you are what you pretend to be


Y/n had a weird feeling when she came over and the first thing Jungkook did was give her a look that almost looked pitiful? it confused you to say the least. You worried if you did something? Or something happened? You honestly had no idea. You didn’t say anything about it, you didn’t want to stress Jungkook out more then he already looked stressed, you remembered a couple of the other members giving you looks like that in the past but never at the same time it was always at weird times…. You played around with Tae and Hoseok and all your nerves from Jungkook calmed down a bit. By then you were all called to dinner by Jin, you thanked him for cooking again and happily ate with the members 

You were sitting in front of Jungkook and again he gave you that look now you were worried you always tried to forget it but this was different there was a pit in your stomach. You couldn’t control it this time. When all the members started staring at their phones that pit got deeper. You gave them their space, maybe their manager texted them? Maybe something urgent happened? It didn’t help your worrying though. You didn’t want to overthink this, but you couldn’t help it, are they texting about me? Are they mad at me? Did I do something? The pit in your stomach getting deeper and deeper with every thought that ran through your mind. You peaked over to look at Yoongi’s phone who was sitting next to you. you jumped when he turned his phone over right when you leaned over.

Now you knew. It was about you… you felt like crying they never talked about you behind your back but now you had no idea what was going on. You didn’t want to alarm anyone so you quietly ate your food while everyone’s heads turned up as if nothing was happening. You felt the stares of some of them…. You honestly wanted to run out of that door, cry? Throw up? You didn’t know you just wanted to leave but you didn’t want to cause a scene you pretended everything was ok. Even suggested a sad movie so you could cry without anyone wondering why. Your anxiety was running wild thinking the worst of the worst.

During the movie, you felt Namjoons eyes never leave you. you wanted to cry so bad, your mind making up the worst scenarios, maybe they didn’t want to be your friend anymore? Maybe they were thinking of leaving you? you knew better then to question your best friends but how could you not? Your anxiety getting the best of you at moments like these weren’t unusual. You ran to their bathroom and cried. You didn’t want to but you didn’t want to cry in front of them. All you heard was gentle knocking on the bathroom door after you locked it. “y/n? are you ok? Please tell me you’re ok” it was Jungkook’s voice. You couldn’t say anything he seemed to know you were crying but you hoped maybe he wouldn’t. you couldn’t face them you took the random cap you saw on the door handle said goodbye to the rest of the members that were awake and walked out of the bathroom out of their front door.

A/N: so like i tried?? lmao i thought about making this a series ya know angsty maybe fluffy idk yet. tell me what y'all think! i tried making this atleast a bit angsty but i suck at writing angst so idk lol. hope you liked it? Pt. 2??

video messages (Reddie)

Helloooo! This is relatively short, (Im sorry!!) I’m on holiday though!! It’s a beach holiday so i’m not really doing anything, so i’m writing basically constantly!! So leave me requests for like any ships from IT!! I’m doing Hc’s, Fics, and one shots, so request anything here

Summary: Request: (Sorry if you aren’t doing these!) but imagine Richie being a Super Softie ™ around Eddie. BUT Eddie secretly takes videos of Soft Richie and sends them to the losers because they don’t believe it when Eddie says Richie isn’t always a Trashmouth ™

Wordcount: 1,549

“You look so cute today Eds.” Richie smiled, ruffling his boyfriends hair. Eddie rolled his eyes, a blush forming on his cheeks, as it often did when Richie was like this.

Richie acted like a comedian around all of his friends. He was cocky, and inappropriate, and could only be serious if you begged him. He was loud, and his friends all called him Trashmouth, because of his loud personality.

But around his boyfriend he was completely different. He was much ore quiet, and he didn’t crack any outrageous jokes. He was much nicer around Eddie. It was probably because Eddie didn’t take Richie’s shit. When Richie was with the losers, he would happily ride his bike around, and spend hours running around, and messing about. But with Eddie, Richie just wanted to sit on his couch, and hold Eddie in his arms, and play with his hair.

Eddie instinctively rose his hand, going to fix his hair. Richie grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together, absentmindedly. His attention was focused back on the cartoons that were playing on Richie’s TV in Richie’s living room. They were watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons, because Richie didn’t want to get up and put a movie on. Eddie bit his lip, watching as Richie squeezed his hand, gently.

“Don’t call me Eds.” Eddie stated, shaking his head. Richie rolled his eyes, and scoffed in Eddie’s ear. His breath tickled Eddie’s neck, which made Eddie blush. Again.

“Would you rather I called you Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie asked, smirking, though Eddie couldn’t see him. Eddie was lying in between Richie’s legs, his head resting on Richie’s chest. Richie was sat with his back against the couch. Richie had his head bent slightly, so he could annoy Eddie, by whispering to him, about nicknames.

