you are what you pretend to be

Today I found my sister working out and was confused as to why. She’s only 14 and should be mixing weird ice cream flavors and going to hang out with friends not doing yoga and 10 minute intense ab workouts. So i asked her why she was exercising and she replies ‘to get in shape’. I was a little upset by this because shes only 14, why should she worry about body image? Shes already thin so i was worried she was harming herself.

Before i gave her the ‘society’s expectations for the physical appearance of women is bullshit’ speech i asked why
And do you know what she said?

“I wanna kick ass”

She wasnt working out to get the perfect summer bod, she was working out to fucking KICK ASS. She said that she wanted to learn martial arts n shit but first she wanted to punch like a hard ass and impress everyone with her muscles

And i was so damn shocked. Now all it seems girls work out for is an hourglass figure and a flat stomach but no, this 14 year old just wants to be strong enough to kickass.
Society tells us that our bodies have to be this perfect replica of friggin Jessica Rabbit. It tells us that the only reason we should work out is to get skinny. It tells us that girls with more weight than others need to diet and jog 5 km a day.
Why should we as women exercise and diet to get the perfect, skinny hourglass body, big butt, and big boobs figure to please men and society??
If we’re going to exercise shouldn’t it be for our OWN benefit? To kick ass? To feel strong, confident and pretty?
Instead of pretending to know what gluten is and hating our bodies, shouldn’t we love them?
Ladies, if you’re going to exercise and diet do it because you want to, not because of unrealistic body portrayals of women.
Do it because you love yourself
Do it to become strong
Do to to become confident
Do it because you want to show off your muscles
Do it like a girl, like a 14 year old girl.

Do it because you wanna kick ass.

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Can't even see the guy's face so it's not a big deal. People do that all the time. Even the media does it. lol

Louis has 13.1 million followers on Instagram who will see that post, and he posted it because he thought it was funny and he wanted other people to think it’s funny, which means people are laughing at this guy who didn’t ask for his picture to be taken and posted for THIRTEEN MILLION FOLLOWERS. Louis also did this last year at Coachella with a guy who was passed out drunk and you COULD see the guy’s face, so…yeah, he’s done it before and I wish he wouldn’t because I think it’s disrespectful and unfair to do stuff like that when the person doesn’t know you’re doing it and when you have such an enormous platform that is seeing the picture.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with some of you in this fandom, but uh, it’s okay to criticize your fave (that was such a mild criticism too jfc) and it’s okay to have a moral compass and to say when your fave does stuff that doesn’t mesh with what you think is acceptable behavior. When any of the boys do something that I think is shitty, I say something about it. It doesn’t mean I think they’re bad people and it’s not me wanting them to get hate or something, but it’s my blog and I’m not going to pretend that these boys are perfect and don’t ever make mistakes and shouldn’t ever be criticized. I’m beyond tired of this mentality in the fandom because I think it’s unhealthy and it crosses into idolatry territory, which makes me uncomfortable. So yeah, I really don’t care if you think everybody does it and it’s perfectly fine. I don’t and that’s why I made that tag.

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31 with taehyung please ^-^

thank you for requesting! i hope you like it! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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BTS Reaction to Seeing His Ex Crying About Him

Requested from @yona–hime! Thank you for giving me the ok to change it up a bit! ^-^ *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ It was after the boys had performed, when Seokjin noticed Jimin run straight to you and engulf you into a hug. He was confused at first, and when he saw the younger wipe the tears from your face — his heart constricted in pain. He was about to run to you, to push Jimin away but when Namjoon held him back, he felt..defeated. “She’s crying about you, you know..” he mumbled and Seokjin looked to the floor in sorrow, wanting more than anything to comfort you himself. “It would be best if you didn’t speak to her anymore.”

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Suga ➳ He noticed you silently crying in a corner on your own at the famous celebrity party you were both invited to, and even though he had drank more than enough shots, he was lucid enough to give you space although it hurt him to see you in such a way; trying not to start a sudden commotion within the boys as they stood around him. All he wanted to do was hug you, have you in his arms once again but that was just utterly impossible because you were now his ex, and even though you both missed each other greatly; it just wasn’t meant to be.

