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a practical guide to becoming a true pun master
  1. accept that no pun is actually Good, but that the true nature of a good pun is to be so terrible that it becomes good.
  2. say every pun that occurs to you. i’m so serious about this, sometimes the most well received puns will be ones you considered not saying.
  3. ALWAYS laugh at your own puns, even if nobody else is. (especially if nobody else is.)
  4. know that you are hilarious. puns are a limitless resource and you have taken it as your duty to bring this gift to humanity. you are a hero.
The Adrien Diaries...

6 Mar 2017

You know how I said I was going to be killed by the muffin man, Diary? Turns out, I was wrong… pretty sure at this point he’d settle for having me neutered. Well, maybe not Adrien Agreste…

…just the leather-clad superhero he caught KISSING HIS DAUGHTER TONIGHT!

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Get to know Formula-1 fan!
  • 1. How did you get into F1 first?
  • 2. How long do you watch F1? Do you remember the first race you've watched?
  • 3. Favourite driver(s)?
  • 4. Favourite team?
  • 5. Favourite track(s)?
  • 6. Favourite team principal?
  • 7. Least favourite driver(s)?
  • 8. Least favourite team?
  • 9. Favourite driver(s) from 70s/80s?
  • 10. Favourite driver(s) from 90s/2000s?
  • 11. Your dream team (drivers & principal from any era)?
  • 12. Your dream podium (three drivers from any era)?
  • 13. Ferrari or McLaren?
  • 14. Lauda or Hunt?
  • 15. Senna or Prost?
  • 16. Schumacher or Hakkinen?
  • 17. Which GP would you like to visit and why?
  • 18. The race(s) that impressed you most?
  • 19. Your opinion on female drivers/the idea of female racing series?
  • 20. What do you think about your F1 commentator(s)?
  • 21. Your favourite F1 couple(s) and family (families)?
  • 22. Do you watch all the practices, quali and race, or quali and race, or just race?
  • 23. Describe how do you watch F1? At home or somewhere else, with family, friends or alone? Any special pre-race rituals?
  • 24. Do you do any F1 fan creativity yourself (arts, fanfics, handmade stuff, videos etc.)?
  • 25. The craziest thing you've ever done to express your F1 passion?
  • 26. Let's imagine that you've suddenly met your favourite driver. What would you like to say to him and how do you imagine your meeting in general?
  • 27. Would you like to get back in time to watch old F1 races?
  • 28. Let's imagine that you are a F1 driver (in any era). Which team would you like to drive for and whom would you like to see as your teammate? Do you see yourself as a world champion?
  • 29. Do you have any suggestions how to make F1 more interesting and popular?
  • 30. Do you know what musical composition is playing while drivers are spraying the champagne? /for music lovers ;P/
  • 31. Your top-3 of the sexiest F1 drivers from all the time?
  • 32. Whom would you cheer for (in current F1) if not for your most favourite driver?
  • 33. Do you watch any other racing serie? If yes, what do you watch? Your favourites from there?
  • 34. Do you watch any other kind of sport? Which one?
  • 35. [Free to ask any other F1 question.]

- Cuddles after missions because Obi needs to hold you after the exhaustion of fighting and the possibility that something bad could’ve happened.

- Even though he’ll never admit it, he enjoys being the small spoon.

- His favorite type of cuddling is where you’re both face to face with his arm wrapped around your waist. He likes the closeness.

- Obi gets handsy during cuddles. He has to play with your hair or hold your hand or rub small circles on your hip.

- Hugs are his favorite form of affection so he’ll sneak some with you during the day.

- Whenever you two pass each other in the hallways he brushes his hand against yours so that he can feel you.

- Obi loves to curl up on the couch with you and read you his favorite stories or hum his favorite songs until you fall asleep.

- His meditation is usually sitting in your room and listening to your breathing or singing.

- After particularly long missions or a tiresome day, Obi likes to lay his head on your lap and feel your fingers brush through his hair.

- Nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck calms Obi down. And even though he’s not a kissing type of person, he’ll kiss your shoulder or temple.

- Being around you generally makes Obi relaxed. That’s why you two have to cuddle every single day.

thighs, thighs and thighs

you thirsty people like these for sum reason. especially you @jinxkook enjoy.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

bless his thighs

it all started with a simple question. 

“y/n. what is your favourite thing about me?” 

 you gave it a few days thought because what didn’t you love about him. but after the first two days you narrowed it down to his physical traits. his arms, veins, abs or thighs. 

his arms were built and you loved how they’d effortlessly lift you up and spin you around. 

 his veins. god, his veins. they made him look like a sex god and it drove you crazy. 

 his abs. you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like running your fingers down the short dips on his stomach. 

 his thighs. they were hard as fuck. and we’re just so muscular you loved thinking about them whenever you could. which was probably once every 15 seconds. 

so after making up your mind up, you walked up to him, put on your flirty smile and leaned into his ear, “your thighs are my favourite thing about you.” 

 in a flash he’d taken a seat on the closer chair and pulled you in between his legs. 

his hands pulled your pyjama shorts down your legs and grabbed your hips to sit you down on his thigh. “ride my thigh baby, i want to see your panties and my sweats to get soaked with your sweet sweet juices.” he encouraged, moving your hips before you took control and began grinding down on his muscular thigh. 

your hands gripped his shoulder in an attempt to balance yourself as you began to grind yourself down on him. your voice produced breathy moans and sweet cries of pleasure that were like music to his ears and you found it hard to concentrate as he whispered dirty words into your ear, which only brought you closer to the edge. 

 “holy fuck, kookie. you have no idea how much i love your thighs.” you moaned, biting down on your lips as you threw your head back when suddenly his thigh clenched beneath you, causing you jerk your hips forwards at the new friction. 

“oh god, please do that aga- oH FUCK.” 

he continued flexing his thigh until eventually it was too much for you to handle and your orgasm washed over you, dripping down from your clit and soaking through your panties and the fabric of his jeans in the process. you came down from your high before resting your head on his shoulder, kissing his material covering his skin lightly before you looked back up at him. 

“so my thighs are your favourite things about me?” 

you nod your head, “yup.” 

“well then i gotta try harder to make this dick your favourite thing.” he says, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder as he stood up and walked to your bedroom, ready to show you how amazing the jungcock really was.