“No..” Eddie mumbled, shaking his head. Richie’s lips made their way to Eddie’s cheek, where he left a soft kiss. Eddie sighed loudly, turning to look at Richie properly. “Why are you like this?”

“Like what?” Richie asked, a laugh tumbling out of his mouth, and blocking the sound of the cartoons.

“Like all cute and shit!” Eddie practically shrieked. Richie’s laugh grew louder, as he titled his head back. Eddie shook his head, rolling his eyes, quickly. “It’s annoying. Very annoying.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me be a bad boyfriend.” Richie teased. Eddie glared at him. Richie burst into laughter again, shaking his head. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, Eddie Spaghetti.”

“Shut up!” Eddie snapped, pointing a finger at Richie. “It’s annoying me!” Richie rose an eyebrow, and Eddie huffed.”None of the others believe me when I say that you’re cute. They all tell me I’m being ridiculous. That Richie Trashmouth Tozier can’t be sweet!” Richie laughed, in a teasing tone.

“They’ll never see me being sweet! That’s reserved for my Eddie Bear.” Richie continued, wrapping his around Eddie, and hugging him tightly. Eddie was blushing again, and also attempting to swat Richie’s hands away. Eddie gave up, after Richie kissed his head, making Eddie’s head spin. Everything Richie did had a dramatic effect on Eddie. He had only found out last summer that he liked Richie.

They had been at Bill’s, for the fourth of July. They had been listening to whatever playlist Ben had put on. It was mostly hits from the 80’s, with occasional 90’s, and early 2000’s pop ballads. A slow song had come on, and everyone had teased Ben over it. Eddie couldn’t even remember what song it was, he just remembered Richie pulling him up, when Mike pulled Stan and Bill up, to dance. They were doing a slow sway, pretending to hula dance, in Ben’s back garden. Richie had pulled Eddie close, and swayed with him.

“Why are we slow dancing, this isn’t even a sow dancing song.” Eddie had asked quietly. Richie had shrugged, smiling slightly. He interlocked his fingers with Eddie’s, His hand was already resting on Eddie’s hip. Eddie had his hand placed on Richie’s shoulder, and was grateful that Richie had a strong grip on Eddie’s other hand, because otherwise Eddie would have fallen over. He was suddenly horrifically self-conscious. He had no idea why.

“I wanna slow dance, and you’re dainty enough to dance with, Eds.” Richie still had the small smile, gracing his lips. Eddie felt his heart almost burst. Fuck, he looks so cute, Eddie thought. And then he panicked. He couldn’t have a crush on Richie. Richie would hate him. And he couldn’t throw away his friendship with Richie over a thought, though. So he kept his mouth shut.

Although that one thought turned into hundreds. And two months later Richie was the only thing on his mind. He was constantly thinking about him. About what he was doing, About what he was thinking about. Everything. It all overwhelmed him, so much so that one day he didn’t show up to a meet up, with the rest of the group. Richie was worried, went over to Eddie’s house, and climbed through his window.

“What are you doing here?” Eddie had whispered harshly, as he shut his bedroom door. “If my mom see’s you, she’’ flip her shit!” He was panicked. His mother would actually kill him. She hated Richie with a burning passion.

“You missed the meet up! We were all waiting for you!” Richie shrugged. His voice was soft, and his eyes were filled with concern, behind his large glasses. “I got worried.”

“Worried?” Eddie repeated, his eyes going slightly wide. Richie nodded slowly,  Eddie felt his heart race, as it set in that Richie had been worried about him. Eddie bit his lip, looking down slightly. “You shouldn’t worry.” He muttered after a second.

“Why didn’t you come today, then?” It was a simple question, but Eddie couldn’t answer it. His mind raced with excuses, but none came out. “Are you sick?”

“Lovesick.” Eddie muttered, running a hand through his hair. He realised it slipped out, and looked up quickly. Richie stared at him for a second.

“Do you like Bev?” He asked quickly. His eyebrows were raised in alarm, and his voice was shrill. He sounded panicked. Eddie looked at him, confusion written all over his face. “You totally like Bev! Fuck!”

“I don’t like Bev! Jesus, keep your fucking voice down!” Eddie snapped. Richie bit his lip, still staring at Eddie. “Why are you so shrieky today?!”

“Because when the boy I like says he’s lovesick, it worries me!” Richie snapped back. His face quickly turned to shock, as he realised what he said, but he didn’t have time to overthink it, because Eddie was kissing him, and Eddie’s body seemed to go into shock.

It always happened. Every damn time. He site quietly, standing up from the couch, and stretching. “You gotta stop with the nicknames.”

“But they’re great!” Richie protested, shrugging as he lay down on the couch, stretching slightly, after watching Eddie do it. He bit his lip, staring at Eddie, who rolled his eyes again.