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J-Hope “You’re not going to do anything?” Taehyung had growled, pushing him softly as Hoseok just stood there and tried to register what the boy had told him. You were crying over him, and he had an idea of why but he knew there was nothing he could do since you were the one that ended things and bluntly stated that you should both stay away from each other. Taehyung eventually left back to you, frustrated at how Hoseok was being but the older could only put up a front and pretend to be happy even though he was dying inside.

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RapMonster ➳ You both had been invited to a large get together, and when you had bumped into him; he could sense the tears about to burst since you looked absolutely terrified at being close to each other after so long. He quickly put his hand on the small of your back, pushing through the sea of people as he got you both into a secluded area — looking into your eyes as he gave you a soft smile. “Please, don’t waste your tears on me,” he whispered while resting his hand on your trembling ones, “if anything, let’s just make new happy memories.”

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Jimin ➳ He was shooketh the moment you two bumped into each other, and you could only stare at him as if he was a stranger. He felt broken, and when one of the boys dragged him away he refused to look at you, but soon, he ended up glancing towards your way throughout the night. You looked happy, and when your eyes soon connected with his, the tears began to automatically spill. He hated to see you cry, and even though he wanted to do anything in his power to soothe your breaking heart, he just couldn’t knowing he could break you further.

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V ➳ You were crying? And over him? The boys tried to hold him back, telling him that he didn’t need to make you feel worse but he was persistent in wanting to make you feel better. It wasn’t long before he was running down the halls, finding your friends asking you questions before he would throw his arms open; a wide smile spreading across his lips as he would hug you and take you away — not caring if it would soon spread rumors. He knew you both ended on bad terms, but he was selfless and he wanted to make sure you would be okay in any way he can.

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Jungkook ➳ He felt absolutely horrible. He saw you crying, and he knew exactly why you were crying; but he became scared. He couldn’t face you, only looking away as he soon entered the train to stay away from prying eyes and escape reality that the two of you were over. It pained him to see he had left a drastic scar on your heart, knowing he did nothing bad but boy, did he wish he could fix everything. He knew he was in a boy band, and knew he had to protect his image but he wished he could just throw it all aside even though it meant ruining his dreams, but if it’s meant to be; you’ll both cross paths again sooner or later.

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rebelcaptain || fake celebrity relationship AU

Jyn Erso doesn’t actually believe that fake PR relationships exist in Hollywood anymore until her agent approaches her with that very idea.

“So who has been cast as my true love, Bodhi?” she jokes, throwing a script onto the coffee table in his offices. “Someone hot, I hope.”

“Cassian Andor.”

“Wait, what? Are you for real?”

Of course she knows who Cassian Andor is–only one of the most sought-out actors in all of Los Angeles–who has been famous since he was a child for his breakthrough role in a coming-of-age film about a child soldier. As famous as he is for his acting, though, Cassian Andor is also well-known for his playboy ways: a new starlet on his arm every few months, all of them forever twenty-five even as he gets older.

“Look,” Bodhi says practically, “Alliance Studios wants you for this film, and the PR part–that’ll benefit you both.” And Jyn knows exactly what Bodhi is talking about. She’s nowhere near as famous or successful as Cassian, but she is near as notorious for her attitude and her near-brawls on set.

“You guys pretend to be in love while shooting and promoting the film and he looks stable, and well, you try to look stable, too, alright?”

And Jyn wants to say no. She’s not going to stoop to this level, but the script is amazing, and the director, Davitz Draven, only does a film every ten years. That he wants her in it is something she can’t say no to—but it also means she has to say yes to faking a romance with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Well, things could be worse, but they’re not great, because she and Cassian clash almost immediately on set. The thing is, the opposite of love has never been hate—it’s indifference, and the one thing they are not toward one another is indifferent.

