm so defenseless" attitude alone. you look like you have more important and better friends. go to them instead and leave Alo in a rut where they belong

((I will stand with Alo, no matter what.

you leave them alone. that’s all i need to say. if anyone is being manipulative, it’s you. stop.))

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Any job's decent to do if you've got an actual friend you can talk about anything with, no stingy-ass managers pretending they know what they're doing and just a calm environment.

That’s true and our boss leaves when my shift starts so it’s really just a bunch of rly chill people doing their job and leaving when they’re supposed to while having weird ass conversations