Eddie grabbed his phone from his bag, which was sat on the floor. Richie was watching him, smiling slightly. “Staring is creepy, Richie.” Eddie stated, looking back at Richie. He looked back at his phone, reading the texts from the losers.

Stan the man:

I can’t believe you bailed on us, Eddie

Stuttering Bill:

And to hang out with Richie, ew

Eddie Spaghetti:

He’s being insanely cute today, sorryyyy

Stan the man:

Impossible, he’s Richie.

The text made Eddie roll his eyes. A lightbulb went off in his head, though, as he turned back to Richie, completely. Richie was still watching Eddie. Richie flashed Eddie a grin, and Eddie smiled.

Eddie walked back over to his boyfriend, and sat down on his lap. Richie rose an eyebrow, putting his hands on his boyfriends hips. Richie’s hands slipped under Eddie’s t-shirt, his fingers drawing small patterns on Eddie’s hips. Eddie couldn’t help but smile.

Eddie was already on the camera app, pressing record, Richie didn’t notice. He was still staring at Eddie, smiling. Eddie pretended to be preoccupied, fake typing on his phone. Richie’s grin turned into a pout, which Eddie pretended not to notice.

“What are you doing, Eds?” Richie questioned, quietly.

“Texting Stan.” Eddie muttered quietly, pretending to type again.

“You should pay attention to me instead, baby boy!” Richie’s voice was soft, the smile making a short reappearance. Richie grabbed one of Eddie’s hands, lacing their fingers together, which he loved to do. Richie pulled Eddie’s hand towards him, and kissed it. Richie grinned again, he kissed Eddie’s hand again, and again. He smiled at Eddie each time.

Eddie stopped recording, and sent it to his groupchat, quickly. He leaned down, and played a soft kiss on his boyfriends lips. Richie kissed back, smiling into the kiss. Richie’s hands held Eddie’s face in place, as he moved his mouth against the other boys.

Eddie’s phone buzzed in his hand, but he ignored it, as he deepened his kiss with Richie. If he had of checked he would have seen the texts his friends were sending

Stan the man:

That was disgusting, never send me gay shit like that again.

Stuttering Bill:

Stan, babe, we’re guys dating..

Stan the man:

Bill, shut up.

Failed Attempt

I tried to forget about you
As the summer passed
And autumn arrived
While the air grew cooler
And your touch became
A distant mountain
That refused to move
With the slow pace
I walked
When times got hard—

I tried to lock away my feelings
And failed miserably
When the sun became too bright
And your memory
Painted all my dreams
The shade of dusk

I tried to escape
Thoughts of you
With a heavy heart
And an empty shadow
Of who I used to be
Only to remember
I wasn’t really living
Until I found you;
My days had a feeling
Of completeness
When your hands held mine
And your love
Always kept me burning
For something more
Than what I believed
I deserved—

When I spend nights
Under clouds of loss
I pull tree branches
Close to my chest
Just to feel something;
I’ve locked a piece of my heart
Inside of yours
And it’s impossible to forget
That the beating in my chest
Matches the beating in yours
No matter the distance between us

So forgive me as I try to forget you
Even though it’s done in vain,
And foolishly
I’ll keep pretending
To spend my days
Looking for your replacement
When knowing it does not exist.


Drunk Confessions

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,337

Warnings: Drunk!Reader, Annoyed!Dean, feelings confessed, fluffy Dean at the end

Request: Hey can u do a dean x reader where the boys go on a hunt and they come back to the reader blasting music, dancing on the table, with a bottle of Jack in her hand and she admits her feeling for him

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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Being alone in the Bunker was fun. It was big and spacious, giving you more than enough space to do the things you wanted to do without Sam or Dean bothering you. Ah, Dean Winchester. Him and his brother were out on a hunt right now but that didn’t stop you from thinking about him.

He was always on your mind, whether that be his voice, his body, his eyes, the way he cooked or cleaned, the way his fixed his car up, the way he held a gun or anything for that matter, the way he hustled people in pool, the way he drove, and especially the way he killed monsters.

He was just a hero to you but there was no way you’d be able to tell him your feelings. You haven’t been with the Winchesters long enough to really know Dean. You’ve heard stories about his past and you even spent a night or two talking with Sam about Dean.

Sam knew about your little crush with Dean and tried to tell you everything but there were some things that Dean needed to tell you himself. Which was fine, you didn’t need to know everything now but you got what you needed from Sam anyways.

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This Town

Okay, PLEASE leave me feedback on this one. I am really excited but worried about it. Anyway, Request from the request list or your own songs 

Song Series!

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there, The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air, It’s hard, Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round, It’s funny how things never change in this old town, So far from the stars

He can’t bring himself to open his eyes, he just can’t do it. 

Opening his eyes means that he has to face the day without her again. That he has go on pretending like his life is fine and that he’s moved on when in reality he can’t get her out of his head.