Late nights on set turn into even later nights talking even after everyone else has gone home, and they start reaching for one another even when no one else is looking. He tells her about how he lost his parents as a child and how that’s made him wary of love, and she reveals to him something she’s never admitted to anyone else—how her strained relationship with her father has made her angry and combative, and how it’s been hard not to lash out at everyone and everything because she doesn’t want to get close enough to anyone to ever feel that disappointed again in another human being.

Combativeness melts away into genuine friendship, and maybe more, because as good as they are as actors, there’s no way that certain looks can be faked nor the feeling that burns in low and hot her belly or vibrates at the base of his spine when they’re near each other.

Birthday Cake

Summary: Being Childhood friends with an idol is one thing, not being an idol yourself another. Will your ordinary birthday gift be up to par with the fancy gifts his friends have given him?

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Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x Reader
Genre/warnings: angst, lots of fluff at the end
Words: 2.2K
Notes: Requested by my love @oh-beyond to celebrate Junmyeon’s birthday.

The lobby of your building is oddly quiet upon your arrival. Having just endured an arduous day at work you couldn’t be happier with the absence of yelling and crying that usually greeted you. Treading your way into your apartment, you are about ready to collapse on your couch when a box on the counter catches your attention. It had completely slipped your mind that today was Junmyeon’s birthday.  Looking at it now, you remembered how you took the box out of your cupboard that morning fully intended to start making it. However, after a call from your boss informing you that the upcoming meeting had been advanced you scampered around your apartment to get ready on time and forgot all about it.

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Across The Multiverse, 4.

Genre | Greek Mythology AU.

Pairing | Kim Taehyung / Reader.

Words | 2,529 words.

Conspectus | Not even a God can save her. But oh, does he try his best.

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Summary: Sam x Reader: Imagine being a demon restrained in the men of letters bunker and just constantly flirting with Sam Winchester.

Word Count: 1121

Trigger: Hints at smut, though it ends before the smut

Y/N = Your name

You could hear footsteps coming your way, echoing down the corridor, and you hoped it was the youngest of the legendary Winchester brothers. Big bro was hot, sure, but honestly? The younger man was much more your type. Manly, but with a bit of that irresistible puppy dog vibe that made your blood boil. 

Hell, if you had to stay locked up in their little dungeon you wanted to have fun. And what better entertainment was there than making the cute Sam Winchester blush so hard you’d think he was going to faint with that much blood going to his head at once. 

Dean Winchester never gave you the reactions you wanted. No matter how much the man hated your kind he threw every innuendo and flirty word right back at you. Making it a battle of dirty minds instead of flirting. It was tiring really, trying to make the big bad hunter choke on his words. But sweet little Sammy?

Fuck, how you loved pushing his buttons and see him stammer and hurry to escape whenever you upped the flirting just a little bit. Whenever you saw that hint of a red blush start travelling up his neck from your words you wanted to run your tongue across it. To see if you could make the colour darken by a few shades and mark the path you’d drawn.  

Something about the hunter’s perceived innocence, though you knew he wasn’t completely oblivious when it came to handling women, just brought out the demon in you. Which wasn’t that hard really, you were all demon. All dirty thoughts and wicked deeds, and as such you were also basically the natural enemy of hunters. That didn’t mean you couldn’t be attracted to one though. Playing with fire was kind of your thing. Always had been since…. Hell, yeah… Probably since you first stepped foot into the land down under, and you definitely didn’t mean Australia.  

And Sam Winchester sweet little Sammy, seemed to like playing with fire too. Though he tried to stay hard and unfeeling, though his blushes made him look and act like a little school boy, you knew he wanted you too. You’d seen the hungry looks he threw your way when he thought you weren’t looking. If he really hated it he’d probably just have stayed away. Yet, lately you barely seen big bro at all. Whenever someone came down to play your little game it was always the younger brother. So, of course you knew it would be him even before he stepped into the room.

