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Sheesh what's up with all the hate you're getting? You're literally the princess of positivity!! What's there to hate wtf?Anyway just keep doing what you're doing! It's your blog! Run it your way. Everyone who you said explicitly aren't welcome here just have to deal with it jfc it's not that hard to get????~Leaf who doesn't wanna give away their blog but you follow them aha

Aaaaaa you’re so sweet!! Tysm! Like ya’ll can’t expect me to go “um yeah sure trump supporters/racists/nazis/homophobes/transphobes are totally welcome here yeah positivity for all” when 1. That’s literally not positive and 2. Would be going against everything I believe in. I won’t shut up about how I feel about something for the sake of maintaining a “positive image” because that’s not how I roll. You can point fingers and call me “not positive” and throw a tantrum because I’m “excluding” people from positivity, but at the end of the day I’m not losing a wink of sleep over it because people like that don’t deserve my positivity. People like that aren’t positive to begin with and I don’t want them here.

Anyways sorry for going on a whole tangent!


Hey guys!! Wowie 2016 has been one heck of a ride but y’all’ve been absolutely wonderful and I rly couldn’t ask for better followers!! It’s not much but here’s a rly flaky art giveaway

PRIZE: A painted bust
ENDS: Midnight Jan 7

  • Each reblog/like counts, reblog as much as u want
  • No giveaway blogs!
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  • Winner chosen by random number generator
  • Good luck everyone!!!

Feedback and requests are always welcome!

undiagnosed autism at school

- welcome to Bullying™. you can never leave

- everyone hates you and you don’t know why

- you are disappointing your parents. you have no idea how, but you know you are

- people keep taking you on as a pet project

- you spin between “academic genius” and “profound special needs” daily

- a lady takes you out of class to play with blocks and answer mental math problems. the reason why she does this is never explained

- why is everyone so mean?????? to you? to each other?????? does not compute

- you try to be funny. you fail. spectacularly.

- it feels like the whole world wants to kick your ass

- “stop that filthy habit [that comforts you in times of stress that you don’t even realise you’re doing]”

- fuck



This is a great idea! Since republicans are so deplorable, California should not have any. California should only have liberals, progressives and democrats. California should also have no immigration laws. Everyone welcome, because you cannot discriminate against people! California should have no police, because they are all racist, no military because they only want war, and no corporations because they are capitalist. California should have free healthcare for all. This would be great for them.


This is the Undertale Gender Appreciation post!

This is just a fun little game for all of you Artists, Ask Blogs, and Roleplayers to participate in!

This game is simple and open for all to join in. Draw a picture of your Undertale muse holding a sign that expresses they’re gender pronoun preferences. The goal of this game is to explore the diversity of this fandom and everyone’s individual interpretations of characters. We share our interpretations and appreciate each others’ differences and enjoy everyone’s work for what they represent.

Anyone is welcome to add a photo to this post! Whether you’re a canon character or an AU character or even an original character, you are free to join in and add your muse to this post!

Let’s show some love for everyone’s views and spread this post far and wide!


“h.. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

I know this might be a bit odd or out of place on my blog, but here goes.

I think that it’s okay to be a background person. You can’t have a play without the people offstage putting the set together. You can’t make a movie without extras. And that is kind of what we do. We put on a show for people to enjoy and interact with. We all have our different styles, level of practice, and timezones. We all have a squad, or at least float in between, to which you’re very welcome to join several of the ones we have on here. We all have our “costars” to our own plays (threads) and no role is unimportant.

That being said, I can appreciate that you, and sometimes I, feel unappreciated, unwanted, and like you don’t belong. Sometimes you don’t want to be an extra on a movie, or the person doing lights instead of singing on stage. We all want to get the love that TT or Laina or Jess or KP and Andy get. We all want to be wanted.

There shouldn’t be so much unsung praise for the Background Characters, because you all do wonderful work. You’re all wonderful in your interpretations of characters and how you convey them. Let’s love everyone who comes into the community, not just the Stars who know what their doing. It fosters an environment where they’ll want to learn to get better, and that’s what we should all want.

Let’s level the playing field and remind ourselves that we’re all just nerds who play dress-up.

January Running Club

Who’s up for a run? 

This January, I am going to sponsor a casual, mutual-support group that will focus on running and I would love you to join us! Here is what I have in mind for some guiding principles and activities for the group: 

  • Everyone is welcome! If you have never ran before, you are welcome. If you just ran the Boston Marathon, you are welcome. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here. 
  • I will post weekly prompts to stimulate discussion. 
  • You will be encouraged to set and track goals as you see fit. 
  • All posts will be tracked under the janrunclub tag.

If this sounds fun to you, please reblog this and start tracking the tag janrunclub for more details. 

Hey brand new followers who are new to the Sherlock fandom! 

*grabs random stacks of paper* 

 I suppose I should 

 *twirls, applies fire extinguisher to dumpster* 

 tidy up a bit 

 *drives knife through corpse of tfp, which looks, not coincidentally, like a clown, pinning it to mantle* 

 but I just want to say welcome 

*clown rises, attempts to murder everyone* 

 you’ve arrived at an interesting moment 

 *shoves clown out of window, along with the collector’s edition of all seventy of Mary’s posthumous dvds* 

 really nice to meet you. 


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Nancy Drew The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Emergencies Only! - PART 1 - Game Grumps
  • Arin: Dan, I have a question for you.
  • Dan: Go ahead?
  • Arin: So, if you just enjoy sucking penis, but it does nothing for you sexually, NOTHING, like the it's not even the realm of arousal, it's like sucking on a teat, just very popsicle-like, does that make you gay?
  • Dan: Okaaay. Welcome to the episode everyone!