It’s like she’s the song that’s been stuck in his head for days, she just keep tumbling around his brain and he can’t get it to stop. 

“What do you mean Shawn?” You scream at him. “Why are you doing this? We’re happy, at least I thought so. Don’t do this.” You’re crying now.

“You don’t get it Y/n, I can’t do this to you anymore. You are here and who the fuck know’s where I’m gonna be. I can’t be this shit boyfriend that says I love you and then leaves you home alone for months on end. I can’t do it, it’s eating me alive. I’m done Y/n, we’re done.”

“Shawn, if I walk out that door,” You pause for a breath. “If I walk out that door, you won’t see me again. I won’t play this game of ‘let’s break up and get back together’ so if you’re done then you’re done for life. Say that to my face, and I’m good as gone.” She says, challenging him. 

She’s hoping and praying he’ll say that he can’t say that because he loves her too much to let her leave. That he doesn’t really want her to leave. This is just the jet lag is fucking with his head. 

“I’m done Y/n, for life.” He spits. 

But the longer he keeps his eyes closed the more in focus that day becomes. The more he can see her heartbreak right in front of him. The more he can see himself, out of his damn mind, break her heart. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you, Drive highways and byways to be there with you, Over and over the only truth, Everything comes back to you

When he does open his eyes, minutes later, he inhales and feels the burn in his chest. 

The truth is he wishes he could go back to that day and change everything. He wishes he could go back and prevent himself from picking a fight, and then ending it with those fucking words. 

‘I’m done Y/n, for life.’ 

It’s the biggest lie he has ever told in his life. He is not done. Never will be done with her. She’s his love, his one true love, and he fucked it up.

He tries to live his days with the same passion but it is impossible. She was his muse, and his reason for getting up everyday. He finds himself starting a text message to her, or his thumb hovering over her contact to give her a call. 

He wants to hear her voice, and ask her questions about any and everything. It’s her that always made him feel better and now that she isn’t around there is no one to be there for him. Not even a call to his Mom or Dad works anymore, he’s just stuck in this depressed state. With her at the center of all this thoughts.

And he tried, tried to find her and see if he could win her back. To see if that was even a possibility but when he saw her, she had moved on. 

I saw that you moved on with someone new, In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you, It’s so hard, So hard

“Shawn?” You stand up to greet him. 

He looks so broken, so utterly fucked. 

“Y/n.” He sighs when he sees you stand up.

Instinctively you give him a hug, and you know you shouldn’t because Jeremy is sitting at your table, but you inhale his scent and relax in his familiar embrace.

“I miss you.” He whispers into you ear. 

You swear that if he said the damn words. That you would, you would take him back in a heartbeat. You know it in yourself that you want to be with him, till the end of time. He just has to say the damn words and Jeremy would be kicked to the curb and never thought of again. Let’s be honest, he’s your sad attempt at a rebound, but how do you rebound after having Shawn. 

“I miss you too.” You let yourself say into his chest, quiet to where he can hear it but Jeremy can’t. 

He sighs and holds you a little tighter. That’s when you hear someone clearing their throat. That’s when Shawn pulls away to see Jeremy.

“Jeremy.” He politely smiles and extends his hand to Shawn. 

With broken eyes and a rough voice Shawn goes, “Shawn, the ex.” 


It’s becoming more and more real for him now. You’ve moved on and he doesn’t have the chance to win you back anymore, he won’t ruin your happiness, not when you aren’t happy with him anymore. Although what you had said last time is still true, you are happy with Shawn. 

“I should go.” Shawn says starting to walk away. 

“Wait.” You can’t let him leave.

“Goodbye Y/n.”

“Bae if he wants to go, let him go.” Jeremy grumbles. 

He’s still disgusted with Jeremy. She deserve’s so much more than some guy that calls her Bae. She was his Darling and Love, Babe or Baby. Never his ‘Bae’, because what respect does that actually hold. 

The idea of some other guy with his arms around her, or hands on her makes him sick to his stomach. But that’s the price he pays for the mistake he made.

The thought of some other guy making her smile or laugh. Making her breakfast in the morning, or dinner at night, or her midnight snack for her late study sessions. 

He wonders if he’s met Jessica, if she’s stayed the night on her couch when he was there. Does he know that when Jessica is there that he has to have a bottle of wine ready for when the two decide to for go with homework and sit and gossip. Does he know that she hates cheese with her wine and that she would rather have chips and dip. Does he know that she likes to have two over easy eggs in the morning with two slices of white toast smothered in butter. Does he know all the songs she sings in the shower; Walking on Sunshine, Sex On Fire, Love On The Weekend and when she shaves she sings Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Does this new guy know everything about her, does he know her quirks.