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❝ We can always change this little particular ❞

Plot: When you and Jaebum are childhood friends but secretly love each other, until the day you two stuck into the elevator and confess your feelings. 

Pairing: JaebumxReader 

Words count: 3,3k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥


You hated that kid. Now it was clear, but the more you were forced to spend time together and the more hatred towards him grew.  

“Take Me Y/N” Jaebum yelled by continuing to wave your book, what you were quietly reading, threatening to throw it in your pool.  

“How old are you? Five?? ”  

“Ten for accuracy! You’re boring Y/N; Stop reading and come play with me. ” He threatened you, pretending to drop the book into the water. At that sight you began to run towards him and threw you on him, dropping both in the pool.

You had never been a quiet little girl and Jaebum should have learned it at his expense after all those years. Returning to the surface, you would take your breath, rest your hands on his shoulders and push him down as you could. You had three copies of that book, he simply had to pay for his behavior.  

“Now I’m going to drown you so I’ll stay at peace for my entire life!” You screamed by continuing to keep him underwater, while he clasped his arms around your legs starting to pull you down.  


Your father’s personal assistant voice made you almost scared, so you left the grip on Jaebum’s shoulders and he was finally able to go back to the surface. He coughed spitting water and you threw him a deadly glance, swimming then to the ladder and coming out of the pool shuddering a little.  

“Never joke with me, Im Jaebum.” You murmured, turning to look at him, still in the middle of the pool that stared at you upset.  

~ ~

“So the perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its sides?”  

“Jaebum is the twentieth time I tell you….”  

“I don’t like Algebra.” He objected, flapping his head on his algebra book, letting himself escape a whipped groan.  

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Kala and Wolfgang having a pillow talk. while Wolfie tries to keep the whole truth to himself, Kala continues insisting on him about ‘when’. she asks ‘so when was it?’ Wolfgang raises eye brows and just smiles, acting like he has no clue of what she wants to know. Kala clings onto him ‘don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. tell me, when was it?’ Wolfgang gently strokes Kala’s arm ‘when was what?’ ‘that I became the first thought you have when you’re awake. the last thought you have before you fall asleep’.

Wolfgang pulls her closer to him, so that her body is on top of him. ‘why are keep asking this stuff? you can literally go inside my head right now, and find out the answer for that’ he runs his fingers through her hair, as Kala touches his wispy beard. ‘because I like when you say your thoughts out loud’.

but again, Wolfgang gives back smile instead of answer. Kala groans a bit ‘ugh. fine. I’ll guess then. fair enough?’ he nods. ‘was it…when I tried to stop you from going to your uncle’s place?’ Wolfgang shakes his head. ‘was it…when I first saw the snow in Berlin?’ he shakes it again. ‘was it a day when we’re in cafe and at the temple? wait, was it when we sang together in my dream?’ Wolfgang keeps smiling but says nothing. Kala’s face stiffens a bit ‘it’s not the wedding day, is it?’ He gives a short laugh. ‘well, stop smiling and tell me, when was it?’

Wolfgang opens his mouth as he plays with her hair ‘it was the day when…I had this craving for Indian food. so I went to Indian restaurant near the market, which is a few blocks from my apartment. back then…I was with this girl who wanted some kind of relationship with me…and I told her I wasn’t looking for any of it’ he stops for a moment recalling the memory of that day. ‘then? what happened?’ Kala asks. Wolfgang meets her gaze ‘you’.

then quickly looks elsewhere because he’s still not used to tell the whole truth to Kala ‘haven’t stopped thinking about you since then’. Kala doesn’t say anything, and Wolfgang can’t decipher her expression right now. he asks ‘is that a good enough answer for you?’ she kisses him deeply until they’re breathless. ‘it’s perfect’.

