you are wayy too cute


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

random inspiration hit me because drunk stuff is my schtick apparently so have this

the RFA members getting drunk


  • i mean we technically have canon drunk yoosung already so i don’t really have to add to this but hey
  • affectionate af drunk
  • calls everyone cute
  • whines almost constantly and probably cries at the smallest thing
  • like sees a picture of a dog and is found sobbing on the floor
  • you give him food and he starts crying, hugging you, and eating said food all at once it’s a mess
  • tells you how much he loves you like 50 times 
  • “did i tell you i love you so~~~~~ much”
  • “ yes yoosung you did five seconds ago”
  • “ i just love you so much your hair is so soft how do u DO THAT (now crying) ”
  • drink of choice: honestly soju came to mind because he’s a college aged korean boy but i could see him being a mike’s hard lemonade/smirnoff ice person too


  • at first she’s super quiet
  • u know those people that just suddenly stop talking and just look around at everyone listening when they drink
  • that’s her at first
  • then suddenly you come back in from getting another drink from the other room and she’s on the table yelling at the people at the party because SOMEONE just HAD TO call Zen overrated
  • it was jumin. he said it on purpose
  • 100% fights people and you have to hold her back because ‘Jaehee THAT’S YOUR BOSS ‘
  • the most embarrassed about her drunken self
  • a bit of a lightweight too
  • drink of choice: PROBS white wine . pinot grigio. only the really good kind


  • so it’s not canon what he’s like WHEN he’s drunk (i don’t think?) but we do know that he is a DRINKER
  • i 100% see him as the kind of drinker that doesn’t get affected by it at first but when it hits him IT HITS HIM ALL AT ONCE.
  • like literally one second he’s chilling, maybe a little more giggly but then suddenly he’s belting and preforming full on musical numbers 
  • the rest of the people around you want to THROW UP he won’t STOP 
  • “(while basically holding you WAYY TOO TIGHT) gosh look at her SHE’S SO CUTE Aand she’s MY girlfriend have u guUYS SEEN HER -” “zen please i can’t breathe” “i can’t breathe around you either babe GOSH I JUSTloveyou” “yoosung next to you: please let me die”
  • sleepy drunk sings to you 
  • falls asleep as soon as he hits the bed at home and you have to take off his jacket and stuff for him 
  • despite that he got the drunkest and drank twice what everyone else did he wakes up in the morning with no hangover and remembers everything what even is he????
  • drink of choice: beer or whisky i’d say. i know in canon he mostly drinks beer but i feel like he’d be a whisky guy (maybe that’s just me projecting because i’m a whisky person too okay)


  • also a super heavyweight. i 100% think at some point zen and him tried to out-drink each other and both of them had to be cut off by everyone else
  • very chill drinker, mostly drinks to calm down after work.
  • when he does get drunk, he’s very stoic about it until he gets out of the car and you have to practically carry him up to his penthouse
  • when you put him in bed, he pulls you in with him and just starts.. talking
  • like just talks about how feels about you and how much he cares about you and everything he noticed about u that day
  • like zen, i’d think it’d hit him all at once but he wouldn’t show it. 
  • he definitely laughs more tho and it freaks the other RFA members out
  • slightly more physically affectionate in public, that’s his big tell
  • not too touchy feely but much MORE than usual
  • the type to zone out suddenly and have random af thoughts like how tigers’ skin is striped under their fur and everyone is like ???????????? we know???????? you told us that last time????????????
  • drink of choice: red wine. that’s canon as well. i imagine he does have white wine too depending on what he eats. but he’s def a wine dad.


  • this boy is dangerous to get drunk idek 
  • like the puns come quick and frequently 
  • he tries to climb things. all the things. constantly.
  • breaks a lot of the things he tries to climb
  • tries to fix said things with scotch tape like babe i guess you tried but????
  • he’s just out of control like i imagine him being like this dude i used to be friends with that when he got drunk he would do shit like army crawl across our friends’ yard with everyone’s cigarettes and stabbed a mango and threatened everyone with it (we had to take it from him and then afterwards he tried to run away and fell flat on his face) and also walked through the house while everyone was trying to sleep blasting classical music from his phone THAT IS HOW I PICTURE SEVEN GETTING DRUNK (it makes for good stories but man can it be A SHITSHOW)
  • like you get home and he’s drunk and he’s hacking into nasa while wearing your underwear on his head and has somehow built a chair out of Honey Buddha Chip boxes and is sitting on that and you have to stop him because bABE THAT’S A FEDERAL OFFENSE AND IT’S NOT FOR YOUR JOB YOU CAN’T DO THAT
  • probably, at some point, caused a barfight
  • i don’t know how, i don’t know why, i don’t think he was involved in it at all but he somehow caused one
  • drink of choice: i say rum or flavored vodka. like WEIRD flavored vodkas. like that one kind that’s made with grass that bison peed on or whatever. i think weird alcohols in general.