 And the last thing Shawn can think of is if this guy knows the secret to turning her on. 

And I know that it’s wrong, That I can’t move on, But there’s something about you

He can’t bring himself to go out, and try and move on. He can’t do it, he’ll plan a night with the boys and then the guilt starts to haunt him and he can’t do it. 

Because he’s in Love with her and doing that is no better than cheating on her when you were together. 

In his head, he’s in love with her and the only person that should be on the receiving end of that is her. It’s that simple. 

You still make me nervous when you walk in the room, Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you

He walks in Mike’s house, bearing a stupid housewarming gift his mom told him to get. He didn’t know what to get, she would have done the shopping and would have gotten the perfect gift.

“Hey Shawn.” Andrew smiles walking over, handing him a drink. 

“Hey.” He nods, taking the drink and peering over the rim to notice it’s just a beer. 

“Glad you made it.” 


It’s the first time he’s gone out, that doesn’t include a work thing. He didn’t want to come but since everyone from work was going it would have be completely rude to skip it. 

That’s when he hears it, her laugh. He can’t tell if it’s just in the back of his head or if it’s really her. He looks and turns around in a hurry.

“She’s here.” Andrew says softly. Shawn’s head snaps to the side to meet Andrews gaze. “She’s good Shawn, she’s doing good.”

“Did she bring,” He starts but can’t finish it.

“A date? No, came by herself.”

“Oh.” He says, a sigh of relief leaving his lips. 

He turns back around and makes eye contact with her. Her face lighting up a bit. He doesn’t even say goodbye to Andrew he just goes straight to her. 

He’s stomach a pit of nerves, butterflies making his hands shake.

“Y/n,” He starts.


“Where’s Jeremy?”

“Who?” She looks around.


“Oh god,” She laughs nervously. “I don’t know, haven’t know for about two months now.” 


“Yeah after you left he got all mad and I broke it off. Not even really anything to break off we had gone out on a date and that was it.” She shrugs.

“Oh.” His smile perks up.

“Yeah, anyway. How are you?”

“Not the best.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” 

“How are you?”

“Good, I’m back at school. Got my own place, actually I’m living with Jess.” 

“I’ll have to drop off some wine.” He chuckles, she pushes his shoulder. 

“That’s not funny, but we would appreciate it.” 

Over and over the only truth, Everything comes back to you

“It was good to see you.” She says walking away. 

He thought he had a chance, a chance to win her back. He would have even just taken being her friend again.

“Hey.” He calls out, not letting her leave this time. He can’t screw it up like he did the last time. “Can I call you?” 

“Sure.” She smiles.

Everything comes back to you

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I see twinkle in Sam eyes when they said goodnight and Cait acted a shy giddy lady trying not to show too much. Do you see it too? And a bit of blush of pink on Sam's face.

Yes! It’s like you can see his mind working trying to figure out what two platonic co-stars who are friends would say to each other while pretending to go to bed on a sound stage.

Hold That Thought 13

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

Tag List Is Open. Let Me Know!!

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49. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course I’m in.” please!

49: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course I’m in.”


“You want to what?”

Liam raised his chin and stood in front of Theo defiantly, arms crossed and a determined look on his face. “I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend for my dad’s wedding.”

Theo blinked at him several times before speaking again. “Why?”

“Because he’s a homophobic asshole who hasn’t made a single effort to contact me until now and I want to spend the better part of two hours pissing him off,” Liam replied simply with a shrug. “So? You in?”

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Theo said with a deadpan expression. “Of course I’m in.”

Liam grinned. “Great! We leave at three on Sunday.”


Overall, Theo thought they accomplished their goal pretty spectacularly. Mr. Dunbar’s face turned a delightful shade of red every time he looked at them, and he spent the better part of half an hour lecturing Liam on how being gay was wrong and how “homosexuality will not be allowed in this family, young man”.

Liam looked his father in the eye, grabbed Theo’s hand, and said, “Good thing I’m not in your family, then. I have my own.”

They left not long after that.

“Thanks for doing that for me,” Liam said, loosening his tie and slumping down in the seat of Theo’s truck. “I don’t think I could’ve survived without you there.”

“I’m glad you invited me.” Theo reached over and grabbed Liam’s hand. “Sorry about your dad.”

Liam shrugged, grinning. “It’s fine. I don’t need him.” He looked down at their joined hands and bit his lip, rubbing his thumb along the back of Theo’s hand. “But I do need you, okay?”

Theo nodded. “I’ll never leave you, Liam. I promise.”

Liam smiled at him. “I know.”


A/N: I strongly dislike Liam’s dad, just so you know. And I love writing about weddings, but I didn’t want to make this too long. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, friend! Thanks so much for reading and as always, feel free to let me know what you think!

