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Pre- Proposal - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: So, I went through your whole blog and fell in love with one of your imagines, written by Daizy, called Proposal about Fred proposing. I was wondering if you could continue the story, maybe do little bits of them together while they were in school?



“Quit it, Fred! I’m serious stop it! I need to finish this paper and frankly you’re not helping one bit!” y/n complained halfheartedly, using her free hand to shove her boyfriend Fred away. Fred merely pouted for a second or two, still refusing to give up as his calloused fingertips swept over y/n’s sides and tickled her mercifully. y/n howled in laughter, throwing her quill to the ground on accidental reflexes. The couple laughed together, completely in their own special little world not caring about the rest of their house in the peaceful Common Room.

Nonetheless, other students had taken notice of them and were eyeing them in jealously. The soft kind of jealous that leaves you mourning for such affection and longingness, not the bitter quenching type that only tears people apart.

“Why can’t I have a relationship like that? It’s not fair! How can two people be so utterly perfect for each other?” Hermione whined glued on Fred and y/n. Ginny huffed, setting her Potions book down on the wooden table top in front of the couch Hermione and her were sitting. For the entire length of the day, Fred and y/n had spent together chatting about by the steaming fire about useless topics and the most randomness things that came to their minds.

“I know… I mean at least they’re happy.” Ginny mumbled in a reverie tone. Whenever she set her gaze on the two, all she could imagine was Harry and herself in their position but as Hermione had told her, it was most likely a school girl crush and she’d grow out of it sooner or later. Hermione shrugged nonchalantly, returning back to her previous studies giving the couple a pinch of privacy.

Fred had his arm thrown aimlessly over the back of the couch, slithering around to settle to y/n’s lone shoulder. This was a common gesture and seemingly brought a tidal wave of unwinding emotions. Sort of like a sugar cube dissolving in a scorching cup of tea, melting away into oblivion. y/n smiled faintly, nuzzling into the crook of the Weasley twins neck forgetting they weren’t the only ones in the room. Fred’s lips found their way to y/n’s head; placing a chaste kiss making her feel warm and fuzzy, then cold again once they retrieved.

“I could get used to this. Every morning waking up next to your bright beautiful face. You being the last thought on my mind when my body falls into slumber, then the first thought on my mind when I awake. Not that you aren’t right now, because you are. But think about it, owning a place of our own and rising a big loving family and growing old together…. I’d bet you’ll look hot with wrinkles and blinding white hair.” Fred snickered. Y/n swatted him in disbelief, mouth agape. She was aware of the joke but played along; scared she’d get teary eyed if her mind wandered off to what he had been rambling on about before.

“C’mon, love. I’m only joking but I will still love you. No matter what happens, that I can promise. Truthfully, it’d be an honor to grow old with you Miss. y/n y/l/n and I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. Any other girl would be a waste of my precious time, not you though. So I suppose this is me saying, I promise one day I will ask for your hand in marriage and I will refuse to ever stop loving you. May it be tomorrow, next week, a year from now, or maybe even ten years from now, I promise to love you with the same, if not more though I highly doubt that’s possible, passion that I do right now, today in this very room. I want you, y/n. For the rest of my very existence.”

Fred finished, voice cracking to silence. Y/n’s mouth grew dry, not sure of what to say. No words could capture the precise love she felt swelling in her heart for Fred at that moment. It was an adventure, every second with Fred. A great winding road trip to new and unexplored feelings and experiences, fraught perhaps with perils and conflicts. In a story, the adventure is the complete reason for their being; it’s the whole reason for the uncut story-world’s existence.

y/n’s face was marked with a stitched on smile, one that was true and genuine but unable to leave. Unable to find the right words, y/n lunged forward taking Fred’s face in her hands to give herself better access to his lip, which were covered by her own. It took Fred a brief blink of an eye to register the situation and kiss back with such passion y/n’s body tingled with an undoubtable rush of electricity. Pulling away, y/n grinned grabbing ahold of Fred’s hand who stroked his thumb along hers,

“As it would be an honor for me to grow old and wrinkled with you as well. I intend to keep my end of the promise too, I love you handsome.”

“Just as I love you, y/n.”

-Daizy xxxx

Made For Each Other (Barry x Reader)

Character: Barry Allen

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Metahuman!Reader

Title: Made For Each Other

Requested by anon:

Could you write a Barry Allen imagine where the reader is kind of like Iris to Barry and she actually likes him too, and when he reveals to her that he’s the flash she tells him she’s a metahuman too? I love your blog!

I shook in excitement as I headed for Star Labs, a big smile on my face.

I was having lunch with Barry later and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

As I walked, I kept thinking about him.

I had been friends with Barry for a really long time, and had a little crush on him.

But he was so sweet and caring and so freaking smart and nice. I just liked him, maybe more than a little.

Still, lately I had been mad at him.

I never thought I could actually get mad at Barry Allen, but it felt like he was avoiding me lately.

