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I want to listen to some podcasts but my english is not that good so can you rec me podcasts with transcripts

i’m actually just the right person to go to for this because i have a really hard time paying attention to podcasts.  my mind tends to wander without a firm focus point and i miss entire chunks of episodes so it really helps to have a page up so i can follow along with my eyes.  of the ones i listen to, these are the ones that i know have at least some transcripts:

  • the bright sessions - a lot of season two’s are missing, but one and three are fully available
  • the penumbra podcast - they are currently attempting to set up a fan-run transcription tumblr but, in the meantime and if you can afford it, they do have season two’s transcripts available if you’re a patreon supporter
  • welcome to night vale - the night vale presents shows are your best friends because they have very dedicated fanbases that get the transcripts up crazy fast (and joseph and jeffrey are super cool about them existing), so there’s also…
  • alice isn’t dead
  • within the wires
  • the orbiting human circus (of the air)
  • tanis - this one is not current, cuts out partway through season two, but they do have transcripts available if you’re a patreon supporter (though they are super slow to get them out, just fyi)
  • the black tapes
  • ars paradoxica
  • limetown - unfortunately only the first four (of six) episodes are transcribed

hope this helps!  ❤

“Welcome back to the family!!!”

Reblogging art

Hey lovelies.

I’m sorry, this is totally unrelated to Jojo, but it’s something that eats at me quite a bit, and I imagine that some other artists can relate.

Please refrain from adding unnecessary observations and comments when reblogging art. You’ll be putting the art, which you did not make, in your own context and that is unfair to the artist who put the work into it. From then on, people reblogging it from you will look at your comment and at the art as one item, which creates a bias on how the work is viewed and judged.

If you really want to make an observation, then use the tags. That said, also keep from reblogging art just to criticize the content… I’ve seen this happen to some people and it upsets me deeply.

All this applies to twitter as well, btw. It is best not to quote RT art. If you want to share it with your friends, @ them on the replies or preferably DM them about it. This last point is particularly important regarding the works of JP and KR artists. (there is this post going into this in more detail, but right now I can’t access it cause of tumblr shitty bugs)

If you enjoy the art, then respect the artist who provides it, thank you.

Other artists are welcome to add to this.

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Hi! I've recently gotten back into Hannibal and can't get enough of it! My dash is a bit empty, so are there any Hannibal orientated blogs you'd recommend? Love your gifs btw! :) x

Welcome back!! Sure - I´ve already made a small rec list here

If you follow them your dash surely won´t be empty anymore!

I´ll add @oxtrogen​ and @he-s-dead-jim for wonderful crack postings and @willsravenstag​ for (mostly) pale gifs and @friendlycannibalhannibal for very beautiful colorful gifs : )

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Oh my goodness gracious have you read the ao3 fic Hind & Hare by mianhae I feel like you'd enjoy lord knows I have idk if I'm even allowed to recommend fics but HEY if you're up for it ilysm btw :'D have a good day!!

I haven’t! I’ll add it to my list tyty~ And everyone is always welcome to rec me stuff :“”))))) 💖 I mostly sort of end up prioritizing the fics w joon as main tho but rec anyway if you guys really love a fic!

friend appreciation post!!

aka: i give my friends all the love and appreciation they deserve for being beautiful people

this post will probably get long so i’m putting it under the cut bc i don’t think people coming to my blog will want to scroll through me being cheesy as fuck for like 20 minutes

anyways uh let’s begin i guess

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A Fic with some kinky stuff ;) like hands under the table smut I mean I die at the thought of John wick sitting next me at a table alone but to add some sneeky kinky stuff oh muyy 😭 LOVE YOUR WORK BTW ❤️❤️ && WELCOME BACK ⭐️⭐️⭐️💓

i literally let out a naughty laugh when i read this and my whole household (parents, sis, grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt) watch me funny. i can’t wait till i reach this one in my line up :P so not traditional smut.


XoXo Cookie

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Hey, can you add my ask blog @ask-iamb-bangtan to the ask blog masterpost? I'm super new and I would really appreciate it if you did! (LOVE your blog by the way, I'm following on another account :3) THANK UUU


(EVERYONE GO FOLLOW @ask-iamb-bangtan !!!!! THEIR ART IS SO CUTE N THEIR AU IS <333333)

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Ok so I have a question and I figured you're probably the best one to ask. So I've been frantically searching for new ronmione accounts/fics/pretty much anything and there's literally nothing. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I'd figure I'd just ask you. Love you're account by the way and I'm sooo excited for you and jessie:)

fam… thank you so much for thinking of me r u ready

so first of all are accounts and basically everyone over at the @romionesquad are amazing hp/romione accounts and they’re all so lovely and <33 you should definitely check out the members page bc they’re all perfect blogs w a lot of romione omg 