-Mod Kai

Jena: Okaaay… “I don’t think I’m ready to reveal my identity, especially after this, because it’ll just ruin me for you. But Tobias, I wish you knew how crazy I am about you. I’d better not go into the details”. Oh my god.

Tobias: Don’t tell me you thought what I thought, mom.

Jena: We’ll just pretend I didn’t. “I doubt you are, but if you’re really curious who I am, I’ll be waiting for you today at 6 pm. Town Center. I strongly doubt you’ll come because you probably think I’m a creep with weird intentions (I don’t blame you), but… I’ll still be waiting and hoping that miracles happen, so if you at least give me a chance… 

P.S. Oh god, I already know I’ll fuck up again. 

P.P.S. Sorry for swearing. 

P.P.P.S. Please, PLEASE, don’t show it to your parents.” 

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This isn't a request I just wanted to share that earlier today I was re-watching Mulan and I thinking about how all the war lords would react if MC pretended to be a man. Like what do you think they would do when they find out she's a woman? I bet Mitsuhide would just laugh at everyones' else's surprised reaction bc he figured it out just by looking at you lol

Yes. Yes. This. THIS.

I honestly don’t think a lot of them would be fooled, to be honest! Here’s how I reckon it would go! I know it’s not a request, but I want to write their reactions because this is hilarious:

  • Hideyoshi:
    • Doesn’t realise you’re a woman until it’s made painfully obvious, like the whole she’s-got-boobs-holy-shit moment, and then he basically just frazzles out and dies.
    • Questions his ability as a warlord.
    • Cries just a bit.
    • And also secretly admires you because holy shit you can fight well despite being a girl~
  • Ieyasu:
    • Thinks something’s suspicious but then brushes it off bc hey people have called him feminine before, much to his sorrow.
    • But then when you blush at comments they make and things they talk about he’s just like -.- “This is just getting weirder and weirder…”
    • And then he finds out and at first he sort of blanks for a minute, trying to wrap his head around it.
    • But then he’s fine, doesn’t care much and just mutters, “I knew you were a weirdo from the start. You’re not completely useless, though, so well done.”
  • Masamune:
    • He’s such a womaniser that he knows a female from a mile away~
    • And he hints at it all the time and just goes into hysterics when you try even harder to look manly.
    • But then when it’s found out by everyone he just leans down to whisper, “Hey, now I can flirt with you and no one will bat an eyelid. Nice to meet you, kitten.”
  • Mitsuhide:
    • He knows. The second he sees you, he’s just like, “Pffft. It’s a valiant attempt, but no one’s going to believe i-”
    • *Looks at the vassals + warlords for the most part fooled by you.
    • “… I’m surrounded by idiots.”
    • So he just goes over to you, taking your hand and obscuring what he’s doing from everyone else, then kissing it before whispering, “A pleasure to meet you, My Lady.”
  • Mitsunari:
    • You could tell him you’re the reincarnation of the tree branch you stepped on earlier and he’d believe you.
    • He doesn’t realise at all, even though at times he’s like, “He has very smooth skin and feminine features… hm… perhaps he’s just very like Lord Ieyasu!”
    • But then it comes out and he’s just like… “Eh?”
    • Spends the next week following you around so he can watch you and confirm that you’re actually a girl.
    • But then he loves you anyway because you’re so capable and cute and aw~
  • Nobunaga:
    • He calls bullshit as soon as he sees you.
    • He’d literally notice it straight away; he’d see the features and body stature and just feel that you’re a woman.
    • “You. Take off the disguise, now. I know you’re a woman, and suggest you make up a very good reason for lying to me before I decide to kill you for it.”
    • Shit.

Uesugi-Takeda Forces

  • Kenshin
    • He’s like Nobunaga; especially with his… disliking, shall we say, of women, he knows instantly.
    • If you were scared with Nobunaga, you should be terrified of Kenshin.
    • He literally just grabs you and tugs your hair out of its band if it’s been held up, then holds you by your chin and pretty much just turns into a snake, hissing, “What a pathetic attempt at a disguise. Did you really think you could fool me, woman?”
    • You’re in his bad books from then on.
    • Be afraid.
  • Sasuke
    • You only said warlords, so he’s not really included~ he’d know anyway.
    • He’d probably help you out with making your disguise.
    • Probably would offer you his clothes but then would realise that they’re too big.
    • He’ll find you some materials so you can make your own ^^;;
  • Shingen:
    • HE SEES IT. 
    • But he just pulls you to the side and peers at you for a moment with a smirk, confirming his suspicions. Then, he just leans down, pecking your cheek so fast before winking and sauntering off, cooing,
    • “Cute. See you soon, little lady, and hopefully when you’re not dressed as a man, so I can make a move on you in your natural, beautiful form.”
    • ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • Yukimura
    • He never realised but he always felt nervous talking to you.
    • Take what you will from that.
    • He can’t look you in the eye for a long time, not because you’re a girl now but because he just turns into a blushing mess every time he sees you.