Shut Up and Wink at Me

by kikikryslee

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

(14K Words)

“Did you get your housing information yet?” Louis asked.
Harry pursed his lips. “Yeah. So?”
“So? So it looks like we’re going to be roommates. Don’t you think we should know each other a little bit?”
“We’ve gone to the same schools since Kindergarten. I already know you.”
“Yeah, but we’re not like, friends,” Louis said.
“Ouch.” Harry pretended to be hurt, holding a hand over his heart. “That stings, Louis.”
Louis rolled his eyes. “Look, I would like to know at least something about you before I live with you for an entire school year.”
“What do you suggest?”
“I don’t know,” Louis said. “I guess just like, hang out and make sure we’re compatible?”
“You make it sound like we’re going on a blind date.”
“Trust me; we’re fucking not.”
“Again, ouch.”

Or, the one where Louis wants to go away to college to get away from everything having to do with his hometown. So when he finds out his roommate will be Harry Styles, perfect school athlete and the exact opposite of what Louis wants in a roommate, he’s not happy about it.

This was written for @butyouneverdo‘s High School AU Challenge

Imagine getting thoroughly bashed by the tabloids when they find out you’re dating Tom. None of their comments were even original, just what you typically hear when someone wants to complain about a woman - you’re not thin enough, you’ve been with too many men, you’re too clingy. You try to pretend like it didn’t get to you, but Tom knows you better than that. He takes you in his arms, looks deep into your eyes, and tells you every little thing he loves about you until he’s convinced you feel better.

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15 plzzzzz

A/M: I hope that I did this okay. I know I should have probably extended it, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I’m sorry. (From this prompt list | No more requests please)

“Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not”

You felt yourself breaking. Your chest felt heavy. He’d been trying to get you to crack, asking relentlessly if you were okay, to get you to finally tell the truth.
You had gone through a pretty big break up, and as your best friend, he knew that you should be more upset. But you weren’t upset.

Or so you acted like it.

“I told you I’m fine. Remember what I said before? That we were going to break up? It’s for the better. I could tell it was coming. We both did.”

“Yeah, but they broke up with you.”

“So? What difference does it make?” You felt yourself get more fidgety, your eyes begin to get hot, “I knew it was coming.”
He stood there and looked at you, as you stood there crumbling as you had finally succumbed to the emotions you tried to hide and ignore for so long. But with that came anger.

“Don’t look at me like that!” You lashed out, a look of confusion and understanding came across his face. “You think you know me so well huh? Do you know why I needed to pretend to be okay? Do you know why I needed to not talk about it? Or show you how I felt?”

He just stared at you and let you talk, “Because it physically hurts too much. Every time I think about it I want to hurt myself, cause it was my fault. Wasn’t it? And it’s not just this break up. Every night it’s something. Everything is my fault. My entire life! I’ve been a mistake.” And you looked back at him as his eyes began to widen. In that moment you knew it was another mistake that you’d hate yourself for later, “But why didn’t I tell you? Hm? Why do I always pretend to be okay? Why do I always pretend to be happy? Because it’s easier. Because if I pretend it’s not there, I can get through the day. I can still have friends, I can still try to have good times. If I face those feelings, those thoughts, I’m going to shut down, and I couldn’t tell anyone this cause I’m not going to drag anyone down with me. I’m not going to ruin their time and happiness on me!”

You felt tired as you wiped the flood of tears from your face.He looked at you quietly. He had clearly not expected your response in the slightest. He was just sadly mistaken, as you stood a shaking mess, with tears still falling from your eyes. The guilt and regret started to settle from your outburst and you knew you had to say something.

“It’s not your fault, you just wanted to help. But see why I have to pretend?” You said sweetly.

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prompt: (takes place after 4x05 but just pretending like the fight and yousef/noora never happened🤧🤧) sana gets into a bad bad bad fight with vilde ( because of the islamophobic things she keeps saying) and goes home afterward and maybe she's hurt or something. the whole ballook squad is there and they take care of her and confront vilde! do what you want with this prompt i know you can make something beautiful out of his messy idea:-)


Thank you so much for trusting me with your idea

I hope you don’t mind that I focused more on the balloon squad confronting Vilde than on them taking care of Sana, but there’s a reason. I received another prompt kind of about that and I don’t want them to be exactly the same so I took the defending Sana idea and focused on that. Of course they’re taking care of her too. Also I added a tiny Yousana bit because well, I’m me and I can’t help myself, I really hope you don’t mind.

