you are welcome for everyone who keeps asking for a selfie

holy smokes!! 1500 followers!!

honestly i’m still not exactly sure why there’s so many people following this blog, and i know they’re people bc i block all the bots lmao but anyway, thank you so much for being here!!

thank you for putting up with my selfies and my personal posts that disappear in two seconds and my stoney rhink headcanons and my terrible nineteen-year-old personality. i hope my existence on your dash brings an occasional rhinky post your way!!

i really am grateful for everyone who supports me - mutuals, kind followers, friends - and i’m sorry i’m awful about answering asks and keeping anon off. i do appreciate all the asks i have, even if i hoard them like a greedy dragon!!

and to everyone who’s new, hi!! welcome to the rhink pit. there’s lots of angst and smut here so get comfortable lmao

and in case you’re looking for rhink you can:

☆ search my blog with any keyword (ex: boyfriend, college, daddy)

☆ check out my headcanons

☆ browse my poetry

☆ read my fic

☆ and scroll thru my shitty fanart!!

thank you again, and i hope you have a rhinky night!! ❤︎ 

- lovelyrhink