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  • Kennyo
    • “… do these fools really believe that’s a man?”
    • He sees through it and it just annoys him, so he’s Nobunaga and Shingen and just drags you to the side, snapping,
    • “Whatever game you’re playing, it’s coming to an end. You might be capable, but do so as the sex you are. Nothing good will come of hiding, Miss.”
    • He actually cares though; he’s worried someone will find out and then deliberately take advantage of you as a result.
    • So he’d be looking out for you regardless of whether you kept it up or stopped and it’s so cute~


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Anyway, radfem ideology is literally the foundation of the feminism a lot of people on this site use, usually without their awareness or ability to identify it.

Radfem ideology hurts more than trans women, but pretends really hard like it doesn’t.

Radfem ideology reinforces hyper masculinity, which supports the patriarchy, which hurts EVERYONE who isn’t a hyper masculine cishet man.

If you support this ideology or those effects in any way, you are doing damage to the work of feminism, and you are insuring hurt to people of marginalized gender identities. Women, gnc men, trans and nb people, etc. All of them.

Radical feminism will tell you that women are the only beneficiaries of feminism, sweeping intersectionalism and the reality of what gender equality would mean under the rug. If you buy into this lie, if you believe only women have a voice in feminism and not every group helped by it and oppressed under the patriarchy, you’ve bought into radfem ideology.

There is no existing reason why your personal feelings of vindication and hatred matter more than the well being of those people you’re reinforcing the system of oppression for; and if you decide there is, you can’t very well call it feminism.

Sources: the time radfems tried to recruit me when I was a goddamn child and also my tired as hell emotions after being told that marginalized genders can’t have a voice in a movement supposedly about our own equality and how it harms us instead

Savitar!B.A Imagine #6:

Sometimes [Y/n] forgets how much of a nerd her husband is.

Bill Nye the Science Guy-”

Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye-”


Savitar stopped jumping at once, immediately shutting off the flat screen t.v. He turned around slowly, willing the sudden redness of his cheeks to go away. Maybe if I pretend that didn’t happen she won’t bring it up…

“What the hell were you doing?”

That was too much to ask for. And, of course… She’s looking at me with that ridiculously hot smirk. “I wasn’t doing anything. What are you doing back so soon?”

[Y/n] threw her purse over the side of the couch and raised a brow, crossing her arms over her chest as she sat on the arm of the sofa. “So soon? My girl’s day with Cait only lasts until 12 p.m. Apparently time flies when you’re enjoying yourself watching… what was it? Oh, yes. Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

“I was n-”

“You were. There’s no way to make me unsee what I just saw. You were dancing and singing along to the theme song, Barr. In your boxers. Is that what you’ve been doing all day?”

Barry was quick to deny anything and everything his wife had seen but he knew there would be no point-he’d only make himself end up looking like a dumbass.

Embarrased, he hung his head, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth. He shoved his hands into the waistband of his boxers.

“Sometimes I forget that you’re still a nerd,” [Y/n] commented, smiling. She brushed past Barry, grabbing the remote and flicking the t.v back on.

“W-what are you doing?” Barry furrowed his brows, confused.

“I love Bill Nye,” responded [Y/n], throwing herself onto the couch. “Make us some popcorn will you?”

Barry grinned, rushing to the side of the couch and peppering his wife’s face with kisses, “You’re the absolute best… I love you.”

[Y/n] grinned as she watched Barry walk into the kitchen. “I love you too, nerd.”

Barry scoffed, pausing and turning back just slightly to face [Y/n], “Me? A nerd? The God of Speed? A nerd? You’re absolutely right babe.”

Barry and [Y/n] laughed as he walked away, coming back shortly with several bowls of popcorn.

“This is the life,” Barry hummed, opening his mouth to catch a flying kernel.

[Y/n] rose a brow as she watched Barry sit behind her, holding her against his chest. “Shouldn’t you be coming up with villainous plans and drafts and ideas to destroy humanity?”

“Not today. It’s my day off and I’m going to spend it doing what I love most-”

“Watching Bill Nye.”

“With my wife!”

[Y/n] shook her head, placing the bowl of popcorn back between her thighs. “How in the world did you become a villain again?”

“Pain misery, horrible fashion sense-”


Barry smiled, pressing a kiss on the side of [Y/n]’s head, “as much as I love you, shut up, Bill is talking.”

“You right, you right. Sorry, Bill.”

anonymous asked:

so i saw someone ask for advise so i wanna do it too idk me and my close friend suddenly had this dynamic shift where i always want to be around her and like hold hands with her and it's weird cause I went from platonic to idk but the thing is she kinda has a boyfriend (he from a diff place and they've actually never met) and everything tumbled down last week when she said that shes fallen in love with me and i ignored it (and her) and pretended it was a joke... what do i do??