Most of the time, whenever I tried to spend some time with him he was always busy. Or he didn’t show up to our meetings, or if he did show up he would walk out on me of a sudden.

So when he promised me he would hang out with me and have lunch together, I got really excited.

I walked into the Star Labs building with my bag filled of homemade food I had cooked specially for that day and smiled to myself.

“Look who’s here” Cisco grinned at me as I walked in. “You look excited, Y/N!”

I smiled widely and nodded as I put the bag away.

“I’m finally hanging out with Barry” I squeezed his shoulder, not able to contain my excitement.

Cisco and I were really good friends ever since I started to go to Star Labs as Barry spent so much time there. I got along with Caitlin too, but Cisco and I understood each other really well.

“Well, he’s not here at the moment, but he won’t be long” Cisco stood up from his chair and went up to snoop around in the bag.

“He’s late…” I sighed, starting to get disappointed already. “As usual…”

“Believe me, Y/N, Barry’s fast” Cisco took a lollipop out of one of his pockets and quickly took the wrapper off to shove the candy on his mouth. “He’ll be here in a flash”

Losing all my eagerness, I plopped down in a chair and waited.

I wondered why Barry was be so busy constantly, trying to find an excuse not to think he was avoiding me. I knew he had to work with Joe on the Police Station, and that with him constantly going to Star Labs as well and helping Caitlin and Cisco with his great intelligence and also helping out Iris and all, he could get busy.

But I didn’t ask for much time, just around half an hour to have lunch with him!

Maybe I was just being insecure and overly sensitive seeing as Barry didn’t spend so much time with me as he used to.

Ever since I found out I was a meta-human I felt self conscious and I hadn’t told anyone. I was scared that they wouldn’t accept me with my new abilities.

“Lollipop?” To cheer me up, Cisco was offering me one of his precious lollipops.

I chuckled and took it with a little smile that showed that I appreciated the gesture.

Just when I had put the candy in my mouth, my phone rang.

Cisco and I must have arrived to the same conclusion: it was Barry.

My friend walked back to his chair and started typing on his computer, doing whatever them brainiacs did.

“You’re late” I replied grumpily, not having to check the screen to know it was Barry.

“I’m sorry” His voice said back to me. “I’m on my way, just wait a bit longer”

“No, Barry” I sighed, feeling a little heart-broken. I was tired of waiting, it made me feel like I wasn’t important to him, and that he wouldn’t accept me if I told him about my new situation. “I’m leaving”

I jumped to my feet angrily and headed for the bag of food to pick it up again while Barry clumsily apologized.

“Just wait, please, I can explain everything” He was saying while I wondered why I hadn’t hung up yet.

Instead of wasting the food, I gave the bag to Cisco, who held it with a startled look on his face.


“Goodbye, Barry”

I heard him sighing on the other side of the call just before I finally hung up.

“Y/N, take it easy on him” Cisco begged me with a puppy face.

I opened my mouth to reply when a sudden gush of wind stopped me.

Where did the wind come from if we were in a closed space with no windows?

“I’m here” Barry’s voice suddenly sounded behind me.

I saw Cisco grin widely in satisfaction before I turned around.

And when I faced Barry I found myself with the biggest plot twist ever. I saw a familiar scarlet suit with a yellow lightning bolt symbol in the chest.

“The Flash?” I asked him, bewildered.

Taking the mask off and nodding, Barry took a step forward and took me by the hand.

As I stood there paralyzed by the surprise and in lost for words, staring at him open mouthed, Barry stared at me tenderly.

“Cisco, can you give us a moment?” He asked our friend, even if his green eyes were still on me.

“What?! No! I don’t want to miss this!” Cisco huffed behind me.


“Fine” I heard how he stood up and started to walk away. “But I’m taking your fries”

Once Cisco was gone, Barry smiled sweetly at me.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been around much, but I didn’t have time” He spoke tenderly, his voice in a whisper. “Believe me, I couldn’t wait to see you again”

His thumb caressed the back of my hand and I felt myself slowly getting over the shock.

At last it made sense why he was never around. He was busy saving Central City and being the Flash!

“I thought I… that you didn’t like me anymore” I mumbled in astonishment.

“No!” He exclaimed, smiling at me. “You’re my favorite person!”

It felt like the perfect time to tell him. He was a meta-human too, he would understand. He was the freaking Flash! The fastest man alive, Central City savior! He would definitely understand… Or so I hoped.

It was now or never.

I nodded to let him know that I forgave him, and I stared at him as I tried to figure out how to tell him my biggest secret.

I then realized he had a deep cut on his cheek. It wasn’t bleeding anymore, but it looked nasty.

“You’re hurt” I mumbled, holding up my free hand to briefly and carefully grace his cheek.

Barry grinned without a care in the world.

“It’s nothing, I heal very fast” He squeezed my hand, sending me all the affection through his touch.

But I snatched my hand away from his in a fit of insecurity.

“I need to tell you… to show you something…” My voice betrayed me as it was shaking.

Barry frowned in concern, but nodded.