@otterandterrier made a wonderful blog specifically for listing active romione blogs called @romionedirectory and it has specific categories of blogs (it’s amazing, honestly) so i’d suggest looking there for blogs/fic/anything r/hr related really. it’s got pretty much everyone who posts about romione listed and it’s just a gem tbh

the romione community on tumblr is rly welcoming and there are a lot of fic writers that post/update fairly regularly so you should check them out!! there are a few blogs dedicated to reccing fic but most notably @ffictionrec who has an incredible and well organised blog (also @rhrmasterlist was a blog set up to document all fanfic so check that out!!) 

also there was a fic competition to celebrate all the fic that was wrote in 2015 @romioneawards, a smutfest earlier this year @romionesmut, and the secret santa i hosted last year @romionesecretsanta and these all have amazing romione based work and content

i only know of two new on-going fics atm: what’s changed and what hasn’t  by holly1492 and love me forever by @aloemilk which are both post-war and both amazing gosh

also just some awesome ppl who deserve a mention but weren’t listed in any of the above: @diva-gonzo @theperksofshippingromione @ladyknightley @coyotelaughingsoftly @rongasm (there are definitely more i’m just forgetful)

uhm what else ??? idk but if anyone wants to reblog this and add things they’re more than welcome to!!

(ALSO THANK YOU I AM ALSO REALLY EXCITED FOR ME AND JESSIE who btw is also an a+++++ romione shipper but i’m guessing u already knew that oh well i’m tagging her anyway @stuckwith-harry hey wifey ;)

First ask batch 2016!

Anonymous said: i was curious as to why you always draw killua so much taller!! when theyre only 4 cm (a little less than an inch) apart in canon o: not like i’m complaining tho i’m just curious!! ur art is very cute and i love it very much!!!

Mhhh maybe I do draw him a bit taller than what he is,but in most cases he looks taller cause Gon is bending forward like in here:

excedraexshadow said: Hello! I saw you use clip studio paint, right?? I just got the program and if you don’t mind, could you please give some advices on the brushes?? and also how do you do the dots for the backgroung?? Thank you!

Hi hi!I do use CSP but only for final touches,I draw and colour entirely on SAI ;;w;; so sorry I can’t help much haha I suppose that if you want the brushes to adapt to your liking you only need to try and try ;;e;; at least that’s what I did with SAI brushes haha dots?you mean as in the coloring sprinkles I add or actually dot tones?Anyways here you have both possible answers

rest of the questions under the cut uvu

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Spock using his finger to trace phrases like “I love you” in Vulcan on McCoy’s back when they’re lying in bed. Bones being amused, thinking he’s just drawing little meaningless squiggles, completely oblivious to the tender words Spock is softly outlining on his body.

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Hi! I want to follow more Latinx blogs! But don't know where to find em :( Do you recommend any faves? Or if you're a Latinx blog reading this can you like so I can check out your blog? Love urs btw :) I love seeing so much representation

Here are some of my favorite Latinx blogs that identify as Latinx or post of latinx culture
(Sorry a lot of people I follow are xicanx)
Any of my followers who want to share/add more people to this list you are welcome to do so 😊 and anon I hope this list helps you out


Hey!! It’s now been just over a year since i first joined tumblr so i thought it suitable to do another follow forever,, For the most part, tumblr has been a really great place for me thanks to everyone that I follow and all of you guys who put up with me ❤️❤️❤️ I would really like to thank everyone for making this such a good experience for me,, you guys have helped and supported me in a lot of ways and you all deserve the best and I hope you have a great holiday!! okok 

This follow forever is for my main blog (@aklras) as well my side blog @vonixs

I follow a huge amount of people so i just chose some of my mutuals and fav blogs

Mutuals in italics and Friends bolded

# / A-G

🐠 @-tsukiyama-shuu 🐠  @20th-ward-alchemist 🐠  @aflightlesscrow 🐠 @akiira-mado 🐠 @armilaes 🐠 @arrxsu-chxn 🐠  @asbehsam 🐠  @ask-ghost-kaneki 🐠  @asubeda 🐠  @ayato-is-bae 🐠 @ayatoh 🐠  @ayatomy 🐠 @bad–ritual 🐠  @blpolar 🐠  @centiyama 🐠  @cloudsprite 🐠  @coffeekaneki 🐠  @coziests 🐠  @cross-eyed-king 🐠  @crowned-ghoul 🐠  @d-uri 🐠 @dickdads 🐠  @dorkneki 🐠  @drowning-in-theories 🐠  @eyepach-ghoul 🐠  @eyepatched-ghoul 🐠  @floppyamon 🐠  @fvrvta 🐠  @gay-uta 🐠  @gayoba 🐠  @genyos 🐠 @ghoul-kaneki  🐠  @gourmet-tsukiyama-shuu 🐠  @greymetalheart 🐠  @grumpybets 🐠  @gyou  🐠 @gzoldyck 🐠