Woah, this is like a fanfic. I’ll try my best to help out. So basically she’s sort of in a relationship with someone she’s never met, yet physically she’s in love with you? Take the real life love. If you laughed it off and are ignoring her, she’s probably gonna think you’re uncomfortable with what she’s told you. If you like her back (which it sounds like you do, a lot actually) just ask to take things slow. Love is a strong word anon, it doesn’t come lightly. She must think a lot about you to admit that. Either that or she’s scared of how she’s feeling. Be honest from the start and don’t rush things. 

no need to ruin story details for people my dude.

some food for thought:

  • if your opinion was correct, there would be no other mews in other pmds.
  • evil is subjective, and just because someone does morally questionable things does not make them evil.
  • i dont like to follow the rules.
  • super pmd could take place anywhere on the timeline, including hundreds or thousands of years in either the past or future, or in an alternate reality.
  • the general reaction to being told about mew in pmd is “what is a mew”.
  • RAD is not loyal to any pmd game’s storylines
  • you’d realistically never know a ditto for sure if you saw it unless you captured it, especially if it’s an impostor ditto. how do you know that ditto isnt just a mew pretending to be a ditto?


Submission by hummingdirb

i remember sneaking out for cigarettes in the dark

through the living room window

i swore that every stick snapped under bare feet stirred your mother in her bed

like shaking the earth back awake

i could’ve stayed out there on dew grass with you until morning

with cigarettes intertwined between intertwined hands

and the light would flicker 

and flicker

and fade as you took a drag

like you were sucking life out of something already dead.

You would pad into my room then in the morning,

pretend you hadn’t seen my face before the sun had

you always greeted me good morning

and if i breathed in far enough i could still smell dew grass on your skin.

your mother always wanted to know what was wrong with me or something

hushed conversations in a car 

sound the same in any language 

and when she stroked smooth fingertips over my marred skin

and in broken english asked me “why do you do this?”

i built a language barrier and tried not to understand

because even in english i cannot always explain

shotgun fingertips and jumping heartbeats.

i wanted to tell you i loved you in the sea

your head bobbing beneath waves

it seemed like the only time i would lose you

but french words too easily get stuck in your throat

like molasses 

and my english was too hesitant that i would say exactly what i meant

i left after two weeks

and while distance is something that can be remedied by an airplane 

i don’t think i wanted a cure.

but now,

with ice curled around my fingertips i remember

the way you laughed

too often

it sounded like shotguns and who thought

i could learn to love that noise

like when i first tried fancy wine and almost spit it on your grandmother

or when the dew grass would tickle your side and you would remember 

that these moments are fleeting

a single roll of film that now sits on our shelves

untouched and collecting dust

and translating from you to me has become tired from distance and time

but i would like to remember 


as the sun came up and when it went down

and every cigarette stained summer i will remember

our fingers intertwined.

-m //

the disturbing thing about my coworker shouting abuse at me wasn’t that he did it in broad daylight, in front of someone else, with hardly any provocation. it was that the other person who witnessed it all did nothing. he sat silently at his desk and didn’t even look up. he was in the middle of the room between an angry man and a much smaller woman who was clearly afraid. he just sat there and pretended nothing was happening. because nothing was happening to him personally.

what would have made him step in? what would have made him decide to actually say something? to stand up for a coworker who was frightened for their safety? i thought he was my friend. does a friend just leave you to be harassed and intimidated? does a friend ignore you when are in danger?

how much abuse will the average man witness before he feels he should do anything about it?

Tonight is our 1 week follow anniversary, @taylorswift. We’re like an elementary school “couple” and I should have gotten you a GORGEOUS necklace from the gas station to celebrate, but I didn’t.

All I have on hand is one battery🔋, an old radio📻, this used candle🕯, and a red crayon🖍. Yours if you want them 😂

I’m bad at this. Don’t leave me!!!


I have left the door, shivering and unclasped
In your transient shadow, I have lost my grasp
Oh, the silence could be such a destructive friend
But the occasional whispers can’t also mend
You, who was taken by the vicious moon
Why have you turned us into a perishing tune?

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up

I can still remember the night of the apocalypse
When your dripping kisses fell onto my lips
How I begged for you to come back to your mold
How I deliriously waited until we’re faint and cold
But the morning came a dreadful decade too late
What crime have we done to have this tragic fate?
You weren’t there when I came back to my senses
I have never felt so vulnerable and defenseless

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up

Now, I sit in the darkness, an abandoned sanctuary
A receptacle of your memories lost in your mystery
Silver pearl shines above, pretending to be innocent
When she is the reason why this pain is so articulate
How long do I have to keep counting these shards?
How long do I have to keep living in our house of cards?

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up