I gulped and cupped his cheek with my hand, closing my eyes tight to concentrate on healing him.

It wasn’t a powerful ability like his, but it felt like something huge for me. Being different like that had changed my life.

When I heard how Barry gasped I knew it was working.

I opened my eyes and took a step back, keeping my eyes fixed on the ground.

“You’re… you’re a meta-human too” He told me, startled.

I nodded, but kept my eyes down.

“Hey” Barry put two fingers under my chin and sweetly lifted it up to make me look at him. “It’s okay”

I stared at him, searching his face for any sings of doubt or restlessness. But I didn’t find any.

To reinforce his support, he picked up my hand again with determination, giving it a gentle but firm squeeze accompanied by his gorgeous smile.

I chuckled, feeling a bit silly for thinking even for a moment that the one and only Barry Allen, my friend and crush, would reject my friendship just because I was different.

Feeling happy as I could be, I threw my arms around him and we hugged tightly. He chuckled happilly.

I had been really grumpy, scared and stressed those last days because of my situation with Barry. But we had settled it, we were better than ever.

We slowly broke away and stared at each other, not moving for a while. Barry’s face came closer to mine, his lips being dangerously close to mine as well.

I closed my eyes embracing the closeness and the warmness of his presence, expecting to feel his soft lips in mine at any second.

“You’re made for each other!” Cisco exclaimed excitedly, telling us he had been listening the whole time.

We both looked at him in exasperation, and he looked down to the floor in shame.


“Barry, there’s a fire in…” Caitlin then walked in to ruin the moment even more.

“I have to go, right?” Barry asked her, and she nodded shyly as she realized she had interrupted us.

The Flash, something that I had to get used to identifying with Barry, glared at me for approval.

“Go” I shrugged. “I need time to take this all in anyway”

Barry chuckled and nodded.

A second after he was gone, leaving only a wild gush of wind that messed up my hair and my clothes.

But just as I turned around to see Caitlin and Cisco, the wind came again accompanied by a reddish blur.

“I’ll see you later, Y/N” Barry was before me all of a sudden, placing his hands on my face and leaving a sweet kiss on my lips.

I giggled happily, feeling the heat raise to my cheeks.

“Bye, Flash”

Barry smirked and put his mask on before disappearing again.

I just stood there, smiling to myself like a fool. I briefly looked up to my friends, who observed me with amusement.

So I walked away to another room to avoid the embarrassment.

Still, not even their silly glares could ruin that moment.

30 Minute Dinners for Busy Weeknights [Olicity Buzz]

Hi all! Our next Olicity buzz fic is brought to you by the wonderful Buzzfeed article: 5 Tasty Ideas for 30-Minute Dinners. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by flarrowandmore

Steak and Pepper Tacos

“We aren’t going to eat all of that,” Felicity wrinkles her nose as she peeks into the pan, obscuring his view. It’s quite a feat to manage that, one she only accomplishes by the fact that she’s sat on the kitchen worktop beside the stove top. Her legs swing from side to side as she grips the edge - something he enforced personally after her wandering hands distract him one too many times.

“Yes, we will,” he tells her, taking another handful of sliced pepper and tossing it into the pan.

“But that’s… Oliver, wait that’s three whole bell peppers,” she rushes out, eyes widening.

“That’s what the recipe says,” he reminds her, turning his attention to measuring out the oregano.

“But the recipe also says it feeds four,” she argues. “I know you can eat a lot - which is criminal with that figure - but we are not four people. We aren’t even three people.”

He watches her with amusement, the way she skeptically glances at the pan as he throws in each ingredient. It’s only when he’s added the steaks to a separate pan that he steps up to her swinging legs, parting them so he can stand between them, and then draws her away from inspecting his culinary skills with a teasing kiss.

(He’s cooking. It’s only going to end one way. He’s planned a dessert, they won’t eat it til after they’ve fooled around on the couch.)

“Lucky for you, it means you get leftovers for lunch tomorrow,” he tells her with a small nibble of her lower lip, one that has her moaning deliciously as her arms loop around his shoulders and draw him in closer.

“Best boyfriend ever,” she decides, only letting go of him when the timer sounds.

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fic: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Eren finds Levi’s tumblr and is more than a little confused by contrast between the man he knows in real life and his online persona.

Based off of this tumblr post

me irl: speaks in a fairly monotone voice, doesnt smile a lot, literally gets told i seem dead inside

me online: uses double exclamations points!!  says things like omg and aah and oooooooooooooh a lot.  screams at cute pictures of cats

[also on AO3] words: 3.5Kish rating:T+

Eren may or may not have a huge crush on his maths tutor.

Yep, that’s right, the twenty-two year old, five-foot-three, perpetually impassive man who somehow made trigonometric calculus sexy. The teenager spent most of his time wondering why on earth each tutoring session couldn’t turn out at least a little bit more like a porno. Instead he simply had to sit there and attempt to pay attention to the explanations the guy was giving rather than the entrancing way his mouth moved.

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