🐠   @hair-as-white-as-snow 🐠  @haise-lowse 🐠  @haises-striped-pants 🐠  @haisexe  🐠  @half-ghoul 🐠  @heresjuuzou 🐠  @hide-more-like-hidead 🐠 @hides-dead🐠  @hinamie 🐠  @hinatas-fluffy-hair 🐠 @hitame-ni 🐠  @hldeyoshi 🐠 @hootdamn  🐠  @hsasaki 🐠  @iheihairus 🐠 @investigatorsuzuya 🐠  @irlseidou 🐠 @ishida-why 🐠 @ishidasui 🐠  @juicy-shuu 🐠  @juuzo-senpai 🐠  @juuzou-s-animerse 🐠  @juuzou-squad 🐠  @jxxzo 🐠  @k-nekis 🐠  @k4nae 🐠  @kanearosewald 🐠  @kanehhki 🐠 @kanekanes 🐠  @kaneki-coffee 🐠  @kaneki-no-itami 🐠 @kaneki-ruined-me 🐠  @kanekipls 🐠  @kanekisbitch 🐠  @kanekisus 🐠  @kanekiyouloser 🐠  @kaneksicles 🐠  @kanekx 🐠  @kei-aniki 🐠   @kentipede-ken 🐠  @killuazoldvck 🐠  @kurokaneki 🐠  @kvives 🐠 


🐠  @lacrimosae 🐠 @ladymoonstache 🐠  @lithblack 🐠  @littlekanae 🐠  @littlemissymonster 🐠 @liusys-ghoul 🐠  @lovelytitania 🐠  @mad-centipede 🐠  @madeki 🐠 @master-shuu 🐠  @mgitart 🐠  @mikatake 🐠  @miss-fire-rose 🐠  @mob100 🐠 @naiico 🐠  @neki-chan18 🐠  @neo-blue-fuckboys 🐠  @nishikis 🐠  @nonap 🐠  @official-kaneki-ken  🐠 @oh-my-gerd-kaneki 🐠  @one-eyed-kings 🐠 @paintedghoul 🐠  @petitshuu 🐠 @pohroro 🐠  @professor-pineapples 🐠  @raystunna 🐠  @rifqa 🐠  @roselove307 🐠 @sadshu 🐠 @saiko-s 🐠 @sakura-ghoul 🐠  @santa-kaneki 🐠  @sassanhaise 🐠  @shouty-y 🐠  @shuuchie 🐠  @sleepy-ghouls 🐠  @smol-shuu 🐠  @snarky-gourmet 🐠  @sociopathicrize 🐠  @sociopathinblack 🐠  @space-nagisa 🐠 @spaceyqueen 🐠  @ssghoulhaise 🐠  @submachineguns 🐠  @suzukii 🐠 @synnocence 🐠


🐠   @taking-out-the-trashiyama 🐠  @takizawuh 🐠  @takizwa 🐠 @talk-kaneki-to-me 🐠  @tectighoul 🐠  @tfw-no-tsukiyama 🐠 @tghoul-s 🐠 @the-kaneki-ken 🐠  @tsukiayma 🐠  @tsukis 🐠  @tsukiyamas 🐠 @tsukiyamas-koukaku 🐠  @tsukiyamaspelvis 🐠  @tsukyamasshoes 🐠 @txkyolights 🐠  @ukiinas 🐠  @uncomfortableghoul 🐠  @unofficialmeme 🐠  @uriexual 🐠  @welcome-to-anteiku 🐠  @winced 🐠  @wirtilithurts 🐠  @xiulric 🐠  @xnteiku 🐠  @xtsukiyamashuu 🐠  @xym 🐠  @yamakenz 🐠 @yanderechild 🐠 @yomosprince 🐠

Also if i missed you and we’re mutuals please tell and i’ll add you in !!!! And please tell me if i made a mistake,, or if you consider us friends!! Its important to me!! (( i didn’t bold a lot of ppl bc I’m shy af,, ))

Thank you guys!! i love you ❤️

I mentioned on my Twitter account that I’m working on some keychain designs to sell at my future conventions. All the characters will be “chibified” just like Happy up there.

So far I made keychains about:

-Fairy Tail
-Attack on Titan
-One Piece
-Dragon Ball Z
-Avatar The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra

I’ll add more series and you are more than welcome in suggesting some (even if I don’t follow them yet!)
It doesn’t have to be only anime and manga btw!

Well I’ll keep you updated with more previews! Feel free to suggest in my inbox!


"Hey, I wanna try playing [MMORPG], any tips? :)"
  • Aura Kingdom fandom: Yay! Add me and add me and whisper me in game if you need help, you're awesome!~ Can't wait to see you in-game, welcome!! \o/
  • Aion fandom: Come to Asmos! No come to Elyos! We'd love to have you!
  • Blade & Soul fandom: Don't play on Russian server, it's outdated! o/ Your character looks adorable btw! Did you hear about the new updates? Look at these cool videos.
  • Tera fandom: Do not. I am suffering, my meat prison has been suffocating the life out of me as I drag my mouse once again to log into to this cursed game... It only brings pain. You will suffer... Stay away.

Btw guys, if any of you have spiritual/Astrology/mystical interests and want to be a part of a private chat network here, feel free to message me :) I’ve been wanting to add more people for a while.

It’s a place to ask questions, give advice and share experience on anything like astral projection, dreaming, Crystal healing, astrology concepts, personality types, and anything we come up with really :) Anyone who is respectful with an open mind is welcome c: xxx