Also I set it in 4x05 and not after ‘cause I feel like it could be a good opportunity to have everyone in the same place. I really hope you don’t think I’ve messed up too much

I really hope you like the fic and that I don’t diappoint you.

Also I wanted to say some things before all of you read this:

1) I’m not trying to demonize Vilde, just following the prompt and trying to keep her on character. I mean, she’s not the most thoughtful person we know

2) I really hope no one feels disrespected about the comment I chosed for Vilde to say. I just wanted to pick something that would affect Sana so I went back to the kind of comments season 1 and 2 Vilde would say. I really hope you don’t feel upset or disrespected ‘cause that was not my intention and I’m really sorry if you do feel like that.

Well, that’s it I really really hope you like it! 


“Honestly, Vilde, I’m so done with you”

She had tried to be patient with her, she had given her the benefit of the doubt so many times, but still there she was again with her comments.

“Sana!” she heard her calling her name but she was already leaving the karaoke place, she didn’t want to cause a scene and she knew that if she stayed she wouldn’t be able to control herself, not anymore.

She slammed the door opened and got outside focusing only on getting out of there and arriving home as soon as it was humanly possible. That’s why she didn’t realize that there were five boys looking at her confused.

“Sana? Where are you going? What’s going on?” Elias asked approaching his sister followed by the rest of the group.

She stopped walking and looked at them

“Nothing, I’m fine” she sighed “I just want to go home”

“You don’t look fine” Yousef said “What happened in there?”

“Nothing, I just…” she started but was interrupted by certain blonde that had just exited the karaoke club


“Seriously Vilde, I don’t want to fight so just leave me alone” Sana spat at her

Okay, okay, calm down, both of you” Elias said trying to meddle between them “What happened?”

“Just Vilde being Vilde and not being able to keep her mouth shut” Sana said

“What did you say?” Yousef asked squinting.

“Nothing!” Vilde tried to defend herself

“Nothing?” Sana laughed sarcastically “Nothing. Of course, nothing”

“I only suggested Sana that when we’re alone with the pepsimax girls she could stop wearing her hijab, I mean there would only be us girls, she wouldn’t need to wear it” Vilde said innocently.

As soon as the words left her mouth five voices started to sound. All of the members of the Balloon Squad, even Adam, Mikael and Mutta who had been trying to stay away from the confrontation since they didn’t want to pry, began to say stuff to Vilde from “Not cool” to “What the hell?”

“Wow, guys, it’s not that big of a deal, it was just a suggestion” Vilde said

“Are you for real?” Elias asked, then he turned to his sister “Is she for real?”

Sana only gave him an exasperated look.

“If you don’t like the idea you can just say it, Sana, you don’t have to throw your brother and his friends at me” Vilde said rolling her eyes

“Throw us at you?” Adam asked not believing what he was hearing

“What do you think we are? Dogs?” Yousef added

“Girl, we’re only reacting like anyone would if they hear what you’re saying” Mutta tried to make her understand

“I don’t see how what I said was so offensive”

“I can’t believe this” Mikael said covering his face with his hand

“Okay, okay, let’s hear her out. Come on, tell us what your thinking behind that comment was” Elias said almost laughing at the absurd of the situation

“I only wanted Sana to be more comfortable, to fit in” Vilde argued

“And you don’t think she can be comfortable and fit in just the way she is?” Yousef said “You’re her friend, you’re supposed to love her no matter what”

“I do, I just wanted her to know that she’s not forced to wear that with us” Vilde said

“For the last time Vilde, no one is forcing me to wear it! I wear it because I want to. Can’t you understand that?” Sana said almost losing her temper

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Okay”

“You better be” Yousef said shaking his head

“Jeez, I didn’t think you would react like this” Vilde said

“Maybe that’s your problem Vilde, you don’t think before talking” Elias told her

Just forget about it. It’s not worth it” Sana said “I just want to go home”

“Then we’re all going home” Elias said

“You don’t have to”

“Hey, you’re going, we’re going” Yousef told her smiling

She looked at the rest of the boys and all of them nodded at her

“Sana I don’t want you to be mad at me” Vilde said

“I’m not mad Vilde, I’m just tired” Sana answered and then she turned around and left with the balloon squad by her side

“I honestly can’t believe that girl” Elias said as they entered the Bakkoush’s.

All of them took off their shoes and entered the living room. Sana sat on one of the couches with Mikael by her side. In the couch in front of it, Elias, Adam and Mutta tried to fit in. Lastly, Yousef sat on the floor with his back against the boy’s couch so that he would be facing Sana’s and Mikael’s.

“Eventually you get used to that kind of things” Sana sighed

“Well you shouldn’t” Mutta said

“I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s do some other thing”

“I have an idea. Sana you’re smart” Adam said

“Well, I like to think so, yeah” she smiled

“Why don’t you help us figure out the next topics for our videos? I’m sure you’ll have better ideas than your brother”

“Hey!” Elias argued

“Sorry, man but he’s right. Sana’s way smarter than you” Mikael added

Sana couldn’t help but smile. Those boys, not only they had defended her like she was their sister but they were always really kind to her and make her feel welcomed among them.

“Accept it Elias, your friends like me more than they like you” Sana said laughing

“I certainly do” Yousef said looking at her

Sana looked back at him and smiled as wide as she could, biting her lip in embarrassment when she saw all of the boys staring at them.

“Okay, if I’m going to help you we need something to eat first. I’ll be right back” she said standing up

“I’ll help you” Yousef immediately said getting on his feet

“I’ll go too” Adam added trying to stand up but he was stopped by Elias’ hand on his arm

“Let Yousef go, I think they’ll be fine on their own” he said

A unison “ohhh” filled the room making Sana blush.

“Shut up” she said glaring at the boys before turning around to go to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that” Yousef said embarrassed as he entered the room

“It’s okay, they’re kids” she said rolling her eyes acting like her heart wasn’t pounding as fast as humanly possible on her chest

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked looking at her “About the Vilde thing”

She nodded. He raised her eyebrows not believing her.

“Yes, I’m okay”


“What can I say? I’m used to that comments. I don’t know why I exploded today when I’ve been hearing  them for a long time, I guess I was just tired”

“You shouldn’t be used to that”

“I know she doesn’t mean to hurt me, she’s not a bad person…she just doesn’t think”

“How can you be so amazing?” he whispered more to himself than for her to hear it

She tried to contain the smile but she couldn’t. He smiled back at her and looked at her more tenderly than he had ever had.

“Your friend hurt you and here you are, defending her ‘cause that’s who you are. You’re this selfless person that always put others first.” He bit his lip before continuing “You’re amazing Sana, and no one should ever make you feel any other way”

She was speechless, the honesty in his voice struck her and all she could do was stare at his eyes and get lost in them, just as he was getting lost in hers. The moment was interrupted by a voice that came from the living room.

“Hey, lovebirds, we’re still waiting that food” Elias said

“Can I say that my brother’s an ass and still be amazing?” Sana asked Yousef rolling her eyes

“I think that makes you even more amazing” he said laughing and they both got to work, they had four boys to feed.


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I really hope you’ve liked it and that I haven’t disappointed you

Again I’m sorry if this upsets anyone

Thank you so so much for reading!!

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How Would They Comfort Her After a Terrible Nightmare?: IKON


Snuggle into you and stroke your back to calm your hiccups and terrified quick intakes of deep breath.


He would decide to abandon sleep in fear of you dreaming another nightmare. Think of something like a movie marathon and then being the one to call into work in the morning after you just fell asleep to inform your employers that you were sick.


Will start to reminiscence about his past, digging up some funny stuff t cheer you up a little bit, holding you to him as close as was possible but in a gentle grip, as if you would break at anything stronger.


He would be at a loss as to what he was asked to do. He did not know how to actually comfort you in a way that would make you feel better and not the other way around. In the end, his uncertainty would be the thing to bring a smile back to your face. He was hella cute when clueless.


Would pretend he didn’t hear anything and just lay frozen, but he would still push himself that bit closer to you, scooping you in and kissing the crown of your head.


He’d be the one to fully waken up and go out of his way to make you some warm milk and then hug you from the back as you drank it, resting his head on your shoulder and kissing your neck slowly, to reassure you it was only a bad dream and nothing else.


Though he’ll be making fun of you for not being able to fall back asleep after the nightmare, he did it all in a good spirit, and you actually didn’t notice that your fear passed and you were simply snuggled into that boy’s chest comfortably.

fknriot  asked:

If men are useless to the procreation process like you say they are, then how do you think women get pregnant?

I didn’t say men are useless. I think they should get credit only for what they actually contribute, no less, and no more.

Women should also get the due credit for our contribution, credit for the immense sacrifice that pregnancy truly is, a sacrifice which deserves respect.

It isn’t fair to pretend a horse weighs the same as a feather.

anonymous asked:

What do you call people who know nothing about and don't practice / don't really care about witchcraft, the occult, everything spiritual / spiritual world, the astral, etc? In the occult community we call them "normies"

you seem to have answered your own question, as witchcraft is part of the “occult community”.

personally i refer to them as “people who dont practice witchcraft”. calling them “normies”, would imply they are the default, the normal, and that we, by practicing witchcraft, are abnormal for doing so. 

i have no time to pretend to be oppressed by a self-imposed othered quality. 

even if there is a misplaced and romanticized quality associated with being an outcast and it is fashionable to pretend to be such, i still would advise not use it, as those who pretend otherness is glamorous silence those who are actually oppressed.

this is sorta branched off of a post i just saw but it takes like 2 seconds to pretend to be interested in what a kid is showing you

my brother can talk for hours about nba2k17, which is something i couldnt care less about. i play it sometimes but im not a sports video game kind of person. i dont care about it, at all. but when he calls me from across the house to look at his sick buzzer beater shot that made him win with .2 seconds left? i go “woahhh thats so cool! wait so like , you made it? from all the way over there???? what the heck i cant even make it from right under the basket in this game!! how upgraded is your player guy?” because it makes him happy and takes no effort. like how would u feel if you were talking about something you genuinely liked and everyone went “hm. cool.” ??? chances are it probably happened to u and it didnt feel good!!!! dont make ppl feel like that !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alien Covenant: Surprise!!! David pretended to be Walter and has taken over the ship!!! What a twist!!!
  • David: *cut off his somehow shoulder-length hair RIGHT AFTER HE MET WALTER so that they matched*
  • David: *clearly was far too interested in the Xenomorph chasing Daniels and Tennessee*
  • David: *obviously smirking when he thought the Xenomorph was going to get the humans*
  • Me: You are PAID to write/direct/produce this.
  • Me: YOU. ARE. PAID.

I’m still shipping Caryl …

I’m just taking a break from stuff and things … I dont ship Carol and MY KING, just because I love Khary and Melissa pics. And let me tell you something, I respect everybodys opinion and every single caryler have my heart and love, but shipping caryl doesn’t mean that I need to love Reedus, ok?

I dont hate him or anything, I’m just not a fan. For me he is the guy that plays Daryl and I DO LOVE DARYL 


I say this because I lost people for that and I got some nasty anons telling me that I’m not a good shipper… Ok 

5 years of my life, supporting this ship is not a good shipper, then what it is?

Saying this, you guys are free to unfollow me. I’ll understand but you need to understand too, that I’m done to pretending that I like something or someone that I dont